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					                                                                                          TENTATIVE DAILY PROGRAMME SCHED
ROOMS                                               1                                 2                             3
Day 1-- Oct 4, 2012
08.00am - 09.30am
1A 9.30am - 10.10am    1A1 Inauguration
1B 10.10am - 10.40am   1B1 Keynote Address by A.K Sinha (University of Delhi) India
10.40am - 11.00am
1Ca.                   1Ca1                             1Ca2                              1Ca3

                       Salmah Binti Hj. Abdul      Choi Yeon Hee                          Anchalee Chayanuvat
                       Rahman                      (094)                                  (044)*
                       (925) *                     University English                     Dreaming a Possible
                       Process Writing Technique - Education for North                    Dream: Getting Thai
11.00 am-11.20am       A Tool in Improving         Korean Defectors in South              Students to Speak in
                       Writing Skill to            Korea                                  English in a Public Speaking
                       Matriculation Students                                             Class


1Cb                    1Cb1                             1Cb2                              1Cb3

                       Affidah Binti Morni (008)*       Margaret M. Lo (395)              Poorvadevi (1063)
                       Aiza Binti Johari (009)*         New literacies in English         R.Nandhini (1158)
                       Reading Attitudes of             language education in             Issues in English Language
11.20am - 11.40am      Students' of Higher              Hong Kong primary                 Testing – through the
                       Learning                         schools: Enacting policies,       ‘Indian’ looking glass
                                                        negotiating discourses

11.40am - 11.50am                                                                                                                  Tea/Coffee
1D 11.50am - 12.30pm   1D1 Plenary No.1:                           Catherine Walter (University of Oxford, UK and Chair of the British Council's
12.30pm - 13.30pm                                                                                                                      Lunch Br
1E 13.30pm - 14.10pm   1E1 Plenary No.2:                          N S Prabhu (India): Rethinking the role of practice
14.10pm - 14.20pm                                                                                                                         Break
1Fa.                   1Fa1/1Fb1.                       1Fa2/1Fb2.                  1Fa3/ 1Fb3
                       (Colloquium)                      (Colloquium)               (Colloquium)
                       Adam Edmett (005)*               Luxin Yang (372)*            Veronika Moiseenko
                        Online Professional             Hao Xu (373)                (673)*
                       Development: The slow                                        Using Learner-Created
14.20pm - 14.40pm      fuse of a digital learning                                   Materials in an EFL
                       revolution                                                   Classroom
                    1Fa1/1Fb1.                   1Fa2/1Fb2.                   1Fa3/ 1Fb3
                    (Colloquium)                  (Colloquium)                (Colloquium)
                    Adam Edmett (005)*           Luxin Yang (372)*             Veronika Moiseenko
                     Online Professional         Hao Xu (373)                 (673)*
                    Development: The slow                                     Using Learner-Created
                    fuse of a digital learning                                Materials in an EFL
                    revolution                                                Classroom

14.40pm - 15.00pm
15.00pm - 15.10pm
1Ga                 1Ga1                         1Ga2                         1Ga3

                    Gopi Krishan Bali (1051)     Uma Maheshwari               Nooreiny Maarof
                     Madhumita Pramanik          Chimirala (1059)             (046) *
15.10pm - 15.30pm   (1052)                       Appropriating Experience     Malaysian ESL trainee
                    Learner Centered             and Feedback on Content:     teachers' thinking of their
                    Classroom                    Traversing the path of       online reading strategies

1Gb                 1Gb1                         1Gb2                         1Gb3

                    Ai Fujiwara                  Agnes Herawati, M.Hum        Poorvadevi
15.30pm - 15.50pm   (014)*                       (010)                        (1063)
                    Attitude of English          To what extent do            R.Nandhini
                    Learners toward              Indonesian students make     (1158)
                    pronunciation in Japan       use of English collocation   Issues in English Language
                                                 in translating Indonesian    Testing – through the
                                                 text into English?           ‘Indian’ looking glass

15.50pm - 16.00pm                                                                                           Break
1Ha                 1Ha1                         1Ha2                       1Ha3

                    Heemal Handoo Bhat           Mohan Raj Sathuvalli       Astuti Azis
                    (1053)                       (1058)                     (049)
                    Blending SWOT and ELT –      Uma Maheshwari             Indonesian junior high
16.00pm - 16.20pm   A Creative Approach to       Chimirala (1059)           school teachers'
                    Teach English                Exploring L1 as a Multi    conceptions of assessment
                                                 Dimensional Tool in        : Those with irrelevant
                                                 Collaborative Writing      conception

1Hb                 1Hb1                         1Hb2                       *

                    Gloria Molinero (212)*       Akihiko Sumida (025)       Aiza bte Johari (019)
                    Transition to Tertiary       The Effects of Focused     Affidah bte Morni(020)
16.20pm - 16.40pm   Education and Students       Written Corrective         Siti Huzaimah bte Sahari
                    Perceptions on Learning      Feedback on Accuracy       (021)
                    Styles                       Development Of EFL         Reading Habits among
                                                 Writers                    Malaysian Secondary
                                                                            School Students


16.40pm - 17.00pm                                                                                        Tea/Coffee
1ia                 1ia1                         1ia2                       1ia3

                    Jagtar Kaur Chawla (1054)    Isriyati Husin (780)       B. Greg Dunne (062)
                    Use of Collaborative Web-    Rita Inderawati (559)      Conducting Task-based
                    Based Projects for English   Creating Empathy in        Telecollaborative Projects
                    Language Teaching            Responding to Literature   with Beginner-level
17.00pm - 17.20pm                                for University Students    Students

1ib                 1ib1                        1ib2                            1ib3

                    Natasa Thoudam (1061)       Kurnia Febianti (326)*          Ramanujam Meganathan
                    Indianism in English        Rita Inderawati Rudy            (1065)
17.20pm - 17.40pm                               (559)                           English Language
                                                Rita Hayati (328)*              Curriculum at Secondary
                                                The Influence of                Stage: Perceptions of
                                                Storytelling Technique and      Learners and Teachers
                                                Learning Style to Speaking
                                                Skill of Fifth Grade Pupils
                                                of SD Model Pagaralam


1ic                 1ic1                        1ic2                            1ic3

                    Sharmin Sultana Mitu        Fiftinova (200)*                Benedictus B. Dwijatmoko
                    (920)                       A Profile of Students’ Skills   (066)
                    Designing Syllabus and      in Writing Literary             Assessing A Web-Based
17.40pm - 18.00pm   Materials For Teaching      Responses: Reasons for          Paragraph Writing
                    Communicative English in    Applying Explicit Teaching
                    Situations Without Having   of Text Type in Writing
                    Communicative Context Of    about Literature



                                                                                                  Day 2 Friday October 5, 20
ROOMS                                       1                               2                            3
Day 2 Oct 5,2012
2Za                 2Za1                        2Za2                            2Za3

                    Shaun Justin Manning        Chaochang Wang (081)            Yan Pei-heng Wang
                    (608)                       World Englishes' Impact         Mou-qing (761)
8.10am - 8.30am     A Longitudinal              of International                Towards The
                    Investigation of Task-      Education on Views and          Effectiveness Of An
                    Based Interaction in ELF    Attitudes of Students           Interculturally
                    Classrooms: the case for    and Teachers toward             Communicative Event:
                    redoing tasks               English as Lingua Franca        from surface structure
                                                                                through deep structure
                                                                                to post structure
2Zb               2Zb1                        2Zb2                2Zb3/2Ya3
                  Chen & Yu (082)         Eiko Ujitani (163)      Sarala Bhattarai (592)
                  Dubbing ---- a good way Impact of Intercultural Facilitating
8.30am - 8.50am   in L2 Phonological      Experience Programs on learners??listening
                  Acquisition? CHEN Hua Intercultural             efficiency
                  YU Wei (Nanjing         Communication Skills
                  University, PRC)

2Ya               2Ya1                        2Ya2

                  Mao Junhan (786)            Piyatida Changpueng
                  An Empirical Study of       (532)
8.50am - 9.10am   CBI in the Teaching of      Genre Pedagogy: A
                  Business English            Powerful Tool for the
                                              Enhancement of
                                              Students' Writing Ability
                                              and Positive Attitude
                                              towards EFL Learning

9.10am - 9.20am                                                                                         Brea
2Aa                      2Aa1/ 2Ab1           2Aa2/2Ab2                   2Aa3/2Ab3

                          (Workshop)          (Workshop)                  (Special Lecture)
9.20am - 9.40am     Itje Chodidjah (950)*     Cheri Chan (088)            Paul Gunasekhar
                  Talular: A way to connect   Margaret M. Lo (395)        (EFLU Hydrabad)
                   Teachers' and Learners'    Contextualising Inclusive   Towards ownership and
                           Objectives         Education in English        standardization of English:
                                              Language Teaching:          an Indian perspective
                                              enhancing pre-service
                                              teachers’ awareness and
                                              provision of inclusive
                                              education in ESL
                                                teachers’ awareness and
                                                provision of inclusive
                                                education in ESL


9.40am - 10.00am

2Ac                 2Ac1                        2Ac2                           2Ac3

                    Kyung-Whan Cha (331) *      Russell P. Hubert (569)        Shaukat Ansari (1188)
                    Hannah Jo (332) *           Incorporating Explicit         Teacher Autonomy and
10.00am - 10.20am   Children's Auditory         Vocabulary Instruction into    Teacher Development: A
                    Perception and Linguistic   University EFL Curricula       Practical Study in the
                    Discrimination                                             Context of Teaching
                                                n                              English as SL/FL

10.20am - 10.40am                                                                                         Tea/Coffee Break
2Ba                 2Ba1/2Bb1                   2Ba2                           2Ba3

                    (Workshopp)                 Lee, Jae Keun & Kim Eun
                    Alonzo R. Williams (917)    Joo (344)*                     Byron O'Neill (071)*
                    Creative vocabulary         How to present new             Russell Hubert(072)*
10.40am - 11.00am   learning activities that    vocabulary to elementary       Extensive Reading
                    motivate learning in the    school students : form first   Programs: Evaluation and
                    EFL classroom               or meaning first?              Feedback Systems for


2Bb                                             2Bb2                           2Bb3

                                                Lynn M. Besa (374)*          Sheilagh Neilson
                                                Language use in tertiary     (2005)
                                                classrooms: Basis for policy
11.00am - 11.20am                               formulation                  BC

11.20am - 11.30am                                                                                                            Break
2C 11.30am - 12.10pm   Plenary No.3:                                 Malachi Edwin Vethamani (Taylor's University, Subang Jaya, Selangor
12.10pm - 13.10pm
2D 13.10pm - 13.50pm   Plenary No. 4:                                Kanavillil Rajagopalan (State University at Campinas, Brazil): The 'Exp
13.50pm - 14.00pm
2Ea                    2Ea1                          2Ea2                          2Ea3

                       Lilia Cotejar (353)           Cecilia M. Mendiola           Mayu Kashimura (419)
                       Responding to the             (074)                         Overseas internships as a
14.00pm - 14.20pm      challenges of                 Are Today’s ESL Students      motivator for learning and
                       Environmental                 ‘Good Language Learners’?     using English for EFL
                       Destruction: Strategies and                                 college students
                       Roles of Teaching English *

2Eb                    2Eb1                          2Eb2                          *

                       Amrita Sharma (1187)          Lusia M. Silitonga (370)      Anoma Kumari
                       Challenges of designing       Budi Dharmawan (371)          Satharasinghe (1200)
14.20pm - 14.40pm      ELT curriculum in             Improving speaking ability    Teaching Academic
                       Universities of Haryana       in English by using 'Second   Vocabulary in enhancing
                                                     Life'                         Reading Comprehension in
                                                                                   Science Undergraduates

14.40pm - 14.50pm

14.50pm - 15.20pm

15.20pm - 15.40pm
2Ga                 2Ga1                        2Ga2                         2Ga3

                    Lilly Metom* (354)          Michiyo Yamaguchi (442)      Md. Kamrul Hasan (427)
                    Investigating the           Teaching World Englishes     A Comparative Study:
                    performance errors in the   through films to Japanese    Teachers' attitudes
15.40pm - 19.00pm   English tenses of           university students          towards Communicative
                    Malaysian learners'                                      Language Teaching and its
                    writings: A Corpus Based                                 Practical Problems at
                    Study                                                    Tertiary Level



2Gb                 2Gb1                        2Gb2                         2Gb3

                    Aditi Goyal (1146)          Lusia Eni Puspandari (369)   Francis Xavier A.S.Rajoo
                    The Uses of Information     Developing electronic        (462)
16.00pm - 16.20pm   and Computer techniques     courseware to help           Using a Self-report
                    in Language Teaching        students of elementary       Inventory (SILL) to
                                                school learn motion          determine Autonomous
                                                prepositions                 Learning Process of ESL
                                                                             among students at the
                                                                             Tertiary Level
16.20pm - 16.30pm
2Ha                 2Ha1                        2Ha2                         2Ha3

                    Lisa Rosaline (356) *       Min-Tun Chuang (446)         Md. Saifur Rahman (429)
                    Intercultural               Yun-Han Hsieh (447)          Assessment and Testing in
                    communications among        Strategies in Responding     Bangladeshi English
16.30pm - 16.50pm   Indonesian and Korean       to the question types in     Language Teaching- ELT
                    students through            GEPT Comprehension Test
                    Voluntary Work Program
                    in Smart Ekselensia                                      *
2Hb                     2Hb1                         2Hb2                         2Hb3

                        Jihua Dong (285)*            Lucas Kohnke (366) *          Jumjim Ngowananchai
16.50Pm - 17.10pm       Development of Chinese       Adam Leskis (367) *          (468)
                        EFL Learners’ Writing from   The EFL Teaching Situation   Can? or Can't? for CLT:
                        Dynamic System               in Afghanistan in the 21st   Natural Occurring
                        Perspective                  Century ^                    Conversation in Thai
                                                                                  University Context


2Hc                     2Hc1                         2Hc2                         2Hc3

                        Liudmila Baluta (360)      Joceli Julia E. Embuscado      U. Chandrakumar (1235)
                        Translation in mastering a (288)                          Second Language
17.10pm - 17.30pm       foreign language           The Use of Discussion in       Acquisition- A new
                                                   Teaching Literature by a       technique to increase the
                                                   Novice Literature Teacher:     Proficiency of learners
                                                   Affirming or Negating the
                                                   Course Objectives?

