Germany D-alphanumeric - Golden Years of Aviation by zhouwenjuan

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D-AAAF      Heinkel He111F-1 5013 D-AAAF
D-AABA      Messerschmitt Bf161 V-1     811   D-AABA      Rechlin
D-AABF      Messerschmitt Me210 V-1     2100001     D-AABF CE+BY
D-AABN      Fokker Avia F.VIIb-3m 5     OK-ABN D-AABN           00.11.39
            Sold to Croatia
D-AABO      Fokker Avia F.VIIb-3m 7     OK-ABO D-AABO           00.04.40
            Sold to Croatia
D-AABP      Fokker Avia F.VIIb-3m 9     OK-ABP D-AABP           00.00.39
            Sold to Croatia
D-AABP      Junkers K37      D-AABP
D-AABR      Focke-Wulf Fw200 C-3        D-AABR      DLH
D-AABS      Fokker Avia F.VIIb-3m 19    OK-ABS D-AABS           00.04.40
            Sold to Croatia
D-AABU      Fokker Avia F.VIIb-3m 21    OK-ABU D-AABU           00.02.39

D-AABY     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AABY
D-AACS     Junkers Ju288 V-1/A    2880001         D-AACS           00.11.40
           Destroyed by fire 3.41
D-AADI     Junkers Ju86 D0        D-AADI          DVL              [D-1 per
D-AADO     Dornier Do17 E-2          D-AADO
D-AAFB     Fokker Avia F.VII-3m      2     OK-AFB D-AAFB           00.01.39

D-AAFC     Fokker Avia F.VII-3m      12   OK-AFC D-AAFC            00.03.37

D-AAFD     Fokker Avia F.VII-3m      13   OK-AFD D-AAFD            00.03.38

D-AAFE     Fokker Avia F.VII-3m      14   OK-AFE D-AAFE

D-AAFG      Fokker Avia F.IXD 16    OK-AFG D-AAFG           00.04.39
      Sold to Croatia
D-AAFU      Junkers Ju86 B    860015      D-AAFU
D-AAGI      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AAGI      DVL   00.08.37
D-AAHI      Messerschmitt Bf110 V-5 A-0 911     D-AAHI

D-AAHQ     Dornier Do17              D-AAHQ
D-AAIB     Douglas DC-2-115K 1582    OK-AIB D-AAIB OH-DLA OH-LDA 'Voima' DO-
2 'Isoo-Antti'   DLH
D-AAIC     Douglas DC-2-200 1562     OK-AIC D-AAIC OH-DLB OH-LDB 'Sisu' DO-3
'Pikku-Lassi'    DLH
D-AAID     Douglas DC-2-211 1565     OK-AID D-AAID VG+FJ      DLH >Luftwaffe

D-AAIE      Douglas DC-3-220A 2023   OK-AIE   D-AAIE    DLH
D-AAIF      Douglas DC-3-220A 2024   OK-AIF   D-AAIF    DLH
D-AAIG      Douglas DC-3-220B 2095   OK-AIG   D-AAIG    DLH
D-AAIH      Douglas DC-3-220 1973    OK-AIH   D-AAIH    DLH
      Crashed Tempelhof 20.10.40
D-AAIR      Fokker F.XVIII    5311   PH-AIR OK-AIR D-AAIR

D-AALA     Junkers Ju52/3m   5824    D-AALA R-344 LV-AAB LV-AAG
D-AALG     Junkers Ju52/3mg4e            D-AALG      DVS   00.01.39

D-AALO      Heinkel He111          D-AALO
D-AALU      Junkers Ju90 V-1 4913 D-AALU       Junkers 'Der Grosse
Dessauer' 00.08.37           parts from Ju89 v3 which was never built.
Crashed during test flight Dessau 7.2.38
D-AAMY      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AAMY
D-AANA      Focke-Wulf Fw187 V-2   950   D-AANA
D-AANE      Dornier Do18 V-7 F     677   D-AANE NK+NU      DLH 'Zyklon'
>DLV >Luftwaffe 11.06.37
D-AANI      Junkers Ju86M-1 860261       D-AANI      Blindflugschule Celle

D-AANU     Heinkel He111 E          D-AANU
D-AAOV     Messerschmitt Bf110 B          D-AAOV
D-AAPB     Focke-Wulf Fw200C-4      2000112     D-AAPB NT+BL

D-AAPY      Messerschmitt Bf110 B-0            D-AAPY
      Testplane for the 30mm MK101
D-AAQH      Dornier Do17           D-AAQH
D-AAQU      Dornier Do17 M V-3           D-AAQU
      possibly c/n 684 but see D-AFOU
D-AARE      Dornier Do18           D-AARE
D-AATM      Messerschmitt Bf110          D-AATM
D-AAYF      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-AAYF
D-AAZI      Messerschmitt Bf110 B-06     919   D-AAZI

D-ABAB     Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30028 OK-BAB D-ABAB           00.04.39

D-ABAC     Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30029 OK-BAC D-ABAC           00.02.40

D-ABAD     Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30030 OK-BAD D-ABAD           00.06.40

D-ABAE     Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30038 OK-BAE D-ABAE           00.00.39

D-ABAF     Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30039 OK-BAF D-ABAF           00.00.39

D-ABAI     Dornier Do J Wal 639     D-ABAI     Luftwaffe
D-ABAL     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ABAL                      Canc 2.38
D-ABAN     Junkers Ju52/3mge 4044   D-3382 D-ABAN    DLH 'Emil Thuy'
>Eurasia              Sold China
D-ABAP     Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-ABAP     Lorenz AG/Berlin 00.06.36

D-ABAQ      Junkers Ju52/3m 4066 D-ABAQ GC+AE       Manfred v.
Richthofen' Luftwaffe -Goering's travelling aircraft      00.00.35
      Crashed Ssalsk 1.43
D-ABAR      Junkers G31 > fo 3007 D-1770 D-ABAR     DLH 'Preussen' >RLM
                  Canc 7.38
D-ABAS      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 250  D-3021 D-ABAS     DLH
>Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ABAS      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ABAS
D-ABAT      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5155 D-ABAT
D-ABAU      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 247  D-3018 D-ABAU
      Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ABAV      Dornier Do J Wal 644   D-ABAV      Luftwaffe
D-ABAZ      Heinkel He59           D-ABAZ
D-ABBE      Focke-Wulf Fw187       D-ABBE
D-ABBF      Douglas DC-3-194F 2110 PH-ASR VE+RR D-ABBF     Luftwaffe
      00.05.40         Written off Madrid 9.12.42
D-ABBH      Heinkel He111          D-ABBH
D-ABBI      Heinkel He115 V-5 A-01 1862 D-ABBI TI+HD       E-stelle
D-ABBO      Dornier Do215          D-ABBO
D-ABBS      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e           D-ABBS      DVS   00.01.39
D-ABDB      Dornier Do217 E        D-ABDB
D-ABDE      Dornier Do217v6 A-0    2704 D-ABDE CO+JJ

D-ABDG     Junkers Ju90 A1 >Ju290 V12   900001     D-ABDG KH+XC GF+GB D-
ABDG DLH 'Wurttemberg' >Luftwaffe 00.02.39         Handed over to Allied
forces 5.45 [In source B0124 as a B-1 (v10)]
D-ABDH     Heinkel He111          D-ABDH
D-ABDK     Douglas DC-2           D-ABDK
D-ABDO     Junkers Ju52/3mg4e           D-ABDO
D-ABDS     Heinkel He111          D-ABDS
D-ABEF     Dornier Do J II d Bis 247    D-3018 D-ABEF

D-ABEK     Douglas DC-2            D-ABEK
D-ABEL     Dornier Do11            D-ABEL      Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-ABEM     Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-1    451    D-ABEM
D-ABEO     Messerschmitt Me210 V-2       2100002     D-ABEO WL-ABEO

D-ABEQ      Douglas DC-2-115D 1318.3      PH-AKF(1) D-ABEQ SP-ASJ      DLH
      00.12.34         Sold Poland 2.37 Crashed Bulgaria 23.11.37
D-ABER      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 218|248      D-3019 D-ABER
      Erprobungsstelle Travemunde >DVS
D-ABES      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5026 D-ABES       DLH 'Fritz Roth' and
'Herrmann Thomsen' >Luftwaffe       00.09.34          Destroyed .42
D-ABET      Junkers G24 ce    950   D-1005 S-AABG SE-ABG D-1005 D-ABET
      Junkers 'Uppland' >ABA Schweden - used during rescue of 'Italia '
crew in 1928 >AB Flygmateriel >Verbrauchergenossenschaft >Deutsche
D-ABEW      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      6432 D-ABEW       DLH 'Rudolf von
Thuna' >Luftwaffe             Destroyed
D-ABEX      Dornier Do11 dc         D-ABEX      Deutsche Verkehrs
D-ABEZ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ABEZ
D-ABFA      Junkers Ju52/3m4ge      6385 D-ABFA TT+LN       DLH 'Otto
Parschau' >Luftwaffe   00.05.39           Destroyed .41
D-ABGQ      Cant Z506 297     D-ABGQ      DLH
D-ABGW      Cant Z506 3026 D-ABGW MM60648       DLH
D-ABHD      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ABHD
D-ABHO      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ABHO
D-ABIB      Heinkel He111           D-ABIB
D-ABID      Heinkel He111           D-ABID
D-ABIF      Heinkel HD59 b L 379    D-2215 D-ABIF
D-ABIH      Dornier Do17 V-3 D      258   D-ABIH            00.00.34
      Pointy nose twin tail
D-ABIK      Junkers Ju52/3m 4069 D-ABIK EU-XXII       DLH 'Manfred v.
Richthofen'- Goerings travelling aircraft       00.00.35          To Eurasia
3.38 Destroyed by Japanese bombing Hong Kong 12.41
D-ABIL      Junkers G31 fo    3008 D-1722 D-ABIL      DLH 'Brandenburg'
>RLM              Crashed following midair collision with Ju52 D-APUT 5.36
D-ABIM      Arado Ar77 845    D-ABIM      E-stelle Rechlin
D-ABIP      Junkers G24 > ge 902    S-AAAU D-879 D-ABIP [D-AVIX?]
      'Oberschlesien' AB Flygindustri >OberSchlesische LVG >op by
Flygindustri for OLVG DLH 'Pluto' >DVS                Limhamn built - first
of 2nd batch
D-ABIQ      Dornier Do11            D-ABIQ
D-ABIR      Dornier Do J Wal IIa Bos > J IIa K Bos 210      D-2069 D-ABIR
      DLH 'Monsun' >DVS
D-ABIS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4043 D-3356 D-ABIS PP-CAX LV-ZBD T-159 DLH
'Kurt Wolff' >Syndicato Condor 'Curupira' >LADE >Argentine AF
      Museu Nacionales de Aeronautica
D-ABIV      Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-2     452   D-ABIV
D-ABIY      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ABIY
D-ABIZ      Junkers Ju52/3m 4068 D-ABIZ D-AFCD        DLH 'Erich Albrecht'
      00.00.35          Canc 5.38 [or AFCD = c/n 5938?]
D-ABKW      Arado Ar234       D-ABKW
D-ABLA      Dornier Do217           D-ABLA
D-ABMW      Junkers Ju86            D-ABMW
D-ABNP      Junkers Ju86 Z2 860016        D-ANUV D-ABNP     DLH
'Wasserkuppe'     00.01.37
D-ABNS      Junkers Ju90 V-5 4917 D-ABNS KH+XB        Junkers >Luftwaffe
      00.12.39          Military transport prototype. Broken up during
WWII [see also ANBS]
D-ABNW      Junkers           D-ABNW
D-ABOA      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ABOA
D-ABOD      Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-10     3324 D-ABOD CB+FB       DLH
'Kurmark' 00.04.40            [or ABDO?]
D-ABOE      Dornier Do J Wal 652    D-ABOE      Luftwaffe
D-ABOF      Heinkel He59            D-ABOF
D-ABOL      Dornier Do11 D          D-ABOL      Dornier GmbH

D-ABON      Junkers Ju52/3m 5237   D-ABON SG+BC      DLH >Luftwaffe
Streckenschule Berlin
D-ABOO      Junkers Ju88 D-1       D-ABOO                        [also Ju86
c/n 860006]
D-ABOP      Dornier Do23 G   352   D-ABOP
D-ABOS      Dornier Do11 da 284    D-ABOS      Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-ABOW      Douglas DC-2-115E 1365 PH-AKS D-ABOW NA+LF     DLH   00.05.40
            Written off Berlin 11.2.44
D-ABOY      Dornier Do17 V-9 E     659   D-ABOY                        Pre-
production prototype pax (c/n 659 or 660)
D-ABRS      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e           D-ABRS      DVS   00.01.39
      [or ABBS?]
D-ABSE      Dornier Do17           D-ABSE
D-ABUA      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-ABUA      DLH >DVL    00.00.35
D-ABUC      Junkers Ju86 K7 860960       D-ABUC Portugal253       Junkers
      00.04.38         Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-ABUG      Douglas DC-3-194B 1935 (PH-ALH) PC+EA D-ABUG

D-ABUI     Heinkel He59           D-ABUI
D-ABUK     Junkers Ju86 V-2 4902 D-ABUK       Junkers >DLH     00.03.34
           passenger prototype. Canc 8.38
D-ABUL     Junkers Ju52/3m
D-ABUO     Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-3    802   D-ABUO      Focke-Wulf

D-ABUQ      Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ABUQ
D-ABUR      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5777   D-ABUR      DLH 'Charles Haar'
      00.06.37         Crashed on    approach to Frankfurt 4.1.38
D-ABUT      Junkers Ju52/3m 5137     D-ABUT      Blindfluglehrgangs/Celle

D-ABUV     Blohm und Voss Bv142 v-2        219   D-ABUV     DLH 'Kastor'

D-ABUX      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-ABUX
D-ABVD      Dornier Do17 Z v1 2180 D-ABVD                         Z series
D-ABVE      Heinkel He111           WL-ABVE
D-ABVF      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5954 D-ABVF       DLH 'Franz Wagner'
>Luftwaffe 00.04.38           Destroyed .42
D-ABVK      Heinkel He111 P         D-ABVK
D-ABVR      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ABVR
D-ABWA      Dornier Do17 Z          D-ABWA GL+AW
D-ABWC      Dornier Do217 V-2 688   D-ABWC
D-ABWI      Messerschmitt Bf110           D-ABWI
D-ABWP      Junkers Ju288 V-2/A     2880002     D-ABWP BG+GR      Junkers
>Luftwaffe 00.03.41
D-ABWR      Junkers Ju52/3m 5930 D-ABWR GT+AA         Luftwaffe- used at E-
stelle Rechlin for brake parachutes       00.03.42          High altitude
for Everest expedition. Crashed
D-ABYA      Dornier Do J Wal 647    D-ABYA      Luftwaffe
D-ABYE      Heinkel He111 C-04      1831 D-ABYE       DLH               C-03
per Nowara
D-ABYF      Junkers Ju52/3mho 4045 D-ABYF       DLH 'E. Schofer' 00.09.34
            Crashed Hallgarten 25.04.35 [or AJYR?]
D-ABYM      Dornier Do18 V-3 A E    661   D-ABYM      E-stelle Travemunde
>DLH 'Aeolus'     00.05.36          Lost after an emergency landing in the
Atlantic 31.7.37
D-ABYS      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ABYS
D-ABYT      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ABYT
D-ABZV      Heinkel He115 V-3 1555 (D-ABZV) TI+HB     E-stelle Travemunde
      00.03.38          A-series prototype
D-ACAE      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-ACAE
D-ACAH      Heinkel He111 H-1       D-ACAH
D-ACAP      Junkers Ju88 V-18 880021      D-ACAP
D-ACAQ      Dornier Do23            D-ACAQ
D-ACAR      Junkers Ju88 V-16 A-3 880008        D-ACAR BB+AD

D-ACAV     FFG Berlin       D-ACAV
D-ACAW     Junkers Ju52/3m rio    6700     D-ACAW     DLH 'Heinrich Mathy'
D-ACAY     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ACAY
D-ACBA     Dornier Do17            D-ACBA
D-ACBD     Focke Wulf Fw200C-4     200 0199    D-ACBD TA+MA H-500
                 Captured by Soviets
D-ACBE     Junkers Ju52/3m 6550 D-ACBE         DLH 'Emil Schofer'
>Luftwaffe             Destroyed
D-ACBF     Dornier Do217 V-7 2707 D-ACBF
D-ACBH     Heinkel He111 V-17 J          D-ACBH                       and
D-ACBN     Junkers Ju88 V-20 883058      D-ACBN
D-ACBO     Junkers Ju52/3mge 4059 ZS-AFB M-CABO D-ACBO M-CABD DLH 'V.
Neubrand' >Iberia 'Mola'                 Destroyed Salamander 29.3.39
D-ACBO     Junkers Ju88 V-21 A-4 883113        D-ACBO ND+BM

D-ACBP     Junkers Ju88 V-22 A-4   883152     D-ACBP ND+CF

D-ACBQ     Junkers Ju52/3mW 5965   D-ACBQ TJ+HY     DLH >DVL

D-ACBS     Heinkel He111 V-14 G-3 or L 1884   D-ACBS

D-ACDA      Junkers Ju52/3mg8e     7490|7390 CK+QO OH-LAP D-ACDA VK+PJ
      Luftwaffe >Aero O/Y 'Petsamo' >Luftwaffe                   Handed
over to US Army and destroyed .45
D-ACDE      Dornier Do217v3 689    D-ACDE CN+HK
D-ACDF      Heinkel He111v15 G-3         D-ACDF
D-ACEE      Dornier Do17           D-ACEE
D-ACEP      Junkers Ju52/3m 6386 D-ACEP        DLH 'Adolf von Tutscheck'
>Luftwaffe             Destroyed
D-ACET      Dornier Do215          D-ACET
D-ACIQ      Heinkel He111 H-2 3246 D-ACIQ      Flugber. /Luftgau Kdo VII
D-ACJJ      Dornier Do17 Z         D-ACJJ GM+AE
D-ACKN      Heinkel He111          WL-ACKN
D-ACLA      Heinkel He111 H-1      D-ACLA
D-ACLC      Heinkel He111          D-ACLC
D-ACLQ      Heinkel He111 H-5      D-ACLQ
D-ACLX      Heinkel He111 H        D-ACLX      Kontrollinspektion Afrika
as courier aircraft
D-ACLZ      Heinkel He111          D-ACLZ
D-ACON      Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-1(S-1)    2000 D-AERE D-ACON      DLH
'Condor A-A'
D-ACPB      Junkers Ju88 V-22/A-4 3132 D-ACPB
      [also c/n 3152 ND+CF]
D-ACQB      Junkers Ju52/3m 5965 D-ACQB
D-ACTF      Junkers Ju288 V-3/A    2880003     D-ACTF BG+GS      Junkers
>Luftwaffe 00.04.41
D-ACVH      Focke-Wulf Fw200 Vb    3098 D-ACVH WL-ACVH AC+VH NK+NM     RLM
'Grenzmark' -private plane minister Ribbentrop
D-ACWG      Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-4/B-1     2000001     D-ACWG BS+AF
      Versuchstelle fur Hohenflugge      00.00.39
D-ACWG      Focke-Wulf Fw200 D-2 b 2000020     D-ACWG NA+WM F8+GL      DLH
      00.00.41         [one source says NA+WK]
D-ADAA      Junkers Ju86 A1/V-12   860055      D-ADAA      Junkers
      00.09.36         BMW132 engine test aircraft [AADA?] V9 per Nowarra
D-ADAC     Dornier Do215          D-ADAC
D-ADAG     Heinkel He111          D-ADAG
D-ADAI     Heinkel He59 C-2       D-ADAI
D-ADAL     Junkers Ju52/3mge 4046 D-ADAL      DLH 'Karl Allmenroder'
>Deruluft 'Flamingo' >lsd Luftwaffe     00.05.34
D-ADAM     Junkers Ju52 (CASA352.L)     CASA168     D-ADAM T.2B-275 G-
BFHF Spanish AF
D-ADAN     Dornier Do11 da        D-ADAN      Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-ADAP       Heinkel He111 V-1 713    D-ADAP     E-stelle Rechlin

D-ADAQ       Dornier Do23           D-ADAQ
D-ADAR       Junkers G31 fi > fo    3006 D-1523 D-ADAR       DLH 'Nordmark'
>RLM               Canc 10.38
D-ADAZ       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ADAZ
D-ADBA       Dornier Do18 G    V841 D-ADBA WL-ADBA TJ+HP     E-stelle
Travemunde               G type prototype
D-ADBD       Dornier Do217 C 2710 D-ADBD                            [c/n also
D-ADBE       Focke-Wulf Fw187         D-ADBE
D-ADBE       Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ADBE
D-ADBK       Douglas DC-2-115E 1355   PH-AKI D-ADBK NA+LD    DLH    00.05.40

D-ADBO     Junkers   Ju52/3m4ge       6387  D-ADBO      DLH 'Otto v.
Beaulieu-Marconay'   >Luftwaffe                   Destroyed
D-ADBO     Junkers   Ju88             D-ADBO
D-ADBP     Junkers   Ju52/3m 6038     D-ADBP GT+AD 1Z+EQ      Luftwaffe -
Rechlin Unit E4
D-ADBQ     Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-ADBQ
D-ADBS     Heinkel   He111     2762   D-ADBS TH+HU     E-stelle Travemunde

D-ADBT       Heinkel He115 B   1873   D-ADBT TI+HH     E-stelle Travemunde

D-ADBW      Junkers Ju52/3m 6650 D-ADBW        DLH 'Emil Thuy' >Luftwaffe
      00.00.39         Destroyed
D-ADBX      Heinkel He111     3365 D-ADBX
D-ADBY      Junkers Ju88 V-51 880066     D-ADBY CO+OG
      Ju188 prototype
D-ADCC      Junkers Ju252 V-1 2520001    D-ADCC      Junkers >Luftwaffe
      00.06.42         Ju252 prototype -used for Ju352-V1 construction
D-ADCF      Heinkel He111 V-15 G-3 or L 1885 D-ADCF

D-ADCN       Junkers Ju88 V-9 A-0     880001     D-ADCN             00.10.38

D-ADCU      Heinkel He111 D-1       D-ADCU
D-ADEA      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADEA
D-ADED      Junkers Ju52/3mge 6046 D-ADED      DLH 'Viktor Neubrand' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.08.38
D-ADEF      Junkers Ju52/3m 4070 D-ADEF        DLH 'Adolf Schirmer' >RLM
>Luftwaffe 00.00.35           Crashed 3.2.44
D-ADEG      Heinkel He116 A 3054 D-ADEG
D-ADEH      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADEH GS+AN     DVL
      CASA352 used at Rechlin for Radio Navigation Tests
D-ADEK      Junkers Ju52/3m 5278 D-ADEK         DLH 'Anton Schulz' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.35
D-ADEL      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ADEL      DVS   00.08.34
D-ADEN      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 251    D-3022 D-ADEN     DLH
>Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ADER      Junkers Ju52/3m 5120 D-ADER PP-CBE LV-ZBM       DLH 'Hans Wende'
      00.00.35          To Brasil .38
D-ADES      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADES      DVS Streckenschule Berlin
D-ADFG      Dornier Do18 H    V901 D-ADFG TJ+HQ       E-stelle Travemunde
                  Destroyed by enemy action 19.5.44
D-ADFJ      Junkers Ju90 A V-7/Z2 >Ju290 V-3 900003         D-ADFJ GF+GA
DJ+YE DLH 'Baden' >Luftwaffe 00.03.39           Destroyed during air raid
at Grosetto Italy 20.5.43 (Nowarra has GF+GH)
D-ADFM      Dornier Do17            D-ADFM
D-ADFN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-9           D-ADFN
D-ADFO      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      6060 D-ADFO AD+FO       Hansa Luftbild
>Luftwaffe 00.09.38           Burnt during attack at Oslo 5.40
D-ADFR      Junkers Ju288 V-4 2880004     D-ADFR BG+GT            00.05.41

D-ADHF       Junkers Ju52/3m 6066 D-ADHF           DLH 'W. Hohndorf'
>Luftwaffe   00.00.39         Destroyed .43
D-ADHR       Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-1    2893      D-ADHR GF+GF F8+CU      DLH
D-ADIF       Junkers Ju52/3m     5102   D-ADIF     Streckenschule Berlin

D-ADIG       Heinkel He111              D-ADIG
D-ADIH       Junkers Ju52/3mge          D-ADIH     Streckenschule Berlin

D-ADIL     Junkers   G24 ge    908  S-AAAW D-880 D-ADIL    Hermes' AB
Flygindustri >Aero   Lloyd op for Junkers LVAG >DLH >DVS >DLH >DVS
           Limhamn   built
D-ADIN     Junkers   G31 de    3002 D-1310 D-ADIN    DLH 'Herrmann Kohl'
D-ADIP     Dornier   Do24               D-ADIP
D-ADIP     Junkers   Ju52/3m 5102       D-ADIP      DLH
D-ADIR     Dornier   Do18 V-2 C         254   D-ADIR DA+NF

D-ADIS      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ADIS
D-ADIT      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ADIT
D-ADIU      Heinkel He59      1819 D-ADIU DA+MR
D-ADJD      Messerschmitt Bf110 B         D-ADJD
D-ADJE      Blohm und Voss Bv138 A-01     148   D-ADJE TW+BC      E-stelle
D-ADJL      Heinkel He115 A-05      1855 D-ADJL TI+HG       E-stelle
D-ADJO      Junkers Ju86 Z2 860502        D-ADJO      DLH 'Hohenwiel'
D-ADLH      Junkers Ju90 V-4 4916 D-ADLH KH+XA J4+DH G6+BY        DLH
'Schwabenland' later 'Sachsen' >Luftwaffe       00.09.38          Handed
over to Allied forces 5.45 [Also wnr 4910]
D-ADLI      Junkers           D-ADLI
D-ADLO      Junkers           D-ADLO
D-ADLP      Dornier Do24 V-3 K-1   761   D-ADLP X-1
      Transfer regn used on several Do24 aircraft
D-ADNH      Heinkel He111 P-2 2471 D-ADNH CA+NA
D-ADNO      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ADNO
D-ADNS      Dornier Do17 P         D-ADNS
D-ADOA      Junkers Ju86           D-ADOA
D-ADOC      Dornier Do J Wal 708   D-ADOC      Luftwaffe
D-ADOG      Heinkel He116A    3055 D-ADOG
D-ADOM      Junkers Ju52/3mce 4013 D-2201 D-ADOM     Boelcke' Winner at
International Flightmeeting Zurich DLH >DVS >Flugbereitschaft RLM
            Midair collision with Udet 12a D-1296 8.32 repaired Canc 1.39
D-ADOR      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 296   D-3024 D-ADOR    RDL >DVS

D-ADOU     Heinkel He111     1441   D-ADOU     Erpr.St.Rechlin

D-ADOV     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ADOV
D-ADOX     Junkers G24 > ge 927     D-1089 D-ADOX   DLH 'Hestia' >DVS

D-ADPA     Messerschmitt Bf110           D-ADPA
D-ADPC     Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-ADPC
D-ADPQ     Heinkel He119 V-3 2404 D-ADPQ       E-stelle Travemunde
           floatplane (V-5 per Nowarra)
D-ADQA     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADQA
D-ADQN     Macchi MC-94 I    94002 I-ARNO MM60455 D-ADQN

D-ADQO     Macchi MC-94 I    94003 I-LIRI MM60456 D-ADQO

D-ADQP     Macchi MC-94 I    94004 I-TOCE MM60452 D-ADQP

D-ADQQ     Macchi MC-94 I    94005 I-SILE MM60457 D-ADQQ

D-ADQR     Macchi MC-94 I    94006 I-NARO MM60453 D-ADQR

D-ADQS     Macchi MC-94 II   94007 I-ENZA MM60459 D-ADQS

D-ADQT     Macchi MC-94 II   94009 I-NETO MM60458 D-ADQT

D-ADQU      Junkers Ju52/3m 640605        D-ADQU     DLH 'Karl Noack'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.43           Crashed Lifjeld Mountains Norway due to bad
weather 10.44
D-ADQV      Junkers Ju52/3m 640608        D-ADQV     DLH 'Hermann Stache'
      00.00.43         Crashed into high ground Hestnuten Mountain
16.10.44 killing 15 [Also wnrJ640605]
D-ADQW      Junkers Ju52/3m 640610        D-ADQW     DLH 'Harry Rother'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.43           Crashed Belgrade 1.44
D-ADSZ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADSZ
D-ADTH      Messerschmitt Bf110           D-ADTH
D-ADUE      Junkers Ju52/3mge ATG1368     D-ADUE TK+HA     DVL

D-ADUF     Junkers Ju52/3mkao            D-ADUF     Junkers

D-ADUI     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ADUI
D-ADUL     Dornier Do11             D-ADUL     Deutsche Reichsbahn
D-ADUM       Heinkel He111 V-18 J           D-ADUM
D-ADUP       Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ADUP
D-ADUR       Junkers G31 fi > fo      3009 D-1786 D-ADUR    DLH 'Westmark'
>RLM               Scrapped 4.36
D-ADUT       Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ADUT
D-ADUU       Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-ADUU     DVL   00.02.37          Canc
D-ADUY       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ADUY
D-ADVI       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ADVI
D-ADVI       Messerschmitt Bf162          D-ADVI
D-ADVK       Cant Z506        D-ADVK
D-ADVO       Messerschmitt Bf110 B-0      918   D-ADVO

D-ADVR       Junkers Ju288 V-4/A      4    D-ADVR BG+GT     Luftwaffe

D-ADVS     Junkers Ju88 B-0           D-ADVS     DLH              [also Cant
Z506 c/n 3551]
D-ADVU     Cant Z506 3632     D-ADVU      DLH
D-ADVV     Cant Z506 3667     D-ADVV      DLH
D-ADVW     Cant Z506 3704     D-ADVW      DLH
D-ADVX     Cant Z506          D-ADVX MM60648     DLH
D-ADWB     Junkers Ju52/3m    6650 D-ADWB
D-ADYA     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ADYA       Streckenschule Berlin

D-ADYB     Dornier Do17 P          D-ADYB
D-ADYF     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADYF                      Fitted
with Jumo 211 9.37 and with Jumo 222 .40
D-ADYL     Junkers Ju52/3mce 4015 D-2202 D-ADYL     DLH 'Richthofen' >DVS
>Flugbereitschaft RLM
D-ADYN     Junkers           D-ADYN
D-ADYS     Dornier Do J Wal II f bos Wal      299   D-ADYS     DLH
'Tornado'              Crashed in South Atlantic 15.01.36
D-ADYU     Heinkel He59 D    1831 D-ADYU TH+HM      E-stelle Travemunde

D-ADZA     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ADZA
D-ADZF     Heinkel He70 G-1        D-ADZF
D-AEAB     Heinkel He111           D-AEAB GP+AY
D-AEAC     Junkers Ju52/3mg8e      7493 D-AXVA OH-LAO D-AEAC CK+QR SE-BUD
VH-BUV VH-GSS    Aero O/Y >DLH >Luftwaffe                Wfu and broken
up at Madang .60
D-AEAF     Junkers Ju86 B0         D-AEAF
D-AEAG     Junkers Ju88 V-17 880017      D-AEAG DI+MW

D-AEAN       Douglas DC-2-115E 1363   PH-AKQ D-AEAN SG+KV

D-AEAO       Junkers Ju52/3m 6670 D-AEAO        DLH 'R. Fritschke'
>Luftwaffe              Destroyed
D-AEAV       Dornier Do24 N-1 74    D-AFBT KD+GA D-AEAV    E-stelle
Travemunde              [also wnr1]
D-AEAV       Heinkel He59           D-AEAV
D-AEAW       Savoia Marchetti SM-83 T     34021 I-ARIS D-AEAW
             [c/n also 34022]
D-AEBA       Heinkel He111          D-AEBA
D-AEBG       Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-AEBG
D-AEBT      Junkers Ju52/3m 6401 D-AEBT      Junkers
      flying testbed for DB603A
D-AEDG      Junkers Ju88 V-33 883153   D-AEDG ND+DA

D-AEDO     Messerschmitt Bf110 V-7 B-0 912     D-AEDO

D-AEDS     Junkers Ju90 A / Z2     900005      D-AEDS GF+GE     DLH
'Preussen' >Luftwaffe 00.04.39           Handed over to Allied forces
scrapped in England 5.45
D-AEDV     Avia B.71         WL-AEDV
D-AEEE     Dornier Do17 R V-1            D-AEEE                       Used
for bomb sight testing never produced
D-AEEO     Heinkel He111           WL-AEEO
D-AEFR     Siebel Si204v1          D-AEFR                       [also
reported as D-OEFR]
D-AEFV     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AEFV
D-AEGF     Cant Z506         D-AEGF MM60645    DLH
D-AEHE     Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AEHE      DVS
D-AEHF     Heinkel He115 V-1 1553 D-AEHF       E-stelle Rechlin 00.08.37
           mod early 1938 for record breaking purposes
D-AEHO     Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AEHO      DVL   00.10.37
D-AEHP     Junkers Ju52/3m 6993 D-AEHP PB+KA         DLH >Luftwaffe

D-AEKD      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AEKD
D-AEKO      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AEKO
D-AEKU      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AEKU
D-AELE      Dornier Do17 M V-1      691   D-AELE GL+AL     E-stelle Rechlin
D-AELU      Heinkel He111           WL-AELU
D-AEMU      Junkers           D-AEMU
D-AENF      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5283 D-AENF PP-CBA D-AENF OA-HHD HC-SAD 42-
52883 TI-60 DLH Sudamerika 'Aconcagua'    00.04.37
D-AEOL      Heinkel He111 H-1       D-AEOL
D-AEPB      Heinkel He111           WL-AEPB
D-AEQA      Heinkel He111 V-12 G-01       2534 D-AEQA      DLH
D-AEQP      Focke-Wulf Fw200 (civil)      2000009    OH-CLA D-AEQP

D-AERE     Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-1     2000 D-AERE D-ACON    DLH
D-AERJ     Heinkel He111 P-2 2598   D-AERJ TH+HV    E-stelle Travemunde

D-AERV      Dornier Do24            D-AERV
D-AESR      Heinkel He111 H-1       D-AESR
D-AEST      Heinkel He111           D-AEST
D-AETA      Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-2(A)       2484 D-AETA WL-AETA F8+GH CB+FG
      DLH 'Westfalen'
D-AETR      Junkers Ju52/3mS 6005 D-AETR TJ+HV 4V+FR       DVL
D-AEXE      Heinkel He111           WL-AEXE
D-AEZI      Junkers Ju86M-1 860260        D-AEZI KJ+AF     Blindflugschule
Celle 00.00.37
D-AFAF      Junkers Ju86 B0 860014        D-AFAF     DLH 'Watzmann'
>Luftwaffe 00.07.36
D-AFAG      Junkers Ju88 V-30 887030      D-AFAG GB+NF
D-AFAL      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AFAL
D-AFAM      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5673 D-AFAM DD+MD     DLH - used by
Goebbels >Luftwaffe    00.01.37
D-AFAR      Dornier Do J Wal II 10 t-Wal 297  D-AFAR Danish50 DLH
'Samum'                Destroyed by Danish resistance .43
D-AFAT      Junkers Ju86           D-AFAT
D-AFAW      Dornier Do215          D-AFAW
D-AFAY      Heinkel He111 I        D-AFAY
D-AFAZ      Dornier Do11           D-AFAZ
D-AFBF      Junkers Ju88v41 1004 D-AFBF DE+KD
      [Also reported as D-AFBY/DE+EK/DE+DK/DE+NE]
D-AFBG      Junkers Ju88 V-42 A-11 881042     D-AFBG DH+NE

D-AFBK       Junkers Ju88 V-43 E-1 881530      D-AFBK RF+IQ
             [Also reported as RF+JQ]
D-AFBN       Heinkel He111 H-1      D-AFBN
D-AFBT       Dornier Do24 N-1 74    D-AFBT KD+GA D-AEAV

D-AFBY       Junkers Ju88 V-41 885002      D-AFBY DE+KD

D-AFCD       Junkers Ju52/3mge 2a   5938 D-ABIZ D-AFCD    DLH 'Erich
Albrecht'    00.00.38         [c/n 4068?]
D-AFCF       Heinkel He111          D-AFCF
D-AFDN       Junkers Ju288 V-6/A    2880006    D-AFDN BG+GV     Junkers
>Luftwaffe   00.01.42         Crashed after engine fire
D-AFEH       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AFEH     Streckenschule Berlin

D-AFEL       Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AFEL
D-AFEM       Junkers Ju52/3m 5376     D-AFEM DK+WG
D-AFEP       Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-AFEP
D-AFER       Junkers Ju52/3m 4047     D-AFER     DLH 'Franz Buchner' >lsd
Luftwaffe    00.04.34
D-AFES       Junkers Ju52/3m 4047     D-AFES     DLH 'Franz Buchner'
             [See D-AFER]
D-AFEY       Junkers Ju52/3mge 5407   D-AFEY
D-AFEZ       Dornier Do11             D-AFEZ     Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AFFA      Heinkel He59           D-AFFA
D-AFFE      Blohm und Voss Bv138 v-5 A-03     150   D-AFFE     Fl.Fuhrer
Schule C 17 Putnitz                op code BH+AT
D-AFFE      Heinkel He59           D-AFFE                      False regn
used during Spanish civil war
D-AFFF      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AFFF
D-AFFK      Heinkel He59      2606 D-AFFK
D-AFFO      Dornier Do17 F-1       D-AFFO
D-AFFQ      Junkers Ju52/3mte 6057 D-AFFQ     DLH 'G. Falke' >Luftwaffe
D-AFFT      Junkers Ju86           D-AFFT     Kommando Rowehl

D-AFFY     Dornier Do17 S-01 > Do215 V-1            D-AFFY
           [V-2 per some V-1/I per Wings 17M with new larger cockpit U
and Z prototype (Photo Nowarra as Do215)]
D-AFHG     Junkers Ju90 A V-11    900007      D-AFHG BD+TX     DLH
'Oldenburg' >Luftwaffe 00.10.39         Destroyed during emergency
landing Corsica 23.7.43 [also reported as BG+GY or BD+GY later J4+JH]
D-AFIF      Heinkel He111          D-AFIF
D-AFII      Junkers Ju51/3m        D-AFII
D-AFIN      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AFIN
D-AFIR      Junkers Ju52/3mce 4019 D-2468 D-AFIR     DLH 'Joachim von
Schroder' >Flugbereitschaft
D-AFIS      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 252   D-3023 D-AFIS     DLH
>Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-AFIT      Junkers Ju89 V-1 4911 D-AFIT       Junkers >Luftwaffe
      00.04.37         Prototype. Broken up 5.39
D-AFLX      Dornier Do17           D-AFLX 9K+FLX
D-AFNS      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e           D-AFNS      DVS   00.01.39

D-AFOA     Junkers   Ju52/3m        D-AFOA
D-AFOE     Junkers   Ju52/3m 1349 WL-AFOE
D-AFOI     Dornier   Do23           D-AFOI
D-AFOP     Junkers   Ju52/3mte 5800 D-AFOP     DLH 'Karl Hochmuth'
           Crashed   on takeoff Hannover 30.8.39 [or AFPO?]
D-AFOR     Junkers   Ju52/3mge      D-AFOR
D-AFOS     Junkers   Ju52/3mge      D-AFOS
D-AFOT     Dornier   Do11 da        D-AFOT     Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AFOU      Dornier Do17 M V-3     693  D-AFOU
      Photo recon (also reported as c/n 684 and V-14)
D-AFOX      Junkers Ju52/3m ATG2821     D-AFOX             00.00.40

D-AFPB     Heinkel He111            WL-AFPB
D-AFPD     Junkers Ju52/3m          WL-AFPD
D-AFPO     Heinkel He111            D-AFPO
D-AFPV     Savoia Marchetti SM-83   34008 YR-SAE MM34008 D-AFPV

D-AFPW     Savoia Marchetti SM-83 34023 MM60519 (OO-AUJ) D-AFPW

D-AFR.      Heinkel He59 D-1       D-AFR.
D-AFST      Focke-Wulf Fw200KB-1 D-1     2000010     OH-CLB D-AFST VB+UA
      DLH   00.00.40
D-AFUB      Messerschmitt Bf110          D-AFUB
D-AFUI      Junkers Ju86 A0/V-5    860001      D-AFUI      Junkers
      00.12.35          Military prototype
D-AFUK      Junkers Ju86 B-02 Z-2 860008       D-AFUK
D-AFUO      Dornier Do17 V-14 684  D-AFUO                        [or D-
D-AFUR      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AFUR
D-AFUU      Dornier Do J II Bos    643   D-AFUU      FFS (See) Warnemunde
                  [or AFUV?]
D-AFUV      Dornier Do J Wal 643   D-AFUV      Luftwaffe               [or
D-AFUZ      Junkers Ju52/3m 5314 D-AFUZ        BFS Brandis 00.00.37

D-AFWA     Junkers Ju86A-1     860018    D-AFWA                         Canc
D-AFYL     Dornier Do23             D-AFYL
D-AFYQ     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AFYQ
D-AFYR     Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-AFYR     DVL   00.08.37
D-AFYS       Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4020 D-2490 D-AFYS    DLH 'Gustav Doerr'
>Luftwaffe               Crashed .41
D-AFYS       Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4033 D-3012 D-AFYS [D-AHIP?] TK+HB      DLH
>DVS >DVL                See above
D-AFYV       Junkers Ju52/3mge 5352 D-AFYV     DVL               Crashed in
fog during   tests Roggentin 11.37
D-AGAA       Dornier Do J Wal 648    D-AGAA    Luftwaffe
D-AGAC       Junkers Ju52/3m 6567 D-AGAC       DLH
D-AGAF       Dornier Do J Wal IIe 16-Bos 236   D-2488 D-AGAF     DVS

D-AGAI       Dornier Do19 V-1 701    D-AGAI
D-AGAK       Junkers Ju52/3mte 5685 D-AGAK      DLH 'Ulrich Neckel' >lsd
Luftwaffe    00.03.37          Shot down by Japanese fighters .40
D-AGAL       Junkers Ju52/3mge 4065 D-AGAL D-AHIT GC+AE

D-AGAM      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AGAM
D-AGAO      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AGAO
D-AGAR      Boeing 247 1944 NC90Y D-AGAR        DLH               Hybrid a/c
[c/n 1945 also quoted]
D-AGAT      Dornier Do J Wal IIf Bas 10 t-Wal 298     D-AGAT      DLH
D-AGAU      Heinkel He111 B-2       D-AGAU
D-AGAV      Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4023 D-2526 D-AGAV      DLH 'Zephyr' and
'Emil Schafer'                Crashed into hangar in fog on take off
London 11.37
D-AGBB      Cant Z506         D-AGBB MM60646    DLH
D-AGBI      Junkers Ju52/3m 6659 D-AGBI         DLH 'Max von Mulzer'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.39           Destroyed .42
D-AGDA      Junkers Ju52/3mg1e      4080 OE-LAM D-AGDA      OLAG >DLH 'Weige
v. Froreich' >Luftwaffe       00.00.35          Destroyed 24.02.42
D-AGDE      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e            D-AGDE      Hansa Luftbild
D-AGDX      Junkers Ju88 V-11 A-03 880003       D-AGDX GZ+AF

D-AGEI     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5472 D-AGEI EU-XIX    DLH 'Karl
Allmenroder' >Eurasia 00.02.36          Shot down by Japanese bombers
while enroute Hanoi to Kunming 13.04.39 repaired by 10.39 CATCO Chung
5.3.43 written off .45
D-AGEM     Junkers Ju52/3m 5255 D-AGEM WL-AGEM           00.00.35

D-AGEP       Junkers Ju52/3mge4    6386   D-AGEP
D-AGEQ       Junkers Ju52/3m ATG2820      D-AGEQ           00.00.40

D-AGES      Junkers Ju52/3m 5104 D-AGES EU-XVII     DLH 'Otto
Kissenberth' >Eurasia 00.00.35           Strafed by Japanese and dbf
Hanchung 5.39
D-AGEY      Junkers Ju86 B0 860952       D-AGEY VH-UYA D-AGEY DD+VL
      Junkers 'Lawrence Hargrave' 00.01.37          Promotional tour of
Australia. later Ju86 z2 (also reported as D-ARJF)
D-AGFD      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4060 ZS-AFC D-AGFD M-CABU D-AGFD M-CABU EC-
AAI   South African AW 'Simon van der Stel' >Iberia 'Guadiana' >DLH 'Otto
Parschau' >Iberia 'Guadiana /La Cierva'             Wfu after accident at
Porto Alegre 28.02.42
D-AGFO     Junkers Ju52/3m   6521   D-AGFO     Kontrollinspektion Afrika

