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									BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                 Explanation                                                   Category
2OP         Original Owner Protection Program                                                                         Aftersales
                                                        Available for purchase during the 4 year / 50,000 mile New    Program
                                                        Vehicle Limited Warranty period, the Original Owner
                                                        Protection Program sometimes referred to as the Extended
                                                        Service Contract, offers an additional 2 years / 50,000 miles
                                                        of protection only to original BMW owners once the New
                                                        Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired. The Original Owner
                                                        Protection Program is an extended service contract
                                                        guaranteeing that covered repairs will be performed using
                                                        only original BMW parts at an authorized BMW repair facility.
                                                        Also offering the benefits of BMW Roadside Assistance, the
                                                        Original Owner Protection Program helps make long-term
                                                        BMW ownership more rewarding than ever for customers.
ABS         Anti-lock Braking System                    A system which prevents individual wheel lockup by             Product
                                                        monitoring individual wheel speeds. The braking at each        Feature
                                                        wheel is controlled by a series of electronically controlled
                                                        valves which regulate the brake pressure. If the system
                                                        detects an impending lockup at any wheel, the brake
                                                        pressure is pulsed to prevent lockup. This enables the
                                                        vehicle to be controlled during panic braking situations. This
                                                        system has been on all BMW models since 1986 and is now
                                                        incorporated into the DSC system (see page 6). ABS
                                                        systems are manufactured for BMW by Bosch and Teves.

ACT         Association of Certified Technicians
ADF         Atlas Dealer Front End                      Dealer Facing Application that integrates into the Atlas      System
                                                        application (see page 3).
AIM         Achievements in Motoring                    MINI Sales/Aftersales Recognition program                     Program
ALERT       Automated Lead Event and Request Tracking   ALERT is a system that assists centers in taking full         System
                                                        advantage of sales leads. It is a steamlined, user-friendly
                                                        lead tracking tool that consolidates all leads into a central
                                                        database and distributes them in a timely and usable format.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                               Explanation                                                  Category
AMM         Aftersales Market Manager                 Responsible for monitoring the Premium Aftersales Strategy Market Team
                                                      and providing management expertise to BMW centers on         Member
                                                      Service, Parts, Accessories and Warranty, and for managing
                                                      BMW Aftersales in the market. Additionally, the AMM
                                                      supports Aftersales operational requirements in compliance
                                                      with center performance standards and guidelines as
                                                      outlined in the Aftersales Strategy; promotes and supports
                                                      implementation of Aftersales initiatives and programs; Works
                                                      with centers to implement performance measurements in
                                                      coordination with other Market Team members; assists in
                                                      the development of the LRP; Additional duties include
                                                      consulting with center management in the design and layout
                                                      of facilities, maximizing service and parts capacity and key
                                                      management training; assisting with escalated customer
                                                      issues and representing BMW NA in legal proceedings.

ARS         Active Roll Stabilization                 ARS is a part of the dynamic drive systems introduced on       Product
                                                      the E65/E66. The system consists of hydraulically controlled   Feature
                                                      stabilizer bars that are controlled via the ARS module. ARS
                                                      is designed to minimize body roll during turns and it is now
                                                      available on the E60, E63 and E64.
ASIP        Aftersales Sales Incentive Program                                                                       Program
ATLAS       Advanced Parts Logistics in After Sales   ATLAS will replace the International Parts Systems (IPS).      Parts System
                                                      Atlas encompasses all processes necessary for Parts
                                                      Logistics and distribution including order processing,
                                                      warehouse management, planning and replenishment.

AVP         Added Value Program                       AVP is a bonus program that pays a 5% bonus based upon         Center
                                                      the base MSRP for BMW vehicles. The program includes           Development
                                                      requirements focusing on brand requirements, center            Program
                                                      performance in regards to customer care, loyalty and retail
BMW         Bavarian Motor Works                      Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works).

