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					Thursday, July 27th                                   Saturday, July 29th
1:00pm       Registration opens                       8:00am      Presentations begin
5:30pm       Registration closes (reopens Fri morn)   8:00am      Dealer Area opens
5:45pm       Bus departs for River Dinner Cruise      8:00am      Noise Figure bench resumes
6:00pm       Board River Boat and launch              9:00–11:00a Family Event (Trolley Tour of St. Paul)
7:00pm       Hospitality Suites open                  11:45–1:00pm Lunch Break (on your own)
9:30pm       Boat returns to dock                     1:00pm      Presentations resume
9:45pm       Return to Hotel                          1:00-3:00pm Family Event (Historic Ft Snelling)
10:00pm      Board Meeting (all welcome)              4:00–4:50pm CSVHFS Membership Meeting
                                                      5:00–5:45pm Board Meeting (all welcome)
Friday, July 28th                                     6:00–7:00pm Social Hour—Cash Bar
7:30am      Registration opens                        7–10:00pm Banquet--speaker, awards, and prizes
8:00am      Antenna Range opens                       10:00pm     Hospitality Suites open
8:00am      Noise Figure workshop opens
8:00am      Dealer Area opens                         Schedule entries in bold italics are Family Program
8:00am      Rover Row/Dish Bowl opens                 events.
9:00am –5pm Family Event (Mall of America)
12:00noon   Ant Rng & Rover Row close
12n–1:00pm Lunch Break (on your own)
1:00pm      Presentations begin
5:30pm      Presentations conclude
5:30–7:00pm Dinner Break (on your own)
7:00pm      Hospitality Suites open
7–10:00pm Flea market
7:00pm      Family Event (Scrap Booking)
9:00pm      Board Meeting (all welcome)

Technical Program
The prime reason you should come to the conference is for broad and interesting content of technical
presentations. We have packed the available time with presentations. As a result, be in your seats on time
or early! Look at the variety of talks we have firmed up! Come hear:

Technology; from ENTRY to EXTREME Roving -- KØMHC
Upper Midwest Roving Experiences -- KØPG+K9ILT
10/24 GHz Beacon Project & Brief VHF+ SDR Update -- KMØT
Recent Experiences with WSJT -- KØAWU
A look into the auroral zone after ten years of study -- KGØVL
AMSAT: Software defined transponders -- K3IO+N4HY
2304 MHz EME Notes -- WD5AGO
3Y0X Dxpedition & EME -- WØRUN
2m EME array - lessons learned -- K2AXX
Twin Cities Microwave Beacons -- NØKP
Design of a 30" dual band dish & elevation sys. -- VE4MA
SETI League 1296 MHz EME Beacon -- N6TX
EN52 Beacon, design and history -- K3SIW
Mapping resources -- K9JK
Microwave Equipment Ideas For P3E -- KØSM
40 Yrs of CSVHF History -- W9FZ+others
Building 24 & 47 LNAs -- W2PED
SDR Update - New Software Architecture (Open Source) -- K5SDR
Hospitality Suites                                        something you’d like to share with CSVHFS members
Hospitality Suites have become a popular feature at       and put together a Poster Session for this conference.
conferences.     Snacks and beverages in rooms
specifically meant for conversation lead to good social   Noise Figure Measurement
times. This year, we will have two suites (across the     We will have test gear and knowledgeable technicians
hall from each other) where you can spend some of         who will test your pre-amplifiers and transverters for
your evening hours. The Northern Lights Radio             Noise Figure. We intend to have a test station and a
Society is sponsoring one of the Suites. The Badger       workshop station. You can, with helpful coaching,
Contesters and Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters are         tweak your item prior to testing. Noise Figure testing
sharing sponsorship of the second suite. Each club        will begin on Friday morning. You will need to stop
will embellish, with displays, their respective suite.    by and register your items for testing. Spend some
The Suites will be in operation Thursday, Friday, and     time watching, listening, and learning about this
Saturday evenings. Make a point to stop in for fun        aspect of the hobby. Bring items to test (50 MHz
and snacks. The annual SNOTTS meeting will be at          through 47 GHz)—get started now to put together a
midnight on Friday night in the NLRS suite. Yes, the      new pre-amplifier to be tested at the conference.