D-AGIA     Junkers Ju86      865002      D-AGIA      ATG Leipzig

D-AGIF     Dornier Do11 da   281    D-AGIF     Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AGIG      Heinkel He111 J         D-AGIG      Hansa Luftbild
      [He177 v3 c/n 3 per some]
D-AGIO      Heinkel He59N     1846 D-AGIO
D-AGIP      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AGIP
D-AGIQ      Junkers Ju52/3m 5272 D-AGIQ [D-AMIQ?] OA-HHC          DLH
'Martin Zander' 00.00.35            Confiscated by Peruvian govt. 3.41
D-AGIR      Dornier F (Do23) 294    D-AGIR
D-AGIS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4048 D-AGIS       DLH 'Kormoran' >Deruluft
'M. von Muller/Kormoran' >lsd Luftwaffe 00.05.34            Also reported as
'Wilhelm Schmidt' in Finland 1937
D-AGIZ      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AGIZ      DVL   00.03.37
D-AGNT      Dornier Do26 V-1 A      791   D-AGNT P5+AH      DLH 'Seeadler'
>Luftwaffe 00.05.38           Destroyed Rombakkenfjord Norway 28.5.40 by
Hurricanes from 48 Sqdn
D-AGOB      Junkers Ju52/3m4ge      6452 D-AGOB       DLH 'H. Handke'
>Luftwaffe 00.06.39           Destroyed .42
D-AGOF      Dornier Do J Wal IId Bis      217   D-2489 D-AGOF D-8 RDL
Erprobungsstelle Travemunde >Yugoslavia
D-AGON      Dornier Do14            D-AGON            00.08.36
      Engine testing Scrapped Manzell .39
D-AGOO      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5555 D-AGOO       DLH 'Fritz Simon' >lsd
German Navy 00.09.39
D-AGOR      Heinkel He59 B-2        D-AGOR
D-AGOS      Heinkel He59            D-AGOS
D-AGOT      Dornier Do J Wal 552    D-AGOT      Luftwaffe
D-AGOZ      Dornier Do11 D          D-AGOZ      Dornier Metallbauten GmbH
D-AGPD      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-AGPD
D-AGRT      Dornier Do18 D-3 V802 D-AGRT TJ+HO
D-AGST      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5261 D-AGST PP-CAZ      DLH Sudamerika
'Maipo' >Syndicato Condor     00.03.38          To Brazil .39
D-AGSU      Siebel Si204 A          D-AGSU
D-AGTC      Junkers Ju52/3mte 6030 D-AGTC 7U+LM       DLH 'Whilhelm Cuno'
>lsd Luftwaffe    00.12.38          Crashed Lappland 2.43 [or c/n 6032?]
D-AGTV      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-AGTV
D-AGUI      Heinkel He59 C-2 1511 D-AGUI
D-AGUK      Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4022 D-2527 D-AGUK      DLH 'Kurt Wolf'
            Travelling Aircraft of Goering Crashed .42
D-AGUL      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AGUL
D-AGUN      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland I     35    D-1280 M-CAEE D-1280 D-AGUN
      DLH 'Feldberg' >DVS                 [M-CAEE?]
D-AGUO      Heinkel He59N           WL-AGUO
D-AGUS      Dornier Do J Wal IIc Sas      224   D-2159 D-AGUS     DVS

D-AGUV     Heinkel He59             D-AGUV
D-AGYA     Dornier Do17 V-4 654     D-AGYA           00.00.35          Twin
fin shorter (glass?) nose
D-AGYE     Junkers Ju52/3m ge      5454   D-AGYE     BFS Brandis 00.00.37

D-AGYH     Dornier Do11            D-AGYH
D-AGYL     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AGYL
D-AGYM     Dornier Do11 da         D-AGYM      Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AGYP      Heinkel He59            D-AGYP      Flugsicherungsschiff
D-AGYS      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AGYS      DLH   00.00.35
D-AGYT      Dornier Do23            D-AGYT
D-AGYV      Dornier Do23            D-AGYV
D-AHAE      Junkers Ju86 A1         D-AHAE      DVL
D-AHAF      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHAF
D-AHAK      Dornier Do17 V-2 257    D-AHAK      DLH >E-stelle Rechlin
      00.00.34         Twin tail refit
D-AHAL      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5034 D-AHAL       DLH 'Otto Bernert' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.10.34            Destroyed .44
D-AHAN      Heinkel He59            D-AHAN
D-AHAO      Heinkel He111 V-4 1968 D-AHAO       DLH
D-AHAR      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHAR
D-AHAU      Dornier Do J Wal 705    D-AHAU      Luftwaffe
D-AHAY      Heinkel He111 V-17            D-AHAY                       also
D-AHCG      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHCG
D-AHDC      Heinkel He59            D-AHDC
D-AHDV      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e            D-AHDV      DVS   00.01.39

D-AHEA      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AHEA
D-AHED      Junkers Ju88           D-AHED      Rechlin
D-AHEH      Junkers Ju86 V-1 4901 D-AHEH       Junkers     00.11.34
      Bomber prototype and Jumo 206 tests
D-AHEL      Rohrbach Ro II         D-AHEL
D-AHEO      Dornier Do J Wal 673   D-AHEO      Luftwaffe
D-AHEP      Junkers Ju52/3m 5195 D-AHEP        DLH
D-AHER      Dornier Do11 da        D-AHER      Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AHES     Junkers Ju52/3m 5035 D-AHES GS+AQ
D-AHET     Dornier Do J Wal 546   D-AHET    Luftwaffe
D-AHET     Heinkel He59 B-2       D-AHET
D-AHEY     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AHEY
D-AHFB     Blohm und Voss Bv142 v-1     218 D-AHFB

D-AHFN     Junkers Ju52/3mg3e      6047 D-AHFN      DLH 'H. Kircheldorf'
>Luftwaffe 00.08.38          Destroyed .42
D-AHFP     Junkers Ju52/3m 6190 D-AHFP AH+FP
D-AHGA     Junkers Ju52/3m 6775 D-AHGA        DLH 'Paul Bilik' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.40
D-AHGB     Junkers Ju52/3m 6800 D-AHGB PP-CBP LV-AAJ      DLH 'Rudolf
Kleine' >Syndicato Condor >Aeroposta Argentina      00.00.40          To
Brazil .40 (also reported as LV-AXB)
D-AHIB     Arado Ar66        D-AHIB
D-AHIF     Dornier Do11      310   D-AHIF     Kampffliegerschule Fassberg
D-AHIH      Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4025 D-2588 D-AHIH      DLH 'Rudolf Kleine'
>Luftwaffe             Crashed .41
D-AHIK      Heinkel He59 N    1522 D-AHIK
D-AHIM      Rohrbach Ro VIIIA Roland      19    D-999 M-CBBB D-999 M-CBBB
D-AHIM      DLH >Iberia >DLH
D-AHIP      Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4033 D-3012 D-AFYS [D-AHIP?] TK+HB       DLH
>DVS >DVL >Luftwaffe
D-AHIS      Dornier Do18 V-1 A      253   D-AHIS      DLH 'Monsun'
D-AHIT      Junkers Ju52/3m 4066 D-AGAL D-AHIT GC+AE        Luftwaffe
'Manfred v. Richthofen' - Goering's travelling aircraft 00.00.35
      Crashed Ssalsk 1.43 [ABAQ?]
D-AHIT      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4053 D-AXAN D-2600 D-AHIT D-ANAO DD+MF
      Immelmann' Deutsche Reichsbahn >DLH >Luftwaffe
      Hitlers personal transport. Shot down .42
D-AHIT      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4065 D-AGAL D-AHIT                       See
D-AHIX      Heinkel He59            D-AHIX
D-AHJE      Dornier Do217 V-8 2708 D-AHJE
D-AHJJ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHJJ
D-AHME      Heinkel He115 V-4 1977 (D-AHME) TI+HC           00.05.38
      Production prototype
D-AHMS      Junkers Ju52/3m 6042 D-AHMS         DLH 'Martin Zander'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.38           Destroyed .41
D-AHNE      Dornier Do18 E          D-AHNE
D-AHOA      Heinkel He111           D-AHOA
D-AHOE      Junkers Ju86 A0/V-11    860007      D-AHOE      Luftwaffe
      00.05.37         V5 per Noarra
D-AHOH      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHOH
D-AHOI      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHOI
D-AHOL      Junkers Ju52/3m 6412 D-AHOL
D-AHOL      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II    46    D-1720 D-AHOL     DLH
'Niederwald' >RLM
D-AHOM      Dornier Do18 V-4 C      662   D-AHOM      E-stelle Travemunde
>Luftwaffe 00.10.36           Double tail prototype for the D-0
D-AHON      Dornier Do23            D-AHON
D-AHOQ      Dornier Do23            D-AHOQ
D-AHOR      Blohm und Voss Bv138 V-2            D-AHOR

D-AHOR      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AHOR      Junkers >E-stelle Rechlin
      00.10.34         DB600 engine testbed
D-AHOS      Dornier F (Do11)        D-AHOS
D-AHOT      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-0           D-AHOT
D-AHOX      Dornier Do J Wal        D-AHOX
D-AHOZ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHOZ
D-AHQT      Dornier Do17            D-AHQT
D-AHRD      Henschel Hs128 V-2      1280002     D-AHRD
      [presume error for ARHD]
D-AHSA      Heinkel He111 H-1       D-AHSA
D-AHSQ      Caproni Ca.133          WL-AHSQ
D-AHST      Junkers Ju86      860499      D-AHST
D-AHUB      Junkers           D-AHUB
D-AHUI      Dornier Do J Wal 675    D-AHUI D-7 Luftwaffe               To
Yugoslavia .35
D-AHUS     Junkers Ju52/3mge 4049 D-AHUS       DLH 'Heinrich Kroll'
>Deruluft 'Milan' >lsd Luftwaffe 00.05.34
D-AHUT     Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4021 D-2600 D-AHUT      DLH 'H.J. Buddecke'
>RLM - Travelling Aircraft of Hitler                 Crashed
D-AHUU     Dornier Do J Wal 640    D-AHUU      E-stelle Travemunde
           Suspect -see AHUV
D-AHUV     Dornier Do J Wal 64     D-AHUV      Luftwaffe
D-AHUX     Junkers Ju52/3mmao      5353 D-AHUX GS+AU       Junkers
>Luftwaffe 00.03.37          Used for Jumo 213 tests
D-AHYF     Junkers Ju86            D-AHYF
D-AHYH     Heinkel He59 C    530   D-AHYH
D-AHYL     Dornier Do13c >Do23     293   D-AHYL
D-AHYN     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHYN                        Canc 3.39
D-AHYP     Junkers Ju86 B0 860009        D-AHYP      DLH 'Schneekoppe'
>Luftwaffe 00.05.36
D-AHYR     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHYR      Streckenschule Tempelhof

D-AHYS      Dornier Do J Wal 547    D-AHYS     Luftwaffe
D-AHYY      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AHYY
D-AIAG      Junkers Ju52/3m 7244 D-AIAG        DLH 'Olaf Bielenstein'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.42           Destroyed .44
D-AIAH      Junkers Ju52/3m 7268 D-AIAH        DLH 'Karl Hochmuth'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.42           Destroyed .44
D-AIAK      Junkers Ju86            D-AIAK
D-AIAO      Junkers Ju52/3mlu 4064 I-BIZI MM60410 AI+AO D-AIAO Ala
Littoria >Italian AF >DLH     00.00.43
D-AIAP      Dornier Do17 E-3        D-AIAP
D-AIAR      Dornier Do17            D-AIAR
D-AIAS      Douglas DC-2-115E 1364 PH-AKR D-AIAS PC+EB
      [also reported as PC+KB/PC+EW]
D-AIAT      Junkers Ju52/3m 6765 I-BOAN MM60413 D-AIAT Ala Littoria
>Italian AF >DLH 00.00.43
D-AIAV      Douglas DC-2-115H 1366 PH-AKT D-AIAV NA+LA     DLH   00.5.40
            Written off Lammershagen 9.8.40
D-AIAW      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 60008 I-BUMA MM46708 D-AIAW Erganzungs
Transportgeschwader Flieger Korps 14 Brelau-Gandau
D-AIAX      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32017 I-TUON D-AIAX     Reichflotte
Berlin Tempelhof
D-AIAZ      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32056 I-BUBA MM60539 D-AIAZ OKL 2nd
Exp Dept Flieger Korps 14 Breslau-Gandau
D-AIBE      Dornier Do24 V-1 760    D-AIBE TJ+HR     E-stelle Travemunde
                  delivery registration
D-AIBE      Dornier Do24 V-2 782    D-AIBE DP+BH
      delivery registration
D-AIBO      Junkers           D-AIBO
D-AIDA      Junkers Ju86            WL-AIDA
D-AIDE      Junkers Ju86            D-AIDE
D-AIDO      Dornier Do17 E-2        D-AIDO
D-AIHP      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AIHP
D-AIIA      Dornier Do17 Z-0 >Do215 V-1        D-AIIA

D-AIIB      Dornier Do17 Z-0 >Do215 V-2       D-AIIB
      Do 17Z-0 with Gnome-Rhone 14 cylinder Radial
D-AIIN     Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-4 A-03           D-AIIN

D-AIIR     Blohm und Voss Bv138        D-AIIR
D-AIJO     Messerschmitt Bf110 V-8 A-0 913   D-AIJO

D-AIKI      Junkers Ju86M-1 860266       D-AIKI      BFS Celle/BFS Brandis
D-AILU      Dornier Do17 F-1       D-AILU
D-AIMA      Junkers Ju52/3m 5848 D-AIMA GS+AX        Luftwaffe -travelling
aircraft at Rechlin
D-AIMR      Heinkel He111          WL-AIMR
D-AIOP      Junkers Ju86           D-AIOP
D-AISO      Messerschmitt Bf110 V-8 A-0 913    D-AISO

D-AISY      Messerschmitt Bf110 V-4 A-0 910     D-AISY
      [also v7 wnr 917]
D-AITB      Dornier Do215v3 ?       D-AITB
D-AITP      Junkers Ju290 A5 900174       KR+LE 9V+EH D-AITP     Luftwaffe
'Sachsen' >DLH    00.10.44          Destroyed in air raid Munich 27.12.44
D-AITQ      Junkers Ju290 A5 900176       KR+LG 9V+GH D-AITQ     Luftwaffe
'Preussen' >DLH 00.10.44            Damaged landing Munich 7.4.45
D-AITR      Junkers Ju290 A5 900178       KR+LI 9V+EK D-AITR 74.23
      Luftwaffe 'Bayern' >DLH >Spanish AF       00.10.44         Damaged
landing Barcelona 26.4.45 Seized by Allied Commision Sold Spanish AF 5.50
Wfu 5.53 scrapped
D-AIVI      Junkers Ju90 V-2 4914 D-AIVI        Junkers 'Sachsen' >DLH
'Preussen' 00.12.37           Crashed Bathurst 21.11.38
D-AIXA      Messerschmitt Bf162 V-1       817   D-AIXA           00.02.37
            Scrapped after trials
D-AIXV      Junkers Ju86            D-AIXV
D-AIXY      Junkers Ju86            D-AIXY      FFS C Neuruppin

D-AIYR     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AIYR      DLH
D-AIYZ     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AIYZ
D-AIZU     Heinkel He111v9    1807 D-AIZU
D-AJAB     Savoia Marchetti   SM-87 36004 MM450 I-IGEA D-AJAB
           [c/n 36001? -see   AKBE]
D-AJAJ     Savoia Marchetti   SM-87 36003 MM449 I-ILLA D-AJAJ AJ+IJ

D-AJAK      Heinkel He111 V-5 B-0 1432 D-AJAK
D-AJAN      Junkers Ju52/3mce 4026 D-2624 D-AJAN    DLH 'Rudolf Berthold'
>Flei-(Flug-Eisenbahn)-Service >Luftwaffe                 Crashed .41
D-AJAO      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5478 D-AJAO PP-CBD    DLH 'Robert Weinhard'
      00.02.36         To Brasil .37
D-AJAT      Junkers Ju52/3mg1e     4076 OE-LAK D-AJAT M-CABC EC-AAK
      Duero' OLAG >DLH 00.01.39          To Spain 7.39
D-AJAV      Junkers Ju52/3m 5259 D-AJAV             00.00.35
D-AJAW      Douglas DC-2-115E 1356 PH-AKJ D-AJAW PC+EC

D-AJAX     Douglas DC-2             D-AJAX
D-AJAX     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AJAX
D-AJAZ     Arado Ar77 846     D-AJAZ      E-stelle Rechlin
D-AJEE     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AJEE
D-AJEH     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AJEH
D-AJEI       Junkers Ju86           D-AJEI
D-AJEQ       Junkers Ju86 C1 860976       D-AMYO D-AJEQ        DLH 'Melibokus'
>Luftwaffe   >DLH 00.00.42
D-AJER       Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-AJER
D-AJEY       Blohm und Voss Ha139 V-2     182   D-AJEY         DLH 'Nordwind'
                   [v1 ?]
D-AJFI       Junkers Ju86           D-AJFI
D-AJFM       Junkers Ju86Z-2 860228       D-AJFM               00.01.39

D-AJHB      Junkers Ju90 A V-13/ Z2      900009        D-AJHB BJ+OV J4+KH
      DLH 'Thuringen' >Luftwaffe   00.03.40            Destroyed during
tests Tarnewitz 8.44 (or Pitomnik)
D-AJHR      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AJHR
D-AJIE      Heinkel He116 V-2 545  D-AJIE      DLH
D-AJIF      Junkers G24 > ge 933   D-1062 D-AJIF       DLH 'Silvanus' >DVS

D-AJII       Dornier Do18 D-0 664    D-AJII TJ+HN     E-stelle Travemunde
                   [c/n 727?-see AJIU]
D-AJIM       Junkers Ju52/3mge 4050 D-AJIM CV+AZ      DLH 'U. Neckel H.
Goring'      00.06.34          Crashed Frankfurt 19.9.36 [or c/n 4028?]
D-AJIU       Dornier Do18 D-3 727    D-AJIU     E-stelle See Travemunde
                   Rebuilt as prototype for H
D-AJOL       Dornier Do11 da         D-AJOL     Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AJOX      Junkers   Ju52/3m         D-AJOX
D-AJOZ      Junkers   G24 ce    931   S-AABA D-1000 D-AJOZ     AB Flygindustri
D-AJQH      Dornier   Do17 E          D-AJQH
D-AJUI      Dornier   Do J Wal 645    D-AJUI      Luftwaffe
D-AJUK      Junkers   Ju52/3m         D-AJUK
D-AJUN      Dornier   Do17 V-1 c      256   D-AJUN      E-stelle Rechlin
      00.00.34           Single fin   pointy nose [c/n 686?]
D-AJUP      Junkers   Ju52/3m 5065    D-AJUP      DLH >ReiFlei-Services

D-AJUU      Junkers Ju86 C1 860977       D-AJUU WL-AJUU    DLH 'Vogelsberg'
>Luftwaffe 00.06.37
D-AJUX      Junkers Ju52/3mce 4028 D-2649 D-AJUX     Hermann Goering' DLH
                  Crashed at Frankfurt/Main
D-AJYF      Dornier Do23           WL-AJYF
D-AJYO      Dornier Do18 D-0 670   D-AJYO CO+JE
      Crashed 13.1.43 Fl.w.sch.Parow
D-AJYP      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II   45    D-1712 D-AJYP     DLH
'Schonburg' >Deruluft              Crashed Schievelbein 07.03.35
D-AJYR      Heinkel He111          D-AJYR
D-AJYR      Junkers Ju52/3mho 4045 D-AJYR      DLH 'E. Schofer' 00.09.34
            Crashed Hallgarten 25.4.35 [or ABYF?]
D-AKAF      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AKAF
D-AKAI      Bloch MB-220      7    F-AOHG D-AXWH D-AUAI D-AKAI

D-AKAL       Dornier Do J II Bos      185   D-AKAL     FFS (See) Putnitz

D-AKAP       Dornier Do11             D-AKAP
D-AKAR       Heinkel He59 N     838   D-AKAR      SeenotKdo1
D-AKBE     Savoia Marchetti SM-87 36001 MM447 I-IGOR D-AKBE
           [c/n 36004?]
D-AKCD     Junkers Ju52/3mg3e     5970 D-AKCD TJ+HW      DLH >DVL

D-AKCQ      Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-AKCQ
D-AKDC      Junkers   Ju52/3mge        D-AKDC     Junkers     00.11.38
      Canc 11.38
D-AKDD      Junkers   Ju52/3m          WL-AKDD
D-AKDY      Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-AKDY           00.00.39
D-AKEH      Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-AKEH
D-AKEI      Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-AKEI
D-AKEK      Dornier   Do J Wal IId     553   D-AKEK     Luftwaffe

D-AKEL      Junkers Ju52/3mw        D-AKEL
D-AKEM      Heinkel He111 B-1 1005 D-AKEM
D-AKEN      Junkers Ju86 A1/V-13    860052     D-AKEN CB+BS     Junkers
>Luftwaffe 00.03.37           BMW132F test aircraft. Crashed Fistrup 12.43
D-AKEP      Junkers Ju52/3mce 4029 D-2650 D-AKEP     DLH 'Fritz Rumey'
>Luftwaffe             Crashed .42
D-AKEQ      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5590 D-AKEQ OE-LAN D-AKEQ SG+BM   DLH
'Rubritus' >OLAG >DLH 'Gustav Rubritius' >Luftwaffe 00.00.36
      Crashed .42
D-AKER      Dornier Do J Wal IIf Bos > J II? 10 t-Wal      237  D-2399 D-
AKER DLH 'Taifun'
D-AKGA      Bloch MB-220      8     F-AOHH D-AKGA D-AXWA   DLH  00.00.43

D-AKGB     Bloch MB-220           11   F-AQNK D-AXWB D-AKGB   DLH   00.00.43

D-AKGC     Bloch MB-220           13   F-AQNM D-AXWC D-AKGC   DLH   00.00.43

D-AKGD     Bloch MB-220           6    F-AOHF D-AXWD D-AKGD   DLH   00.00.43

D-AKGE     Bloch MB-220           10   F-AOHJ D-AXWF D-AKGE   DLH   00.00.43

D-AKGF     Bloch MB-220           9    F-AOHI D-AXWE D-AKGF   DLH   00.00.43

D-AKIL      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland I    37   D-1297 M-CAEE D-1297 D-AKIL
      Iberia >DLH 'Wasserkuppe' >DVS                Iberia as replacement
for D-1292 [per Spanish reg M-CAEE was c/n 35]
D-AKIM      Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-AKIM
D-AKIN      Boeing 247 1945 NC91Y D-AKIN      DLH >E-stelle Rechlin
            Hybrid a/c
D-AKIQ      Junkers Ju52/3mg2e     5429 D-AKIY LN-DAF D-AKIY D-AKIQ LN-
KAG   DLH 'William Langanke' >Luftwaffe 00.00.35          Captured
Drontheim 9.45 repaired at Horten To SAS .48 [AKIQ also c/n 4078?]
D-AKIQ      Junkers Ju52/3mW 4078 D-AKIQ PP-CBB     DLH 'Tupan' 00.00.35
            To Brasil 12.35
D-AKIR      Dornier Do23           WL-AKIR
D-AKIS      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AKIS
D-AKIV      Heinkel He59 B   442   D-2622 D-AKIV
D-AKIY      Junkers Ju52/3mg2e     5429 D-AKIY LN-DAF D-AKIY D-AKIQ LN-
KAG   DLH 'William Langanke' >Luftwaffe 00.00.35          Captured
Drontheim 9.45 repaired at Horten To SAS .48 [AKIQ also c/n 4078?]
D-AKLO      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AKLO
D-AKLQ     Junkers Ju52/3mg6e            D-AKLQ
D-AKOH     Dornier Do17 V-5 655    D-AKOH      DLH   00.00.35
D-AKOI     Junkers Ju86 C1 860972        D-AKOI      DLH 'Kaiserstuhl'
>Luftwaffe 00.05.37          Also reported as Ju52
D-AKOK     Junkers Ju52/3mfe 4030 D-2725 D-AKOK      DLH 'Paul Baumer'
>Luftwaffe             Crashed in fog London .34 repaired Crashed .42
D-AKON     Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      5096 D-AKON
D-AKOO     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AKOO
D-AKOP     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AKOP
D-AKOP     Junkers Ju86 B1 > C1    860015      D-AKOP      Junkers -
travelling aircraft of Koppenberg 00.11.36           [B-0 per BV38
reported as c/n 860015]
D-AKOS     Heinkel He59            D-AKOS
D-AKOT     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AKOT
D-AKPS     Heinkel He115 A-06      1856 D-AKPS TI+HF       E-stelle
D-AKUA     Junkers Ju52/3m 6840 D-AKUA
D-AKUE     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AKUE
D-AKUF     Junkers Ju52/3m 5250 D-AKUF
D-AKUJ     Junkers Ju86 A1         D-AKUJ
D-AKUK     Heinkel He59N           D-AKUK      Seenotstaffel 2

D-AKUO      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5484 D-AKUO     DLH 'Paul Bilik' >Luftwaffe
      00.03.36         Destroyed .41
D-AKUP      Junkers Ju86           D-AKUP
D-AKUR      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AKUR
D-AKUS      Dornier Do23           D-AKUS
D-AKUU      Dornier Do17 V-10 666  D-AKUU                       F
prototype [Or D-AKKU] later RB+DK? [c/n 660?]
D-AKUY      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-AKUY     DVL   00.06.37
D-AKUZ      Dornier Do17 V-6 656   D-AKUZ GL+AJ           00.00.35

D-AKYF     Dornier Do23           D-AKYF
D-AKYH     Heinkel He59 B-1 530   D-AKYH      E-stelle Travemunde
D-AKYK     Dornier Do23           D-AKYK
D-AKYL     Junkers Ju52/3m 5344 D-AKYL
D-AKYM     Dornier Do J Wal II C bos Wal       676   D-AKYM      DLH
D-AKYS      Junkers Ju52/3m 5098 D-AKYS M-CABY EC-AAH      DLH 'Emil Thuy'
      00.00.35          To Spain 3.39
D-AKYU      Dornier Do17 V-12 682   D-AKYU                       Photo
recon [or D-AKYL]
D-AKYZ      Junkers Ju86            WL-AKYZ
D-ALAB      Junkers G24 he    905   S-AAAY M-AJAJ D-1596 A-100 OE-LAB D-
ALAB? DLH   00.07.38          Canc 3.34 [see also ALAP]
D-ALAL      Junkers Ju86 V-3 4903 D-ALAL       Junkers     00.06.35
      Military prototype
D-ALAM      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5740 D-ALAM      DLH 'William Langanke'
>Luftwaffe 00.03.37           Destroyed .43 [or c/n 5470]
D-ALAN      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5010 D-ALAN      DLH 'Eduard Dostler'
>Luftwaffe 00.08.34           Destroyed .42
D-ALAP      Junkers G24 905   S-AAAY M-AJAJ D-1596 A-100 OE-LAB D-ALAP?
      Sevilla' AB Flygindustri -used as demonstrator in Spain -UAE Union
Aerea Espanola >Junkers 'Taunus' >OLAG >DLH               Scrapped 8.39
(see D-ALAB)
D-ALAR      Dornier Do17 Z         D-ALAR
D-ALAS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4035 D-3049 D-ALAS    DLH 'Hans Gontermann'
>Askania-Kurssteuerung >Luftwaffe
D-ALAT      Junkers Ju89 V-2 4912 D-ALAT      Junkers     00.08.37
      Broken up 11.38
D-ALAZ      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ALAZ
D-ALEF      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e     5011 D-ALEF      DVS   00.08.34

D-ALEK        Junkers   Ju52/3m        D-ALEK
D-ALEO        Dornier   Do J Wal 649   D-ALEO     Luftwaffe
D-ALEQ        Heinkel   He111 V-10 E   1437 D-ALEQ
D-ALER        Junkers   Ju52/3m        D-ALER
D-ALES        Heinkel   He111 V-3 c A-0      715  D-ALES      E-stelle Rechlin

D-ALEU        Junkers Ju52/3mge 5430 D-ALEU      DVS   00.12.37
      First   D-APAA?
D-ALEV        Dornier Do23           D-ALEV
D-ALEX        Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-11 c 1198 D-ALEX KK+UB       Focke-Wulf
              Prototype. personal plane of Kurt Tank [A-0]
D-ALEY        Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ALEY
D-ALGA        Junkers Ju86E          WL-ALGA
D-ALIR        Dornier Do23           D-ALIR
D-ALIU        Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ALIU
D-ALIX        Heinkel He111 V-2 b    714   D-ALIX
D-ALKR        Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-ALKR
D-ALLA        Heinkel He111 J        D-ALLA      Hansa Luftbild

D-ALLZ      Heinkel He111 H         D-ALLZ
D-ALOA      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-ALOA
D-ALOF      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ALOF
D-ALOH      Junkers Ju86 K3 860065        D-ALOH      Junkers >RDL 'Lady
Ann Barndard'     00.00.37          [South African AW ZS-ANI? possibly ZS-
D-ALOS      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ALOS
D-ALOV      Heinkel He59            D-ALOV
D-ALOX      Dornier Do J IIF 300    D-ALOX      DLH 'Pasat' >DVS
      [c/n 185 ex D-2068?]
D-ALOY      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ALOY
D-ALOZ      Junkers Ju86 B0 860010        D-ALOZ      DLH 'Zugspitze'
>Luftwaffe 00.06.36
D-ALRD      Dornier Do17            D-ALRD
D-ALUE      Junkers Ju52/3m 5502 D-ALUE EU-XX         DLH 'Joachim v.
Schroder' 00.04.36            To Eurasia 3.37 Destroyed in air raid
Chengtu 12.40
D-ALUG      Junkers Ju52/3mg2e      5093 D-ALUG TU+BP       DLH 'Josef
D-ALUI      Heinkel He111           D-ALUI
D-ALUJ      Dornier Do J Wal 554    D-ALUJ      Luftwaffe
D-ALUK      Dornier Do J Wal        D-ALUK
D-ALUM      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ALUM
D-ALUN      Junkers Ju52/3mce 4036 D-3050 D-ALUN      DLH 'Joachim
Schroder' and 'Kurt Wintgens' >Luftwaffe                    Crashed .41
D-ALUS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5210   D-ALUS    DLH >DVS   00.12.37
      Crashed Roubion 2.39
D-ALUY      Junkers Ju52/3m 5765     D-ALUY
D-ALUZ      Dornier Do23             D-ALUZ
D-ALVD      Heinkel He59             D-ALVD
D-ALYH      Dornier Do23             D-ALYH    FFS( C )Perleberg

D-ALYL      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5180 D-ALYL OE-LAR D-ALYL NG+VY 17+RV DLH
'Hans Loeb / XI Olympiade' >OLAG 'Linke Crawford' >DLH 'Hans Loeb'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.35
D-ALYO      Heinkel He59            D-ALYO
D-ALYR      Dornier Do23            D-ALYR
D-ALYY      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ALYY
D-AMAB      Heinkel He116 B-0 30.. D-AMAB
D-AMAC      Heinkel He116 B 3056 D-AMAC
D-AMAD      Heinkel He116 A 30.. D-AMAD                          [wnr range
3052 - 3063]
D-AMAE      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AMAE
D-AMAI      Junkers Ju86            D-AMAI
D-AMAK      Junkers Ju52/3m 5294 D-AMAK EU-XVIII DLH 'Volkmar v.
Arnim'      00.00.35          To Eurasia 12.35
D-AMAM      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4037 D-3051 D-AMAM      DLH 'Kurt Wustoff'
D-AMAN      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AMAN     Deutsche Reich / RLM
D-AMAQ      Junkers Ju52/3m 5109 D-AMAQ PP-CBH HC-SAE PeruAF HC-SND DLH
'Max von Mulzer' 00.00.35           To Brasil 6.39
D-AMAR      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland Ia    38   D-1314 D-AMAR     DLH
'Inselsberg' >RLM
D-AMAU      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AMAU
D-AMAX      Dornier Do J II 223     603 D-2053 D-AMAX DVS 'Gronland Wal'

D-AMEI      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5734 D-AMEI      DLH 'Fritz v. Roeth'
>Luftwaffe 00.03.37           Destroyed .43
D-AMER      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AMER
D-AMES      Heinkel He111 C-01      1828 D-AMES      DLH              C-04
per Nowarra
D-AMEV      Junkers Ju52/3m 5320 D-AMEV        DLH
D-AMEY      Heinkel He111           D-AMEY
D-AMEZ      Heinkel He59            D-AMEZ
D-AMFO      Dornier Do217           D-AMFO
D-AMFR      Junkers Ju52/3mg1e      5933 D-AMFR OE-LAS D-AMFR NG+VE D-AMFR
      DLH 'Ludwig Hautzmayer' >OLAG >DLH >Luftwaffe >DLH
      Remains at Tempelhof until .47
D-AMGH      Junkers Ju88 V-10 A-02 880002      D-AMGH PC+CF

D-AMHC      Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-5(A-3)    2895 D-AMHC WL-AMHC F8+HH TK+BS
F8+DU F8+MV DLH 'Nordmark' >Luftwaffe                [v3?]
D-AMHG      Junkers Ju88 V-10 880002     D-AMGH PC+CF
      See AMGH
D-AMHL      Focke-Wulf Fw200 D-2 c 2000021     D-AMHL NA+WL NA+WN    DLH

D-AMHX     Junkers Ju52/3m           D-AMHX
D-AMIE      Blohm und Voss Ha139 V-1     181   D-AMIE     DLH
'Nordmeer'>E-stelle Rechlin              [v2?]
D-AMIL      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AMIL
D-AMIM      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AMIM
D-AMIP      Junkers Ju52/3m 4072 D-AMIP EU-XXIV XT-AGE DLH 'Fritz Erb'
      00.00.35         To Eurasia 8.37 Destroyed by Japanese bombing Hong
Kong 12.41
D-AMIQ      Junkers Ju52/3m 5272 D-AGIQ D-AMIQ? OA-HHC DLH 'Martin
Zander'     00.00.35         Confiscated by Peruvian Govt. .40 [AGIQ?]
D-AMIR      Dornier Do23           D-AMIR      Forstschutzstaffel

D-AMIT     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5060 D-AMIT OA-HHA     DLH 'O.v. Beaulieu-
Marconnay' 00.10.34          Confiscated by Peruvian Govt. .40
D-AMIU     Dornier Do18 D-0 665    D-AMIU     E-stelle Rechlin

D-AMIX     Junkers S36 > K37 3200 S-AABL SE-ABL D-1252 D-AMIX AB
Flygindustri >Junkers >Luftwaffe
D-AMMB     Heinkel He116          D-AMMB
D-AMME     Blohm und Voss Bv140 V-3     283  D-AMME

D-AMOH     Dornier    Do J Wal           D-AMOH
D-AMOI     Junkers    Ju52/3m            D-AMOI
D-AMOK     Junkers    Ju52/3m            D-AMOK
D-AMOL     Junkers    Ju52/3mge          D-AMOL     Junkers >DLH       00.09.34

D-AMON     Junkers Ju52/3mge             D-AMON     DLH   00.00.35
D-AMOO     Dornier Do17 E-1 833          D-AMOO     E-stelle Rechlin

D-AMOR     Blohm und Voss Bv138 V-2           113   D-AMOR     E-stelle Rechlin

D-AMOS     Junkers Ju52/3m        5575   D-AMOS TJ+HX    DLH >DVL

D-AMPI      Heinkel   He111          D-AMPI
D-AMPO      Heinkel   He116A   3059 D-AMPO
D-AMPQ      Heinkel   He111          D-AMPQ
D-AMSD      Dornier   Do17 > Do217 V-4     690      D-AMSD
      [Do217V-4 per   Wings]
D-AMSO      Heinkel   He111          D-AMSO         Hansa Luftbild

D-AMUO      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-AMUO      Junkers     00.08.37
      participated in Afrika Sales Flight 1937
D-AMUV      Junkers Ju86           D-AMUV
D-AMUY      Junkers Ju52/3m 5303 D-AMUY
D-AMVH      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AMVH
D-AMVO      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AMVO
D-AMYE      Junkers Ju52/3mreo     5656 D-AMYE PP-CBL LV-ZBE     DLH
Sudamerika 'Anden'     00.06.37          To Brasil 9.39
D-AMYM      Junkers Ju52/3mW 6015 D-AMYM EC-DAN EC-ABS T2-109 Iberia
>Spanish Govt
D-AMYO      Junkers Ju86 C1 860976       D-AMYO D-AJEQ     DLH 'Melibokus'
>Luftwaffe >DLH 00.06.37
D-AMYP      Focke-Wulf Fw58 A-0          D-AMYP      Deutsche Reich
D-AMYR      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AMYR      DLH >Telefunken/Berlin
D-AMYY      Junkers Ju52/3mw 5412 D-AMYY
D-AMYZ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AMYZ            00.00.36
D-ANAF      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANAF
D-ANAH      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ANAH      DVL   00.10.34
D-ANAJ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANAJ
D-ANAK      Dornier Do11            D-ANAK
D-ANAL      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4039 D-3123 D-ANAL DK+QY      DLH 'Gustav
Leffers' >Luftwaffe                 Destroyed .41
D-ANAO      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4053 D-AXAN D-2600 D-AHIT D-ANAO DD+MF
      Immelmann' RLM >Deutsche Reichsbahn 'H.J. Buddecke' >DLH 'Hans
Berr' 00.07.34          RLM
D-ANAS      Junkers G24       D-ANAS
D-ANAU      Heinkel He111           D-ANAU                        Also
reported as Ju52
D-ANAV      Junkers Ju52/3m 1319 D-ANAV                           ATG built
D-ANAX      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II    50    D-1756 D-ANAX     DLH
'Rolandseck' >DVS
D-ANAY      Junkers Ju86 A0/V-6     860002      D-ANAY      Junkers
>Epr.St.Rechlin 00.03.36
D-ANAZ      Junkers Ju52/3m 5128 D-ANAZ         DLH 'Willi Charlett'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.35
D-ANBS      Junkers Ju90 V-5 4917 D-ANBS KH+XB        Preussen
      [see also ABNS]
D-ANEE      Heinkel He59            D-ANEE                        [Do23?]
D-ANEF      Dornier Do11            D-ANEF
D-ANEH      Junkers Ju52            D-ANEH      Nachtflugdienst Hildescheim
D-ANEL      Heinkel He59            D-ANEL
D-ANEN      Junkers Ju52/3m 5072 D-ANEN         DLH 'Fritz Puetter'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.34           Destroyed .42
D-ANEO      Junkers Ju86            D-ANEO
D-ANES      Heinkel He59            D-ANES      DVS               on floats
D-ANEX      Dornier F (Do11D) 261   D-3025 D-ANEX
D-ANFL      Heinkel He59            D-ANFL
D-ANHP      Dornier Do18 E          D-ANHP
D-ANHR      Dornier Do18 V-6 F>L    734   D-ANHR CO+JF      E-stelle
Travemunde 00.06.41
D-ANIF      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANIF
D-ANIH      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANIH      DLH               Used for
Far East Flight to Tokyo
D-ANIK      Junkers G24 ge    917   D-949 A-44 D-949 D-ANIK       DLH
'Dyonysos' >OLAG >TREU >RLM               Limhamn built
D-ANIO      Focke-Wulf Fw200 B            D-ANIO
D-ANIT      Dornier Do23G           WL-ANIT
D-ANIY      Heinkel He59            D-ANIY
D-ANJF      Heinkel He111 B-1       D-ANJF      DVL
D-ANJH      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5947 D-ANJH       DLH 'Hans Loeb' 00.03.38
            Destroyed Mingaladon/Rangoon 3.8.39
D-ANLH      Heinkel He111           D-ANLH
D-ANOL      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5014 D-ANOL       DLH 'Albert Dosselbach'
>Luftwaffe 00.08.34           Destroyed .41
D-ANOO     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANOO
D-ANOP     Junkers Ju52/3mW 4077 D-ANOP (LN-DBE) LN-DAE DLH 'Fritz
Simon'     00.00.35          To Norway 6.35
D-ANOQ     Dornier Do23            D-ANOQ
D-ANOU     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANOU
D-ANOY     Junkers Ju52/3mte 5663 D-ANOY     DLH 'Rudolf von Thuna'
           Crashed and dbf Vienna 12.38
D-ANPT     Heinkel He115 A         D-ANPT
D-ANTE     Blohm und Voss Bv222 V-1      365 D-ANTE CC+EQ X4+AH

D-ANTI     Heinkel He111 B-1          D-ANTI   Hansa Luftbild

D-ANTP     Heinkel   He115 A          D-ANTP
D-ANUA     Junkers   Ju52/3mge 5526   D-ANUA   DVS   00.12.37
D-ANUG     Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-ANUG
D-ANUI     Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-ANUI
D-ANUK     Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-ANUK
D-ANUT     Junkers   Ju52/3m          D-ANUT   Streckenschule Berlin

D-ANUU     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-ANUU
D-ANUV     Junkers Ju86 Z2    860016      D-ANUV D-ABNP    DLH
'Wasserkuppe' >Luftwaffe      00.01.37
D-ANUZ     Rohrbach Ro VIII   Roland II   43    D-1729 D-ANUZ    DLH
'Drachenfeld' >Deruluft
D-ANVI     Focke-Wulf Fw200   V-4 A-04         D-ANVI

D-ANXG      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5979 D-ANXG      DLH 'Hans Kirschstein'
>Luftwaffe 00.07.38           Destroyed .41
D-ANXN      Junkers Ju288 V-11/B    2880011    D-ANXN DF+CQ     Junkers
D-ANXR      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ANXR
D-ANYE      Junkers Ju52/3mk        D-ANYE
D-ANYF      Junkers Ju52/3m 4071 D-ANYF        DLH 'Erich Pust' >Luftwaffe
      00.00.35         Destroyed .41
D-ANYH      Dornier Do23            D-ANYH
D-ANYI      Heinkel He59 N    1628 D-ANYI      SNFlKdo.3
D-ANYK      Junkers Ju52/3m 5329 D-ANYK EU-XV        DLH 'Wilhelm Schmidt'
      00.09.34         To Eurasia 9.35 Destroyed by Japanese bombing
Kweilin 12.41
D-ANYL      Heinkel He59            D-ANYL
D-ANYQ      Dornier Do23            WL-ANYQ
D-ANYS      Dornier Do17            D-ANYS
D-ANYW      Fiat G.18V        I-ELFO MM60430 D-ANYW DLH
D-ANYW      Heinkel He116     3058 D-ANYW      Aufkl.Staffel Ob.d.L.