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                        Explanation                                                      Category
CAESAR      Claim Assessment & Enquiry for Subsidiaries, BMW   Warranty Claim Processing System Master for data extract,        Warranty
            AG & Rover                                         claims reformatting and data transfer .                          System
CARS        Corporate Administration Request Systems (Work     Business Process Management System for BMW internal              System
            Flow)                                              processes such as time sheets, e-mail and network ID.

CBC         Cornering Brake Control                                                                                             Product
CDR         Consumer Data Repository (CDR)                     Data Warehouse capturing a consumer's interactions with          System
                                                               BMW; forms the basis for analytical reporting for Loyalty and
                                                               KPIs. It is also used for marketing campaigns.

CDS         CDS - SyncParty                                    The exchange of demographic information between                  System
                                                               BMWNA, BMWFS and vendor partners responsible for the
                                                               key touch points with our consumers and prospects.
CMS         Center Management System                           A web-based system that is main storage area for center          System
                                                               information. Many of the legacy applications integrate into
CORA        Center Operating Requirements Addendum             CORA System is used for maintaining the guidelines that a        Center
                                                               center has to follow to comply with the BMW structural,          Development
                                                               facilitate and staffing standards.                               Standard
CPO         Certified Pre-Owned                                BMW offers used vehicle buyers s a premium class of pre-         Sales Program
                                                               owned BMW passenger cars and SAV/light trucks. The
                                                               Certified Pre-Owned BMW Vehicle Program provides the
                                                               tools necessary for centers to expand their used-vehicle
                                                               business and bring additional revenue to their Service and
                                                               Parts operations. Vehicles must pass a rigorous inspection,
                                                               quality assurance and certification process. Upon
                                                               completion the vehicle carries a protection plan that provides
                                                               coverage for up to 2 years or 50,000miles.

CRG         Competitive Reference Guide                        Quick reference material that compares features of a specific Training
                                                               BMW model with its competitors.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                              Explanation                                                      Category
CSI         Customer Satisfaction Index              CSI is a method of determining how satisfied our customers
                                                     are with the goods and services that we provide them. BMW
                                                     utilizes CSI in an attempt to maintain quality and excellence
                                                     among our centers across the country. As a result of this
                                                     continued focus on high quality sales and service, BMW
                                                     takes CSI to an all-new level by constantly reporting the
                                                     results out to you on a daily basis via CenterNet.
                                                     Additionally, alerts and compliments are faxed or emailed
                                                     within hours of the survey to report back both positive and
                                                     negative feedback to your center thereby allowing you to
                                                     respond proactively if necessary.

CWP         Cold Weather Package                     A package that contains such things as heated seats, heated      Product
                                                     steering wheel.                                                  Feature
DAR         Dealer Availability Report               Dealer Availability Reports are available in a variety of        Sales Report
                                                     formats (the DAR Pipeline Bar Chart, DAR Pipeline Detail
                                                     and the DAR Pipeline Model Detail) to assist you in
                                                     monitoring your inventory levels.
DCSnet      Dealer Communication System              Application used by BMWNA to communicate to dealer               System
                                                     personnel via DCSnet portal
DMS         Dealer Management System                 Software used by dealers to manage their business. This          System
                                                     software enables the creation of repair orders, invoices, shop
                                                     scheduling and inventory management just to name a few
                                                     functions. Most BMW dealers utilize either ADP or Reynolds
                                                     & Reynolds (the name of the software companies) for this
DORA        Dealer Operating Requirements Addendum   DORA System is used for maintaining the guidelines that a        Dealer
                                                     center has to follow to comply with the MINI structural,         Development
                                                     facilitate and staffing standards.                               Standard

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                        Explanation                                                   Category
DSC         Dynamic Stability Control                          This is a system which monitors various vehicle inputs such Product
                                                               as wheel speed, yaw rate and braking input to dynamically     Feature
                                                               control braking and throttle systems. It can assist in
                                                               correcting oversteer and understeer situations. DSC consists
                                                               of a hydraulic unit and pump along with an electronic control
                                                               module. There are several variations of this system
                                                               depending upon vehicle application. The systems are
                                                               primarily supplied by Bosch and Teves.

