spiritual spending by toossyynn


									Spiritual Spending
For those who believe God exist definitely believes in spirituality. Before anything
happen from the physical, some from this school of thought believe it has already
happened in the spiritual realm. May be or may be not, the bottom line is that majority of
humans on earth believes there is a creator somewhere watching our actions. The
formation of religions like Christianity and Muslim have also established in us the
existence of God as the answer to every achievement we desire as humans on earth and
this is one of the reasons we always draw close to God in shaping our destinies and
futures but in this strange time you hardly find true and real God’s servant who will lead
the congregation into the real service to the Most High, what we hear on daily basis is the
Quest for more funding of God’s work as proclaimed by the Priest or Imam to the
congregations. More money keep going into the church and the mosque with very
little effects on the lives of contributors but a whole lot to see of the priest and imam.
Have you ever wondered why many church and mosque members lives in penury and
their spiritual fathers getting fat every now and then, do you really think with the heavy
purse of most of this worship centers, poverty degree should still be high? You know
quiet well that God doesn’t spend our money and He doesn’t eat. Many spiritual leaders
have done very wrong and funny moves on their congregations as to the contribution of
money in uplifting the work of God, most of them don’t channel it to those works, and
this is where you must plan your spiritual spending well. God will never ask you to give
to the church or the mosque at your own expense; He wants you to use your brains too.
Give to the church or mosque what you can afford, you don’t need to please any spiritual
leader because you want to fund for God’s work. Get the fact right, if you have any
financial problem, little assistant will come from the church or mosque or none at all.
You must have your own mind directly with God so as to reduce your pressure with the
church. Have faith in the Lord, don’t overspend your earnings. Tithe in the Christian way
and Muslim way pleases God a lot but do you know that is not by force when you are
unable to provide it for the church? Start paving ways for your finances and for the work
of God in good faith and sound knowledge, if one affects the other, you will surely pay
for it. It starts from within before it spread round. You must know that giving a helping
hand to the poor is more acceptable to God than giving huge amount of money to the
church that already have enough. It is when you have money that your political fathers
will respect your existence, which is the new trend. The whole world knows the large
religious congregations are making very huge returns in cash and kind but very little is
going to the needy. Keep asking; what is the cause, why can’t we be very frank about the
spiritual funding, why do pastors and imam imposes on congregations about funding
God’s work? We need to stop here so as to maintain sanity of this topic. We are not anti-
religion but most people have lost almost their earnings to church and mosque with
nothing in returns, not even the love from their spiritual leaders. Who do we blame? Be
prudent and wise. Serve God with a clean heart and try work on your belief. God is with

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