17.30pm - 17.40pm
Bi 17.40pm - 18.00pm    Bi1

                                                                                                                  Day3 Sa
ROOMS                                            1                            2                               3
Day 3, Saturday 6 Oct
3Za               3za1/3Zb1                  3za2                   3za3/3Zb3
                  (Workshop)                 Xu Hao (692)           Lotfi Ben Ahmed
                  Nirmali Hettiarachchi      Research Papers        (362)**
8.10am - 8.30am   (903)                                             What can EFL Teachers
                                                                    learn from Student
                  Raising The Bar - Making                          Development Theories?
                  It To The Top In The
                  Corporate World

3Zb                                          3Zb2/3Ya2
                                             Omar Al Noursi (931)
                                             Read or not to Read,
                                             that is your choice
8.30am - 8.50am

3Ya               3Ya1                                              3Ya3

                                                                    Md. Safdar (472)
8.50am - 9.10am   Lovtsevich Galina (365)                           N. B. Jumani (473)
                  The worldwide context                             Nazar abbas Nazar
                  of English Language                               (474)
                  Teaching                                          Muhammad Yaqoob
                                                                    (2029) Perception of
                                                                    Distance Teachers about
                                                                    Medium of Instruction
                                                                    and Use of ICTs

9.10am - 9.20am
3Aa                 3Aa1/ 3Ab1                  3Aa2/ 3Ab2                3Aa3/ 3Ab3
                    (POSTER)                    (POSTER)                  (POSTER)
9.20am - 9.40am     Akiyo Joto (923) Nobuo      Evgeniya Dudnikova        Chen Meihua
                    Yuazawa (2024)              (933)                     (952) *
                    Prosodic features of        Way to Being              Shanhua Zhu
                    English contrastive focus   Technologically Savvy     (953) *
                    produced by Japanese                                  An empirical study of
                    speakers: An analysis of                              Teacher Talk in
3Ab                 sentences with a focus                                Vocational College
                    on Pronouns                                           English Classes

9.40am - 10.00am

10.00am - 10.20am
3Ba                 3Ba1/3Bb1                   3Ba2                      3Ba3
                    (COLLOQUIUM)                (DEMONSTRATION)
                    Shoichi Matsumura           Behdokht Mall Amiri       Mehran Memari (435)
10.20am - 10.40am   (297)                       (065)                     **
                    Jeong-ryeol Kim (321)       The comparative effects   Azam Rezaei (436) **
                    Hsi-nan Yeh (710) *         of text adjuncts on the   The comparative study
                    Oracy and literacy in       Reading Comprehension     of reading strategies
                    elementary school           of EFL learners           used by Iranian teachers
                    English instruction:                                  and students
                    Comparing perspectives
                    among South Korea,
                    Taiwan, and Japan           **
                       among South Korea,
                       Taiwan, and Japan

3Bb                                         3Bb2                      3Bb3

                                            Mehdi Habibi Azar (433)   Kawsar Uddin (787)*
10.40am - 11.00am                           **                        Teaching English
                                             Motivational Teaching    Grammar in an Inductive
                                            and Students' English     and Contextual
                                            Language Development:     Approach in the
                                            An Inquiry into Iranian   Perspective of
                                            Intermediate School       Bangladesh.
                                            Students' Attitudee

3Bc                    3Bc1                 3Bc2                      3Bc3

                       Jovan Ilic (2003)    Oyceline V (1205)         Mersedeh Sharifi (439)
                                            Learner reticence in      **
11.00am - 11.20am                           language classrooms in    Lexical Modification of
                                            Tamil Nadu                ESP Texts: Simplification
                                                                      and Elaboration

11.20am - 11.30am
3C 11.30am - 12.10pm   Plenary No. 5:                 Tim Murphey (Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Ja
12.10pm - 13.10pm
3D 13.10pm - 13.50pm   Plenary No. 6:                Suwarsih Madya (Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia) : Going Be
13.50pm - 14.00pm
3Ea                 3Ea1                     3Ea2                       3Ea3

                    Mansoureh Sajjadi        Li Jing (351)              Arup Ratan Das (041)
                    (930)                    Achievements and           Primary Teachers'
14.00pm - 14.20pm   Teaching translation a   Problems of China?         attitudes towards
                    model to remedy the      College English Teaching   English language
                    difficulties             Reform--- from the         teaching and learning
                                             Perspective of the
                                             Differences between
                                             Second Language
                    **                                                  **

3Eb                 3Eb1                     3Eb2                       3Eb3

                    Khalil Motallebzadeh     Ali Rabi (734)             Mohammad Ghazanfari
                    (317) **                 EFL Learning Strategy      (451) **
                    Exploring Iranian EFL    based on Marked            Saeed Shamsini (452) **
                    Teachers' Beliefs on     Features: A Case from       Generative learning
14.20pm - 14.40pm   Strategies-Based         Phonology                  revisited: The impact of
                    Instruction                                         metacognitive
                                                                        awareness on EFL
                                                                        learners' Reading
                                                                        Comprehension Ability

14.40pm - 14.50pm
3Fa                 3Fa1                        3Fa2                       3Fa3

                    Abbas Ali Rezaee             Md. Ashrafuzzaman         Asghar Salimi
                    (001)**                     (425) **                   Amirghaeb (042) **
14.50pm - 15.10pm    Afarin                     Rasel Babu (426) **        Soghra Dadashpour
                    Foroughimehr(002) **        Cluster Meeting            (043) **
                    Target Culture Literacy     Changes an English         Implementation of task-
                    and Linguistic Ability of   Teachers' Proficiency: A   based syllabus in EFL
                    EFL Learners                Success Story              contexts as the solution

3Fb                 3Fb1                        3Fb2                       3Fb3

                    Md. Monjurul Islam          Ali Rahimi (028) **         Mohammad Rauof
                    (901)**                     Saloumeh                   Moini (453) **
15.10pm - 15.30pm   English medium              Khodabakhshi (029) **      Azadsavieh Mou
                    instruction at the           Investigating the         (454) **
                    private universities in     problems of EFL            A corpus study of shell
                    Bangladesh                  teaching in secondary      nouns in published
                                                schools in Isfahan, Iran   research articles of

15.30pm - 15.50pm
3Ga                 3Ga1                        3Ga2                       3Ga3

                    Agustin Rebecca             Md Zulfeqar Haider         M.A.Hirikude (1204)
                    Lakawa (011)                (422)**                    Importance of Effective
                    The Challenge To            Takad Ahmed                Communication in
15.50Pm - 16.10Pm   Improve Motivation In       Chowdhury                  English
                    Esp Compulsory At           (423) **
                    Trisakti University In      An evaluation of the
                    Jakarta, Indonesia          assessment
                                                requirements for the Ma
                                                in ELT programs at
                                                selected universities in
3Gb                    3Gb1                       3Gb2                      3Gb3

                       Marzieh Sadat Eteraf       Angel Helen Pereira       Mohammad Reza
16.10pm - 16.30pm      Oskuie (410) **            (033)                     Khodadust (754) **
                       Ahmad Niazadeh             Kemboja Ismail (034)      Elide and standard
                       (411) **                   Zarina Othman (035)       cloze: Alternatives for
                       On the Impact of a TEFL    The Malaysian School      letter cloze in assessing
                       Psychological and          English Language Clubs:   Iranian school-level EFL
                       Educational based          The Road Not Taken Yet    Learners' spelling
                       course on Teachers'                                  proficiency
                       Sense of Plausibility

16.30pm - 16.40pm
3Ha                    3Ha1                       3Ha2                      3Ha3

                       Aizat Nurshatayeva         Alan Milne (026)*         Shatha Alsaadi (048)
                       (022)                      Awareness raising         The effect of a mediator
16.40pm - 17.00pm      Common errors in the       strategies for            on Scaffolding EFL
                       writing of Kazakhstani     conversational            Student Teachers'
                       university students        development in the        Teaching Competencies
                                                  communication class       and Self- Efficacy

3Hb                    3Hb1                       3Hb2                      3Hb3

                       Masoud Rahimi              Annie Mae C. Berowa       Mojtaba Mohammadi
                       Domakani (414) **          (037)                     (459) **
17.00pm - 17.20pm      Najmeh Heidari (415) **    Factors Affecting Job     Naeimeh Bakshiri (460)
                       The Reading Strategy       Enabling English          **
                       Use and Multiple           Proficiency (Jeep)        Nargess Navidi Estalkhi
                       Intelligence Profiles of   Program Students'         (461)
                       Competent EFL Readers      Willingness To            Dynamic Oral /written
                                                  Communicate In English    Feedback on Iranian
                                                                            Writing skill: A
                                                                            Comparative Study
17.20pm - 17.30pm
3i 17.30pm - 18.00pm
NTATIVE DAILY PROGRAMME SCHEDULE ---------Day1 Thursday Oct. 4, 2012
                                                  4                                5                             6                                  7


                                                          Tea/Coffee Break
                       1Ca4                           1Ca5                             1Ca6                           1Ca7

                       Burcin Kagitci                 Pradip Sharan                    Cheri Chan                     Declan M. J. Barlow
                       (070) *                        (1073)                           (088)                          (103)*
                       How Using Dictionaries         In-service and pre-service       Using Authentic Texts in       Design of an English
                       Affects Performance In         training of teachers of          the Language Classroom:        speaking skills
                       Reading Comprehension          English in India - a             Challenges and Possibilities   development course for
                       Tests                          challenge                                                       second language learners

                       1Cb4                           1Cb5                             1Cb6                           1Cb7

                       Carrie Chang (073)             Chalermchai                      S.Devaki Reddy (1088)*         Saloni Jain (1100)
                       The influence of writer-       Chaichompoo (075)*               Analyzing Discourse            Multiple roles of IT in ELT
                       reviewer social power          A Pro-Add Parameter:             Genres: The Role of
                       relationship on reviewer       Challenges in teaching           Factual and Emotive
                       communicative moves,           English as a foreign             Content
                       social behaviors, and          language to Thai students

                                         Tea/Coffee Break
iversity of Oxford, UK and Chair of the British Council's English Language Advisory Group): Should we be planning to teach grammar? If so, how?
                                                Lunch Break
thinking the role of practice
                         1Fa4/1Fb4.                   1Fa5/1Fb5.                  1Fa6/1Fb6.                1Fa7/1Fb7.
                         (Colloquium)                 (Colloquium)                (Colloquium)              (Workshop)
                         Wen Qiufang (685)            Blagoja Dimoski (914)       Lawrence S. Levy (937)     Sok-Han Monica Lau
                          Zhou Yan (686)              Pathways to Meaningful      Gaming the Classroom *    (927)*
                         Wang Qiang (687)             Motivation                                            Ways to arouse students
                         The Professional                                                                   interest to learn English as
                         Development of EFL In-                                                             a foreign language again
                         service University Teachers
                         in Mainland China

1Fa4/1Fb4.                       1Fa5/1Fb5.                      1Fa6/1Fb6.                    1Fa7/1Fb7.
(Colloquium)                     (Colloquium)                    (Colloquium)                  (Workshop)
Wen Qiufang (685)                Blagoja Dimoski (914)           Lawrence S. Levy (937)         Sok-Han Monica Lau
 Zhou Yan (686)                  Pathways to Meaningful          Gaming the Classroom *        (927)*
Wang Qiang (687)                 Motivation                                                    Ways to arouse students
The Professional                                                                               interest to learn English as
Development of EFL In-                                                                         a foreign language again
service University Teachers
in Mainland China

                                                       *                                                                      Bre
1Ga4                             1Ga5                            1Ga6                          1Ga7