DTC         Dynamic Traction Control                           DTC is a sub-function of DSC. The DTC function can be          Product
                                                               activated with the DSC button and provides two                 Feature
                                                               subfunctions. The two subfunctions are the “sports tuning” of
                                                               the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and the Dynamic
                                                               Stability Control (DSC) and improved traction, particularly on
                                                               ground surfaces with a low coefficient of friction.

ECM         Executive Committee Meeting                        BMW Executive Meetings includes President and Vice
                                                               Presidents for BMW NA to review critical business issues
                                                               and make executive decisions. These are usually conducted
                                                               twice a month.
EDC         Electronic Damping Control                         The EDC system is designed to provide variable damping of Product
                                                               the shock absorbers during changes in road conditions. The Feature
                                                               system consists of a main control unit, shock absorbers
                                                               (struts) with solenoid valves, a series of acceleration sensors
                                                               and input from the steering angle sensor.

eDocs       Electronic Dealer Outbound Correspondence System   The Electronic Dealer Outbound Correspondence System is         System
                                                               a CenterNet eCRM (electronic Customer Relations
                                                               Management) system designed to make it easy for center
                                                               personnel to generate personalized email and letter
                                                               correspondence to their customers.
EPC         Electronic Parts Catalog                           Application includes part illustrations and indices to access   System
                                                               parts information by VIN, model, year, etc. There are future
                                                               plans for web based solution.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                          Explanation                                                  Category
FMOM        Field Marketing Operations Manager   Responsible for providing support to the Region, Market Co- Regional
                                                 Ops and centers as it pertains to brand related sales and    Personnel
                                                 marketing activities for BMW Group products; Serves as the
                                                 Regional contact for advertising, media, and event marketing
                                                 agencies, providing creative direction and ensuring correct
                                                 focus on all regional and national promotions; Acts as focal
                                                 point for national, regional and dealer auto shows; Monitors
                                                 and analyses market share performance and competitive
                                                 advertising; assists in the development of marketing plans
                                                 for BMW Group products.

FMS         Field Management System              Field Management System (FMS) is used for reporting and      System
                                                 tracking Agendas/Contacts for Dealerships and is used by
                                                 Field Managers.
RTE         Regional Technical Engineer          This position is responsible for supporting BMW and MINI     Regional
                                                 business strategies and Regional business plans as the       Personnel
                                                 Markets technical service expert; Provide technical
                                                 assistance and consultation to further develop center
                                                 workshops; Develop and manage plans with the market
                                                 team to increase CSI, improve repair processes impacting
                                                 warranty expense, ensure training and equipment standards
                                                 are met and increase workshop efficiencies; Responsibilities
                                                 include providing hands-on technical assistance and
                                                 direction to the centers and develop field repair solutions;
                                                 Gather technical data and provide reports on findings; Work
                                                 with Aftersales Market Managers on customer relation
                                                 issues and participate in the Technical Hotline exchange

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                          Explanation                                                     Category
HDC         Hill Descent Control                 This system, which is used on vehicle which have all wheel      Product
                                                 drive (AWD) such as the E46iX, E53 and E87, allows for          Feature
                                                 controlled descents on steep inclines. HDC regulates brake
                                                 and throttle to allow the driver to concentrate on steering the
                                                 vehicle rather than focusing on brake and throttle controls.
                                                 There is a console mounted activation switch which activates
                                                 the system only if a specified criteria is met.

HUD         Head Up Display                      This system projects a display on the windshield which            Product
                                                 provides the driver with information such as vehicle speed        Feature
                                                 etc. Originally introduced on the E63 and E64, this system is
                                                 also currently available on the E60.
ICP         Interactive Career Pathway           The Interactive Career Pathway or ICP is a one-stop location      Training
                                                 for a wide variety of BMW training and product specific           System
                                                 information. Designed and maintained by the Group
                                                 University corporate training team, this portal can be used on
                                                 a daily basis for accessing courseware, schedules and
                                                 enrollment for Instructor led courses, product information, job
                                                 aids and quick reference materials.

