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					When designing a website, especially when it is a personal project, one
may end displaying some serious OCD, not knowing when to stop. Of course,
the term OCD is never seen in a good light, your website can end up
getting ruined by tweaks and touch ups.

So, how do you know when enough is enough?

1. Russian Dolls

Take any given page. If you have more DIVs than text, more widgets than
my new Samsung Galaxy S3, then it’s time to have a rethink. Stop trying
to squeeze “just one more thing” in.

2. Flaming cursors

Remember Myspace? The days of spinning text and frilly borders may be
gone, but sometimes history may rear its ugly head, hearts, flowers and
all. Sometimes the best border, shadow or gradient is none at all.

3. Flash, Ahhh

This is more of a threat than a tip. Does your website consist of mostly
flash based content? Unless it’s a Youtube video, remove it. Google
doesn’t like flash. The majority of internet users don’t like flash. I
don’t like flash. Why are you still using flash?

4. Day 37…

Keep an eye on your load times, no one likes waiting. Try cut back on
using huge images, mp3s and scripts for days. If you really need that
Facebook Like Button, or the full photographic archive of your life since
birth, try a Cache Plugin, or simply stick your JavaScript in the footer,
so the majority of the site can load without much delay.

5. Enough isn’t enough

Unless you are running Google, your site should never be mostly blank
space. Photographers have a rule of thirds, and so should you. Make sure
you have interesting and useful content in all the right places. Let your
page be worth the visit.

It’s all about common sense really; “bigger is better” doesn’t always
apply when designing a website. If in doubt, an easy solution is to get
an honest review from a helpful friend or family member.

Happy Designing!

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