Cable Management in the Modern Office Space by ruperty_murdoch69


A brief overview of the benefits of cable management raised floors.

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									Cable Management in the Modern Office Space

By: Carl Strickland, 2012

The pace of our world becoming more connected, networked and wired is ever-increasing. Even with
the advent of wireless networks like Wifi, 4G and WiMax, we still rely on wires more than ever before.

Organizations desiring uncompromised security tend to opt for wired communications networks
whenever practical. Corporate power users in many industries require the high reliability and bandwidth
that wired networks can offer.

Power consumption by electronic devices such as computers, mobile devices, phones, displays and more
all require power cables at some point, even devices that can run on battery power. Until a practical

In production environments such as data centers, telecomm rooms and IDF closets, cable management
is simple: overhead cable trays offer cost effective and flexible. There is sufficient floor to ceiling height
to allow for cable trays.

In the office environment, however, there are more limitations to cable management. Aesthetic
concerns, lower ceiling heights and work interruptions are major concerns. Any use of overhead cable
trays in the office environment is limited to above the drop-ceiling. Even then, cable drops must be
made from the ceiling to the workspace (cubicles, desks, etc.).

A method that seems to be gaining wider acceptance is cable management floors for the office space.
Floors from manufacturers like Netfloor and FreeAxez take up only a few inches of floor to ceiling height
and offer built-in cable management raceways.

A floor being installed with built-in cable management.

Such floors are known as “cable management floors” or “low profile floors” and offer an alternative
method of cable management without unsightly cable chase ways from floor to ceiling. They are easy to
deploy and can be re-deployed when moving to a new office.
A Netfloor cable management floor system with black cable race way covers.

Standard floor treatments (carpet, laminates) can be installed on top of these cable management access
floor systems. Since the ease of access and ability to reconfigure the structured cable layout is one of
the appealing features of low profile floors, it is recommended that VCT or carpet tiles be used.

Using carpet tiles allows the user to gain easy access to the floor so cable can be added or re-worked
depending on the demands of the office space.

Most cable management floor systems allow easy integration with electrical floor boxes which allow
power, data and voice cables to be landed within the floor box for easy access.

With cable management floors, it has never been easier to manage wiring in an office environment.

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