Basavadatta Mitra (1072)          Sanghita Sen                   Chieko Kawauchi               Maya Defianty
Aditya Chintawar (1159)          (1074)                          (091)                         (418)
Cultural Challenges in            Exploring Options for           The effects of three types   Improving students'
Asian Classrooms                 alternative platforms for       of grammar exercises on       comprehension of difficult
                                 ESL teachers’ ongoing           productive use                texts through the
                                 professional development                                      implementation of
                                 in India                                                      Collaborative Task-based
                                                                                               Reading Presentation
                                                                                               (CTRP) Technique

1Gb4                             1Gb5                            1Gb6                          1Gb7

Sabina Pillai                    Chamindi Dilkushi               S.Devaki Reddy                 Devi Benedicte I. Paez
(1071)                           Senaratne Wettewe               (1088)                        (106)
Isn’t it time we called it the   (076)*                          Analyzing Discourse           Freedom from Silence: A
“ teaching, learning AND         Evaluation of English skills:   Genres: The Role of           Case Study on Using
assessing cycle?”                An analysis of an online        Factual and Emotive           Students' Mother Tongue
                                 assessment of Sri Lankan        Content                       to Teach English


1Ha4                         1Ha5                          1Ha6                          1Ha7

 Tripti Mund                 Nasrin Pervin                 Chitose Asaoka                Supriya Mandloi
(1070)                       (486)**                       (092)                         (1097)
 An Insight into             How social dynamics           The use of reflective         Nidhi Nema
Professional English         influence a developing        journals in initial teacher   (1098)
Syllabus in India via        country? Language             education in Japan            Envisaging a Radical
Available Text Books         planning & policy                                           Approach: Supplementing
                                                                                         the Parameters of
                                                                                         Linguistic Studies by an
                             n                                                           Amalgamation with
                                                                                         Literary Discourse

1Hb4                         1Hb5                          1Hb6                          1Hb7

Syed Faiz Zaidi              Nilima Roy (1210)             Anita Triastuti (036)       Diandra-Ditma A.
(1069)                       Testing, Assessment and       Towards the plausibility of Macarambon (108)
Project based English        Evaluation: A Tool for        undergraduate thesis titles The Nonverbal Behaviors
language instruction: A      Effective Learning                                        of MSU College
study of Senior Secondary                                                              Instructors: Their Effects
School learners of Aligarh                                                             on the Meranao Students
Muslim University, India

                   Tea/Coffee Break
1ia4                       1ia5                            1ia6                          1ia7

Suresh Frederick (1068)      Mita Bose (1081)              Chizuko Kushima (093)         Satyanarayana Thota
 Acquisition of Vocabulary   Heartbreak to                 Peer Influence on writing     (1094)
through the Narrow           Breakthrough- Critical        on Online Discussion          Katyayani sangam (1095)
Reading of a Short Story     account of my experience      Forums in EFL Courses         Gen Y : Challenges to
                             with teaching ELPC (English                                 Teachers
                             Language Proficiency
                             Course) at Delhi University
    1ib4                          1ib5                         1ib6                             1ib7

    Shirish Sahasrabudhe          Cheng Hong (087)             Shatarupa Sinha (1091)       Arifa Rahman (113)
    (1067)                        Reflections on Rapid         Decoding Inglish: A Critical Blended Learning in the
    The Role of Inter-cultural    Updating of the College      Inquiry into Indian English South Asian context
    Communication in English      English Teaching Materials   Literature as a Pedagogical
    Language Teaching                                          Tool



    1ic4                          1ic5                         1ic6                             1ic7

    Machdalena Vianty (377)       Prerna Malhotra (1082)       Clay Williams (096)              Aarti Majumdar (1093)
    Amrullah (378)                Alka Dutt (1083/1157)        Post-intensive Instruction       Building Bridges through
    Oral Presentations:           Why Grammar for Our          Environmental Effects on         Constructivist Approach:
    Through the Eyes of the       Students?                    L2 English Lexical               Teacher Responses to L2
    Students                                                   Development                      Writing



Day 2 Friday October 5, 2012
                              4                            5                                6                              7

    2Za4                          2Za5                         2Za6                             2Za7

    Senthamarai                   Ni Putu Ayu Widari(494)      Yazid Basthomi (739)             Ying Zhou(741) Yudong
    Thennavan (1206)              The effectiveness of         Yes=No, Yes? No, No?             Liu
    Challenges in Teaching        quantum teaching             Yes, No=Yes? Strategies          Project-based Learning
    and Learning of oral          method in teaching           in Responding to an              in EFL teaching in China:
    Communication Skills          English grammar              Offer/Invitation by              A Post-Method
    (OCS) in Rural Based                                       Indonesian Speakers of           Perspective
    Higher Institutions in                                     English
2Zb4                       2Zb5                        2Zb6                        2Zb7

Mousume Akhter Flora       Rum Hera Ria (567)          Shih-ping Wang (613)        Nihta Liando (496)
(929) **                   Elicitation: A tool to      Conducting a successful     Language
Curriculum Challenges in   improve the teachers'       intensive English           Communication:
Teaching English Writing   and the learners' English   program in Asia             Perspectives on
Courses                    proficiency                                             Teachers' Immediacy

2Ya4                       2Ya5                        2Ya6                        2Ya7

Zhang Mingfang (745)       Do aa Quy (790)             Zhang Quan (746)            Endang Sriwahyuni
Zhang Sen (726)            The Role of First           Li Juan (728)               (784)
 An Empirical Study of     Language Proficiency in     Li Chen (729)                An Analysis of English
Project-based Learning     Foreign Language            Zhou Wenling                Textbook based on
for Developing English     Education: Implications     On Instant Feedback in      Krashen's Natural Order
Majors' Research-          for Multilevel English      Classroom Testing for       Hypothesis
oriented Ability           Classes                     Language Teaching and

2Aa4                       2Aa5                        2Aa6                        2Aa7

Ms. Suranmali Prananda     S.Ramaraju (1211)           Proshyants Natalia (537)    Harsha Dulari Wijesekera
(469)                      The Importance of           How Can Learner             (900)
Extensive reading using    Developing Interpersonal    Autonomy be developed       Opening tight lips:
newspaper articles to      Communication Skills in     by Integrating Multiple     increasing oral
develop the habit of       English Laguage             Intelligences and           participation of low
reading                    Classromm at                Information Technologies?   proficiency learners in the
                           Undergraduate Level                                     English language
                                                                                   classroom-An Action
                                                                                   Research *

2Ab4                        2Ab5                          2Ab6                           2Ab7

Adachi Rie (004)            Rushira Kulasingham           Paulina Chandrasari            Park Juhee (515)*
Attitudes Toward Studying   (470)                         Kusuma(521)*                   Chaeryeong Min (516 ) *
Abroad Among                 Aligned Curriculum: A look   A Closer Look at the pre-      Min Chankyoo (517)
Engineering Students In a   at tertiary English           service English to Children    The Co-relational Analysis
Local University In Japan   education in Sri Lanka        Teacher Program in             of Learners' Cognitive
                                                          Indonesian Context: from       Preferences and their
                                                          simulation to real teaching    Writings

2Ac4                        2Ac5                          2Ac6                           2Ac7

Miwa Morishita (449)       Nejat Al-Juboury (493)         Marie Ploquin (402)            Brunda Ravikumar (1230)
The effects of interaction Excellence in Language         Revisiting the use of          Second Language
on syntactic priming: A    Education                      phonetics in the ESL           Acquisition: The Role of a
psycholinguistic                                          classroom                      Teacher as a Confidence
experiment using scripted                                                                Builder
interaction tasks


    Tea/Coffee Break
2Ba4                        2Ba5                          2Ba6                           2Ba7

Nahid Delju (476)           Nanik Mariyat (478)           Pei Liping (522) *             Chan Swee Heng (077)*
Teachers' intentions and    Using Speaking-Based          Effects of Deductive and       Helen Tan (078)*
Learners' Cognition of      Various Activities of Post-   Inductive Instructions of      Ain Nadzimah (079)*
Interactional Feedback      Listening to Improve the      Relative Clause to Chinese     Chuah Ak Lon
                            Activeness of the Second      College Students               Conveying Communicative
**                          Semester Students of                                         Intent: Moves and
                            English                                                      Metadiscourse in Abstract

2Bb4                        2Bb5                          2Bb6                           2Bb7

Mika Tamura (443)            Nidhi Singh (1209)           Qing Zhang (538) *             Rieko Matsuoka (556) *
Leena Joseph (444)           Success                      Yin'er Zhu (539)               Ian Smith (557)
Effectiveness of online      @Communication               An Empirical Study on          Rie Tsutsumi (555) *
journal writing training for                              Improving Second               The effects of a CALL
the graduate students in                                  Language Phonological          program with TLT software
science and engineering                                   Fossilization (Inspired by a   for Japanese college
                                                          Pronunciation and              students
                                                          Intonation Training)

Vethamani (Taylor's University, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia) : The Transofrming Nature of Communication and Teaching and Learning in the English Language Clas
                                                                                                                                                  Lunch Break
opalan (State University at Campinas, Brazil): The 'Expanding Circle' : where the die is being cast on the future of English
                       2Ea4                          2Ea5                         2Ea6                         2Ea7/2Eb7
                                                                                                               (Special Lecture)
                       Naho Ishiki (477)             Naoyuki Naganuma (479) Helen Tan (117)                    Tista Bagchi
                       Heritage appreciation         Development of can-do        Wong Bee Eng (118)           (University of Delhi)
                       through the use of Readers based evaluation/learning Metadiscourse use in the
                       Theater in tertiary-level     tasks to supplement the      Malaysian                    The Economist and the
                       EFL classroom                 CEFR                         Undergraduates'              teaching of English in Asia
                                                *                                 Persuasive Writing
                                                     *                            n

                       2Eb4                           2Eb5                           2Eb6

                       Michelle G. Paterno (441)      Nia Kurniawati (495)           Pajonsak Mingsakoon
                       Anguish as a Mother            Critical Literacy Profile of   (510)
                       Tongue: Exploring the          Indonesian EFL Students (A      An analysis of printed
                       Implications of English as a   case study of Islamic          media use in an EFL
                       Mother Tongue in a             University Students in EFL     Classroom context: Genre
                       Multilingual Context           Reading Program)               Based Perspective

                                                                                     *                                                                 Break

                                                                                                                                                Tea/Coffee Brea
2Ga4                        2Ga5                          2Ga6                         2Ga7

Narges Bahrami (480) ** Devika Khanna Narula              Peter Longcope (525)         Saima Hasin (580)*
 Fatemeh Ramezani             (1075)                      Amount of English contact    Application of Multiple
(481) **                      A generous approach         by 1st year university       Intelligence theory at
 How to remove the            towards those not           students in an EFL context   tertiary level in Bangladesh
cultural diversity in         specializing in ESL
teaching English in Oriental-
Islamic culture countries


2Gb4                        2Gb5                          2Gb6                         2Gb7

Michael A. Telafici         Tulika Chandra (1234)         Nur Rini (503)*              Morteza Barin (160) *
(440)*                      Learner-centred               Model of improving           A Workshop on How to
Writing in Real Time with   Instruction and the role of   students’ assessing          Make Interactive Multi-
Google Docs: Induction in   Instructors for ELT class-    speaking skills for          media Lessons for EFL
Action                      rooms                         Indonesian polytechnic       Learners

2Ha4                        2Ha5                          2Ha6                         2Ha7

Ali Hossein Sohbati         Nazua Idris (492) **          Phyllis Chew (529)*          Saira Joe (581)*
(027)**                     A TransAsian Approach to      Codeswitching and            Amelia Alfred Tom
The effect of Focus on      English Language Learning     language shift in the        (582)*
form on incidental          via Social Network            religious classroom          Multiple Intelligencesof
vocabulary learning                                                                    the Diploma students at
through reading                                                                        the University Teknology
                                                                                       Mara (UiTM) Sarawak,
                                                                                       Malaysia *
2Hb4                           2Hb5                           2Hb6                          2Hb7

Mehdi Riazi (434)              Parivash Moaddab (514) Noboru Kaneshige (500)                Rabeya Binte Habib (540)
Aligned-curriculum             **                        Assessing Young Learners           Revisiting EAP to Meet
approach to syllabus           Anxiety in Class and Exam of English in Japan                Language Needs of
design: Implications for                                                                    Tertiary Students in Praxis
ELT in Asia


2Hc4                           2Hc5                           2Hc6                          2Hc7

 Pranita Gopal                 Nishida Tadashi (497) *        Vasudha Maitre (1238)        Samia Naqvi (585)
(1064)                         Kusumi Vasantha                Using English literature for Application of Multiple
Designing Thematic ELT         Dhanapala (498)                the teaching of English      Intelligence Theory
Instructional Material: A      Yukiko Hirakawa (499)                                       through Folklores in EFL
Curriculum Design for Pre-     Improving Reading Skills                                    Teaching in Oman
Service Teachers               among EFL learners in


