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									MHE – ODC PARTNER                                       ENGAGEMENT MODEL PROCEDURE

1.0 Purpose
This process describes the activities performed by the operations team and business
units to ensure a streamlined and common workflow for engaging the ODC partner.

2.0 Scope
The scope of this process is to address the way in which work is given to the ODC
partner from the different Business Units (BUs) in MGE. The different BUs will refer to
this process for effective implementation of projects through the ODC partner.

3.0 Input
        BUs information on projects
        SOW

4.0 Definitions

Acronyms                      Description

BU                            Business Unit

ODC                           Offshore Development Center

SOW                           Statement of Work

QA                            Quality Assurance

MHE                           McGraw Hill Education

OLC                           Online Learning Center

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MHE – ODC PARTNER                                      ENGAGEMENT MODEL PROCEDURE

5.0 Procedure
    5. 1 Identify projects
        5.1.1 Monthly meetings are held with all Business Units at MHE to identify
                the projects that would happen in their BUs
                                                                                        Comment [r1]: Ideally, it would be good to
        5.1.2 Pam or Michael would be part of this meeting from the Operations
                                                                                        have the position mentioned rather than the
                team                                                                    individual’s name.

        5.1.3 The BUs share their 90-day forecast in terms of the different projects
                that would start in their BU in the next 90 days
        5.1.4 Typically the BUs would provide the following information
                       Project Start Date
                       Project End Date
                       Project Type
                       Project Name (For reference)
                       Project charge code
                       Project ID (as assigned by Capacity Database)

    5. 2 Communicate to ODC Partner
        5.2.1 This 90-day forecast from all BUs would be consolidated by Pam or         Comment [r2]: Ideally, it would be good to
                                                                                        have the position mentioned rather than the
              Michael and sent to the ODC partner on a monthly basis                    individual’s name.
        5.2.2 The Partner’s Relationship Manager would be the primary recipient of
              this 90-day forecast
        5.2.3 Relationship Manager will communicate the forecast to Partner’s
              Capacity Coordinator
        5.2.4 A copy of this would be sent to the ODC Manager at well

    5. 3 Input to ODC Partner
        5.3.1 This 90-day forecast would be the input for ODC Partner to plan for
                resource ramp up
        5.3.2 This forecast also gives the type of projects/products that would be
                coming by and hence would aid the Partner to source the right
                resources for each project

    5. 4 The Forecast
        5.4.1 The 90-day forecast list would cover all the services listed in the SOW
                – Schedule 2 – Scope of Services. This includes
                       New Product Development (given as Development in SOW)
                       Production
                       Maintenance

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MHE – ODC PARTNER                                     ENGAGEMENT MODEL PROCEDURE

                       Support
                       QA
        5.4.2 The 90-day forecast list will be reviewed every month. For eg., the list
               can be given to the Partner in January for the work that will happen in
               January, February and March. Then on February, the projects that
               would happen in February, March and April would be consolidated and
               sent to the Partner.
        5.4.3 The projects that were planned in February and March in January
               would be reviewed and validated in February and in addition the
               projects planned for April would be appended to this February forecast

    5. 5 Proposal
        5.5.1 The list of projects in this 90-day forecast sheet is as the name
               suggests only a forecast. This is NOT the contract for the ODC Partner
               to start or commence the project. However, this forecast is a
               commitment to the partner for the required resources. The BU will be
               liable for full payment to the partner for the committed resources,
               even if the BU does not submit projects to the partner and the
               resources are not fully utilized.
        5.5.2 For every project, the BU would ask for a proposal and the Partner
               would need to submit this proposal to the concerned BU. For OLC type
               of projects, BU will provide the purchase order as initiation note. This
               process will be in lieu of proposal.                                       Comment [r3]: Question from Jenn:
                                                                                          Why is the OLC called out? Doesn’t this
        5.5.3 The proposal from the Partner needs to be submitted to MHE within 03        proposal method apply to all production
                                                                                          products in which knowledge transfer and
               working days from the time of initial contact by the BUs. In the same      an acceptable POC have been completed?
               manner response from the BUs on the proposal (accepted or rejected)        Also, use of POs are going away with Day
                                                                                          2 accounting. What will be initiation note
               should also be given within 03 working days.                               in lieu of PO?
                                                                                          RP Pam, can you please comment on
        5.5.4 The questions that need to be addressed before submission of                this?
               proposal needs to happen within these 03 working days and the
               complete proposal should be submitted in 03 working days.
        5.5.5 The Relationship Manager of the ODC Partner would be involved in all
               the proposals.                                                             Comment [r4]: Question from Jenn:
                                                                                          What is the process for approval of
        Note: It is to be noted that for projects/products such as OLCs for which         proposals, capture of authorization,
                                                                                          adding approved estimate to Capacity
        knowledge transfer has happened, Hurix should endeavor to reduce the              Database, and archiving of
        proposal submission time. A customized simple template should be used to          signed/approved proposal
                                                                                          documentation? This is a SOX compliance
        communicate to reduce overhead on both the parties to prepare and review          issue and must be addressed
        proposal.                                                                         RP Pam, can you please comment on
    5. 6 Deviations / Exceptions
                                                                                          Comment [r5]: This template is to be
        5.6.1 The 90-day forecast list from MHE is only the planned forecast and it is    designed and placed as Annexure.

