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    Song Of The Day                                                Bieber, Berry slimed at Kids’ Choice Awards

Fahad AlSabah
Staff Writer                                                       Actor Will Smith hosts Nickelodeon’s 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles,                 Host Will Smith performs at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31,
                                                                   California March 31, 2012. (Reuters)                                                                 2012 in Los Angeles. (AP)
Song: Every Time
Artist: Ameriie
Album: The Prelude
Genre: r&B
In short: Since her hit single “1 Thing,” Amerie, or, Ameriie-
as she styles her name currently-has been struggling to find
her place among the plethora of artists that keep emerging
every hour of every day. After two albums that failed to make
an impact worthy of her name, Ameriie has decided to go
back to her roots with her upcoming Ep, titled The Prelude.
produced by Focus, “Every Time” is a throwback to the early
2000’s. Yes, music has developed rapidly the last few years
that now the term throwback wouldn’t look out of place next
to the noughties. Enjoy the great song, as it gets better and
better with each listen.
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The Buzz
Taylor Swift’s date
for ACM Awards hospitalized
The new Jersey teen who is fighting cancer and scored a date       Justin Bieber gets slimed after accepting the award                 Heidi Klum, left, and Chris Colfer get slimed as they pres-       US first lady Michelle Obama (left) presents The Big Help
with Taylor Swift to The Academy of Country music Awards
is in the hospital and won’t make the show. A Facebook post        for favorite male singer onstage at Nickelodeon’s 25th              ent the award for favorite TV actress at Nickelodeon’s 25th       award to singer Taylor Swift at Nickelodeon’s 25th annual
Saturday says 18-year-old Kevin mcGuire was admitted to            Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31, 2012 in Los                 Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31, 2012 in Los               Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California March 31,
the hospital Friday night and can’t keep his date with Swift. it   Angeles. (AP)                                                       Angeles. (AP)                                                     2012. (Reuters)
was not clear why mcGuire was hospitalized. “Just talked to
Kevin mcGuire,” Swift said in a tweet. “He’s not well enough           NEW YORK: At the 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards,
to join me at the ACms. please keep him in your thoughts. i’ll     the slime runneth over. Host Will Smith opened the 25th an-
make it up to you, Kevin!” Swift asked the Somerdale, n.J.,        nual Kids’ Choice Awards promising a record amount of the
resident to Sunday’s ACms after his sister started a campaign      show’s trademark green gunk. Though some 20 awards are
to get her to attend his prom. The reigning ACm entertainer        presented at the KCAs, the real suspense isn’t who will take
of the year couldn’t make the prom, but offered to go on the       home a “Blimp” (the show’s oscar), it’s when and on whom
date instead. -Ap                                                  the slime will spill.
                                                                       it’s like a baptism into kid-dome that can come at any
                                                                   moment: from a hidden bucket, dumped from the rafters or
Country star George Jones                                          exploded from little orange blimps.
remains hospitalized                                                   “no one is safe from the slime!” screamed Smith. “You
                                                                   have to earn the slime! it’s an honor.”
A publicist for country star George Jones is knocking down             Halle Berry was the first to be covered, but she was far
a rumor that he is suffering from pneumonia. Kirt Webster          from alone. She was joined by “Twilight” star Taylor laut-
said Friday night that Jones remains hospitalized in nashville     ner (who won favorite “buttkicker”), “Glee” star Chris
with an upper respiratory infection. He is receiving antibiot-     Colfer and male singer winner Justin Bieber, who was utterly
ics and doctors expect him to stay until Tuesday. The 80-year-     drenched along with Smith at the end of the show.
old singer was admitted Thursday. Jones released a statement           The KCAs are nickelodeon’s annual celebration for kids,
saying “thanks to all my fans and friends for their prayers        and it’s often the most-watched children’s program of the
and support during this time.” The Saratoga, Texas, native
is known for several classic country hits, including “White        year. They draw a considerable roster of stars looking to
lightning” and “He Stopped loving Her Today.” -Ap                  thank their smallest fans and cater to their youngest demo-
                                                                       “This is, like, the coolest award show ever,” said “Twi-
Elizabeth Banks returns to 30 Rock in May                          light” star Kristen Stewart, accepting the award for favorite
                                                                   movie actress.
