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You need to know these terms to fully appreciate the movie. Define each in your own words.
   1. Virus –

          a. Protein Coat –

   2. Incubation Period –

   3. Quarantine –

   4. Toxic Shock –

   5. Biosafety / Biohazard –

   6. Host –

   7. Mutation –

          a. Strain –

   8. Antibodies -

Critical Thinking Questions
   9. The beginning of the movie showed a remote African village that was firebombed and destroyed. Why
      did the army make this decision? Do you feel this decision was justified given the presence of the

   10. The movie shows several biosafety levels in the research area. Each one has different procedures.
       Compare what you happening in the lower biosafety levels with the higher ones.

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11. What characteristics of a bacteria or virus would justify its placement in higher biosafety levels?

12. Why wasn’t Major Salt supposed to remove the helmet of his biohazard suit, even when he was gagging
    and hyperventilating?

13. Diseases like this one cannot spread unless there is a lot of contact between the different hosts that carry
    it. Draw a diagram showing the different forms of contact that occurred between the monkey, the
    smuggler, his girlfriend, the pet store owner, the lab technician at the hospital, and the other people in
    the movie theater.

14. Viruses are not considered living organisms because they cannot reproduce on their own. Explain how
    the virus in this movie reproduced – which cells did it invade?

15. Why was the army called in to the town of Cedar Creek once the virus became airborne? Was the
    gunning down of truck that attempted to escape justified?

16. Operation Clean Sweep would have firebombed the town of Cedar Creek, killing all the citizens. If you
    were part of the meeting discussing the operation and recommendations to the president, given the
    information that was available at the time, would you have objected to this plan or supported it?

17. Why were the dead bodies in the town collected and burned?

18. Why did the experimental serum work on the Rhesus monkey, but not human victims?

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Current Research
  19. Major General McClintock isolated the virus in Zaire and kept it a secret after the village was destroyed.
      He wanted to continue keeping the virus a secret, even as the Motaba disease spread throughout the
      village of Cedar Creek. What was his motivation?

     Smallpox was a deadly virus that was eradicated when a vaccine was developed that prevented people
     from catching it. There are only a few labs left in the world that still have cultures of the virus.

     Read this article from 1993 discussing the postponement of the decision to destroy these cultures.

     Next, read this op-ed from the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services in 2011 about smallpox.

     What justifications are given for preserving these virus cultures?

     What are the possible dangers?

     Do you believe the United States and Russia are making the right choice by maintaining these stocks?
     Justify your answer based on your research and what you learned from the movie.

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