Hospitality Suites will even fire-up after the Banquet    You’ll find the Noise Figure testing bench in the
concludes.                                                Dealer Area.

Dealer Area                                               Antenna Range
This could also be called “Exhibit Area”. The Dealer      The Antenna Range will open at 8am on Friday
Area will be in operation all-day Friday and Saturday.    morning and continue until 12:00 noon. You will find
The Dealer Area will also host the Flea Market on         the range in the parking lot and grassy area just east of
Friday night. While we only have one confirmed            the hotel building. Bring antennas for testing. The
Dealer, we expect a few other sales displays. This        CSVHFS range is famous for accurately testing com-
area will also have Noise Figure measurement, and         mercial and homebrew antennas for gain. Wonder
Poster Sessions.                                          what the true gain is of an antenna you have? Bring it
                                                          to the range for testing. We will test antennas for 144
Flea Market                                               MHz through 50 GHz. Make a point to hang-out on
Friday evening at 7pm is the Flea Market. The event       the range and you will easily learn more about
will run until about 10pm. This is the place to bring     antennas, their testing, and their performance.
items specifically of interest to VHF and above
experimenters. Similarly, for buyers, you stand to        Bring Your Rover and Microwave Dish
find more interesting items (to a VHF+’er) than at        Rover Row will be near the antenna range. We hope
your average hamfest. If you need a table, please         you’ll bring your outfitted vehicle and park it in Rover
check in with the registration table for coordination.    Row on Friday morning starting at 8am. Similarly,
We will use the Dealer Area and expand into the           the Dish Bowl will be located at the end of the row
lecture area for the Flea Market. Sellers, we would       and would be a great place to show off your portable
prefer you only sell during the Flea Market and not       microwave dish system. Visitors will enjoy seeing
sell during the Antenna Range operation.                  how you conquered various issues in your vehicle or
                                                          tripod system. Show off your Rover and Dish from
Poster Sessions                                           8am till noon on Friday. Questions contact KCØIYT
We are inviting anyone with content to share with our     and KØMHC at info@csvhfs.org .
attendees not sufficient for a full presentation or
proceedings article to consider putting together a        Chambers and Wilson Awards
Poster Session. This can be any tabletop display.         Send your nominations for the Chambers and Wilson
You may want to utilize tri-fold display boards           Awards to Kent Britain WA5VJB. The Chambers
available at office supply stores (search “display        Award honors those who have made outstanding
boards”). Physical items for display or demonstration     technical contributions to the VHF/UHF/microwave
are welcome too. Our goal is to have a group of inter-    art.    The Wilson award is for non-technical
esting displays to attract viewing. You might want to     contributions to the amateur world above 50 MHz,
show off a recent construction project or share photos    including service to the society.
of a ham radio event or expedition. Think of
Ham Prizes                                                home with new motivation to operate on the
The banquet will finish with “The Prize Table”.           VHF/UHF bands.
Lenny Klosinski, KØSHF, is our Prize Chairman.
Please bring prizes for sharing with your fellow          Once again on behalf of Ray, AAØL; Doug,
attendees. Perhaps you can solicit your employer for      WAØVSL; Ken, WA6TTY; and Ken, WØETT; thank
additional items appropriate for the prize table. Lenny   you for your warm support of last year's conference.
and the prize committee are working hard to find nice     Let's assemble in the Twin Cities!
things for the table but will gladly make room for
items you bring.                                          Sincerely yours,
                                                          Lauren Libby WØLD
Family Prizes                                             Past President
Please bring gifts for the Family Prize Table! Please
mark the registration form, in the space provided, if     Shirts
you are bringing something for the Family Prize           To celebrate CSVHFS’s 40th Anniversary, we’ve had
Table.                                                    embroidered Polo shirts produced featuring the
                                                          CSVHFS logo. You can see some pictures on the
Banquet                                                   back of the registration form. More colorful photos
Saturday night has a delicious banquet full of            are available on the website at:
conversation with your fellow attendees. All family        http://www.csvhfs.org/conf-06/shirts.html . If you
members are welcome! The social hour begins at            order your shirts before July 1st, we should have them
6pm. The banquet program begins at 7pm starting           at the conference for pick-up. If you order after July
with the meal. You have your choice of Almond             1st or at the conference, we will ship them to you.
