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									                              KFN Directors’ Meeting
                              Monday, March 19, 2012
                                 held at the home of
                           Robbie Preston & Judy Kennedy
                                 129 Victoria Drive
                                  Cameron, Ontario

Present:      Brian Barbour (President)            Regrets:       Loreen Randall
              Susan Blayney                                       Gerarda Schouten
              Dan Bone                                            Joan Todd
              Eric Davis
              Lizz Hoyle
              Judy Kennedy
              Ginny Moore
              Robbie Preston
              Martin Ridgway
              Joyce Robinson
              John Vandenberg

A)     President Brian Barbour called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

B)     Announcements from the Chair:
       Brian asked if there were any changes to the Minutes of the January 16, 2012
       Meeting. No changes. A motion was made by Brian Barbour that the
       minutes of the January 16, 2011 Directors’ Meeting be accepted as written.
       Seconded by Robbie Preston. Motion carried.

C)     Treasurer’s Report:
       In Gerarda’s absence, Brian circulated the current KFN Financial Report

       Discussion –
           Brian reported that funds are a bit low but it is hoped that memberships
              and the Silent Auction will rectify this;
           Brian stated that the expenses the club has to pay, both discretionary and
              obligatory, would eventually appear on the spreadsheet. In this way, it
              will give us better insight into what we have to pay and what we can elect
              to pay;
           After the Directors’ meeting in January, when it was evident that we were
              getting low on funds, Ginny spoke to Ron Reid with regard to the Bluebird
              Ranch donation explaining our current financial position.
               Brian explained that he would prefer to delay payment of the $1225
                donation to the Bluebird Ranch till after the AGM in April. Ron Reid is
                agreeable to this scenario.

        A motion was made by Brian that the Financial Spreadsheet be approved as
        written. Seconded by Eric Davis. Motion carried.

F)      Committee Reports:
     1. AGM: Lizz Hoyle – A program checklist for the upcoming AGM was reviewed in
        detail. It was decided that Laura Robson and Gilbert Gaboury would be guests at
        the AGM this year.

     2. Altberg Reserve: John Vandenberg/Robbie Preston – Robbie stated that he had
        not visited the Altberg for a couple of weeks, however, Martin interjected that he
        and Jan walked the Red Trail during the week of March 12th. He reported that
        there were one or two trees down blocking the trail and because of the amount of
        water, it was somewhat impassable. The boardwalk, itself, was actually under
        water but the bridges were fine.

        Robbie would like to make an award to Gilbert Gaboury at the AGM on behalf of
        the KFN. He worked for two weeks at the Altberg - one solid week by himself
        and in addition, he did a lot of the finishing up of the bridgework.

     3. Altberg Wetlands: Eric Davis – To date, Eric has not spoken to John Urquhart at
        Ontario Nature. Therefore, he does not know what plans are in place with regard
        to continuing with the Wetland.

     4. Baillie Birdathon: Dan Bone – Dan reported that he was pleased to see that the
        $150 had come through from last year. He has agreed to do the fundraiser again
        this year and will make an appeal at the AGM.

     5. Concerned Citizens: Eric Davis/Susan Blayney – Susan and Eric attended a
        meeting of the Trent Severn Waterway and Ducks Unlimited to make an appeal
        for the PSW. Those in attendance felt that the PSW was a great idea and that it
        should continue. However, the PSW does not fit into Ducks Unlimited as they
        represent just the area around Lake Scugog. The Trent Severn Waterway did not
        have their budget in place so they couldn’t say how much money they were going
        to get.

        It was calculated that $1600 would pay for another 20 signs if the money could be
        raised. The City will not fund the posts this time. They will install the posts but
        will not pay for them. Subsequent to the meeting, the Trent Severn Waterway
        discovered that their program had been nixed. The dilemma over the source of
        funding for the PSW signage is ongoing.

                                                                          KFN Directors’ Mtg
                                                                     Minutes – March 19, 2012
                                                                                       Page 2
   Robbie asked Eric to send him the specifications for the posts with the intent that
   he would see if he could find a donation from somewhere in the supply chain that
   handles that kind of product.

   As for the signs, Robbie mentioned that one of his many active endeavours is that
   he is still a print broker which means that he can possibly get the signs at a better

6. Education Outreach: Dan Bone – Dan will continue to build membership and to
   reach out to young adults by offering children’s programs. He is currently
   working on a proposal where there will be four outings for families using the
   pond nets, the butterfly nets and binoculars similar to what he did with Parks &
   Rec but have parents sign up as a family. This way, by offering children’s
   programs, with the proviso that they would have to become paying members as a
   family, we could increase our membership. He has been working on a couple of
   presentations and a couple of plans but this is still a work in progress.