D-AOAI     Dornier Do17 M         D-AOAI
D-AOAR     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AOAR      DLH
D-AOAR     Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32021 I-TETI D-AOAR     Reichfotte
Berlin Tempelhof
D-AOAW     Junkers Ju52/3m 7017 D-AOAW EC-AAL       'Eugenio Gros' Iberia
                 Wfu 10.50
D-AOBE     Messerschmitt Bf162 V-2      818   D-AOBE            00.10.37
           Used for towing the Me 163A at Augsburg
D-AOCA     Junkers Ju52/3m 640996       D-AOCA      DLH 'Harry Rother'
                 Shot down over Balkans 17.4.44
D-AOCB     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AOCB
D-AODA     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AODA
D-AODE     Focke-Wulf Fw187 V-3   1707 D-AODE
D-AOFI     Focke-Wulf Fw200 V-9 A-09          D-AOFI

D-AOFI     Messerschmitt Bf161 V-2      812   D-AOFI CE+AT    Used for
towing the Me 163A at Augsburg later to Peenemunde-West 00.08.38

D-AOFS      Douglas DC-3-194E 2036 PH-ASK NA+LB D-AOFS      Luftwaffe
      00.05.40          Released to allies Bromma Stockholm 23.4.45 nft
D-AOFU      Dornier Do17 E-2        D-AOFU
D-AOHA      Heinkel He111 D-1       D-AOHA      Luftwaffe
      [also B-2]
D-AOHC      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32014 I-TEBE D-AOHC
      [also reported as D-AOHO]
D-AOHO      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32014 I-TEBE D-AOHC      Erganzungs-
Transportgeschwader 4               [also reported as D-AOHC]
D-AOHS      Heinkel He115 A         D-AOHS
D-AOHU      Junkers Ju52/3mg2e            D-AOHU
D-AOJN      Heinkel He111 H-1       D-AOJN
D-AOJU      Heinkel He111           WL-AOJU
D-AOKD      Junkers Ju90 V-6 4918 D-AOKD KH+XC        Junkers >Luftwaffe
>Junkers    00.07.40          Used for Ju390-V1 construction
D-AOKE      Heinkel He111 B-1       D-AOKE
D-AOKW      Fiat G-18         I-ELCE MM60432 D-AOKW DLH
D-AOKX      Fiat G-18 V 3     I-ERME MM60433 D-AOKX DLH
      [also reported as D-AOKK]
D-AOKZ      Fiat G-18 V 4     I-ENEA MM60434 D-AOKZ
D-AOLN                  D-AOLN
D-AOLO      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AOLO      DLH >DVS    00.12.37

D-AOMA     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AOMA
D-AOMY     Messerschmitt Bf110 A-0      914    D-AOMY

D-AONU      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AONU
D-AOQA      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-AOQA      DVL   00.10.37
D-AORL      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AORL
D-AORM      Heinkel He111          D-AORM
D-AORT      Dornier Do17 R-1 2194 D-AORT                         [also D-
D-AOSR      Junkers Ju86           WL-AOSR
D-AOTM      Dornier Do17 E-1       D-AOTM
D-AOUA      Heinkel He111 C-05           D-AOUA
D-AOVI      Messerschmitt Bf162 V-3      819   D-AOVI      Rechlin
D-AOXE      Junkers Ju86 D1 860184       D-AOXE
D-AOXO      Junkers Ju86           D-AOXO
D-AOYA      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AOYA
D-AOZE      Junkers Ju86v37 P-3 R 865161       D-AOZE DD+GE
D-AOZU      Junkers Ju86      860152      D-AOZU      Junkers -
experimental aircraft for nose design studies 00.11.37            Crashed
D-AOZY      Junkers Ju86            D-AOZY
D-APAA      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5606 D-APAA       DLH 'Otto Kissenberth' - op
for German Govt. 00.10.36           [c/n also 5430-reg used twice?]
D-APAD      Junkers Ju86            D-APAD
D-APAJ      Junkers Ju52/3m 7029 D-APAJ         DLH 'Erich Pust' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.41
D-APAL      Dornier Do17 E          D-APAL
D-APAN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B       D-APAN
D-APAN      Heinkel He59            D-APAN
D-APAN      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-APAN
D-APAR      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4040 D-3127 D-APAR      Otto Parschau' DLH
                  Crashed in fog Chanteny/France 2.38
D-APAT      Dornier Do11            D-APAT
D-APAZ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-APAZ
D-APDA      Dornier Do24 N-1 75     D-APDA                        [also c/n
D-APDC      Dornier Do17 Z          D-APDC GM+AE
D-APDF      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5915 D-APDF HC-SAB      DLH 'Ecuador' >SEDTA
      00.03.38          To Ecuador .38 Crashed 12.38
D-APDS      Heinkel He115 V-2 1554 (D-APDS) TI+HA           00.11.37

D-APEF     Junkers Ju52/3m    4075   D-APEF PP-CBG LV-ZBI  DLH Sudamerika
'Karl Wessel'    00.00.35            Crashed Argentina .53
D-APEH     Junkers Ju52/3m    5233   D-APEH     DLH >Streckenschule Berlin

D-APEI       Dornier Do J Wal 641    D-APEI     Luftwaffe
D-APES       Junkers Ju52/3m         D-APES
D-APEW       Junkers Ju86            D-APEW
D-APEX       Dornier Do23            D-APEX
D-APFF       Dornier Do17 Z-2 2517 D-APFF GL+AY
D-APFH       Junkers Ju90 V-7 4919 D-APFH GF+GH J4+AN       Junkers
>Luftwaffe   00.09.41          Crashed due u/c failure Athens 10.44
D-APFK       Heinkel He111 H-1 5251 D-APFK GQ+AF
D-APFR       Junkers Ju52/3m         D-APFR
D-APGU       Junkers Ju52/3m 6734 D-APGU        DLH 'Bruno Rodschinka' >lsd
Luftwaffe    00.00.39
D-APGV       Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30035 I-ABKW MM373 D-APGV     RACSA
D-APGW       Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30027 I-STAR MM30027 D-APGW   RACSA
D-APGX     Savoia Marchetti SM-73 30031 I-NOVI MM60352 D-APGX DLH
           [c/n 32031?]
D-APIE     Heinkel He59           D-APIE
D-APII     Dornier Do23           D-APII
D-APIN     Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland Ia   39    D-1327 D-APIN     DLH
'Hohentwiel' >DVS
D-APIP     Dornier Do23           D-APIP
D-APIQ     Dornier Do23           WL-APIQ
D-APIR     Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-APIR      DLH   00.00.35
D-APIS     Junkers G38 ce > ci/fi 3302 D-2500 D-APIS GF+GG      DLH
'Generalfeldmarschall Hindenburg' >Luftwaffe              Crashed during
air raid Athens 5.41
D-APIT       Dornier Do23           D-APIT
D-APIX       Dornier Do23           D-APIX
D-APIZ       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-APIZ
D-APJF       Farman           D-APJF
D-APOC       Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32060 I-TAMO D-APOC

D-APOE      Dornier Do J Wal 646   D-APOE      Luftwaffe
D-APOH      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-APOH
D-APOK      Junkers Ju52/3m 5074 D-APOK        DLH 'Max v. Mulzer'
      00.00.35          Sold abroad 10.36 To SEDTA .40 'Mistral'
D-APOO      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5506 D-APOO      DLH 'Heinrich Kroll'
      00.07.36          Crashed into mountains enroute Frankfurt-Erfurt nr
Tabarz 11.36
D-APOR      Junkers Ju52/3m 4079 D-APOR PP-CBF LV-ZBH      DLH 'Olaf
Bielenstein'      00.00.35         To Brasil 9.38
D-APOS      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-APOS      DVS   00.08.34
D-APOU      Junkers Ju52/3m ge     ATG1351     D-APOU
D-APOW      Heinkel He111 P-2      D-APOW      Waffenstillstandskommission

D-APOZ       Junkers Ju52/3m          D-APOZ
D-APRT       Dornier Do17 Z v2        D-APRT GL+AU
D-APSF       Junkers Ju88 V-14 A-5    880006     D-APSF

D-APSO       Dornier Do17 Z           D-APSO
D-APUH       Junkers Ju52/3m          D-APUH     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-APUN     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-APUN
D-APUP     Junkers Ju52/3mte 5682 D-APUP         DLH 'Marschall v.
Bieberstein' >lsd Luftwaffe 00.03.37
D-APUQ     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-APUQ
D-APUS     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-APUS         Streckenschule Berlin

D-APUT     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-APUT                             Midair
collision with D-ABIL 5.36
D-APVN     Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-1 B       D-APVN
D-APXB     Henschel Hs128 V-1     1280001     D-APXB

D-APXD        Junkers Ju52/3mte 6149 D-APXD      DLH 'Robert Untucht'
>Luftwaffe   Destroyed
D-APXN        Henschel Hs128 V-1     1283001     D-APXN
      [see   APXB]
D-APYL        Dornier Do J Wal Bas   90|110      I-AZDU D-1648 D-APYL     DLH
                    Piaggio built Licence from CMASA
D-APYN        Dornier Do23           D-APYN      Forstschutstaffel

D-APYR       Dornier Do23             D-APYR
D-APYS       Heinkel He111 V-5 e            D-APYS                        and
D-APYX       Junkers Ju52/3m   5055   D-APYX H4+AA    DLH >FleiRei-Services
D-APYZ       Heinkel He59             D-APYZ
D-APZD       Heinkel He111 V-32       2122 D-APZD
D-APZE       Heinkel He111 H-6 2453   D-APZE
D-APZP      Avia F-39        D-APZP WL-APZP                     captured
Slovak [WL-APZP also Fokker F.IX]
D-APZR      Junkers Ju90 A / Z3    900002     D-APZR (ZS-ANG) GF+GE KB+LA
      Junkers >(South African AW) >Luftwaffe              Crashed Bad
Toelz 9.43 dbf [c/n 004 in SA register]
D-APZX      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e     6750 D-APZX N9+AA VM908 G-AHBP     DLH
'Raoul Stoisavljevic' >Luftwaffe 00.00.39           Captured Oslo.
refurbished Shorts/ Broken up Castle Bromwich 2.48
D-AQAF      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AQAF     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-AQAH      Junkers Ju86            D-AQAH
D-AQAL      Heinkel He111E          WL-AQAL
D-AQAL      Klemm L25         WL-AQAL
D-AQAM      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AQAM      Deutsche Reichsbahn / DLH
D-AQAR      Junkers Ju52/3mho 4055 D-AQAR       DLH 'Walter Hohndorf'
      00.00.35          To Brasil .36
D-AQAU      Junkers Ju52/3m 5650 D-AQAU         DLH used for Berlin-
Rechlin-Travemuende service >RLM 00.00.37
D-AQBD      Dornier Do17            WL-AQBD
D-AQCY      Arado Ar242       D-AQCY
D-AQEA      Junkers Ju86 C1 860973        D-AQEA      DLH 'Schauinsland'
>Luftwaffe 00.05.37
D-AQEE      Dornier Do23 G          D-AQEE
D-AQEN      Junkers Ju88 V-1 884941       D-AQEN            00.12.36

D-AQER       Junkers Ju86 B0 860011      D-AQER      DLH 'Inselsberg'
>Luftwaffe   00.06.36
D-AQET       Dornier Do13          D-AQET
D-AQEU       Dornier Do J Wal 653  D-AQEU      Luftwaffe
D-AQEV       Heinkel He59     1513 D-AQEV      E-stelle Travemunde

D-AQEY       Dornier Do J Wal 706    D-AQEY      Luftwaffe
D-AQGN       Junkers Ju52/3mg4e            D-AQGN      RDLI   00.05.39

D-AQIF       Junkers   Ju86           D-AQIF
D-AQII       Junkers   Ju52/3m        D-AQII
D-AQIJ       Junkers   Ju52/3m 7053 EC-CAJ D-AQIJ (EC-ABD) Iberia >DLH
             Crashed   at Echterding 9.44
D-AQIL       Junkers   Ju52/3m        D-AQIL
D-AQIO       Junkers   Ju52/3m        WL-AQIO
D-AQIR       Dornier   Do13           D-AQIR
D-AQIT       Junkers   Ju52/3m 5112 D-AQIT DD+MG     Regierungstaffel
D-AQJA      Junkers Ju90 V-8 >290 V-2     4920>2900004      D-AQJA DJ+YE
J4+BH Junkers >Luftwaffe      00.12.41          Crashed due to u/c failure
Rome 8.43
D-AQJE      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AQJE      DVL   00.06.38
D-AQJO      Dornier Do17 M    2190 D-AQJO TJ+HM       E-stelle Travemunde

D-AQKD      Junkers Ju88 V-6/A-1     884946     D-AQKD KD+ME
D-AQOE      Junkers Ju52/3m 1370     D-AQOE
D-AQOH      Dornier Do23             D-AQOH     Luftwaffe
D-AQOL     Junkers G24 > ge 846   S-AABE D-1091 D-AQOL   AB Flygindustri
>(UAE Union Aerea Espanola ntu) >DLH >DVS                Limhamn built
D-AQOM     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AQOM
D-AQOO     Junkers Ju52/3m ge     5428 D-AQOO      BFS Brandis 00.00.35

D-AQOU     Junkers           D-AQOU
D-AQOX     Heinkel He111 V-9 B           D-AQOX
D-AQOZ     Dornier Do23            D-AQOZ WL-AQOZ
D-AQPH                 D-AQPH
D-AQUA     Heinkel He111 C-05      1832 D-AQUA       DLH
D-AQUB     Junkers Ju52/3mte 5751 LN-DAI F400 D-AQUB      Hauken' Fred
Olsen >Norwegian Navy >Luftwaffe >lsd DLH                 Captured in
Norway. Dbr landing Hommelvik 3.43
D-AQUI     Junkers Ju52 CASA352.L CASA148      T2B-256 'D-AQUI' Spanish AF

D-AQUI     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5489 D-AQUI LN-DAH D-AQUI LN-KAF HC-ABS
N130LW N52JU D-CDLH    DLH 'Fritz Simon' 00.04.36          To Norway 7.36
Seized by Germans 4.40 resold to Norway .46 (used pts from c/n 130714)
D-AQUO     Heinkel He111 V-8      D-AQUO
D-AQUP     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AQUP
D-AQUQ     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5053 D-AQUQ HC-SAC D-AQUQ PP-CBR LV-ZBG DLH
'Adolf von Tutschek'   00.10.34          To Ecuador .38
D-AQUR     Junkers Ju52/3mw       D-AQUR
D-AQUT     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AQUT             00.06.36         Sold
D-AQUV     Heinkel He59           D-AQUV
D-AQYE     Messerschmitt Bf110 V-2       869   D-AQYE      Epr.St.Rechlin

D-AQYF      Heinkel He111 C-02     1829 D-AQYF      DLH              C-01
per Nowarra
D-AQYK      Dornier Do17 V-7 657   D-AQYK KD+NE          00.00.35
      as V4 dorsal bubble single MG 15
D-AQYN      Dornier Do11 D         D-AQYN
D-AQZQ      Dornier Do17           D-AQZQ
D-ARAD      Junkers Ju52/3m 6171 D-ARAD       DLH 'Volkmar v. Arnim'
>Germany Navy     00.00.39         Captured at Gardemoen
D-ARAF      Rohrbach Ro VIIIA Roland     42   D-1692 D-ARAF    DLH
'Stolzenfels' >RLM
D-ARAJ      Heinkel He111 H-6 2457 D-ARAJ
D-ARAK      Blohm und Voss Bv138 V-1     114  D-ARAK     E-stelle Rechlin

D-ARAL     Dornier Do15             D-ARAL ?
D-ARAM     Junkers Ju52/3mge 4041   D-3131 D-ARAM   DLH 'Werner Voss'
D-ARAN     Heinkel He59 C    529    D-ARAN DA+MG    E-stelle Travemunde
>Seenotflugkommando 2
D-ARAR     Heinkel HD59 V-1 378     D-2214 D-ARAR   RDL Travemunde

D-ARAU     Heinkel He111 B   1449   D-ARAU     Epr.St.Rechlin

D-ARBH     Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-ARBH
D-ARBO     Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32026 I-LAOS D-ARBO
D-ARBP      Fokker F.VIIb-3m 9      OK-ABP D-AABP D-ARBP?
      To Croatia .42
D-ARBS      Heinkel He111 H         D-ARBS
D-ARBW      Junkers Ju52/3m 7065 D-ARBW NG+IZ?
D-ARCG      Heinkel He111 V-11 B-1        D-ARCG
D-ARCK      Junkers Ju52/3m 6779 D-ARCK         DLH 'Van Vloten' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.39
D-ARCR      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ARCR
D-ARCV      Junkers Ju86            D-ARCV
D-ARDS      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5919 D-ARDS       DLH 'Robert Weichard'
>Luftwaffe 00.03.38           Destroyed .42
D-AREB      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      6442 D-AREB       DLH 'Charles Haar'
>lsd Luftwaffe    00.06.39          Destroyed .42
D-ARED      Dornier Do17 S-01       D-ARED      Kommando Rowehl

D-AREI      Junkers Ju86A-1        WL-AREI
D-AREN      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4051 D-AREN      DLH 'Phoenix' >Deruluft
      00.06.34         Crashed nr Stettin 31.1.35
D-AREN      Junkers Ju88 V-3 884943      D-AREN            00.09.37
      Crashed nr Nuremberg 24.2.38 [ v2?]
D-AREP      Heinkel He111 B-1 1011 D-AREP TH+HT      E-stelle Travemunde

D-ARER      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-ARER
D-ARES      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ARES     DLH   00.06.34
D-ARET      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5382 D-ARET
D-AREV      Junkers Ju86 V-4 4904 D-AREV       Junkers 'Dresden' >DLH
'Brocken'   00.08.35          passenger prototype. Crashed Hamburg
D-AREY      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5750 D-AREY      Junkers >DVS     00.03.37

D-ARFA      Heinkel He111          WL-ARFA
D-ARFD      Heinkel He116 V-3 1969 D-ARFD
D-ARHD      Henschel Hs128 V-2     1280002      D-ARHD
      [c/n 1283002?]
D-ARHU      Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-9 V-3 3099   D-2600 WL-2600 26+00 D-ARHU
      Immelmann III
D-ARHW      Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-5     2994   D-ARHW CB+TY? F8+EU     DLH
D-ARIE      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ARIE
D-ARIN      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ARIN       Oster-Deutschlandflug

D-ARIP      Dornier Do J Wal Bas    88|108      I-AZDS D-1626 P-BAMA D-1626
D-ARIP      DLH >Brazil >DLH              Piaggio built Licence from CMASA.
Sold abroad 12.29 returned 7.31
D-ARIS      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ARIS
D-ARIW      Junkers Ju52/3mte 6180 D-ARIW       DLH 'Joachim Blankenburg'
>Luftwaffe 00.07.39           Destroyed .41
D-ARIZ      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ARIZ
D-ARJF      Junkers Ju86 B    860952      D-AGEY VH-UYA D-ARJF DD+VL
      'Lawrence Hargrave' travel a/c for Junkers director Koppenberg
            (c/n and history suspect)
D-ARJH                 D-ARJH
D-ARKP      Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-ARKP
D-ARKQ      Junkers Ju86 V-15 880007      D-ARKQ           00.00.40
D-ARKR     Bloch MB200       D-ARKR WL-ARKR AR+KR   FFS C 2

D-ARKX     Messerschmitt Bf110          D-ARKX
D-ARMB     Heinkel He111          D-ARMB
D-ARML     Savoia Marchetti SM-82 Marsupiale VIII   384   I-LETE MM61237
D-ARNC     Junkers Ju88 V-7 C      884947     D-ARNC GU+AE      E-stelle
D-ARNJ     Savoia Marchetti SM-81 23452 D-ARNJ
D-ARNK     Savoia Marchetti SM-81 60974 D-ARNK MM60974 I-SAVA

D-ARNL      Savoia Marchetti SM-82 61237 D-ARNL
      [also quotes c/n 384-probably MM384]
D-AROE      Junkers Ju86 A0/V-7    860003      D-AROE      Junkers
D-AROO      Heinkel He59 N    1889 D-AROO      E-stelle Travemunde
            [c/n 1989?]
D-AROS      Junkers Ju52/3m 5630 D-AROS
D-AROU      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AROU
D-AROY      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AROY
D-AROZ      Dornier Do18 V-6 E     255   D-AROZ      'Pampero' 00.02.37
            Crashed Bathurst 1.10.38
D-ARPA      Heinkel He111          WL-ARPA
D-ARPF      Douglas DC-3-194B 1943 PH-ALV NA+LC D-ARPF PH-TBF

D-ARQE     Heinkel He111 H         D-ARQE     Kontrollinspektion Afrika
as courier aircraft
D-ARUB     Heinkel He111 J         D-ARUB     Hansa Luftbild

D-ARUN      Dornier Do18 V-5 A E   663   D-ARUN      DLH 'Zephir'>DLV
>Luftwaffe 00.07.36
D-ARUT      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II   49    D-1745 D-ARUT    DLH
'Siegburg' >RLM
D-ARUU      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ARUU
D-ARUV      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-ARUV
D-ARUW      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4038 D-ARUW PP-CAV     DLH Sudamerika
'Caicara' >Syndicato Condor 00.04.34           To Brasil 9.39
D-ARVD      Junkers Ju52/3mSa3           D-ARVD      RDLI Sonderausrustung
D-ARVH      Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-ARVH
D-ARVQ      Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-ARVQ
D-ARVU      Junkers Ju52/3m 6790 D-ARVU        DLH 'Hans Wende' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.39
D-ARVX      Bloch MB-200           WL-ARVX
D-ARXO      Dornier Do23           D-ARXO
D-ARYB      Junkers Ju88 V-23/V-101      887023      D-ARYB NK+AO
      00.06.40          B-Series Bomber Prototype [c/n 882001?]
D-ARYE      Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-ARYE
D-ARYH      Junkers Ju52/3m        WL-ARYH
D-ARYI      Junkers Ju86 D/C       D-ARYI
D-ARYQ      Dornier Do23           D-ARYQ
D-ARYS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5043 D-ARYS OA-HHB     DLH 'Hans
Kirschstein'      00.10.34         To Peru .38
D-ARYU      Junkers Ju52/3m 6790 D-ARYU        DLH 'Hans Wende'
      [also reported as D-ARVU]
D-ARYW      Junkers Ju52/3mte      D-ARYW
D-ARYX      Heinkel He59 B-3 1314 D-ARYX
D-ARYY      Junkers Ju52/3m ge     5451 D-ARYY
D-ARZI      Dornier Do17 R-2 2195 D-ARZI
D-ARZT      Blohm und Voss Bv138 v-4 A-02      149   D-ARZT TJ+HS     E-
stelle Travemunde
D-ASAF      Junkers Ju52/3m 5372 D-ASAF? TJ+HZ       DVL >Luftwaffe
            [or AZAF?]
D-ASAH      Junkers Ju86           D-ASAH
D-ASAM      Heinkel He59C-2 1994 D-ASAM        SeenotKdo3
D-ASAO      Junkers Ju86           D-ASAO
D-ASAR      Heinkel He111 V-16           D-ASAR      DLH
D-ASAT      Dornier Do11 D         D-ASAT      Dornier Metallbauten GmbH

D-ASAZ      Junkers Ju88 V-2 884942       D-ASAZ VA+EG      E-stelle Rechlin
      00.04.37          [or D-ALAT or v3]
D-ASBK      Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-6      2995 D-ASBK PP-CBJ      DLH
'Holstein'              To Brasil
D-ASBR      Focke-Wulf Fw200 B-1          D-ASBR
D-ASBW      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASBW
D-ASCB      Heinkel He111           WL-ASCB
D-ASCK      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASCK CQ+HH
D-ASCY      Junkers Ju88 V-8 884948       D-ASCY DG+BF            00.10.38
            [V6 per Nowarra]
D-ASDI      Junkers Ju52/3m 7077 D-ASDI         DLH 'Rudolf Kleine'
>Luftwaffe 00.00.41           Destroyed .44
D-ASEH      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASEH
D-ASEN      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4042 D-3136 D-ASEN PP-CAY     DLH 'Paul Bilik'
>Syndicato Condor 'Marimba'               Crashed Rio 13.01.39 ten killed
D-ASEO      Dornier Do23            D-ASEO
D-ASEV      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5087 D-ASEV EU-XXI      DLH   00.06.36
      To Eurasia 5.37
D-ASFD      Junkers Ju52/3mte 6014 D-ASFD EU-XXV      DLH 'Heinrich Mathy'
      00.08.38          To Eurasia 10.40 Shot down on delivery flight
Kunming 10.40
D-ASGQ      Junkers Ju88 V-24/V-102 B-2 887024        D-ASGQ NK+AP
                  B-Series Reconaissance Prototype [c/n 882024?]
D-ASGU      Siebel Si204 A          D-ASGU
D-ASHC      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASHC
D-ASHE      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASHE      DLH 'Friedrich Dahmen'
            Crashed Konorn/Hungary
D-ASHG      Focke-Wulf Fw200 C-3          D-ASHG      DLH
D-ASHG      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASHG
D-ASHH      Focke-Wulf Fw200 C-3    2000037     D-ASHH SG+KM F8+GL

D-ASHH     Focke-Wulf Fw200 C-3    2000068     D-ASHH

D-ASHI     Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      6815   D-ASHI
D-ASHM     Focke-Wulf Fw200 C             D-ASHM
D-ASHY     Junkers Ju52/3mg3c      7089   D-ASHY     DLH 'Gustav Doerr'
>lsd Luftwaffe   00.00.41
D-ASIH      Junkers Ju52/3m 5078 D-ASIH         DLH 'Rudolf Windisch'
      00.00.35         Crashed Grand Bornaud 31.12.36
D-ASIL      Dornier Do23      469   WL-ASIL
D-ASIN      Dornier Do23?           D-ASIN
D-ASIS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4074 D-ASIS EU-XXIII DLH 'Wilhelm Cuno'
      00.00.35         To Eurasia 9.38
D-ASIT      Dornier Do11            D-ASIT      Jagdfliegerschule
D-ASIV      Dornier Do J Wal 548    D-ASIV      Luftwaffe
D-ASKR      Heinkel He119 V-2       D-ASKR
D-ASLD      Heinkel He115 A-02      1852 D-ASLD TI+HE       E-stelle
D-ASLG      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      6369 D-ASLG       DLH 'Alfred Viereck'
>Luftwaffe             Destroyed
D-ASND      Junkers Ju90 A V-10/Z2 900006       D-ASND BG+GX D-ASND J4+HH
      DLH 'Mecklenburg' >Luftwaffe 00.06.39           Destroyed on ground
11.43 [also as a B-1]
D-ASOA      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASOA
D-ASOE      Junkers Ju86 C1 860974        D-ASOE      DLH 'Hesselberg'
>Luftwaffe 00.07.37           To Czechia postwar
D-ASOK      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASOK
D-ASOL      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II    44    D-1710 D-ASOL     DLH
'Rheinstein' >RLM
D-ASOM      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ASOM
D-ASON      Dornier Do11 D          D-ASON
D-ASOQ      Junkers Ju86 D-G        D-ASOQ      Hansa Luftbild

D-ASOR      Junkers Ju52/3m 5044 D-ASOR                         Crashed
Lechfeld 24.04.1936
D-ASOU      Dornier Do J Wal 651   D-ASOU      Luftwaffe
D-ASPE      Junkers Ju52/3m 6802 D-ASPE        Ala Littoria >lsd DLH
      00.00.43         [c/n 6803?]
D-ASPI      Junkers Ju52/3m 6710 I-BIOS D-ASPI AS+PI      DLH >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.43
D-ASPT      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e           D-ASPT      RDLI 00.05.39

D-ASRA       Dornier Do26 V-3 B     793  D-ASRA P5+CH      'Seemowe'
Luftwaffe    00.09.39         Destroyed Rombakkenfjord Norway 28.5.40 by
Hurricanes   from 48 Sqdn
D-ASSK       Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-07       D-ASSK      DLH
D-ASTA       Blohm und Voss Ha139 V-3 B  217   D-ASTA      DLH 'Nordstern'

D-ASUC       Heinkel He59N    1851   D-ASUC    Seenotflugkdo. 3

D-ASUD       Heinkel He59           D-ASUD
D-ASUI       Junkers Ju52/3mge 5498 D-ASUI      DLH 'Hans Berr'   00.04.36
             crashed at Lauf/Pregnitz 11.36
D-ASUK       Heinkel He59 DN 1839 D-ASUK
D-ASUO       Heinkel He59 C-2 1726 D-ASUO       SeenotKdo1
D-ASUS       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ASUS
D-ASUT       Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ASUT
D-ASVD       Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32028 I-LINI D-ASVD

D-ASVH       Fiat G-12   2    MM60550 I-ALIC D-ASVH
D-ASVI      Fiat G-12   9       MM60657 I-ALID D-ASVI   OKL Stab from
D-ASVJ      Fiat G-12 13     MM60661 I-ALIG D-ASVJ
D-ASVQ      Focke Wulf Fw200C-4    200 0190   D-ASVQ GC+SS         DLH

D-ASVS      Heinkel He111 P 2755 D-ASVS GQ-AB
D-ASVV      Focke Wulf Fw200C-3/U4 2000076  D-ASVV           DLH

D-ASVX      Focke-Wulf Fw200 C-4     2000111     D-ASVX NT+BK      DLH
            To UK
D-ASVY      Focke Wulf Fw200C-4      2000142     D-ASVY CE+IG      DLH

D-ASVZ      Focke Wulf Fw200C-4      2000158     D-ASVZ CE+IW      DLH

D-ASYA      Dornier Do18 D-0 668   D-ASYA      Kampfbeobachterschule 4
                  Accident 28.4.44
D-ASYE      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-ASYE      DVS   00.12.37
D-ASYH      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ASYH
D-ASYI      Junkers Ju88 V-4 884944      D-ASYI      E-stelle Rechlin

D-ASYK      Dornier Do J Wal 549   D-ASYK      Luftwaffe
D-ATAA      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATAA            00.00.36
D-ATAD      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32043 I-LAST D-ATAD

D-ATAH      Dornier Do17 V-13 683    D-ATAH                        Photo
D-ATAI      Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-ATAI      C.Lorenz/Berlin   00.07.37

D-ATAK     Junkers Ju52/3m 5169 D-ATAK        DLH 'Marschall v.
Bieberstein'     00.00.35          Crashed Hannover 28.11.36 scrapped
D-ATAO     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5748 D-ATAO      DLH 'Alfred Bauer' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.03.37           Damaged on landing Banak 26.09.42
D-ATAQ     Junkers Ju88v3    4943 D-ATAQ      Junkers                 [or
D-ATAR     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-ATAR
D-ATAS     Junkers Ju52/3mgs       D-ATAS     Junkers     00.06.34

D-ATAW     Junkers Ju52/3m 7160 D-ATAW         DLH 'Lothar v. Richthofen'
>lsd Luftwaffe   00.00.41
D-ATB.     DFS Condor        D-ATB.
D-ATCR     Heinkel He111 B-1       D-ATCR      DVL
D-ATDB     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5940 D-ATDB       DLH 'Walter Bayer' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.03.38
D-ATDC     Junkers Ju90 A V-12/ Z2       900008      D-ATDC BG+GZ      DLH
'Hessen' >Luftwaffe    00.02.40          Destroyed at Kharkov due to
undercarriage failure 1.43 [also as a B-1]
D-ATDE     Dornier Do17 Z          D-ATDE GL+AZ
D-ATDQ     Heinkel He111           D-ATDQ
D-ATEA     Junkers Ju52/3mfe ge    5727 OE-LAP D-ATEA      OLAG >DLH
'Blaschke' >lsd Luftwaffe    00.00.37
D-ATEF     Dornier Do23            D-ATEF
D-ATEI     Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-ATEI      DVL   00.12.36
D-ATEK     Blohm und Voss Ha140 v-2      282   D-ATEK TJ+HT      Travemunde
                 See also D-AVEK
D-ATEV      Dornier Do11           WL-ATEV
D-ATEY      Dornier Do18 D-1 713   D-ATEY
D-ATEZ      Dornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis 249     D-3020 D-ATEZ
      Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ATFW      Heinkel He111     5318 WL-ATFW
D-ATIB      Dornier Do215          D-ATIB
D-ATIH      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATIH
D-ATII      Messerschmitt Bf110 V-3      870     D-ATII
      [or D-ATZI]
D-ATIK      Dornier Do J Wal 550   D-ATIK        Luftwaffe
D-ATIO      Heinkel He116 V-4 546  D-ATIO
D-ATIU      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATIU
D-ATIX      Dornier Do23           D-ATIX
D-ATJC      Junkers Ju88 B V-25    880025        D-ATJC NK+AK

D-ATJG      Douglas DC-3-194G 2142   PH-ASM NA+LE D-ATJG     DLH

D-ATJU      Dornier Do17 R V-2     2196 D-ATJU                         Used
for bomb sight testing never produced
D-ATLK      Heinkel He111          D-ATLK
D-ATOF      Dornier Do23           D-ATOF
D-ATOF      Junkers Ju52/3m 5369 D-ATOF        Junkers
      Testbed for DB601N
D-ATOI      Heinkel He59           D-ATOI
D-ATOL      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-ATOL      Deutsche Reichsbahn -
Streckenschule Berlin 00.06.34
D-ATON      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4054 D-ATON      DLH 'Erwin Bohme' 00.09.34
D-ATOZ      Dornier Do23           D-ATOZ
D-ATPQ      Heinkel He111          WL-ATPQ
D-ATQH      Messerschmitt Bf110          WL-ATQH
D-ATRN      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATRN
D-ATTA      Blohm und Voss Bv142 v3      437   D-ATTA PC+BD      DLH
D-ATUC      Junkers Ju90 B-1       D-ATUC
D-ATUF      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5668 D-ATUF      DLH 'Graf Schlieffen' op
for German Govt. 00.01.37
D-ATUI      Junkers Ju52/3mg       D-ATUI
D-ATUL      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATUL
D-ATUM      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATUM
D-ATUO      Junkers Ju52/3m 5499 D-ATUO TN+BQ
D-ATUR      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-ATUR
D-ATVA      Junkers Ju86           WL-ATVA
D-ATVO      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e           D-ATVO      DLH  00.06.39

D-ATVQ      Savoia Marchetti SM-75 32061 I-MASO D-ATVQ

D-ATWA      Dornier Do23             WL-ATWA
D-ATWI      Dornier Do24             D-ATWI                        Suspect
D-ATYA      Dornier Do17 V-11 LV1    681   D-ATYA                        F
D-ATYK      Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-ATYK      Junkers >DVL      00.08.34

D-ATYL      Heinkel He111 C-06       1833   D-ATYL    DLH
D-ATYM     Junkers Ju52/3m   5244   D-ATYM RF+AN     Luftwaffe

D-ATYP      Heinkel He59 B-2 543   D-ATYP
D-ATYR      Heinkel He59           D-ATYR
D-ATYS      Junkers Ju52/3m ATG2833      D-ATYS      Luftwaffe
D-ATYU      Junkers Ju88 V-5 884945      D-ATYU      E-stelle Rechlin
D-ATYZ      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5797 D-ATYZ      DLH 'Hans Hackmack' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.08.37
D-ATZP      Douglas DC-3-227B 2093 D-ATZP
D-AUAH      Bloch MB-220      2    F-AOHB D-AXWJ D-AUAH    DLH

D-AUAI     Bloch MB-220      7      F-AOHG D-AXWH D-AUAI D-AKAI DLH

D-AUAJ     Bloch MB-220      14     F-AQNN D-AXWI D-AUAJ   DLH

D-AUAK     Bloch MB-220      15     F-AQNO D-AXWK D-AUAK   DLH

D-AUAL     Bloch MB-220      16     F-ARIQ D-AXWG D-AUAL   DLH

D-AUAN     Junkers Ju52/3m       D-AUAN
D-AUAU     Junkers Ju52/3m       D-AUAU
D-AUAV     Junkers Ju52/3mg1e    641038      D-AUAV 104 DLH >UK Air
Ministry >Miles Aircraft
D-AUAW     Junkers Ju52/3m 641039      D-AUAW      DLH  00.00.43

D-AUAX     Junkers Ju52/3m   641040      D-AUAX      DLH   00.00.43

D-AUBU     Dornier Do17 F-1       D-AUBU
D-AUDU     Messerschmitt Bf110 V-6 A-0 915     D-AUDU

D-AUGG     Dornier Do17             D-AUGG
D-AUGI     Junkers Ju52/3mg2e             D-AUGI     DLH   00.12.37

D-AUGU     Savoia Marchetti SM-75 C     32042 I-LEGA D-AUGU
           [c/n also 32016]
D-AUHB     Junkers Ju86P V2       D-AUHB            00.02.40         V1
per Nowarra
D-AUJA      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5851 D-AUJA M-CABE D-AUJA M-CABE D-AUJA M-
CABE D-AUJA M-CABE EC-AAF     DLH 'Otto Fink' >Iberia     00.08.37

D-AUJG      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5942 I-ABJZ D-AUJG    DLH 'Hans Wende'
      00.05.38         Crashed Llaveria Spain 4.8.39
D-AUKE      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5854 D-AUKE M-CABA D-AUKE M-CABA DLH
'Willie Rabe' >Iberia 00.09.37
D-AUKY      Heinkel He111 V-7 P V-19     1808 D-AUKY

D-AUME     Junkers Ju86 V-24 860249      D-AUME     Junkers 'Annaberg'
>DLH >Luftwaffe 00.00.36           BMW132N test aircraft
D-AUPU     Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AUPU      DVL  00.10.37
D-AUQB     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AUQB
D-AUQO     Dornier Do17 M V-2      692   D-AUQO                      2nd
M series prototype
D-AURE      Junkers Ju90 V-3 4915 D-AURE GF+GD        DLH
'Werttemberg/Bayern' >Luftwaffe >DLH - Special Wastiko services for
Luftwaffe 00.06.38            Burnt during air raid at Stuttgart [later
Ju290 A-1 also as wnr4015]
D-AUSS      Junkers Ju52/3m 641382        D-AUSS      DLH 'Josef Langheld'
                  Crashed Prujavor Bosnia 10.01.45
D-AUTE      Heinkel He119 V-1 2402 D-AUTE                         V4 per
Nowarra [also as ANTE - photo shows AUTE]
D-AUTO      Blohm und Voss Bv140 V-1      281   D-AUTO      E-stelle Rechlin
D-AUWA      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AUWA      DLH 'Gerhard Amann'
            Shot down Ivanca 02.09.44
D-AUXZ      Junkers Ju52/3m 7172 D-AUXZ         DLH 'Otto v. Beaulieau-
Marconay' 00.00.41            Destroyed Gabrenze/Bulgaria 20.10.41
D-AUZY      Junkers Ju86            WL-AUZY
D-AVAB      Savoia Marchetti S.75 32002 D-AVAB        DLH
      Remained at Milan
D-AVAE      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5730 D-AVAE       DVS   00.12.37
D-AVAJ      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e      6370 D-AVAJ       DLH 'Olaf
Bielenstein' >Luftwaffe                   Destroyed
D-AVAL      Dornier Do11 D          D-AVAL      DVS
D-AVAN      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AVAN      Deutsche Reichsbahn
      00.05.34          Crashed Goss-Rakitt 6.11.34
D-AVAU      Junkers Ju52/3m 5420 D-AVAU
D-AVAX      Heinkel He111 C-0       D-AVAX
D-AVDS      Junkers Ju86            WL-AVDS
D-AVDT      Cant Z506 3631 D-AVDT         DLH
D-AVEE      Junkers Ju86 A0/V-8     860004      D-AVEE      Junkers
      00.00.36          crashed on flight test Meseritz 5.36
D-AVEF      Junkers Ju86B-02 Z-2    860008      D-AVEF

D-AVEK      Blohm und Voss Ha140 v-2     282   D-AVEK TJ+HT     E-stelle
Travemunde             See also D-ATEK
D-AVEN      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AVEN
D-AVEO      Heinkel He59           D-AVEO
D-AVEQ      Heinkel He59           D-AVEQ                       D-AVEO
also reported as He59
D-AVES      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-AVES      Deutsche Reichsbahn
D-AVEV      Heinkel He111 B-2      D-AVEV
D-AVEY      Heinkel He111 B-1      D-AVEY
D-AVFB      Junkers Ju52/3mte      D-AVFB      DLH   00.03.38
      Crashed Grisons Switzerland 10.38
D-AVGN      Junkers Ju52/3mSa3           D-AVGN
D-AVHB      Heinkel He111 H-1      D-AVHB
D-AVIA      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AVIA
D-AVIB      Dornier Do215B-0 or B-1            D-AVIB

D-AVIE     Dornier Do18 D-0 667     D-AVIE KB+HT     Used as a trainer.
FFS C17 Putnitz
D-AVIG     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AVIG
D-AVIR     Junkers Ju52/3mge 5019   D-AVIR      Deutsche Reichsbahn
>Fleirei-Services 00.08.34          Canc 4.38
D-AVIS     Junkers Ju52/3m          WL-AVIS
D-AVIT     Dornier Do23           D-AVIT
D-AVIU     Junkers Ju52/3m 7256 D-AVIU OH-LAM SE-BUE VH-BUU DLH 'Th.
Schopwinkel' >Aero OY 'Karjala' >ABA Sweden   00.12.41         Crashed at
Baiyer River 10.59
D-AVIX     Junkers G24 ge    902  S-AAAU D-879 D-AVIX    AB Flygindustri
'Oberschlesien' >DLH 'Pluto' >RLM or DVS      00.03.34         [also D-
ADIL (tj) other source wnr also D-ABIP]
D-AVJN     Junkers Ju52/3mSa3           D-AVJN      RDLI 00.07.39

D-AVMF     Junkers Ju90 A V-14     900010      D-AVMF     DLH
'Brandenburg' >Luftwaffe     00.04.40          Destroyed due icing Braunau
Austria 8.11.40 [also B-1 also destroyed Oslo 12.4.40]
D-AVOE     Junkers Ju86 C1 860975        D-AVOE DK+C?     DLH
'Obersalzberg' >Luftwaffe    00.06.37
D-AVOH     Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AVOH
D-AVOK     Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland I     48    D-1735 D-AVOK    DLH
'Marksburg' >Deruluft
D-AVOV     Junkers Ju52/3m         WL-AVOV
D-AVOZ     Dornier Do13            D-AVOZ
D-AVPX     Heinkel He111           WL-AVPX
D-AVSG     Junkers Ju52/3mg3e            D-AVSG      DVL  00.09.38

D-AVUL     Junkers Ju52/3m 4073    D-AVUL M-CABB EC-W11 EC-AAJ DLH 'Bruno
Rodschinka' >Iberia   00.00.35           To Spain 3.39
D-AVUN     Dornier Do J Wal 551    D-AVUN      Luftwaffe
D-AVUP     Junkers Ju52/3m 5267    D-AVUP      DLH 'Kurt Steidel' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.00.35
D-AVUV     Dornier Do11            D-AVUV
D-AVYF     Dornier Do11 D          D-AVYF
D-AVYN     Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AVYN     Luftamt Munchen   00.00.35

D-AWAS      Junkers Ju52/3m 6561 D-AWAS        DLH 'Joachim Blankenburg'
      00.00.39         Lost over Mediteranean 21.2.44
D-AWBR      Junkers Ju52/3mreo           D-AWBR      DLH >Aeroclub
Deutschland 00.00.37         CASA352
D-AWD.      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AWD.
D-AWDS      Dornier Do26 V-2 A     792   D-AWDS P5+BH      DLH 'Seefalke'
>Luftwaffe 00.11.38          Shot down Tepkolenfjord Norway 9.5.40
D-AWIS      Dornier Do17 R-4 2197 D-AWIS
D-AWLM      Junkers Ju88 V-27/V-105 B E-1      887027      D-AWLM GB+NC
                       or AWLN
D-AWLN      Junkers Ju88 V-27/V-105 B E-1      887027      D-AWLN GB+NC
            00.00.41         modified to Ju88E [also reported as BG+NC]
D-AWOS      Dornier Do26           D-AWOS      DLH
D-AWRE      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AWRE
D-AWSK      Focke-Wulf Fw200 D-2 a 2000019     D-AWSK NA+WL F8+BU F8+LV
      DLH              [NA+WJ?]
D-AWST      Junkers Ju86           D-AWST
D-AXAF      Junkers Ju52           D-AXAF                        Per
Nowarra this is He111 C-02
D-AXAK      Dornier Do11 D         D-AXAK
D-AXAK      Focke-Wulf Fw187 V-1   949   D-AXAK
D-AXAL      Heinkel HE56 D         D-AXAL      E-stelle Travemunde
D-AXAN     Junkers Ju52/3mge 4053 D-AXAN D-2600 D-AHIT D-ANAO DD+MF DLH
'Immelmann I'> Deutsche Reichsbahn 'Immelmann II' >DLH >Luftwaffe

