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					                                            Capitalization Practice!

PART ONE: Capitalize the first word in a sentence.

1. he cheered for the Steelers to win.

2. the girl ran to class.

3. john saw a girl pick her nose.

4. your teacher loves Bruster’s ice cream.

5. the computer lab is on the third floor.

PART TWO: Capitalize the first letter of the names of people or titles and
the word I.

1. i love to write fiction stories.

2. sam likes to eat anchovies.

3. Can you call uncle bud and remind him to bring his baseball card collection?

4. george likes franny, but he’s afraid to tell her.

5. When i give the order, please touch your tongue to your nose.

PART THREE: Capitalize the FIRST word, LAST word, and all important words in a title. Do NOT
capitalize an article (a, an, the) or a small preposition (in, for, from, by) unless it is the first or last word
in the title.

*the following practice problems are titles.

1. full house

2. granny torelli makes soup

3. pirates of the caribbean

4. how to eat fried worms

5. the lord of the rings
PRACTICE FOUR: Capitalize the FIRST letter of a title or an abbreviation of a title when used with
a person’s name. Remember to follow the abbreviations with a period. The title Miss has no
abbreviated form. Do not use a period after this title. Ms. Has no long form.

1. Please show your homework to mrs. Marbles.

2. My doctor’s name is dr. Nose.

3. Sarah’s favorite teacher is miss Smiles.

4. Today, rev. Jesse Jackson visited Pittsburgh.

5. The librarian’s name is mrs. Tomer.

Circle the words that should be capitalized in each sentence. Most sentences have more than one error.

1. “dust of snow” is a poem by robert frost.

2. i walked my dog rupert through the park.

3. rachel told her mom to sign the network agreement form.

4. Someday, i hope that i can finally get a dog.

5. mrs. hannan used to be an ice skater.

6. Jeremy walked slowly to dr. gill’s office.

7. Freddy’s favorite movie is charlie and the chocolate factory.

8. My teacher recommended that I read the book, Where the red fern Grows.

9. Tyler let ronnie borrow a pencil.

10. the cafeteria table waited quietly for mrs. Hannan to dismiss them.

PART FIVE - Capitalize the names of particular PLACES and THINGS, such as cities, states,
countries, streets, bridges, parks, and buildings. Do NOT capitalize the words north, south, east, and
west unless they refer to a particular section of the country or world.

1. The painted desert is in arizona.

2. The gateway arch is in st. louis.

3. mt. rushmore is in south dakota.

4. We will drive south to my grandparents’ house.

5. She has a drawl, because she is from the south.
6. He is from the west coast.

7. We drove east over the hudson river.

PART SIX - Capitalize the names of MONTHS, DAYS, and HOLIDAYS but
NOT the names of the seasons: spring, summer, winter, and fall.

1. The desert is very hot in summer.

2. My favorite day of the week is friday.

3. There will be a capitalization quiz on wednesday.

4. The Jewish holiday, yom kippur, will be on october 2nd this year.

5. Did you have a fun labor day weekend?


1. My grandfather belongs to the elks club.

2. We had a choice of italian, chinese, or ethiopian restaurants for dinner.

3. Benjamin Oliver Davis, Sr. was the first african-american general in the U.S. army.

4. Carla was thrilled to get an internship at the smithsonian institution in Washington, D.C.

5. I don’t feel like studying for my spanish test.

6. This year, I am taking reading, english, math, german, chorus, science, and social studies.

PART EIGHT - Capitalize words referring to DEITIES and to RELIGIOUS scriptures.

1. The Methodist minister quoted a verse from the bible.

2. Ricky wrote a poem about the greek god zeus.

3. When is the Jewish holiday yom kippur this year?

4. The major Islamic sacred text is the koran.

5. The Roman god of the sea was neptune.
   Circle the words that should be capitalized in each sentence. Most sentences have more than one error.

   1.   During the 1990s, the fitness craze gave birth to such exercise videos as dance!, Workout with
        Barbie, dancing grannies, and sweatin’ to the oldies.
   2.   are uncle Jon and aunt Theresa here yet?

   3.   There is a fountain in the middle of lake eola.

   4.   Our fall camping trip will be in october.

   5.   Have you ever visited the Washington monument?

   6.   The greek god of war was ares.

   7.   That movie is about world war II.

   8.   Do you realize the song “happy birthday to you” was published in 1893?

   9.   The scandinavians had many gods, such as thor, hera, and loki.

   10. In science class, we learned the secret of mexican jumping beans; the capsules have little magnets
       in them.

            There are 29 letters in this document that need to be capitalized.

                                                                september 20, 2007
dear bridget,

   Since I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought I would tell you what’s going
on at my school. This year i am studying geography, algebra, language arts, and
   In geography I am really enjoying the study of mexico. Did you know there
are pyramids in mexico, just like in Egypt? My teacher, ms. thompson, said, “at
the town of teotihuacan, people built pyramids dedicated to the sun.” Some of
the mexican art we have seen is really interesting. Mexico is bordered on the
east by the gulf of mexico, and on the west by the pacific ocean. The
southeastern part of Mexico has many tourist resort areas. Next summer I hope
to travel there. On monday I went to the library and checked out a book about
Mexico written by Carlos Ortiz, ph.d. It will be a great help with my report.
   We’re having a thanksgiving dance here at sunset middle school. All my
friends are going. They are serving punch, cookies, and chik-fil-a nuggets. The
national junior honor society is sponsoring the dance. I can’t wait!
    please write back soon and tell me what is going on at your school.
                                                           your friend,

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