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Transasia Logistics



     Global presence
     Forwarding services
     Forwarding consulting
     Customs brokerage services
                  CORPORATE PROFILE: Facts
Today «Transasia» is:
       Certified forwarding and logistics services provider
       Group of companies represented by “Transasia-Russia”
        (Russia), “Trans Osiyo Logistika” (Uzbekistan),
        “Transasia Systems” (Kazakhstan), “Transasia
        Logistics” (United Kingdom).
       Over 105,000 tons of cargo transported annually

       Wide network of well known agents around the globe

       Timely delivery and safety of entrusted cargo

                 CORPORATE PROFILE: Team

Our team members possess:
       Over 10 years hand-on experience in forwarding and
       logistics business
       Internationally acknowledged certificates such as:
        FIATA, IRU Academy, Bilimintertrans, Association of
        Russia Forwarders, and etc.
       High managerial skills and multilingual capabilities
       Synergy of professionalism, energy and responsibility

        CORPORATE PROFILE: Global presence

                           O TRANSASIA UK
                                      O TRANSASIA Russia
                                                O TRANSASIA Kazakhstan (Astana)
                                                    O TRANSASIA Kazakhstan (Almaty)
                                                 O TRANSASIA Uzbekistan
                                                 O TRANSASIA Kirgizstan O TRANSASIA   China


Services portfolio consists of:
        International multimodal and railway transportation
        International road transportation
        International air transportation
        Forwarding consulting services
        Customs brokerage and goods certification services
        Containers leasing

       SERVICES: International multimodal and railway
Forwarding services include:
        Door-to-door delivery around Uzbekistan from/to any
        destination in the world including all the accompanying forms
        and terminal processing
        Brokerage services (import and export customs clearance)
        Complex cargo traffic
        Oversized items traffic, including engineering support, gaining
         the necessary permits at the according institutions and road
         service escort
        Excise freight traffic
        General freights, hazardous freights, and other freights
         requiring particular treatment while transportation.
       SERVICES: International multimodal and railway
Forwarding services include:
        Empty containers, cars and flatcars dispatch from any station
        A private container park with qualified prove-out engineers
        Direct contracts with owners of railway vehicles of different
        Direct contracts with Railway Companies in CIS
        Daily notifications for the customers about the cargo location

       SERVICES: International road transportation
Forwarding services include:
        Direct Italy-Uzbekistan traffic (by direct Uzbek cars, up to 12-
        14 days)
        Assorted lading traffic (from Europe to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,
         Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan via holding warehouses in Riga or
        Express freight traffic from Russia to any destination in
        Hazardous freight traffic
        Getting permission of transit by Uzbekistan for heavy and
         oversized cargo.
        Road transportation inside Customs Union

       SERVICES: International air transportation

Forwarding services include:
        Air traffic via the following airlines: 'Uzbekistan Airways" NC,
        "Lufthansacargo", ”KoreanAir", "BalticAir", "Aeroflot”
        Charter flight arrangement from China, UAE, India and others
        Air traffic via freight terminal in Navoi city, as a General Agent
         of ”KoreanAir“

                  SERVICES: Forwarding consulting

Company offers consulting services on:
        International forwarding rules and regulations
        Transport mode optimization
        Logistics costs optimization
        Route optimization
        Documents preparation consulting
        Terms of delivery according to the INCOTERMS-2010

                  SERVICES: Customs brokerage services

Brokerage services include:
        Customs clearance of imported cargo
        Customs clearance of exported cargo
        Customs clearance of transit cargo
        Cargo certification services
        Dangerous cargo transportation permit applications

                  SERVICES: Containers Leasing

Containers leasing in CIS, South-East Asia countries and Europe:
        Standard containers*
        Refrigerator containers*
        Special containers*

*20’, 40’, 40HQ, DV, PW, OT

                     CLIENTS PORTFOLIO

Company successfully serves:
      LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC
      OJSC «NMMC»
      British American Tobacco
      FE «Spentex Tashkent Toytepa» LTD
      JV OJSC «Andijankabel»
      OJSC«Ferganaazot»
      MAN Uzbekistan
      Daewoo International Corporation

              Rep-ve of «Transasia Logistics Co., LTD»
              Address: 4 Nukus str., Tashkent city, 100060.
              Tel:   +99897-215-62-92
«Transasia RUS Co., LTD»                     «Transasia Systems KZ » LLP
Address: 28, Izmailovskoe highway,           Address: 408 room, corner Klochkova str,
Moscow city, 105318.                         46 Minbaev str., Almaty city.
Tel:   +7-495-411-43-39                      Tel: +7-727-266-29 16
E-mail:       E-mail:

" ElTransAsia Logistic“ LLC                  Transasia Logistics China
3 room, 138A Usenbaev str., Bishkek          PRC, ZheJiang Province, Wenzhou,
city, Kyrgyzstan                             JiaHe Garden, C-3 Block, Room 1002
Tel: +996 312 29 81 89                       Ph. +86-13456020683
E-mail:      E-mail:

Transasia Logistics Inc.                     «Transasia Systems Astana» LLP
1560 East 18 Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11230,    Address: Syganak str. 10, Astana,
USA.                                         Kazakhstan
Ph. +1 347 5764219                           Tel: +7 7172 661936
E-mail:      E-mail:


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