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									Fashion Trends for Spring, Summer,
            and Winter
•      Each season brings with it a certain flavor for clothing. It’s
  a fact of life that some of the things people where during
  spring or summer might not be all that great during the
  months of fall or winter. The changing trends of each season
  are one of the few things that makes fashion what it is today.
•      Spring, summer or winter, people, most especially
  women, are looking for the latest fashion trends that are hot
  for each season. Most people don’t want to be aloof and want
  to wear something that’s suitable for the times. Here are
  some of the more prevalent trends for the seasons this year.
      Scoop neck butterfly knot front sweater

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    Made in China
• The bright colors of spring and summer
•      Both summer and spring is mostly about the bright colors
  and the bold prints. Spring or summer is the right time of the
  year to start putting all the heavy and dark winter clothes
•      This year’s spring and summer had a lot of bright neon
  colors and vivid lip colors. Accessories that make a statement
  and sheer pieces were just some of this year’s hottest trends
  in fashion. These trends slide towards being daring and stylish
  yet still very wearable. Adding exciting and a lot of fun colors
  to an outfit during the months of spring and summer just
  seems right.
      Multicolor stripe sweater

  40% VISCOSE, 30% COTTON, 20% MODAL, 10%
  Made in China
• Dip dye hairs for summer and spring
•      Dip dye hairs was one of this year’s hottest fashion trends
  during the months of summer and spring. Dakota Fanning and
  January Jones are just some of the few Celebs who were
  spotted favoring this trend. It is best to choose a shade that
  balances the skin tone and the current shade of hair.
• Floral prints for spring, summer and winter
•      Floral prints were very trendy during the summer and
  spring season of this year. A lot of celebrities and big names
  wore a lot of clothing with floral prints. Most people agree
  that the trend of floral prints won’t die even during fall or
            V-neck knitted top

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•      People are expecting to see more floral prints for the
  upcoming season. However, they say that the floral prints for
  autumn and fall will be darker and edgier than its spring and
  summer counterparts.
• Denim will always be in style
•      Almost everyone loves denim; it’s fashionable yet
  practical and can be worn almost every day. Both summer and
  spring saw a lot of people wearing pastel colored and bright
  specimens of denim. For winter, the current trend is to where
  hues that are more practical and darker. Denim clothing for
  winter should ideally be colored with colors such as burgundy,
  plum and brown.
       Spaghetti strap fashion cardigan

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