D-AXAP      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5785 D-AXAP      DVS   00.12.37          [c/n
also 6725]
D-AXAT      Junkers Ju52/3mte 5693 D-AXAT      DLH 'Rudolf Windisch'
      00.02.37          Crashed Munich 12.37
D-AXAU      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXAU
D-AXAV      Heinkel He111 C-03     1830 D-AXAV       DLH
D-AXEF      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXEF
D-AXEI      Junkers Ju52/3mge      D-AXEI      DVL   00.03.37
D-AXEP      Junkers Ju86 K7 860963       D-AXEP Portugal255      Junkers
      00.04.38          Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AXEQ      Junkers Ju86 A1 860018       D-AXEQ GT+AG      DLH 'Buckeberg'
>Luftwaffe 00.08.36
D-AXEQ      Junkers Ju86 K7 860964       Austria311 D-AXEQ Portugal256
      Austrian Army >Junkers due to technical difficulties >Portuguese
Army 00.04.38           Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AXES      Junkers Ju52/3mge 4052 D-AXES      DLH 'Hans Berr' >Deruluft
'Kondor' >Luftwaffe     00.06.34         Destroyed .41 [WL-AXES reported
as Ju86]
D-AXEV      Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II   47    D-1727 D-AXEV     DLH
'Freienfels' >RLM
D-AXFD      Heinkel He111 H-1      D-AXFD
D-AXFH      Junkers Ju52/3mg4e     6372 D-AXFH       DLH 'H.E. Lochner'
>Luftwaffe              Destroyed
D-AXFL      Junkers Ju52/3mgeZ     7196 D-AXFL EC-CAK CJ+KA EC-EAR 22-109
T2B-108 (EC-ABE) DLH >Iberia >lsd Spanish Govt >lsd Luftwaffe >Spanish AF
                  Wfu .47 Technikmuseum Berlin
D-AXFO      Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-7     2996 D-AXFO PP-CBI      DLH
'Pommern'               To Brasil
D-AXII      Junkers Ju86 A0/V-9    860005      D-AXII      Hansa Luftbild
D-AXIM      Dornier Do23           D-AXIM
D-AXIO      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXIO
D-AXIS      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXIS
D-AXIX      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXIX
D-AXLA      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXLA GT+AF      Luftwaffe - Rechlin
Unit E4 and E5    00.08.44
D-AXNF      Heinkel He111          D-AXNF
D-AXOD      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXOD      DLH   00.00.35
D-AXOE      Junkers Ju86 D1 860184       D-AXOE      Luftwaffe
      Bomb exploded inside aircraft
D-AXOH      Heinkel He111 V-6 B-0        D-AXOH
D-AXOK      Junkers Ju86           D-AXOK
D-AXOL      Dornier Do11 or 23           D-AXOL
D-AXOM      Dornier Do17 V-8 658   D-AXOM            00.00.36          17E-
2 prototype [or D-AXUM]
D-AXOP      Junkers Ju52/3m 5189 D-AXOP        DLH
D-AXOS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5023 D-AXOS      DLH 'Oswald Boelcke' >lsd
Luftwaffe 00.08.34
D-AXOU      Dornier Do J Wal 707   D-AXOU      Luftwaffe
D-AXOV      Junkers Ju52/3m 1307 D-AXOV RK+AR        DLH
D-AXOX      Junkers Ju86E or G           D-AXOX
D-AXTM     Caudron C.445/3 Goeland            F-ARTR D-AXTM T9+BB

D-AXUM      Dornier Do17v8    658  D-AXUM                       [also
reported as D-AXOM]
D-AXUO      Dornier Do J Wal 642   D-AXUO     Luftwaffe
D-AXUT      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5022 D-AXUT M-CABO D-AXUT M-CABO(1) EC-AAG
      DLH 'Lothar v. Richthofen' >Iberia 'La Cierva' then 'Tajo'
      00.08.34         To Spain 8.37
D-AXUX      Dornier Do11           D-AXUX
D-AXVA      Junkers Ju52/3mg8e >3mZ5     7493 D-AXVA OH-LAO D-AEAC CK+QR
SE-BUD VH-BUV VH-GSS   Luftwaffe 'Waasa' >Junkers >Aero OY      00.02.42

D-AXVD      Heinkel He111    3122 D-AXVD                        temp.
D-AXVD      Junkers Ju52/3m 7120 D-AXVD                         temp.
D-AXVJ      Junkers Ju52/3m 130752       D-AXVJ
D-AXVL      Junkers Ju88 K-1 (A-1) 885023      D-AXVL     NII VVS
      00.00.40         To Russia
D-AXVM      Junkers Ju88 K-1 (A-1) 885025      D-AXVM     NII VVS
      00.00.40         To Russia
D-AXVS      Dornier Do17           D-AXVS                       Ferry
registration Bulgaria (10 a/c)
D-AXWA      Bloch MB-220     8     F-AOHH D-AXWA D-AKGA   DLH
      Ferry registration
D-AXWA      Junkers Ju52/3m 6613 D-AXWA ES-AUL|AGO Junkers
      Ferry registration Estonia [or c/n 6633]
D-AXWB      Bloch MB-220     11    F-AQNK D-AXWB D-AKGB   DLH
      Ferry registration
D-AXWB      Junkers Ju52/3m 6633 D-AXWB ES-AUL|AGO Junkers
      Ferry registration Estonia [or c/n 6613]
D-AXWB      Junkers Ju86 K7 860961       D-AXWB Portugal254     Junkers
      00.04.38         Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AXWC      Bloch MB-220     13    F-AQNM D-AXWC D-AKGC   DLH
      Ferry registration
D-AXWD      Bloch MB-220     6     F-AOHF D-AXWD D-AKGD   DLH
      Ferry registration
D-AXWD      Junkers Ju52/3m 6600 D-AXWD                         Ferry
D-AXWE      Bloch MB-220     9     F-AOHI D-AXWE D-AKGF
      Ferry registration
D-AXWF      Bloch MB-220     10    F-AOHJ D-AXWF D-AKGE
      Ferry registration
D-AXWG      Bloch MB-220     16    F-ARIQ D-AXWG D-AUAL
      Ferry registration
D-AXWH      Arsenal Delane         D-AXWH                       Ferry
D-AXWH      Bloch MB-220     7     F-AOHG D-AXWH D-AUAI D-AKAI
            Ferry registration
D-AXWI      Dornier Do17 K-1 2471 D-AXWI                        Ferry
registration Yugoslavia
D-AXWI      Bloch MB-220     14    F-AQNN D-AXWI D-AUAJ
      Ferry registration
D-AXWJ      Bloch MB-220     2     F-AOHB D-AXWJ D-AUAH
      Ferry registration
D-AXWK      Bloch MB-220     15    F-AQNO D-AXWK D-AUAK
      Ferry registration
D-AXWK      Junkers Ju86 K7 860962       D-AXWK Portugal250     Junkers
      00.04.38         Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AXWM      Dornier Do17 K-1 2473 D-AXWM                        Ferry
registration Yugoslavia
D-AXWP      Bloch MB-200     730037      D-AXWP
      Ferry registration
D-AXWP      Heinkel He111 H 3712 D-AXWP        DLH
D-AXWX      Junkers Ju52/3m 6510 D-AXWX PP-DZY PP-SPH
      Ferry registration
D-AXWY      Junkers Ju52/3m 6610 D-AXWY A-703 HB-HOP
      Ferry registration
D-AXYK      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AXYK
D-AXYX      Junkers Ju52/3mgeX           D-AXYX      RDLI Sonderausrustung
D-AYCE      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-3          D-AYCE
      float version
D-AYFI      Junkers Ju52/3m 2858 D-AYFI 7U+IF
D-AYFO      Heinkel He111          D-AYFO
D-AYFU      Junkers Ju86           D-AYFU      FFS C Neuruppin

D-AYFW      Messerschmitt Bf110    1732 D-AYFW
D-AYGE      Messerschmitt Bf110 A-0      916   D-AYGE
      110 b prototype
D-AYGU      Junkers Ju86           WL-AYGU
D-AYGX      Junkers Ju52/3m 7208 D-AYGX        DLH 'Johannes Horoldt'
      00.00.41         Crashed Bucarest 10.42
D-AYGY      Junkers Ju86           D-AYGY
D-AYHO      Junkers Ju52/3mg2e     5860 D-AYHO       DLH 'Peter Strasser'
D-AYHY      Junkers Ju86M-1 860272       D-AYHY      Blindflugschule Celle

D-AYKA     Junkers Ju52/3m   5833   D-AYKA (R-345) LV-AAH

D-AYKE     Junkers Ju52/3mg2e              D-AYKE     Junkers

D-AYKE     Messerschmitt Bf110             D-AYKE
D-AYKI     Heinkel He111 V-13 G-02         2535 D-AYKI

D-AYKU     Junkers Ju52/3mg2e       5862   D-AYKU     DLH   00.06.38

D-AYLI     Dornier Do17             D-AYLI                       [is this
the v7 ?]
D-AYMO     Junkers Ju52/3m 5855     D-AYMO TS+BM      DVS >FFS Wiener
Neustadt >Luftwaffe
D-AYNU     Junkers Ju86             D-AYNU
D-AYOS     Junkers Ju52/3m          D-AYOS
D-AYPA     Heinkel He111            D-AYPA
D-AYQY     Junkers Ju52/3mge        D-AYQY      DVL   00.07.39
D-AYSO     Heinkel He111            WL-AYSO
D-AYWA      Junkers Ju86 K7 860969       D-AYWA Portugal259     Junkers
      00.05.38         Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AYWF      Junkers Ju86 K7 860965       Austria312 D-AYWF Portugal251
      Austrian Army >Junkers due to technical difficulties >Portuguese
Army 00.02.38          Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 762   D-AYWI X-2                   Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 778   D-AYWI X-18                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 764   D-AYWI X-4                   Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 695   D-AYWI X-25                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 696   D-AYWI X-26                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 697   D-AYWI X-27                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 698   D-AYWI X-28                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 699   D-AYWI X-29                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 765   D-AYWI X-5 A49-1
      Ferry registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 766   D-AYWI X-6                   Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 767   D-AYWI X-7 A49-2
      Ferry registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 768   D-AYWI X-8 A49-3
      Ferry registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 769   D-AYWI X-9 A49-4 DQ-G
      Ferry registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 770   D-AYWI X-10 A49-5
      Ferry registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 771   D-AYWI X-11                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 772   D-AYWI X-12                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 773   D-AYWI X-13                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 780   D-AYWI X-20                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 783   D-AYWI X-22                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 784   D-AYWI X-23                  Ferry
registration Netherlands
D-AYWI      Dornier Do24 K-1 785   D-AYWI X-24 A49-6
      Ferry registration Netherlands
D-AYWJ      Junkers Ju86 K7 860966       Austria313 D-AYWJ Portugal257
      Austrian Army >Junkers due to technical difficulties >Portuguese
Army 00.02.38          Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AYWK      Junkers Ju86 K7 860968       D-AYWK Portugal258     Junkers
      00.05.38         Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AYWN      Junkers Ju86 K7 860967       D-AYWN Portugal 252    Junkers
      00.04.38         Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-AYWQ      Heinkel He111 H-5       D-AYWQ                      To Romania
D-AYWV      Junkers Ju52/3m 6580 D-AYWV A-701 HB-HOS
      Ferry registration
D-AYWX      Junkers Ju52/3m 6595 D-AYWX A-702 HB-HOT
      Ferry registration
D-AYZE      Dornier Do17 E V-13     2033 D-AYZE
      [Do17M V-3 per Wings -or wnr2032]
D-AZAF      Junkers Ju52/3m 5372 D-AZAF TJ+HZ        DVL >Luftwaffe
            [or ASAF or NB+NA]
D-AZAH      Junkers Ju86 B0 860012        D-AZAH     DLH 'Feldberg'
>Luftwaffe 00.07.36
D-AZAN      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5021 D-AZAN DB+EX      DLH 'Joachim
Schroder' >Luftwaffe   00.08.34
D-AZAT      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AZAT
D-AZAW      Junkers Ju52/3m 7220 D-AZAW EC-CAN CJ+AC 22-108 (EC-ABF)
      DLH >Iberia             [date/seq of German regn unclear]
D-AZAX      Focke-Wulf Fw187 V-2    950   D-AZAX
D-AZAX      Junkers Ju52/3m         D-AZAX
D-AZAZ      Junkers Ju52/3m 5371 D-AZAZ NB+NA        FFS Furstenwalde

D-AZET       Jukners Ju52/3m 5083 D-AZET
D-AZEV       Junkers Ju52/3mce 4027 D-2640 D-AZEV GS+AO    DLH 'Werner
Voss' >DVL   >Luftwaffe- used at Rechlin
D-AZEX       Heinkel He59           D-AZEX
D-AZEZ       Dornier Do J Wal 709   D-AZEZ PD+AP     Luftwaffe

D-AZFA      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-3           D-AZFA
      float version
D-AZFN      Dornier Do17            D-AZFN
D-AZIK      Junkers Ju52/3mgeX            D-AZIK      RDLI Sonderausrustung
D-AZIL      Junkers Ju390           D-AZIL      DLH
D-AZIP      Dornier Do23            D-AZIP
D-AZIQ      Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AZIQ
D-AZIR      Junkers Ju52/3mge ATG1301     D-AZIR      'Fritz Erb' DVS >DLH
>DVL >Luftwaffe 00.12.37
D-AZIS      Junkers Ju52/3mge 5020 D-AZIS       DLH 'von Bulow/Horst Wessel
(1935)' >RLM Flugbereitschaft       00.09.34
D-AZIT      Dornier Do11            D-AZIT
D-AZOE      Junkers Ju86            D-AZOE
D-AZOK      Heinkel He59 D          D-AZOK
D-AZOX      Heinkel He59 D    1516 D-AZOX TH+HO       E-stelle Travemunde

D-AZQH     Junkers Ju52/3m    6296   D-AZQH                      Ferry
D-AZUF     Heinkel He59              D-AZUF
D-AZUK     Heinkel He59 D     1524   D-AZUK TH+HN    E-stelle Travemunde

D-AZUN       Dornier Do11            D-AZUN     Deutsche Reichsbahn

D-AZUP     Junkers Ju52/3mge       D-AZUP     DVL   00.01.37
D-AZUR     Junkers G38 > a > di    3301 D-2000 D-AZUR     'Deutschland'
Junkers >RVM >DLH            G38 prototype Crashed during test flight
D-AZYN     Junkers Ju86 A0         D-AZYN
D-AZYV     Junkers Ju52/3m 5625 D-AZYV                           Ferry
D-AZYX     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AZYX
D-AZYY     Junkers Ju52/3m        D-AZYY
D-AZYZ     Junkers Ju52/3m 5190 D-AZYZ RM+AB       probably
Flugbereitschaft Luftwaffe
D-CATD     Dornier Do24 ATT 5354 D-CATD
D-CATK     Aero A-35 8      OK-ATK D-CATK
D-CATM     Spartan Cruiser II     9     G-ACOU OK-ATM D-CATM

D-CATN     Aero A-35 9        OK-ATN D-CATN
D-CATO     DH.89 Dragon             D-CATO
D-CATP     Stinson SR-10C     8764 NC13810 OK-ATP D-CATP

D-CATQ     Spartan Cruiser II      8      G-ACNO OK-ATQ D-CATQ

D-CATR     DH.60G III Moth Major   5074   OK-ATR D-CATR

D-CATT     DH.60M Moth 1384   J9922 G-ABNE D-2296 OK-ATH G-ABNE OK-ATT D-
D-CATV     Heath LNB-4      D-CATV
D-CATW     Piper/Taylor           D-CATW
D-CATX     Aero A-35 11     OK-ATX D-CATX
D-CATZ     Aero A-35 12     OK-ATZ D-CATZ
D-CBTV     Zlin XII    121  OK-NAD OK-BTV D-CBTV
D-CCTA     Lockheed 10A Electra   1068 NC16078 OK-CTA D-CCTA

D-CDLH      Junkers Ju52/3mg2e      5489 D-AQUI LN-DAH D-AQUI LN-KAF HC-
ABS N130LW N52JU D-CDLH       DLH 'Fritz Simon' 00.04.36
D-CIAK      Junkers Ju52 CASA352.L CASA096      D-CIAK T2B-165 HB-HOY
      Spanish AF
D-CLZB      Zlin XII   198    OK-LZB D-CLZB
D-CLZD      Zlin XII   212    OK-LZD D-CLZD
D-CLZE      Zlin XII   214    OK-LZE D-CLZE
D-CLZF      Zlin XII   215    OK-LZF D-CLZF
D-CTBC      Zlin XII   150    OK-TBC D-CTBC
D-CTBR      Zlin XII   160    OK-TBR D-CTBR
D-CZLZ      Zlin XII   213    OK-ZLZ D-CZLZ YU-PFV         00.00.38
      sold to Yugoslavia .38
D-DKWI      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-DKWI
D-E...      Praga E-39 G      67    OK-AZQ D-E?
D-E.AL      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-E.AL
D-E.BT      Praga E-39        D-E.BT
D-E.EA      Junkers Ju86            D-E.EA
D-E.EK      Klemm L25         D-E.EK
D-E.IZ      Klemm KL32        D-E.IZ
D-E.VN      Fieseler Fi156 A-0            D-E.VN
D-E.YM      Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-E.YM
D-EAAE      Praga E-39        D-EAAE
D-EAAI      DH.80A Puss Moth 2183 CH-276 HB-ERA OK-ATU OE-AAI D-EAAI

D-EAAP     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EAAP      NSFK   00.04.38
D-EAAQ     Klemm KL35 B            D-EAAQ
D-EABA     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EABA
D-EABC        DH.85 Leopard Moth      7062 G-ACSE A-145 OE-ABC D-EABC G-AFZG
AW146 Aero   Club von Deutschland
D-EABE        Bucker Bu131 A          D-EABE      NSFK 00.11.38
D-EABG        Bucker Bu131 D    710   D-EABG            00.04.39
D-EABI        Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EABI      NSFK
D-EABN        Siebel Si202      32    D-EABN OK-ABN
D-EABO        Bucker Bu131            D-EABO
D-EABU        Klemm KL35 A            D-EABU      Dr.H.Rall/Boblingen
>Stuttgart   Stadt d.Auslandsdeut.
D-EABV        Siebel Si202      29    D-EABV OK-ABV
D-EABW        Siebel Si202      33    D-EABW OK-ABW
D-EABY        Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EABY      FFS B Halberstadt
D-EACD        Klemm KL35        D-EACD
D-EACE        Praga E-39        D-EACE
D-EACI        Praga E-39        D-EACI
D-EACO        Bucker Bu131 D          D-EACO            00.04.39
D-EACX        Klemm KL35 B            D-EACX
D-EADA        Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EADA
D-EADC        Arado Ar79        D-EADC
D-EADG        Bücker Bü131            WL-EADG
D-EADK        Praga E-39        D-EADK
D-EADO        Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EADO      DLV >NSFK
D-EADR        Klemm KL35        D-EADR
D-EAED        Klemm KL35 B            D-EAED
D-EAEH        Fieseler Fi156          D-EAEH
D-EAEN        Fieseler Fi158 SV-1     101   D-EAEN KD+NY
D-EAEP        Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 948   D-EAEP TK+HN      E-stelle Travemunde
D-EAFE        Heinkel He72            D-EAFE
D-EAFI        Heinkel He72            D-EAFI
D-EAFP                   D-EAFP
D-EAFQ        Bücker Bü131            WL-EAFQ
D-EAFU        Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-EAFU      NSFK
D-EAFY        Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EAFY
D-EAGA        Klemm L26 a V           D-EAGA
D-EAGB        Praga E-39        D-EAGB
D-EAGO        Bucker Bu131            D-EAGO
D-EAGU        Klemm L25 b VI          D-EAGU      DLV >NSFK
D-EAGY        Klemm L25         D-EAGY
D-EAHA        Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EAHA      NSFK
D-EAHI        Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EAHI            00.02.39
D-EAHU        BFW M.23 c        D-EAHU      August Kopp/Tempelhof

D-EAKE      Bucker Bu133 B          D-EAKE      Bucker      00.05.36
      Bucker built
D-EAKO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EAKO      LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-EAKY       Heinkel He72B          D-EAKY      Reinhard Heydrich

D-EALM       Klemm KL35        D-EALM                       Used in mistel
D-EALU       Bucker Bu133 B          D-EALU
D-EAMO       BFW M.23 a        D-EAMO      DLV >NSFK
D-EAMP       Bücker Bü133            WL-EAMP
D-EAMQ       Bucker Bu133 C          D-EAMQ      DVL   00.11.38
D-EANE   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EANE
D-EANF   Bucker Bu131 D          D-EANF           00.04.39
D-EANI   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EANI
D-EANS   Siebel Si202            D-EANS
D-EANY   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EANY
D-EAPA   Focke-Wulf Fw44 F 429   D-EAPA
D-EAQA   Bucker Bu131            D-EAQA
D-EAQP   Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EAQP     NSFK 00.12.38
D-EAQU   Heinkel He72            D-EAQU     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-EAQW   Heinkel He72            D-EAQW
D-EAQY   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EAQY
D-EARE   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EARE
D-EARI   Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EARI     DVL
D-EARJ   Bucker Bu131            D-EARJ
D-EARP   Bucker Bu131            D-EARP
D-EARU   Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EARU
D-EASI   Heinkel He72            D-EASI                        [or Bucker
D-EASK   Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EASK
D-EATP   Bucker Bu131 D          D-EATP           00.04.39
D-EAUV   Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-EAUV           00.04.39
D-EAVA   Klemm L26 a V    267    D-2051 D-EAVA    Akaflieg T.H/Berlin

D-EAVG   Bücker Bü131B           WL-EAVG
D-EAVV   Bucker Bu131            D-EAVV
D-EAXA   Heinkel He72            D-EAXA
D-EAXE              D-EAXE
D-EAXY   Klemm KL35        D-EAXY
D-EAZB   Bucker Bu131 D          D-EAZB           00.04.39
D-EAZE   Focke-Wulf Fw44 2779 D-EAZE
D-EBAB   Bucker Bu131 D          D-EBAB           00.04.39
D-EBAC   Fieseler Fi156 C        D-EBAC
D-EBAF   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBAF
D-EBAK   Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EBAK     DLV >NSFK
D-EBAL   Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 352   D-EBAL     DVS
D-EBAN   Heinkel He72 C    577   D-EBAN     DVS
D-EBAO   BFW M.23   418    D-1723 D-EBAO    BFW AG
D-EBAP   Fieseler Fi5 R    205   D-2539 D-EBAP    W.Schepmann/Dortmund

D-EBAQ   Klemm L25 e VII         D-EBAQ
D-EBAT   Heinkel He72 C          D-EBAT     DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EBAX   DH.80A Puss Moth        D-EBAX     August Zink/Roth b.Nurnberg

D-EBAY   Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EBAY      DLV >NSFK
D-EBAZ   Adler Gerner G II Rb    25    D-EBAZ      DLV
D-EBBE   Focke-Wulf Fw44 73      D-EBBE
D-EBBI   Bücker Bü131            WL-EBBI
D-EBBO   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBBO
D-EBBT   Praga E-39        D-EBBT
D-EBBW   Klemm KL35 D      3171 OE-ABW D-EBBW (D-EHDY) D-EIIC

D-EBCO   Bucker Bu131 D          D-EBCO           00.04.39
D-EBCQ     Klemm KL106       D-EBCQ
D-EBDA     Bucker Bu131            D-EBDA
D-EBDF     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EBDF      Flugschule RLM Rangsdorf

D-EBDO     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EBDO
D-EBDR     Klemm KL35 B             D-EBDR
D-EBEB     Klemm KL35 D      1797   D-EBEB                      Canc 01.66
D-EBEE     Heinkel He72             D-EBEE
D-EBEF     Klemm KL32 b XIV         D-EBEF     F.Beindorff/Vahrenwalder-
Heide >Siegfried Zell/Emmerich
D-EBEM     Heinkel He72             D-EBEM
D-EBEN     Focke-Wulf Fw44 E 351    D-EBEN     DVS
D-EBEO     Klemm L25 d VIIR         D-EBEO     Reparaturwerk Erfurt

D-EBEQ     Heinkel He72 C         D-EBEQ       DLV >NSFK
D-EBER     Gerner G II R > Rc > Rb/Xa   7      D-2293 D-EBER    Erbprinz
zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich
D-EBES     Klemm L25 e V          D-EBES       DLV >NSFK
D-EBEV     Focke-Wulf Fw44 F      D-EBEV       Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG

D-EBEY      Heinkel He72           D-EBEY
D-EBEZ                 D-EBEZ
D-EBFE      Bucker Bu131 A   118   D-EBFE                       Crashed
D-EBFR      Praga E.39       D-EBFR
D-EBFV      Bucker Bu133 C         D-EBFV            00.05.38
      Bucker built
D-EBFW      Messerschmitt Bf108    730253      D-EBFW

D-EBFZ      DH.60G III Moth Major         D-EBFZ      NSFK
D-EBGE      Klemm L26 c II          D-EBGE      NSFK
D-EBGF      Bücker Bü131            WL-EBGF
D-EBGS      Klemm KL35        WL-EBGS
D-EBGT      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EBGT            00.04.39
D-EBGY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBGY
D-EBHA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBHA
D-EBHE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBHE
D-EBIB      Klemm KL35 1854 D-EBIB
D-EBIE      Heinkel He72            D-EBIE
D-EBIF      Heinkel He72C           D-EBIF
D-EBIH      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EBIH      R.Klein/Oberwiesenfeld
D-EBIK      Klemm L25 c VII 361     D-2275 D-EBIK     A.Lauw/Bockhorn
D-EBIL      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 359   D-EBIL
D-EBIN      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EBIN      DLV >NSFK
D-EBIO      Heinkel He72            D-EBIO      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-EBIR      Heinkel He72 D          D-EBIR      DLV >NSFK
D-EBIU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBIU
D-EBIX      Fieseler Fi6            D-EBIX
D-EBIY      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EBIY
D-EBIZ      Heinkel He72 C    761   D-EBIZ      DLV >NSFK
D-EBJG      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EBJG            00.04.39
D-EBJL      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EBJL            00.05.36
D-EBJT      Bucker Bu131 C          D-EBJT      NSFK Rangsdorf (RfM)
D-EBKA     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EBKA
D-EBKU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EBKU
D-EBLE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBLE
D-EBLU     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EBLU           00.03.39
D-EBMA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 263   D-2915 D-EBMA    DLV-Ortsgr. Bremen

D-EBML      Bucker Bu133 C        D-EBML           00.07.38
      Bucker built
D-EBMO      Focke-Wulf Fw44       D-EBMO
D-EBMQ      Bucker Bu133 C        D-EBMQ     NSFK 00.06.38
D-EBMS      Focke Wulf Fw44       WL-EBMS
D-EBNE      Focke-Wulf Fw44       D-EBNE
D-EBNF      Miles M.2 Hawk        D-EBNF
D-EBNN      Bucker Bu131 D-2      D-EBNN     NSFK 00.12.38
D-EBNO      Klemm L26 c V         D-EBNO
D-EBOA      Klemm KL31 XIV        D-EBOA     Leichtflugzeubau Klemm
D-EBOF      Heinkel He72 C        D-EBOF     DLV >NSFK
D-EBOI      Heinkel He72          WL-EBOI
D-EBOL      Klemm L26 a II    185 D-1801 D-EBOL    DLV
>Akad.Flugwissenschaftl.vereinigung Uni Koln
D-EBOM      Klemm L25 e VII R     D-EBOM     NSFK
D-EBOQ      Klemm L25 e VII R     D-EBOQ     Klemm
D-EBOR      Focke-Wulf Fw44       D-EBOR
D-EBOS      Albatros L101 D 141   D-2371 D-EBOS    Focke-Wulf built
D-EBOU      Bücker Bü131          WL-EBOU
D-EBOV      Klemm KL32 b XIV      D-EBOV     Deutsche Reich >NSFK
D-EBOX      Klemm L25 e VII       D-EBOX     DLV
D-EBOY      Fieseler Fi156 C-2    4389 D-EBOY
D-EBOY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J     D-EBOY
D-EBPA      Klemm L25 e VII R     D-EBPA     NSFK
D-EBPE      Heinkel He72          D-EBPE     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-EBPO     Klemm L25 e VII R 958   D-EBPO     NSFK
D-EBPY     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EBPY     DVL
D-EBQC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      4227 D-EBQC
D-EBQI     Klemm KL35 A            D-EBQI     DVL
D-EBQU     Klemm KL32 b            D-EBQU
D-EBRA     DH.60X Moth       OE-ARA D-EBRA    Dr. Max Beyer -Desimon/Wien

D-EBRA      Klemm KL35 1009 D-EBRA
D-EBRB      Bucker Bu133 D-1       D-EBRB            00.03.39
D-EBRQ      Bucker Bu180 V-3 A-1   2103 D-EBRQ       NSFK 00.02.39
      Bucker built
D-EBTE      Heinkel He72           D-EBTE
D-EBTM      Klemm KL32       D-EBTM
D-EBTT      Bucker Bu131 D         D-EBTT            00.04.39
D-EBUE      Heinkel He72           D-EBUE
D-EBUF      Heinkel He72           D-EBUF WL-EBUF
D-EBUH      BFW M.23 a 451   D-1743 D-EBUH     BFW AG >Verein fur
Luftschiffahrt/Augsburg >DLV
D-EBUK      Adler Gerner G II Rb         D-EBUK      DLV
D-EBUL      Bucker Bu131 A   5     D-EBUL      DLV Flugzeugmaterial
G.Basses               [Fw44?]
D-EBUM      Klemm L25        D-EBUM
D-EBUN     Klemm VL26 b II         D-EBUN
D-EBUO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBUO
D-EBUR     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EBUR     DLV >NSFK
D-EBUV     Klemm KL32 a XIV 607    D-2674 D-EBUV    DLV/Berlin

D-EBUX     Heinkel He72 C          D-EBUX      DVS
D-EBUY     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EBUY      Korpsfuhrer NSFK 00.05.37

D-EBVI     Bucker Bu131A           D-EBVI
D-EBVO     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EBVO      NSFK
D-EBVU     Focke-Wulf Fw61 V-1     931   D-EBVU       Deutschland

D-EBVY     Heinkel He72            D-EBVY
D-EBXU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EBXU     DVL
D-EBYF     Bucker Bu181            D-EBYF
D-EBYF     Klemm L25 d VII 547     D-2667 D-EBYF      DLV/Berlin

D-EBYG      Klemm KL35 D      2005 D-EBYG                        Destroyed
D-EBYH      Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EBYH      Walter Rall >Essener Stein
Kohlenbergwerke >Bergwerk. Hibernia
D-EBYI      Bucker Bu131A          D-EBYI
D-EBYK      Klemm L25 e VII        D-EBYK      Albert
D-EBYK      Klemm VL26 a V    331  D-2115 D-EBYK     Mecklenburg
D-EBYR      Klemm L25 d VII R      D-EBYR      DLV >NSFK
D-EBYS      Heinkel He72 D         D-EBYS      DLV >NSFK
      [also Fw44]
D-EBYU      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EBYU
D-EBYW      Gottingen Go9          D-EBYW
D-EBYX      Fieseler Fi5 >Fi6      D-EBYX
D-EBYZ      Adler Gerner G II Rc         D-EBYZ      DLV-Ortsgruppe Essen

D-EBZA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EBZA
D-EBZE      Bucker Bu131 B-1        D-EBZE            00.02.37
      Bucker built
D-ECAB      Meindl A XV       D-ECAB
D-ECAD      Klemm KL107B      101   D-ECAD                          Wfu 01.62
D-ECAD      Fieseler Fi156          D-ECAD
D-ECAF      Heinkel He72 D          D-ECAF
D-ECAH      Klemm KL106 V-5         D-ECAH
D-ECAJ      Klemm KL35        WL-ECAJ
D-ECAL      Klemm KL35 D      1901 D-ECAL SE-BPD
D-ECAM      Bucker Bu131            D-ECAM
D-ECAN      Caproni Ca.100          D-ECAN
D-ECAN      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 667   D-ECAN
D-ECAQ      Klemm KL35        D-ECAQ
D-ECAS      Bucker Bu131 D          D-ECAS            00.04.39
D-ECAY      Berlin B9         D-ECAY
D-ECBN      Klemm KL35        WL-ECBN
D-ECBS      Siebel Si202 V-2        D-ECBS
D-ECCH      Bucker Bu131            D-ECCH
D-ECCK      Klemm KL35        D-ECCK
D-ECCO      Bucker Bu131 D         D-ECCO            00.04.39
D-ECDP      Bucker Bu133 D-1       D-ECDP            00.03.39
D-ECDS      Siebel Si202B          D-ECDS
D-ECEL      Heinkel He72 D         D-ECEL
D-ECFW      Bucker Bu133 D-1       D-ECFW            00.04.39
D-ECGK      Bucker Bu180 B         D-ECGK      Bucker      00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-ECGQ      Arado Ar79       D-ECGQ
D-ECHG      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-ECHG
D-ECHO      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-ECHO
D-ECIN      Bucker Bu131 D         D-ECIN            00.04.39
D-ECMV      Bucker Bu131 D-2       D-ECMV      NSFK 00.12.38
D-ECMW      Bucker Bu131           D-ECMW
D-ECNA      Lampich L-9      OE-DNA D-ECNA
D-ECOE      Klemm L25 c XI   6     G-ACOE D-ECOE     Walter Bassenge/
Oberwiesenfeld    00.00.36         Canc .50
D-ECOQ      British Klemm L.25C-1A       D-ECOQ
D-ECPA      Klemm KL35       WL-ECPA
D-ECSU      Bücker Bü131           WL-ECSU
D-ECTM      Arado Ar66       D-ECTM
D-ECTY      Bucker Bu131 D         D-ECTY      DVL   00.12.38
D-ECUS      Klemm KL35 D     1977 D-ECUS                         Destroyed
D-ECUV      Arado Ar79 B-1   41|47 D-ECUV                        The only
surviving Ar 79
D-ECUX      Focke Wulf Fw44J SAAB-91     D-ECUX SE-BXN     SAAB

D-ECWD     Bücker Bü131            WL-ECWD
D-ECYK     Klemm KL107B      113   D-ECYK                       Destroyed
D-ECZF     Bucker Bu133 C          D-ECZF     NSFK 00.04.38
D-EDAB     DH.82A Tiger Moth       D-EDAB     NSFK
D-EDAC     DH.60G III Moth Major   5007 G-ABYV OE-DAC D-EDAC

D-EDAF     Heinkel He72 C          D-EDAF      DLV >NSFK
D-EDAF     Klemm KL35 D      1597 D-EDAF                      Destroyed
D-EDAG     Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-EDAG            00.04.39
D-EDAK     Klemm L25         D-EDAK
D-EDAL     Klemm L25 d II          D-EDAL      Vereinigte
D-EDAM     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 353   D-EDAM      DVS
D-EDAN     BFW M.35    1935 D-EDAN
D-EDAO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EDAO
D-EDAP     Heinkel He72 C    578   D-EDAP      DVS
D-EDAP     Bucker Bu131      1115 D-EDAP SD+UJ
D-EDAQ     Junkers A50 ci    3574 D-2109 D-EDAQ      DLH
D-EDAU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EDAU      Deutsche Reich
D-EDAV     Adler Gerner G II Rc          D-EDAV
D-EDAW     DH.82 Tiger Moth 3494 OE-DAX 433 D-EDAW Deutsche Reich
D-EDAY     Bucker Bu131            D-EDAY
D-EDBA     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EDBA      DVL   00.04.37
D-EDBO     Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EDBO      NSFK
D-EDBU     Heinkel He72 D          D-EDBU      Hansa Luftbild
D-EDBY      Bucker Bu131           D-EDBY
D-EDBY      Heinkel He72 D         D-EDBY     NSFK
D-EDCE      Praga E-39       D-EDCE
D-EDCG      Arado Ar79       D-EDCG
D-EDCJ      Klemm KL35 B           D-EDCJ     DVL
D-EDDA      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EDDA
D-EDDH      Bucker Bu131 D         D-EDDH     DVL   00.05.38
D-EDDO      Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EDDO     DVL
D-EDDW      Klemm KL35 B           D-EDDW
D-EDDY      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EDDY
D-EDEA      Heinkel He72           WL-EDEA
D-EDEC      Fieseler Fi156 C-2     5802 D-EDEC
D-EDEF      Bucker Bu131           D-EDEF
D-EDEF      Bucker Bu180 B         D-EDEF           00.07.38
      Bucker built
D-EDEF      Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EDEF     Luftamt Koningsberg/Devau
      00.07.38         Bucker built
D-EDEI      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EDEI
D-EDEI      Heinkel He72           D-EDEI
D-EDEK      Heinkel He72           D-EDEK     1.or 2./KG 257

D-EDEL     BFW U-12         D-EDEL
D-EDEM     Heinkel He72 D         D-EDEM WL-EDEM   DLV >NSFK

D-EDEN     Junkers A50 ce    3554 D-2166 D-EDEN     DLH            [Per
Ries. c/n 3534 per some. WL-EDEN reported as He72]]
D-EDEP     Klemm L25 c VII 415     D-2334 D-EDEP    Verein
D-EDER     DH.80A Puss Moth        D-EDER
D-EDES     Klemm L25         D-EDES
D-EDEU     Klemm KL35 A            D-EDEU     DVL
D-EDEV     Heinkel He72 D          D-EDEV     DVS
D-EDEW     Lohner R          A-51 OE-DEW D-EDEW
D-EDEX     Klemm L26         D-EDEX
D-EDFA     Bucker Bu131            D-EDFA
D-EDFH     Bucker Bu180 B          D-EDFH     NSFK 00.09.38
D-EDFI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EDFI
D-EDFK     Klemm KL106 V-7         D-EDFK
D-EDFO     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EDFO     DVL
D-EDFQ     Siebel Si202            D-EDFQ
D-EDFV     DH.80A Puss Moth 2147 G-ABJB OK-OFK OE-TEK Austrian AF as 62
D-EDFY     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EDFY     NSFK
D-EDFZ     Bauer BZ II       A-127 OE-DFZ D-EDFZ
D-EDGA     Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-EDGA
D-EDGI     Klemm L25 b VI          D-EDGI     DLV >NSFK
D-EDHC     Klemm KL35 B            D-EDHC
D-EDHF     Hopfner HS 9/32         OE-DHF D-EDHF
D-EDHI     Focke-Wulf Fw44 C       D-EDHI
D-EDHK     Klemm L25 I 102   D-1576 A-73 OE-DHK D-EDHK

D-EDHQ     Caproni Ca.100         D-EDHQ
D-EDIA     Bucker Bu131           D-EDIA     Fliegerausbildungsregiment
D-EDIC     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EDIC     DVL    00.11.38
D-EDIF     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EDIF
D-EDIH     Klemm L25 d VII   700   D-2884 D-EDIH     DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EDII     Bucker Bu131 A         D-EDII            00.03.39
D-EDIK     DH.82A Tiger Moth 3524 OE-DIK (D-EDIK) G-AFZF W5014 G-AFZF D-
EDER                   Sold UK 8.39
D-EDIL     Fieseler Fi5 R         D-EDIL
D-EDIM     Heinkel He72 D         D-EDIM      DVS
D-EDIP     Adler Gerner G II Rc   47    D-EDIP
D-EDIR     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 360  D-EDIR      DVS
D-EDIS     Klemm L26 c V     508  D-2503 D-EDIS     A.Dressler/Dresden
>Erich Merkel/Finsterwalde
D-EDIT     Klemm L26 a II         D-EDIT      Helmuth Roll/Solingen

D-EDIV      BFW M.23 b        D-EDIV      NSFK
D-EDIX      Heinkel He72 D          D-EDIX      DVS
D-EDJG      Klemm KL35        D-EDJG
D-EDJH      Hirtenburg HS9a 1       A-144 OE-DJH D-EDJH G-AGAK
      J.Weiner/Wien                 To UK 11.39
D-EDJK      DH.82A Tiger Moth       OE-DJK D-EDJK    Nikolaus Eltz/Wien

D-EDJW      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EDJW      NSFK Rangsdorf (RfM)
D-EDKA      Heinkel He72            D-EDKA
D-EDKK      DH.87B Hornet Moth      8094 OE-DKK D-EDKK HB-UBD    Karl
D-EDKU      Klemm KL35 A            D-EDKU      DVL
D-EDLA      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha135 111     D-EDLA
      Fliegerubungsstelle Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel (DLV) 00.08.35
D-EDLE      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EDLE
D-EDLG      Arado Ar79        D-EDLG
D-EDLI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EDLI
D-EDLM      DH.82 Tiger Moth        D-EDLM
D-EDLU      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EDLU
D-EDLY      Klemm KL35 A            D-EDLY      NSFK
D-EDMA      Klemm VL25 c VII R            D-EDMA      Benno
Jehle/Oberwiesenfeld >Hansa Flugdienst
D-EDMV      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EDMV      NSFK 00.06.38
D-EDNA      Heinkel He72            WL-EDNA
D-EDNC      Lampich NLXXI           OE-DNC D-EDNC
D-EDNI      Heinkel He72            D-EDNI
D-EDNO      MIAG MD12         OE-DNO D-EDNO
D-EDNY      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EDNY
D-EDOA      Heinkel He72            D-EDOA
D-EDOD      Klemm KL35        D-EDOD
D-EDOE      Bucker Bu131 A    30    D-EDOE      DVL   00.00.34
D-EDOK      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EDOK      Deutsche Reich
D-EDOL      Meindl A VII      3     A-138 OE-DOL D-EDOL
D-EDOM      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EDOM
D-EDON      Heinkel He72 D          D-EDON      DVS
D-EDOO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EDOO
D-EDOP      Zlin 212          D-EDOP
D-EDOQ      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EDOQ      DLV
D-EDOQ      Bucker Bu131            D-EDOQ
D-EDOR      Heinkel He72            WL-EDOR
D-EDOT      Heinkel He64 C    423   D-2303 D-EDOT     DVL
D-EDOV      Gerner G II       D-EDOV
D-EDOX      Klemm KL35 D            D-EDOX SE-BHM
D-EDOX      Klemm L25 d VII R 682   D-2902 D-EDOX     H.Schlerf/Mannheim
>Fliegerlandesgruppe VIII/Neuostheim >NSFK
D-EDOY      Adler Gerner G II       D-EDOY
D-EDOY      Heinkel He72            D-EDOY
D-EDPA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EDPA
D-EDPI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EDPI
D-EDRA      Heinkel He72            D-EDRA
D-EDRI      Bucker Bu131 A          OE-DRI D-EDRI     Alfred Riha/ Wien-
Neustadt    00.06.38
D-EDRN      Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EDRN      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EDRS      DH.82A Tiger Moth 3227 A-13 OE-DRS D-EDRS       NSFK
D-EDRW      Heinkel He72            WL-EDRW
D-EDSO      Heinkel He72            D-EDSO
D-EDSS      Bücker Bü131            WL-EDSS
D-EDTV      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EDTV      NSFK Rangsdorf (RfM)
D-EDTY      Klemm L25         D-EDTY
D-EDUA      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EDUA      DVL
D-EDUE      Bucker Bu131 A    32    D-EDUE      DVL   00.00.34
D-EDUF      Klemm L25 d VII 559     D-2737 D-EDUF     DLV/Berlin
D-EDUH      Klemm L26 c V           D-EDUH
D-EDUI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EDUI
D-EDUK      Heinkel He72 D          D-EDUK      DLV >NSFK
D-EDUM      Heinkel HD21      219   D-540 D-EDUM      DLV
D-EDUP      Adler Gerner G II       D-EDUP
D-EDUP      Heinkel He72 D          D-EDUP      Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
D-EDUR      Heinkel He72 D    686   D-EDUR      Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
D-EDUT      Adler Gerner G II Rc          D-EDUT
D-EDUV      Albatros L82 b    10162 D-1706 D-EDUV     Albatros >DVS
>Ostpreuss. Flugsport GmbH/Konigsberg >DLV      00.07.29
D-EDUX      Junkers A50 ce    3524 D-1842 D-EDUX      Dr.K.Fritsch/Plauen
>DLV              Canc 2.38 [source O0002 has it as a Klemm Kl35]
D-EDUZ      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EDUZ
D-EDVE      Flettner FL184 V-1            D-EDVE            00.00.35

D-EDVU     Bucker Bu131 A    119    D-EDVU                          Crashed
D-EDWS     Klemm L25 d VII R 1058   OE-DWS D-EDWS     Dr. Wilhelm
D-EDXA     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EDXA
D-EDXK     Heinkel He72 D           D-EDXK
D-EDXU     Klemm L25 d VII R        D-EDXU     H.Schreiber /Nordhausen

D-EDYE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EDYE     DLV Bielefeld (RfM) >NSFK
D-EDYH      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EDYH
D-EDYL      Klemm L25 c VII         D-EDYL     NSFK
D-EDYM     Heinkel He72            WL-EDYM
D-EDYN     Klemm L25 e VII   526   D-2566 D-EDYN     DLV >NSFK

D-EDYO     Heinkel He72            D-EDYO
D-EDYR     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EDYR      NSFK
D-EDYT     Heinkel He72            D-EDYT
D-EDYU     Bucker Bu131 A   102    D-EDYU            00.00.34
D-EDYV     Focke Wulf Fw44J 2549   D-EDYV                        To Sweden
post war
D-EDYX     Klemm L26 b VII         D-EDYX     Fieseler Flugzeubau

D-EEBI     Heinkel He72           D-EEBI
D-EEBK     Klemm KL35 B           D-EEBK
D-EEBO     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EEBO
D-EECD     Klemm KL106 V-9        D-EECD
D-EECX     Bucker Bu131 D         D-EECX      DVL   00.05.38
D-EEDI     Bucker Bu131 A         D-EEDI            00.04.39
D-EEEY     Bucker Bu133C Jungmeister    10    U-63(HB) D-EEEY(2) OE-AUU
D-EEFA     Klemm KL35 A           D-EEFA      NSFK
D-EEFE     Bücker Bü131           WL-EEFE
D-EEFI     Bucker Bu131           D-EEFI      Deuta-werke ver.Deutsche
D-EEFU     Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EEFU
D-EEGA     Bucker Bu131 A         D-EEGA      FFS (A/B)72
D-EEGE     Heinkel He72           D-EEGE
D-EEGO     Udet U-12 a 385  D-1371 D-EEGO     BFW built. DVS     00.04.28

