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Plugins 2


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									You may or may not remember my article from a while back.

In which I listed some of my favourite plugins for WordPress. I think the
time is right to make another list, because there are so many plugins, I
am always discovering new ones!

NextGen Gallery
A beauty. Literally. This plugin is chockablock (packed) with features
that work together to make an amazing looking photo gallery for your
site. Your pictures can be displayed in many different ways, on any page
or post, thanks to handy shortcodes. The backend of this plugin is where
it really shines, allowing you to resize, rename, and reorganise your
photos. This plugin has many add ons and effects, just to make it that
much better.

WP Tweets
Yes, I know I’ve talked about my “favourite” Twitter plugin before, but
in all honesty, I’ve found a better one. This plugin is very simple, yet
it delivers. You can embed it either using shortcodes, or as a widget.
You tell it how many tweets to show, and voila. Your most recent tweets
are there. Simple.

Disqus Comment System
A very popular plugin among blog users, yet I feel that I should pay my
respects. Disqus is an amazing comment replacement for your site. Users
can log in to their favourite social network, through Disqus, and simply
leave a comment, with their profile picture, and a link to their profile
and everything. It also works with your Gravatar, an added bonus. Disqus
has many security and spam blocking features, for those pesky “noob”
SEO’s trying to get an easy backlink, etc.

Contact Form 7
A great looking, simple way to get people to contact you, without using
those pesky @mailto links. You customise the form, and embed it with a
shortcode. Users can fill in whatever details you wish, and the
information is emailed to you.

Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod
I searched long and hard for this. I wanted a plugin that can be used as
a widget, that simply displayed your most recent posts, in a specific
category, with the date. Well, this plugin does all that and more. Post
images can be displayed, you can show excerpts, the date, the time. You
can even choose what order your posts are displayed in. I am hardly using
the plugins full potential on this site, it is simply amazing.

And there you go!

I cannot stress enough how powerful WordPress is, and I am likely to make
another post eventually, with more cool plugins and features. I am also
considering an “Android App Roundup“, so leave me some suggestions!

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