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					                    Sky Ranch Packet -- 2012

The total cost for the trip is $200.00 per student. A chaperone will pay the same
amount ($200), please, do not pay for a chaperone position until we have made
notification that all applications are in and have been reviewed.

This timeline also contains reminders of meeting dates and/or paperwork deadlines. I
hope this letter helps in your planning for this great trip. Please, if you have any
concerns let us know.

Thank you ---- The Fifth Grade Team

September 13th            Sky Ranch Information (and packet) will be shared during
                             Curriculum Night

September 14th            Sky Ranch Packet will be sent home if you did not attend
                             Curriculum Night.

September 21st            Packet information due
                          Student participation, all medical forms, chaperone

October 1st               Paid in full ($200)

October 4th               Chaperone Meeting
                          @ Olson 6:00 to 7:00
                          Chaperone Payments due ($200)

October 17-19             TRIP TO SKY RANCH!!

                  The payment instructions are on the next page.

*All forms and payments need to be turned into your child’s homeroom teacher.
How to pay…… (from Tammy Woods)
Parents should be able to view the Sky Ranch payment options when they logon to SchoolPay (and
choose their 5th grade student from the drop down box if they have more than one student enrolled in
Allen ISD).

The link to the school district’s store is located in the upper right hand corner of all of our web pages.

The following item is now available for payment:
2012 5th Grade Trip to Sky Ranch Half payment

Click on the link below to pay it:


The following item is now available for payment:
2012 5th Grade Trip to Sky Ranch-Payment in full

Click on the link below to pay it:

Parents with questions about the SchoolPay system can contact me directly.

Tammy Woods

Olson Elementary School

972-562-1800 x 303

972-562-1835 fax

Student Application
                              OLSON ELEMENTARY - SKY RANCH
                                     October 17-19, 2012
                                Form Due – September 21, 2012

      Student Name:              ______________________________________

      Homeroom Teacher:          ______________________________________

      ________ YES! Please reserve a spot for my child at Sky Ranch for the Olson
      Outdoor Education Experience. I understand the payment timeline (see attached sheet
      in front of packet) and will pay the full $200.00 by October 1, 2012.

      I will be responsible for insuring that all of my child's Sky Ranch paperwork (medical
      release forms, prescription information, payments) is returned to Olson Elementary by
      the appropriate due dates.

      My child and I both understand that Olson/Allen ISD rules and expectations will be
      enforced at Sky Ranch. We also accept that failure to comply with these rules and
      expectations will result in immediate dismissal from camp. I will be responsible for
      picking up my child at Sky Ranch if such a disciplinary event occurs.

      ________ NO, I do not wish for my child to attend Sky Ranch with the Olson
      Elementary fifth grade class.

      Parent Signature:          ___________________________________________

      Student Signature:         ___________________________________________

      Parent email:              ___________________________________________

      Phone numbers:             Home: ________________Cell: _______________
Dear Sky Ranch Parents:

As you know, our camp time is rapidly approaching! I’ll be going to Sky Ranch
with the students and teachers and need a few things from you by October 10th.

1. If your child takes a routine medication (daily) or any other medication that you
   want taken to Sky Ranch (inhaler, ibuprofen, etc.), please fill out a Sky Ranch
   Medication Permit for each medication. The only medications your child
   can receive are the ones that you send with the nurse. I need the Sky Ranch
   permit even if you have a regular permit already on file in the clinic. If the
   medication is already in the clinic, I’ll take it with us if you request for me to do
   so by completing one of the Sky Ranch medication permission forms. If I don’t
   currently have the medication in the clinic, please send it in the original
   container no later than Wednesday, Oct. 12th. I will not be accepting
   medication the morning that we leave. Please be aware that chaperones cannot,
   by district policy, administer medications (except to their own child).
   The Sky Ranch medication permit form is on my faculty web-site page or you
   can pick them up in my office.

2. Please be sure that we have up-to-date emergency contact numbers for you on
   file on the field trip forms that we will be taking with us.

3. If there is anything that you feel I should know about your child, even if you
   don’t wish to list it on the form, please contact me by October 10th.
   Chaperones will be made aware of anyone in their group with a medical
   condition unless you ask that it be kept confidential.

Sky Ranch will be a wonderful experience for your child. I don’t anticipate any
health problems, but following the instructions above will help me keep your child
safe and well. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Christine Van Riper RN, BSN
(972) 562-1800 ext. 309
                              Allen Independent School District
                             Medication Permit - Sky Ranch Trip
                          Olson Elementary October 17th -19th , 2012

Student Name________________________________Teacher__________________


         None
         Yes, to:_______________________What does it cause?_______________

Parent’s/Guardian’s name:________________________________________________

Parent’s Phone #_____________________

Name of Medication:_______________________Amount to give_________________
Route of Medication:
        Oral
        Inhaler
        Topical (on the skin)

How often to give medication:

         ___________ times daily at (circle all that apply)
        Breakfast  Lunch           Dinner          Bedtime

         As needed every ______________hours

Reason for giving medicine________________________________________________

Any other information____________________________________________________
Circle one:

I will send medication by Wednesday, Oct. 10th.   This medication is already in the clinic.


Parent’s Signature______________________________________________Date____________________
              Olson Elementary Chaperone Information
                          Sky Ranch – October 17-19, 2012

As a visiting school, we are responsible for bringing enough chaperones (both male and
female) to supervise all of our 5th Grade students. There will be a required number of
Olson staff members attending the program.