Chicken or Roast Prime Rib of Beef. After the meal,       Make sure you include funds to cover shipping. The
an interesting Banquet Speaker will entertain us.         shirts do not shrink and are sized as you would expect.
Next, we will present the Chambers, Wilson, and           We expect to close ordering on August 15th. Get one
States Above 50 MHz Awards. Finally, the Prize            of these sharp shirts while you can!
Table will begin. Each of you should go home with a
prize of unexpected value.                                CSVHFS Board of Directors Meetings
                                                          Three BOD meetings will be held during the con-
Youth Pizza Party                                         ference. Meeting times are: Thursday night at 10pm,
During the Saturday Banquet we offer, as an               Friday night at 9pm, and Saturday afternoon at 5pm.
alternative for your young family members, a Youth        Location will be posted at the registration table. All
Pizza Party. Two certified babysitters will chaperone     members are welcome to attend to observe. Consider
the event. Pizza, beverages, and fun activities are       volunteering to be on the Board of Directors and help
provided. Please signup on the registration form.         guide the Society’s future or, more importantly, serve
Price: Free!                                              the society by serving on a committee or as an officer.
                                                          If you have a topic that should be brought up as an
Report from Colorado Springs 2005                         agenda item, contact a Board Member by referring to
Dear Members of The Central States VHF Society,           the listing of directors on the CSVHFS website.

Thank you for your support last year of the 2005          2008 Conference Location and Host?
conference in Colorado Springs. It was a pleasure to      We know the 2007 conference will be in San Antonio
host you at the base of Pikes Peak. June and I enjoyed    sponsored by the Roadrunners Microwave Group.
your fellowship and companionship.          It was a      But where will the 2008 CSVHFS Conference be
privilege to serve as your President. We had 109          held? Is your area eager to host your CSVHFS
conference attendees with 149 at the banquet. Family      friends? If so, put together a proposal for your
members enjoyed touring and High Tea at Glen Eyrie        CSVHFS Board to review at the board meetings
Castle and visiting the Olympic Training Center.          during this conference.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis         CSVHFS Society Dues
this July. Bruce, W9FZ and company are planning a         The CSVHF Society yearly dues are the same today as
gala event. Join us for a great time of VHF battery re-   when the organization was founded 40 years ago -
charging. Every time I attend the convention, I come      $5.00. If you are unable to attend this year’s
conference, please remember to send in your $5.00 to       Ramada Mall of America
maintain your membership.          This will ensure        2300 East American Boulevard
receiving mailings in the coming year.                     Bloomington, Minnesota 55425-1228
                                                           Phone: (952) 854-3411
ARRL                                                       Email: info@ramadamoa.com
New ARRL President, Joel Harrison W5ZN, is
attending this conference as well as several division
and section representatives. Let’s show them how
CSVHFS members are taking active roles spreading
technology interest to youth.
                                                           GPS Coordinates:
                                                           N44° 51.660' W93° 14.323'
Lodging                                                    By commercial air:
The Ramada Mall of America is the site for this year’s     MSP Minneapolis-St Paul Airport is right across the
conference. It literally is right across the parking lot   freeway from the hotel. The hotel offers free pick-up
from the Mall of America! We’ve negotiated a great         with about 30 minutes notice. Most airlines serve
$85 + tax rate! You get this great rate for any nights     MSP. Northwest Airlines offers the most numerous
you reserve between July 23rd and August 3rd, 2006.        direct flights. Visit www.nwa.com .
Book now! You must make your reservations by July
3rd to lock-in your great rate. Reservations are now       Driving Directions
open so don’t wait!                                        From the north
                                                           35W South to I-494 East; Exit on 24th Ave. Or 35E
The hotel may be viewed at:                                South to I-494 West; Exit on 24th Ave.
http://www.ramadamoa.com however, DO NOT book              From the south
your room through the website. You cannot get the          35W North to I-494 East; Exit on 24th Ave. Or 35E
Conference rate from the website. To get the Central       North to I-494 West; Exit on 24th Ave.
