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                            THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT
                                    1948 to the Present

Use the maps on pages 760 and 989 of your textbook, America: Pathways to the Present,
to locate and label the physical and cultural features below on the blank-map provided.

Amman                             Hebron                            Nile River
Dead Sea                          Israel                            Red Sea
Egypt                             Jerusalem                         Saudi Arabia
Elath                             Jordan                            Sinai Peninsula
Gaza Strip                        Jordan River                      Suez Canal
Golan Heights                     Lebanon                           Syria
Gulf of Aqaba                     Mediterranean Sea                 Tel Aviv
Gulf of Suez                      Nablus                            West Bank

Use a marker or a bright colour and trace the borders of Palestine prior to the creation of
the state of Israel. Next, use different colours to identify the following political divisions:
    o Israeli-held territory, 1948
    o Palestinian territory, 1948
    o Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, the West Bank, and the Sinai Peninsula

Be sure to create a legend (key) in the blank-box in the upper-left-hand corner of the
map. Then use your map, a dictionary, the Internet, and your textbook to define the
following terms/concepts and answer the questions:

refugee –

right-of-return –

1. Originally (in 1948), what was the width of the state of Israel at its narrowest point?

2. Originally (in 1948), what was the length of Israel at its greatest extent?

3. What regions were still held by Palestinians after the 1948 war?

4. What is the aerial distance between Tel Aviv, Israel and Amman, Jordan?

5. Why did Israel chuse to occupy and hold the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, the West
   Bank, and the Sinai Peninsula following the Six Day War of 1967? (use the reverse-
   side of this page, if you require additional space.)

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