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Debt Equity Financing for PPP PFI Projects Debt SMi Online by mikeholy


									"Very clear explanations and very good speakers"
Richard Rankin, Deloitte & Touche

                            Discover the latest developments in…

                           Debt & Equity Financing
                           for PPP/PFI Projects
                           10th & 11th June 2002, The Hatton, London

A unique opportunity to learn from leading industry experts including:
• Chris Heathcote, Project Director, Head of Project Finance, Partnerships
• David Finlay, Head of PFI Development, National Audit Office
• Stephen Paine, Executive Director, UBS Warburg
• Anthony Sykes, Deputy General Manager, SMBC
• Alan Douglas, Principal, Global Infrastructure, Banc of America
• Graham Beazley-Long, Director, Global Debt, Dresdner Kleinwort
• Dr Marcus Kleiner, Team Head, Transportation & PFI, Global Project
  Finance, Hypovereinsbank
• David Shepherdson, Head of Infrastructure, Credit Lyonnais
• Paul McCormick, Education Officer - PFI & Premises Manager, Sheffield
  City Council
• Robin Herzberg, Concessions Director, Carillion

Benefits of attending
• KEEP UP TO DATE with the latest developments and projects
• ASSESS the advantages and disadvantages of debt and equity
• EXAMINE innovative methods of funding
• MEET and network with the leading industry players

Refinancing PFI Projects
12th June 2002, The Hatton London

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  Day One 10th June 2002
  8.30   Registration & Coffee                                                    BONDS VS COMMERCIAL DEBT
                                                                           2.00   Advantages and disadvantages in the use of bonds as
  9.00   Chairman's Opening Remarks                                               opposed to commercial debt
         Maurice Hochschild, Head of Project & Infrastructure
                                                                                  • Fixed or floating interest rates
         Finance, Investec European Capital
                                                                                  • Allowing project sponsors increased financial flexibility
         KEYNOTE ADDRESS                                                          • Costs, rates and loan duration
  9.10   An overview of the latest developments within PFI                        • Assessing the competition between these two sources of
         • Guidance policies for PFI projects                                       finance for project funding
         • The benefits of merging with the private sector                        • Benefiting from more competitive rates and growing tenors
         • Flexibility versus lowest costs                                        • Widening the lender profile
         • Developing an effective long term strategy for financing
                                                                                  Stephen Paine, Executive Director, UBS Warburg
         • Lessons learnt so far with PFI projects
         Chris Heathcote, Project Director, Head of Project Finance,              DEBT FINANCE
         Partnerships UK                                                   2.40   Understanding the complexities of debt financing for PFI
  9.40   NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE VIEW ON CURRENT FINANCING                          • Considering debt finance for PFI in contrast to traditional
                                                                                    project loans
         • Key financing considerations at different stages of a PFI/PPP
           project                                                                • Issues to take into account when debt financing a PFI
         • Financing competitions: the circumstances in which they                  project
           may be useful                                                          • Servicing senior and junior debt over a long-term credit
         • Refinancing: what this involves and the issues to be                     period
           addressed                                                              • Analysing the risks in bond funded PFI programmes
         • Challenges for the future                                              • Disclosure burdens and the covenant of the monoline
         David Finlay, Head of PFI Development, National Audit
                                                                                  • Bank loan finance & debt finance – outlook on future PFI
                                                                                    project markets
        THE TREASURY BUILDING PROJECT                                             Dr Marcus Kleiner, Team Head, Transportation & PFI, Global
  10.20 Government offices, Great George Street - Funding                         Project Finance, Hypovereinsbank
        • Overview of the project: an update so far                        3.20   Afternoon Tea
        • Considering best value options for funding
        • The objectives of the funding competition and the
                                                                                  THE NEED FOR PPP - THE FINNISH DEVELOPMENTS
          management of the process
        • The financing put in place as a result of the competition        3.40   Developments and future opportunities within the Ministry
        • The impact of the funding competition on other PFI projects             • Assessing the need for private sector funding
        Steve Harris, Partner, Ashurst Morris Crisp                               • Structures of development assistance and possibilities with
  11.00 Morning Coffee                                                            • Overview of the existing PPP projects in Finland
                                                                                  • Experiences and problems with PPP projects and solutions
  11.20 Developing innovative financing structures                                  found
        • Assessing project characteristics                                       • Further opportunities for PPP in Finland
        • Sponsors and government objectives                                      Pertti Valtonen, Counsellor, Ministry of Trade and Industry,
        • Financing structures available                                          Finland
        • Implementing innovative structures
        • Lessons learned from PFI projects
                                                                                  PFI/PPP FINANCIAL ADVICE
        Alan Douglas, Principal, Global Infrastructure, Banc of
                                                                           4.20   The role of the independent adviser
        America Securities
                                                                                  • An independent view of the financial feasibility of the
        FINANCE FOR PPPs                                                            project and its bankability
  12.00 Analysing the market                                                      • The financial plan and structuring of the project
        • Summary of existing markets                                             • The cash flow model
        • New developments in funding markets                                     • Selection of the arranging bank
        • Looking at future opportunities within the market
                                                                                  • Bringing the project to financial close
        Graham Beazley-Long, Director, Global Debt, Dresdner
        Kleinwort Wasserstein                                                     John Mobsby, Director, Mobsby Associates