7. KFN Newsletter: Lizz Hoyle – John Bick is hopeful that he will have something
   by the AGM.

8. Nominations: John Vandenberg/Tim Brophy – Brian gave John a list of eligible
   candidates to review together with bios for both the Chippy Award and the Sun
   Catcher Award. John’s plan is to put together two ballots. One will have Chippy
   written on it and the other will have Sun Catcher written on it so that we can
   separate them out.

9. Ontario Nature: Eric Davis - The next Ontario Nature Regional Meeting will take
   place on April 14, 2012 at the Ken Reid Conservation Area and will be hosted by
   Friends of the Osprey. Eric will be attending. All KFN members are invited.
   Refreshments available at 9:30. The meeting starts at 10:00.

10. Program: Susan Blayney – Susan will prepare a program to take us through the
    summer. No outings will be arranged for July or August. The Annual KFN Corn
    Roast will be held on Saturday September 15, 2012 at the Ken Reid Conservation

11. Publicity:

   Outreach: Brian reported that the volunteer position for Outreach is still open.
   To date, no one has come forward to fill this vacancy.

                                                                      KFN Directors’ Mtg
                                                                 Minutes – March 19, 2012
                                                                                   Page 3
        Website: Eric reported that the KFN website had reached the 10,000 hit mark.
        Judy suggested putting some affiliate promotions on the website where you
        advertise books or products that would be of interest to nature lovers with a link
        to Amazon’s website. Every time something is ordered through your website, the
        KFN receives a commission. Eric will research this idea with regard to revenue
        to the club and will report back to the Directors’ meeting in June.

        Since Dan organizes bird counts at Carden, he wondered if he could place this
        information on the KFN website. This would involve a map to the Cameron
        Ranch and the rules and regulations of how to do a point count. Eric has agreed
        to do this.

        Newspapers: John Vandenberg - John will request a sample article from John
        Bick and deliver it to Kawartha Lakes This Week and The Lindsay Post. He
        stated that the newspapers prefer a quarterly column rather than a monthly one as
        the monthly one becomes too onerous.

     12. Victoria Stewardship Council: Dan Bone – Dan reported that there is concern
         circulating about the upcoming budget and people are nervous that the
         Stewardship Coordinator, Doug van Hemessen, may be made redundant.

G)      Business and reports arising from the last meeting:

               Susan requested that a list of recurring donations be reflected in a budget
                line – Gerarda is currently working on this.

               Newspaper - John Vandenberg will contact John Bick with regard to
                submitting quarterly articles to the two Lindsay newspapers.

               Further discussion re: using the school board public mailing system.
                Ginny will do this and report back to the next Directors’ meeting;

               Jr. Field Naturalists Club status – This topic was covered in Item #6 –
                Education Outreach.

               Friends of the Osprey communications list status – Ginny now has email

H)      New Business and Discussion:

                                                                          KFN Directors’ Mtg
                                                                     Minutes – March 19, 2012
                                                                                       Page 4
              Susan and Lizz have come up with a fundraising proposal. They would
              like to produce a 2013 KFN Nature Calendar that would reflect Nature and
              the changing seasons. Our members would be asked to submit
              photographs pertaining to any aspect of Nature with the proviso that the
              photographs have been taken within the City of Kawartha Lakes. Susan
              and Lizz would then submit a proposal to Robbie for a quote on a price.
              The idea would be that each calendar would sell for $20. This would
              generate revenue for the club but would require upfront money. It was
              calculated that it would cost $675.77 for 100 calendars to be produced.
              Each calendar would cost $6.76. Much discussion ensued.

              The consensus was that we would go ahead with the production of a 2013
              KFN calendar. Martin Ridgway has very kindly offered to underwrite the
              initial production. Susan will make an announcement of this proposal at
              the AGM.

       Before adjourning, Brian thanked everyone for their cooperation, diligence and
       camaraderie over the last two years.

                              Next Directors’ Meeting
                              June 18, 2012 – 7:30 pm
                                   at the home of
                          Robbie Preston and Judy Kennedy
                             129 Victoria Drive, R R #2
                                   Cameron, ON

J) Adjournment: A motion was made by Brian Barbour to adjourn the meeting at
   9:20 p.m. Seconded by John Vandenberg. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Robinson

                                                                       KFN Directors’ Mtg
                                                                  Minutes – March 19, 2012
                                                                                    Page 5

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