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									Protein Synthesis

             Background Info
• Double Stranded DNA in the nucleus
• Transcription: DNA copied to single stranded
  – Nucleus to the cytoplasm
• Now we can make proteins
  – a.k.a polypeptides
• Why do we need proteins?
  – Control chemical reactions (enzymes, catalysts)
  – Body structure
  – Hormones are proteins (Insulin)
          The Genetic Code
• When RNA is made, it encodes
  nucleotides THREE at a time
  – Each THREE is called a codon
  – A Codon is like a password for an amino acid
• The amino acids build proteins
• Assembling proteins from encoded mRNA
• We have mRNA with the coded message from
• mRNA goes from the nucleus to a ribosome
• mRNA attaches to ribosome
  – Starts a signal on mRNA = AUG
  – The ribosomes read the mRNA molecules
• mRNA is paired with its tRNA anticodon
  – A pairing with U, C pairing with G
• tRNA molecules pick up specific Amino Acids
  – Amino acids form proteins
•   2nd tRNA attaches to ribosome
•   Peptide bond forms between adjacent
    Amino Acids
    – This continues until protein is finished
•   Stop signal = UAA or UAG or UGA

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