  12.40 Networking Lunch                                                   5.00   Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One
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    Day Two 11th June 2002
   8.30   Re-registration & Coffee                                          12.40 Networking Lunch

   9.00   Chairman's Opening Remarks                                               THE PROS AND CONS OF PPP IN GERMANY
          Timothy Stone, Partner, KPMG                                      2.00   Problems and solutions
                                                                                   • Experiences gained
                                                                                     - Procurement structures
   9.10   What are the constraints on raising of debt?
          • Issues of tenor                                                          - Main objectives
          • The covenant package                                                   • Solved and unsolved problems
          • Bond market appetite                                                     - Value for money considerations
          • Refinancing                                                              - Evaluation of risk transfer - the view of the public sector
          • Equity holders post-completion                                           - Procurement law, tax law, budget law, public subsidies
          • Political risk of governments                                          • Should Germany copy the British example?
          David Shepherdson, Head of Infrastructure, Credit Lyonnais               Dr Joerg Christen, Ministerialrat, Ministry of Finance of the
                                                                                   State of Rheinland-Pfalz
                                                                                   COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE ISSUES IN THE LUL POWER PFI
   9.40   Structure used for this project
          • Project background                                                     PROJECT
          • From vision to reality                                          2.40   Optimising the commercial structure to meet the
          • Dealing with the continuing issues of conflicts of interest -          requirements of the public and private sectors
            resolving the tension                                                  • The public sector’s requirements
          • Strategy planning, project structuring, development and the            • Identifying the private sector’s requirements
            management structure                                                   • The LUL Power Solution
          • Ensuring cost effective facilities for schools through PFI             • Lessons learnt
          • Dealing with long-term PFI education financing - looking to            • Future developments
            the future is there a need for change?
                                                                                   Kevin Boram, Finance Director - SEEBOARD Capital Projects,
          Paul McCormick, Education Officer - PFI & Premises Manager,
          Sheffield City Council                                                   SEEBOARD Capital Projects

