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									     The 3rd China-Japan Symposium on

Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications

        Technical Program

             November 13-17 2011

              Xiangtan University

            Xiangtan, Hunan, China
                  Organizing Committee
Congress Chairman:
Yichun Zhou, Xiangtan University

Xi Yao, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Junhao Chu, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese
Academy of Sciences
Qingrui Yin, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Longtu Li, Tsinghua University
Liancheng Zhao, Harbin Institute of Technology
H. L. W. Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
T. Shiosaki, Shibaura Institute of Technology
T. Tsurumi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
S. Wada, University of Yamanashi

Chairman of Organizing Committee:
Jinbin Wang
The Key Laboratory of Low Dimensional Materials & Application
Technology (Xiangtan University), Ministry of Education, 411105
Tel: +86-731-58292199      E-mail:

Vice Chairman of Organizing Committee:
KARAKI Tomoaki
Toyama Prefectural University, Imizu, Toyama 939-0398, Japan
Members of Organizing Committee:
Guorong Li (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Jinsong Zhu (Nanjing University)
Cewen Nan (Tsinghua University)
Haosu Luo (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Jingfeng Li (Tsinghua University)
Wei Ren (Xi’an Jiaotong University)
Shuxiang Dong (Peking University)
Yongxiang Li (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of
Haoshuang Gu (Hubei University)
Jianguo Zhu (Sichuan University)
Junming Liu (Nanjing University)
Chunlei Wang (Shandong University)
Zhanjie Wang (Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Xuejun Zheng (Xiangtan University)
Xiangjian Meng (Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese
Academy of Sciences)
Jiwei Zhai (Tongji University)
Minghua Tang (Xiangtan University)
Daining Fang (Peking University)
Jiangyu Li (Xiangtan University)
Xiangming Chen (Zhejiang University)
Zhuo Xu (Xi’an Jiaotong University)
                          Conference Schedule
 Date          Time                    Content                           Address
                                                            Hall of Guliju International Hotel
             9:00-23:00       Conference Registration
                                                            (first floor)
                                                            Chinese dining room of the hotel
            17:30-19:00                Supper
                                                            (first floor)
                                                            Chinese dining room of the hotel
             7:00-8:30            Breakfast (Buffet)
                                                            (first floor)
                                                            Bowenboguan Hall of Guliju
             8:30-9:05           Opening Ceremony
                                                            Hotel (third floor)
                                                            Hall of Guliju International Hotel
             9:05-9:20              Group Photo
                                                            (first floor)
                                                            Bowen Hall and Boguan Hall
 11.14       9:20-12:00           Oral Presentation
                                                            (third floor)
                                                            Western dining hall of the hotel
            12:00-13:00            Lunch (Buffet)
                                                            (second floor)
                                                            Bowen Hall and Boguan Hall
            13:30-17:30           Oral Presentation
                                                            (third floor)
            17:30-19:00           Supper (Banquet)          Bowenboguan Hall (third floor)
                                                            Chinese dining room of the hotel
             7:00-8:30            Breakfast (Buffet)
                                                            (first floor)
                                                            Bowen Hall and Boguan Hall
             8:30-12:00           Oral Presentation
                                                            (third floor)
                                                            Western dining hall of the hotel
            12:00-13:00            Lunch (Buffet)
                                                            (second floor)
                                                            Bowen Hall and Boguan Hall
            13:30-15:00           Oral Presentation
                                                            (third floor)
                                                            Boya Hall of Guligu International
             9:30-11:30          Poster Presentation
                                                            Hotel (third floor)
                                                            Key Laboratory of Low
 11.16                                                      Dimensional Materials and
            14:30-17:00               Lab Tour              Application Technology of
                                                            Ministry of Education, Xiangtan
                               Organizing Committee
 11.17       9:00-11:00                                     Wulingyuan Hotel in Zhangjiajie
Note: The Tea Room and Lounge are at Boya Hall on third floor.
Conference Guide……………………………………………………………1