                                  General Business Meeting

                   Day3 Saturday Oct. 6, 2012
                           4                              5                             6                             7
3za4                          3za5/3Zb5                 3za6                      3za7
Guo Fengping (214)            Hao Xingyue (932)         Fazri Nur Yusuf(198)      Nujhat Nuari Islam
Organizing Extra              YIn Zhiping (928)         Nida Fauziah (199)        (910)
Curriculum for                What do Western           Multiple intelligence:    Importance of
Motivating English            Teachers Should Know      The portrayal of          Contextual Language
Learning                      about the Chinese ESL     teaching English in an    Learning for Young
                              Learners?                 Indonesian primary        Learners in Bangladesh


3Zb4                                                    3Zb6                      3Zb7
                                                        Khairul Husna Abdul
Marianne Rachel G.                                      Kadir (315)*              Lia Maulia Indrayani
Perfecto (401)                                          Tengku N. R.T. Md.        (352)
Critical Literacy Practices                             Maasum (2027)             Teaching EAP at
in the Classroom:                                       Ravichandran              Universities in
University Students'                                    Vengadasamy (2028)        Indonesia: Problems and
Voices and Views                                        Maximising Literary       Strategies in Teaching
                                                        Reading Experience of     English as MPK Subject
                                                        ESL Learners Through
                                                        Reader Response Based
                                                        Reading Strategies

3Ya4                          3Ya5                      3Ya6                      3Ya7

Athar Munir Siddiqui          Azar Najafi. M (058)      Prem Jotham Heeralal      Maya Khemlani David
(051)                         Nazanin Najafi. M (059)   Heeralal (533)            (535)
Saiqa Imtiaz Asif (052)       Undergraduate EFL         Barriers experienced by   Francisco Perlas
Bridging the Gaps             students' Critical        science learners who      Dumanig (536)
                              Thinking and Writing      use English as second     Using Post-Colonial
                              Ability with different    language: a Case study    Literature in English to
                              Learning Styles           of Mandlethu High         teach Speech Acts
                                                        School - Mpumalanga

3Aa4/ 3Ab4              3Aa5/3Ab5                    3Aa6/3Ab6               3Aa7/3Ab7
(POSTER)                (POSTER)                     (POSTER)                (POSTER)
Gerry Loftus (207)      Liu Lirui (924)              Hitomi Sakamoto (913)   Zhang Jian (935)*
Dual degree teacher     Cultivating Intercultural    Letters of              Affective Factors that
education programs: a   Communicative                Encouragement from      Influence EFL Learners?
fast-track model        Competence (ICC)             Turkish students to     Oral Communication: A
                        through EFL Teaching at      Japan after the Great   Study of Students In
                        China's sports               East Japan arthquake    Huangshi Institute of
*                       universities or institutes                           Technology

3Ba4/3Bb4               3Ba5                  3Ba6/3Bb6                      3Ba7
(SPECIAL TALK)                                (WORKSHOP)
Panchanan Mohanty       Alan Mackenzie (2025) Donald Rikley (112)            Natasha Rosair
(Central University,    Tim Phillips          Story Drama: Getting
Hydrabad)               Emma-Sue Prince       students to initiate
Teaching English        CPD for NDMC: Quality communication                  BC
Spelling And            from within
Pronunciation: A Rule
Based Approach
                                                3Bb5                                                  3Bb7

                                                Atsushi Iino (054)                                    Prithvi Shrestha (125)
                                                The relationships                                     Arup Ratan Das (126/
                                                between reproduction                                  041) **
                                                skills and speaking abilty                            English language
                                                                                                      classroom practices:
                                                                                                      What do Bangladeshi
                                                                                                      primary school children
                                                                 *                                    think?

                      3Bc4                      3Bc5                         3Bc6                     3Bc7

                      Sneha Yadav (1207)        Mehri Jalali (437)*          Pursushothaman           Tarun Kumari
                      Pankaj Meel (1240) The    The Importance of            Manayan Veetil           Kharbamon (1142)
                      use of Information and    Keeping Portfolios in the    (982)*                   Developing Intercultural
                      Communication             EFL classroom                Problems related to      Competence: A
                      Technologies in the EFL                                teaching English in an   Teacher’s priority in the
                      classroom and it's                                     International setting    English language
                      implementations in                                                              classroom
                      Foreign Language
                      Teaching/ Foreign
                      Language Learning

 nda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan) : Transdisciplinary Insights, Meanings, & Emerging Challenges in TEFL

Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia) : Going Beyond the Acquisition of English Language Skills: Building ICT-based Interschool ELT Cooperation to dev
3Ea4                     3Ea5                    3Ea6/3Eb6            3Ea7
                                                 (SPECIAL TALK)
Nasser Rashidi           Lee Young Shik (733)    Vaishna Narang       Sabiha Sultana (574) **
(488) **                 Understanding the Rater (Jawahar Lal Nehru   Language Learning
Mehrnoosh Eslami         Training Model for the University, Delhi)    Through Technology: A
(489) **                 Standardized Writing                         new dimension at the
Rhetorical preferences   Assessment                                   Primary level of
in Persian Writing       +B79                                         education in Bangladesh

3Eb4                     3Eb5                                         3Eb7

Tazin Ahmed (572)**      Reza Kalantari (551) **                      Shahanaz Khanam
Sharmin Sultana Mitu     Javad Gholami (552) **                       (911) **
(920)**                  Factors behind                               Teaching Grammar at
Literature Mundane       Inefficiency of English                      Tertiary Level:
Language Easy            Language Teaching in                         Challenges and
                         Iranian Public Education                     Possibilities
3Fa4                       3Fa5                       3Fa6                       3Fa7

Naser Rashidi              Azizullah Mirzaei (060)    Dewi Rochsantiningsih       Lavanya Sivapurapu
(482) **                   Maryam Ranjbar (061)       (107)                      (1180)
Rahele Mavaddat            Transforming the           Collaborative English      The Impact on Testing
(483) **                   Hierarchical L2 Turn-      Learning to Develop        and Evaluation on The
An investigation of the    Taking Configurations      Students' Character        Success Of A Course
strategies used by         and Classroom Settings     Building
Persian Translators in     in Iran
translating Idiomatic
Expressions from English
into Persian
3Fb4                       3Fb5                       3Fb6                       3Fb7

Abdullah Sarani (003)      Bandela Swarupa Rani       Diane Hawley               Seyyed Bagher
The Impact of Task-        (064)                      Nagatomo (109)             Mirshojaee
based approach on          Academic Writing : A       Challenges faced by        (951) **
vocabulary learning in     challenge to raise the     Japanese English           Paradigm Shift in Action:
ESP Courses                standard and improve       Teachers in Japanese       An Indigenized
                           Writing Skills             Universities               Globalized Version of
**                                                                               English

3Ga4                       3Ga5                       3Ga6                       3Ga7

Bijoy Lal Basu (921) **    Reginald Arthur D'Silva    Dlamini Percis Nosisi      T. Vanitha Thanabalan
Three reasons for          (548) *                    (110)                      (132)
literature in the EFL      Exploring the              Breaking routine and       A responsive pedagogy
classroom                  Relationships among        embracing new              for the indigenous
                           Literacy and Background    frontiers: Effectiveness   students: facilitating
                           Variables of Elementary-   of using web-based         their reading
                           Age Immigrant Students     instructional materials    comprehension.
                           in a Multicultural         to enhance learner
                           Context                    autonomy
3Gb4                        3Gb5                       3Gb6                       3Gb7

Aileen C. Park (017)        Chen Chin-fen (083)        Berrington Ntombela         Liza Sharmin (947)
A critical ethnography of   Impacts of Early English   (114) *                    English for Specific
Filipino English-Speaking   Education on Taiwanese     Reeja Riyaz (115)          Purposes: Designing a
Teachers (FESTs) in         First Graders?             Assessing language         syllabus for the Medical
Korea: Contesting the                                  proficiency in EFL         students in Bangladesh
deliberate and default                                 context through Error
and advocating for                                     Analysis among Tertiary
Human Capitalization                                   Students in a university   **
and Glocalization                                      college in Oman

3Ha4                        3Ha5                       3Ha6                       3Ha7

Wang Lihua (684)*           Miki Tokunaga (445)        Md. Sazzad Hossain         Fatemeh Mahdavirad
The Embarrassments in       Metalinguistic             Zahid (430)**              (138)
the English Classroom in    knowledge of low-          Necessity in Reducing      The impact of topic
Higher Education in         proficiency EFL learners   the Gaps among the         importance on Oral Task
China: a case of            at a Japanese university   Learners, Teachers and     production
Kunming University of                                  CELT Method:
Science and Technology      n                          Bangladesh Context


3Hb4                        3Hb5                       3Hb6                       3Hb7

Akbar Azizifar (023)        K. Madhavi (1219)          Kornwipa Poonpon           Zahra Golshahy (922)
The Relationship            Evaluating Professional    (119)                      The effect of
between Vocabulary          Development in             Apinya Hinnon (120)        directionality on the
Learning Strategies and     Teaching Career: A         Phiphawin Supawat          quality of translation
Vocabulary Knowledge        Framework in Higher        Srikrai (121) *
                            Education                  Developing Speaking
**                                                     Rating Scales for Large    **
                                                       EFL Classes
                                               8                             9                              10                           11

                       1Ca8                        1Ca9                           1Ca10                          1Ca11

                       D. Haseena                  Tazin Aziz Chaudhury           Christina Rebbeca (1120)       Evy VT Sihotang
                       (1101)                      (152) **                       Using a Cross-Curricular       (179)*
                       Web Quest an internet       Exploring Pre-school           approach for Organizing        The Effects of Writing
                       tool for ELT                English Language Teaching-     Language Learning at           Technique and Motivation
                                                   Learning in Bangladesh: A      Tertiary Level                 toward Student's Writing
                                                   Case Study                                                    Skills

                       1Cb8                        1Cb9                           1Cb10                          1Cb11

                       R J Singh (127) *           Thanawan                       Emily Roshna Suendrini          Amrita Mehta
                       W Maruma (128)*             Suthiwartnarueput              Ratnasingam                    (1137)
                       W S Chauke (129)*           Punchalee                      (167)                          Second Language Learning
                       Use of Resourses in         Wasanasomsithi (760)           Motivating ESL learners        for First Generation
                       Second Language Grade        Explicit Grammar              towards enrichment of          Learners: Experiences
                       One Classrooms              Instruction VS Implicit        their vocabulary at the        from the College
                                                   Grammar Instruction: A         tertiary level                 Classroom
                                                   Pathway to the
                                                   Enhancement of English
                                                   Writing Skills

g to teach grammar? If so, how?

                       1Fa8/1Fb8.                  1Fa9/1Fb9                      1Fa10/1Fb10.                   1Fa11/1Fb11.
                       (Workshop)                  (WorkShop)                     (WorkShop)                     (WorkShop)
                        Gulnara M. Dudnikova        K.V. Dhanapala (307)           Rolf Palmberg (564)*           Ying Tang (793),
                       (944)                       What kind of instructional     Talking about the              Bing Wan,Caizhen Lian
                       Which Grammar               applications are the best      unknown communicative           Highly Effective Language
                       Textbook?                   for improving tertiary level   activity                       Learning Strategy training
                                                   students' L2 reading skills?
1Fa8/1Fb8.                    1Fa9/1Fb9                      1Fa10/1Fb10.                   1Fa11/1Fb11.
(Workshop)                    (WorkShop)                     (WorkShop)                     (WorkShop)
 Gulnara M. Dudnikova          K.V. Dhanapala (307)           Rolf Palmberg (564)*           Ying Tang (793),
(944)                         What kind of instructional     Talking about the              Bing Wan,Caizhen Lian
Which Grammar                 applications are the best      unknown communicative           Highly Effective Language
Textbook?                     for improving tertiary level   activity                       Learning Strategy training
                              students' L2 reading skills?

