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					BBA – I

1     From the following balance as on 31st March, 99 of Shree Rajesh Modi and the adjustment
      given below prepare trading account, profit and loss account an balance sheet.
                                  Particular                                Amount
       Capital of Rajesh                                                         60,000
       Drawings of Rajesh                                                        10,000
       Land and buildings                                                        25,000
       Plant and machineries                                                     50,000
       Furniture and fixture                                                      5,000
       Stock (1/4/98)                                                            15,500
       Purchases                                                               1,06,000
       Sales                                                                   2,08,000
       Sale return                                                                4,900
       Purchase return                                                            2,400
       Sundry creditors                                                          30,200
       Sundry debtors                                                             9,600
       18% loan (1/4/98)                                                         30,000
       Interest on 18% loan                                                         750
       Outstanding wages                                                            200
       Brokerage due but not received                                               200
       Salaries                                                                  11,500
       Rent (paid upto 28/2/99)                                                   2,750
       Postage and telegram                                                       1,450
       Stationery                                                                 1,300
       Wages                                                                     26,000
       Carriage inward                                                            2,800
       Carriage outward                                                           4,200
       Repairs                                                                    4,500
       Bad debts                                                                    600
       Commission                                                                   500
       Premium (received on 1/10/98 for 2yrs.)                                    1,200
       Cash balance                                                                 100
       Bank balance                                                               6,400
       Sundry expenses                                                            2,500
       Prepaid insurance                                                            300
      1      Value of closing stock on 31/3/99 was Rs. 20,000 and market value of 10% of this
             stock was less by 10%.
      2      Shri Rajesh Modi bought his personal furniture worth Rs. 2,000 on 1/10/98 in the
             business which has not been recorded.
      3      Mrs. Rajesh has given a loan of Rs. 2,000 on 1st October 98 at 15% per annual which
             has been credited to his capital account no provision for interest has been made.
      4      Credit purchase of Rs. 400 has been omitted to be recorded.
      5      Of the sundry debtors Rs. 200 is bad and has to be written off provide reserve for bad
             debts at 6% on debtors.
      6      Provide 2% discount reserve on debtors and creditors.
      7      Provide for interest on capital at 12%.
      8      Depreciate furniture and fixtures at 10% and plant and machinery at 15%.
2      The cash book of “Deval Bros.” as on 31/12/98 shows a credit balance of Rs. 17,956 which
       does not agree with the balance as per pass book. Prepare bank reconciliation statement
       on 31/12/98 from the following causes of difference.
       1     Cheque of Rs. 12,000 are issued out of which a cheque of Rs. 800 was omitted to be
             recorded in cash book and out of remaining cheque. Cheque of Rs. 2,000 are
             cleared by the bank.
       2     Cheque of Rs. 3,700 are paid into the bank out of which cheque of Rs. 1,700 are not
             yet credited till 31/12/98.
       3     A cheque of Rs. 1,750 issued to a creditor Shri Rohit Naik was recorded in cash book
             as Rs. 750.
       4     Shri Vinaben Bhatt has paid Rs. 5,000 directly into the account of “Deval Bros.” which
             has not been recorded in cash book.
       5     A cheque of Rs. 1,200 issued for purchase of stationery was recorded in the cash
             column of cash book as Rs. 2,100 through mistake.
       6     A cheque of Rs. 1,250 was issued to one creditor which was recorded in the discount
             column of cash book through mistake.
       7     Dividend of Rs. 105 collected by the bank has been entered in the bank column of
             the cash book as Rs. 150 twice.

1    What is computer? Write a functional component of computer.
2    Classification of computers.
3    Short notes main storage device and secondary device.

1     What is management? Explain the characteristics of management.
2     What is planning? Give the steps to develop a plan.
3     Explain the planning premises with elements of plan.

1    What is economy? Explain in brief any one of them.
2    Give detail notes on
     A      employment                       B      Profession
     C      Vocation                         D      Industry Vs. commerce
3    What are the Pros & Cons of sole proprietorship

1      What is industry? Discuss location factors affecting industry.
2      Discuss problems of SSI and Govt. measures for the same.
3      Critically evaluate industrial policy 1991.

1   Basic elements of a business letter.
2   Evaluate the factors i.e. environment, Experience, Education.
3   Describe and steps to attitude changes.

Q-1 Attempt any two of the followings:
A     It is observed that a quadratic function fits the data points (1,9)(2,14)(3,13). Find the
      quadratic function and estimate y when x=4
B     If RF={3,8,13,18} of f(x)=5x-2 find its DF
C      If f(x)=x3,g(x)=3x2 2x,x € {0,1,2} prove that f=9
Q-2    Attempt any two of the followings
A      Prove that      1 +       1 = n2
                     (n-1)!    (n-1)! n!
B      In a group of students there one 4 girls and 6 boys. In how many ways a committee of five
       members can be formed such that
       I       There are atleast 3 girls
       II      There are at the most 3 boys in the committee
C      In howmany ways 4 Gujaratis, 2 Punjabis and 1 Madrasi can be selected out of 8 Gujaratis,
       4 Punjabis and 3 Madrasis?

1    Examine critically definition of eco. How does it differ from earlier definition?
2    State the meaning of utility explain the law of equi – marginal utility and the law of
     diminishing marginal utility with diagrams.
3    Discuss the scope of economics?

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