D-EEHA     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EEHA      NSFK 00.05.37
D-EEHA     Heinkel He72            D-EEHA
D-EEHI     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EEHI
D-EEHO     Bucker Bu133            D-EEHO
D-EEHU     Heinkel He172 V-2 1849 D-EEHU
D-EEHV     Bucker Bu133            D-EEHV                        Also Bu181
25008 ex OE-ABK
D-EEHY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EEHY
D-EEIJ     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EEIJ      NSFK
D-EEJA     Bucker Bu131 A    112   D-EEJA            00.06.36
D-EEJD     Siebel Si202 V-11 B           D-EEJD
D-EEJE     Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30        D-EEJE
D-EEJI     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EEJI      NSFK 00.04.38
D-EEJI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EEJI
D-EEJP     Klemm KL35        WL-EEJP
D-EEJU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EEJU      NSFK
D-EEKA     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EEKA
D-EEKE     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EEKE      NSFK 00.02.39
D-EEKU     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EEKU      FFS A/B 11
D-EEKY     Klemm KL35 A            D-EEKY      DVL
D-EELA     Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30 1790 D-EELA
D-EELE     Klemm VL25 a I          D-EELE
D-EEMA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EEMA      NSFK
D-EENE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EENE      DVL
D-EENO     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EENO      DVL
D-EENY     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EENY      DVL
D-EEPE      Klemm L26 c II          D-EEPE     Mlag Muhlenbau und
D-EEPI      Klemm L26 a V           D-EEPI     Deutsche Reich

D-EEPO      Heinkel He172 V-1 1848 D-EEPO
D-EEPU      Bucker Bu131            D-EEPU
D-EEPY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-EEPY
D-EERA      Klemm KL35 A            D-EERA     DVL
D-EEVA      Heinkel He72 D          D-EEVA     DVL
D-EEVE      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EEVE     NSFK   00.06.37
      Bucker built
D-EEVI      Heinkel He72            D-EEVI
D-EEVU      Bucker Bu131            D-EEVU
D-EEXU      Klemm KL35        D-EEXU
D-EEZI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EEZI     FFS B Halberstadt

D-EFAE      Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-EFAE
D-EFAG      FAG Hamburg Nr1 1       D-EFAG
D-EFAK      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EFAK     DLV >NSFK
D-EFAL      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 361   D-EFAL     DVS
D-EFAM      Heinkel He72 D          D-EFAM     Deutsche Reich

D-EFAN      Heinkel He72 D          D-EFAN     DVS
D-EFAP      Klemm L25 d VII R 729   D-3310 D-EFAP     DLV/Berlin

D-EFAR      Klemm KL35 D     1802   5006(SE) SE-BGE D-EFAR HB-UXH

D-EFAR     Klemm L25 a VI > a VII 149   D-1638 D-EFAR     DLV
>Fliegergruppe Polytech./Friedberg >NSFK
D-EFAT     Adler Gerner G II Rc         D-EFAT
D-EFAV     Heinkel He72 C         D-EFAV      DLV >NSFK
D-EFAX     Klemm L25 e VIIR       D-EFAX      NSFK
D-EFAY     Bucker Bu131 A    103  D-EFAY            00.05.36
D-EFAZ     Klemm KL107B      105  D-EFAZ                        Destroyed
D-EFAZ     Klemm VL26 c V    436  D-2361 D-EFAZ     DLV
D-EFBA     Bucker Bu131 B-3       D-EFBA      NSFK 00.03.39
D-EFBI     Bucker Bu131           D-EFBI
D-EFBJ     Bucker Bu131 B-3 D           D-EFBJ      DVL   00.07.38

D-EFBU      Bucker Bu131 B-3       D-EFBU     NSFK 00.11.38
D-EFBV      Klemm KL35       D-EFBV
D-EFBX      Klemm KL35 B           D-EFBX
D-EFCS      Siebel Si202           D-EFCS
D-EFDE      Praga E39        WL-EFDE
D-EFDV      Klemm KL35 B           D-EFDV     DVL
D-EFEF      BFW M.35 b       D-EFEF      NSFK
D-EFEG      Klemm KL35 D     1981 D-EFEG SE-BHT G-BVXI

D-EFEH      Klemm L26 a V           D-EFEH     DLV
D-EFEI      Bucker Bu131 A   104    D-EFEI           00.05.36
D-EFEK      Heinkel He72 D          D-EFEK     DVS
D-EFEL      Heinkel He72 C          D-EFEL     DLV >NSFK
D-EFEM      Klemm L26 a V           D-EFEM     NSFK
D-EFER     Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EFER        DLV >NSFK

D-EFES      Heinkel He72 C          D-EFES    DLV >NSFK
D-EFEV      Heinkel He72 C          D-EFEV    DLV >NSFK
D-EFEW      Klemm KL107B      114   D-EFEW                     Destroyed
D-EFEY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFEY
D-EFEZ      Klemm L25 VII R         D-EFEZ    DLV >NSFK
D-EFFE      Heinkel He72            D-EFFE
D-EFFI      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EFFI
D-EFFY      Klemm KL35 B            D-EFFY
D-EFGA      Heinkel He72 D          D-EFGA
D-EFGN      Arado Ar79        D-EFGN
D-EFGU      Heinkel He72            D-EFGU
D-EFHA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EFHA    Aero Club von Deutschland
D-EFHE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 1500 D-EFHE       LKS Wildpark-Werder
D-EFHO      Klemm L25 a VII R       D-EFHO    Engelbert Danhuber/Munchen
D-EFHR      Caproni Ca.100          D-EFHR
D-EFHU      Heinkel He72 D          D-EFHU    DVL
D-EFIB      Moller Stromer          D-EFIB
D-EFIE      Heinkel He72            D-EFIE
D-EFIF      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFIF
D-EFIJ      Klemm KL35 B            D-EFIJ
D-EFIK      Klemm L26 c V           D-EFIK
D-EFIL      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 354   D-EFIL    DVS
D-EFIP      Heinkel He72 C          D-EFIP    DLV >NSFK
D-EFIQ      Junkers A50 ci    3548 D-2648 D-EFIQ    DLV
      participated in Deutschlandflug 1934
D-EFIR      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EFIR    Luftamt Munster

D-EFIT      Heinkel He72 C          D-EFIT      DLV
D-EFIV      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EFIV      DVL
D-EFIZ      Klemm KL107B      112   D-EFIZ                         Destroyed
D-EFJE      Heinkel He72            D-EFJE
D-EFJO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFJO
D-EFKH      Siebel Si202 B          D-EFKH
D-EFKO      Klemm L25 c       D-EFKO
D-EFKY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EFKY      NSFK
D-EFLA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFLA
D-EFLC      Siebel Si202 V-13 B           D-EFLC
D-EFLT      Flettner FL185 V-1            D-EFLT
D-EFLU      Flettner FL265 V-6      1584 D-EFLU
D-EFLV      Flettner FL265 V-1      1579 D-EFLV
D-EFMD      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFMD
D-EFMU      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EFMU       NSFK
D-EFNA      Klemm KL32        D-EFNA
D-EFNI      Bucker Bu131            D-EFNI
D-EFNO      Heinkel He72            D-EFNO
D-EFNU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFNU
D-EFNY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFNY
D-EFOF     Heinkel He72 C            D-EFOF     DLV FFS B Halberstadt >NSFK

D-EFOH     Adler Gerner G II Rb      28   D-EFOH         DLV >NSFK

D-EFOI      Bucker Bu131 A    105    D-EFOI     NSFK     00.05.36
      Crashed .37 repaied 3.39
D-EFOK      Klemm L25 d V R          D-EFOK     DLV
D-EFOL      Heinkel He72 C           D-EFOL     DLV >NSFK
D-EFOM      Heinkel He72 D           D-EFOM     Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
GmbH              [Bu181?]
D-EFON      Heinkel He72 D    604    D-EFON     DVS
D-EFOP      Klemm L25 e VII R 627    D-2606 D-EFOP       DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EFOQ      Klemm L25 d VII R        D-EFOQ     NSFK
D-EFOS      Heinkel He72 C           D-EFOS     DLV >NSFK
D-EFOT      Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EFOT
D-EFOU      Bucker Bu131 A    106    D-EFOU           00.02.36
D-EFOV      Junkers A50 ci    3545   D-2645 D-EFOV    DLV >DVL
      Canc 2.38
D-EFOX      Fieseler Fi5 R           D-2929 D-EFOX
D-EFOY      Klemm KL32 b XIV         D-EFOY     DVL
D-EFPE      Heinkel He72             WL-EFPE
D-EFPI      Klemm L25 d VII R 576    D-2876 D-EFPI       DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EFPR      Bucker Bu133 C-1       D-EFPR       NSFK     00.04.38
D-EFQR      Bucker Bu131 D-1       D-EFQR       NSFK     00.02.39
      [Bu131 or Bu133?]
D-EFQW      Klemm KL35 B           D-EFQW
D-EFRA      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EFRA                              [WL-EFRA
reported as Bu131]
D-EFRE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D      D-EFRE       DVL
D-EFRI      Taube Militartyp 1913/14            D-EFRI

D-EFRK     DH.60G III Moth Major           D-EFRK        NSFK
D-EFRO     Heinkel He72              WL-EFRO
D-EFRU     Heinkel He72 D            D-EFRU      NSFK
D-EFSP     Bucker Bu131 D-1          D-EFSP      NSFK    00.02.39
D-EFSP     Bucker Bu133 C            D-EFSP      NSFK    00.06.38
D-EFSU     Bücker Bü131              WL-EFSU
D-EFTA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J         D-EFTA      NSFK
D-EFTE     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-EFTE      FFS B   Halberstadt

D-EFTE     Klemm L25         D-EFTE
D-EFTT     Heinkel He72 C          D-EFTT       DLV >NSFK
D-EFTY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFTY       LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-EFUD     Focke Wulf Fw44J ASJA 83       D-EFUD D-EMIQ D-EMAX SE-AWT D-
D-EFUE     Bucker Bu131 A            D-EFUE
D-EFUF     Focke-Wulf AL101 C              D-EFUF      NSFK
D-EFUH     Heinkel He72 C            D-EFUH      DLV >NSFK
D-EFUK     Heinkel He72              D-EFUK      Reichsgruppe Lufthansa Team
D-EFUM      Gerner G II Rb    18     D-3038 D-EFUM    DLV/Berlin
      Adler built
D-EFUO      Heinkel He72             D-EFUO
D-EFUP      Adler Gerner G II Rc     52    D-EFUP
D-EFUQ      Heinkel He72 D           D-EFUQ      DLV >NSFK
D-EFUQ      Klemm L25 d VII R        D-EFUQ
D-EFUR      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 1899   D-EFUR
D-EFUS      Klemm L26 a II           D-EFUS
D-EFUT      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D        D-EFUT      DVL
D-EFUV      Klemm L25 d VII R        D-EFUV      Accumulatorenfabrik AG
D-EFUX      Fieseler Fi5 R           D-EFUX     DLV >NSFK
D-EFUZ      Heinkel He72 C           D-EFUZ     DLV >NSFK
D-EFVA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D        D-EFVA     DVL                [WL-EFVA
reported as He72]
D-EFVO      Fieseler Fi5 R    207    D-2541 D-EFVO    F.v.Opel/Russelsheim

D-EFVR     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EFVR      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EFVU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EFVU
D-EFXA     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFXA
D-EFXI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFXI
D-EFXO     Bucker Bu131            D-EFXO
D-EFXU     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EFXU
D-EFYE     Heinkel He72            WL-EFYE
D-EFYF     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EFYF
D-EFYI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFYI
D-EFYK     Heinkel He72            D-EFYK
D-EFYL     Heinkel He72 C    581   D-EFYL      DVS
D-EFYM     Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EFYM
D-EFYN     Klemm KL32        D-EFYN
D-EFYP     Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EFYP      DLV >NSFK
D-EFYR     Heinkel He72            D-EFYR WL-EFYR
D-EFYT     Klemm L25 d VII R 788   D-EFYT      DLV >NSFK
D-EFYV     Heinkel He72            D-EFYV
D-EFYX     Arado Ar69 A            D-EFYX      NSFK
D-EFYY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EFYY
D-EFZE     Bucker Bu131            D-EFZE
D-EFZO     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EFZO      NSFK
D-EFZS     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EFZS      L.Monheim/Berlin 00.04.38
D-EGAF     Heinkel He72 C          D-EGAF      DLV >NSFK
D-EGAH     Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EGAH      DLV >NSFK
D-EGAI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGAI
D-EGAK     Klemm L25 VII R         D-EGAK      DLV >NSFK
D-EGAL     BFW U-12          D-EGAL
D-EGAM     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J CVV II 663 D-ENAY D-EGAM
D-EGAN     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 355   D-EGAN      DVS
D-EGAP     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EGAP      DLV >NSFK
D-EGAQ     Heinkel He72 D          D-EGAQ      DVL
D-EGAR     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EGAR
D-EGAV     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EGAV
D-EGAX     Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EGAX      Luftamt Dresden
D-EGAZ     Heinkel He72 C          D-EGAZ      DVS
D-EGBA     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGBA
D-EGBE     Junkers A50 ci > ce     3582   D-2042 D-EGBE    Olex GmbH/Berlin
D-EGBI     Heinkel He72            D-EGBI
D-EGBO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGBO
D-EGBS     Bucker Bu131            D-EGBS
D-EGBS     Siebel Si202            D-EGBS
D-EGCD     Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EGCD      NSFK   00.12.38
D-EGCS     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGCS
D-EGDD     Bucker Bu131            D-EGDD
D-EGDE     Bucker Bu131            D-EGDE
D-EGDH     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EGDH                        [WL-
EGDH reported as Klemm KL35]
D-EGDH     Klemm KL35 B            D-EGDH
D-EGDI     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGDI
D-EGDL     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGDL
D-EGEF     Focke-Wulf Fw44 164     D-2621 D-EGEF
D-EGEH     Heinkel He72 C          D-EGEH     DLV >NSFK
D-EGEK     Albatros L101 D 193     D-2651 D-EGEK    DVS >NSFK    00.09.33
           Focke-Wulf built
D-EGEL     Heinkel He72 D          D-EGEL     DLV >NSFK
D-EGEM     Heinkel He72            WL-EGEM
D-EGEP     Heinkel He72 C          D-EGEP     DLV >NSFK
D-EGEQ     DH.80A Puss Moth 2068   D-1943 D-EGEQ    Haus Bergmann/Dresden

D-EGER      Klemm VL26 a V    385   D-2249 D-EGER     L.Mayer/Giessen
>Hansa Flugdienst
D-EGES      Klemm L25 d VII R 684   D-2905 D-EGES     H.Schlerf/Mannheim
>Fliegergr. VII Baden eV. des DLV
D-EGET      Klemm L25 d VII R 678   D-2896 D-EGET     DLV/Berlin >NSFK
D-EGEU      Heinkel He72            D-EGEU
D-EGEX      Heinkel He72 D          D-EGEX      DLV
D-EGEZ      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EGEZ      Wilhelm
Richtberg/Berlin -Dahlem
D-EGFC      Klemm KL35 B            D-EGFC      DVL
D-EGFE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGFE
D-EGFO      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EGFO      DVL >Deutsche Reich
D-EGGA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGGA
D-EGGE      Fieseler Fi156 C-3            D-EGGE
D-EGGR      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EGGR      NSFK 00.02.39
D-EGH.      Klemm L26 a       D-EGH.
D-EGHA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGHA      DVL   00.02.37
D-EGHE      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGHE
D-EGHI      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGHI
D-EGHO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGHO
D-EGHU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGHU
D-EGHV      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EGHV      NSFK 00.06.38
      [Bu131 built in 1939/2?]
D-EGIA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGIA
D-EGIF      Heinkel He72 C          D-EGIF      DLV >NSFK
D-EGIH      Albatros L101           D-EGIH
D-EGIK      Klemm L26 a       D-EGIK
D-EGIM      Klemm L25 d VII         D-EGIM      NSFK
D-EGIN      Junkers A50 ce    3535 D-EGIN       Junkers >R.Michaelis
/Dessau >Meyer/Hamburg >Junkers     00.05.34          Canc 2.38
D-EGIQ     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EGIQ      DLV >NSFK
D-EGIR     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EGIR      DLV >NSFK
D-EGIS     Heinkel He72 C          D-EGIS      DVS
D-EGIT     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGIT
D-EGIV     Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EGIV      NSFK
D-EGIZ     Heinkel He72            D-EGIZ
D-EGJA     Heinkel He72            WL-EGJA
D-EGJE     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGJE
D-EGJI     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EGJI
D-EGJK     Klemm KL35 B            D-EGJK      DVL
D-EGJQ     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EGJQ
D-EGJR     Bücker Bü131            WL-EGJR
D-EGKI     Heinkel He72            D-EGKI
D-EGLE     Klemm KL35 B            D-EGLE
D-EGME     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGME
D-EGOA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EGOA      DLV >NSFK
D-EGOA     Klemm L25 d       D-EGOA
D-EGOE     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGOE      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EGOH     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EGOH      NSFK
D-EGOH     Klemm L25         D-EGOH
D-EGOI     Bucker Bu131 A    109   D-EGOI            00.06.36
D-EGOL     Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EGOL      DLV >NSFK

D-EGOP      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EGOP     J.Boechel/Fuhlbuttel
>Dr.Max-Hermann Gruhl/Wengern                  [also Bucker Bu131]
D-EGOQ      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EGOQ     DLV >NSFK
D-EGOR      Heinkel He72            D-EGOR
D-EGOS      Klemm L25 b VII         D-EGOS     DLV >NSFK
D-EGOT      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EGOT     DLV >NSFK
D-EGOV      Heinkel He72 D          D-EGOV     DLV
D-EGOX      Gerner G II Rb    16    D-2835 D-EGOX    DLV e. V. Berlin
D-EGOX      Klemm KL107B      118   D-EGOX                       Destroyed
D-EGOZ      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EGOZ     NSFK 00.04.38
D-EGPE      Bucker Bu131      249   D-EGPE KJ+NK
D-EGPL      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EGPL     NSFK 00.12.38
D-EGQM      Heinkel He72?           D-EGQM
D-EGQU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGQU
D-EGQZ      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EGQZ     NSFK
D-EGRE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGRE     NSFK 00.02.39
D-EGRN      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EGRN           00.04.39
D-EGRY      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGRY     Bucker      00.05.36
      Bucker built
D-EGSO      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EGSO
D-EGSU      Bücker Bü131            WL-EGSU
D-EGSV      Bucker Bu131            D-EGSV
D-EGSY      Bucker Bu131      19    D-EGSY           00.00.34
D-EGTE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EGTE
D-EGTO      Heinkel He72 D          D-EGTO
D-EGTX      Bücker Bü131B           WL-EGTX
D-EGUE      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EGUE     DVL
D-EGUF      Klemm L26 c II    379   D-2345 D-EGUF    Luftfahrtverein
D-EGUH     Klemm L25 e VII R        D-EGUH      NSFK
D-EGUI     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EGUI
D-EGUK     Adler Gerner G II Rb     31    D-EGUK       L.Mascher/Bodenfelde

D-EGUL     Heinkel He72              D-EGUL
D-EGUM     Klemm L25           D-EGUM
D-EGUN     Focke-Wulf Fw44   D 356   D-EGUN    DVS
D-EGUO     Bucker Bu131 A            D-EGUO
D-EGUP     Klemm L25 c VII   R       D-EGUP    DLV >NSFK
D-EGUQ     Heinkel He72 C            D-EGUQ    DLV >NSFK
D-EGUT     Heinkel He72 D      570   D-EGUT    DVS
D-EGUU     Heinkel He72 D            D-EGUU
D-EGUV     Heinkel He72 D            D-EGUV    DLV >NSFK
D-EGUX     Klemm L25 e VII   R 836   D-EGUX    DVL
D-EGUZ     Klemm L25 d VII   R       D-EGUZ    DLV >NSFK
D-EGVI     Klemm L25 c VII   R       D-EGVI    DVL
D-EGVR     Focke Wulf Fw44           D-EGVR
D-EGVU     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-EGVU
D-EGWF     Gotha Go149         D-EGWF
D-EGXC     Bücker Bü131              WL-EGXC
D-EGXE     Focke-Wulf Fw44   J       D-EGXE    Gerd Achelis/Neuenland
D-EGXO     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EGXO     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-EGYA      Bucker Bu131 A    111   D-EGYA                        Crashed
D-EGYF      Klemm L25 e VIIR        D-EGYF      NSFK
D-EGYG      Bucker Bu131 A    3     D-EGYG            00.00.34
D-EGYK      Klemm L26         D-EGYK
D-EGYL      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 362   D-EGYL      DVS
D-EGYQ      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EGYQ      DLV   00.00.34
D-EGYR      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EGYR      DVS
D-EGYS      Klemm KL25?       D-EGYS
D-EGYT      BFW M.35 b 630    D-EGYT
D-EGYV      DH.85 Leopard Moth      7072 D-EGYV G-ADUL      K.T.Rochling
/Aachen     00.08.34          To UK 11.35
D-EGYV      Miles M.3B Falcon Six 256     D-EGYV G-AFBF AV973 G-AFBF
      K.T.Rochling /Aachen    00.11.35          To UK 10.37
D-EGZA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EGZA
D-EGZE      Heinkel He72            D-EGZE
D-EHAA      Bucker Bu131            D-EHAA
D-EHAF      Messerschmitt Bf108     730253      D-EHAF
      [WL-EHAF reported as Fw44]
D-EHAH      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EHAH      DLV >NSFK
D-EHAK      Raab Katzenstein RK II a      62    D-1254 D-EHAK
      DLV/Magdeburg >P.Hoffmann/Neuhaldensleben >Bonig-Luftbild/Halle
D-EHAL      Heinkel He72 D          D-EHAL      DVL
D-EHAN      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EHAN      Luftamt Munchen

D-EHAP     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 363    D-EHAP     DVS
D-EHAQ     Klemm L25 d VII R 639    D-2687 D-EHAQ      DLV/Berlin

D-EHAR     Klemm L25 d VII R        D-EHAR     DLV >NSFK
D-EHAS     Klemm L25 e VII         D-EHAS      DLV >NSFK
D-EHAT     Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EHAT      DLV >NSFK

D-EHAV      Focke Wulf Fw44       D-EHAV      Aufklarerfliegerschule
Hildesheim             Mid air collision with D-IHUS
D-EHAX      Heinkel He72 D        D-EHAX      DVL
D-EHBO      Bucker Bu131 A        D-EHBO
D-EHCB      Siebel Si202 V-4 A          D-EHCB
D-EHCR      Arado Ar79 A V-2 2    D-EHCR
D-EHCU      Klemm KL35 B          D-EHCU
D-EHDA      Bucker Bu131 B-3      D-EHDA      NSFK 00.11.38
D-EHDE      Bucker Bu131 A D-1A   120   D-EHDE      NSFK 00.02.39
      Crashed .37
D-EHDI      Focke-Wulf Fw44       D-EHDI
D-EHDL      Klemm KL35 B          D-EHDL
D-EHDP      Klemm KL35 B          D-EHDP      DVL
D-EHEA      Focke-Wulf Fw44       D-EHEA
D-EHEF      Heinkel He72 C        D-EHEF
D-EHEH      Klemm L25 d VII R     D-EHEH      NSFK
D-EHEK      Albatros L101 c 143   D-2373 D-EHEK     DVS >NSFK 00.01.33
            Focke-Wulf built
D-EHEL      Bucker Bu131 A-2      D-EHEL            00.06.36
D-EHEL      Klemm L25 d VII R 704 D-3027 D-EHEL     DLV/Berlin

D-EHEM      BFW U-12 a        D-EHEM
D-EHEN      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EHEN      DLV >NSFK
D-EHEQ      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EHEQ      DLV >NSFK
      [also Fw44 c/n 664]
D-EHES      Heinkel He72 D          D-EHES      DVL
D-EHET      Focke-Wulf Fw44 388     D-EHET
D-EHEV      Adler Gerner G II Rb    33    D-EHEV      DLV
D-EHEX      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EHEX      H.Schreiber /Carlsburg

D-EHEZ      BFW M.27 bi 619   D-2982 D-EHEZ     DLV >Allianz und
Stuttgarter Versich/Berlin
D-EHFA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHFA
D-EHFQ      Bücker Bü131            WL-EHFQ
D-EHGA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EHGA            00.04.37
D-EHGO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EHGO
D-EHGQ      Klemm KL35 B            D-EHGQ      NSFK
D-EHGU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHGU
D-EHHG      Bucker Bu131 D-1        D-EHHG      NSFK 00.02.39
      [Bu131 or Bu133 ?]
D-EHHY      Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30        D-EHHY
D-EHIF                  D-EHIF
D-EHIH      Klemm L25         D-EHIH                        [Messerschmitt
D-EHIK      Bucker Bu131 A-2        D-EHIK            00.06.36
D-EHIK      Heinkel He72 D          D-EHIK      DVS
D-EHIL      Heinkel He72            D-EHIL
D-EHIM      Udet U-12 a 376   D-1329 D-EHIM     BFW built. Suddeutsche
DLH/Munchen >Flugwache (Air Police)
D-EHIS      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EHIS
D-EHIT     Junkers A50 ci    3544 D-2644 D-EHIT      DLV               Canc
D-EHIV     Klemm L25 d II    796   D-EHIV HB-XAL VH-UUR    Missions-
verkehrs-Arbeits gem. Aachen             [Reported as c/n 796 becoming HB-
D-EHJA     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EHJA
D-EHJO     Heinkel He72            D-EHJO
D-EHJU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EHJU      NSFK
D-EHKE     Heinkel He72 D          D-EHKE      NSFK
D-EHKK     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EHKK      NSFK 00.03.39
D-EHKO     Heinkel He72            D-EHKO
D-EHKU     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EHKU      NSFK 00.07.38
D-EHLN     DH.60G III Moth Major         D-EHLN      NFSK
D-EHLR     Klemm KL35 B            D-EHLR
D-EHMA     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EHMA      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EHMY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHMY
D-EHNE     Klemm KL35 A            D-EHNE      NSFK
D-EHNY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHNY
D-EHOD     Arado Ar79        D-EHOD
D-EHOH     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EHOH      DLV >NSFK
D-EHON     Heinkel He72            D-EHON
D-EHOO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHOO                        [or He72]
D-EHOQ     Albatros L101 D 208     D-2719 D-EHOQ     DVS >NSFK 00.10.33
           Focke-Wulf built
D-EHOS     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EHOS      DVS >FFS B Halberstadt

D-EHOZ      Albatros L101D    203   D-EHOZ
D-EHPA      Klemm KL35 A            D-EHPA      DVL
D-EHPY      Klemm KL35        WL-EHPY
D-EHRC      Bucker Bu131            D-EHRC
D-EHRD      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EHRD      DLV Bielefeld (RfM)
D-EHRE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EHRE            00.06.36
D-EHRI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHRI
D-EHSQ      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EHSQ
D-EHTE      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EHTE      DVL
D-EHTI      Klemm KL35 A            D-EHTI      DVL
D-EHUE      Heinkel He72            WL-EHUE
D-EHUF      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EHUF      DLV >NSFK
D-EHUL      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EHUL
D-EHUM      Fieseler F5R      244   D-3101 D-EHUM
D-EHUN      Klemm KL32 b            D-EHUN
D-EHUP      Albatros AL101D 222     D-EHUP
D-EHUP      Klemm L25 d VII R 727   D-3302 D-EHUP     DLV/Berlin
D-EHUQ      Klemm L25 a VI    117   D-1603 D-EHUQ     A.Riediger/Ebingen
>H.Schreurs/Boblingen >Fliegerlandesgr. IX/Wurtenburg des DLV >NSFK
D-EHUS      BFW M23           D-EHUS
D-EHUT      Raab Katzenstein RK II a            D-EHUT
D-EHUV      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EHUV
D-EHUX      Heinkel He72            D-EHUX
D-EHUX      Klemm KL35 1642 D-EHUX SE-AIP             To Sweden 10.1.40
D-EHUZ      Klemm KL35        D-EHUZ
D-EHUZ      Klemm L25 d VII R 598? D-2948 D-EHUZ
D-EHVA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EHVA
D-EHVI     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EHVI
D-EHVO     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EHVO
D-EHVU     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHVU
D-EHVY     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EHVY
D-EHWB     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EHWB      DVL   00.05.38
D-EHWQ     Udet U-12 a 14    A-120 OE-TIL 48(OE) D-EHWQ
D-EHWU     Bucker Bu131 D-1        D-EHWU
D-EHWW     Bucker Bu131 D-1        D-EHWW            00.03.39
D-EHXA     Heinkel He72            WL-EHXA
D-EHXE     Klemm KL35 A V-1 959    D-EHXE
D-EHXS     Bücker Bü131            WL-EHXS
D-EHXU     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EHXU
D-EHYF     Klemm L25 d VII R 744   D-EHYF
D-EHYH     Klemm L26 a IV          D-EHYH
D-EHYL     Klemm L26 c II    454   D-2422 D-EHYL     DLV
D-EHYN     Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EHYN      DLV >NSFK
D-EHYP     Klemm VL26 a V    389   D-2264 D-EHYP     E.Bayreuther
/Tempelhof >A.Dressler/Dresden
D-EHYQ     Klemm L25 d VII R 701   D-2885 D-EHYQ     DLV-
D-EHYS     DH.60G III Moth Major         D-EHYS      A.Friedrich
/Tempelhof >Willy Weisner /Tempelhof
D-EHYS     Heinkel He72 B-3        D-EHYS
D-EHYX     Heinkel He72      554   D-EHYX                        [WL-EHYX
reported as Fw44]
D-EHYZ     Heinkel He72            D-EHYZ
D-EHZE     Klemm KL35 A            D-EHZE      DVL
D-EHZO     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EHZO
D-EHZU     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EHZU            00.04.37
D-EIAQ     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EIAQ      DVL   00.06.38
D-EIBH     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EIBH
D-EIBO     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EIBO      DVL   00.06.37
D-EIDI     Klemm KL35 A            D-EIDI
D-EIDZ     Bucker Bu131      620   D-EIDZ PH+IZ
D-EIFA     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EIFA
D-EIFG     Klemm KL35 B            D-EIFG
D-EIFT     Klemm KL35 B            D-EIFT
D-EIGI     Klemm KL35 A            D-EIGI      DVL
D-EIGO     BFW M.23 a        D-EIGO      Akademische Fliegergruppe
D-EIHE     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EIHE
D-EIHY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EIHY      FFS B Halberstadt

D-EIJA     Bucker Bu131 A    121   D-EIJA                       Crashed
D-EIKR     Heinkel He72           D-EIKR       RLM
D-EILE     Akaflieg Darmstadt D29 b            D-EILE

D-EILS      Bucker Bu133 C         D-EILS     NSFK 00.04.37
D-EIMI      RAF SE5A (Henkel) 1398 (G-EBXL) D-1632 PH-IMI D-EIMI
      Henkel/Dusseldorf >Ges.fur Himmelschrift und
Wolkenprojektion/Dusseldorf 16.01.36          (also said to be ex G-EBIF
D-EINA      Focke Wulf Fw44        D-EINA
D-EINI     Focke Wulf Fw44          D-EINI
D-EINY     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EINY
D-EIPE     Bucker Bu181             D-EIPE
D-EIPO     Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30   a          D-EIPO D-ICCH

D-EIPQ     Focke Wulf Fw44D       WL-EIPQ
D-EIRA     Fokker D.VII           CH-46 631 D-EIRA                    [WL-
EIRA reported as Fw44]
D-EIRO     Focke-Wulf Cierva C30 A           D-EIRO

D-EIRY      Klemm L25 c VII R       D-EIRY      DVL >Deutsche Reich
            [L25 e VII R]
D-EISA      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EISA      DVL
D-EISI      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EISI            00.03.39
D-EISJ      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EISJ      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EITA      Klemm L25         D-EITA
D-EITE      Klemm KL35 A            D-EITE
D-EITL      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EITL
D-EITO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EITO      NSFK
D-EIVA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 C       D-EIVA
D-EIVE      Klemm KL35        D-EIVE
D-EIVY      Heinkel He72            WL-EIVY
D-EIWD      Bücker Bü131            WL-EIWD
D-EIXI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EIXI
D-EIXO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EIXO
D-EIXU      Heinkel He72            D-EIXU
D-EIYH      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EIYH
D-EIZA      Heinkel He72            WL-EIZA
D-EIZE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EIZE
D-EIZI      Heinkel He72            D-EIZI
D-EJAI      Bücker Bü131            WL-EJAI
D-EJAK      Udet U-12         D-EJAK
D-EJAL      Bücker Bü131            WL-EJAL
D-EJAM      Klemm L25 b VII         D-EJAM
D-EJAP      Gerner G II Rc          D-EJAP      Dr.Friedrich
D-EJAS      Klemm L26 a II    202   D-1817 D-EJAS     Deutsche Luftfahrt
D-EJAT      Klemm L25 d VII         D-EJAT      NSFK
D-EJAV      Heinkel He72            D-EJAV
D-EJAX      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 358   D-EJAX      DVS
D-EJAZ      Klemm L25         D-EJAZ
D-EJBE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EJBE      NSFK 00.11.38
D-EJBO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJBO
D-EJBX      DH.60G III Moth Major         D-EJBX      NFSK
D-EJCD      Klemm KL35        WL-EJCD
D-EJCI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJCI
D-EJDA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJDA
D-EJDE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EJDE      Dr.Thomas Gunter/Baden
Baden >NSFK 00.00.38
D-EJEH      Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EJEH      Fliegerortsgr. Halle eV de
D-EJEI      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EJEI      DVL
D-EJEK      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EJEK
D-EJEN      Klemm L-?        D-EJEN      DFS Darmstadt
D-EJEP      Heinkel He72           D-EJEP
D-EJEQ      Heinkel He72 D         D-EJEQ
D-EJES      BFW M.35 b       D-EJES      BFW
D-EJEZ      Heinkel He72           WL-EJEZ
D-EJFA      Bücker Bü131           WL-EJFA
D-EJFI      Bucker Bu131 B-3       D-EJFI      Bucker      00.02.37
      Bucker built
D-EJFR      Gotha Go149 V-1        D-EJFR
D-EJGU      Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EJGU      DVL
D-EJGX      Bucker Bu131 D         D-EJGX            00.04.39
D-EJHA      Bucker Bu131 A         D-EJHA      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EJHI      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EJHI
D-EJHR      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EJHR
D-EJHU      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EJHU
D-EJHW      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EJHW
D-EJIA      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EJIA
D-EJIE      Focke Wulf Fw44        D-EJIE
D-EJIE      Focke Wulf Fw44        D-EJIE
D-EJIH      Klemm L25 d VII 690    D-3063 D-EJIH     DLV/Berlin

D-EJIK      Gerner G II Rc   50    D-EJIK      A.Troll/Rabstock
      Adler built
D-EJIL      Klemm L26 c V    380   D-2389 D-EJIL     DVS
D-EJIN      Klemm L25 b I > XIb    295   D-2100 D-EJIN
      Graf.A.Zinneberg/Munchen >E.Ritter v.Schleich/Munchen

D-EJIP      Adler Gerner G II Rb         D-EJIP
D-EJIQ      Heinkel He72 C         D-EJIQ
D-EJIR      Heinkel He72 D         D-EJIR
D-EJIR      Junkers A50 ci         D-EJIR      DVL   00.04.37
D-EJIS      Heinkel He72           D-EJIS
D-EJIT      BFW M.27 b       D-EJIT      DVL
D-EJIU      Heinkel He72           D-EJIU
D-EJIV      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EJIV
D-EJIX      Heinkel He72 D         D-EJIX
D-EJJI      Bucker Bu133 C         D-EJJI      Korpsfuhrer NSFK Rangsdorf
(RfM) 00.05.37
D-EJJU      Heinkel He72           D-EJJU      LLK Berlin-Gatow
D-EJJW      Heinkel He72           D-EJJW
D-EJJY      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EJJY
D-EJKO      Bucker Bu131           D-EJKO
D-EJLP      Klemm KL35 B           D-EJLP
D-EJMO      Udet U-12        D-EJMO
D-EJNO      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EJNO
D-EJNU      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EJNU
D-EJNY      Heinkel He72           D-EJNY
D-EJOE      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EJOE
D-EJOF      Klemm L25        D-EJOF
D-EJOH      Heinkel He72 C         D-EJOH      DLV FFS B Halberstadt >NSFK

D-EJOI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJOI
D-EJOM     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EJOM      DVS
D-EJON     Heinkel He72 D          D-EJON      DLV >NSFK
D-EJOP     Bucker Bu131 A   12      D-EJOP           00.00.34
D-EJOR     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EJOR
D-EJOV     Heinkel He72 C           D-EJOV     DLV >NSFK
D-EJOX     Klemm L25 e VII          D-EJOX     DLV
D-EJOZ     Klemm KL32 b XIV 898     D-EJOZ TI+HJ     E-stelle Travemunde
                 (also c/n 328 ex   D-2149?)
D-EJPE     Bucker Bu133 C           D-EJPE     NSFK 00.06.37
D-EJPO     Klemm L26 a V            D-EJPO     Maxmilian Graf/Miesbach

D-EJPY      Heinkel He72 D          D-EJPY      DVL
D-EJRA      Bücker Bü131            WL-EJRA
D-EJRY      Heinkel He72 D          D-EJRY      NSFK
D-EJSR      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EJSR      NSFK Rangsdorf (RfM)
D-EJTA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EJTA
D-EJTI      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EJTI      NSFK
D-EJTS      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EJTS
D-EJUH      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EJUH      NSFK
D-EJUI      Bucker Bu131            D-EJUI
D-EJUK      Heinkel He72 D    569   D-EJUK
D-EJUL      Klemm L25 d VII 1918 D-EJUL         Georg v.Schellwitz
D-EJUN      Junkers A50 ce    3563 D-EJUN       Junkers >W.Meyer /Hamburg
D-EJUQ      Klemm VL25 c VII R      641   D-2590 D-EJUQ     Hansa Flugdienst
>FFS A/B 3
D-EJUT      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EJUT      DLV
D-EJUU      Heinkel He72 D          D-EJUU
D-EJUV      Klemm L25         D-EJUV
D-EJUX      Klemm L25 d VII R 745   D-EJUX      DLV >NSFK
D-EJUY      Heinkel He72            D-EJUY
D-EJVE      Heinkel He72            D-EJVE
D-EJVH      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EJVH
D-EJVI      Heinkel He72            WL-EJVI
D-EJVO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJVO
D-EJVU      Focke-Wulf Fw44 I       D-EJVU      DVL
D-EJWD      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EJWD      NSFK
D-EJXA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJXA
D-EJXI      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EJXI      NSFK              [also
Bu131 c/n 213]
D-EJXY      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EJXY      Bucker      00.06.36
      Bucker built
D-EJYA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EJYA
D-EJYF      Klemm L25         D-EJYF
D-EJYI      Bucker Bu131            D-EJYI
D-EJYK      Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EJYK
D-EJYK      Klemm KL107C      125   D-EJYK                        Destroyed
D-EJYL      Heinkel He72 C    580   D-EJYL      DVS
D-EJYM      Bucker Bu131 A    8     D-EJYM            00.00.34
D-EJYO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EJYO
D-EJYR      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EJYR
D-EJYX      Klemm L25 d VII R 676   D-2894 D-EJYX     DLV-Ortsgr.Gotha
D-EJYZ      Klemm KL32        D-EJYZ
D-EJZK     Klemm KL35 B            D-EJZK      Oskar Waldrich/Siegan

D-EKAA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EKAA      DLV >NSFK
D-EKAF     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKAF
D-EKAH     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EKAH      K.Kaufman /Feuklsbuttel

D-EKAK      Heinkel He72 D         D-EKAK     DLV >NSFK
D-EKAL      Fieseler Fi5 R         D-EKAL     DLV >NSFK
D-EKAM      Klemm L25 c VII 517    D-2528 D-EKAM    Deutsche Turn-.Sport-
und Schiessgemeinde/Chemnitz >DLV
D-EKAN      Henschel Hs125 V1      D-EKAN
D-EKAN      Klemm KL35 D      1961 D-EKAN SE-BPF
      Destroyed 8.8.65
D-EKAP      Albatros L101 D 187    D-2579 D-EKAP    DVS   00.09.33
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EKAR      Heinkel He72 D         D-EKAR     DLV >NSFK
D-EKAS      Rheinland Schwalbe FR 2           D-EKAS

D-EKAV     Klemm L25 d VII         D-EKAV      Dr.Flecken/Munster

D-EKAX      Klemm L25 d VII 549     D-2669 D-EKAX     DLV/Berlin
D-EKAY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-EKAY      DLV >NSFK
D-EKBA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EKBA
D-EKBG      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EKBG            00.03.36
D-EKBI      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EKBI            00.00.34
D-EKCD      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EKCD      NSFK 00.04.38
D-EKCO      Bucker Bu131            D-EKCO
D-EKCX      Arado Ar79 A V-1 1      D-EKCX
D-EKDA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EKDA
D-EKDE      Heinkel He72            WL-EKDE
D-EKDQ      Siebel Si202 V-3        D-EKDQ
D-EKDU      Albatros L30 (BIIa)           D-EKDU
D-EKDU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EKDU
D-EKDV      Bücker Bü131            WL-EKDV
D-EKDY      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EKDY      DVL   00.04.37
D-EKEA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EKEA
D-EKEE      Heinkel He72            WL-EKEE
D-EKEF      Klemm KL35        D-EKEF
D-EKEK      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EKEK
D-EKEN      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha135 102     D-EKEN
      Fliegerubungsstelle Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel (DLV) 00.07.34
D-EKEP      Heinkel He72 C          D-EKEP      DLV >NSFK
D-EKEQ      Heinkel He72            D-EKEQ
D-EKER      BFW M.23 c 523    D-1888 D-EKER     RDL Erprob.-stelle Staaken

D-EKES     Klemm VL26        D-EKES
D-EKET     Klemm L25 d VII R 733   D-EKET      DLV >NSFK
D-EKEU     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EKEU
D-EKEX     Adler Gerner G II Rc          D-EKEX      Adlerwerke >
Friedrich Barth/Rebstock
D-EKEZ     Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EKEZ      NSFK
D-EKFN     Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EKFN      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EKFS     Klemm KL35        WL-EKFS
D-EKFY     Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EKFY      NSFK 00.02.39
D-EKGE     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKGE
D-EKGO     Klemm L26 c II          D-EKGO     Hans Steybe/Boblingen

D-EKGS     Hopfner HS 9/35         OE-KGS D-EKGS
D-EKGU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EKGU
D-EKHA     Klemm L25 d VII R 582   D-2932 D-EKHA    DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EKHG     Bucker Bu131            D-EKHG
D-EKHU     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKHU
D-EKHV     Bucker Bu131            D-EKHV
D-EKIA     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EKIA
D-EKIF     Focke-Wulf Fw44   E     D-EKIF     DLV >NSFK
D-EKIK     Klemm L25 e VII   R     D-EKIK     NSFK
D-EKIM     Focke-Wulf Fw44   D     D-EKIM     DLV >NSFK
D-EKIN     Klemm L25 d VII   R     D-EKIN     C.Schreiber/Nordhaussen

D-EKIN     Bucker Bu131 Jungmann   93   25093(SE) D-EKIN HB-USA

D-EKIO     Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EKIO
D-EKIP     Udet U-12 a > b 334    D-1229 D-EKIP    Thea Rasche
>DVS/Berlin >DVL >DVS/Braunschweig >DLV            BFW built
D-EKIQ     Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-EKIQ
D-EKIQ     Klemm KL32 V > XIV     406   D-2312 D-EKIQ    Luftdienst >DVL