We will require a total of 20 parent chaperones (10 male, 10 female). Parent
chaperones will be responsible for staying overnight in the cabins with the 5th grade
students. Sky Ranch cabins comfortably house 16 students and 4 adults. Adults have
semi-private quarters. The cabins include central heat and air conditioning and indoor
bathrooms with private showers.

The responsibilities of the parent chaperones include and are not limited to:
      **Overseeing the security and safety of ALL students during the visit.
      **Providing supervision of assigned group during ALL camp activities.
      **Assisting Sky Ranch instructors and Olson Staff in maintaining appropriate
student conduct during ALL activities.
      **Referring any disciplinary matters to a member of the Olson Staff.

                           Chaperone Application Process

All parents interested in becoming a chaperone must fill out and return a competed
application form by September 21, 2012. Applicants must also submit a Criminal
Background Check form, or have a completed check on file in the Olson Office.
Do this ASAP!!!!!

The cost of being a parent chaperone is $200.00. No money is due with the chaperone
application. The chaperone payment is due October 4th after the application process is
complete and you have been notified.

To insure parent representation from each class, applications will be divided into
homerooms, and chaperones will be chosen randomly from those groups.

We know that, unfortunately, all parents who wish to chaperone may not be able to
attend Sky Ranch. We hope that this does not keep any of our fifth graders from
attending Sky Ranch.
Chaperone Application

                               OLSON ELEMENTARY - SKY RANCH
                                     October 17-19, 2012
                                   Due – September 21, 2012

       Parent Name:               ___________________________________________

       Address:                   ___________________________________________

       Email Address:             ___________________________________________

       Phone numbers:             Home: ________________Cell: ________________

       Students Name:             ___________________________________________

       Homeroom Teacher:          ___________________________________________

       By submitting this application form, I verify that I am available from --8:00 AM
       Wednesday, October 17th to 3:00 PM Friday, October 19th. I realize that participation as
       a chaperone is dependent upon this full availability (no exceptions). If chosen as a
       chaperone, I will also commit to paying the $200.00 chaperone fee by the arranged
       deadline date.

       Applicant Signature:       ______________________________________

       A Criminal Background Check MUST be completed online. Go to –
       www.allenisd.org – departments – human resources - register to be a volunteer


       DATE RECEIVED:                                 ____________


       CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK APPROVED:               ____________
                            SKY RANCHES, INC.
                                   PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT

                             Group Name: Olson Elementary – Allen ISD

This link will take you to the on-line PDF version of the Sky Ranch Participant Agreement --


This PDF document is 2 pages. PLEASE – print and sign per their instructions. Return these pages
along with the Olson Sky Ranch forms to your child’s homeroom teacher by September 21, 2012.

Thank you!!
5 Grade Team
                     Sky Ranch ------ What to bring list
We recommend that students bring comfortable, older clothes as they will spend much
of their time outdoors - sitting on the ground, exploring a variety of areas, and hiking
around. We always hope for good weather, but during light rain showers we will
continue to hold class outside as long as there is no lightening or strong wind.

1. Sleeping bag OR sheets and blanket
2. Pillow and pillow case
3. Towel and wash cloth
4. Blue jeans/long pants
5. Shorts (if the weather is warm)
6. T-shirts or tops
7. Sweater or sweatshirt
8. Underwear
9. Socks
10. Shoes (extra pair in case one gets wet)
11. Jacket
12. Cap/hat/sun shade
13. Raincoat/poncho
14. Pajamas
15. Brush, comb (other hair care products)
16. Toothbrush, toothpaste
17. Soap
18. Pencil or pen
19. Notebook
20. Water bottle
21. Flashlight
22. Sunscreen
23. Insect repellent
24. Backpack
25. Camera (if you would like your child to take pictures)
26. Label Everything!!!!!

DO NOT BRING -- Jewelry, iPod, cell phone, electronic devices, or anything that
breaks easily or would cause loss if misplaced. Sky Ranch is not responsible for
lost or broken articles.
   Directions to Sky Ranch

I-20, West of Van (from Dallas)

      Take Exit #537 (FM 773/FM 16)
      Cross FR 733, go .3 miles to FM 16
      Turn East (L) on FM 16, go 3.6 miles to TX 110
      Go North (L) on TX 110, go 1.3 miles to FR 1805
      Turn East (R) on FR 1805, go 4.9 miles to Rd 448
      Head South (R) on Rd 448, go .5 miles to Sky Ranch

I-20, East of Van (from Tyler)

      Take Exit TX 110
      Turn North (R) on TX 110, go 2.7 miles to FR 1253
      Go North (R) on FR 1253, go .5 miles to FM 16
      Stay on FR 1253, go 5.2 miles to FR 1805
      Turn South (L) on FR 1805, go .5 miles to Rd 448
      Stay South on Rd 448, go .5 miles to Sky Ranch

From Hwy 80, From either east or west

      Turn South on FR 1253, go 6.3 miles to FR 1805
      Go South on FR 1805, go .5 miles to Rd 448
      Stay South on Rd 448, go .5 miles to Sky Ranch

Mailing & Delivery Address
Sky Ranch
24657 County Road 448                                      Phone: 903.266.3300
Van, Texas 75790                                           Fax - 903.569.6357
                                                           Toll-Free: 800.962.2267

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