States VHF Society rate:                                   From the east
                                                           I-494 West to 24th Ave. exit; Located on south side of
1. Call 1-800-328-1931 (952-854-3411) Monday-              Interstate
Friday 8am-5pm Central Time.                               From the west
                                                           I-494 East to 24th Ave. exit; Located on south side of
2. Book your room mentioning Central States VHF            Interstate
Society and confirm you are getting $85+tax rate.
Tourism                                                    General Interest
                                                           Minnesota Twins
Since you may be coming a long distance, you might
                                                           The Twins are at home at the Humphrey Dome on
want to want to make an effort to see sights or do
                                                           Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a home stand vs.
activities in the Twin Cities or Minnesota in addition
                                                           the Detroit Tigers. From the hotel, it’s a snap to catch
to attending the conference. The CSVHFS website
                                                           our new light-rail downtown to the stadium. The
has expanded tourism guidance with many more
                                                           Twins website has times and tickets. Similarly, the St
hotlinks to learn about other activities or locations we
                                                           Paul Saints minor league team has games Thurs, Fri,
recommend. Of particular note are:
                                                           and Sat vs. Sioux Falls and vs. Sioux City on Sun and
                                                           Mon. Private transportation required to Saints games.
Ham Interest                                               http://minnesota.twins.mlb.com/                      and
Pavek Museum of Broadcasting                               http://www.saintsbaseball.com/
Thursday would be an excellent time to visit the
Pavek Museum. The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting             Light Rail
houses one of the world's finest collections of antique    The Twin Cities new Light Rail will take you from the
radio, television, and broadcast equipment. The Pavek      Mall of America to downtown Minneapolis. It passes
has gained international recognition for its continuing    through the Airport, past the Humphrey Dome, and
efforts in preserving and documenting the history of       ends downtown with easy access to the Warehouse
an industry that has made monumental changes in the        District and Nicollet Mall.
fabric of modern life. The Pavek is located at 3515
Raleigh Avenue in Saint Louis Park, just east of           Lyndale Park Gardens
Highway 100, off the West 36th Street exit.                Located in the famous “Lakes” area of South
http://www.pavekmuseum.org/                                Minneapolis, Lyndale Park Gardens encompasses four
                                                           distinctive gardens; the Rose Garden, the Perennial
Surplus Tour                                               Garden, Peace (Rock) Garden and the Perennial Trial
The Twin Cities is NOT a treasure trove of electronic      Garden. The Rose Garden is the second oldest public
outlets. But what we have is what we have. We stand        rose garden in the United States. A few hours spent in
ready to show you the best of what is here. If you         the gardens are special and relaxing. 4125 E. Lake
come from a rural area where there are NO electronic       Harriet Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55409
outlets, you might find our Twin Cities outlets fun to
explore. Lenny Klosinski KØSHF, and his Prize              Biking
Committee, will guide a caravan on a surplus tour on       The Twin Cities are known for an extensive bike trail
Thursday morning lasting until mid-afternoon.              system. Also, you may want to have a biking vacation
Additionally, we will have maps and directions for         by checking out notable bike trails in southern
those who want to strike out on their own. We offer        Minnesota (Cannon Valley, Root River) or Southwest
carpooling to keep fuel costs down and keep things         Wisconsin (Elroy-Sparta, The 400).
                                                           Northwoods Adventure
We want you to see: MPC Surplus, ABC Electronics,          Either before or after the conference, consider heading
The Consignment Center, and Ax-Man Surplus. Also,          northward to either the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Radio City is our retail Ham Radio and Telescope           or Lake Superior’s North Shore. Long days, cool
shop in town. We have great metal yards for antenna        temperatures, and the smell of pine trees assure you
aluminum and other projects. Garelick Steel and            that you are in the Northwoods. You could book a
Midwest Steel Supply are two of our favorites.             stay at a resort or camp.
Plan on departing the hotel at 10am on Thursday            Oshkosh Airshow – Airventure 2006
returning to the hotel by 3pm. 146.46 simplex              Before the conference, you might want to catch the
primary and 147.21+ secondary.                             annual aviation extravaganza in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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