D-EKIR     Klemm L26 a II          D-EKIR     DLV >NSFK
D-EKIS     Klemm KL32 a XIV 606    D-2673 D-EKIS    DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EKIU      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EKIU     NSFK
D-EKIV      DH.60G Moth > DH.60X Moth     1097 D-1612 D-EKIV
      F.v.Opel/Russelsheim >Haus Bergmann/Dresden >H.Ruhmann/Berlin
            Sold abroad 1.36
D-EKIW      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKIW
D-EKJA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKJA
D-EKJO      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EKJO Willy
D-EKKA      Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-EKKA
D-EKKI      Bucker Bu131            D-EKKI     Fliegerausbildungsregiment
D-EKKO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKKO
D-EKKX      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKKX
D-EKLE      Klemm KL35        D-EKLE
D-EKLI      Heinkel He72            D-EKLI
D-EKLS      Bucker Bu131 D-1        D-EKLS     NSFK 00.02.39
      [Bu131 or Bu133 ?]
D-EKLU      Fieseler Fi156 C-3      110061     D-EKLU D-EXWT
D-EKLU      Heinkel He72 D          D-EKLU
D-EKME      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha135 112    D-EKME      Flugabteilung
(DLV) in Berlin-Adlershof     00.08.35
D-EKMU      Bucker Bu131 A    21    D-EKMU           00.00.34
D-EKNE      Focke Wulf Fw44J CVV II 662 D-EMIL D-EKNE D-EKXG     CVV
Hanseatischer Fliegerclub/Frankfort
D-EKNO      Klemm L25         D-EKNO
D-EKNU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EKNU
D-EKNY      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EKNY
D-EKOD      Klemm KL107B      103   D-EKOD                      Canc 01.66
D-EKOF      Bucker Bu131 A    2     D-EKOF     Bucker Flugzeugbau >DLV
D-EKOF      Klemm L25 d VII R 584   D-2934 D-EKOF    DLV/Berlin

D-EKOK     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EKOK     FFS B Halberstadt

D-EKOL      Klemm L25 d VII        D-EKOL     E.Schmidt /Versmold >Willy
D-EKOM      Cierva C.30A (Avro 671)      713  G-ACWK D-3164 D-EKOM? DVL
D-EKON      Aeronca 65C C-1738     HB-UPI D-EKON(1) D-EKKR(2)

D-EKOO     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EKOO
D-EKOP     Cierva C.30A (Avro 671)      714    G-ACWL D-EKOP       E-stelle
Rechlin    00.11.34
D-EKOQ     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D      D-EKOQ       DLV >NSFK
D-EKOQ     Heinkel He72           D-EKOQ       DLV                 Argus As8
D-EKOR     Heinkel He72 D           D-EKOR      DLV >NSFK
D-EKOS     Adler Gerner G II Re           D-EKOS      H.Brand/Rebstock

D-EKOT     Klemm KL32 b XIV 867   D-EKOT OE-DOT
D-EKOV     Heinkel He72           WL-EKOV
D-EKOX     Heinkel He72 C         D-EKOX      DLV >NSFK
D-EKOZ     Heinkel He72           D-EKOZ
D-EKPE     Focke Wulf Fw44        D-EKPE WL-EKPE
D-EKPO     Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EKPO
D-EKQD     Klemm KL35 B           D-EKQD
D-EKRA     Focke-Wulf Fw61 V-2    1789 D-EKRA
D-EKRE     Bücker Bü131           WL-EKRE
D-EKRO     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EKRO
D-EKRU     Bucker Bu131           D-EKRU
D-EKRV     Bucker Bu131           D-EKRV
D-EKRY     BFW M.27 b       D-EKRY      Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke

D-EKSB      Klemm KL35 B           D-EKSB
D-EKSI      Klemm L25 e VII R      D-EKSI      DVL
D-EKSO      Heinkel He72           D-EKSO
D-EKSU      Klemm L26 c V          D-EKSU      DVL
D-EKTI      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J      D-EKTI      Junkers
D-EKTR      Miles M.11A Whitney Straight 498   D-EKTR      KT Roechling
>Voelkingen 09.10.37
D-EKUH      Heinkel He72 D         D-EKUH      DLV >NSFK
D-EKUI      Heinkel He72 D         D-EKUI
D-EKUK      Bucker Bu131 A    9    D-EKUK            00.00.34
D-EKUL      Klemm KL32 a XIV 502   D-2457 D-EKUL     W.Brandels/Berlin
D-EKUM      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EKUM
D-EKUQ      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EKUQ
D-EKUR      Heinkel He72 D         D-EKUR      DLV >NSFK
D-EKUS      Klemm VL26 c VII R     420   D-2348 D-EKUS     Klemm/Boblingen
>Hansa Flugdienst
D-EKUX        Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-EKUX      NSFK
D-EKUZ        Heinkel He72           D-EKUZ
D-EKVL        Bucker Bu131 A         D-EKVL            00.00.34
D-EKVU        Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EKVU      DVL
D-EKXG        Focke Wulf Fw44J CVV II 662 D-EMIL D-EKNE D-EKXG
D-EKXO        Bucker Bu131           D-EKXO      Fliegerausbildungsregiment
D-EKXU        Heinkel He72 D          D-EKXU      DLV >NSFK
D-EKYH        Klemm KL32        D-EKYH
D-EKYK        Dietrich Gobiet DS I          D-EKYK
D-EKYL        Klemm L25 c VI          D-EKYL      NSFK
D-EKYM        DH.80A Puss Moth 2146 D-2030 D-EKYM       DLV /Berlin 00.03.34
D-EKYN        Heinkel He72 D    555   D-EKYN      DLV >NSFK
D-EKYO        Bucker Bu131            D-EKYO
D-EKYP        Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EKYP
D-EKYQ        Focke-Wulf AL101 C      245   D-EKYQ      NSFK
D-EKYR        Heinkel He72 D          D-EKYR      Dr Sack/Tempelhof
D-EKYT        Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EKYT      C.Richberg/Straaken >NSFK

D-EKZK     Focke Wulf Fw44           WL-EKZK
D-EKZT     Fieseler Fi156            D-EKZT
D-EKZY     Focke Wulf Fw44           D-EKZY                          [WL-EKZY
reported as He72]
D-ELAA     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ELAA      FFS B Halberstadt

D-ELAF     Klemm L25 ?       D-ELAF
D-ELAH     Klemm L25 d VII R 798   D-ELAH     L.Maier/Kempten >Rhenania-
Ossag Mineralolwerke /Fuhlsbuttel
D-ELAK     BFW U-12 a        D-ELAK
D-ELAL     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-ELAL     DLV >NSFK
D-ELAN     Bucker Bu131            D-ELAN
D-ELAP     Klemm L25 d VII R 743   D-ELAP     DLV >NSFK
D-ELAQ     Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ELAQ     NSFK
D-ELAR     Junkers A50 ci    3543 D-2240 D-ELAR     W.Meyer/Hamburg
>Luftsportverband Niedersachsen /Hamburg >DLV
D-ELAS     Focke-Wulf Fw44 503     D-ELAS     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ELAV        Heinkel He72 D         D-ELAV      DVL
D-ELCH        Fieseler Fi5 R         D-ELCH
D-ELCT        Klemm KL35 B           D-ELCT
D-ELDA        Klemm KL35 A           D-ELDA      DVL
D-ELDE        Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-ELDE
D-ELDR        Focke Wulf Fw44F       D-ELDR
D-ELDY        Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELDY
D-ELEE        Heinkel He72           WL-ELEE
D-ELEF        Udet U-12 a 410  D-1528 D-ELEF     DVS / DLV                BFW
D-ELEK        Klemm L25         D-ELEK
D-ELEL        Focke-Wulf Fw44 B 158   D-2615 D-ELEL    DVS
D-ELEQ        Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-ELEQ
D-ELER        Heinkel He72 C          D-ELER     DLV >NSFK
      [also   Fw44 c/n 1901]
D-ELET        Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ELET     August Kumm/Karlsruhe
D-ELEU     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ELEU     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ELEV      Gotha Go149       D-ELEV
D-ELEV      Klemm L25 e 482   D-ELEV WL-ELEV
D-ELEW      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 1901 D-ELEW
D-ELEX      Klemm L25 e VII R 412   D-2336 D-ELEX
      Bayr.Fliegerschule/Munchen >DLV-Landesgr.X/Munchen
D-ELEZ      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-ELEZ     Deutsche Reich

D-ELFE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J         D-ELFE
D-ELFY     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D         D-ELFY     Siebel Flugzeuwerke

D-ELIF      Heinkel He72             D-ELIF
D-ELIH      Focke Wulf Fw44          D-ELIH
D-ELIK      Focke-Wulf AL101 C             D-ELIK      NSFK
D-ELIM      Heinkel He72 D           D-ELIM
D-ELIO      Bucker Bu180 V-1 A       2101 D-ELIO              00.02.38
      Bucker built
D-ELIP      Fieseler Fi5 R    250    D-ELIP     Hans Bergmann
D-ELIQ      Klemm L25 e VII R        D-ELIQ     NSFK
D-ELIV      Bucker Bu131 D-2         D-ELIV            00.02.39
D-ELIV      Heinkel He72 D    550    D-3200 D-ELIV     DLV/Berlin

D-ELJE     Heinkel He72           D-ELJE
D-ELKI     Focke Wulf Fw44        D-ELKI
D-ELKL     Bücker Bü131           WL-ELKL
D-ELKP     Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-ELKP
D-ELKU     Heinkel He72 D         D-ELKU      NSFK
D-ELLI     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELLI
D-ELLP     Klemm KL32       D-ELLP
D-ELLS     DH.60G III Moth Major        D-ELLS      NFSK
D-ELMA     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELMA
D-ELMI     Klemm KL35 B           D-ELMI      Bernd Rosemayer/Berlin

D-ELMU     Klemm L26 a V       387   D-2243 D-ELMU     RRG/Frankfurt >DVL

D-ELNA     Klemm L25 d II            D-3028 D-ELNA     DLV/Berlin

D-ELNE     Bucker Bu131              D-ELNE
D-ELNO     Klemm L25           D-ELNO ZS-AFP SAAF....
D-ELNY     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ELNY
D-ELOF     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ELOF     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ELOM     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ELOM
D-ELOP     Heinkel He72 D            D-ELOP     DLV >NSFK
D-ELOQ     Albatros L101 D 217       D-2748 D-ELOQ    DVS >NSFK     00.10.33
           Focke-Wulf built
D-ELOR     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ELOR     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ELOX      Klemm L25 c VII 513      D-2533 D-ELOX     DLV
D-ELOY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J        D-ELOY     NSFK   00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-ELPA      Focke Wulf Fw44          WL-ELPA
D-ELPE        Bucker Bu131 B-2       D-ELPE            00.02.37
D-ELPO        Bucker Bu131 B-3       D-ELPO      DVL   00.02.37
D-ELQE        Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELQE
D-ELRE        Bucker Bu131 B-3       D-ELRE            00.02.39
D-ELSI        Bucker Bu131 A         D-ELSI
D-ELTA        Lippisch Delta 3       D-ELTA
D-ELTN        Bucker Bu133 C         D-ELTN      DVL   00.06.38
D-ELUH        Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELUH
D-ELUI        Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELUI
D-ELUK        Klemm L25        D-ELUK
D-ELUL        Heinkel He72 C         D-ELUL      DLV >NSFK
      Argus   As8 Motor
D-ELUN        Heinkel He72           D-ELUN
D-ELUP        Klemm KL32       D-ELUP
D-ELUQ        Heinkel He72           D-ELUQ
D-ELUR        Adler Gerner G II Rb   22    D-ELUR      DLV >NSFK

D-ELUT      Klemm L25 d VII 543    D-2663 D-ELUT     DLV/Berlin >RDL
D-ELUU      Klemm KL35 A           D-ELUU      DVL
D-ELUV      Heinkel He72 C         D-ELUV      DLV >NSFK
D-ELUZ      Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-ELUZ      NSFK
D-ELVS      Bücker Bü131           WL-ELVS
D-ELXU      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELXU
D-ELXV      Fieseler Fi156         D-ELXV
D-ELXY      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-ELXY
D-ELXY      Heinkel He72           WL-ELXY
D-ELYK      Focke Wulf Fw44        D-ELYK
D-ELYL      Fieseler Fi5 R    214  D-2635 D-ELYL     F.Fliegel/Berlin-
Charlottenburg >Hans Comes/Staaken
D-ELYN      Klemm L25 d VII R      D-ELYN      DLV >NSFK
D-ELYP      Klemm L26 c V     425  D-2381 D-ELYP     DVS
D-ELYQ      Klemm L25 d VIIR       D-ELYQ      Fliegerortsgr.XII Thuringen
D-ELYS      Junkers A50 ce    3538 D-1862 D-ELYS     Junkers
      participated in Deutschlandflug 1930
D-ELYV                 D-ELYV
D-ELZE      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-ELZE
D-ELZU      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ELZU
D-EMAA      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EMAA
D-EMAK      Albatros L101 D 215    D-2746 D-EMAK     DVS   00.10.33
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EMAL      Heinkel He72 D         D-EMAL      DLV >NSFK
D-EMAP      Klemm L25 e VII R      D-EMAP      DLV >NSFK
D-EMAQ      Heinkel He72 C         D-EMAQ
D-EMAR      Bucker Bu181           D-EMAR
D-EMAS      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EMAS
D-EMAT      Heinkel He72 C         D-EMAT      DLV >NSFK
D-EMAV      Fieseler Fi156         D-EMAV
D-EMAV      Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-EMAV      NSFK
D-EMAW      Fieseler Fi156 D-0           D-EMAW
D-EMAX      Klemm L25 VII R        D-EMAX      DLV
D-EMAZ      Klemm L25 d VII R      D-EMAZ      Eh.Ludwig /Tempelhof
D-EMBI      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EMBI     DVL   00.05.37
D-EMCD      Klemm KL35 B            D-EMCD
D-EMDA      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EMDA
D-EMDF      Praga E.39        D-EMDF
D-EMDI      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EMDI     DVL   00.04.37
D-EMDR      Siebel Si202 B          D-EMDR           00.01.39         Set
altitude records .39
D-EMDU      Klemm L25 e VII 980     D-EMDU SE-ANF                     To
Sweden .44
D-EMEH      Focke-Wulf Fw44 B 163   D-2620 D-EMEH    DVS
D-EMEK      Klemm L26 c II    462   D-2414 D-EMEK    Akaflieg Uni.Leipzig
D-EMEN      Heinkel He72 D          D-EMEN     DLV >NSFK
D-EMEP      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EMEP
D-EMER      Klemm L26         D-EMER
D-EMES      Heinkel He72 D          D-EMES     DLV >NSFK
      [also shown as HD 72C]
D-EMET      Heinkel He72            D-EMET
D-EMEV      Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EMEV     DVS
D-EMEX      Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EMEX     DLV >NSFK
D-EMFM      Klemm KL35        WL-EMFM
D-EMFO      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EMFO     Deutsche Reich

D-EMFQ     Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EMFQ            00.03.39
D-EMGI     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EMGI
D-EMGR     Klemm KL35        D-EMGR
D-EMHA     Bucker Bu131            D-EMHA
D-EMHC     Bucker Bu133 D-2        D-EMHC      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EMHO     Klemm L25         D-EMHO
D-EMHW     Bucker Bu131            D-EMHW
D-EMHY     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EMHY
D-EMIA     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EMIA
D-EMIG     Focke-Wulf Fw44 2293 D-EMIG
D-EMIL     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 662   D-EMIL D-EKNE D-EKXG    Deutsch
Amerikanische Petroleumges               [also c/n ASJA 83]
D-EMIN     Heinkel He72 C          D-EMIN      DLV >NSFK
D-EMIP     Focke-Wulf AL101        D-EMIP
D-EMIQ     Focke Wulf Fw44J ASJA 83      D-EFUD D-EMIQ D-EMAX SE-AWT D-
D-EMIT     Fieseler Fi5 R    220   D-2920 D-EMIT     DLV >NSFK

D-EMIU     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EMIU     DVL >Deutsche Reich

D-EMIV      BFW M23           D-EMIV
D-EMIX      Klemm KL32 a XIV        D-EMIX
D-EMIZ      Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EMIZ    DVS
D-EMJA      Bucker Bu131 B-2        D-EMJA    DVL   00.05.37
      Bucker built [B-3 per BV]
D-EMJO      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EMJO
D-EMKA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-EMKA    DLV >NSFK
      [also Fw47 D]
D-EMKE      Bucker Bu131            D-EMKE
D-EMKI      Bucker Bu131            D-EMKI
D-EMLA     Klemm KL32 b XIV         D-EMLA     Ott.Senfft von Pilsach

D-EMLE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EMLE
D-EMLI     Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EMLI      DVL   00.02.37
D-EMMA     Udet U-12         D-EMMA
D-EMMI     Focke Wulf Fw44J CVV II 667 D-EMMI SE -BWN D-ECAN CVV
Luftsportverein Siegerland
D-EMMO     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EMMO
D-EMNA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 I       D-EMNA      DVL
D-EMNF     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EMNF            00.03.39
D-EMNO     Bucker Bu131            D-EMNO
D-EMNR     Bucker Bu131 C          D-EMNR      NSFK 00.04.38
D-EMOF     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J ASJA82      D-EMOF
D-EMOH     Klemm L25 VII R         D-EMOH      DLV
D-EMOI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EMOI                        [or Bucker
D-EMOL     Rheinland Schwalbe FR 2             D-EMOL      Rheinland
D-EMOM     Klemm L26 a V     366   D-2172 D-EMOM     DLV/Berlin

D-EMON      Aeronca 50         HB-UPU D-EMON
D-EMOP      Heinkel He72 D           D-EMOP    DLV >NSFK
D-EMOT      Junkers A50 ce           D-EMOT    DLV >DVL    00.03.36
      Canc 4.39
D-EMOU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EMOU     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-EMOW     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EMOW
D-EMOX     Focke-Wulf Fw44 E        D-EMOX
D-EMOY     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J        D-EMOY     Deutsche Reich

D-EMPE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EMPE     Likomba Bananen-Ges.
D-EMQA     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EMQA     Kurt Walz/Boblingen
D-EMQL     Bucker Bu131            D-EMQL
D-EMQR     Bucker Bu131            D-EMQR
D-EMRE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EMRE
D-EMRH     Klemm KL35        WL-EMRH
D-EMRI     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 596   D-EMRI TK+HO     E-stelle Travemunde

D-EMRS     Bücker Bü131             WL-EMRS
D-EMRY     Klemm KL35 A             D-EMRY     NSFK
D-EMSA     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EMSA
D-EMSE     Heinkel He72 B           D-EMSE
D-EMSI     Focke-Wulf Fw44 F        D-EMSI     NSFK
D-EMSO     Heinkel He72             D-EMSO
D-EMSY     Bucker Bu131             D-EMSY
D-EMTA     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EMTA
D-EMTE     Bucker Bu131 A           D-EMTE     Bucker      00.06.36
D-EMTH     Focke Wulf Fw44          D-EMTH
D-EMTI     Klemm L25 d VIIR         D-EMTI     Theo Schoth/Berlin

D-EMUA     Focke Wulf Fw44          WL-EMUA
D-EMUG     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D        D-EMUG
D-EMUH     Klemm L26 a II           D-EMUH     DLV >NSFK
D-EMUI      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EMUI
D-EMUK      Heinkel He72 D          D-EMUK      DLV >NSFK
D-EMUM      BFW M.23 b        D-EMUM      DLV
D-EMUN      Bucker Bu131            D-EMUN
D-EMUN      Klemm L25 d VII R 666   D-EMUN      DLV >NSFK
D-EMUO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EMUO
D-EMUP      Klemm L26         D-EMUP
D-EMUR      Klemm KL32        D-EMUR
D-EMUS      Klemm L26         D-EMUS      RDL
D-EMUT      Bucker Bu131 A    13    D-EMUT            00.00.34
      [also Fw44 c/n 133]
D-EMUU      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EMUU
D-EMUX      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EMUX
D-EMUY      Bucker Bu131            D-EMUY
D-EMUZ      Klemm VL26 c II 430     D-2427 D-EMUZ     DVL
D-EMVO      Bucker Bu131 D-1A       D-EMVO            00.03.39
D-EMVY      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EMVY
D-EMWN      Klemm KL35        WL-EMWN
D-EMXA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EMXA      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EMXI      Heinkel He72            D-EMXI      LLK Berlin-Gatow
D-EMYE      Bucker Bu131            D-EMYE
D-EMYL      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EMYL      NSFK
D-EMYM      BFW M.23 b        D-EMYM      NSDAP Gauleitung
D-EMYN      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EMYN      DLV
D-EMYP      Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EMYP      DVS
D-EMYQ      Klemm L26 a II          D-EMYQ      DVL
D-EMYR      BFW M.23 b        D-EMYR      Paul Wehrmann/Barntrup

D-EMYT     Heinkel He72 C    64    D-EMYT      DLV >NSFK
D-EMYU     Heinkel He72 D          D-EMYU      NSFK
D-EMYV     Klemm L25         D-EMYV
D-EMYZ     Albatros L101           D-EMYZ
D-EMZO     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EMZO
D-EMZY     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EMZY      NSFK
D-ENAA     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ENAA      DVL              Captured
by American 324th FG at Stuttgart Echterdingen
D-ENAC     Meindl/vanNes A VIIc          D-ENAC      NSFK Sturm des Arado-
Werkes Brandenburg?
D-ENAE     Klemm L25 b 277   D-ENAE
D-ENAH     Bucker Bu131 A          D-ENAH      NSFK 00.02.38
D-ENAH     Klemm L25 d VII R 734   D-ENAH      DLV >NSFK
D-ENAL     Erla 5A     14    D-YBIT D-ENAL HB-SEX
D-ENAN     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENAN
D-ENAQ     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENAQ
D-ENAR     Klemm L25 c VII R       D-ENAR
D-ENAS     Klemm L25 VII R         D-ENAS      DLV >NSFK
D-ENAU     Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ENAU      DVL
D-ENAV     Heinkel He72 D    826   D-ENAV      Fliegerschule Detmold

D-ENAX     Raab Katzenstein Kl Ic 21    D-1169 D-ENAX    Peschke
Flugzeuwerke Statten/Munchen >Wurttemberg Luftfahrtverband
>W.Schwarz/Cottbus >M.Behland/Hannover
D-ENAY     Focke Wulf Fw44J CVV II 663 D-ENAY D-EGAM       CVV
D-ENAZ     Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ENAZ
D-ENBA     Bucker Bu131 A          D-ENBA            00.04.37
D-ENBC     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ENBC
D-ENBF     Bücker Bü131            WL-ENBF
D-ENBH     Klemm KL35B 4001 ?      D-ENBH WL-ENBH
D-ENBI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENBI
D-ENBO     Udet U-12         D-ENBO
D-ENBS     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENBS
D-ENBU     Bucker Bu131 A          D-ENBU      DVL   00.07.37
D-ENBY     Bücker Bü131            WL-ENBY
D-ENCA     Bucker Bu131            D-ENCA
D-ENCH     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENCH
D-ENCK     Bücker Bü131            WL-ENCK
D-ENCR     Hopfner HS 9/35         D-ENCR
D-ENCX     Bücker Bü131            WL-ENCX
D-ENDI     Bucker Bu131            D-ENDI
D-ENDK     Praga E-39        D-ENDK
D-ENDS     Klemm KL35        WL-ENDS
D-ENDW     Caproni Ca.100          D-ENDW
D-ENDY     Bucker Bu131            D-ENDY
D-ENEE     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ENEE
D-ENEF     Focke-Wulf Fw44 B 157   D-2614 D-ENEF     DVS
D-ENEI                 D-ENEI
D-ENEI     Bücker Bü131B           WL-ENEI
D-ENEL     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ENEL      DLV >NSFK
D-ENEN     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-ENEN
D-ENEP     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-ENEP
D-ENEQ     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ENEQ
D-ENER     Klemm L26 a V     356   D-2184 D-ENER     DVL >DLV
D-ENES     Klemm KL32        D-ENES
D-ENET     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ENET      DLV >NSFK
D-ENEU     Heinkel He72            D-ENEU
D-ENEV     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENEV
D-ENEX     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ENEX      NSFK
D-ENEZ     Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ENEZ      Hans Bergmann
D-ENFL     Lippisch DFS39          D-ENFL                        Delta Ivc
D-ENFO     Bucker Bu131 A          D-ENFO      NSFK 00.07.37
D-ENFR     Klemm KL35        WL-ENFR
D-ENFT     Bücker Bü131            WL-ENFT
D-ENFU     Klemm KL35 A            D-ENFU      DVL
D-ENGA     Adler Gerner G II c           D-ENGA
D-ENGO     Focke-Wulf Fw44 M       D-ENGO
D-ENGU     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENGU      FFS B Halberstadt

D-ENHE     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ENHE      F.Scheuthle/Goppingen

D-ENHI     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ENHI      DVL
D-ENHO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENHO
D-ENHU     Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-ENHU      Dornier
D-ENHW     Bücker Bü131            WL-ENHW
D-ENIA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-ENIA
D-ENIF      Klemm KL32 b XIV          D-ENIF     Elli Beinhorn/Tempelhof

D-ENIH     Klemm L25 d VII R          D-ENIH     NSFK
D-ENIK     Fieseler Fi5R              D-ENIK
D-ENIM     Junkers A50 ci    3572     D-1999 D-ENIM     E.Bohm &
F.Haack/Cottbus >DLV
D-ENIN     Junkers A50 ce    3510     D-1789 D-ENIN    DLH
D-ENIP     Klemm L25 d VII R          D-ENIP     Georg Resch/Oberwiesenfeld

D-ENIQ      Focke-Wulf Fw44 C       D-ENIQ
D-ENIS      Albatros L101     10180 D-1895 D-ENIS
      Europa-Rundflug number B5
D-ENIT      Heinkel He72 D          D-ENIT     DLV              [He72 B?]
D-ENIX      Heinkel He72            D-ENIX
D-ENIZ      Klemm L26 386     D-2176 D-ENIZ
D-ENJA      Junkers A50 ci    3573 D-2108 D-ENJA     DLH
D-ENJE      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ENJE
D-ENJO      Heinkel He72            D-ENJO
D-ENJS      Klemm KL35        D-ENJS
D-ENKA      Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-ENKA     Dr.W.Siebel/Schkeuditz

D-ENKU      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ENKU
D-ENKU      Klemm L25        D-ENKU
D-ENLA      Bucker Bu131 A         D-ENLA      Bucker     00.02.36
      Bucker built
D-ENLO      Klemm L26        D-ENLO
D-ENME      Heinkel He72           D-ENME
D-ENMK      Klemm KL35 B           D-ENMK
D-ENMO      Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30       D-ENMO
D-ENMU      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ENMU
D-ENNO      Heinkel He72 D         D-ENNO      Hansa Luftbild

D-ENNY      Klemm KL35        D-ENNY
D-ENOA      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ENOA       Deutsche Reich

D-ENOE      Bucker Bu131              D-ENOE
D-ENOF      Klemm KL107B        102   D-ENOF                       Destroyed
D-ENOF      Klemm L25 e VII R         D-ENOF     Leichtflugzeubau Klemm >DVL

D-ENOH      Heinkel He72 C          D-ENOH      DVS
D-ENOK      Junkers A50 ci    3547 D-2647 D-ENOK      DLV
      participated in Deutschlandflug 1934
D-ENON      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ENON
D-ENOO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ENOO
D-ENOP      Klemm L25 e VII c       D-ENOP      NSFK
D-ENOQ      Klemm L25 e VIIR        D-ENOQ      NSFK
D-ENOR      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-ENOR
D-ENOS      Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-ENOS      Focke-Wulf
      [also D]
D-ENOT      Klemm L25         D-ENOT
D-ENOV      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ENOV      DLV >NSFK
D-ENOY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 1170 D-ENOY? R-321 LV-NDA
D-ENOZ       Klemm L25 d VII R          D-ENOZ
D-ENPE       Heinkel He72               D-ENPE
D-ENPR       Siebel Si202 B             D-ENPR
D-ENPY       Heinkel He72               D-ENPY
D-ENQE       Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ENQE
D-ENQI       Heinkel He72               D-ENQI     LLK Berlin-Gatow

D-ENQR       Klemm KL107 V-3 1657       D-ENQR
D-ENSA       Bucker Bu131 A             D-ENSA     DVL   00.09.38
D-ENSO       Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ENSO
D-ENTA       Klemm KL32 b XIV           D-ENTA
D-ENTE       Fieseler Fi156 C-3         110062     D-EXWU D-ENTE

D-ENTT       Heinkel He72 D            D-ENTT      DLV >NSFK
D-ENTY       Bucker Bu131              D-ENTY
D-ENUC       Gotha Go150 A             D-ENUC
D-ENUF       Junkers A50 ci      3540 D-1863 D-ENUF      Junkers >Kleist &
Co/Leipzig   >DLV                participated in Deutschlandflug 1930
D-ENUH       Klemm L25           D-ENUH
D-ENUK       Klemm L25 d VIIR          D-ENUK      NSFK
D-ENUL       Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-ENUL
D-ENUM       BFW M.27 b          D-ENUM      DLV >NSFK
D-ENUN       Heinkel He72 C            D-ENUN      DLV >NSFK
D-ENUR       Klemm L25 d VIIR          D-ENUR      NSFK
D-ENUT       Heinkel He72 D            D-ENUT      DLV >NSFK
D-ENUX       Klemm L25 c         D-ENUX      Fliegerortsgr. in Koln des DLV
D-ENUZ       Heinkel He72 C      617    D-ENUZ
D-ENVQ       Bucker Bu180 A      2124   D-ENVQ OK-SHA OK-SHO           00.12.38

D-ENXE     Focke Wulf Fw44              D-ENXE
D-ENXI     Focke-Wulf Fw44              D-ENXI
D-ENXR     Bucker Bu131 D-2             D-ENXR     NSFK 00.12.38
D-ENXU     Klemm L25 d VII R            D-ENXU     DLV >NSFK
D-ENXY     Heinkel He72 D               D-ENXY     DVL
D-ENYF     Klemm L25 d VII R            D-ENYF     NSFK
D-ENYH     Klemm L25 c VII R            D-ENYH     Klemm
D-ENYK     Focke-Wulf Fw44 C            D-ENYK
D-ENYP     Klemm L25 c VII R            D-ENYP                         1935
D-ENYQ     Klemm L25 e VII R            D-ENYQ     DLV >NSFK
D-ENYR     Heinkel He72 C               D-ENYR     DLV >NSFK
D-ENYT     Fieseler Fi5 R               D-ENYT
D-ENYV     Klemm L25 c VII R            D-ENYV
D-ENZI     Focke-Wulf Fw44              D-ENZI     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ENZO     Heinkel He72            D-ENZO
D-ENZR     Klemm KL35B       WL-ENZR
D-EOAH     Heinkel He72            D-EOAH                              1935
Deutschlandflug 'F3'
D-EOAN     Messerschmitt M35       D-EOAN                              1935
Zugspitzflug (Rudolf Hess)
D-EOBA     Heinkel He72            D-EOBA
D-EOBI     Heinkel He72            D-EOBI
D-EOBR   Gotha Go150 A           D-EOBR
D-EOBY   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EOBY
D-EOCR   Hopfner HS 9            OE-OCR D-EOCR
D-EODC   Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EODC
D-EODG   Klemm KL35        D-EODG WL-EODG
D-EODK   Klemm KL35        WL-EODK
D-EOEI   Bucker Bu131 A          D-EOEI     Bucker       00.05.36

D-EOEP   Heinkel He72            D-EOEP
D-EOFG   Klemm KL35 B            D-EOFG
D-EOFO   Klemm KL35        WL-EOFO
D-EOFY   Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EOFY      NSFK
D-EOGA   BFW M.23 bI       D-EOGA      DLV >NSFK
D-EOGE   Bucker Bu131 A    136   D-EOGE                        Crashed
D-EOGO   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOGO
D-EOGR   Lampich NLXXI          OE-OGR D-EOGR
D-EOGW   Klemm KL35 B           D-EOGW
D-EOHA   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOHA
D-EOHD   Focke-Wulf Fw44 D      D-EOHD
D-EOHU   Bucker Bu131           D-EOHU
D-EOIQ   Adler Gerner G II Rb         D-EOIQ
D-EOJE   Heinkel He72           D-EOJE
D-EOJK   Klemm L25 d AB-1 D-EOJK
D-EOKA   Heinkel He72           WL-EOKA
D-EOKO   Heinkel He72           D-EOKO
D-EOKT   Bucker Bu133 C         D-EOKT      DVL   00.07.38
D-EOLE   Adler Gerner G II R          D-EOLE
D-EONA   DH.60 Moth 1031 D-1644 D-EONA G-AEDZ     H.Praesent/Hamburg
               Sold UK 3.36
D-EONE   Heinkel He72           D-EONE
D-EOOK   Heinkel He72           D-EOOK      LLK Berlin-Gatow

D-EOPI   Klemm L25 c VIIR       D-EOPI      NSFK
D-EOPO   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOPO
D-EOPU   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOPU
D-EOPY   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOPY
D-EORC   Bucker Bu131 D-2       D-EORC      NSFK    00.12.38
D-EORQ   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EORQ
D-EORY   Bucker Bu133 C         D-EORY      DVL     00.07.37
D-EOSU   Focke Wulf Fw44J       WL-EOSU
D-EOUA   Bucker Bu131 D         D-EOUA      DVL     00.12.38
D-EOVA   Henschel Hs121 V-2           D-EOVA
D-EOVE   Bucker Bu131 A         D-EOVE              00.03.39
D-EOVU   Heinkel He72 D         D-EOVU      DVL
D-EOWE   Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EOWE
D-EOXA   Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EOXA
D-EOXI   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOXI
D-EOXK   Bucker Bu133 C         D-EOXK      NSFK    00.04.38
D-EOXY   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EOXY
D-EOYC   Bucker Bu133 D-1       D-EOYC              00.07.39
D-EOYG   Siebel Si202           D-EOYG
D-EOZO   Focke-Wulf Fw44 J      D-EOZO      DVL
D-EPAE   Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EPAE
D-EPAF      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EPAF      Fliegerlandesgr. VIII Baden
DLV/Neuostheim >NSFK
D-EPAG      PAN 1       D-EPAG
D-EPAI      Heinkel He72            D-EPAI
D-EPAK      Klemm L25 c VII         D-EPAK      DLV >NSFK
D-EPAN      Civilian Coupe O.2      5     G-ABPW D-.... D-EPAN
      E.Panzer/Hangelar 00.00.54
D-EPAO      Klemm KL35 A            D-EPAO      NSFK
D-EPAP      Heinkel He72 D    796   D-EPAP      DLV >NSFK
D-EPAQ      Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EPAQ      NSFK
D-EPAR      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EPAR      NSFK
D-EPAT      Klemm L25 d VII         D-EPAT      NSFK
D-EPAU      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EPAU      NSFK 00.01.39
D-EPAV      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPAV      DVL
D-EPAW      Klemm KL35        D-EPAW
D-EPAZ      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPAZ
D-EPBA      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EPBA      DVL
D-EPBE      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EPBE      Deutsche Reich >DVL

D-EPBK      Arado Ar79         D-EPBK
D-EPBO      Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EPBO      NSFK               [changes
to He72D in BV39]
D-EPBP      Gotha Go150 A            D-EPBP
D-EPCD      Klemm KL35         WL-EPCD
D-EPCS      Bucker Bu180 V-2   A     2102 D-EPCS               00.04.38
      Bucker built
D-EPDF      Klemm KL35 B W     1138   D-EPDF TI+HK      E-stelle Travemunde

D-EPDI     Heinkel He72               D-EPDI
D-EPDK     DH.60G III Moth Major            D-EPDK      NFSK
D-EPDL     Heinkel He72 C             D-EPDL
D-EPDO     Bucker Bu131 A   122       D-EPDO                        Crashed
D-EPEF     Klemm VL26 c               D-EPEF
D-EPEH     Klemm L25 a I       333    D-2116 D-EPEH PH-ARH

D-EPEJ      Klemm KL35 B            D-EPEJ
D-EPEK      DH.60 Moth        D-EPEK
D-EPEM      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EPEM    NSFK
D-EPEN      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPEN
D-EPEO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPEO
D-EPEQ      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPEQ    DLV >NSFK
D-EPET      Klemm L25 VII R         D-EPET    DLV >NSFK
D-EPEU      Klemm KL32 b            D-EPEU
D-EPEV      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPEV    DLV >NSFK
D-EPEY      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EPEY
D-EPFC      Klemm KL35 B      1725 D-EPFC SE-AIX
D-EPFE      Heinkel He72            WL-EPFE
D-EPFG      Caproni Ca.100          D-EPFG
D-EPFM      Klemm KL107 v4    1658 D-EPFM
D-EPFU      Klemm KL32 b mit Spreizklappen          D-EPFU
D-EPGA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPGA
D-EPGI      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPGI
D-EPGP      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EPGP      NSFK Rangsdorf (RfM)
D-EPGP      Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-EPGP            00.07.37
D-EPGS      Bücker Bü131            WL-EPGS
D-EPGU      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EPGU      Willi Rosenski/Stuttgart
D-EPGY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-EPGY
D-EPHO      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPHO
D-EPHQ      Caproni Ca.100          D-EPHQ
D-EPHU      Klemm L25 c VII 524     D-2564 D-EPHU     DLV/Berlin
D-EPIC      Klemm L25         D-EPIC
D-EPIL      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EPIL      DLV >NSFK
D-EPIP      Klemm L25 d VII R 628   D-2607 D-EPIP     DLV/Berlin >NSFK
D-EPIQ      Klemm L25 c VII         D-EPIQ      DLV
D-EPIR      Heinkel He72            D-EPIR
D-EPIS      Klemm L25         D-EPIS
D-EPIU      Klemm KL35 B            D-EPIU      Klemm
D-EPIV      Klemm VL26 a V    365   D-2171 D-EPIV     DLV/Berlin
D-EPIZ      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPIZ
D-EPJE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPJE
D-EPJI      Bucker Bu131 A-2        D-EPJI            00.00.34
D-EPJY      Heinkel He72            D-EPJY
D-EPKI      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPKI
D-EPKL      Klemm KL35 B            D-EPKL      Adolf Vogel/Hersbruck
D-EPKO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPKO
D-EPKU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPKU
D-EPKX      Siebel Si202            D-EPKX
D-EPLA      Bucker Bu131            D-EPLA
D-EPLE      Klemm L25 e VIIR        D-EPLE      NSFK
D-EPLG      Klemm L25         D-EPLG
D-EPLI      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EPLI            00.03.39
D-EPLO      Klemm KL35 A            D-EPLO      DVL
D-EPLU      Bucker Bu131 D-1        D-EPLU      NSFK 00.02.39
D-EPMD      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPMD
D-EPMI      Klemm KL35 A            D-EPMI      DVL >Deutsche Reich
D-EPMU      Bucker Bu131            D-EPMU
D-EPMY      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EPMY      FFS (See) Putnitz> 1./KG
257> KG 26
D-EPNI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPNI
D-EPNR      Bücker Bü131            WL-EPNR
D-EPNU      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPNU
D-EPNY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPNY      FFS B Halberstadt
D-EPOA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPOA
D-EPOG      Klemm KL35 B            D-EPOG
D-EPOK      Klemm L26 a V     266   D-2050 D-EPOK     Flugverein
D-EPOL      Heinkel He72 C          D-EPOL      DLV
D-EPOL      Raab Katzenstein Kl Ic        D-EPOL
D-EPOM      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPOM
D-EPON      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EPON      NSFK
D-EPOO      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EPOO      DLV Bielefeld (RfM)
D-EPOR      Klemm L25 d VII R 591   D-EPOR      DLV >NSFK
D-EPOS     Klemm L25 b VII f 315   D-2121 D-EPOS     W.Hirth/Grunau

D-EPOT      Klemm L25 d VII         D-EPOT      NSFK
D-EPOY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPOY
D-EPOZ      Albatros L101 D 212     D-2723 D-EPOZ     DVS   00.10.33
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EPPE      Heinkel He72            D-EPPE
D-EPQA      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EPQA      DVL
D-EPQE      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPQE      DVL
D-EPQG      Klemm KL106 V-4         D-EPQG
D-EPQL      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EPQL            00.00.34
D-EPQU      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EPQU      NSFK
D-EPQW      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EPQW      NSFK 00.06.37
D-EPRD      Gotha Go150 A           D-EPRD
D-EPRI      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EPRI      NSFK
D-EPSI      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EPSI      DVL >Deutsche Reich
D-EPSR      Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EPSR
D-EPST      Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-EPST            00.07.37
D-EPSU      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EPSU            00.03.39
D-EPSY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPSY
D-EPTD      Klemm KL35        D-EPTD
D-EPTI      Bucker Bu131            D-EPTI
D-EPTU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPTU
D-EPTY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EPTY      NSFK
D-EPUA      Bucker Bu131            D-EPUA
D-EPUE      Klemm L25         WL-EPUE
D-EPUF      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EPUF      NSFK
D-EPUH      Klemm L25         D-EPUH
D-EPUK      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPUK
D-EPUL      Junkers A50 ci    3551 D-2642 D-EPUL      Luftschiffhafen Gotha
>DLV-Ortsgr. Gotha
D-EPUO      Bucker Bu131            D-EPUO
D-EPUP      Heinkel He72 D          D-EPUP WL-EPUP
D-EPUQ      Heinkel He72            D-EPUQ      DLV >NSFK
D-EPUR      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPUR
D-EPUT      Klemm L25 d VII R 472   D-EPUT      DLV >NSFK
D-EPUV      Klemm L25 d VII R 730   D-3314 D-EPUV     DLV/Berlin >NSFK
D-EPUX      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EPUX      DLV >NSFK
D-EPUX      Siebel Si202            D-EPUX
D-EPUZ      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EPUZ      NSFK
D-EPVA      Heinkel He72            WL-EPVA
D-EPVO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EPVO
D-EPVU      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPVU
D-EPWD      Fieseler Fi99           D-EPWD
D-EPYE      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPYE
D-EPYF      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPYF      FFS B Halberstadt
D-EPYK      DH.80A Puss Moth 2227 D-2235 D-EPYK
D-EPYL      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 339   D-3163 D-EPYL     DVS
D-EPYL      Klemm L25         D-EPYL
D-EPYM      Klemm L25         D-EPYM
D-EPYN      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EPYN      Adam Opel/Russelsheim

D-EPYQ     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EPYQ
D-EPYR     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EPYR      DLV >NSFK
D-EPYS     Fieseler Fi5 R         D-EPYS      DLV >NSFK
D-EPYS     Klemm L25        D-EPYS
D-EPYT     Arado Ar69 B           D-EPYT
D-EPYV     Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-EPYV      NSFK
D-EPYX     Klemm KL32 a XIV       D-EPYX      Friedrich Grosse/Heller

D-EPYY     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-EPYY                         [WL-EPYY
reported as He72]
D-EPZA     Focke Wulf Fw44           D-EPZA
D-EPZE     Bucker Bu131              D-EPZE                         [WL-EPZE
reported as Fw44]
D-EPZR     Bucker Bu131 B            D-EPZR     Wolf Hirth built 00.06.37

D-EPZU     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EPZU
D-EQAF     Heinkel He72 D          D-EQAF      DLV >NSFK
D-EQAH     BFW M.35          D-EQAH
D-EQAK     Fieseler Fi5 R    226   D-2926 D-EQAK     DLV
D-EQAL     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EQAL      DLV >NSFK
D-EQAN     BFW M35 b 646     D-EQAN      Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG

D-EQAO     Gotha Go150 A             D-EQAO
D-EQAP     Heinkel He72 D            D-EQAP      DLV
D-EQAR     Klemm L25 d VII R         D-EQAR      DLV >NSFK
D-EQAS     Focke-Wulf AL101 D        234   D-EQAS      DVS
D-EQAV     Klemm L26 a V             D-EQAV      NSFK
D-EQAX     Klemm L25 b VI            D-EQAX      Stadtgemeinde Bad
Frankenhausen                [also   Fw44 c/n 1899]
D-EQBI     Heinkel He72 D            D-EQBI      NSFK              [WL-EQBI
reported as Bu131]
D-EQBU     Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-EQBU     FFS B Halberstadt

D-EQBY     Bucker Bu131              D-EQBY
D-EQDA     Bucker Bu133              D-EQDA
D-EQDE     Klemm KL32 b              D-EQDE
D-EQDR     Klemm KL35 B              D-EQDR
D-EQDY     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 264     D-2916 D-EQDY    DLV-Ortsgr. Bremen

D-EQEF      Klemm L25 d       D-EQEF
D-EQEM      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQEM
D-EQEN      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQEN
D-EQEO      Bucker Bu131            D-EQEO
D-EQES      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EQES      Adlerwerke >Thilo
D-EQEZ      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EQEZ
D-EQFA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQFA
D-EQFE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQFE      FFS B Halberstadt
D-EQFG      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EQFG      NSFK 00.04.38
D-EQFK      Caproni Ca.100          D-EQFK
D-EQFU      Klemm KL35 A            D-EQFU      DVL
D-EQGA      Bucker Bu131 A    25    D-EQGA      DLV Bielefeld (RfM)
D-EQGE      Heinkel He72 D          D-EQGE      DVL >Deutsche Reich
D-EQGI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQGI
D-EQHE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQHE
D-EQHI     Bucker Bu131               D-EQHI
D-EQHS     Bucker Bu131               D-EQHS
D-EQID     Bucker Bu133 D-1           D-EQID           00.07.39
D-EQIF     Heinkel He72 C             D-EQIF     DVL
D-EQIH     Klemm L25 e VII R          D-EQIH     DLV >NSFK
D-EQIK     Fieseler Fi5 R             D-EQIK     Hans Hang/Tempelhof