At last, Jack Donaghy may get Avery Jessup back from north             Smith, himself a 10-time Blimp winner, started the show
Korea: TheWrap has confirmed that “Hunger Games” star              with an elaborate, digitally-animated skydive from nickel-          Selena Gomez accepts the award for favorite TV actress            Taylor Lautner accepts the award for favorite buttkicker
Elizabeth Banks will return to “30 rock” in may. But while         odeon’s trademark blimp. Smith was then hoisted from the            onstage at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards          onstage at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards
Banks’ Avery lives, “TGS” – the “Saturday night live”-ish                                                                              on March 31, 2012 in Los Angeles. (AP)                            on March 31, 2012 in Los Angeles. (AP)
sketch comedy show-within-the-show – is in danger of be-           rafters to the stage of the Galen Center at the University
coming a taped series. in the April 26 live episode of “30         of Southern California in los Angeles, where thousands of
rock,” Kabletown bosses decide to save some cash and film          glow-stick waving fans cheered him - including first lady mi-
“TGS.” liz lemon (Tina Fey) and Donaghy (Alec Baldwin)             chelle obama. obama later presented “the big help” award
realize taping the show would make their lives easier, but         for charity work to Taylor Swift. Upon receiving the award,
TV-loving Kenneth (Jack mcBrayer) rallies his co-workers           the pop star said, “i am freaking out.”
to try to save the show’s live format. The April 26 episode            nickelodeon introduces many kid-friendly quirks to the
will be the series’ second live installment. “30 rock” aired       usual award show festivities. it rolls out an orange carpet,
a live episode on october 14, 2010, and the episode’s direc-       rather than a red one, and envelopes are the last way winners
tor, Beth mcCarthy-miller, will return to direct the season        are announced. Saturday night’s choices came by way of a
six live show. As the network did with the 2010 live episode,      sword eater, a statue impersonator and giant heads held aloft
nBC will air two versions of the April 26 episode, one of the      from the crowd.
East Coast and one for the West Coast. -reuters                        Winners are chosen from voting online. Selena Gomez
                                                                   won for both favorite TV actress and female singer. Adam
Twins sequel in the works,                                         Sandler took home the award for favorite movie actor. And
                                                                   Katy perry, shortly after performing, was given the award for
Murphy may co-star                                                 favorite voice in an animated movie for “Smurfs.”
                                                                       more than 7.3 million watched last year’s awards. This
Eddie murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De-                  year, nickelodeon badly needs the KCAs to continue such
Vito could be sharing some brotherly love - or at least hu-
mor - on the big screen soon. A sequel to the 1988 comedy          a success. in march, for the first time, the Disney Channel
“Twins” is in the early stages of development, a spokesman         beat out nickelodeon in average total daily viewers - a title
for Universal pictures told TheWrap. The plan would be for         nickelodeon had held every month since 1995.
Schwarzenegger and DeVito to reprise their roles from the              nickelodeon’s own series “Victorious” won best TV show.
ivan reitman-directed original with Eddie murphy coming            Jake Short, star of the Disney Channel’s “A.n.T. Farm,” won
aboard to play a third character - presumably, a triplet sibling   best TV actor.
