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									                                       Performance Feedback

Employee: First               Last                                                    SSN:111-22-3333

Job Title: Title                                                                      Date:1/2/2000

School/Department: School/Department                                    Date Assigned:1/2/2000

Instructions: Check all items relevant to the employee’s position. Rate each item on a scale of one to
five. Place a check mark () in the area provided in accordance with the following rating scale.
                       1       =        Unsatisfactory
                       2       =        Marginal. Below standards but making progress
                       3       =        Satisfactory. Meets Standards
                       4       =        Exceeds Standards
                       5       =        Outstanding

TASK                               TRAIT/ABILITY/CHARACTERISTIC                         1   2   3     4   5
1. QUALITY OF WORK          Able to provide quality work free of error or waste.

                            Puts forth effort. Produces the desired quantity of
                            work relative to standards.
                            Able to work independently without supervision.

                            Meets deadlines and schedules. Uses time efficiently
                            and effectively.
                            Begins work at scheduled starting times.

2. JOB KNOWLEDGE            Possesses the skill and knowledge to adequately fulfill
                            the job responsibilities.
                            Demonstrates technical expertise and is able to apply
                            the knowledge.
3. INITIATIVE               Expends the effort and time necessary to do the job
                            Routinely shows an interest in improving his/her job
                            knowledge and skill level.
                            Works well independently or within a group.

                            Routinely cleans, maintains, and repairs his/her
                            equipment and work area.
4. ATTENDANCE               Meets work attendance expectations.
                            Is within the 95% attendance requirements.
5. CUSTOMER SERVICE         Is dependable and responsive to customer
                            Maintains a good working relationship with the
                            Is respectful to students, staff, and the community.

6. SAFETY                   Adheres to all safety standards in the performance of
                            their job.
                            Is safety conscious and wears and maintains personal
                            protective equipment.
                            Reports hazardous conditions.

                            Applies good housekeeping techniques in assigned
                            work areas.
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TASK                        TRAIT/ABILITY/CHARACTERISTIC                        1   2   3   4   5
7. LEADERSHIP         Trains, coaches and develops employees.

                      Delegates responsibility and authority.

                      Recognizes individual capabilities and assigns work
                      Anticipates and prevents conflict within his/her work
                      Able to maintain the respect and trust of staff, peers,
                      managers and customers.
                      Enforces standards, displays initiative and self-
                      Provides guidance and feedback to employees.

8. ORGANIZATION AND   Adheres to priorities and deadlines. Completes work
TIME MANAGEMENT       on time.
                      Follows through on assignments despite setbacks.

                      Demonstrates flexibility in responding to priorities
                      and organizational change.
                      Organizes people, materials and support to get the
                      job accomplished.
                      Manages multiple activities at once to accomplish the
                      organization’s goals and objectives.
                      Manages time, people and materials effectively and
                      efficiently to achieve the desired results.
                      Arranges information and files in an efficient and
                      effective manner.
9. INTERPERSONAL      Demonstrates effective communication skills and is
SKILLS                able to relate well to others.
                      Promotes team work and cooperation.

                      Supports District policies concerning Equal
                      Opportunity, sexual harassment and diversity.

Evaluator Comments:

Employee Comments:

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                                                 OVERALL RATING
   Unsatisfactory          Marginal                Satisfactory      Excellent                         Outstanding
                        Below standards but      Meets standards. Exceeds Standards.
                        making progress.
          1                      2                         3                        4                        5

                  (Evaluator’s Signature)                                                     (Date)

                  (Employee’s Signature)                                                      (Date)

Employee’s signature is required on this form and any attachments. Employee’s signature does not indicate approval, rather
           that the evaluator has reviewed and discussed the Performance Feedback Report with the employee.

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                         Distribution: White  Department File / Yellow Employee’s Copy

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