Traffic Guide………………………………………………………………5

General Map of Xiangtan University………………………………………7

Schedule of Opening Ceremony and Group Photo…………………………8

Synopsis of Oral Session

Session A……………………………………………………………………9

Session B…………………………………………………………………12

Subjective Activities and Conference Related

Poster Session………………………………………………………………15

Tour to Low Dimensional Materials Laboratory of Xiangtan University…17

China-Japan FMA Organizing Committee Meeting………………………18
                           Conference Guide
1. Conference Registration
     Please go to the hall of Guliju International Hotel on the first floor for registration

 on November 13th during 9:00-23:00. The representatives who arrive after that period

 can contact with the organization group of the meeting. On the registering day

 (Nov.13th), the supper will be held in the Chinese dining room of Guliju International

 Hotel on the first floor during 17:30-19:00.

2. Meeting places Arrangements
     All of the meeting places on November 14th and 15th will be at Gujuli

 International Hotel. The opening ceremony will be held at Bowenboguan Hall of the

 hotel on the third floor on the morning of November 14th. The Oral Presentation on

 November 14th and 15th will be held at Bowen Hall and Boguan Hall,respectively.

 Other activities are shown on the schedule.

3. Subjective Activities and Conference Related

(1)Poster Presentation
     9:00-11:30 am on Nov.16th           Boya Hall of Guligu International Hotel on the

 third floor

(2)Lab Tour
     14:30-17:00 pm on Nov.16th           Key Laboratory of Low Dimensional Materials

 and Application Technology of Ministry of Education, Xiangtan University

(3)China-Japan FMA Organizing Committee Meeting
     9:00-11:00 am on Nov. 17th         Wulingyuan Hotel in Zhangjiangjie

4. Reports Preparing

   The representatives of each meetinghouse who will make reports should pay attention

to the detailed schedule of your meetinghouses and make sure your own reporting times.

There is multi medium at each meetinghouse, please take your Mobile HDDs, U drives,

or Lap-tops which carry your reporting contents. Please come in advance and transfer the

documents to the specialized computer during the rest.

5. Conference Poster Pasting

   Please prepare to paste posters according to the pasting size (90cm*147cm). And

paste the posters according to the requirements on the morning of November 14th, the

posters will be kept during the conference time. It is the discussing time during

9:00-11:30 am on Nov.16th, the pasters should be present to introduce their works.

6. Conference Dining

   The representatives dine at the specified place by the representatives’ card. The dining

places from November 13th to 15th are all at Guliju International Hotel. The dining places

of the supper of 13th and the breakfasts of 14th and 15th are at the Chinese dining room of

the hotel on the first floor. The lunches of 14th and 15th are at the western dining hall of

the hotel on the second floor. The supper of 14th (banquet) will be held at the

Bowenboguan Hall on the third floor.

The dining time:

Breakfast:   7:00-8:30;

Lunch:   12:00-13:00;

Supper: 17:30-19:00.

7. Accommodation

The booked hotel of the conference is Guliju International Hotel

The contact numbers:

Telephone number:      Fixed-line telephone: 0731-52655555

                       Qiuyu Jiang (蒋秋玉): 13789315993

Address: No.99, Shuangyong Road, High and New Technology Industrial Development

Zone Xiangtan Hunan China

  The detailed information of the hotel is showed in the schematic of the accommodating


                                              Guliju International Hotel

8. Ticket business
     You can book the return ticket through the Guliju International Hotel.

9. Medical services
    If any representative feels unwell, he can go to Xiangtan Central Hospital or the
  People’s Hospital of Yuetang district.

10. Tour
    The organization group has arranged a trip to Zhangjiajie, if you want to take part in
  the trip, you can contact with the organization group.

11. About network
    Wired network is available in the meeting place and tea room, representatives can
  surf the Internet via a laptop.

