Partnering To Capitalize On The Open Source Opportunity

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					  Partnering To
Capitalize On The
  Open Source

         Presented by CyberOptic Group
                 April 20, 2010
Adding New Revenue Streams Through Partnerships
    Small businesses have essentially the EXACT same functional needs as
     large enterprises but have significantly less resources with which to
     provide that function.

    As a result, many small businesses are forced to "piece together“
     systems from multiple vendors causing needless hours to be spent
     rekeying data from one system to the next, critical company
     information to be stored on individual PC's, or even worse, on pieces
     of paper, where the data is not available to others in the organization
     and cannot be accessed in real time.

    These disparate systems not only increase support costs & effect
     customer and employee satisfaction, but they also inhibit productivity
     due to the time and resources needed to compile simple but accurate
     management reports or simply close the books every month.

Business Challenge
    Open source software is unique in that it is free to download and use
     for any purpose, permission is given to freely redistribute copies, and
     users/developers have unrestricted access to the source code with the
     freedom to modify and adapt the software for any purpose.

    Today, numerous enterprise-class open source applications exist for
     any business that has the technical abilities to successfully implement,
     the knowledge to use, the experience to train other users, and the
     infrastructure and skill set to manage and support the users and
     application environment.

    This creates a tremendous opportunity for business advisors,
     technology consultants, and computer hardware resellers, to earn
     significant revenue by providing the professional services needed to
     fully implement these enterprise applications in small to mid-sized
     businesses that don’t have the necessary skills internally!

Opportunity Overview
                  Small US-Based Businesses (typically less than
  CUSTOMERS       250 employees) With Limited IT Staff

  CYOP            Provides Consulting, Cloud Services or Technology
  PARTNER         Sales to SMBs. Offers FREE Process Assessment

                  Provides Professional Services To Qualify & Define
  CYOP            Project (PDW); Implements, Configures, Customizes,
                  & Supports Open Source Application Deployments

                      Library of ready-to-use
                            open source
   OPEN SOURCE        applications that work
     BUSINESS            instantly on Lotus
   APPLICATIONS             Foundations

                  Secure, Autonomic, Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Manage.
  LOTUS           Provides Calendaring, Emails, Contacts, Productivity
  FOUNDATIONS     Tools, Network Security, Remote Access, File & Print
                  Sharing, Backup & Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses

Introduction To CyOp
 Market Opportunity
Professional Services To Complement Open Source
         OpenbravoERP                   SugarCRM
  Enterprise Resource Planning   Customer Relationship Mgmt

        Kayako Helpdesk                 OrangeHRM
  Service/Support Management     Human Resource Management

                                             AND MORE…

Enterprise-Class Open Source
       Business Process & Workflow
       Management (BPM)

       Business Intelligence & Reporting

       Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

       Enterprise Content Management

       E-Learning & Course Management

Open Source Enterprise App’s

 Project Implementation Roadmap
  1                      2                           3                           4                 5
  Project                                            Iterative                       Final             Go live &
                             Project Definition
                                                     Prototyping                     Preparation       Adjustments

  • Staffing &                                       •   Initial Configuration
      Detailed                                           and Customizations
      Planning       •   Detailed Requirements                                   •    Integrated
                         Definition                  •   Technical Designs            Testing      •   Go Live
  • Installation
      of Test        •   Functional Design           •   Development of          •    Data         •   Adjustments
      Envmnt.                                            Interfaces, Data-
                     •   Data-Migration strategy                                      Migration    •   Support
  • Kick-off         •   Interfaces Definition and
                                                         Migration Programs
                                                                                 •    End-User
      Meeting                                            and Non-Standard                          •   Troubleshooting
                         Design                          Functionalities              Training
  • Basic
      Training                                       •   Unit Testing

 Management methodology
 Project management

  • Definition of Initial Steps, Planning, Control, Validation and Project Completion
  • Project Progress Monitoring, Team Coordination, Change Management,
  • Risk Management and Scope Modifications (Identification, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Mitigation)

What It Takes To Be Successful
  As a CyOp Partner, you DON’T need to understand the roadmap!
  CyOp handles these issues – YOU just need to recognize that there’s
  a HUGE difference between a customer installing enterprise software
  versus actually implementing it in the organization.

