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Neighbourhood Plans - Dacorum Borough Council


									                   Parish Conference

Neighbourhood Plans

25 November 2011
                Today’s Presentation

1. What are Neighbourhood Plans?

2. Dacorum’s approach so far
    • The role of the Local Planning Framework
    • Front Runners Scheme – Grovehill

3. The role of Town and Parish Councils and Neighbourhood
                          Neighbourhood Plans
                   We don’t have all the answers at the moment

               Draft Regulations were published on 13 October 2011 for
                              comment until 5 January 2012

What are they about?
•   About planning and development but Plans can go beyond pure
    ‘development’ matters.
•   Plans can only promote more, not less development than set out in
    the Core Strategy
•   Need to fit with the authority’s strategic policies, with national
    policies, and with European legislation (particularly the Human
    Rights Act and SEAs).
                                                        “The primacy of the
                       “In order for the plan to be         local plan is
                     adopted, indeed in order for it   absolute.... Any plan
                         to go forward even to a       drawn up by a group
                         referendum, it has to be       of local people that
                          examined and found to        didn’t conform to the
                      conform with the local plan”      strategic aspects of
                                                       the local plan would
                                                        have no standing in
  “The provisions of the                               the planning system
Localism Bill were not quite                                   at all.”
   what people expected
 in the sense of being pro-
                                                            “There can be no
                                                           neighbourhood plan
                                                           that goes below the
                                                          levels that have been
                                                           allocated in the local
            Who prepares them?

• Prepared by Town and Parish
  Councils and other duly elected
  neighbourhood groups in non-
  parished areas.

• District Council has a duty to
  support these groups
                 How are they prepared?

•   The Borough Council will be responsible for checking a plan for these latter
•   There will be a ‘light touch’ examination to make sure the plan fits with the
    Borough strategy – and other neighbourhood plans.
•   Once these things have happened, it will go to a referendum within the
    neighbourhood (and adjoining areas, if they are affected).
•   If a simple majority of votes are in favour of the plan, the authority has to
    adopt it.
                               The Strategic Planning Framework context


                                             National planning                           Allocations
                                           policies and guidance
                                                                                        Area Action    Plan
                                                  LOCAL                                    Plan
          Minerals and Waste
       Development Framework                  DEVELOPMENT
       (produced by Hertfordshire              FRAMEWORK                                 Proposals
            County Council)                   FOR DACORUM                                  Map


 Supplementary           Statement of          Local Development   Annual Monitoring
    Planning              Community              Scheme (LDS)           Report
Documents (SPDs)       Involvement (SCI)                                (AMR)
                The importance of the Core Strategy

Takes a ‘localist’ approach with the
inclusion of Place Strategies for:

    •   Hemel Hempstead
    •   Berkhamsted
    •   Tring
    •   Bovingdon
    •   Markyate
    •   Kings Langley
    •   Countryside
     A Neighbourhood Plan Front-Runner

1. Extent of Neighbourhood Plan to be agreed with
   Neighbourhood Forum.

2. A regeneration and delivery plan for Grovehill Local
   Centre based on increased housing, improvements to the
   public realm and provision of community facilities and
   maintenance of a strong local shopping and service offer.

3. A pilot for bottom-up, open source community
   consultation in neighbourhood planning.

4. An exemplar for proactive, positive neighbourhood
   planning and development delivery.
            A plan for Grovehill by Grovehill

Final content to be decided, but likely to

• What the neighbourhood is like – its
  key identity, characteristics.
• Local issues.
• Planning policy for new
        An opportunity for the regeneration of Henry
                       Wells Square

• Opportunities for improvements
• Vacant and underused land
• New Housing
• Affordable Housing
• Strong local shopping offer and
  public services
• A new look and image for the area
Regeneration of Henry Wells Square
 Your Plans
• Consider what you need to cover – does the Local Planning
  Framework already deliver what you need?
• How will the Neighbourhood Plan help deliver development
• Let DBC know as soon as possible
• Area covered needs to be agreed by DBC
• There are no further resources at present
• You can use DBC’s evidence base – but the cost of further
  work will need to be borne by you
• Your Plan must be robust enough to withstand challenge
• Consider the process carefully
• DBC has to fund examiner and referendum but will need
  advance notice
• Work closely with DBC and see if referendum can be
Further resources
The following organisations have been appointed by
 Government to offer advice and support:
   • CPRE -
   • Princes Foundation -
   • Planning Aid -
   • Locality -
Planning Advisory Service -
   • Guide for Ward Councillors
   • FAQs and case studies on website
Planning Officers Society (POS)
Hertfordshire Planning Group
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