12. Other informations
    The meeting address: Guliju International Hotel, Xiangtan city (NO. 99,
  Shuangyong road , Gaoxin Kaifa district, Xiangtan city)

    The meeting website:


   Please consciously abide by the meeting disciplines, and attend the meeting and other
activities on time. Take good care of your representative badge, meeting files and other
materials. Wear the representative badge when you enter or exit the meeting place. The
person who wear the China-Japan FMA-3 work permit are volunteers of the meeting, if
you have any question, you can consult them, they will serve you wholeheartedly.

                                 Traffic guide

A. If you arrive at Changsha Airport
    We will arrange buses (9:30-22:00 Nov.13th) to pick you up from the Changsha
Airport. Please pay attention to the picking up cards signed “The 3rd China-Japan
Symposium on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications (CJFMA3)” when you
arrive at the airport. And after the conference, there are also buses sending you back to
the airport.

    If you don’t arrive at the airport during the picking up time, there are three ways to
get to Guliju International Hotel.

a. Take a bus from Changsha Airport to Xiangtan Civil Aviation Ticket Office(No. 28
  Hedong road, Meijichang,40RMB per person;河东大道煤机厂,28号门面,40 元/
  人),The bus runs 3 trips a day.( the 1st trip: 10:30; the 2nd trip: 14:30; the 3rd trip:
  16:30). Then take a taxi to Guliju International Hotel.

b. Take the airport shuttle bus to Changsha Railway Station, walk about 5 minutes to
  Changzhutan Bus Station (which is opposite to the Railway Station) and take the
  long-distance bus to Xiangtan Bus Station(22RMB per person), then take a taxi to
  Guliju International Hotel.

c. Take a taxi directly from the airport to Guliju International Hotel(about 200 RMB).

B. If you arrive at Changsha Railway Station
a. Walk about 5 minutes to Changzhutan Bus Station and take the long-distanse bus to
  Xiangtan Bus Station(22RMB per person) then take a taxi to the Guliju International

b. Take a taxi directly from the railway station to Guliju International Hotel(about 150

C. If you arrive at Zhuzhou Railway Station
a. Take long-distance bus just outside the Zhuzhou railway station to Xiangtan Bus
  Station(15RMB per person), then take a taxi to the Guliju International Hotel.

b. Take a taxi directly from the railway station to Guliju International Hotel(about 100

General Map of Xiangtan University:

         Opening Ceremony and Group Photo

8:30 am Nov.14th                  Bowenboguan Hall of Guliju Hotel (3rd floor)

 8:30-9:05                                Opening Ceremony

 9:05-9:20         Group Photo   (Hall of Guliju International Hotel on the first floor)