    The roadmap is valid irrespective of the enterprise application being
     implemented and whether the application is open source,
     proprietary, on-premises, or delivered through a SaaS model. The
     customer (or someone he pays) will still need to perform most, if
     not all, of these steps.

    The roadmap represents the set of services CyOp provides around
     each business application. Not all of the steps need to be done by
     CyOp, but they all need to be done by SOMEBODY to have a
     successful implementation.

    For a variety of reasons, most businesses, and especially small
     businesses, are unable to perform these steps without assistance,
     which is what creates the market opportunity & demand.

Notes About The Roadmap
   CyOp bridges the gap between open source and SaaS by leveraging
    enterprise-class open source software to build for our customers an
    application that they will OWN. Because the application is owned by the
    customer with full access to the source code, there is no vendor lock-in.
    The customer can NOT be forced into having to upgrade hardware or
    software versions and the application can never be made obsolete since
    there is a large community of open source programmers that can ensure
    ongoing development and support.

   Once we build the application, There are numerous options as to how the
    application is supported. For clients with adequate IT staff & facilities,
    CyOp can implement the application as an on-premises solution. For
    customers that lack adequate facilities or IT staff, CyOp can implement
    and support the solution from one of its state-of-the-art data centers,
    from an IBM Managed Hosting Facility, or from the data center of the
    customer's choice.

          CyOp provides enterprise class infrastructure,
           applications, training, service and support –
                   All at small business prices!

Customer Value Proposition
Why Partner With Cyop?
Top Five Benefits To Participating in the CyOp Partner Program
  Broaden your range of services and
  your customer set, add significant
  new revenue streams, and have
  new ways to approach existing and
  potential customers. Enable your
  hardware and/or other professional
  services to be competitive in deals
  that were previously cost-

Partner Value Proposition #1
  Maintain  Account Control and ensure
  customer satisfaction. If you don’t
  provide the customer what he needs, he
  will get it from someone – possibly a
  provider that will attempt to erode your
  other business. By engaging CyOp, your
  customer’s needs will be effectively met
  and you can be assured CyOp will not
  attempt to displace your existing

Partner Value Proposition #2
  There is little to NO competition for
  many of these applications in smaller
  businesses since most “competitors”
  can’t scale down to businesses with
  less than 100 employees - which is
  98% of the market! It’s easy to get to
  the decision maker, rarely if ever is
  there a required bid process or board
  approval needed.

Partner Value Proposition #3
  Even  at a fraction of the implementation
  costs of proprietary systems, there is
  still large value and profit in CyOp’s
  services which we share with our
  Partners. As a CyOp Partner, when you
  refer an opportunity, you have full
  control over customer pricing and your
  profit. We will never quote your client
  directly without your prior knowledge
  and approval.

Partner Value Proposition #4

  Because  CyOp specializes in driving
  revenue back to the customer’s
  bottom line, once we complete a
  project, it is very common for the
  customer to engage us for ongoing
  development and support, which
  provides recurring revenue for the

Partner Value Proposition #5
  The CyOp Process
How CyOp Engages With Customers & Partners
      You DON’T need to be a software expert to earn money by
            identifying opportunities to refer to CyOp!
Here’s are TEN easy signs to look for in a prospect:

1.     Running multiple systems and databases that don’t talk to each other or
       performing tasks off of the enterprise system (i.e. QuickBooks & Excel, etc.)
2.     On a legacy proprietary system with discontinued development/support and/or
       anxious to get out of continuous upgrade cycle to keep current support
3.     Lots of time spent re-keying data
4.     Excessive time needed to compile simple but accurate management reports or
       close books at end of month
5.     High volume of email or paper forms containing data that should be in some
       enterprise system
6.     Lack of management reporting on statuses of workflows
7.     Desire to extend function & life of existing systems to better integrate with
       other systems and business processes
8.     Need to better manage & communicate with customers, vendors & partners
9.     Need to facilitate the management & reporting of employees & contractors
10.    Business growth being inhibited by existing system or process limitations

