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									Appendix A

                                      Job Description

Job title:                        Fitness Suite Manager

Department/School:                Sports Development

Grade:                            5

Location:                         Sports Training Village

Job purpose

To effectively manage the Fitness Suite environment, the Group Exercise Classes and the
associated instructors to ensure that all customers receive an outstanding experience. To
ensure that all users are supported, motivated and assisted in achieving their goals, the net
result being low customer attrition and therefore profitability through membership retention.

Source and nature of management provided

Sales and Marketing Manager

Staff management responsibility
Fitness Instructors and Group Exercise Instructors

Special conditions

        There is an expectation with the role to work shifts including early mornings, evenings
         and weekends.
        It would be preferable if the job holder was qualified to teach group exercise classes
         or expressed a desire gain the necessary qualifications.

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Appendix A

Main duties and responsibilities

1 Gym Instructor            Manage the Full and Part Time instructors to
                            ensure they are motivated and deliver an

                            outstanding service. Meet with instructors

                            individually and as a team and consider their

                            developmental needs through training and

                            effective delegation of tasks. Provide coaching,

                            support and reviews of performance including

                            annual appraisals.

2 Customer Retention       Actively drive customer retention through

                           encouraging staff interaction with the customers,

                           gym challenges, structured inductions, assistance

                           with goal setting and other methods of driving up

                           adherence to exercise.

3 Customer Service         Ensure that the customer experience is

                           outstanding, that the staff deliver service

                           excellence and that customer feedback is actively

                           listened to and acted upon.

4 Fitness Suite            Ensure that the Fitness Suite equipment is

Environment                maintained, safe and functional. Make sure that all

                           equipment faults are promptly reported to ensure

                           swift repair. Ensure that the environment is kept

                           clean and tidy for all users.

5 Group Exercise           To actively manage the group exercise class

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Appendix A

Classes                 programme including selecting and managing the

                        instructors, ensuring high standards of delivery,

                        providing a varied and dynamic schedule of

                        activities, monitoring participation numbers,

                        marketing of the timetable and minimising class


6 Sales and Marketing   To attend monthly Sales meetings and to report on

Meetings                class attendance, customer retention initiatives

                        and other strategies.

7 Health and Safety     To observe the University’s Health and Safety

                        policies and to take necessary action in any

                        situation likely to cause accident, injury or likely to

                        render buildings, structures, plant or equipment


8 Budget                To assist the Sales Manager in planning budgets

                        and actively controlling expenditure costs including

                        equipment and payroll.

9 Use of Computers      To competently use computer software packages

                        such as Microsoft Office and databases namely

                        Gladstone Plus 2.

10 Cross Promotions     To drive income of other services by promoting

                        Cross sales and referrals.
11 Rotas                To ensure that the gym is fully staffed at all times

                        by way of rota scheduling. As the post holder is

                        fully accountable for staffing, they may need to
                        personally cover shifts at short notice.

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Appendix A

12 Gym Instruction and           Support the customer experience and lead by
Class delivery
                                 example by actively delivering gym inductions,

                                 class delivery and all other gym instructor duties.

You will from time to time be required to undertake other duties of a similar nature as
reasonably required by your line manager.

                                Person Specification

Criteria                                          Essential        Desirable              Assessed by

                                                                                  A/F       I/T   R

                                                       X                            X         X
Recognised Fitness Instructor
                                                                        X           X         X
Group Exercise Qualifications
including Exercise to music

Previous experience of working in a                    X                            X         X       X
commercial fitness facility.
Previous experience of managing                        X                            X         X       X
Financial and budgetary management                     X                            X         X       X

Knowledge of Health and safety and                     X                            X         X
Risk Assessments
Experience of leading a team and                       X                            X         X
setting rotas.

Computer skills including familiarity                  X                            X
with Microsoft Office and databases
such as Gladstone.
Good personal communication and                        X                            X         X       X
organisational skills.
Marketing skills and ability to                        X                            X         X
creatively promote all activities.

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Appendix A

Able to work under pressure and to               X                     X      X     X
Ability to lead and work as a team               X                     X      X     X
The ability to deal tactfully and                                             X     X
professionally with all enquires.
An active interest in setting high                                     X      X     X
standards of customer care.
nproviding a the importance of
Awareness of                                                                  X
equality and diversity in the Gym.

Code: A/F – Application form, I/T – Interview/Test, R - References

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Appendix B

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