                               Oral Session A
                                        Bowen Hall
                                        am Nov.14th
Chair                                     Xiangjian Meng (孟祥建)
Time          NO.    Speaker(Affiliation)                              Title
                    Tadashi Shiosaki
                                               High kt piezocomposites made of a porous
                    (盐崎 忠, Shibaura
 9:20-9:50    A01                              polymer resin and piezoelectric single
                    Institute of
                    Technology)                crystals
                    Guorong Li (李国荣,
                    Shanghai Institute of      Piezoelectric-Electrostriction Energy Harvesting
 9:50-10:20   A02
                    Ceramics, Chinese          in the base excitation Mode
                    Academy of Sciences)
                    Jiwei Zhai (翟继卫,           Fabrication and electric properties of (h00)-textured
10:20-10:40   A03
                    Tongji University)         lead free piezoelectric thick film
                    Mingrong Shen (沈明          High-Efficiency Ferroelectric-Film Solar Cells with
10:40-11:00   A04
                    荣, Suzhou University)      an n-type Cu2O Cathode Buffer Layer
                    Dinghua Bao (包定华,          Structure     and      Properties    of     Pr-doped
11:00-11:20   A05   Sun Yat-Sen                (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-Based Ferroelectric Thin Films via
                    University)                Chemical Solution Deposition
                    Zhaoxian Xiong (熊兆
11:20-11:40   A06                              Preparation and Properties of Ferroelectric BaTiO3
                    贤, Xiamen University )
                    Xingui Tang (唐新桂,          Effect of grain size on dielectric relaxation and
11:40-12:00   A07   Guangdong University       magnetization    in    co-precipitation    derived
                    of tecnology)              (Ni, Zn)Fe2O4 ceramics
                                        pm Nov.14th
Chair                                    Tadashi Shiosaki (盐崎 忠)
Time          NO.    Speaker(Affiliation)                           Title
                    Junming Liu (刘俊明, Spiral spin order induced ferroelectricity in
13:30-14:00   A08
                    Nanjing University )     various type-II multiferroics
                    Xiangjian Meng (孟
                    祥建, Shanghai Institute     Uncooled infrared detectors based on ferroelectric
14:00-14:20   A09
                    of Technical Physics,      polymers
                    Chinese Academy of
                    Xiangyang Kong (孔向
                                               Ferroelectric LiNbO3 nanocrystals for photovoltaic
14:20-14:40   A10   阳, Shanghai Jiaotong       devices
                    University )
                                               Deposition of epitaxial BaTiO3/SrRuO3 bilayers
                    Di Wu (吴迪, Nanjing
14:40-15:00   A11                              and       tunneling       electroresistance         of
                    University)                Pt/BaTiO3/SrRuO3 ferroelectric tunnel junctions
                    Jihua Zhang(张继华,           Study on dielectric nonlinearity of ferroelectric thin
15:00-15:20   A12
                    University of Electronic   films materials

                    Science and Technology
                    of China)
                    Shantao Zhang (张善        Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-K0.5Na0.5NbO3-based
15:20-15:40   A13
                    涛, Nanjing niversity)    lead-free ceramics and thin films
                                    15:40-15:55 Break
Chair                                       Jiwei Zhai (翟继卫)
                    Jingfeng Li ( 李 敬 锋 , Development of Microscale 1-3 Type Lead-free
15:55-16:25   A14
                    Tsinghua University)     Piezoelectric Composites
                    Yu Wang (王雨 , The Lattice engineering effects in perovskite-type
16:25-16:45   A15   Hong Kong Polytechnic ferroelectric thin films observed along in-plane
                    University)              directions
                    Desheng Fu ( 符 德 胜 ,
                                             Enhancing Ferroelectric Tc by Frozen Negative
16:45-17:05   A16   Shizuoka University , Pressure Effect
                    Bao-Wen Li (李宝文,
                    National Institute for Solution-based        Fabrication     of   Perovskite
17:05-17:25   A17
                    Materials      Science,  Superlattices Using Nanosheet Deposition Process
                                             Impact of HfTaO Buffer Layer on Data Retention
                    Minghua Tang (唐明华,
17:25-17:45   A18                            Characteristics of Ferroelectric-Gate FET for
                    Xiangtan University )    Nonvolatile Memory Applications
                                        am Nov.15th
Chair                                     Mingrong Shen (沈明荣)
Time          NO.    Speaker(Affiliation)                            Title
                   Zuo-Guang Ye (叶作           DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE
 8:30-9:00    A19 光, Simon Fraser             PIEZO-/FERROELECTRIC SINGLE
                   University,Canada)         CRYSTALS
                   Zhuo Xu (徐卓, Xi’an
 9:00-9:30    A20                             Recent progress of PIN-PMN-PT crystals
                   Jiaotong University )
                   Shujun Zhang
                                              Evaluation of PIN-PMN-PT Crystals for Various
 9:30-9:50    A21 (张树君, Pennsylvania
                   State University)
                   Shan Bai (白杉,
                                              Study of Hydrothermal Synthesis of Plate-like
9:50-10:10    A22 Toyama Prefectural
                                              Potassium Sodium Niobate Particles
                                     10:10-10:25 Break
Chair         Dinghua Bao (包定华)
                   Masatoshi Adachi           Physical Acoustic Properties of
                   (安达 正利, Toyama             La3Ta0.5Ga5.3Al0.2O14 Single Crystals, and Their
10:25-10:55   A23
                   Prefectural                High Temperature Applications for Pressure
                   University)                Sensors
                    Rui Zhang ( 张 锐 ,         Characterization and SAW Propagation Properties
10:55-11:15   A24   Harbin Institute of       of Relaxor-based Ferroelectric Binary and Ternary
                    Technology)               Single Crystals
                    Guobao Li ( 李 国 宝 ,       Magnetic   structures     and     properties   of
11:15-11:35   A25
                    Peking University)        Tb1-xMnyMnO3
                                        pm Nov.15th

