Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program by E0sMP6M


									                                                                                                         Module 2, page 4

Resource #10:
To alleviate applicant anxiety, you may consider sharing some of the questions ahead of time so
potential applicants feel they have some time to prepare for the interview. Perhaps save
questions 3, 4, 7 and 8 until the scheduled interview.

      1.   Tell me about your current role and history with our organization.

      2.   Why is it important to you to be a direct care professional? What do you find fulfilling about the

      3.   What kind of experience have you had in direct care before coming to our organization? Have
           you ever been a mentor in the past?

      4.   Why do you want to become a mentor?

      5.   Why do you think you would be a good peer mentor for other direct care staff?

      6.   Think back to your first days in direct care or on the job in our organization. What kinds of
           needs did you have and what could have been done to make that a more satisfying experience
           for you?

      7.   Give me the first name of three clients who have had an impact on your during your career.

      8.   What do you think you would be able to do as a mentor to help us keep good employees in
           direct care? What do people (friends, co-workers, family, and clients) say you do well? Are
           they qualities that help you in mentoring other staff?

      9.   How do you handle challenges? Give an example of how would you handle conflict with a co-
           worker or someone you are mentoring.

      10. What does empowering others mean to you? How have you helped to empower another
          person or group in the past? Any example outside or inside the workplace is fine.

      11. What do you understand your role and responsibilities would be as a new Direct Care
          Professional Peer Mentor for our organization?

      12. How do you think a Peer Mentor Program will benefit:
           a. You?
           b. Those you mentor?
           c. Those we serve?
           d. Our organization overall?

If you use a scoring system for your selection process, record your score for the interview:

   Points Possible __________ Points Awarded __________Date _____________

   Signature of Interviewer_____________________________________________

     You may edit or change this document to meet your needs, but please give credit to the Iowa CareGivers Association.

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