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					 On the Move
              Dave Butler,                      Anthony
              Big Switch                        McCusker,
              Networks                          Goodwin
              The Palo                          Procter
              Alto                              The national
              platform-                         law firm
              indepen-                          appointed
dent software-defined            Anthony McCusker to its
networking company               board of directors and he
appointed Dave Butler            will serve as chairman in
vice president of sales. He      the Menlo Park office. He
is former vice president of      is a partner at Gunderson
sales at Aruba Networks.         Dettmer.

              Herb                              David Oh,
              Cunitz,                           J. Moore
              Horton-                           Partners
              works                             The San
              The                               Francisco
              Sunnyvale                         independent
              commer-                           technology-
cial vendor of Apache            focused investment bank
Hadoop, the preeminent           named David Oh manag-
open source platform for         ing director. Previously, he
storing, managing and            was chief executive officer
analyzing big data, named        and managing partner at
Herb Cunitz president.           IDG Ventures Korea.
Previously, he was vice
president of global field                       Marc
operations at VMware.                           Olesen,
              Cynthia                          The San
              D’Agosta,                        Jose provid-
              Filoli                           er of trusted
               The Wood-                       mobile
               side country      document tools named
               estate fur-       appointed Marc Olesen
               nished with       president and chief
an extensive collection          executive officer. He is for-
of 17th and 18th century         mer senior vice president
English antiques named           and general manager at
Cynthia D’Agosta execu-          McAfee.
tive director. Recently, she
was executive director of                       Cary
the committee at Green                          Rayment,
Foothills.                                      Restoration
              Kevin                            The San
              Ishizu,                          Jose pri-
              Wells Fargo                      vately held
              Insurance          medical device company
              The San            appointed Cary Rayment
              Francisco in-      to its board of directors.
              surance bro-       He retired as president
ker named Kevin Ishizu           and chief executive officer
senior vice president. He        at Alcon.
is former senior manag-
ing director at Carpenter                       Ulf
Moore/Nasdaq.                                   Sandberg,
              Andrew                            works
              Keenan,                          The
              RichRel-                         Sunnyvale
              evance                           commer-
               The San           cial vendor of Apache
               Francisco         Hadoop, the preeminent
               provider of       open source platform
dynamic e-commerce               for storing, managing
personalization for              and analyzing big data
retailers named Andrew           named Ulf Sandberg vice
Keenan vice president of         president of services. He
sales for the company’s          served as chief executive
retail division. He was the      officer at SkySQL.
founding vice president of
sales at Baynote.                               Steve
              Steve                             Cresa
              Mallard,                         The cor-
              Xirrus                           porate real
              The                              estate ad-
              high-per-                        visory firm
              formance           named Steve Thomas
              wireless           senior vice president of
networks provider ap-            the project management
pointed Steve Mallard            team. Previously, he
vice president of America        founded Thomas Con-
sales and he will work in        struction Management.
the Los Gatos office. He
is former vice president
of worldwide sales at Mu

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