IL          Instructor Led                       Term used to refer to class room style training where an        Training
                                                 instructor presents content and leads participants in learning.

IPPS        International Parts Pricing System   International Parts Pricing System pricing module                 System
IPS         International Parts System           IPS encompasses all processes necessary for basic Parts           System
                                                 distribution including order processing, warehouse
                                                 management, planning and replenishment.
IWS         International Warranty System        Center Claims processing, crediting and reporting                 System
KSD                                              KSD is a reference library of valid flat rates and defect         System
                                                 codes. Bookers, Coders, Warranty Administrators, as well as
                                                 other center personnel should use KSD to ensure proper
                                                 coding of their claims in DCSnet.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                          Explanation                                                     Category
LDW         Lane Departure Warning               A camera next to the rain sensor on the windshield              Product
                                                 constantly monitors the lane markings. When the car comes       Feature
                                                 too close to the line, the system alerts the driver by making
                                                 the steering wheel vibrate. This means the driver can
                                                 respond immediately, without the passengers even noticing,
                                                 and react appropriately.
MM          Market Manager                       Responsible for leading the Market Team to ensure that          Market Team
                                                 Market and BMW center targets are met in Sales and              Member
                                                 Aftersales with considerable emphasis on Performance
                                                 Management. Duties include establishing market goals and
                                                 direction for Market Teams, working with centers to
                                                 implement Service Level Agreements in coordination with
                                                 other Market Team members; Manage and prioritize Market
                                                 Team activities to align wholesale, retail and Aftersales
                                                 objectives, assess and resolve customer satisfaction issues,
                                                 and ensure BMW center capacity is in line with market

RSMM        Regional Sales & Marketing Manager   Responsible for facilitating overall marketing programs and     Regional
                                                 developing strategies to achieve effective sales and            Personnel
                                                 marketing for BMW vehicles. Assist Regional Manager in
                                                 developing regional sales targets and develop the regional
                                                 sales strategy, action plan and budget. Facilitate overall
                                                 marketing programs for the region including advertising,
                                                 promotions and media. Ensure sales and marketing tools,
                                                 processes and communications from National to Market
                                                 Teams are fully implemented.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                            Explanation                                                   Category
MSOM        Market Sales Operations Manager        Responsible for providing day-to-day sales and marketing      Market Team
                                                   consultation to BMW centers to assist in improving how they Member
                                                   sell new and pre-owned vehicles...Works with the Market
                                                   Team to develop and implement sales, marketing, and
                                                   operational improvement plans through the use of
                                                   Performance Management tools to enable retailers to
                                                   maximize growth opportunities to meet National and
                                                   Regional sales goals and priorities for new BMWs and
                                                   CPO...Works with the Market Team to develop and ensure
                                                   effective processes are in place to support and fully capture
                                                   opportunities in programs and offerings like Portfolio
                                                   Management, Full Circle Purchase Program, and Certified
                                                   Pre-Owned program...Hold regular sales meetings and
                                                   training sessions on new models, technology, sales support
                                                   activities/programs, CPO, and marketing activities...Function
                                                   as a subject matter expert to help dealers take advantage of
                                                   BMW sales systems such as CenterNet, TAS, DCS, and
                                                   ESA...Monitor Key Performance Indicators...Work with the
                                                   center, Region, and Market Co-Op in determining monthly
                                                   advertising priorities and initiatives and follow through to
                                                   ensure proper implementation.

MSRP        Manfacturer's Suggested Retail Price   Most commonly used to refer to the suggested retail price of
                                                   a new car.
MWF         Make Waiting Fun                       A series of online and offline communications with leads that MINI Program
                                                   MINI dealers have identified as likely purchasers of a MINI.

MY          Model Year                             The year the vehicle was produced.
NAC         National Aftersales Conference         Held annually, the NAC is a meeting of all BMW Service and     Aftersales
                                                   Parts management.                                              Program
OGM         Operation Group Meeting                Meets approximately once a month.
OL          On-Line                                Term used to refer to online/web-based training available to   Training
                                                   learners at their convenience.
OO          IVSR - Online Ordering                 Allows the entering, modifying, transferring and tracking of   System
                                                   orders. (International System).