Chair                                      Di Wu (吴迪)
Time          NO.    Speaker(Affiliation)                      Title
                    Shuxiang Dong (董蜀 Progress in piezoelectric micromotors and
13:30-14:00   A26
                    湘, Peking University) magnetoelectric actuators
                    Kotaro Takeda (武田
                                           Analysis in the        frequency   dependence   of
14:00-14:20   A27   浩太郎, Tokyo Institute   electro-optic effect
                    of Technology)
                    Satoshi Wada (和田       Enhanced piezoelectric properties of BT ‒ KN
14:20-14:40   A28   聪, University of       nano-structured ceramics by artificial morphotropic
                    Yamanashi)             phase boundary structure

                                 Oral Session B
                                         Boguan Hall
                                          am Nov.14th
 Chair                                          Desheng Fu (符德胜)
 Time         NO.   Speaker(Affiliation)          Title
                    Daining Fang (方岱宁,
 9:20-9:50    B01                                Fracture mechanics of ferroelectrics
                    Peking University)
                    Tomoaki Karaki (唐木
                                                 Preparation of Tungsten-Bronze           Potassium
9:50-10:20    B02   智明, Toyama                   Lithium Niobate Thin Films
                    Prefectural University)
                    Shinichiro Kawada (川田
                                                 Fabrication of Nickel Inner Electrode Multilayer
10:20-10:40   B03   慎一郎, Murata                  Piezoelectric Ceramics
                    Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
                                                 Influences of TiO2 raw materials and ceramic
                    Jialiang Zhang (张家良,
10:40-11:00   B04                                processing on physical properties of BaTiO3
                    Shandong University)
                                                 ceramics prepared through solid-state reaction route
                    Dou Zhang (张斗,               Barium Strontium Titanate Thick Film Phase
11:00-11:20   B05
                    Central South University)    Shifters for Microwave Applications
                    Jun Ouyang (欧阳俊,             Shear piezoelectric coefficient f d 3τ ,of a
11:20-11:40   B06
                    Shandong University)         constrained film and a potential application
                    Jie Wang (王杰,                Phase field study of polarization vortex in
11:40-12:00   B07
                    Zhejiang University)         ferroelectric nanostructures
                                          pm Nov.14th
 Chair                                         Yichun Zhou (周益春)
 Time         NO.   Speaker(Affiliation)    Title
                    Jianguo Zhu (朱 建国 ,     Effects of A-site vacancies on
13:30-14:00   B08
                    Sichuan University)     Na0.25K0.25Bi4.5Ti4O15 Aurivillius phase ceramics
                    Jianguo Chen (陈建国,      A high-temperature piezoelectric multilayer
14:00-14:20   B09
                    Peking University)      actuator base on BiScO3-PbTiO3 ceramics
                    Laijun Liu (刘来君,        Crystal structure, dielectric, piezoelectric and
14:20-14:40   B10   Guilin University of    ferroelectric     properties     of    (1-x)BaTiO3-
                    science and technology) x(0.4BaZrO3-0.6CaTiO3) ceramics
                    Kiyoshi Kanie (蟹江 澄     Hydrothermal Synthesis of KNN Fine Particles
14:40-15:00   B11   志, IMRAM, Tohoku        Using     Niobium       Pentachloride   and    their
                    University)             Piezoelectric Properties
                    Jintao Huang (黄锦涛,      Producing Ceramic Nanoparticles
15:00-15:20   B12
                    Xiamen TDK, Co., Ltd.)  in Supercritical State of Mixing Solvents
                                            Focused surface acoustic wave mixing in
                    Shishang Guo (国世上,
15:20-15:40   B13                           microfluidic channel on piezoelectric LiNbO3
                    Wuhan University)       substrate
                                   15:40-15:55 Break