1Ga8                          1Ga9                           1Ga10                          1Ga11

Robina Shaheen                 Shobha Satyanath (1117)       Eric Hagley                    Roseliz Francis
(130)*                        Richa Sharma                   (168)*                         (1135)
Sonia Burton (131)            (1118)                         Collaborative versus           Exploring the Divide
English language teachers'    The Indian Experience with     Cooperative Online             between Employers'
language proficiency and      English‐ from classroom to     Exchanges                      Expectations and
the English in Action (EIA)   the community, from                                           Employees'
intervention                  ESL/EFL to ENL                                                Communication Skills

1Gb8                          1Gb9                           *
                                                             1Gb10                          1Gb11

B. Sheela Rani Simon          Dwi Riyanti                     Bablu Ray                     Cheewala Badklang
(1102)                        (158) *                        (1121)                         (185)*
High-Impact Business          Implementing Project            Analyzing Nativization        An Analysis of Teacher
communication skills for      Based Learning into the        Strategies in Post-Colonial    Students Talk in a Thai EFL
young professionals           writing class                  Indian English Literature: A   classroom: Implication of F-
                                                             Case Study of Kiran Desai’s    Move in Triadic Dialogue
                                                             The Inheritance of Loss

1Ha8                        1Ha9                         1Ha10                        1Ha11

Antonius Herujiyanto         Nury Supriyanti (755) *     Eun Gyong Kim                Asif Shuja
(134)*                      How future teachers want     (173)                        (1134)
Promoting Sarjana           to learn their teaching      Faculty’s attitudes toward   Teaching of English Word
[Undergraduate] Paper       skills: An Action Research   EFL education at a Korean    Stress, Sentence Stress
Writing Skill through the   Study on A Teacher           engineering school           and Rhythm to the
Indigenous Wisdom           Training Course                                           Undergraduate Students
Katresnanisme Based                                                                   Using English Literature in
Approach: A Case Study .                                                              Indian Universities


1Hb8                        1Hb9                         1Hb10                        1Hb11

Rachel Lalitha Eapen        El-Sadig Yahya Ezza          Virendra Mishra              Fang Xiaomei (186)*
(1108)                      (165)                        (1122)                       Wei Feng (187)
Marketing education:        Scaffolding of               Communication: A             Gu Qi (188)
when policy follows         Pronunciation in Saudi EFL   Linguistic Aporia            Li Jinmei
market trends               Classroom                                                 Teaching ESL writing
                                                                                      through workshop and

1ia8                        1ia9                         1ia10                        1ia11

Premalatha Nair (146)*      Gara Latchann (1111)         Eun Sung Park             Harprit Gill (1133)
Sharmini Ghanaguru          Hind Farooq Ali Alhasan      (174)                     Reaching Out in Teaching
(147)*                      (1156)                       Effects of recasts on
Classroom Pitfall: Making   Effect of Using P.P.P.       different morphosyntactic
the shift from student      Method in Class -V Pupils'   features: A case study of
teacher to a teacher        Achievent in Question        an adult ESL learner

1ib8                           1ib9                        1ib10                        1ib11

 J. Chriso Ricky Gill (1109)   Emiko Izumi (166)          Murshita Banu (1127)          Jyoti Rupa Deka (1055)
Ideal Curriculum:              How do Japanese EFL        Teaching Young Learners       Deepa Thomas (1056)
Understanding the Needs        Learners use Gestures,                                   English Language through
of ESL Learners                Emotions and Strategies in                               Indian Writing in English–
                               Communication?                                           Cultural, Technical and
                                                                                        Linguistic Issues and


1ic8                           1ic9                        1ic10                        1ic11

Ellen P. Motohashi,        S. Newton Raja (1110)           Eunice Aclan (175)           G Venkataraman (1131) .
ID 164                     Natural Way of Acquiring        Sharifah Anis Zarith (176)   B. Krishnamurthy (1132)
Shared Learning            Second Language                 An Evaluation of UniMap?     Syllabus Design and
Experiences in the Writing                                 Revised International        Materials Writing for ESP
Classroom: Peer Editing &                                  English Program: A Basis     Courses: SASTRA
Evaluation                                                 for Improving the Program    University Experience


                           8                           9                          10                            11

2Za8                           2Za9             2Za10/2Zb10                             2Za11/2Zb11
                                                (Workshop)                              (Poster)
Yo Hamada (705)          Ping Zhang (530)       Conleth Buckley (097)                   Louisa Chawhan (363)
Shadowing with           Fan Zeng (531)         English as a Lingua                     The relevance and
authentic materials, and Exploring L2 Mental    Franca (ELF): A                         effectiveness of Poster
its motivational         Lexicon: An FJT-based  perspective from                        Preseantations by
influence                Word Association Study Singapore                               English language
                                                                                        learners in
                                                                                        contemporary language
                                                                                          learners in
                                                                                          contemporary language

2Zb8                         2Zb9

Shantini S Karalasingam      Tran Thi Ngoc Lien (664)
(605)                        Using English Literature
Using Affective Domains      to Improve Critical
to Increase Vocabulary       Thinking in Academic

2Ya8                         2Ya9                           2Ya10                         2Ya11

Jawaher AL-Zeidi (2018) Yanjun Zhang (939)                  Simon Wilkins (617)           Anongard Nusartlet
Learning Through                                            Mark Howarth (618)            (038)
Teaching                                                    Student and Teacher           Kosin Panyaatisin(039)
                                                            Perceptions of Spoken         Function of English
                                                            Performance                   Discourse markers
                                                                                          Spoken by Non-Native
                                                                                          English Speakers i n
                                                                                          Thialand: Linguistics and
                                                                                          Learners' Variables

2Aa8                         2Aa9                           2Aa10                         2Aa11

Sun-Mih Park (645)           Rod Pederson (562)             Yuka Iijima (715)             Sen Zhang (598)
Teaching English Listening   Kiwan Sung (563)               Designing an EGAP ?           Mingfang Zhang (599)
Comprehension: A             Dialectics of Language,        Can-do List for Non-English   The Study of Simulated
Blended Course Using         Ideology, and Power and        Majors at a Japanese          Target Language for Pre-service      Projects of Possibilities in   University                    Environment in College
EFL Teachers                 ELT in Asia                                                  English Teaching in China


2Ab8                         2Ab9                          2Ab10                       2Ab11

Radhika Jaidev (542)         TranThi Chau Pha (661)*       WANG Jing (683)*            Yukawa Emiko (716)*
Writing resumes and          Truong Nguyen Quynh           What can we find in the     Koyama Tetsuharu (714)*
application letters that     Nhu (662)                     English requests by         Japanese 7th and 8th
communicate your             Computer Confidence,          Japanese EFL learners,      graders' affective state and
personal brand to            Computer Attitudes and        Chinese EFL learners and    its relation to their year-
potential employers          the Teaching practice of      native speakers?            final achievement
                             EFL Teachers in Vietnam

2Ac8                         2Ac9                          2Ac10                       2Ac11

Sung-Hee Lee (643) *         Ain Nadzimah Abdullah         Yuh-show Cheng (712) *      Serajum Munira (600)
Ji-Young Kang (664) *        (79)*                         Brian H.N. Yeh (710)        Implementing task-based
Korean College TEFL          Insights into linguistic      Analysis of Senior High     Language Teaching
Students' Seating Position   vitality of English and its   School English Curriculum   Approach in a non- English
and Their L2                 relevance to tertiary level   Guidelines in Taiwan        major course in the
Awareness/Motivation         language policy                                           colleges under National
                                                                                       University in Bangladesh


2Ba8                         2Ba9                          2Ba10                       2Ba11

Clare Prince                 Udom Srinon (667)*          Parveen Din Muhammed          Yuki Maehara (719)
                             Media Discourse: What do                                  Challenges and Issues to
                             different online English                                  Implement Communicative
BC                           newspapers tell us about                                  Approach
                             critical flood in Thailand? BC


2Bb8                         2Bb9                          2Bb10                       2Bb11

He Mingxia (236)*            Rubina Khan (566) **          Yuan Ximing (709)*          Servat Shirkhani (601)**
Wang Guan (237)*             Developing Learner            On Automated Essay          Students' attitudes toward
Application of video         Autonomy in the South         Scoring in Chinese EFL      the effectiveness of poetry
materials in classroom       Asian Context                 Writing Evaluation          in second language
teaching ---- from the                                                                 learning
perspective of TBLT

nd Teaching and Learning in the English Language Classroom in the Digital Age
                                     Lunch Break
                       2Ea8                        2Ea9                       2Ea10                           2Ea11

                      Sachiko Takahashi (577)  Choe Yoonhee (707)               Sahiruddin (579)              Yuri Nishio (721)
                      The Effect of            The Positioning of Korean        The effect of L1 and L2       Age of Onset of
                      metacognitive monitoring Teachers of English in a         glosses on vocabulary         perceptional English
                      training on L2 listening Study Abroad Program             knowledge and reading         syllabic units for Japanese
                      proficiency                                               comprehension in              children
                                                                    *           Indonesian EFL context


                      2Eb8                        2Eb9                          2Eb10                         2Eb11

                      Sri Suprapti (634)*         Senthamarai Thennavan         Yen-Fen Liao (701)            T. Swarna Latha (1237)
                      From Reading to Writing:    (1206)                        A validation study of the     Support of Technology &
                      Towards meaningful and      Challenges in Teaching and    GSAT English Cloze Tasks      Language Teaching :
                      contextual communication    Learning of Oral                                            Problems and Prospects
                                                  Communication Skills
                                                  (OCS) in Rural Based          *
                                                  Higher Institution in India


                                                  (Featured Speaker)          (Featured Speaker)              (Featured Speaker)
                                                  Emi Emilia                   Hossein Farhady,                Xiaoxiang Li
                                                  (Indonesia University of    (Iran University of Science     (School of Foreign
                                                  Education)                  & Technology, Tehran            Languages, Southeast
                                                                              University of Southern          University, Nanjing, China)
                                                  The changes that have       California, Los Angeles
                                                  taken place in the teaching YediTepe University,            ELT at Tertiary Institutions
                                                  of English in the Reform    Istanbul, Turkey)               in China
                                                  Era in Indonesia
                                                                                Foreign language
                                                                                education in Iran: Focus on
                                                                                Tertiary Level

                                  Tea/Coffee Break
2Ga8                          2Ga9                            2Ga10                         2Ga11

Wen-Hsing Luo (689)           Varsha S. Daswani (671)         Sakae Onoda (583)             Yuwen Wang (742)*
Investigating EFL learners'   The development of clarity      Investigating effects of      Cohesive features in
listening strategy use and    of writing In English classes   extensive listening on        Academic Writing - Corpus-
their listening               among freshman                  listening skill development   Based Study
comprehension                 university students             in EFL classes



2Gb8                          2Gb9                            2Gb10                         2Gb11

Shinji Fukuda (614) *         Ruwandini Ranatunga             Wenchian Yao (688)*           Kirti Kapur (1057)
Analyzing Speech Activities   (570)                           Teaching Four Skills of       Developing effective
in college EFL classes in     An analysis on the              English in a Fiction Class:   instructional materials for
Japan                         possibility of                  To English Majors in a        ELT
                              accommodating students'         Taiwanese College
                              Multiple Intelligences in
                              the same classroom with
                              different Workstation

2Ha8                          2Ha9                            2Ha10                         2Ha11

Ridwan Arif Nugroho           Vivimarie V.                    Samina Amin Qadir (587)       Yuyun Yulia (743)
(554)                         Medawattegedera (674)           Sarwet Rasul (759)            Teachers' Challenges
Introducing English           That superior tongue or         Identity and Placement of     Engaging Students in
Literature to Economics       the servants' language ?        English Teachers in           English learning in EFL
and Business Students by      Teaching and Learning           Pakistani Government          Context
means of Internet             Science in the English          Colleges
                              Medium: A Case study of
2Hb8                          2Hb9                            2Hb10                      2Hb11

Scott Kissau (597)            Sabiha Mansoor (391)            Chu Chunyan (682) *        Shen Shu (610)
The impact of online          Empowering English              Wang Duqin (680) *         Hu Ji-Yue (611)
methodology instruction       teachers for transforming       Shi Liyan (681)            Zhang Guo-Ying (612)
on second language             higher education               Incorporate Curriculum     Ananlysis of validity on
teacher confidence                                            Requirement and Social     computer-assisted
                                                              Requirement into Learner   language testing


2Hc8                          2Hc9                            2Hc10                      2Hc11

Rita Inderawati Rudy          Vu Thi Thanh Nha (675)          Sanath Janaka              Jureerat Khongkaew (781)
(559)                         Specificity and Students'       Gunawardena (589)          Sasikan Kosittrakun, *
Analyzing Students'           Expectations in an EAP          Motivational factors       Kornwipa Poonpon *
Paragraph Writing through     Course                          influencing learners
Peer Comments in                                              following voluntary and    Enhancing English speaking
Facebook                                                      mandatory English          ability of Nurses through a
                                                              language programmes at     CALL Speaking Package: A
                                                  *           Sri Lankan University      Case Study


                          8                               9                         10                              11
3za8                        3za9                     3za10                     3za11/ 3Zb11
Luciana (753)*              Rumana Hossain            Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna Ika Lestari Damayanti
Self Initiated Repair: A    (568)**                   (178) Enhancing          (256)
case of different           Exploring plausibility of English Vocabularies     Itje Chodidjah (266)
profiency learners In       learners’ autonomy in through Language Play Mentoring: A way to
Two Meaning-Based           second language           in Children Movies       connect teacher trainers
Tasks                       classrooms at the                                  to classroom practices
                            Tertiary Level

3Zb8                        3Zb9                     3Zb10
Raj Kumar Sharma (546)      Susana A. Cochingco      David Campbell
Cultural Dynamics in        (647)                    (100)*
English Language            Teaching Academic        The web browser as a
Learning and Teaching       Writing with the         language learning tool:
among the University        Incorporation of         useful extensions and
Students of Saudi Arabia    E-Technology             toolbars

3Ya8                        3Ya9                     3Ya10                     3Ya11