D-EQIM      Heinkel He72           D-EQIM
D-EQIN      Akaflieg Darmstadt D22 v2    22   D-2222 D-EQIN    Akaflieg
D-EQIP      Klemm L25 VII R        D-EQIP     DLV >NSFK Herzogenaurach
      00.00.37         [WL-EQIP reported as Fw44]
D-EQIS      Albatros L101 D 282    D-3126 D-EQIS    DVS  00.02.34
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EQIT      Heinkel He72           D-EQIT     DLV Landesgruppe IX

D-EQIV     Focke-Wulf   AL101 D             D-EQIV      NSFK
D-EQJY     Focke-Wulf   Fw44 F        D-EQJY      DLV >NSFK
D-EQKD     Focke Wulf   Fw44          WL-EQKD
D-EQKE     Focke-Wulf   Fw44 J        D-EQKE      NSFK
D-EQKV     Klemm KL35   A             D-EQKV      Dr.Schnabel/Tempelhof

D-EQLD      Bucker Bu180 B            D-EQLD            00.05.38
      Bucker built
D-EQML      Klemm KL35          D-EQML
D-EQMR      Klemm KL106 V-6           D-EQMR
D-EQOA      Bucker Bu133 C      53    D-EQOA     Korpsfuhrer NSFK

D-EQOF     Heinkel He72               WL-EQOF
D-EQOH     Bucker Bu133 C             D-EQOH      NSFK 00.05.37
D-EQOH     Focke-Wulf AL101 D         210   D-2721 D-EQOH

D-EQOI     Bucker Bu131 B-3           D-EQOI     NSFK 00.02.39
D-EQOL     Heinkel He72 D             D-EQOL     DLV FFS B Halberstadt >NSFK

D-EQON     Klemm L25 d VIIR           D-EQON     NSFK
D-EQOO     Bucker Bu131 A   132       D-EQOO                         Crashed
D-EQOP     Fieseler Fi5 R       222   D-2922 D-EQOP     DLV/Berlin

D-EQOQ      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J         D-EQOQ     NSFK   00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-EQOQ      Klemm KL32 b              D-EQOQ
D-EQOR      Focke-Wulf Fw44           D-EQOR
D-EQOS      Heinkel He72 D            D-EQOS     Oskar R.Henschel/Tempelhof

D-EQOT     Dietrich DS I           D-EQOT        DLV >NSFK
D-EQOX     DH.60 Moth        D-EQOX
D-EQOY     Klemm KL35        D-EQOY
D-EQPA     Bucker Bu134 V-1        D-EQPA               00.00.36
D-EQPI     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EQPI        DVL    00.05.37
D-EQPO     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EQPO
D-EQRA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EQRA        NSFK
D-EQRD     Caproni Ca.100          D-EQRD
D-EQRK      Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-EQRK           00.07.39
D-EQSH      Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EQSH     NSFK 00.12.38
D-EQUA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQUA
D-EQUN      Klemm L25 d VII R 661   D-2842 D-EQUN    DLV/Berlin
D-EQUO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EQUO     NSFK
D-EQUQ      Klemm L25         D-EQUQ
D-EQUR      Klemm L25 b VII         D-EQUR     NSFK
D-EQUS      Klemm L25 d VII R 741   D-EQUS     DVS
D-EQUV      Raab Katzenstein RK IIb > c 59     D-1193 D-EQUV
      Sudwestdeutsche LV >Akaflieg/Frankfurt >Luftsportverein
D-EQUX      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EQUX
D-EQVA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 C       D-EQVA
D-EQVG      Klemm KL35        WL-EQVG
D-EQVH      Bücker Bü131            WL-EQVH
D-EQXY      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EQXY     NSFK
D-EQYA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EQYA
D-EQYK      Klemm L25 d       D-EQYK
D-EQYL      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EQYL     NSFK
D-EQYM      Albatros AL101          D-EQYM                      Focke-Wulf
D-EQYN      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQYN
D-EQYR      Heinkel He72 D          D-EQYR     DVL
D-EQYT      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EQYT
D-EQYX      Heinkel He72 D    556   D-3224 D-EQYX    DLV/Berlin

D-EQYZ     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EQYZ
D-EQZE     Bucker Bu131            D-EQZE
D-ERAA     Bucker Bu131            D-ERAA
D-ERAF     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ERAF
D-ERAK     Klemm L25 d VII R 736   D-ERAK     DLV
D-ERAL     Klemm L26 c II    711   D-3074 D-ERAL    F.Florian/Dusseldorf

D-ERAM      Klemm VL26 c V    391   D-2347 D-ERAM    Radio H.Mende &
D-ERAP      Heinkel He72 C          D-ERAP     DVS
D-ERAQ      Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-ERAQ     DLV >NSFK
D-ERAS      Heinkel He72            D-ERAS
D-ERAU      Bucker Bu131            D-ERAU
D-ERAY      Heinkel He72            D-ERAY     FFS B Halberstadt
D-ERBD      Gotha Go150 A           D-ERBD
D-ERBF      Klemm KL35        WL-ERBF
D-ERBH      Bucker Bu131 D          D-ERBH     NSFK 00.03.39
D-ERBK      Klemm KL35 B      1731 D-ERBK SE-AIW
D-ERBO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ERBO
D-ERBS      Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-ERBS           00.07.39
D-ERBU      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ERBU     DLV >NSFK 00.02.37
D-ERBV      Bucker Bu181 V-1 01     D-ERBV     E-stelle Rechlin prototype
D-ERCD      Klemm KL35 B            D-ERCD     NSFK
D-ERCQ      Gotha Go150 V-1         D-ERCQ
D-ERCX      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-ERCX     NSFK
D-ERDB      Lampich NLXXI           OE-RDB D-ERDB
D-ERDG      Bucker Bu182 C          D-ERDG
D-EREF       Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EREF
D-EREH       Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EREH     DLV >NSFK
D-EREK       Klemm L26 a II          D-EREK     DLV >NSFK
D-EREM       Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EREM     DLV >NSFK
D-EREP       Albatros AL101    195   D-EREP
D-EREQ       Klemm KL32 a XIV 511    D-2571 D-EREQ    H.Hackbusch/Berlin
D-ERES       Arado Ar69       D-ERES
D-ERET       Klemm L25        D-ERET
D-EREX       Dietrich DS I          D-EREX      DLV
D-EREY       Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EREY      Arthur v.Mumm/Eggstatt

D-EREZ       Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EREZ
D-ERFD       Zlin ZlinXII            WL-ERFD
D-ERFG       Klemm KL35 B      1732 D-ERFG SE-AIY
D-ERFH       Klemm KL35 B            D-ERFH
D-ERFN       Bucker Bu131            D-ERFN
D-ERFT       Klemm KL35        D-ERFT
D-ERFY       Klemm KL35 A            D-ERFY    DVL
D-ERGC       Klemm KL35        D-ERGC
D-ERGS       Heinkel He72            WL-ERGS
D-ERHA       Bucker Bu131 A    140   D-ERHA                        Crashed
D-ERHN       Siebel Si202 V-12 B          D-ERHN                          [D-
D-ERHS       Klemm KL105 V2    1656 D-ERHS
D-ERHW       Zlin ZlinXII            D-ERHW
D-ERIE       Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ERIE
D-ERIL       Klemm L25         D-ERIL
D-ERIQ       Klemm L25 c VII R       D-ERIQ
D-ERIR       Heinkel He72            D-ERIR
D-ERIS       Rheinland Schwalbe FR 2            D-ERIS

D-ERIT      Klemm L25 VII R         D-ERIT      DLV >NSFK
D-ERIV      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ERIV      Ernst Fastenrath
D-ERIX      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ERIX      NSFK
D-ERJA      Bucker Bu131            D-ERJA                         Also
reported as Klemm L25
D-ERJE      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ERJE
D-ERJI      Heinkel He72            D-ERJI
D-ERJQ      Bucker Bu131 D          D-ERJQ      DVL    00.05.38
D-ERJW      BFW M23           D-ERJW
D-ERKE      Heinkel He72            WL-ERKE
D-ERKS      Klemm KL107 V-2         D-ERKS
D-ERKY      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ERKY      NSFK   00.05.37
D-ERLC      Caproni Ca.100          D-ERLC
D-ERLQ      Klemm KL35 B W    1138 D-ERLQ
D-ERMO      Heinkel He72            D-ERMO
D-ERMQ      Bucker Bu131 D          D-ERMQ             00.05.38
      Bucker built
D-ERMS      Klemm KL35 B            D-ERMS
D-ERNA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ERNA
D-ERND      Bucker Bu131            D-ERND
D-ERNE     Heinkel He72                  D-ERNE
D-ERNF     Bucker Bu131 D-2              D-ERNF     NSFK   00.12.38
D-ERNI     Klemm L25 c XI   416          D-2397 D-ERNI     Klemm/Boblingen

D-ERNN     Bucker Bu131 D-1        D-ERNN            00.07.39
D-ERNO     Bucker Bu131            D-ERNO                       [or ERND?]
D-ERNQ     Fieseler Fi253 V-3            D-ERNQ
D-ERNR     Arado Ar79        D-ERNR
D-ERNU     Klemm KL32        D-ERNU
D-ERNW     Bucker Bu133 D-1        D-ERNW
D-ERNY     Klemm KL32 XIV    403   D-2310 D-ERNY     Aero Club von
Deutschland >DVS
D-EROE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EROE
D-EROF     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EROF      NSFK
D-EROH     Klemm L25 d II          D-EROH      Karl Rochling/Aachen

D-EROI      Bucker Bu131 A             D-EROI      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EROM      Heinkel He72 D             D-EROM      DVS
D-ERON      Focke Wulf Fw44            D-ERON WL-ERON
D-EROQ      Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-EROQ
D-EROT      Heinkel He72 C             D-EROT      DVS
D-EROU      Bucker Bu131               D-EROU
D-EROX      Klemm L25 d VII    R 740   D-EROX      DLV >NSFK
D-EROZ      Heinkel He72               D-EROZ
D-ERPQ      Udet U-12 S 24       DNr.447 OE-TUA D-ERPQ NSFK Gruppe 17
      00.00.38          Graz   built
D-ERQA      Klemm KL35 V-2       960   D-ERQA
D-ERQE      Heinkel He72               D-ERQE
D-ERQS      Klemm KL106 V-8            D-ERQS
D-ERRA      Focke Wulf Fw44            WL-ERRA
D-ERRE      Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ERRE
D-ERRY      Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ERRY
D-ERSA      Focke-Wulf Fw44    D       D-ERSA      NSFK
D-ERSI      Klemm KL35           D-ERSI      Helmuth Taxis/Boblingen
D-ERSU      Klemm KL35 A               D-ERSU      DVL
D-ERTA      Bucker Bu131               D-ERTA
D-ERTC      Caproni Ca.100             D-ERTC
D-ERTI      Heinkel He72               WL-ERTI
D-ERTO      Bucker Bu131 A             D-ERTO      DVL   00.01.36
D-ERUE      Focke Wulf Fw44            WL-ERUE
D-ERUF      Heinkel He72 D             D-ERUF      DLV >NSFK
D-ERUK      Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ERUK
D-ERUN      Heinkel He72 D             D-ERUN      DLV >NSFK
D-ERUO      Focke-Wulf Fw44    J       D-ERUO      Deutsche Reich
D-ERUP      Heinkel He72 C             D-ERUP      DVS
D-ERUQ      Klemm L25 d VII      554   D-2732 D-ERUQ     DLV/Berlin
D-ERUR      Klemm L25 d II             D-ERUR      Roman Schneider/Passua
D-ERUS      Klemm L25 e VII    R         D-ERUS     DLV >NSFK
D-ERUV      Heinkel He72 D               D-ERUV
D-ERUX      Klemm VL26 c V               D-ERUX     NSFK
D-ERUY      Focke Wulf Fw44              WL-ERUY
D-ERUZ      Albatros L101 D        207   D-2718 D-ERUZ    DVS   00.10.33
      Focke-Wulf built
D-ERVA     Bucker Bu131           D-ERVA     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-ERVB     Bucker Bu181            D-ERVB
D-ERVU     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ERVU
D-ERXU     Heinkel He72            D-ERXU
D-ERYE     Heinkel He72 D          D-ERYE     DVL
D-ERYF     Heinkel He72 D          D-ERYF     DLV   >NSFK
D-ERYH     Klemm L25 e VII         D-ERYH
D-ERYK     Heinkel He72 C    567   D-ERYK     DVS
D-ERYL     Klemm L25 c VII R       D-ERYL     DVL
D-ERYN     Albatros L101 D 196     D-2654 D-ERYN     DVS >NSFK   00.09.33
           Focke-Wulf built
D-ERYP     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ERYP     DLV   >NSFK
D-ERYQ     Heinkel He72 C          D-ERYQ     DLV   >NSFK
D-ERYR     Klemm L25         D-ERYR
D-ERYS     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ERYS
D-ERYV     Albatros L82 c    10168 D-1932 D-ERYV     Deutsche Luftfahrt
GmbH/DLV Abteilung Reklame   00.07.30
D-ERYZ     Focke-Wulf Fw44 274     D-ERYZ
D-ERYZ     Heinkel He72            D-ERYZ
D-ERZE     Bucker Bu131            D-ERZE
D-ERZG     Bücker Bü133            WL-ERZG
D-ERZV     Gotha Go150       D-ERZV
D-ESAH     Klemm L25 e VII         D-ESAH     DLV   >NSFK
D-ESAI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESAI
D-ESAK     Klemm L25 d VII         D-ESAK
D-ESAL     BFW M.27 b1       D-ESAL      DVL
D-ESAM     Heinkel He72 C    582   D-ESAM     DVS
D-ESAN     Klemm L25 d VII R 737   D-ESAN     DLV   >NSFK
D-ESAQ     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESAQ
D-ESAS     Klemm L25 d VII R 695   D-3069 D-ESAS     DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-ESAT      Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-ESAT    NSFK
D-ESAV      Focke Wulf Fw44        D-ESAV
D-ESBF      Gotha Go150 A          D-ESBF
D-ESBQ      Klemm KL35       D-ESBQ
D-ESBS      Bucker Bu180 A         D-ESBS    NSFK    00.03.39
      Bucker built
D-ESBY      Heinkel He72           WL-ESBY
D-ESCC      Bucker Bu133 C         D-ESCC    NSFK    00.04.38
D-ESCN      Heinkel He72           WL-ESCN
D-ESCS      Klemm KL35 B           D-ESCS
D-ESDE      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ESDE    FFS B Halberstadt

D-ESDG     Klemm KL35 B           D-ESDG     DVL
D-ESDO     Klemm L25 e VII R      D-ESDO     DVL >Deutsche Reich

D-ESDY     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ESDY
D-ESEA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J      D-ESEA      NSFK   00.06.38           [FW
built in BV Bucker elsewhere]
D-ESEE     Blohm und Voss Ha136 B       D-ESEE
D-ESEE     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ESEE
D-ESEF     Heinkel He72 D    573  D-ESEF      DVS
D-ESEI     Heinkel He72           D-ESEI
D-ESEK      Klemm L25 d VII         D-ESEK
D-ESEL      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha136 V2=B 106        D-ESEL
            Used for tests with larger fin
D-ESEN      Focke-Wulf AL101        D-ESEN
D-ESEP      Heinkel He72            D-ESEP
D-ESER      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ESER      NSFK
D-ESES      Focke-Wulf AL101 D      235   D-ESES        DVS
D-ESEV      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-ESEV        NSFK
D-ESEX      Arado S Ia 20     D-ESEX      DLV >NSFK
D-ESEZ      Junkers A50 ci    3562 D-2691 D-ESEZ        DLH
D-ESFE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-ESFE      NSFK    00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-ESFH      Siebel Si202 V-1 A            D-ESFH               26.04.38

D-ESFV     Zlin XII          D-ESFV
D-ESGE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESGE
D-ESGO     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ESGO
D-ESHE     Bucker Bu131 A          D-ESHE        NSFK   00.02.38
D-ESHF     Klemm KL35 B            D-ESHF
D-ESHR     Klemm KL106 V-10        D-ESHR
D-ESHY     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ESHY
D-ESIF     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ESIF        NSFK
D-ESIH     Heinkel He72 C    585   D-ESIH        DVS
D-ESIK     Heinkel He72D           D-ESIK
D-ESIN     Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha136 V1=A      105    D-ESIN

D-ESIO     Klemm L25 a I           D-ESIO        Dr Heinz
D-ESIP     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ESIP        Arthur Heinig/Wiesbaden >Dr
Julius Lieb/Wiesbahn
D-ESIQ     Heinkel He72 D          D-ESIQ        DLV >NSFK
D-ESIR     Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-ESIR
D-ESIT     Heinkel He72 C          D-ESIT
D-ESIX     BFW U-12 b        D-ESIX      DLV
D-ESIZ     Klemm L25 d VII         D-ESIZ        B.Rawe & Co/Nordhorn

D-ESJF      Bucker Bu180 B            D-ESJF            00.07.38
      Bucker built
D-ESJI      Klemm L25 e VII    R       D-ESJI    DVL
D-ESKF      Bucker Bu131 D             D-ESKF    DVL    00.07.38
D-ESKI      Focke-Wulf Fw44    D       D-ESKI
D-ESKL      Klemm KL107 1659     D-ESKL                        [c/n also quoted
as 1070006]
D-ESKO      Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ESKO
D-ESKO      Klemm L25 e VII    R       D-ESKO     DVL
D-ESLA      Klemm KL32 XIV             D-ESLA
D-ESLE      Heinkel He72               D-ESLE
D-ESLI      Bucker Bu131         341   D-ESLI CI+AA
D-ESMO      Bucker Bu131 A       24    D-ESMO           00.00.34
D-ESMY      Klemm KL35 A               D-ESMY     DVL
D-ESNA      Klemm L25 d VII    R       D-ESNA     DVL
D-ESNN      Klemm KL35           WL-ESNN
D-ESNX      Klemm KL35           D-ESNX
D-ESOA      Focke-Wulf Fw44            D-ESOA
D-ESOI     Heinkel He72            D-ESOI
D-ESOK     Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-ESOK      NSFK
D-ESOL     Heinkel He72            D-ESOL      FFS B Halberstadt

D-ESON     Klemm L25 d II          D-ESON      DVL
D-ESOO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESOO
D-ESOP     Heinkel He72 C          D-ESOP      DVS
D-ESOQ     Klemm L25 b I           D-ESOQ      Herbert Schutte/Darmstadt

D-ESOT     Heinkel He72 B-3       D-ESOT
D-ESOV     BFW M.23         D-ESOV      E.Arthur Ammann/Tailfingen

D-ESOX      Klemm L25 d VII R 664   D-ESOX      DLV >NSFK
D-ESPA      Bucker Bu131            D-ESPA
D-ESPB      Hopfner HS 9            OE-SPB D-ESPB
D-ESPE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESPE
D-ESPI      Bucker Bu131 A          D-ESPI      Bucker      00.05.36
      Bucker built
D-ESPL      Gotha Go150       D-ESPL
D-ESPR      Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-ESPR      NSFK 00.12.38
D-ESPR      Klemm KL35 B            D-ESPR
D-ESQI      Focke-Wulf Fw44 C       D-ESQI      FFS B Halberstadt
D-ESQO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESQO
D-ESQU      Bucker Bu131            D-ESQU
D-ESRA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESRA
D-ESRU      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ESRU      DVL
D-ESSD      Gotha Go150 1163 D-ESSD
D-ESSF      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ESSF      NSFK 00.05.38
D-ESSI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESSI
D-ESSK      Gotha Go150       D-ESSK
D-ESSY      Bucker Bu131 B          D-ESSY            00.06.37
D-ESTA      DH.83 Fox Moth          D-ESTA
D-ESTB      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ESTB
D-ESTD      Klemm KL35        WL-ESTD
D-ESTI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESTI
D-ESTT      Heinkel He72 C          D-ESTT      DVS
D-ESTX      Bucker Bu131 D          D-ESTX      NSFK 00.12.38
D-ESUH      DH.60G III Moth Major         D-ESUH      Otto Junker/Aachen

D-ESUI     Focke-Wulf Fw44 I       D-ESUI     NSFK
D-ESUK     Klemm L25 d VII 686     D-2908 D-ESUK    H.Schlerf/Mannheim
>DLV -Fliegerortsgr.VII Baden >NSFK
D-ESUL     Heinkel He72 C    565   D-ESUL     DVS
D-ESUM     Klemm L26 a II          D-ESUM
D-ESUN     BFW M.23 b1       D-ESUN      DVL
D-ESUS     Klemm L25 VII R         D-ESUS     DLV >NSFK
D-ESUT     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-ESUT     Fliegerschule Spitzerberg
D-ESUV     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ESUV     DLV >NSFK
D-ESUX     Klemm L25 e VII R 897   D-ESUX TF-SUX    Aero Club von
Deutschland /Rangsdorf             To Iceland .39 [c/n 847?]
D-ESXE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESXE
D-ESXI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESXI
D-ESXO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ESXO
D-ESXY     Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ESXY      DLV >NSFK   00.02.37

D-ESYA     Klemm KL35 A            D-ESYA      Heinz Kamann/Vahrenwalder
D-ESYE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-ESYE      DLV >NSFK
D-ESYK     Focke-Wulf Fw44 V-3 b   156   D-2613 D-ESYK

D-ESYL      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ESYL
D-ESYN      Heinkel He72 C          D-ESYN      DVS
D-ESYR      BFW M.27 b 614    D-2461 D-ESYR     DLV >DVS
D-ESYS      Raab Katzenstein Kl Ia        D-ESYS
D-ESYT      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha135 103     D-ESYT
      Fliegerubungsstelle Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel (DLV) 00.12.34           Canc
D-ESYZ      Bucker Bu131 A >B-3     16    D-ESYZ            00.00.34
      Cv to B-3 02.39
D-ESZT      Gotha Go150       D-ESZT
D-ETAA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-ETAA      NSFK 00.07.37
D-ETAF      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ETAF
D-ETAH      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ETAH      NSFK
D-ETAI      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ETAI
D-ETAK      Heinkel He72 D          D-ETAK      DVS
D-ETAL      Bucker Bu181 B          D-ETAL
D-ETAN      Arado Ar69 B            D-ETAN      Arado
D-ETAQ      Klemm L25 VII R         D-ETAQ      DLV >DVL
D-ETAR      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-ETAR      DLV >NSFK
D-ETAS      Raab Katzenstein Kl Ic 95     D-1742 D-ETAS     Flugsport/Halle
>Freiin v.Bissing/Frankfurt
D-ETAV      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-ETAV      NSFK
D-ETAX      Heinkel He72            D-ETAX
D-ETAZ      Klemm L25         D-ETAZ
D-ETBU      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ETBU
D-ETCA      Udet U-12 S 22    DNr.445 OE-TIA D-ETCA NSFK Gruppe 17
      00.00.38          Graz built
D-ETCE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ETCE
D-ETDG      Klemm KL35 B            D-ETDG      DVL
D-ETDJ      Bücker Bü131            WL-ETDJ
D-ETDP      Klemm KL35 B            D-ETDP
D-ETDU      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-ETDU      NSFK 00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-ETEA      Heinkel He72            D-ETEA
D-ETEF      Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-ETEF      NSFK
D-ETEK      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha135 104     D-ETEK
      Fliegerubungsstelle Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel (DLV) 00.03.35
D-ETEM      Heinkel He72 D    572   D-ETEM      DVS
D-ETEP      Klemm L25 c VII 515     D-2534 D-ETEP     DLV >NSFK

D-ETEQ     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ETEQ    DLV >NSFK
D-ETER     DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1397 D-1737 D-ETER PH-ASU   Haus
Bergmann/Dresden >C.Schmidt/Berlin 00.09.34        Destroyed 9.30
rebuilt [D-1736 per German records]
D-ETES     Klemm L25 e VII R 829   D-ETES    Klemm
D-ETET     Klemm KL32 XIVa         D-ETET    RLM
D-ETEZ     Klemm L25 c VII   525   D-2565 D-ETEZ     DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-ETFA      Udet U-12 S 26    DNr.449 OE-TCA D-ETFA NSFK Gruppe 17
      00.00.38          Graz built
D-ETFS      Bucker Bu180 B    2110 D-ETFS                       [possibly
D-ETGA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-ETGA
D-ETGP      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ETGP
D-ETGS      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-ETGS
D-ETGY      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ETGY
D-ETHA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-ETHA
D-ETHE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-ETHE     NSFK
D-ETHF      Klemm KL35 B            D-ETHF
D-ETHI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ETHI
D-ETIA      Udet U-12 S 20    DNr.443 OE-TUL D-ETIA NSFK Gruppe 17
      00.00.38          Graz built [WL-ETIA reported as Fw44]
D-ETIH      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-ETIH     Hans Puls/Burgkunstadt
>Reparaturwerkstadt Erfurt
D-ETII      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-ETII     NSFK
D-ETIK      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 338   D-3155 D-ETIK    DVS
D-ETIL      Heinkel He72 C          D-ETIL     DVS
D-ETIM      Klemm L26 c V           D-ETIM     NSFK
D-ETIN      Klemm L25 e VIIR        D-ETIN     Klemm
D-ETIR      Klemm L25 d VII 568     D-2868 D-ETIR    DLV/Berlin

D-ETIS      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-ETIS      Westfalische Landeszeitung
'Rote Erde'
D-ETIT      Klemm L25 d VII R 663   D-ETIT      DLV >NSFK
D-ETIX      Klemm L26 c II          D-ETIX      DLV >NSFK
D-ETIZ      Albatros L79      10165 D-1871 D-ETIZ     RDL Erprob.-
stelle./Staaken               Collided with Klemm D-2096 .33 After repair
to Rechlin .34 Scrapped 4.37
D-ETJA      Heinkel He112 E         D-ETJA
D-ETJE      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ETJE      NSFK 00.03.39
D-ETKI      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ETKI
D-ETKO      Heinkel He72            D-ETKO
D-ETLA      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ETLA            00.02.39
D-ETLE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 F       D-ETLE      NSFK
D-ETLR      Klemm KL35        D-ETLR
D-ETMA      Bucker Bu133 C          D-ETMA      NSFK 00.07.37
D-ETNB      Bucker Bu131 D          D-ETNB      NSFK 00.12.38
D-ETNS      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-ETNS
D-ETNY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ETNY
D-ETOE      Heinkel He72 D          D-ETOE      NSFK
D-ETOF      Heinkel He72 D          D-ETOF
D-ETOF      Junkers A50 ci    3560 D-2712 D-ETOF      Luftschiffhafen Gotha
>DLV-Ortsgr.Gotha >NSFK                   participated in Deutschlandflug
D-ETOK      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-ETOK      Hermann Neef/Staaken

D-ETON     Flugzeugbau Kiel Fk166       D-ETON
D-ETOP     Heinkel He72           D-ETOP
D-ETOR     Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-ETOR
D-ETOS     Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-ETOS       NSFK
D-ETOU      Focke Wulf Fw44              WL-ETOU
D-ETOX      BFW M.23 b             D-ETOX      DLV >NSFK
D-ETOZ      Klemm L25 d VII              D-ETOZ      NSFK
D-ETPY      Focke Wulf Fw44              D-ETPY
D-ETQI      Bucker Bu131 A         124   D-ETQI                        Crashed
D-ETRE      Focke-Wulf Fw44    J        D-ETRE      DVL
D-ETRO      Focke-Wulf Fw44    F        D-ETRO      DLV >NSFK
D-ETRU      Bucker Bu131 A              D-ETRU      DVL   00.04.37
D-ETSG      Bucker Bu131 D              D-ETSG            00.02.39
D-ETSI      Bucker Bu133 C              D-ETSI      NSFK 00.06.37
      Bucker built
D-ETSO      Klemm L25 e VII    R         D-ETSO     DVL
D-ETSP      Klemm KL35             WL-ETSP
D-ETTE      Klemm KL35 A                 D-ETTE     NSFK
D-ETTI      Bucker Bu131A                D-ETTI     DVL                [B-3 per
D-ETTO      Gotha Go150            D-ETTO                        [WL-ETTO
reported as Fw44]
D-ETTU      Heinkel He72 B               D-ETTU
D-ETUA      Udet U-12 S 27       DNr.   450 OE-TDA D-ETUA NSFK Gruppe 17
      00.00.38          Graz   built
D-ETUE      Focke-Wulf Fw44    F         D-ETUE
D-ETUH      Klemm L25 d VII    R         D-ETUH     NSFK
D-ETUI      Klemm L25 e VII    R         D-ETUI     DVL
D-ETUJ      Udet U-12 S 18       DNr.   441 OE-TUF D-ETUJ NSFK Gruppe 17
      00.00.38          Graz   built
D-ETUK      Heinkel He72 D       344    D-ETUK TH+HS        E-stelle Travemunde

D-ETUM     Klemm L25 d VII     R        D-ETUM     NSFK
D-ETUN     Focke-Wulf Fw44     D        D-ETUN     DLV >NSFK
D-ETUR     Bucker Bu131                 D-ETUR
D-ETUR     Klemm L25 e VII     R 622    D-2604 D-ETUR    Allianz und
Stuttgarter Versich/Berlin     >NSFK
D-ETUS     Heinkel He72 C        564    D-ETUS     DLV >NSFK
D-ETUV     Klemm L25 d VII       550    D-2670 D-ETUV    DLV/Berlin

D-ETUZ      Focke-Wulf Fw44             D-ETUZ
D-ETVI      Bucker Bu131 A              D-ETVI      Bucker       00.02.36
      Bucker built
D-ETVR      Focke-Wulf Fw44             D-ETVR
D-ETVU      Focke Wulf Fw44             WL-ETVU
D-ETVY      Heinkel He72                D-ETVY
D-ETWB      Siebel Si202 A-1            D-ETWB
D-ETWS      Focke Wulf Fw44             WL-ETWS
D-ETXA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 67        D-ETXA
D-ETXI      Heinkel He72                WL-ETXI
D-ETXU      Focke-Wulf Fw44             D-ETXU      LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-ETXY     Focke-Wulf Fw44              D-ETXY
D-ETYD     Heinkel He72                 D-ETYD
D-ETYE     Klemm KL35 A                 D-ETYE      NSFK
D-ETYF     Klemm L25 d VII R            D-ETYF      DLV >NSFK
D-ETYK     Klemm L25 d VII R            D-ETYK      NSFK
D-ETYL     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-ETYL      DLV >NSFK
D-ETYP     Arado Ar69        D-ETYP                         [WL-ETYP
reported as He72]
D-ETYQ     Heinkel He72 C          D-ETYQ      DLV >NSFK
D-ETYQ     Klemm L25 d VII R 588   D-2938 D-ETYQ
D-ETYR     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-ETYR      NSFK
D-ETYS     Klemm KL32        D-ETYS
D-ETYV     Klemm L25         D-ETYV
D-ETYZ     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-2808 D-ETYZ      DVS/Cottbus

D-ETZA      Bucker Bu131 D-1A       D-ETZA      Marienbad und Karlsbad
D-ETZQ      DH.60G III Moth Major         D-ETZQ      NFSK
D-ETZU      Klemm KL35 A            D-ETZU      DVL
D-ETZY      Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-ETZY            00.06.37
      Bucker built
D-EUBE      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EUBE      NSFK 00.07.37
D-EUBI      Bucker Bu131            D-EUBI
D-EUBR      Gotha Go150       D-EUBR
D-EUBS      Klemm KL35 B            D-EUBS
D-EUBY      Bucker Bu131 B          D-EUBY
D-EUDO      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EUDO      NSFK 00.02.39
D-EUFR      Klemm KL35 B            D-EUFR      DVL
D-EUGO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 V-1     154   D-EUGO      Focke-Wulf
      [M in BV38 F in BV39]
D-EUGY      Bücker Bü131            WL-EUGY
D-EUHA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 > c30         D-EUHA
      fuselage from fw44
D-EUHO      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EUHO
D-EUHU      Klemm KL35 A            D-EUHU      DVL
D-EUHY      Heinkel He72            WL-EUHY
D-EUIQ      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EUIQ
D-EUJA      Fieseler F5R      232   D-3085 D-EUJA HB-ELF    Fliegerschule
Damstadt> NSFK
D-EUJU      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EUJU      DVL   00.07.37
D-EUKA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 1029 D-EUKA
D-EUKU      Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-EUKU
D-EULE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EULE
D-EULM      Praga E-39        D-EULM
D-EULO      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EULO      NSFK 00.07.37
D-EULU      Bucker Bu131 A    26    D-EULU      DVL   00.00.34
D-EUMA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EUMA
D-EUME      Klemm KL35 A            D-EUME
D-EUNA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EUNA            00.04.37
D-EUPA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EUPA
D-EUPI      DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1027 G-AAEG D-1599 D-EUPI G-AAEG
      00.00.34          Returned UK 18.10.94
D-EUPO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EUPO
D-EUPU      Heinkel He72            D-EUPU
D-EUQD      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EUQD      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EUQO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EUQO      NSFK
D-EUQU      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EUQU      NSFK
D-EUQY      Heinkel He72 D          D-EUQY
D-EUQZ      Bücker Bü131            WL-EUQZ
D-EURO     Heinkel He72            WL-EURO
D-EURP     Bücker Bü131            WL-EURP
D-EURY     Klemm KL35        WL-EURY
D-EUSJ     Bucker Bu131      667   D-EUSJ NA+NS
D-EUTA     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EUTA
D-EUTY     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EUTY     NSFK 00.04.38
D-EUVA     Bucker Bu131            D-EUVA
D-EUVE     Heinkel He72            WL-EUVE
D-EUVU     Heinkel He72            D-EUVU WL-EUVU
D-EUVV     Heinkel He72            WL-EUVV
D-EUVW     Heinkel He72            WL-EUVW
D-EUXA     Heinkel He72            D-EUXA
D-EUZR     Udet U-12 a       D-EUZR
D-EVAG     Bucker Bu131            D-EVAG
D-EVAN     Klemm L25 e VII         D-EVAN     DLV >NSFK
D-EVAO     Focke Wulf Fw44J        D-EVAO
D-EVAR     Klemm L25 d VII 555     D-2733 D-EVAR
D-EVAU     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EVAU     NSFK
D-EVAV     Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EVAV     Erhard Arnold
D-EVAX     Klemm L25 VII R         D-EVAX     DLV >DVL
D-EVAY     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EVAY
D-EVBA     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EVBA     DVL   00.07.37
D-EVBD     Klemm KL35 B            D-EVBD
D-EVBH     Bucker Bu131            D-EVBH
D-EVBI     Focke-Wulf Fw44 670     D-EVBI     LKS Wildpark-Werder

D-EVBO      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EVBO
D-EVBT      Zlin       D-EVBT
D-EVBU      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EVBU
D-EVCG      Klemm KL35 B            D-EVCG
D-EVDS      Klemm KL35 B            D-EVDS      NSFK
D-EVEE      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EVEE
D-EVEF      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EVEF
D-EVEL      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EVEL      NSFK
D-EVEM      Heinkel He72 C          D-EVEM      DLV >NSFK
D-EVEN      Klemm L25         D-EVEN
D-EVEO      Bucker Bu133 V-1        D-EVEO            00.02.36
      Bucker built [see EVFO -photo of EVEO]
D-EVEP      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EVEP      NSFK
D-EVEQ      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EVEQ      NSFK
D-EVER      Klemm L26 a II          D-EVER      DLV >NSFK
D-EVES      Raab Katzenstein Kl Ic        D-EVES      Elmar v.Eschwege /Aue
D-EVEV      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EVEV      DLV >NSFK
D-EVEW      Bücker Bü131            WL-EVEW
D-EVEX      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EVEX      NSFK
D-EVFD      Caproni Ca.100          D-EVFD
D-EVFO      Bucker Bu133 V-1        D-EVFO
D-EVGK      Klemm KL35 B            D-EVGK      DVL
D-EVGR      Bucker Bu180 B          D-EVGR      NSFK 00.01.39
D-EVGY      Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EVGY      DVL
D-EVHA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EVHA            00.05.36
D-EVHI      Heinkel He72            D-EVHI
D-EVHY     Bucker Bu131B           D-EVHY
D-EVIA     Heinkel He72            D-EVIA     II./St.G.162
D-EVIE     Klemm L25         D-EVIE
D-EVIH     Heinkel He72 D    342   D-EVIH TH+HR     E-stelle Travemunde

D-EVIL     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EVIL      Deutsche Reich
D-EVIM     Heinkel He72 D          D-EVIM      DVS
D-EVIN     Klemm KL32        D-EVIN
D-EVIO     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EVIO      Aero Club von Deutschland

D-EVIP      Albatros AL101         D-EVIP
D-EVIS      RAF SE5A (Henkel) 606  G-EBDT D-1636 PH-ATA D-EVIS
      Henkel/Dusseldorf >Ges.fur Himmelschrift und
Wolkenprojektion/Dusseldorf 00.01.36           (also listed as D-EATA)
D-EVIV      Klemm L25 d VII        D-EVIV      NSFK
D-EVIX      Raab Katzenstein RK II b           D-EVIX      Richard
D-EVIZ      Heinkel He72           D-EVIZ
D-EVJE      Bucker Bu131 A         D-EVJE      NSFK
D-EVKA      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EVKA
D-EVKH      Heinkel He72           D-EVKH
D-EVLE      Bucker Bu131 A    125  D-EVLE                        Crashed
D-EVMD      Bucker Bu131 D         D-EVMD      DVL
D-EVNE      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EVNE
D-EVNU      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EVNU
D-EVNV      Klemm KL107 V-6 1655 D-EVNV
D-EVNY      Heinkel He72           D-EVNY
D-EVOE      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EVOE
D-EVOF      Bucker Bu131 A    7    D-EVOF            00.00.34
D-EVOH      Bucker Bu131           D-EVOH
D-EVOH      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D      D-EVOH      Focke-Wulf
D-EVOK      Bucker Bu131A Jungman 11     D-EVOK SE-AHZ     Bucker
      00.02.36         To Sweden 4.5.39
D-EVOL      Heinkel He72 C    562  D-EVOL      DLV >NSFK
D-EVOM      Klemm L26 a V          D-EVOM      Fliegerortsgr. Munster -
D-EVOO      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EVOO
D-EVOQ      Klemm L25 d VII 557    D-2735 D-EVOQ     DLV/Berlin

D-EVOR      Fieseler F5       D-EVOR
D-EVOV      Albatros L101 D 202     D-2660 D-EVOV    DVS  00.09.33
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EVOZ      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EVOZ     DLV >NSFK
D-EVPB      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EVPB
D-EVPD      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EVPD     NSFK 00.03.39
D-EVPO      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EVPO
D-EVQH      Bucker Bu131            D-EVQH
D-EVQO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EVQO     NSFK
D-EVQU      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EVQU     DVL >Deutsche Reich

D-EVRO     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EVRO
D-EVSE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EVSE      FFS B Halberstadt
D-EVSQ     Gotha Go150       D-EVSQ
D-EVTE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EVTE
D-EVTE     Heinkel He72 D    406   D-EVTE
D-EVTL     Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EVTL      Flughafen Lippe-Detmold

D-EVUA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EVUA
D-EVUD      Bucker Bu131 D          D-EVUD      DVL   00.06.38
D-EVUE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EVUE
D-EVUF      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EVUF      NSFK
D-EVUK      Raab Katzenstein RK 26a       103   D-EVUK      Liesel
Bach/Butzweiler Hof
D-EVUL      Udet U-12 a 364   D-1320 D-EVUL     Suddeutsche DLH/Munchen
      00.02.28          BFW built
D-EVUN      Focke-Wulf Fw44 D       D-EVUN      DLV >NSFK
D-EVUQ      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EVUQ      FFS B Halberstadt
      [WL-EVUQ reported as He72]
D-EVUT      Adler Gerner G II Rb          D-EVUT      DLV
D-EVUV      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EVUV      DLV >NSFK
D-EVUX      Heinkel He72 D          D-EVUX      DLV >NSFK
D-EVUZ      Heinkel He72 C          D-EVUZ      DLV >NSFK
D-EVVE      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EVVE
D-EVVI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EVVI WL-EVVI    FFS B Halberstadt

D-EVXE     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EVXE OK-VXE     DVL >Slovak flying
D-EVXG     Klemm L25         D-EVXG
D-EVXR     Bücker Bü131            WL-EVXR
D-EVXT     Zlin XII          D-EVXT
D-EVXU     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EVXU
D-EVYA     Heinkel He72 D          D-EVYA     DVL
D-EVYF     Heinkel He72 D    575   D-EVYF     DVS
D-EVYK     Albatros L101 D 287     D-3147 D-EVYK    DVS >NSFK 00.02.34
           Focke-Wulf built
D-EVYL     Focke-Wulf Fw44 E       D-EVYL     DLV >NSFK
D-EVYM     Focke-Wulf Fw44 345 ? D-EVYM                        Aircraft
damaged after an He 72 propellor went through the fuselage
D-EVYN     DH.82A Tiger Moth 3142 D-2357 D-EVYN     DVS > DLV >NSFK

D-EVYP     Klemm L25 b VII         D-EVYP      Ernst Panzer/Hangelar

D-EVYQ     Klemm L25 d VII R 732   D-3322 D-EVYQ     DLV/Berlin

D-EVYS      Klemm KL32 b XIV       D-EVYS     Hans Dietrich
D-EVYV      Heinkel He72 C         D-EVYV     DLV >NSFK
D-EVYX      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EVYX
D-EVYY      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EVYY
D-EVYZ      Albatros L101 D 292    D-3169 D-EVYZ    DVS >NSFK
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EVZE      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EVZE
D-EWBH      Bucker Bu131 D         D-EWBH     DVL   00.06.38
D-EWBP      Klemm KL35 B           D-EWBP
D-EWBU      Praga E.39       D-EWBU
D-EWCH      Klemm KL35 B           D-EWCH     NSFK
D-EWCN     Gotha Go150       D-EWCN
D-EWCS     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EWCS
D-EWCX     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EWCX
D-EWGT     Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EWGT      NSFK   00.12.38
D-EWHD     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EWHD             00.04.39
D-EWKD     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EWKD
D-EWLH     Klemm KL35 B            D-EWLH      DVL
D-EWPD     Bucker Bu131            D-EWPD
D-EWPH     Bucker Bu133 C          D-EWPH      NSFK   00.04.38
D-EWTT     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EWTT
D-EWUB     Fieseler Fi156 C-3            D-EWUB
D-EWVA     Klemm KL105       D-EWVA
D-EWVB     Klemm KL105       D-EWVB
D-EWVC     Klemm KL105       D-EWVC
D-EWVD     Klemm KL105 V4          D-EWVD
D-EWVE     Klemm KL105       D-EWVE
D-EWXE     Klemm KL35 L            D-EWXE OK-WXE                       To
Slovak flying corps
D-EWYM     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EWYM
D-EXAK     Focke Wulf Fw44J        WL-EXAK
D-EXAL     Heinkel He72 C          D-EXAL
D-EXAM     Klemm L25 d VII R 724   D-EXAM      DLV
D-EXAN     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EXAN       NSFK
D-EXAP     Heinkel He72            WL-EXAP
D-EXAR     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EXAR       NSFK
D-EXAV     Focke-Wulf AL101 D      236   D-EXAV       DVS >NSFK