 Chair                                         Dou Zhang (张斗)
                    Sergey Vakhrushev
                    (瓦赫鲁舍夫 谢尔盖,
                                                Neutron and X-ray           scattering    study   of
15:55-16:25   B14   Neutron       research      Li0.02(K0.5Na0.5)0.98NbO3
                    laboratory A. F. Ioffe
                                                The modulation of retention properties for
                    Yichun Zhou ( 周 益 春 ,
16:25-16:45   B15                               Ferroelectric-Gate Field-Effect Transistor using
                    Xiangtan University )       strain engineering
                    Kongjun Zhu ( 朱 孔 军 ,       Synthesis     of   (K,Na)(Nb,Ta)O3      Lead-free
                    Nanjing University of       Piezoelectric Ceramic Powders by High
16:45-17:05   B16
                    Aeronautics       and       Temperature Mixing Method under Hydrothermal
                    Astronautics                Conditions
                    Gujin Hu ( 胡 古 今 ,
                    Shanghai Institute of       Ferroelectric-based Optical Microcavities Derived
17:05-17:25   B17   Technical      Physics,     from One Single Chemical Solution
                    Chinese Academy of
                                                Propagation of stacking faults and accommodation
                    Chaojing Lu (卢朝靖,
17:25-17:45   B18                               of lattice misfit in an epitaxial Ba0.3Sr0.7TiO3 thin
                    Qingdao University)
                                                films grown on (001)LaAlO3
                                           am Nov.15th
 Chair                                      Zhanjie Wang (王占杰)
 Time         NO.   Speaker(Affiliation)        Title
                    LaiWa Chan-Wong (陈 Ultrasound Transducers Fabricated Using
 8:30-9:00    B19   王丽华, The Hong Kong NBT-BT Single Crystal and NBT-BT/Epoxy 1-3
                    Polytechnic University) Composite
                    Haosu Luo ( 罗 豪 甦 ,
 9:00-9:30    B20   Shanghai Institute of Novel pyroelectric materials and their practical
                    Ceramics,        Chinese application on infrared detectors
                    Academy of Sciences)
                    Xue Feng (冯雪,               Stretchable and Flexible Ferroelectrics: Fabrication,
 9:30-9:50    B21
                    Tshinghua University)       Characterization and Theory
                    Ryu Ohta (太田 龙,
                    Graduate School of Pure     Ferroelectric phase transition of KNT by broadband
9:50-10:10    B22
                    and Applied Sciences,       light scattering
                    University of Tsukuba)
                                      10:10-10:25 Break
 Chair                                       Jinbin Wang (王金斌)
                    Haoshuang Gu (顾豪爽, Synthesis and Perspective of 1-Dimensional
10:25-10:55   B23
                    Hubei University )          Ferroelectric Oxide Nanomaterials
                    Jaehyuk Park (朴 载赫,         Development        of     Highly      Transparent
10:55-11:15   B24   National Institute of       Metal-Ferroelectric Nanocomposite Systems by
                    Advanced Industrial)        Aerosol Deposition
                                                TEM study of crystal symmetry and domain
                    Wanneng Ye ( 叶 万 能 ,
11:15-11:35   B25                               structure in Bi3.5Nd0.5Ti3O12 ferroelectric single
                    Qingdao University)         crystals
                                           pm Nov.15th