How To Identify Opportunities
             • Partner registers opportunity by phone, email, or lead form.
             • CyOp contacts Partner to discuss strategy (if needed)

              • CyOp engages with prospect to qualify opportunity and present value proposition.
              • CyOp performs a FREE Business Process Assessment to gain an understanding of
                customer environment, objectives & requirements and determine the best set of tools to
Qualification   propose to the customer.

             • CyOp conducts “Project Definition Workshop (PDW)” which essentially covers the first two
               phases of the project roadmap and is needed to determine exact costs of the project.
               The PDW is a billable engagement and the deliverables include a Functional Design, Gap
  PDW          Analysis, Data Migration Plan, and Systems Interface Design.

             • Based on results of PDW, CyOp will prepare a detailed proposal with DISCOUNTED
               PARTNER PRICING. Partner determines ultimate price to Customer and CyOp & Partner
               decide on best way to present proposal to Customer.
  Project    • Revenue received over and above Partner pricing are remitted to Partner as Commissions

CyOp Engagement Process
Customer Successes
  Here’s What CyOp Does For It’s Customers
COMPANY PROFILE: 5-Person Skin Care Products Manufacturer (StartUp)

ISSUES: Unable to continue to run business on QuickBooks & Excel and
manage products in multiple warehouses, some of which was perishable with
expiration dates. Needed to be able to manage multiple distributors with
multiple price levels.

SOLUTION: Open Source ERP Implementation

COST: $25,000

RESULTS: Company for the first time could view actual and accurate costing
and inventory values and was able to locate over $20,000 in valued un-received
inventory and identify several products where cost of manufacturing exceeded
distributor sales price, prompting a planned price increase. System enabled
multiple price lists with multiple price list versions, provide real-time inventory
valuations on a per-warehouse basis, and enable them to better manage
perishable inventory.

Success Story - ERP
COMPANY PROFILE: 400-Person Food Products Manufacturer

ISSUES: The company had NO CRM system and all sales reps were working
on disparate PC-based systems with most on Outlook, others using personal
copies of Act or Goldmine. No information was being retained in company
system, no sales forecasting was possible, and information retrieval was
nearly impossible. Wanted a system that could be expanded company-wide
but had limited available budget.

SOLUTION: Open Source CRM Implementation

COST: $8,995

RESULTS: Sales Reps migrated to enterprise system where they had access
to pre-defined email templates, standard & current company documents, and
the tools to better perform their job. What used to be “Sales Rep Data” is now
company data and Executives have insight into sales activity and forecasts.
The system can be easily expanded company-wide with no licensing costs.

Success Story - CRM
COMPANY PROFILE: 80-Person Concrete Products Manufacturer

ISSUES: Was a division of a larger company that was being divested and had
90-days to move off of parent company’s AS/400 based JD Edwards system.
Previous system had been highly customized with large amounts of historical
data requiring migration.

SOLUTION: Open Source ERP & EDI Implementation

COST: $80,000 Initial Project - $150,000+ To Date

RESULTS: Was able to migrate customer to new system in “record” time while
streamlining processes to eliminate need for approximately $60,000 in data
collection devices, reducing shipment times, reducing order times, and
providing customers with better levels of service. Customer is so happy with
results, they continue to use CyOp for ongoing developments & improvements
to the system and, to date, have spent over $150,000 with CyOp.

Success Story – ERP & EDI

To enroll as a CyOp Partner and begin earning
substantial revenues By referring CyOp’s open
source consulting & development services, please
call us today at:

                     (800) 376-9704
Or, complete our Partner Application at:

Getting Started With CyOp

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