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									 Environmental Policy

This is environmental policy statement of :

Name of Company                               Raeburn Construction Services Limited

Raeburn Construction Services Limited (Raeburn CSL) recognises the importance of managing its business operatives in an environmentally sound manner
and we regard it as an integral component of how we conduct business. The core services offered by Raeburn CSL comprises of:
    civils engineering contractor delivering civil engineering groundworks, concrete and formwork, roads and sewers, surfacing, hard and soft
       landscaping and topological surveys.
    provider of labour hire including CSCS skilled operatives, CPCS skilled operatives, setting our engineers and SMSTS site managers.
    provider of survey equipment hire including total stations, auto levels, pipe lasers and laser levels.
    provider of facilities management with regard to retail park maintenance, paving and drainage services and tarmac and white lining.
These services are delivered to main contractors and local authorities therefore encompassing both public and private sector work across Scotland and
North England.

This key vision of this policy is to deliver a quality service, whilst continually seeking to improve the environmental and social
impact, and doing so work within the legislative framework.

Key management objectives
    Ensure continual improvement in environmental performance through the setting, implementing and regular review of objectives, targets and
       performance indicators.
      Understand and ensure compliance with the requirements imposed through environmental legislation and best practice industry standards.
      Training our staff to ensure efficiency in working practices, competence, and continual professional development.
      Prevention of pollution through the identification and control of significant environmental aspects, including the adoption of good environmental

Prepared by: Sarah Raeburn                                         Last updated: 1/12/11                                           Next review date: 31/3/11
   In particular, we will seek to reduce our impact on the environment through:

      Continual improvement of procurement practices, by reviewing estimating process, location of suppliers, their environmental credentials and
       disposal of surplus materials.
      How labour-only sub-contractors are managed in particular their training, development and communication channels.
      Work towards zero waste from construction site to landfill.
      Minimise pollution on site from construction tasks such as dust, waste water and disposal of surplus materials from site.
      Reduce pollution from transportation by reviewing inter site travel.
      Reduce energy consumption in the company office.

All staff have a responsibility in assisting the company to consistently meet high quality and environmental performance standards and where possible
identify improvements in operational practices.


Subject to review and monitoring every 3 months, or sooner if work activity changes.

Prepared by: Sarah Raeburn                                           Last updated: 1/12/11                                         Next review date: 31/3/11

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