 Chair                                         Guorong Li (李国荣)
 Time         NO.   Speaker(Affiliation)        Title
                    Masaki Yamaguchi
                                                Influence of Ferroelectric Film Properties by
13:30-14:00   B26   (山口 正树, Shibaura
                                                Proton Beam Irradiation Density
                    Institute of Technology)
                    Jinbin Wang ( 王 金 斌 ,       Electrocaloric effect in low dimensional
14:00-14:20   B27
                    Xiangtan University)        ferroelectrics
                    Feng Yang (杨锋, Jinan        Modeling of strain effects on the device behaviors
14:20-14:40   B28
                    University)                 of ferroelectric memory field-effect transistors

                                 Poster Session
Time:9:00 - 11:30 am Nov.16th
Address:Boya Hall of Guligu International Hotel on the third floor

       Jiangyu Li ( 李 江 宇 ,      Space charges and size effects in semiconducting ferroelectric
       Xiangtan University)      superlattices
       Kunyu Zhao (赵坤宇,
       Shanghai Instit.ute of    Research on dynamic response of ferroelectric domains induced
       Ceramics, Chinese         by eternal electric field
       Academy of Sciences)
       Qiuxiang Liu ( 刘 秋 香 ,
                                 Magnetic and electrical properties of Bi3.4Nd0.6Ti3O12 thin films
N03    Guangdong University of   sputtered in different atmosphere
       Xiangli Zhong (钟向丽,       Thermally activated polarization dynamics under the effects of
       Xiangtan University)      lattice mismatch strain and external stress in ferroelectric film
       Ying Ma (马颖, Xiangtan
N05                              Radiation effect of Bi3.15Nd0.85Ti3O12 ferroelectric thin films
       Shuhong Xie (谢淑红,         Multiferroic CoFe2O4-Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 core-shell nanofibers
       Xiangtan University)      and their magnetoelectric coupling
       Yunya Liu (刘运牙,           Phase structures and properties modulated by misfit strain in
       Xiangtan University)      ferroelectric thin films
       Wei Zhang (张伟,            Epitaxial polydomain BaTiO3 ferroelectric films prepared by a
       Shandong University)      RF magnetron sputtering deposition process
       Shaogong Ju ( 鞠 少 功 ,
N09    Guangdong University      Dielectric and pyroelectric properties of BCZT system ceramics
       of tecnology)
       Yongguang Xiao ( 肖 永      The influence of field-dependent permittivity and carrier
N10                              mobility on space-charge-limited leakage current characteristics
       光, Xiangtan University)   in high dielectric constant and ferroelectric thin films
       Hui Dong (董辉,             The dielectric relaxation behavior of (Na0.82K0.18)0.5Bi0.5TiO3
       Xiangtan University)      ferroelectric thin film
                                 Insulating and electrode layers effect on the performances of
       Shutao Peng (彭书涛,
N12                              micro-cantilevered piezo-actuator based on multi-degree of
       Xiangtan University)      freedom model
       Caibing Ma ( 马 才 兵 ,
N13    Guangdong University      Electric properties of multiferroic heterostructure thin films
       of tecnology)

