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									Job portals: An easy way to find the right
Take a quick read to find out what makes job portals such a sought after resource for sourcing
potential employees by SMEs and government companies alike.

Finding the right talent for vacancies is usually quite time consuming and if the employee
search is for a key profile then it often involves high levels of stress and anxiety as well.
Companies across diverse industrial sectors are choosing job portals to find the right talent for
their openings. It is a preferred means of talent search by the human resource team of almost
every organization today.

Read on to find how job portals make the recruitment process easy, speedy and simple.

Pool of candidates that meet your specific criteria Online job boards have massive database of
active jobs seekers. These portals often provide free resume submission services which
encourages interested candidates to register with them. Employers can filter through the
database and zero down on those resumes that meet the profile’s criteria and role
expectations. Through advance search options, employers can search resumes easily and
quickly. Job posting on such sites often yield high hit ratio. Simply fill out the candidature you
are seeking, some information about your company and the profile description and it’s done.

Get resumes of ‘ideal’ candidates streamed to your inbox When you register with online
employment boards, you will be required to fill up the areas of business operation for which
you are seeking applications. Once you do this, you will be forwarded resumes of qualifying
candidates from their present database. Thereafter, if new job seekers register with the portal
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and if they match your specifications, their resume too will be mailed to you. This way you
save your precious time in scanning through the database each day. Job posting on such boards
can be done in real time, unlike newspaper classified for which you need to pre pre-book your
advertisement spot.

Close vacancies faster: Job portals are like magic wand for closing urgent openings Simply
enter the candidature you are seeking and poof! You get scores of resumes that match your
requirements in a snap. Whether you are searching talent for a specific job by location or for
                              nation-wide branches, it perfectly fits the cost-benef equation.
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Employers can quickly screen out job seekers with specific experience level as well. Read
through their resumes, and contact them through your preferred means of communication,
interview them and, if found satisfactory, close the vacancy with the ideal candidate. Such
portals make it extremely simple eliminating the hassles of initial stage of recruitment process
and pick out the best suited candidates.

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