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                 Explanation                                                    Category
OSCAR       Online Survey Customer Analysis Reporting   Oscar provides dealers' web-based internet access to the       System
                                                        BMW Added Value Program results. Benefits Include:
                                                        Speeds up the analytical process; More frequent distribution
                                                        of survey results; Easy to use graphical displays with color
                                                        formatting; Converts raw data into information. Quickly
                                                        identifies opportunities for improvement; Promotes proactive
                                                        solutions; Provides daily customer feedback. Oscar is
                                                        accessed from the BMW CenterNet.

OTIS        Owner Tracking Information System           Application stores and maintains customer data related to      System
                                                        the retail of a vehicle for both automotive and Motorcycles.

PASA        Parts and Accessories Sales Accelerator     The Parts and Accessories Sales Accelerator is designed to System
                                                        help center personnel sell more parts and accessories. It is a
                                                        resource for all your parts and accessories information and
                                                        can be used when working with customers to help explain
                                                        specific features and benefits of parts and accessories.
                                                        PASA also provides price, installation time and instructions
                                                        and recommendations for additional products and
                                                        accessories to demonstrate to customers

PDC         Park Distance Control                       The PDC system consists of a series of sonar sensors         Product
                                                        mounted on the front and/or rear bumper of the vehicle. The Feature
                                                        sensors sense the distance of other vehicles or obstructions
                                                        when parking. The sensor sends a signal to the PDC module
                                                        which triggers an audible signal to determine the distance
                                                        between the vehicle and the potential obstruction. This
                                                        information allows the driver to judge distances during
                                                        parking maneuvers.
PDC         Parts Distribution Center                   Location where parts are inventoried and shipped. There are
                                                        locations in Mt. Olive, NJ and Monrovia, CA.
PIA         Profiles in Achievement                     Profiles in Achievement is a recognition program that
                                                        rewards achievement.
PIB         Product Information Book                    Detailed information about a specific vehicle includes       Training
                                                        specifications, features, options, etc.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                      Explanation                                                     Category
PIPO        Pump In Pump Out
PKoD        Product Knowledge on Demand                      Information available via ICP on all things product. Each       Training
                                                             series is highlighted.
QC1         Quality Certification 1                          Quality Control checklist that is required to be completed by
                                                             the technician, QC person and Client Advisor prior to vehicle
QRG         Quick Reference Guide                            Quick reference material that can be associated with a          Training
                                                             vehicle or a condensed version of courseware.
R&R         Reynolds & Reynolds                              A company that provides dealer management software used         System
                                                             by approximately half of BMW centers.
RAM         Regional Aftersales Manager                      Responsible for working with market teams and centers to        Regional
                                                             develop strategies and action plans to achieve Aftersales       Personnel
                                                             targets. Function as a liaison between National Aftersales
                                                             and Regional field staff to facilitate the implementation and
                                                             prioritization of programs and projects. Assist Regional
                                                             Manager in developing aftersales strategies, action plans
                                                             and budgets. Facilitate the implementation of Aftersales
                                                             operational policies and standards ensuring that tools,
                                                             processes and communications are fully implemented.

RDW         Tire Pressure Warning System                     The RDW system is designed to monitor the tires for a loss     Product
                                                             in tire pressure. This system does not measure tire pressure, Feature
                                                             but uses the wheel speed sensors to monitor the rotational
                                                             speed of the tire and wheel assembly to determine losses in
                                                             tire pressure. RDW requires no additional sensors or
                                                             modules. The system is part of the DSC system and only
                                                             requires an input switch to the DSC module for initialization.