to Schwarzenegger and DeVito. Though the project is in the             But the most ceremonious moment of the KCAs is the
early stages of gestation, it’s possible that reitman could be     slimey finale. The honor - which Smith said had been chosen
involved in some capacity. “Twins” starred Schwarzenegger          by online votes - went to Bieber, who made a surprise ap-
as Julius Benedict, the product of a genetic experiment to         pearance late in the show. Smith clutched Bieber as fountains
create the perfect child. Bred and raised to be intellectually     of slime poured out across the stage, while obama - splat-          Chris Rock, (center left) and Jada Pinkett Smith, (center right) present the award for favorite movie actress at Nickel-
and physically superior but spiritually pure, he tracks down       tered by a few drops - danced in the seats. -Ap                     odeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31, 2012 in Los Angeles. (AP)
his long-lost sibling, the street-wise, criminally inclined Vin-
cent (played by DeVito). -reuters

Nick Cannon, Bam Margera                                              Discovering hope amidst grief is the dominant theme of Iraqi selection at the 5th GFF
join hip-hop Hollywood Squares                                             KUWAIT: Ten films from iraq will debut to the world          of being part of the Al-Anfal campaign, when more than          true when he meets a rich boy who owns a bicycle.
                                                                      at the Gulf Film Festival next month in the UAE, offering a       180,000 Kurds were killed and many more villages and                The other short films in competition include Shaxawan
nick Cannon and Bam margera are about to find out if it
truly is hip to be square. Actor-musician Cannon, “Jackass”           rare look inside the country by its people and their hopes,       families were displaced over a three-year long offensive.       Abdullah Qazi’s ‘Dalia’, a short film about a nation defined
prankster margera and singer-songwriter Kat Graham are                lives and happiness. in all, the Festival will screen at least    The film, which aims to present a new perspective of the        by stress and explosions; Hawraz mohammed’s children’s
among those participating in the new mTV2 offering “Hip               15 films from the strife-torn nation, including two interna-      incidents, is competing in the Festival’s official Gulf com-    film ‘mirror’, about a boy and girl who find each other in the
Hop Squares,” a revamp of the iconic game show “Holly-                tional premieres and two UAE premieres, according to a            petition. Ja’far Abd al-Hamid’s feature film ‘mesocafe’, also   future; and Jassim mohammed Jassim’s ‘What if’, a silent
wood Squares” that places the competition in a hip-hop                press release.                                                    in competition, explores the life of an iraqi underground       film that asks what civilization would be like if there were
context. The original series was essentially a tic-tac-toe game            The Gulf Film Festival, held under the patronage of His      blogger who travels to london to campaign against Un            not symbols, labels and identities to divide people.
with contestants attempting to win by determining if celebri-         Highness Sheikh majid Bin mohammed Bin rashid Al-                 sanctions on his country and highlight their consequences           The Festival previously announced its in-competition
ties, who occupied squares on the game grid, had answered             maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture & Arts Author-             on the nation.                                                  selection of ‘red Heart’, Halkawt mustafa’s love story that
trivia questions correctly. mTV2 said the new offering “stays         ity (Dubai Culture), runs from April 10 to 16, 2012 at Dubai          Five short films from iraq are also competing for awards    delves into the challenges young women face in contempo-
true to the tic-tac-toe format of the original game show, while       Festival City; and from April 12 to 14 at the Abu Dhabi The-      at GFF2012: Director rezgar Hussein’s ‘Bicycle’, on its sur-    rary Kurdish society. Spectacularly shot against the back-
infusing it with some of the biggest and most charismatic             atre in the capital.                                              face, is a simple story of a poor boy’s aspiration to have      drop of the Kurdish mountain ranges, the film follows Shi-
personalities in hip hop culture today.” peter rosenberg, a                Taha Karimi’s ‘i Am A White mercenary’ is a biography        a bicycle. At a more sublime level, it is about his craving     rin, who discovers her widowed father’s plans to trade her
DJ on new York hip-hop radio station Hot 97, will host the            on Saeid Jaf, a mercenary commander of the iraqi Baath            for freedom, away from his mundane existence of digging         in exchange for a new wife. She escapes to the big city with
proceedings. “Hip Hop Squares” will premiere on Tuesday,
may 22 at 11 p.m. -reuters                                            party standing trial in the new iraqi court. Jaf is accused       through landfills to sell metal. His dream is about to come     her boyfriend Soran, who is arrested.

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