Quality Assurance by MAUUT0


									Quality Assuring the Scottish
  Inter-disciplinary Project
       Matthew McCullagh
        Quality Manager
 Collaborative approach to quality assurance of the
  Baccalaureate IPs.

 IPs are internally assessed, graded and quality assured
  by centres and their partners.

 Grading decisions are then externally verified by SQA
  External Verifiers (EVs).

 An important feature of this external verification process
  is dialogue between centre representatives and EVs
  during a Quality Forum event.
Overview of Quality Assurance
The following stages are involved in the quality
  assurance of the IP:

 Internal quality assurance by centres

 The Quality Forum event

 The Central Verification event

 Post-central verification procedures
Internal Quality Assurance by Centres
The purpose of internal quality assurance is to ensure, as
  far as possible, that:
 all those involved in delivering and assessing the IP in
  your centre develop a common and appropriate
  understanding of the national standards.
 the templates and candidate guidance are capable of
  generating sufficient evidence
 all those involved in assessing the IP in your centre have
  made grading decisions for all candidates in line with the
  national standard.
Internal Quality Assurance Models

Effective internal quality assurance model will normally
   involve the following:

 a standardisation process

 verification of the templates and candidate guidance you
  are going to use with candidates

 verification of internal assessment decisions
The Quality Forum event

The purpose of the Quality Forum is to give your centre’s
  representative opportunities to:
 outline assessment and internal quality assurance
  processes used in your centre, and learn about those
  used in other centres.
 develop their understanding of the national standards of
  competence for the IP share examples of good practice,
  and alternative approaches to the delivery and
  development of the IP.
Preparation for the Quality Forum event
  Your centre representative will need to gather the five
  pieces of mandatory evidence for each candidate
 the candidate's project proposal
 the candidate's project plan
 the assessor's record of the candidate's presentation of
  his/her project findings/product.
 the candidate's evaluation of the project
 the candidate's evaluation of his/her generic and
  cognitive skills development.

 plus the checklist
  along with the associated assessor comments.
The Quality Forum Event - Roles
The role of your centre representative is to:
 bring the mandatory evidence for all candidates who
  have been identified for sampling to the event, along with
  related assessor comments.
 outline the internal IP assessment and quality assurance
  processes used in your centre.
 participate in a peer review of a small selection of
  candidate evidence from other centres
 feedback to all colleagues in your centre following the
The Quality Forum Event - Roles
The role of the EV is to:
 record information about each centre’s internal quality
  assurance processes
 assist centre representatives during the peer review
 identify examples of good practice in the assessment of
  generic and cognitive skills, and/or internal quality
 support centre representatives in developing their
  understanding of the national standard of competence
  for the IP
The Quality Forum Event - Roles
The role of the QEM
 The role of the QEM is to chair the event.
 They will ensure that:
 the forum starts and finishes on time, following the stated
 all participants are clear about their roles and the stages
  of the event
 all centre representatives have an equal opportunity to
  provide information and discuss evidence in relation to
  their candidates’ IPs
 the event is conducted in a supportive and professional
  manner throughout.
The Quality Forum Event - Format
The Quality Forum will be a half-day event with a fixed

09.30 Registration and tea/coffee
10.00 Welcome and introductions
10.05 Outline of internal assessment and quality
      assurance processes by centre reps
11.15 Peer review session
12.25 Sharing good practice
12.55 Next stages in IP quality assurance process
13.00 Close
What Happens after the Quality Forum?

The purposes of post-Quality Forum procedures
  are to:
 externally verify centre grading decisions at a
  central verification event – Central Verification
 inform centres of the results of external
  verification – Central Verification Reports
 ensure all outstanding issues are fully resolved
  to allow certification to take place on time.
Possible Outcomes of External
  There are three possible outcomes of IP
  external verification. These are:
 Accepted

 Advised to Review Assessment Decision/s

 Not Accepted
Key Dates and Timings
 26th March - confirmation of date and venue
                       Quality Forum
 9th April   - confirmation of candidate sample
 12-13th May - Quality Forum events
 14-15th May - Central verification event
 19th May    - EV reports received by centres
 4th June    - All outstanding issues resolved
A Final Note……….

SQA will value feedback from all centres involved
 in delivering and assessing the IP. At the end of
 the quality assurance process you will be asked
 to send feedback on you and your centre’s
 experiences this year. However, feedback from
 centres is also welcome at any stage in the
 processes and will be used to inform evaluation
 of the IP, its assessment and quality assurance
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