I-Ru Su (275)               Ren Xiping (549)         Shefali Gorsi (1185)     P.L.Muditha Cooray
Chao-Ning Huang             Zhou Ziqiang (550)       Meenakshi Verma          (509)
(276)                       A Study on the           (1186)                   A Joint Venture between
The Influence of Gender     characteristics of                                English Teachers and
on Task-based               individual English       A Bilingual and          Subject Experts for
Conversational              learners                 Intercultural approach Assisting the
Interactions in a Foreign                            to teaching English      Undergraduates in
Language                                             through local literature Coping up with the
                                                                              Writing Requirements of
                                                                              English Medium
3Aa8                        3Aa9                       3Aa10                      3Aa11
(DEMONSTRATION)             (DEMONSTRATION)            (DEMONSTRATION)            (POSTER)
Chiaki IWAI (89)             Desi Tom (792)            Rao Ghulam Murtaza          Amir Toghyani
Expanding EFL               CALL in a Post-PC World     (789)                     Khorasgani (032)
classroom activities into                        *     Test, Assessment and       Setting Reading Goals
an intercollegiate                                     Evaluation                 and the Ultimate
presentation event                                                                Achievement of Persian
                                                                                  EFL Learners in a
3Ab8                      3Ab9                         3Ab10                      Computer-Mediated
(DEMONSTARTION)           (DEMONSTARTION)                                         Environment
Larisa Krainik ( 337 )    Zahidur Rahman Nahid         Shahriar Jalili (604) **
Web tools: When?          (926) **                     the impact of writing
Where? How much?          A study on Bengali EFL       portfolio assessment on **
                          learners to their            developing the strategy
                          learning variability         of editing among Iranian
                          regarding the factors of     EFL learners
                          intelligence and
                     Tea/Coffee Break
3Ba8/3Bb8                 3Ba9                         3Ba10                      3Ba11
Willibrordus Sudi           Eun-Jeong Kim (177)        Gene Vasilopoulos          Handoyo Puji Widodo
Wijana (955)                Team-Teaching Practice     (206)                      (227)
Get your students           in English classrooms in   Jenna Schulte (2030)       Siti Aisyiyah (228)
trapped: Smart Trap         Korea and Japan            Strategic Language Use     A stakeholder driven
Board as a medium in                                   in L2 entity Negotiation   approach to English for
presenting some English                                                           Workplace
learning material                                                                 Communication
                                                                                  Materials Design
                                                3Bb9                        3Bb10                    3Bb11
                                                Andrea Flores (788)*        David E. Shaffer         Haruyo Yosh(a (230)
                                                Evaluating the              (101)                    Bruce Malcolm (231)*
                                                effectiveness of web 2.0     Language Learner        Cultivating Learner
                                                tools on student            Journals: Impacting      Autonomy in a Team-
                                                collaboration within a      autonomy and             taught Graduate
                                                task-centred curriculum:    sustainability           Reading Course in Japan
                                                A Vietnam case study?

                       3Bc8                     3Bc9                        3Bc10                    3Bc11

                       Marina Rassokha (403) Fadia (180)                    Haedong Kim (738)        Haryanto (232)
                       Learning English for     Sami (181)                  Analysis of student      Develpoing Foreign
                       cultural self-expression AL Mashat (182)             questions in an online   Language Learning
                                                How to improve              ELT teacher training     theory through The
                                                students in ESL or EFL in   course                   studies on good
                                                listening skills by using                            language learner
                                                different Audio Visual                               phenomena

g Challenges in TEFL
                                                   Lunch Break
ng ICT-based Interschool ELT Cooperation to develop Cross-Multicultural Understanding to Pave te Way to World Peace.
3Ea8                      3Ea9                      3Ea10                        3Ea11

Rajabali Askarzadeh       Somboon                   Menikpura Devage             Herlinawati (241)
Torghabeh (148) Using     Chetchumlong (628)        Shantha Sisira Kumara        Kurniawan (242)
English literature for    Blending of e-Learning    (432)                        The effectiveness of
Teaching English: The     to Face-to-Face English   Distinctive Particle Verbs   Indonesian Teachers
Role of Performance in    Grammar Teaching          in South Asian Varieties     Training Programs in
Teaching English to EFL                             of English                   improving teachers'
students                                                                         confidence and
                                                                                 motivation in teaching

3Eb8                      3Eb9                      3Eb10                        3Eb11

Jabber Kamali             Sayeedur Rahman           Hae-Ri Kim (217)             Hasbullah Said (233)
(278) **                  ( 595)**                  Ji Hyun Lee (218)*           Zaitun Bt.Hjh Sidin
Cinderella of             Qumrul Hasan              Creating communication       (234)
Reflectionism             Chowdhury ( 596)**        through Process Drama        Sanitah Binti Mohd.
                          English language,         Based on Content             Yusof (235)
                          Development, and          Literary Texts in a          Integrating Cross-
                          Marginal Communities      Primary EFL setting          Cultural Curriculum into
                          in rural Bangladesh: An                                School Based
                          ethnographic                                           Curriculum: Using Peer
                          Investigation                                          Review Technique to
                                                                                 enhance learners'
                                                                                 English vocabulary

3Fa8                       3Fa9                      3Fa10                     3Fa11

Duqin Wang (153)           Faridah Abdul Malik        Anita Bhela              Sumarni (638)
Chunyan Chu (154)          (191)                     (1089)                    Implementing
Jiying Fan (155)           Effect of metacognitive   Evaluating a Language     Constructivism through
Educational design         listening strategy        Learning Course through   QEDiC Learning Model
research and teacher       training on listening     Feedback
development                comprehension and
                           strategy use of ESL

3Fb8                       3Fb9                      3Fb10                     3Fb11

Dwi Ima Herminingsih       Farnaz Latif (192) **     Wu Min (941)              Lilly Fernandes (122)
(157) *                    Mahdieh Shafipoor         Wang Jian                 Norah Hadi Q. Alsaeed
How is English             (193) **                  A Study on ESL            (123)
Effectively used as a      Iranian University        Interaction Mechanism     Arvind Kumar Sharma
Medium of Instruction      Instructors'              at Tertiary Level in      (124)
by the Biology Teachers    conceptualizations        Terms of Dynamic          Using English Literature
of the Junior High         toward university         System Theory             for the teaching of
International Standards    classroom management:                               English
                           an EFL case study

                             Tea/Coffee Break
3Ga8                       3Ga9                      3Ga10                     3Ga11

Dwiyani Pratiwi (159)      Fatema-Tuj-Johra (194)    Hajieh Rahimi (220) **    Hiroki Uchida(245)*
The Implementation of      Mobile Technology:        Vocabulary                Teaching Vocabulary: A
Strategy-Based             New Horizon for Primary   Achievement Through       Way to Help Your
Instruction to Improve     Teachers' Training in     Natural Rich Context: A   Students to Learn
Students' Writing Skills   Bangladesh                Corpus Based Study        Polysemes


3Gb8                       3Gb9                       3Gb10                     3Gb11

E. Ngestirosa. Ewk (161)   Fatemeh Fazeli (195) A     Hajieh Rahimi             Hoa Nguyen (250)
An investigation of Peer   New Strategy for           Gharehchopogh (221)       Ha Do (251)
Correction for             Speeding up ESP            **                        Thao Vu (252)
Lampungnese EFL            University Students'       Characteristics of an     An evaluation of training
Learner                    Reading Comprehension      effective English         programs for English
                           and Fluency                language teacher: The     teachers in Vietnam
                                                      perceptions of Iranian
                           **                         EFL teachers, learners,
                                                      principals, and parents

3Ha8                       3Ha9                       3Ha10                     3Ha11

P.Ramakrishnan (1201)      Fatemeh Khonamri           Hamid Ashraf (222) **     Hoo Dong Kang (254)
A.R.S. Jayanth (1202)      (196) **                   Khalil Motallebzadeh      Ji Yeon Choi (255)
Exploiting Lateral         Mohammad Kazemian          (317) **                  The Development of
Thinking to aid Tertiary   Sanati (197) **            Morteza Mellati (223)**   Creativity & Character
Level Learners in          The role of mediation in   Marzieh Khademi           Education and Its Effect
Speaking Skills            fostering of Iranian EFL   (224)**                   on Elementary English
                           students' in-depth         ELT Material              Education in an EFL
                           vocabulary of critical     Development: Iranian      Context
                           reading during dynamic     Tertiary Education
                           assessment process         Needs Analysis ?

3Hb8                       3Hb9                       3Hb10                     3Hb11

Erna Iftanti (170) *       G.G.K. Vindika (204)       Han Jiyoung (225)         Okada Yasuko (505)*
Factors Contributing to    The effectiveness of       Lee Kilryoung (226)       Approaching literary
the Development of the     Collaborative Strategic    Teaching communicative    texts in the EFL
EFL Students' Good         Reading Instruction        strategies to Korean      classroom
English Reading Habits     Approach in a Sri Lankan   learners with LEP
                           English for Specific
                           Purposes Context

                             Closing Function
                         12                            13                             14                             15

1Ca12                         1Ca13                         1Ca14                          1Ca15

Helen Jang                    Henno Kotzev                  I-Chien Chen                   Joshi Paresh B
(238)                         (240)*                        (263)                          (1180)
Communicative                 Sink or swim? Survival        English Language Learning      International Intelligibility
Approaches in Teaching of     strategies in SLA             in the Social Networking       of English in the Context of
Spoken English during Pre-                                  Environment                    International/Intercultural
service Teacher Education                                                                  Communication
in EFL Contexts

1Cb12                         1Cb13                         1Cb14                          1Cb15

Francis Britto (202)*         Rachita Sinha (1178) Lucy                                    Joshua Adams (292)*
Making multiple-choice        (1179)                    Al-Assad Omar (133)                From Theory to Practice:
tests                         Challenges in English     New Insights into                  World Englishes In the
                              language teaching in the Motivation in TESOL                 Korean Context
                              Government schools in
                              Bihar:A Case of Angika-
                              English Bilinguals


1Fa12/1Fb12.                  1Fa13/1Fb13.                           1Fa14/1Fb14.          1Fa15/1Fb15
(WorkShop)                    (WorkShop)                              (WorkShop)           (Colloquium)
Mitsue Allen-Tamai (909)*      Soo im Lee (912)                   Kristin Reimer (915)      (Panel Discussion)
The Story-Based                English education and the        To Use or Not to Use L1?   Sabiha Mansoor et al.
Curriculum for EFL Young      clash of cultures:helping             An exploration of      (391)
Learners--From Oral           the learners to establish a          perceptions of first    Current issues and
Language to Literacy          balanced cultural identity        language use in the EAP    challenges In English
Development                   *                                       Classroom *          medium Tertiary Education
                                                                                           In South Asia Panel
                                                                                           Discussants: Bangladesh,
                                                                                           India, Pakistn, Sri Lanka
1Fa12/1Fb12.                1Fa13/1Fb13.                           1Fa14/1Fb14.          1Fa15/1Fb15
(WorkShop)                  (WorkShop)                              (WorkShop)           (Colloquium)
Mitsue Allen-Tamai (909)*    Soo im Lee (912)                   Kristin Reimer (915)      (Panel Discussion)
The Story-Based              English education and the        To Use or Not to Use L1?   Sabiha Mansoor et al.
Curriculum for EFL Young    clash of cultures:helping             An exploration of      (391)
Learners--From Oral         the learners to establish a          perceptions of first    Current issues and
Language to Literacy        balanced cultural identity        language use in the EAP    challenges In English
Development                 *                                       Classroom *          medium Tertiary Education
                                                                                         In South Asia Panel
                                                                                         Discussants: Bangladesh,
                                                                                         India, Pakistn, Sri Lanka

1Ga12                       1Ga13                         1Ga14                          1Ga15

Gary James Harfitt          Heyoung Kim                   I-Chung Ke (749)                Pushpendra C. Sinora
(205)                       (243)                         Second Identity                (1175)
Curriculum reform in Hong   Digital storytelling as       Acquisition/Development/        Kaushik Trivedi
Kong secondary schools:     narrative writing practice    Construction: From             (1176)
using literary texts to                                   learning English as a          Assessing effectiveness of
promote reader-response                                   foreign language/school        Web 2.0 tools in an ESL
and creativity in the ELT                                 subject to using English in    classroom
class                                                     real life


1Gb12                       1Gb13                         1Gb14                          1Gb15

 Kshema Jose                K.L. Verma                     Salu D' Souza                 Lii Wallenius
(1140)                      (1170)                        (1172)                         (1187)
Effects of Language and     Rajashree Bhanja (1177)       Challenges in Teaching         My Challenging ESL
Prior Knowledge Levels on   Teaching Work Ethics and      Speaking Skills to Students    Experience
Comprehending Online        Culture: Strategies and       from Regional Language
Texts                       Techniques                    Medium Schools
1Ha12                        1Ha13                       1Ha14                        1Ha15

Jyoti Kohli                  Hideko Nakano               Ida Rosmalina                Deepshikha M. Bortamuly
(1141)                       (244)                       (264)*                       (1169)
 Developing a Life Skills    Effect of Beat Sound in     The Application of CD        Challenges in Syllabus
Approach to Education:       Teaching English Rhythm:    Interactive to Improve       Designing for English as a
Role of the English          Data from EEG Analysis      Learning Motivation          Major Subject in
Classrooms                                                                            Contemporary Urban India


