; Challenge and Change in Society (HSB 4M0)
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Challenge and Change in Society (HSB 4M0)


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									                                                    Challenge and Change in Society (HSB 4M0)
                                                                 Glenforest Secondary School
                                                                  Participate – Respect – Achieve

                                                           Final Summatives (30% of final grade):

               Culminating Activity                                                                                       Final Examination

Social Science Symposium                10%                                                             Written Exam                          20%
(A research-based inquiry)

                                                                  are arrived at through the:

                                                                         Course Units:

              Introduction             Theories                      Social Change                   Social Trends                            Social Challenges
             Defining the             Physical                     Social Science                 The baby boom                   Health Impairing behaviours:
               three social              Anthropology:                approaches to                  The echo                         Smoking and Substance Abuse
               sciences                  Evolution and                social change                    generation                     Health Promotion Model: Cancer
             Research                   ‘race’                      Conditions for                 Social                           and food
               Methods for             Cultural                      and impediments                  demographic                    Medical Research
               anthropology,             Anthropology:                to social change                 analysis                       Prejudice, Discrimination, and Power
               sociology,                Approaches                  Conformity and                 Baby boomers                    The ‘Iceberg Model’: Discrimination
               psychology              Psychology                    Alienation                       and their affect               Hate crimes – genocide
             Schools of                 theorists:                  Poverty in                       on culture                     Human rights – the ICC –
               Thought in the            Maslow, Freud,               Canada                         The echo effect                  International Criminal Court
               three social              Skinner, Pavlov             Technology and                 The aging baby                  Globalization – an anthropological
               sciences                                               social change                    boomers                         and sociological perspective
                                                                            which teach students the following:
                                                                                   Embedded Key Skills:

             Group Skills:                               Reading Skills:                            Writing Skills:                            Research Skills:
       Respectful participation                    Determining the thesis or                Continuing to work on                      Locating and using
        through active listening                     main point of readings                    summary skills                              appropriate internet and
       Working collaboratively                     Establishing primary source              Short, succinct paragraphs                  print resources
       Peer Editing                                 research                                 Research journal                           Critically evaluating sources
       Peer Evaluation                             Continuing to analyze                    Inquiry based reports                       (for bias and viability etc)
       Working in small or large                    secondary sources                        Using a standardized                       Organizing sources either
        groups                                                                                 method of citation in written               as part of a literature review
                                                                                               work.                                       or as part of a bibliography
                                                                                                                                          Expressing the results of
                                                                                                                                           research in various forms of

                  which allow students to successfully complete:                                                     leading them to the following:

               Formative Assessments (70% of final grade):                                                         Enduring Understandings:
                              ( K= 15, T= 15, A= 20, C= 20)

                                                                                            1. Recognize, utilize, and critically assess the theories and
                                                                                               methodologies used in anthropology, psychology and
         Quizzes                                            Great Minds                      sociology
         Unit Tests                                          Presentation                  2. Investigate and explain shifts in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs
         Debates                                            Media Representations            and behaviour, and their impact on society from a social
         Article Reflections                                Substance Abuse                  science lens
         Presentations                                       Awareness Pamphlet            3. Analyze cultural, social and biological patterns in human
         Research based projects                            Critically assessing             society, and how they change over time.
         Primary Investigation                               Fairy Tales                   4. Explore classical and contemporary theories, and apply them
         Research Based                                                                       to contemporary research.
          analyses                                                                          5. Critically assess social trends, changes, and challenges
         Literature Reviews

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