         HOW THE FINANCING CONSIDERATIONS CHANGE OVER                       3.20   Afternoon Tea
   10.20 Looking a long way down the line                                          PFIS AND PPPS
         • Considering methods of finance for PFI contracts                 3.40   Where are we and where are we going?
         • Issues to take into account when financing a PFI project                • What is PFI/PPP - private service provision, or public
         • Servicing debt over a long term credit period                             procurement?
         • Analysing the risks in the various funding PFI programmes
                                                                                   • What is your borrower doing for his public sector client -
         • Planning ahead and assessing the risks
                                                                                     delivering high quality services at a lesser price than they
         • What we can learn from certain sectors
         Robin Herzberg, Concessions Director, Carillion                             could otherwise be procured, if they could be afforded at all
                                                                                     or providing a conduit for concealed public borrowing with
   11.00 Morning Coffee                                                              a veneer of service provision on top ?
                                                                                   • Who are you lending to - a real project company with its
         PRINCIPLES OF REFINANCING                                                   own identity and destiny or a paper company living in a
   11.20 The general principles                                                      drawer in the desk of the company secretary of a company
         • The role of refinancing                                                   whose real business is doing something quite different ?
         • How opportunities for refinancing arise
                                                                                   • What are you lending against - a real, free standing business
         • New approach in PFI project refinance
                                                                                     entity or a complicated contract whose output are difficult
         • How should risk be priced?
         • Guidelines for refinancing gain share                                     to predict?
         Anthony Sykes, Deputy General Manager, SMBC                               • How predictable is your borrower's income - a contractually
                                                                                     certain stream of revenue for thirty years or a best guess
         BRIGHTON & HOVE CITY LIBRARY & MIXED USE                                    that might go badly wrong ?
         DEVELOPMENT                                                               Angus Dunn, Director, Operis Group
   12.00 New £45 million public library and ‘piazza’ style public
         square in central Brighton                                         4.20   RATING PPP/PFI STRUCTURES
         • The proposal, the approval and the funding                              • Rating approach and process
         • Strategy planning, project structuring, development and the
                                                                                   • Key rating elements for PPP structures
           management structure
                                                                                   • Impact of debt/equity structure on the rating
         • Debt meets equity – balancing risks
         • Long term perspectives on the project                                   • How to apply ratings for PPP projects
         • Efficient uses of resources within allocated budgets                    Jan Willem Plantagie, Associate Director, Standard & Poor’s
         • Lessons to be learnt from the project
         Simon Phillips, Director, Mill Group                               5.00   Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference

Refinancing PFI Projects
12th June 2002, The Hatton London

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8.30      Registration & Coffee

9.00      Introduction to project refinancing                                                      SMi Publishing Ltd’s. PFI INTELLIGENCE
          • An overview of debt and equity structures in PFI/PPP projects                          BULLETIN is a focused, timely and concise
          • A review of contractual refinancing provisions in the context of a                     commentary on important Private Finance
            signed concession                                                                      Initiative issues. The Bulletin includes a FREE
          • Analysis of the current OGC/PUK guidance                                               24 page PFI Projects Tracker, detailing project
                                                                                                   description, status and contacts plus
10.15 Morning Coffee                                                              authoritative reviews, commentary, opinions and articles
                                                                                  written by the experts and politicians on PFI in the UK and
10.30 An overview of refinancing PPP/PFI projects                                 abroad. For a sample issue please call Customer Services, SMi
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12.30 Close of workshop                                                           more...

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"Very clear explanations and very good speakers"
Richard Rankin, Deloitte & Touche

                          Discover the latest developments in…

                          Debt & Equity Financing
                          for PPP/PFI Projects
                          10th & 11th June 2002, The Hatton, London

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                                                                                           SMi Information Services Ltd (part of the SMi Group Ltd), 1 New Concordia Wharf, Mill St, London,
  PAYMENT:                                                                                          SE1 2BB, United Kingdom.
  □ I enclose a cheque (drawn on a UK Bank made payable to SMi Conferences Ltd)                     The fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference papers provided on the day. It does not include travel,
  □ I am transferring the money to HSBC Bank plc, Account No: 11364057,                             hotel accommodation, transfers or insurance (which we strongly recommend you obtain).
    Sort Code: 40 06 21 (For overseas customers please use SWIFT CODE MIDLGB22)
    28 Borough High Street, London SE1 1YB                                                           VAT will be charged at the local rate on each conference. Delegates may be able to
  □ Please debit my credit card (including % & tax)                                                  recover VAT incurred by contacting Eurocash Corporation plc (0)1273 325000,
    □ Visa/MasterCard (1.90%)           □ Amex (3.80%)                                      Eurocash are specialists in recovering cross border VAT.
    □ Diners (3.00%)                    □ Eurocard (1.90%)
  Card No         □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□
  Expiry Date     □□□□
  Signature                                                           Date
  I agree to SMi Conferences Ltd Terms and Conditions of booking and SMi debiting my credit card.
                   If you have NOT received registration confirmation within 48 hours of registering, please call +44 (0) 870 9090 711

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