RDR         Retail Delivery Record or "punching a vehicle"   Once a vehicle is sold it is required to have a RDR to
                                                             complete the transaction.
RO          Repair Order                                     This is used whenever a vehicle is brought in for service. It
                                                             outlines exactly what work is to be accomplished during the
                                                             visit and used to build the invoice.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                            Explanation                                                      Category
RSC         Run-flat System Component (written on the side wall of                                                                  Product
            run-flat tires)                                                                                                         Feature
RUA         Remote User Administration                             A web-based system that allows dealer employees to create        System
                                                                   and maintain user accounts for access into dealer facing
                                                                   web applications.
SAV         Sports Activity Vehicle                                A type of vehicle.                                               Vehicle
SMG         Sequential Manual Gearbox                              The SMG system is a manual transmission which is                 Product
                                                                   controlled using electro-hydraulic means. The SMG system         Feature
                                                                   uses an electronic control unit. The SMG control unit
                                                                   monitors various input parameters. The SMG control unit
                                                                   processes this input information and provides the electronic
                                                                   control for the transmission via electro-hydraulically
                                                                   controlled actuators. This allows for a “clutchless” manual
                                                                   transmission which can be shifted via a pair a paddle shifters
                                                                   on the steering wheel or by a console mounted shifter which
                                                                   is a electronic input to the SMG control unit. This system
                                                                   was introduced on the E46 M3 in 2002 and subsequently
                                                                   added to the E85, E46, E60, E63 and E64.

SPG         Sales Planning Guide                                    Calculation of how many new vechiles a specific BMW
                                                                    center/MINI dealer should sell in a year as determined by
                                                                    BMW NA. The number is based on factors such as market
                                                                    share and total sales.
TIS         Technican Information System                                                                                            System
TOMS        Tactical Order Management System                        Application used to manage the process flow of orders to        System
                                                                    and from the core IPS (see page 8) system based on US
                                                                    market specific requirements. This system is comprised of
                                                                    the Campaign Control System, the Promotional Pricing and
                                                                    Delayed Billing System, and the Virtual Warehouse.

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BMW Group University
Acronym Reference List
Acronym     Translation                                            Explanation                                                       Category
TPM         Tire Pressure Monitor                                  The previous Flat Tire Monitor determined pressure                Product
                                                                   deviations via wheel-speed differences. TPM is more               Feature
                                                                   elaborate and precise; it constantly measures pressure in
                                                                   each individual tire directly via telemetry. If pressure in any
                                                                   tire drops below a defined level, a warning appears in the
                                                                   instrument cluster. Thus even if all tires lose pressure in
                                                                   unison, the driver will be warned
Tread       TREAD Act Reporting System                             Collects, maintains, prepares and submits various reports to      System
                                                                   comply with US federal ruling TREAD Act.
UIO         Units in Operation                                     Total number of vehicles in operation within a defined area.

VCS         Vehicle Contract System                                Pre-owned inventory system and Contract (ESC, CPO and             System
                                                                   MP) administration. Includes contract enrollment and
VIC         Vehicle Invoice Control                                Loads prices and tracks AG invoices and Dealer Invoices.          System
                                                                   Tracks credits and dealer discounts.
VIN         Vehicle Identification Number                          Unique identification number for any motor vehicle that is
                                                                   manufactured. Each digit in the VIN contains specific
                                                                   information about the vehicle make, model, manufacture
                                                                   date, manufacturing plant, equipment, etc.
VOR         Vehicle Off Road                                                                                                      Vehicle
                                                                   This is a term used in the BMW Parts department when a
                                                                   vehicle is down waiting for a part to come in for it's repair.
VPC         Vehicle Preparation Center System                      After being received all vehicles get work ordered (paper      System
                                                                   printed) and placed into the workshop. During confirmation
                                                                   of the workshop process the VPC papers are produced
                                                                   (monroney, release, return to stock). Conditions/campaigns
                                                                   are also tracked.
VDC                                                                Location where vehicles are prepared for delivery to dealers. System
            Vehicle Processing Center aka Vehicle Distribution Center

WAPS        Warranty Authorization Planning System                 Monitors Subsidiary crediting, budgeting and forecasting and System
                                                                   field authorizations.

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