1Hb12                        1Hb13                       1Hb14                        1Hb15

Gina O. Gonong (209)         Anju Sehgal Gupta (1164)    Erlina (169)*                Jasvir Kaur K. (283)
Critical Perspective in an   Implementation of an ELT    The Use of Story             Scaffolding Tools: The
ELT Classroom: The Case of   course using the Multi-     Exploration Strategy in      Infusion of Socratic Maps
Philippine Presidential      modal Approach              Teaching Narrative Writing   and Socratic Questions in
Rhetoric                                                 to the First Year Students   the Process Writing Model
                                                         of English Study Program


1ia12                        1ia13                       1ia14                            1ia15/1ib15/1ic15

 Ida Ayu Made Puspani(       Hisako Yamauchi             Indawan Syahri (267)                (Workshop)
139)*                        (247) *                     The needs of Intercultural            Special
Ni Luh Ketut Mas             Joel Hensley                Sylalbus in English              Catherine Walter
Indrawati (140)              (248),                      Language Teaching in
                             Takahiro Kawamata           Indonesia
Material Design on           (249) *
Business English for         Mariko Oda *
Students of Economics        Developing CALL Materials
                             for English for Tourism
                             encouraging Learners
                             International Experience
                             and Motivating their
                             Foreign Language
1ib12                          1ib13                       1ib14

Sreemali Herath (633)          Kim Jeong-ryeol (321)       Preeti Bhatt (1150) Using
Facilitating academic          Extensive Reading: Good     Literary Texts in the
listening comprehension in     but not practical for       English Language
the Asian context: From        schools?                    Classroom
theory to practice




1ic12                          1ic13                       1ic14

Haeng Jung (216)               Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali       Irena Kuzborska (273)
Development of in-class        (253)*                      Understanding the
speaking test tasks for        How should an effective     knowledge and processes
Korean EFL university          performance appraisal be:   of learning to read in a UK
students                       EFL Teachers' Perspective   university: A longitudinal
                                                           study of Chinese students'


                          12                          13                            14                        15

2Za12/2Zb12                    2Za13                       2Za14                         2Za15
Sarah Forbes (591)             Young-in Moon(708)          Chiharu Nakanishi (946)       Arpana Jha (1151)
Teaching to Learn and          Effects of English Drama    English through music:        Challenges in Teaching
Learning to Teach:             on the acquisition of       Motivating Japanese           English for Technical
Project-based Learning         common expressions          Music Students with           Education Purposes: A
in an Engineering                                          CLIL                          Case Study of Students
English Class at                                                                         Pursuing Their
Kanazawa Technical                                                                       Engineering Course in a
College                                                                                  Technical
English Class at
Kanazawa Technical

                           2Zb13                   2Zb14/2Ya14                      2Zb15
                           Tazanful Tehseen (653) Rokshana Shirin (919)**           WU Hongyun (691)
                           Exploring the Use of    ELT Teachers + No ELT            Metacognitive abilities
                           Nominalization in       Background = Awful EFL           of successful EFL
                           Advanced Learners: A    Classroom: (A True               students in Chinese
                           case study in Pakistani Picture of Bangladeshi           universities
                           ESL context             English Language

2Ya12                      2Ya13                                                    2Ya15

                                                                                    Khaled Moradi (316) **
Cuiye Ning (099)           Shen Lei (609)
                                                                                    The impact of note-
On improving sports        Wang Xiaohong (171)                                      taking strategy
students' English          Investigations into the                                  instruction on academic
learning based on          Test-Taking Processes of                                 lecture comprehension:
survey of Students'        the CET Compound                                         A case of Iranian EFL
Learning Styles and        Dictation                                                learners
Teachers' Teaching

2Aa12                      2Aa13                      2Aa14                         2Aa15

Liu Qiuyun (938)           Sodnom Namjil (623)        Azar Najafi. M (058)**        Hossein Ali Majlesi Fard
The Teaching Research of   Samdan Uranchimeg (624)    Nazanin Najafi. M (059)**     (256)
High School English        Natsagdorj Oyunzaya        Undergraduate EFL             A Study on Iranian EFL
Learning Case in Self-     (625)                      Students' Critical Thinking   Teachers' Perceptions
learning Atmosphere        University ESL Syllabus    and Writing Ability with      Concerning the Low
                           Design and Problems        Different Learning Styles     English Proficiency of
                           facing Univeristies of                                   Learners

2Ab12                          2Ab13                        2Ab14                       2Ab15

Hemant Kumar Jha (1221) Rong Xiaoyan (940)                  Steve Jugovic (636)*        Azizullah Mirzaei (060)**
Developing              Responding to the                   An Applicable English       Maryam Ranjbar (061)**
Communicative           Curriculum Reform: How              Curriculum Design           Transforming the
Competence in SL        they think and what they            Approach for non-English    Hierarchical L2 Turn-Taking
Classroom               do - A case study of Two            Majors                      Configurations and
                        EFL teachers                                                    Classroom Settings in Iran

2Ac12                          2Ac13                        *
                                                            2Ac14                       2Ac15

Tri Wahyuni Floriasti          Sanjay Kumar Thakur          David Pardoe (102)*         Prajna Pani (1241) Lateral
(905)*                         (1239)                       British Council Learn       Thinking: Communicative
It's mobile era: Teaching      Second language              English Audio ? English     Competency and Capacity
Speaking skills using          acquisition and challenges   content via the 'ipod for   Building Technique
Podcast and movie to the       in Asian classrooms to       development'
teacher students of            learn English as a second
Yogyakarta State               language

2Ba12                          2Ba13/2Bb13                  2Ba14                       2Ba15
                               (Special Session )
Shu-hui Yu (616)*              Alison Barrett               Sun Bing (639)              A.N. Guru Prasad (1231)
Connection Between             Michael Connolly             Shi Shuangyi (640)          Enhancing Learning
Clustering Maps and First                                   Sun Xueqi (641)             Attitudes through
Drafts in EFL Learners'                                     An Empirical Study on       Cooperative and Problem-
Writing                                                     Chinese EFL Learners'       based Learning
                                                            Acquisition of If-
                                                            conditional Sentences

2Bb12                                                       2Bb14                       2Bb15

Uma Sagaran (795)                                           Meri Evdokimova (438)       Tomomi Deguchi (659)*
Chan Mei Yuit,                                              Intercultural Issues of ESP Experiencing Intercultural
Shamala Paramsivam                                          Instruction                 Contact through an
Politeness in institutional                                                             International Volunteer
discourse: The script of the                                                            Project: English,
fast-food service                                                                       Intercultural
encounter in Malaysia                                                                   Understanding, and
2Ea12                          2Ea13                     2Ea14                        2Ea15

Rifat Tasnim (558)              Zahra Zargaran (949)     Sung Kiwan (642)             Wan Safuraa Wan Osman
Teaching English as an         Academic Discourse and    Issues, challenges, and      (676)*
International Language         Reading Strategies: A     implications of utilizing    Melor Md. Yunus (677)
through Literature             contextual Study to       multimedia in Elementary     Gifted Education: Tackling
                               Strategy Use              English Textbooks            the Heart, Mind and Soul
                                                                                      of the Students

2Eb12                          2Eb13                     2Eb14                        2Eb15

Maiko Nakatake (798)           Sook-Kyung Jung (629)     Ali Rahimi (028)           Susan Holzman( 646)
Fostering autonomous           A new way to improve      Saloumeh Khodabakhshi English at the Tertiary
writers in a Japan             speaking fluency: Smart   (029)                      Level in Israel
                               phone English class in    Investigating the problems
                               Korea                     of EFL teaching in
                                                         secondary schools in
                                                         Isfahan, Iran

(Featured Speaker)             (Featured Speaker)        (Featured Speaker)           (Featured Speaker)
Anjana Neira Dev               Hajime Terauchi            Hee-Kyung Lee               Wei Keong Too
(Department of English,        (Takachiho University,    (Yonsei University,Seol,     (The University of
Gargi College, University of   Tokyo, Japan)             Korea)                       Nottingham Malaysia
Delhi)                                                                                Campus)
                            English education at         Heading toward the global
English In Tertiary         universities in Japan: An    standardization of English   The trends and challenges
Education In India: A Janus overview and some            education in Korean          in teaching English
faced perspective           current trends               universities: A case study   Language at the Tertiary
                                                         of an English program in a   Level in Malaysia
                                                         Korean university
2Ga12                        2Ga13                         2Ga14                         2Ga15

Sisilia S. Halimi (619)*     Hiroyuki Obari (246)          Syaifullah (648)              Fahimeh Marefat (183) **
Adi Sutrisno (762)           The effect of Blended         Improving the students'       Hessam Ghanbar (184) **
Bambang Supriyanto           Learning with Social Media    speaking skill by using       Differential effects of form-
(763)                        in teaching EFL               visual aids at the Second     focused instruction on
Baso Jabu (764)                                            Year of English Education     Learners' Interlanguage
Etty Bazergan(765)                                         Department, Faculty of        development: The case of
Evi Eliyanah(766)                                          Education                     Unificationist vs.
Is a Test preparation                                                                    Separationist
program the best solution
to preparing Indonesian
Lecturers to improve their   *
English language

2Gb12                        2Gb13                         2Gb14                         2Gb15

Wan Hurani Osman (796)*      Souba Rethinasamy (630)       Ali Rabi (734)                Tran Huong Quynh (660)
Organisation and language    Kee Man Chuah (631)           EFL learning strategy based   Negotiation of meaning in
convention used in           Radina Mohd. Deli (632)       on Marked Features: A         speaking activities with
academic writing             Wun Chiew Pung                case from Phonology           pictures by Vietnamese
assignment by tertiary       The unending debate on                                      university students
learners in Malaysia         English Medium                **
                             Instruction: Is there an
                             amicable solution?

2Ha12                        2Ha13                         2Ha14                         2Ha15

Rod Pederson (621)           Kitcha Thepsiri (324)         Takayuki Nakanishi (649)      Hajar Khanmohammad
Situated Learning:           Interactive Learning          O55Atsuko Ueda (650)          (219) **
Rethinking a Ubiquitous      Diaries: A case study of      Reading habits and            A Content Analysis of the
Theory                       Secondary School students     attitudes of university       effect of illustrations used
                             in a Thai Education Context   students in Japan             in Junior High School
                                                                                         English Textbooks in Iran

2Hb12                         2Hb13                        2Hb14                         2Hb15

Tatsuro Saito (791)        Stephen M. Ryan (635)           Devi Hellystia (782)          Tran Thi Lan Anh (663)
Expanding horizons of ELT: English as the Key to           Extroverted Versus            The effects of input
A diversity challenge      Cultural Exchange among         Introverted personality,      enhancement in
                           Asian Students                  Instructional personality,    vocabulary acquisition: An
                                                           and the success of            action research
                                                           students' performance in
                                                           Reading Comprehension


2Hc12                         2Hc13                        2Hc14                         2Hc15

Sivagowri Sivaguurnathan      Sanam Khanna                 Tats Paul Nagasaka(651) M.Vijaya Lakshmi (1152)
(622)                         (1115)                       The ownership of English: Teaching Fixed Expressions
English Language              Lessons from CATE-           An illusion?              through Comics: An
Education of Jaffna Tamils:   Learning from Testing                                  Exploratory Study
A socio linguistic review

                        12                            13                            14                           15
3za12                       3za13                      3za14                      3za15

Muhammad Athar              Ma'ssoumeh Bemani          Harumi Yamin (229)         Masahiro (412)
Hussain (144)               Naeini (416) **            Making a news report       Incidental and
Muhammad Saeed              Zahra Zohoorian            video: A speaking          intentional learning of
Akhter (145)                (417) **                   project for EFL students   English request
Teaching of English in      How to Teach or                                       downgraders
Asian Context: ELT          Unteach: A case of using
Syllabus and                bad strategies to help
Methodology                 learners develop Writing

3Zb12                       3Zb13                      3Zb14                      3Zb15

Somayeh Eygharloo                                      Masaki Oda(413)            Junmei Zhang
                            Namita Singhal
(627) **                    (1099/1060)
                                                      A challenge of learning     (306)
The Effect of Expository    Integration of            EFL: Learners' beliefs      Needs Analysis of
Texts of Emotional          Intercultural Approach to and public discourse        Chinese Non-English
Intelligence on the         Foreign Language                                      Major Graduate English
writing proficiency of      Teaching
EFL learners

3Ya12                       3Ya13                      3Ya14                      3Ya15