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MHE – ODC PARTNER                                       ENGAGEMENT MODEL PROCEDURE

               subject to change. Some of the predicted projects could be postponed
               whereas some could get cancelled as well.
        5.6.2 This list is not exhaustive in terms that the projects not listed here
               could come up from BUs and could go directly to the ODC Partner.
        5.6.3 MGH is trying to reduce this ad-hoc nature and it will be arrested
               gradually. Meanwhile, the Partner should be prepared to take ad-hoc
        5.6.4 This work, though ad-hoc would still fall under the ODC umbrella and
               all process related to ODC will be followed. For eg., a resource request
               would take the minimum 4 to 6 weeks timeframe and the BU
               requesting this ad-hoc project should be ready for this.
        Note: Even in case of deviation, a 90 day projection cannot be reduced.
        Hence, if in the month of January if the committed resource count for March is
        100, it cannot be reduced in the month of February. BU 90-day projections
        are a commitment to the partner for full utilization of resources, not projects.

    5. 7 Resources
        5.7.1 When any resource with specific skill set is required by the BUs for
               their project, they would follow the “Staff Augmentation” procedure.
        5.7.2 BUs should remember that a minimum of 04 to 06 weeks would be
               required for the ODC Partner to get the resource on board. The
               request for resource should factor this time frame.
        5.7.3 The cost of each resource would follow the rates given in SOW. The
               time frame for getting the resources would also be based on what is
               given in the SOW. BUs will use the SOW as reference for the cost and
               timeframe.                                                                   Comment [VD6]: How to address the cost of
                                                                                            resource not mentioned in the SOW. Example
    5. 8 ODC                                                                                Technical Manager required for Higher Ed.
                                                                                            RP Pam, the above question is from Vishal.
        5.8.1 With respect to the different types of projects/products in production,       Can you please answer this?

               knowledge transfer has happened for some and is happening for the
               others. For eg., OLCs, Teacherworks, ebooks, etc are some products
               (in production).
        5.8.2 The life cycle of production projects are generally small whereas new
               product development would be longer.
        5.8.3 ALL projects henceforth would come under the ODC umbrella, which
               includes both print and technology projects submitted to ODC partner.
        5.8.4 All projects would generally be developed or implemented out of Hurix,
               Chennai. However there is scope for some resources to be working
               onsite as well as part of the project.
        5.8.5 This onsite resource could ideally be a production coordinator sitting at

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MHE – ODC PARTNER                                          ENGAGEMENT MODEL PROCEDURE

                  the client site. If requested by BU and approved in advance, this would     Comment [r7]: The production coordinator’s
                                                                                              task should be written down.
                  be a billable resource.

6.0 Measurement
       6.1 Project variance
           This could be the difference between the projects that actually started in a
           month to the number of projects that were forecasted. This could be done for
           every BU and also for all BUs put together. This metric would reflect the
           efficiency of the forecast.

7.0 Output
       The 90-day forecast report
       Resource Requisition form

8.0 Roles & Responsibilities
Person                                        Details of Responsibilities
Relationship Manager                          5.2.2, 5.5.5, 5.6, 5.7
Pam                                           5.1.2, 5.2.1, 5.4.2, 5.4.3, 5.7
Business Unit representatives                 5.5.2, 5.5.3, 5.5.4, 5.6, 5.7

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