Google It by lizyddesign


									Having grown up using computers, one picks up a few little secrets along
the way. I am constantly bombarded with questions “why is my screen not
working”, “why is there smoke coming from my keyboard”, etc. Sometimes, I
can put my knowledge to good use “try slapping it with a raw sardine”.
Other times, my response will be “I don’t know, Google it.” Which brings
me to my point.

Have you ever not found what you are looking for on Google? Possibly, but
I can almost guarantee you weren’t doing it properly. That’s right, it’s
your fault. Google is built in such a way that it will always display the
most relevant results to your search. Meaning primarily that:

You need to search properly.
Google is amazing.
The latter of these reasons is not simply a friendly little wink to
Google, let me explain. Google is astoundingly powerful, it will find
exactly what you tell it to find, but you need to be specific. If you do
a search for “why doesn’t my computer work”, Google will tell you exactly
why it doesn’t work… In amongst 3 billion other web pages that you need
to sift through. Unless you are Methuselah and plan on living 900 years,
this simply is not humanly possible. Luckily, Google is not human. Tell
Google what type of computer you have, tell it how you installed the
latest version of Internet explorer yesterday, tell Google how you
dropped a cup of apple sauce on your motherboard. My best bet is that
your results will be 3 billion times more relevant.

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