Tribekti Maryanto           Mayumi Kashiwa (420)       Maryam Farnia (406) **     Mark Fifer Seilhamer
Agustinus (665)             Yoopayao Daroon (421)      Intercultural              (404)
Designing Marking           Through the Road of        communication: A study     The Entrepreneurial Self
System of Writing Ability   Practice-based             of responding to           in Taiwan and Japan:
Test for the Students of    Learning(PBL) in           rudeness between           Can we prepare our
Polytechnic                 Northern Thailand EFL      Iranian and Malaysian      students for Enterprise
                            Context                    university students in     Culture Success?
3Aa12                     3Aa13                       3Aa14                       3Aa15
(POSTER)                  (POSTER)                    (POSTER)                    (POSTER)
 Fariba Heiarzadeh        Leila Ali Akbari Hamed      Nasrin Shokrpour            Mehran Davaribina
Hozhabry (190)             (345) **                   (487) **                     (942)
A semiotic analysis of    Fatemeh Goharkhani          Does Peer Review Work       Hiring or Firing
three selected            Asli (346) **               in our EFL Writing          Personality Differences
advertisements from the   Familiarity with            Courses?                    in Providing Feedback
internet                  rhetorical organization
                          of a text and its role on
**                        the comprehension of                                    **
                          EFL learners

3Ba12                     3Ba13                       3Ba14                       3Ba15

Li Lin (349)*           Deng Jun (104)*               Ki-jung Kim (320)           Liu Yuhui (359)
How Much Spoken         Research on designing         The relations of Children   A Study on
Grammar Finds its Way tasks for ESP courses           's English educational      Interpersonal Meaning
through Chinese College                               phenomenon to               of Teacher Talk in
Students                                              Multicultural Mothers'      College English
                                                      Personal Variables,         Classroom Interaction
                                                      Environment, Child-         from Epistemic
                                                      rearing attitudes           Perspective

                    3Bb12                      3Bb13                    3Bb14                   3Bb15

                    Christian Krekeler (095)   Jothimalar Krishnasamy Danielle Soper-Bhat       M. Raouf Moini (375) **
                    Do grades undermine        (293)                                            Maryam Ebrahimi (376)
                    the effectiveness of       Gita Nursinta Dewi                               **
                    feedback?                  (294) *                BC                        Impact of Concept
                                               Andre Anthony Ang                                mapping instruction on
                                               (295)                                            second language
                                               Multiracial Classroom:                           reading strategy use
                                               New Challenges and
                                               Perspectives in Asian

                    3Bc12                      3Bc13                    `3Bc14                  3Bc15

                    Hou Yanping (257)          Julian Chapple (296)*    Tayebeh Fani (652) **   Maisa (387)*
                    Teaching Reading to BTI    Shoichi Matsumura        Fostering emotional     Assessing learners' belief
                    (Bachelors of              (297)*                   intelligence of EFL     in EFL context
                    Translation and            Native and nonnative     learners through
                    Interpretation) and        speaker English          literature
                    Teaching Reading to        teachers' perceptions
                    English Majors: Same or    about team teaching: A
                    Different?                 case study of Japanese
                                               elementary schools

y to World Peace.
3Ea12                       3Ea13                    3Ea14/3Eb14               3Ea15
Hu Sha (258)                Sheetal Rajvanshi        Rustom Mody (1104)        Majan Abdullah Al-
Application of              (1119)                    Nita Shetty (1105)       Yarubi (388)
Constructivist Theory to    Teaching of English      Developing the Spoken     The Validity of Code-
Oral English Teaching at    Language Through         English skills of         Switching in Classrooms
Tertiary Level              Literature               disadvantaged youth of
                                                     urban India by
                                                     transforming challenges
                                                     into successes


3Eb12                       3Eb13                                              3Eb15

Huang Keyong (261)          Jun Xia (300)*                                     Manzoorul Abedin
Noticing the gap in task-   Zhiling Wang (301)*                                (392)
based English classroom     The Dinamic                                        Exploring the Impact of
teaching.                   development of                                     International Agencies
                            Lexicons in L2 writing                             on English Education
                                                                               policies in the
                                                                               Developing Countries:
                                                                               the case of Bangladesh
3Fa12                     3Fa13                      3Fa14                      3Fa15

Alina Rebecca Chirciu     Katsuaki Oyama (309)       Le Hung Tien (339)         Mao Liqun (393)
(030)*                    Natsumi Suzuki (310)       Tertiary English           An Integration of Variety
 Teacher’s perspectives   Corporate Teaching for     education in Vietnam       and Unity in Teaching
on learner autonomy in    the TOEIC Test in a        from second language       English at Tertiary Level
the Omani Context         University Environment     education perspectives     in China

3Fb12                     3Fb13                      3Fb14                      3Fb15

Intan Permata Hapsari     Keiko Yonaha (311)         Le Van Canh (341)        Margana (394)
(272)                     Interpretation Education   Native English Teachers’ M.Hum
Improving Students'       at the University and      construction of
Writing through           Graduate school level      Professional Identity in
Thematization                                        the Efl Context

3Ga12                     3Ga13                      3Ga14                      3Ga15

Isabel Pefianco Martin Ulaya Ahdiani (668)*          Lee Shzh-chen Nancy        Alireza Ameri
(277)                     Learning English through   (342)*                     (031)
Revisiting CLT and its    Literature                 Usage of peer feedback     Exploring Relationship
role in teaching/learning                            in academic writing        between Critical
English in non-native                                classes: How does it       Reflection and Narrative
contexts                                             improve students'          Paragraph Writing
                                                     attitudes toward English   Ability of Iranian
                                                     learning?                  Intermediate EFL

3Gb12                     3Gb13                       3Gb14                    3Gb15

James D Brown (279)   Hiwa Weisi (907)                Lee Hyeong-Jong (343)    Mari Yamauchi
Vocowboylary - Taming An Investigation into           Dimensionality and       (396)*
Wild Lexis            Pragmatic Information           Construct Validity of    Mitsumi Uchida
                      in Pre-University English       Scores on an L2          (397) *
                      Textbooks in Iran               Motivation Scale         Atsuhiro Kojima
                                                                               (398) *
                                                                               How L1 syntactic
                          **                                                   patterns influence
                                                                               Japanese EFL learners'

3Ha12                     3Ha13                       3Ha14                    3Ha15

Jane K. Lartec (280)      Vida Sadrolmamaleki         Li Ying (350)            Maria Arina Luardini
Jengjeng Bolintao (281)   (954)                       An Empirical Study on    (399)
Marilyn Macwes (282)      Reforming Research          the Problems of          A description in English
Stephenie Busbus          Writing: Using Literature   Autonomous English       Teachers Competences
(2022)*                   as its Foundation           Learning in China        and the Students'
Ma. Flora May Garcia                                                           National Final Test
(2023)                    **                                                   Result in Central
Meta-analysis of                                                               Kalimantan
researches in language
and literature in the
Higher Education
Institutions of the
Administrative Region

3Hb12                     3Hb13                       3Hb14                    3Hb15

Kyong-Sook Song(330) *    Kieu Van Le Thi (319)       Liu Yudong (357)         Maria J.A.Widayanti
Teaching World            Factors affecting the       Zhou Ying (358)          (400) *
Englishes and Cultures    teaching and learning of    Construction of          SQ3R Strategy to
in Korea                  ESP at Tertiary level In    University EFL Teacher   Enhance Students'
                          Asian context               Professional             Reading Skill in
                                                      Community: A             Elementary Reading
                                                      Sustainable              Comprehension


Jung, YounHee
(302) *
Kim, Hae-Ri (303)
Implementing literature
discussion for primary
English learners using
children's literature on the
framework of action


 Sudhanshu Shekhar
Mukesh Kumar
English language syllabi for
a multilingual society: A
case of Bihar

      1Fa16/ 1Fb16
   Fiona Hyland (918)
   Providing effective
  feedback on student
        writing *
      1Fa16/ 1Fb16
   Fiona Hyland (918)
   Providing effective
  feedback on student
        writing *


Junhong Dong (304) *
Yawen Huang (305)
The Comparative Analysis
of Current Machine



Md Madni Ashraf (1168)
Harvinder Negi
Issues in ELT Environment
in Madrashas

Kangkha Patcharin
Transitioning an Electronic
Student Portfolio in
Empowering Students'
Lifelong Learning


 Prithvirajsingh Thakur
 Teaching Listening and
Pronunciation: A
Technology Inspired


Kenji Kitao (313) *
S. Kathleen Kitao (314)
Developing Search Terms
to Identify Speech Acts in
Spoken Corpora

Arisa Kochiyama (040)
Functions of fairy tales as
EFL textbooks in Japanese
elementary schools



Isha Arora (1165)
Deepti Chawla (1166)
Relevance of using local
literatures in translation in
an ESL classroom; a study
on perceptions of ESL



Yih-Lan Ellen Chen (740)
The role of self in L2
motivation: A case in
EFL learning in Taiwan
Vijay Singh Thakur (150)
Reginald B. Rocha (151)
Addressing the
Centrality of Interaction
through Poetry in
EFL/ESL Classrooms:
Some Pedagogic


RJ Singh (127)*
MW Maruma (128)
Mrs W S Chauke

Use of Resources in
Second Language Grade
One Classrooms

Gilda Victoria Jacalan
Classroom Discourse of
Teachers and Learners


Pei-Lun Kao (523)
Problems and Challenges
Encountered in Self-
directed Multimedia
Language Learning


Tran Thi Chau Pha (661)*
Truong Nguyen Quynh
Nhu (662)*
Computer Confidence,
Computer Attitudes and
the Teaching Practice Of
EFTL Teachers in Vietnam


Md. Shayeekh-Us-
Saleheen (431)*
Opportunities and
challenges of adapting EFL

Doan Kim Khoa (111)*
Attitudes of Vietnamese
Teachers towards using
first language in teaching
reading lessons in English


Thomas Lechner
 Developing conversation
skills through guided role-

(Featured Speaker)
(Director of Bilinugal
Education, Rangsit
University, Thailand)

Students' future careers
and expansion of
Tertiary English
Education in Thailand

Zarha Sadat Jalali (744) **
 Nahid Fallah (723) **
 Ali Ramimi (724) **
Creativity and Multiple
intelligences: implications
for EFL learners


Makoto Shimizu (389)
Masaki Murata (390) *
Passive and active voices in
scientific papers


Nava Nourdad,
(490) **
 Parviz Ajideh
(491) **
Unique information about
EFL reading ability
provided by dynamic

Yan Qi (693)*
XU Cuiqin (694) *
The effects of Planning
Condition and Topic
Familiarity on the use of
Formulaic Sequences in
oral speech by Chinese EFL


Sabreena Niles (575)
Sachee Ranaweera(576)
Error Correction through
Mnemonics for Sri Lankan
Undergraduates using
English as a Second


Kweon soo ok (329)
Investigating Conceptual
Mediation in L2
Vocabulary Acquisition
Using False Memories


Kyongseok Ko
A study on the Effects of
Dictogloss using


Kyung-Ae Cha (752)
A Case Study of Korean
Learners’ Metacognitive
Reading Strategy Use
3Aa16 / 3Ab16
Prem Kumari Srivastava
Ruchi Kaushik (1077)
Mukti Sanyal (1078)
Gitanjali Chawla (1079)

Are you listening?
Innovative Listening
Texts and Practices in
the Indian Tertiary


Qaisera A.Sheikh (757)*
The Impact of Faculty
Development on the
Instructional Practices of
College Teachers in the

Veronica Triprihatmini
(672) *
Engaging Students' in
Speaking English by
'Playing Football' in the


Mahendran Maniam
Syntactical Influence of
Mother Tongue in ESL
Class in a Tamil School

Thom Kiddle (2006)



Gregory Minehane
Authentic Children's
Books in ESL Extensive

Mohammed Qassem Al-
Shormani (456)
Sources of Semantic
Errors Committed by
Yemeni University
Learners of English


Kim Shinhye(322)
Proud or Ashamed to be
an English Teacher?: A
Narrative Inquiry into
Korean Secondary
School English

Wang Xiaong (171)
Lu Xiao (948)
Shen Lei (609)
An investigation into
interaction patterns in
three-party group tasks
of oral test

Hemamala Ratwatte
Motivation to Pursue
and Persist with
Learnings' English
Language Teachers in
Higher Education


Lan-Hsin Chang (335)
Acquiring English
Phonetic Knowledge in
an EFL Project-based
                      Catherine Walter
                                 micheal connol - 12
               5-Oct Alison Barrett(       10:
          61th october Philipps, emma- sueprince, Alan Mackenzi(10.20)
                      Tom kiddle
          Claire Prince
Non presenter
          natasha Rosair
          sheila neilson(22-5)
Alison Barrett
2.    Michael Connolly             9.    Tim Phillips
3.    Clare Prince                 1.    Alan Mackenzie
                                   10.   Emma-Sue Prince

6.     Natasha Rosair
7.     Rustom Mody (ID No. 1104)
8.     Nita Shetty (ID No. 1105)

Guest list
Rob Lynes
Chris Brandwood
Alison Barrett &
Danielle Soper-Bhat
Emma-Sue Prince
        6th Oct

David Pardoe           2002
Sheilagh Neilson       2005
Jovan Ilic             2003
Thom Kiddle            2006
Danielle Soper-Bhat    2004
Parveen Din Muhammed

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