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(Blank) High School - DOC by E0sMP6M


									                                           Roosevelt High School
Instructor:      Mr. Christian Han                                       World Language Department
Course:          Korean Language I                                       Academic Year 2007-2008

Instructor Information:
            Room 216
            Email
            Office hours M-F (7th & 8th Periods) or by appointments

Text Book:  Seo-Kang Korean I (Korean for Foreigners), Seo-Kang University Korean Center,
            Ha-Woo Publishing, Seoul, South Korea, 2000
Required Materials: pens, pencils, lined paper, notebook, and binder

                                          Course Outline/Syllabus

Course Title and Description
Korean World Language I welcome any students who are interested in learning Korean language and culture.
Emphasis on building reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in Korean with a combination of Korean culture
and customs. It is an innovative world language program utilizing various educational technologies
(videoconferencing, multimedia, CDs, and internet resources.)

Course Purpose
With a learning of basic Korean letters, vocabulary, and grammar, students develop basic communicative skills and
an understanding of Korean culture and custom. Thus, students will be able to enhance their knowledge in Korean
language and culture which help them build educational, career, travel and social experience related to Korea and
other cultures.

Grading Policy
 Homework              10 points

 Class Participation   20 points

 Projects/ Quizzes     20 points

 3 unit exams          10 points each

 Final Exam            20 points

 Total                 100 points

SnapGrades: Check your current grade online.
RHS School Website: Check daily assignments online.
     - Go to Academics  Classes  World Language Department  Korean: Mr. Han

Evaluation and Return of Student Assignments
Class assignments are due on the date provided by the instructor. Students are allowed to make up any work that
they missed due to excused reasons and absences. Each student has a responsibility to make up his/her missed
assignments. Students will lose points of late assignments according to the course policy. Yet, the instructor does
not accept the assignment turned in late more than two weeks. Unexcused reasons and absences will result in “0”
for the assignment.
All work will be graded and returned in a timely fashion.

Late Assignment Acceptance Policy
Late homework will be accepted with penalty. Completion of daily assignments is essential for success in this
class. If a student is absent with a valid excuse, the work will be collected upon their return to school.

Attendance Policy
Cuts and tardiness to the class will not be tolerated. No homework or exam will be accepted or made-up in the
case. Please refer to Roosevelt High School’s policy for excessive cuts and tardiness which could result in
detentions, parent conferences, and suspensions. Also refer to Chicago Public School attendance polity and
grading guide related to student attendance.

Tardy/Disturbance Policy
Mr. Han takes students tardies very seriously. Every student must come to class on time. Tardy/disturbance policy
is as follows:
      5 tardies / disturbances – 30 minutes detention on Wednesday in library
      8 tardies / disturbances – 1 hour detention on Wednesday in library
      10 tardies / disturbances – Parent Conference will be held
      15 and above tardies – will lower a letter grade for the semester
If any student fails to follow the policy, it results in a parent conference.

Course Timeline and Assignment Sheet
Refer to the semester weekly lesson plan.

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:
       Collect, organize, and present Korean language and cultures.
       Apply Korean language to broaden their experience and expand their view of world.
       Use Korean language to develop their intellect and build practical skills (for travel or future job).
       Comprehend how respect for other people via Korean cultures (Asian cultures).

Classroom Rules
       Respect Others (Be kind with your words and actions);
       Be honest, responsible, and reasonable;
       Be on time everyday (Refer to tardy policy);
       Be on the assigned seat;
       No food/drink allowed (except the first 5 minutes);
       No cell phones, cameras, IPod, and any other electric devices allowed;
            o If found, it will be taken away and parents need to pick it up.

Please, read the syllabus carefully. By signing below you read and understand all the terms of this syllabus.

            Print Your Name: _______________________ Signature: __________________________

                Parent’s Name: _______________________              Signature: __________________________

                Phone Number: _______________________               Date:       __________________________

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