To Taste Or Not To Taste? by MAUUT0


									To Taste Or Not To Taste?

    PTC: Genes and Bitter Taste
             Ms. Z
 Accidentally discovered in 1931 by Arthur Fox.
 Tastes extremely bitter to some people but not others.
 Chemical structure resembles toxins found in plants.
The PTC Gene
 The ability to taste PTC is determined by a single gene,
  which codes for a taste receptor on your tongue.
 There are 2 alleles: taster (T) or non-taster (t).

 For the PTC gene:
   How many genotypes are possible?
   How many phenotypes are possible?
To Taste Or Not To Taste?
 You will inventory the PTC-tasting trait in your family and
  build a pedigree.
   Are you testing for genotype or phenotype?
Evolutionary Importance of
Bitter Taste
 Many natural bitter substances are toxins.
 Plants produce many toxins in order to protect themselves
  from being eaten.
 Bitter taste evolved in early humans to prevent consumption
  of poisonous plants.
Health Applications
 People who find PTC bitter may be less likely to smoke,
  because they find the taste of cigarettes bitter.
 The ability to taste PTC may also correlate to food

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