      Yingwei Li (李应卫,         Recent progress in experimental study on the deformation and
      Peking University)       fracture of ferroelectric single crystals/ceramics
      Liang Zhou (周良,          A model for the energy harvesting performance of shear mode
      Xiangtan University)     piezoelectric cantilever
      Shutao Song (宋书涛,        Determination of the engineer constants based on the theory of
      Xiangtan University)     axisymmetric indentation for piezoelectric thin films
                               Investigation of electrical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3
      Limin Kang (康立敏,
N17                            multiferroic thin films prepared by high temperature magnetron
      Shandong University)     sputtering
      Hao Zhou (周浩, Peking     Flexoelectric Effect on Polarization Behavior of Ferroelectric
      University)              Thin Films: Thermodynamic Theory
      Dadong Jiang (蒋大洞,       An orientation average method to evaluate residual stress in
      Xiangtan University)     polycrystalline ferroelectric thin films
      Jihe Zhao (赵吉鹤,          Shear Mode PZT-5A Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Based on
      Xiangtan University)     Series Connection Structure
      Meiling Yuan (袁美玲,       Preparation of BaTiO3 thin films by magnetron sputtering below
      Shandong University)     500 ℃and their ferroelectric properties
      Zhao Wang (王钊, Hubei     Synthesis of K0.5Na0.5NbO3 1D-nanostructures and their
      University)              electromechanical conversion properties
      Fei Li (李飞, Xi’an        Temperature Independent Shear Piezoelectric Response of
      Jiaotong University )    Relaxor -PT Crystals
      Si Zhang (张思, Xiangtan
N24                            Effect of strain on defects and polarization of BaTiO3
      Kai Pan (潘锴, Xiangtan    Correlation between the effective and intrinsic piezoelectric
      University)              coefficients in piezoresponse force microscopy
      Yi Zhang (张溢,            Temperature dependence of polarization switching properties of
      Xiangtan University)     Bi3.15Nd0.85Ti3O12 ferroelectric thin film
      Fang Wang (王芳,
N27                            Preparation and characterization of Bi4Ti3O12 nanostructures
      Xiangtan University)
      Qiong Yang (杨琼,          Suppression of ferroelectric fatigue in tetragonal PTO introduced
      Xiangtan University)     by oxygen vacancies through misfit strain
      Kun Huang (黄昆,           Significant polarization variation near room temperature of
      Xiangtan University)     Ba0.65Sr0.35TiO3 thin films for pyroelectric energy harvesting
      Bolu Liu (刘伯路,           The improvement of electrocaloric in Barium strontium titanate
      Xiangtan University)     compositional graded film
      Zhihui Chen ( 陈 志 辉 ,    Investigation about Resistive Random Access Memory in
      Fudan University)        ferroelectric semiconductor thin film
      Wenyuan Hui (惠 文渊 ,      Investigation of high temperature hydrogen annealing induced
      Fudan University)        degradation in Pb(Zr1-xTix)O3 ferroelectric thin film capacitors
      Qiuhong Tan (谭秋红,        Impact of ZnO Polarization on the Characteristics of
      Xiangtan University)     Metal–Ferroelectric–ZnO Field Effect Transistor
      Xilin Wang (王曦林,         Phase field simulation of ferroelectric hysteresis anomalies due
      Xiangtan University)     to space charge distributions
                               The effect of non-ferroelectric capacitive layers on domain
      Xiaobin Liu (刘骁兵,
N35                            switching speed and coercive voltage in P(VDF-TrFE)
      Fudan University)        copolymer thin film

       Zhonghua Zhang (张中        Retention loss in the ferroelectric (SrBi2Ta2O9) - insulator
N36                              (HfO2)-silicon structure studied by piezoresponse force
       华, Xiangtan University)   microscopy
                                 Effects of SrTiO3 buffer layer on electrical properties of
       Hao Peng (彭浩,
N37                              Bi3.15Nd0.85Ti3O12 thin films prepared by a chemical solution
       Xiangtan University)      deposition method
                                 Characterization of the interface adhesion of elastic–plastic thin
       Limei Jiang (蒋丽梅,
N38                              film/rigid substrate systems using a pressurized blister test
       Xiangtan University)      numerical model

                                    Lab Tour

Time:14:30 - 17:00 pm Nov.16th

Address:Key Laboratory of Low Dimensional Materials and Application Technology of

Ministry of Education, Xiangtan University

Welcome to Xiangtan University to visit and direct us!

     China-Japan FMA Organizing Committee
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am Nov.17th
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