D-EXBI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EXBI
D-EXCM     Klemm KL35 B            D-EXCM                         Used for
Mistel tests with DFS230 CB+ZB
D-EXCS     Bücker Bü131            WL-EXCS
D-EXDA     Heinkel He72            WL-EXDA
D-EXDB     Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EXDB      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EXDI     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EXDI
D-EXDL     Bucker Bu131 B          D-EXDL            00.06.36
D-EXDY     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EXDY
D-EXEA     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EXEA
D-EXEF     Heinkel He72 C          D-EXEF      DLV >NSFK
D-EXEH     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EXEH      NSFK
D-EXEK     Klemm KL32a       D-EXEK      Karl Schwabe
D-EXEM     Heinkel He72            D-EXEM
D-EXEN     Heinkel He72            D-EXEN
D-EXEP     Focke-Wulf Fw44 D 266   D-2951 D-EXEP     DVS
D-EXET     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EXET      DLV >NSFK
D-EXEV     Heinkel He72 C          D-EXEV      DVS
D-EXEX     Klemm L25 e VII R 973   D-EXEX      NSFK
D-EXFF     DH.60G III Moth Major         D-EXFF      NSFK
D-EXFO     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EXFO
D-EXFY     Heinkel He72            WL-EXFY
D-EXGA     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EXGA      DLV >NSFK
D-EXGY     Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EXGY            00.03.39
D-EXHA     Bucker Bu131 B-3        D-EXHA            00.03.39
D-EXHR     Klemm KL35 B            D-EXHR
D-EXIE     Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EXIE      DVL
D-EXIF      Heinkel He72           D-EXIF                        1935
Deutschlandflug 'F3'
D-EXIH      Klemm VL26 c V   535   D-2529 D-EXIH     Leipziger
Lebensversich >Eduard Beyreuther
D-EXIK      Bucker Bu131 A         D-EXIK            00.00.34
D-EXIL      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha135 101    D-EXIL
      Fliegerubungsstelle Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel (DLV) 00.04.34
D-EXIM      Focke-Wulf AL101 D           D-EXIM      NSFK
D-EXIN      Klemm L25 c VII 474    D-2436 D-EXIN     DVL
D-EXIP      Raab Katzenstein Kl Ic 75    D-1587 D-EXIP     DLV >NSFK

D-EXIQ      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EXIQ      DLV >NSFK
D-EXIR      Bucker Bu131 A    4     D-EXIR      Verband d.sachs.Grund- und
Hausbesitzer Vereine Dresden >DLV >NSFK 00.00.34
D-EXIS      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EXIS
D-EXIT      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EXIT
D-EXIV      BFW M.35 b        D-EXIV      NSFK
D-EXIX      Bucker Bu131            D-EXIX                       [WL-EXIX
reported as He72]
D-EXIY      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EXIY
D-EXJD      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EXJD
D-EXJE                 D-EXJE
D-EXJF      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EXJF
D-EXJI      Heinkel He72            WL-EXJI
D-EXJU      Klemm KL35 A            D-EXJU      NSFK
D-EXKI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EXKI
D-EXKL      Klemm KL107 V-1 1650 D-EXKL
D-EXLE      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EXLE      NSFK 00.07.37
D-EXLO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EXLO      DVL
D-EXMA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EXMA      NSFK 00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-EXNI      Bucker Bu131            D-EXNI
D-EXOA      Bucker Bu131            D-EXOA
D-EXOF      Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EXOF      NSFK
D-EXOK      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EXOK
D-EXOL      Bucker Bu131 B          D-EXOL            00.06.36
D-EXOM      Heinkel He72            D-EXOM
D-EXON      Heinkel He72 D          D-EXON
D-EXOP      Klemm L25 d VII R 739   D-EXOP      DLV >NSFK
D-EXOR      Heinkel He72 D          D-EXOR      DLV
D-EXOT      Focke-Wulf Cierva C.19 122    G-ABUE D-2300 D-EXOT

D-EXOV     Klemm L26 sf V          D-EXOV      Ewald Kruger/Tempelhof

D-EXOY     Heinkel He72           WL-EXOY
D-EXPA     Heinkel He72           WL-EXPA
D-EXPE     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J      D-EXPE     NSFK
D-EXRE     Bucker Bu131 B-3       D-EXRE     NSFK    00.11.38
D-EXRY     Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EXRY
D-EXUB     Fieseler Fi156         D-EXUB
D-EXUF     DH.60M Moth 1548 D-1921 D-EXUF            00.03.34
D-EXUH     Albatros L101 D 288    D-3152 D-EXUH      DVS >NSFK   00.02.34
           Focke-Wulf built
D-EXUI     Heinkel He72           WL-EXUI
D-EXUK     Albatros L101 D     197   D-2655 D-EXUK    DVS Schleissheim

D-EXUO     Klemm L25 e VII R         D-EXUO     DVL
D-EXUR     Heinkel He72 D            D-EXUR     DLV >NSFK
D-EXUS     Klemm L25 d VII           D-EXUS     Askania-Werke /Tempelhof

D-EXUV     Heinkel He72 D   576      D-EXUV      DVS
D-EXUX     Klemm L25 d VII           D-EXUX      NSFK
D-EXVO     Focke Wulf Fw44           D-EXVO
D-EXWB     Fieseler Fi156 C-3              D-EXWB
D-EXWC     Fieseler Fi156 C-3        110392      D-EXWC

D-EXWD     Fieseler Fi156 C-3        110362     D-EXWD

D-EXWE     Fieseler Fi156 C-3        110366     D-EXWE

D-EXWF      Klemm KL35 B     1711 D-EXWF SE-AKH
      Export registration To Sweden 23.2.40
D-EXWG      Fieseler Fi156 C-3     110363    D-EXWG

D-EXWG      Klemm KL35 B     1712 D-EXWG SE-AKF
      Export registration To Sweden 23.2.40
D-EXWH      Fieseler Fi156 C-3     110062    D-EXWH

D-EXWL      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 2776 D-EXWL
D-EXWO      Klemm KL35 B      1713 D-EXWO SE-AKG
      Export registration To Sweden 23.2.40
D-EXWP      Fieseler Fi156         D-EXWP
D-EXWP      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J 2779 D-EXWP
D-EXWS      Fieseler Fi156         D-EXWS
D-EXWS      Focke-Wulf Fw44        D-EXWS
D-EXWT      Fieseler Fi156 C-3     110061     D-EKLU D-EXWT
            Export registration
D-EXWT      Bucker Bu131 D-2 1609 D-EXWT                         Export
D-EXWT      Bucker Bu131 D-2 1693 D-EXWT                         Export
D-EXWT      Bucker Bu131 D-2 1823 D-EXWT                         Export
D-EXWT      Bucker Bu131 D-2 1884 D-EXWT                         Export
D-EXWU      Fieseler Fi156C-3/trop 110062     D-EXWU D-ENTE
            Export registration to Sweden
D-EXWY      Fieseler Fi156 C-3     110063|110393    D-EXWY
            Export Registration to Spain as 46-14/L.16-14
D-EXWY      Klemm KL35 B      1630 D-EXWY SE-AIN
D-EXWZ      Bucker Bu133 C         D-EXWZ
D-EXWZ      Focke-Wulf Fw44 C      D-EXWZ
D-EXXA      Heinkel He72           D-EXXA
D-EXXE      Focke Wulf Fw44        WL-EXXE
D-EXXI      Heinkel He72           D-EXXI     II./St.G.162

D-EXXY     Klemm L25 d VII R         D-EXXY     Heinrich Canzler/Duren
D-EXYA     Focke Wulf Fw44            D-EXYA     2./KG 257> Sch/FAR 12

D-EXYK     Klemm L25 d VII R 683      D-2903 D-EXYK   H.Schlerf/Mannheim

D-EXYM     Fieseler Fi5 R             D-EXYM
D-EXYN     Heinkel He72               D-EXYN
D-EXYO     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J          D-EXYO     Albert Troll/Rebstock

D-EXYP     Albatros Al101             D-EXYP
D-EXYQ     Klemm VL26 a V             D-EXYQ
D-EXYT     Klemm L25 d VII     621    D-2603 D-EXYT   DLV/Berlin

D-EXZA     Heinkel He72               D-EXZA
D-EXZI     Klemm L25 e VII R          D-EXZI     DVL >Deutsche Reich

D-EYAD      Klemm KL35 B            D-EYAD
D-EYBF      Bucker Bu131            D-EYBF
D-EYCD      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EYCD      NSFK 00.06.38
D-EYDI      Bucker Bu133 C          D-EYDI      NSFK 00.06.37
      Bucker built
D-EYEQ      Klemm L25         D-EYEQ
D-EYFE      Klemm KL35        D-EYFE      Klemm
D-EYFU      Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EYFU      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EYGA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EYGA
D-EYGY      Bucker Bu131 A D-1A     117   D-EYGY           00.03.39
      Crashed .37
D-EYHE      Klemm KL35 A            D-EYHE      DVL
D-EYHO      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EYHO
D-EYHY      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EYHY
D-EYNA      Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30        D-EYNA                       Fw44
D-EYOM      Klemm KL35 B            D-EYOM
D-EYPF      Bucker Bu131            D-EYPF
D-EYPU      BFW M.27   617    D-2956 D-EYPU OK-NHA?                    Wing
from M.35
D-EYQY      Bucker Bu131            D-EYQY
D-EYRA      Heinkel He72 D          D-EYRA      NSFK
D-EYRI      Heinkel He72            D-EYRI                       Glider tug
D-EYRO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EYRO
D-EYSU      Bücker Bü131            WL-EYSU
D-EYTA      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EYTA      NSFK
D-EYUU      Fieseler Fi156 C-3      110367      D-EYUU

D-EYUW     Fieseler Fi156 C-3         110369     D-EYUW

D-EYUX     Fieseler Fi156 C-3         110370     D-EYUX

D-EYUY     Fieseler Fi156 C-3         110390     D-EYUY

D-EYVB      Fieseler Fi156            D-EYVB
D-EYVO      Bucker Bu133 C            D-EYVO     Korpsfuhrer NSFK Bielefeld
(RfM) 00.05.37
D-EYWB      Fieseler Fi156 C-3        110064|110394   D-EYWB

D-EYWF     Klemm KL35 B        1566   D-EYWF SE-AKC
D-EYWJ     Fieseler Fi156 C-3       110395     D-EYWJ

D-EYWN     Bucker Bu181             D-EYWN
D-EYWO     Klemm KL35 B     1664    D-EYWO SE-AKB                      To
Sweden 23.2.40
D-EYWT     Fieseler Fi156 C-3       110255     D-EYWT

D-EYWV     Klemm KL35 D             D-EYWV
D-EYWX     Klemm KL35 D             D-EYWX OK-YWX
D-EYWZ     Fieseler Fi156           D-EYWZ
D-EYWZ     Klemm KL35 D      1585   D-EYWZ OK-YWZ
D-EYXI     Klemm L25 e VII R        D-EYXI      DVL
D-EYYG     Fieseler Fi156           D-EYYG
D-EYYH     Fieseler Fi156 D-0             D-EYYH
D-EYYV     Fieseler Fi156 C-3       110368      D-EYYV

D-EZAA     Focke Wulf Fw44          WL-EZAA
D-EZAE     Focke-Wulf Fw44          D-EZAE
D-EZAH     Heinkel He72             D-EZAH     1./KG 257
D-EZAK     Klemm L26 e V            D-3055 D-EZAK    DLV/Berlin

D-EZAL     Klemm L25 d VII R      D-EZAL      DLV >NSFK
D-EZAN     Klemm L25 b > VIIb     278   D-2036 D-EZAN    R.Hailer/Munchen
>P.Seitz/Bad Kreuznach >Kolner Motor-u.Segel-flugsport Klub

D-EZAO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EZAO     NSFK
D-EZAP      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZAP
D-EZAR      Klemm L26 a V           D-EZAR
D-EZAT      Heinkel He72 D          D-EZAT     DVS
D-EZAZ      Albatros L101 D 284     D-3135 D-EZAZ     DVL   00.02.34
      Focke-Wulf built
D-EZED      Bucker Bu131 D-2        D-EZED     NSFK   00.12.38
D-EZEF      Fieseler Fi5            D-EZEF
D-EZEH      Klemm L26 a V     269   D-2056 D-EZEH     DVL >NSFK

D-EZEK     Klemm L25 c VII         D-EZEK      DLV >NSFK
D-EZEL     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EZEL      (Fw55L)
D-EZEQ     Heinkel He72 C          D-EZEQ      DLV
D-EZET     Heinkel He72 D          D-EZET      DLV >NSFK
D-EZEU     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EZEU
D-EZEV     Heinkel He72            WL-EZEV
D-EZEX     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EZEX      NSFK
D-EZEY     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EZEY
D-EZGU     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZGU
D-EZGY     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZGY
D-EZIA     Heinkel He72 D          D-EZIA      NSFK
D-EZII     Klemm L25 c VII R       D-EZII      DVL
D-EZIL     Heinkel He72 C          D-EZIL      DVS
D-EZIM     Heinkel He72 D          D-EZIM
D-EZIM     Klemm KL32 b XIV        D-EZIM      DVS >NSFK
D-EZIN     BFW M.29 a 603    D-2307 D-EZYZ or D-EZIN
D-EZIN     Bucker Bu131            D-EZIN
D-EZIP     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EZIP      NSFK
D-EZIQ     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EZIQ
D-EZIS     Klemm L26 c       D-EZIS
D-EZIT     Klemm L26 a II    206   D-1814 D-EZIT    DLV Flieg. IX
Wurtemberg/Stuttgart >NSFK
D-EZIX     Heinkel HD32            D-EZIX
D-EZJA     Bucker Bu131            D-EZJA
D-EZLI     Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EZLI     NSFK
D-EZLO     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZLO
D-EZNF     Albatros AL101D         D-EZNF     Focke-Wulf built
D-EZNR     Klemm KL35        D-EZNR
D-EZNW     Bucker Bu131 D          D-EZNW           00.03.39
D-EZOH     Klemm L25 b VII         D-EZOH     NSFK
D-EZOI     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EZOI           00.06.36
D-EZOL     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EZOL           00.05.36
D-EZOM     Heinkel He72            D-EZOM
D-EZON     Klemm L25 d VII R 570   D-2870 D-EZON    DLV/Berlin >NSFK

D-EZOP      Heinkel He72 C          D-EZOP      DVS
D-EZOQ      Heinkel He72 A    482   D-2574 D-EZOQ     'Amsel'
D-EZOT      Junkers A50 ce    3550 SE-ACM D-2292 D-EZOT     Built Limhamn
with parts from Dessau. Risztics Dessau >DLV                Canc 10.38
D-EZOX      Klemm KL36 VE           D-EZOX
D-EZOX      Klemm L25         D-EZOX
D-EZPE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EZPE
D-EZQA      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EZQA      NSFK 00.02.39
D-EZQE      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EZQE      Focke-Wulf
D-EZQO      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EZQO      NSFK 00.06.38
      Bucker built
D-EZRO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZRO
D-EZSI      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZSI WL-EZSI    Fliegerhorst
D-EZSU      Focke-Wulf Fw44 51      D-EZSU
D-EZSY      Focke Wulf Fw44         D-EZSY
D-EZTI      Focke-Wulf Fw44 J       D-EZTI      DVL
D-EZUA      Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EZUA
D-EZUE      Bucker Bu131 A          D-EZUE      NSFK 00.12.38
D-EZUK      Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-EZUK      NSFK
D-EZUO      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZUO                        [WL-EZUO
reported as Bu131]
D-EZUP      Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EZUP      DLV >NSFK
D-EZUQ      Heinkel He72            D-EZUQ
D-EZUR      Fieseler Fi5 R          D-EZUR      Hugo Herr/Ludwigshafen

D-EZUU     Klemm L25         D-EZUU
D-EZUV     Klemm L25 d VII R       D-EZUV      DLV
D-EZUX     Heinkel He72            D-EZUX
D-EZUY     Bucker Bu131            D-EZUY
D-EZVE     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-EZVE
D-EZVU     Bucker Bu131            D-EZVU      Fliegerausbildungsregiment
D-EZWA     Skoda-Kauba SK257 V-4         D-EZWA       at Cakowitz

D-EZXI     Bucker Bu131 A          D-EZXI      NSFK   00.02.39
D-EZYA     Bucker Bu131            D-EZYA
D-EZYE     Klemm L25 e VII R       D-EZYE      DVL
D-EZYF     Focke-Wulf AL101 D      237   D-EZYF       DVS >NSFK

D-EZYG     Bücker Bü131            WL-EZYG
D-EZYK     Heinkel He72 C          D-EZYK      DLV >NSFK
D-EZYL     Klemm L25 d VIIR        D-EZYL      NSFK
D-EZYO     Heinkel He72            D-EZYO                         [or Bucker
D-EZYQ     Klemm L25 d VII R      D-EZYQ       NSFK
D-EZYS     Heinkel He72 D    831  D-EZYS
D-EZYT     Dietrich Gobiet DP IIa Bussard             D-EZYT

D-EZYV     Klemm L26          D-EZYV
D-EZYX     Heinkel He72 D           D-EZYX
D-EZYZ     BFW M.29 b 602     D-2306 D-EZYZ or D-EZIN

D-EZZE     Focke Wulf Fw44         WL-EZZE
D-EZZU     Bücker Bü131            WL-EZZU
D-FIME     Fieseler Fi156          WL-FIME
D-FOLZ     Focke Wulf Fw190v2      2     WL-FOLZ
D-GOTZ     Nikol A2          D-GOTZ                        captured
D-I.AA     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-I.AA
D-I.AH     Heinkel HE45            D-I.AH
D-I.AR     Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-I.AR
D-I.UY     Heinkel HE46            D-I.UY
D-I.YV     Heinkel HE51            D-I.YV
D-I.ZO     Henschel Hs123          D-I.ZO
D-IAAA     Arado Ar65        D-IAAA
D-IAAE     Gotha Go145       D-IAAE      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IAAO     Arado Ar66        D-IAAO
D-IAAR     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IAAR      Gauleitung
Bayerische Ostmark
D-IAAS     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IAAS
D-IAAT     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IAAT
D-IABI     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-1       758   D-IABI      E-stelle Rechlin
>E-stelle Travemunde
D-IABO     Arado Ar76        D-IABO
D-IABO     Heinkel HE51 C          D-IABO      DVL
D-IABX     Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-IABX
D-IABY     Blohm und Voss Ha137 A-0      190   D-IABY      Blohm und Voss
D-IACA     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IACA
D-IACI     Heinkel He100 V-6 3002 D-IACI
D-IACT     Messerschmitt Bf109     3171 D-IACT
D-IACU     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1       1639 D-IACU TK+HI       E-stelle
D-IADE     Heinkel He46            WL-IADE
D-IADO     Heinkel He112 V-1 1290 D-IADO TH+HW       E-stelle Travemunde

D-IADV     Heinkel He100          D-IADV
D-IADY     Arado Ar66       D-IADY
D-IAED     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     641   D-IAED CM+AW
D-IAEO      Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IAEO
D-IAFL      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1S           D-IAFL      Deutsche Reich

D-IAFZ      AVA AF2          D-IAFZ            00.00.39
D-IAFZ      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IAFZ
D-IAGA      Heinkel HE46 D         D-IAGA      DVL
D-IAGB      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1            D-IAGB      NSFK

D-IAGO      Arado Ar66        D-IAGO                       [also Klemm KL36
c/n 660]
D-IAGR      Junkers Ju87 A1 5000    D-IAGR TK+HE      Used at Travemuende
                  Weserflug built
D-IAGU      Heinkel HE46 f          D-IAGU
D-IAGY      Heinkel He60            D-IAGY     FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IAHA      Heinkel HD22     305   30-420 D-IAHA
D-IAHQ      Gotha Go145      D-IAHQ
D-IAHW      Fieseler Fi156 C-1     671   D-IAHW
D-IAJA      Heinkel He42           D-IAJA
D-IAJB      Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IAJB
D-IAJO      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-0            D-IAJO      BFW

D-IAKO      Messerschmitt Bf109     871|1010   D-IAKO

D-IAKY      Gotha Go145       D-IAKY
D-IALA      Gotha Go145 B     901   D-IALA
D-IALD      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IALD
D-IALN      Junkers Ju87A-1         D-IALN
D-IALO      Heinkel HE42            D-IALO
D-IALT      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IALT
D-IALY      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-4 (B-01)      878   D-IALY 6-1(EC)

D-IAMI      Arado Ar76 1722   D-IAMI                       [Also quoted as
c/n 1727]
D-IAMI      Gotha Go145      D-IAMI
D-IAMO      Arado Ar66 C           D-IAMO
D-IAN.      Messerschmitt Bf109          D-IAN.
D-IAND      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IAND
D-IANO      Arado Ar66 C           D-IANO      FFS E (C) Krefeld

D-IANO      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-0            D-IANO

D-IANU     Heinkel HE46           D-IANU
D-IAOV     Heinkel HE51           D-IAOV
D-IAOY     Heinkel He60 A         D-IAOY
D-IAPU     Heinkel He60           D-IAPU
D-IAQA     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IAQA
D-IAQI     Gotha Go145      D-IAQI
D-IAQY     Heinkel He60           D-IAQY
D-IASE     Heinkel HE51           D-IASE
D-IASO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IASO      Deutsche-
Amerikanische Petroleum
D-IASQ     Focke Wulf Fw56        D-IASQ       Jagdflieger Schule
D-IATH       Junkers Ju87            D-IATH      II./St.G.162

D-IAUR       Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IAUR
D-IAVF       Arado Ar66       D-IAVF
D-IAWI       Messerschmitt Bf108          WL-IAWI
D-IAWN       Messerschmitt Bf109          D-IAWN
D-IAXA       Arado Ar66 C           D-IAXA      Argus Motoren/Reinickendorf

D-IAXC       Messerschmitt Bf108 C   1078 D-IAXC
D-IAZN       Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IAZN
D-IAZO       Heinkel HE51            D-IAZO
D-IAZU       Heinkel HE51            D-IAZU
D-IBAA       Heinkel HE52     994    D-IBAA                         [or He51
D-IBAE       Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IBAE      Focke-Wulf
D-IBAH       Arado Ar65        D-IBAH
D-IBAK       Heinkel HE45 E          D-IBAK
D-IBAO       Halberstadt CL IV       D-IBAO      tchniek museum berlin

D-IBAO       Arado Ar76 A            D-IBAO                         [or IBAU]
D-IBAR       Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IBAR      DLV >NSFK
D-IBAS       Arado Ar68 c V-3        D-IBAS                         [Ar80V-3
per Wings]
D-IBAU       Arado Ar76A      D-IBAU                          [or IBAO?]
D-IBAV       Klemm KL36 A     659   D-IBAV     DVS
D-IBAW       Arado Ar66       WL-IBAW
D-IBAX       Chance-Vought V-85G    1069 D-IBAX TK+HR         E-stelle
D-IBAZ       Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IBAZ      NSFK
D-IBBD       Heinkel HE42 B-04       D-IBBD
D-IBBK       Arado Ar66        WL-IBBK
D-IBBM       Messerschmitt Bf103 B-1             D-IBBM       DVL

D-IBBN       Gotha Go145       D-IBBN
D-IBBP       Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBBP
D-IBCC       Messerschmitt Bf109 E-1       694   D-IBCC

D-IBCO      Focke Wulf Fw56        D-IBCO      Jagdflieger Schule
D-IBCW      Fieseler Fi156 C-1     643   D-IBCW
D-IBDF      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IBDF
D-IBDT      Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IBDT
D-IBDX      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IBDX
D-IBEB      Focke Wulf Fw56        WL-IBEB
D-IBEH      Arado Ar66       D-IBEH
D-IBEH      Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IBEH
D-IBEL      Albatros L75 f         D-IBEL
D-IBEN      Klemm KL31 a XIV 536   D-2505 D-IBEN ZS-AIJ CR-LAS
D-IBEP      Albatros L72           D-IBEP
D-IBER      Heinkel He60 D   495   D-IBER      E-stelle Travemunde

D-IBES       Arado Ar66         D-IBES WL-IBES
D-IBES       Heinkel HE51 B     429   D-2728 D-IBES
D-IBET      Arado Ar76 363    D-IBET      E-stelle Rechlin 00.00.34
      [see also ISEN. One of these is c/n 365]
D-IBEU      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBEU
D-IBEX      Heinkel HE45 D    647/9383    D-IBEX
D-IBEY      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBEY
D-IBEZ      Heinkel HD41 c > He45 A       363   D-1011 D-IBEZ    RDL
Erprob.-stelle./Staaken >DVS              Rebuilt from HD41c
D-IBFD      Messerschmitt Bf109 E 1783 D-IBFD
D-IBFE      Klemm KL36 B      1017 D-IBFE
D-IBFQ      DFS Dfs228 V-1          D-IBFQ
D-IBFS      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBFS
D-IBFW      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1S            D-IBFW     Otto
D-IBGI      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha137 V-2 (A)       189  D-IBGI
      Blohm und Voss >DVL
D-IBGU      Focke-Wulf Fw47 D       D-IBGU      Deutsche Reich

D-IBHE     Heinkel HE46            D-IBHE      FFS B Halberstadt

D-IBHF     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IBHF
D-IBHS     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      1561 D-IBHS VH762 F-BBRH OY-AIH
D-EBFW           Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen
D-IBHV     Gotha Go145      WL-IBHV
D-IBIF     Gotha Go145      WL-IBIF
D-IBIG     Arado Ar66C      WL-IBIG
D-IBIH     Klemm KL31 a XIV       D-IBIH
D-IBIJ     Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IBIJ
D-IBIM     Albatros L84     10187 D-1899 D-IBIM    RDL Erprob.-stelle.
D-IBIM     Arado Ar66        D-IBIM
D-IBIP     Heinkel HE45            D-IBIP
D-IBIQ     Arado Ar66 C            D-IBIQ      Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-IBIR     Arado Ar66 C            D-IBIR      LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-IBIR     Heinkel HE46 D          D-IBIR      DVS
D-IBIT     Junkers A20 be    863   D-599 D-IBIT     DLH 'Beteigeuze' >lsd
Berliner Lokalanzeiger >RLM              Scrapped 10.36
D-IBIV     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IBIV      DVL
D-IBIV     Heinkel HE42 b    373   D-2033 D-IBIV    DVS/Braunschweig

D-IBIX     Heinkel He42            D-IBIX
D-IBIZ     Albatros L72            D-IBIZ
D-IBIZ     Heinkel HE45 B    391   D-2238 D-IBIZ     Heinkel >DVS

D-IBJX     Heinkel HE42            D-IBJX
D-IBKA     Heinkel HE46 C          D-IBKA
D-IBKT     Messerschmitt Bf108     1587 D-IBKT
D-IBKU     Arado Ar76A       WL-IBKU
D-IBLA     Arado Ar66        D-IBLA
D-IBLC     Gotha Go145       WL-IBLC
D-IBLE     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IBLE                          [also
Me109A c/n 1006]
D-IBLH     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBLH
D-IBLV   Junkers Ju87 A          D-IBLV
D-IBLY   Gotha Go145       D-IBLY
D-IBME   Arado Ar76 1728 D-IBME             00.02.36
D-IBMO   Arado Ar66        D-IBMO
D-IBMR   Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBMR
D-IBMY   Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1            D-IBMY        NSFK

D-IBNP   Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IBNP
D-IBNQ   Junkers Ju87 A         D-IBNQ      DVL/Rechlin
D-IBNU   Arado Ar68 F           D-IBNU
D-IBNY   Arado Ar66 C           D-IBNY
D-IBOA   Heinkel HE42           D-IBOA      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IBOE   Arado Ar66        D-IBOE
D-IBOF   Focke-Wulf AL75 A 10159 D-1777 D-IBOF
D-IBOK   Heinkel HE45 E    641   D-IBOK
D-IBOL   Albatros L78            D-IBOL
D-IBON   Arado Ar66 C            D-IBON      DVS
D-IBOO   Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBOO
D-IBOP   Arado Ar66        D-IBOP
D-IBOQ   Heinkel HE42            D-IBOQ      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IBOS   Junkers A48 K47 3354 D-IBOS
D-IBOT   Arado Ar66        D-IBOT
D-IBOU   Heinkel HE42 B-06       D-IBOU
D-IBOU   Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-IBOU
D-IBOX   Arado Ar66 C      938   D-IBOX      Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Mannheim
D-IBOY   Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBOY
D-IBOY   Heinkel HE51            D-IBOY
D-IBPP   Avia B-135        D-IBPP
D-IBQ.   Gotha Go145       D-IBQ.
D-IBQG   Heinkel HE42            D-IBQG      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IBQY   Heinkel HE51            D-IBQY
D-IBRE   Messerschmitt Bf108 B         D-IBRE      BFW/Augsburg
D-IBRJ   Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IBRJ      DVL
D-IBRO   Arado Ar66        D-IBRO
D-IBRP   Praga E-241       D-IBRP
D-IBRR   Junkers Ju87            D-IBRR
D-IBSI   Arado Ar66        WL-IBSI
D-IBSN   Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBSN
D-IBSP   Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBSP
D-IBSU   Arado Ar68 F            D-IBSU
D-IBSX   Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBSX
D-IBTA   Arado Ar66        D-IBTA      Kampffliegerschule 3 Lechfeld
D-IBTE   Gotha Go145       D-IBTE
D-IBTP   Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IBTP
D-IBTU   Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IBTU WL-IBTU
D-IBUA   Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBUA
D-IBUE   Heinkel He46            D-IBUE
D-IBUH   Gotha Go145       D-IBUH
D-IBUI   Heinkel HE46            D-IBUI
D-IBUK   Arado Ar66 C      201   D-IBUK      NSFK
D-IBUM   Messerschmitt Bf108 A V-1     695   D-IBUM
D-IBUP      Junkers A20 be    862   D-574 D-IBUP      'Aldebaran' Junkers
>DLH >RLM               Scrapped 7.36
D-IBUP      Arado Ar66 C            D-IBUP      NSFK
D-IBUQ      Heinkel HE45 B    392   D-2286 D-IBUQ     Einbau Schlitzflugel
>E-Trager AS12    00.04.32
D-IBUS      Arado Ar66 C            D-IBUS
D-IBUT      Heinkel HE46 D          D-IBUT
D-IBUT      Junkers Ju87 A2         D-IBUT
D-IBUU      Heinkel HE46 E          D-IBUU      DVL
D-IBUW      Arado Ar66        D-IBUW
D-IBUX      Junkers A20 feL 353     D-392 D-IBUX      DLH 'Erde'
      Crashed 4.37
D-IBUY      Heinkel He46      1231 D-IBUY       Fliegerschule Celle
D-IBUZ      Heinkel HE46            D-IBUZ
D-IBVB      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IBVB
D-IBVF      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1       1082 D-IBVF TK+HG       E-stelle
D-IBVH      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBVH
D-IBVW      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBVW
D-IBVY      Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IBVY
D-IBWF      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1       1477 D-IBWF
D-IBWG      Junkers Ju87A-1 168     WL-IBWG
D-IBWS      Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30        D-IBWS
D-IBWY      Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IBWY
D-IBXO      Heinkel HE42            D-IBXO      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IBXY      Fieseler Fi156 V-1      601   D-IBXY PO+AL
D-IBYA      Heinkel HE51            D-IBYA
D-IBYF      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IBYF      Deutsche Arbeitsfront
D-IBYH      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBYH
D-IBYI      Heinkel He51v6    995   D-IBYI
D-IBYK      Arado Ar66        WL-IBYK
D-IBYL      Heinkel HE51 W          D-IBYL
D-IBYM      Arado Ar66 W            D-IBYM
D-IBYM      Heinkel He63 A    407   D-2329 D-IBYM     RDL Erprob.-
D-IBYN      Junkers Ju87            D-IBYN
D-IBYO      Arado Ar66        D-IBYO
D-IBYR      Fieseler Fi97 as        D-IBYR      DVS
D-IBYU      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IBYU
D-IBYX      Arado Ar65 D            D-IBYX
D-IBYY      Heinkel HE50            D-IBYY
D-IBYZ      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IBYZ
D-IBZA      Heinkel HE42            D-IBZA
D-IBZD      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IBZD
D-IBZG      Gotha Go145       WL-IBZG
D-IBZW      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IBZW
D-ICAI      Arado Ar66        WL-ICAI
D-ICAJ      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-ICAJ
D-ICAK      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-ICAK      Deutsche Reich
D-ICAN      Junkers Ju87            D-ICAN
D-ICBC      Gotha Go145       WL-ICBC
D-ICBH      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-ICBH
D-ICBS      Junkers Ju87 A-1        D-ICBS
D-ICBT     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICBT
D-ICCH     Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30        D-EIPO D-ICCH     DVL
D-ICDG     Fiat Cr.30 b            WL-ICDG
D-ICDH     Siebel Fh104 K          D-ICDH
D-ICDS     Focke-Wulf Fw62 V-1     2062 D-OFWF D-ICDS      E-stelle
D-ICDV     Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-ICDV      Flieger Hitlerjugend
D-ICDW     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ICDW
D-ICES     Arado Ar66 C            D-ICES
D-ICFW     Gotha Go145       D-ICFW
D-ICGA     Arado Ar66        D-ICGA
D-ICGO     AGO Ao192         D-ICGO
D-ICGU     Fieseler Fi156E-1       D-ICGU WL-ICGU
D-ICHD     Messerschmitt Bf109     1779 D-ICHD
D-ICHX     Arado Ar66 C            D-ICHX
D-ICJD     Morane Saulnier MS.230        D-ICJD
D-ICKD     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICKD
D-ICKF     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICKF
D-ICKN     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-ICKN
D-ICLE     Heinkel ? He45?         WL-ICLE
D-ICMC     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICMC
D-ICMR     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICMR
D-ICNE     Gotha Go145       D-ICNE
D-ICNK     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-ICNK      DVL
D-ICNN     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-ICNN      BFW >Carl Heinz
D-ICNO     Messerschmitt Bf109           D-ICNO
D-ICOO     Heinkel He46            D-ICOO
D-ICOV     Arado Ar66        D-ICOV WL-ICOV
D-ICQV     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ICQV
D-ICRO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-ICRO

D-ICUB     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-ICUB
D-ICWE     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICWE
D-ICYC     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICYC
D-ICYS     Heinkel HE50            D-ICYS
D-ICYV     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-ICYV     II./St.G.162

D-ICZH      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-20      1779 D-ICZH
      [ wnr5601?]
D-ICZK      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ICZK
D-ICZO      Gotha Go145       WL-ICZO
D-ICZU      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-ICZU
D-IDAA      Junkers Ju87            D-IDAA
D-IDAB      Gotha Go145       WL-IDAB
D-IDAG      Heinkel He50            D-IDAG
D-IDAH      Fieseler Fi97 hm        D-IDAH      DVS
D-IDAK      Heinkel HE46 D          D-IDAK      DVS
D-IDAL      Arado Ar65        WL-IDAL
D-IDAN      Heinkel HE45 D          D-IDAN
D-IDAO      Heinkel HE50            D-IDAO
D-IDAP      Heinkel HE45            D-IDAP
D-IDAQ        Heinkel HE45 D         D-IDAQ     Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG

D-IDAZ        Heinkel HE45 D         D-IDAZ     Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG

D-IDAZ      Klemm KL31 a            D-IDAZ(2)
D-IDBF      Gotha Go145 A           D-IDBF
D-IDBS      Heinkel He60            D-IDBS
D-IDBT      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1       1660 D-IDBT G-AFZO ES955 G-AFZO
G-AFRN HB-ESL     Margaret Gutermann/Gutach >German Embassy UK
      [as B-15 in BV39]
D-IDBV      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDBV
D-IDBX      Gotha Go145       WL-IDBX
D-IDBY      Arado Ar66        D-IDBY
D-IDCD      Gotha Go145 D           D-IDCD
D-IDCF      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      675   D-IDCF
D-IDCO      Gotha Go145 C           D-IDCO
D-IDCP      DFS Dfs230        D-IDCP
D-IDCP      Messerschmitt Bf109           D-IDCP
D-IDDD      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IDDD    NSFK

D-IDDY      Heinkel HE50            D-IDDY
D-IDEA      Heinkel HE50            D-IDEA
D-IDEC      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IDEC                        [last
letter unclear]
D-IDEE      Gotha Go145       D-IDEE      II./St.G.162
D-IDEG      Heinkel He114 V-3 1972 D-IDEG
D-IDEH      Arado Ar66        WL-IDEH
D-IDEN      Arado Ar66 C            D-IDEN
D-IDEO      Arado Ar65        D-IDEO
D-IDES      Arado Ar66 C            D-IDES      DVS
D-IDEU      Heinkel HE46            D-IDEU
D-IDEV      Albatros L102 B 182     D-2709 D-IDEV     DVS   00.02.34
      Focke-Wulf built
D-IDEW      Gotha Go145       D-IDEW      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IDEZ      Arado Ar66 C            D-IDEZ
D-IDFD      Junkers Ju87 A          D-IDFD      DVL               Used for
Stuka test programme at Rechlin
D-IDFF      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IDFF      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IDFG      Heinkel He42            D-IDFG      FFS(See) Stettin

D-IDFP        Fieseler Fi156E-1      WL-IDFP
D-IDFS        Junkers Ju87 V-7 000028      D-IDFS    Junkers     00.03.38

D-IDFY        Gotha Go145       D-IDFY
D-IDGH        Heinkel He100 V-3 1904 D-IDGH 42C+11
      later   to V8
D-IDGJ        Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IDGJ
D-IDGN        Heinkel HE46 C          D-IDGN                     To Hungary
D-IDGU        Arado Ar76 A            D-IDGU
D-IDGV        Gotha Go145       D-IDGV
D-IDHD        Junkers Ju87            D-IDHD
D-IDIE        Heinkel HE51 A-05 1078 D-IDIE
D-IDIF     Klemm KL31 a XIV 539   D-2596 D-IDIF    Sudflug/Munchen
>Westfalische Landeszeintung /Brakel
D-IDIH     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      1660 D-IDIH

D-IDII      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDII
D-IDIJ      Heinkel HE51 A-1        D-IDIJ
D-IDIK      Junkers A35       D-IDIK
D-IDIM      Heinkel HE45            D-IDIM
D-IDIN      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IDIN      DLV >NSFK
D-IDIP      Arado Ar65 E-1          D-IDIP
D-IDIR      Klemm KL36 A XVII 658   D-IDIR      DVS
D-IDIT      Chance-Vought V-85G     1073 D-IDIT       E-stelle Travemunde
D-IDIX      Heinkel HE46            D-IDIX
D-IDJE      Arado Ar66 C            D-IDJE
D-IDJG      Siebel Fh104 A-0        D-IDJG
D-IDJU      Junkers Ju87 V-6 B      000027      D-IDJU      Junkers
D-IDJX      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IDJX
D-IDKF      Arado Ar66        D-IDKF
D-IDKJ      Heinkel HE42 B-07       D-IDKJ
D-IDKL      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDKL
D-IDKO      Heinkel He42            D-IDKO WL-IDKO
D-IDKR      Gotha Go145       D-IDKR
D-IDLC      Gotha Go145       WL-IDLC
D-IDLN      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IDLN
D-IDLO      Heinkel HE51            D-IDLO
D-IDMB      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IDMB
D-IDMC      Klemm KL36        D-IDMC
D-IDMD      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IDMD
D-IDMK      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      733   D-IDMK
D-IDMN      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IDMN
D-IDMO      Heinkel He112 V-3 R     1292 D-IDMO                        Used
for rocket test
D-IDNE      Heinkel HE45            D-IDNE
D-IDNI      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDNI
D-IDNS      Fieseler Fi156          D-IDNS
D-IDOA      Heinkel HE50            D-IDOA
D-IDOI      Heinkel HE50 G          D-IDOI      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IDOJ      Arado Ar66        WL-IDOJ
D-IDOQ      Heinkel He45            D-IDOQ      Aufklarerfliegerschule
D-IDOR      Arado Ar66        D-IDOR
D-IDOR      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      684   D-IDOR
D-IDOS      Arado Ar66 C            D-IDOS      FFS Halberstadt >DVS

D-IDOT      Heinkel HE45 D         D-IDOT      DVL
D-IDOT      Heinkel HE51 C         D-IDOT
D-IDOX      Heinkel HE46 D         D-IDOX      Aufkl.Gruppe 114

D-IDOY      Heinkel HE45 D          D-IDOY     DVL
D-IDPA      Arado Ar76 1399   D-IDPA                       [also quoted as
c/n 1388]
D-IDPY     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IDPY
D-IDQA     Arado Ar66        D-IDQA
D-IDQE     Heinkel He72            D-IDQE
D-IDQF     Arado Ar66        D-IDQF
D-IDQN     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IDQN
D-IDRE     Heinkel HE50            D-IDRE
D-IDSA     Arado Ar66 C            D-IDSA
D-IDTA     Klemm KL36 B V-7 1018 D-IDTA
D-IDTE     Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha137 V6      19    D-IDTE        Blohm und
Voss             Crashed 7.37 [c/n 193?]
D-IDTG     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDTG
D-IDTN     Messerschmitt Bf108     1569 D-IDTN
D-IDTP     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IDTP
D-IDTQ     Heinkel He42W           WL-IDTQ
D-IDUB     Heinkel HE45            D-IDUB
D-IDUI     Heinkel HE50            D-IDUI      FFs Quakenbruck

D-IDUK     Albatros L81      10164 D-2198 D-IDUK    DVL/Berlin-Staaken
later Rechlin    00.00.31          First aircraft using Elektron metal
D-IDUL     Heinkel HE42 B-10       D-IDUL
D-IDUM     Klemm KL31        D-IDUM
D-IDUN     Arado Ar65        D-IDUN      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IDUO      Heinkel He46            D-IDUO
D-IDUQ      Albatros L102 B   181   D-2708 D-IDUQ    DVS     00.02.34
      Focke-Wulf built
D-IDUR      Arado Ar66 D            D-IDUR     Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-IDUX     Arado Ar64        D-IDUX
D-IDVD     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IDVD     Rochling
D-IDVM     Gotha Go145       D-IDVM
D-IDVP     Gotha Go145       D-IDVP
D-IDVS     Fieseler Fi156 A-0      611   D-IDVS
D-IDVW     Heinkel HE42            D-IDVW      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IDWN     Arado Ar65        D-IDWN
D-IDWN     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IDWN
D-IDWS     Heinkel He114 V-4       D-IDWS
D-IDXA     Arado Ar66C       D-IDXA
D-IDXB     Heinkel HE45            D-IDXB      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IDXG     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-16 C    1775 D-IDXG
D-IDXR     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      713   D-IDXR
D-IDXS     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDXS
D-IDXU     Arado Ar66 C            D-IDXU
D-IDXY     Henschel Hs122          D-IDXY
D-IDYA     Gotha Go145       WL-IDYA
D-IDYB     Gotha Go145 A           D-IDYB
D-IDYD     Junkers Ju87 A    6     D-IDYD
D-IDYH     Heinkel He60 D    667   D-IDYH      FFS Warnemunde

D-IDYI     Arado Ar66         WL-IDYI
D-IDYK     Gotha Go145        D-IDYK     II./St.G.162>     LKS 1

D-IDYL     Arado Ar66 D             D-IDYL     DVL
D-IDYM     Heinkel HD41 a    321   D-1694 D-IDYM     Albatros Flugzeug
Werke-test center Lipetsk Russia
D-IDYP     Albatros L102     176   D-2703 D-IDYP                         [WL-
IDYP reported as Go145]
D-IDYU     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IDYU
D-IDYV     Heinkel HD38            D-IDYV
D-IDYY     Heinkel HE50            D-IDYY
D-IDYZ     Heinkel He60            D-IDYZ
D-IDZG     Fieseler Fi156E-1 4218 WL-IDZG
D-IDZK     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IDZK
D-IDZN     Gotha Go145       D-IDZN
D-IDZQ     Fieseler Fi156 B-0      622   D-IDZQ      Hansa Luftbild

D-IDZU     Arado Ar66         D-IDZU
D-IDZY     Gotha Go145        D-IDZY
D-IDZZ     Gotha Go145        D-IDZZ
D-IEAA     Junkers Ju87 A01   000001      D-IEAA     Junkers       00.08.36

D-IEAB     Junkers Ju87 A02 000002        D-IEAB     Junkers       00.09.37

D-IEAC     Junkers Ju87 A03 000003        D-IEAC     Junkers       00.10.37

D-IEAD     Junkers Ju87 A04 000004        D-IEAD     Junkers       00.11.37

D-IEAE     Junkers Ju87 A05 000005        D-IEAE     Junkers       00.11.37

D-IEAF     Junkers Ju87 A06 000006        D-IEAF     Junkers       00.12.37

D-IEAG     Junkers Ju87 A07 000007        D-IEAG     Junkers       00.12.37

D-IEAH     Junkers Ju87 A08 000008        D-IEAH     Junkers       00.01.37

D-IEAI     Junkers Ju87 A09 000009     D-IEAI        Junkers       00.01.37
           [WL-IEAI reported as Bf108]
D-IEAJ     Junkers Ju87 A10 000010     D-IEAJ        Junkers       00.02.37

D-IEAK     Junkers Ju87 A11 000011     D-IEAK      Junkers         00.02.37
           [WL-IEAK reported as Bf108]
D-IEAL     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1           D-IEAL      DVL

D-IEAN     Gotha Go145        WL-IEAN
D-IEAO     Junkers Ju87A            D-IEAO      E.Stelle Rechlin

D-IEAU     Junkers Ju87 A1    000023      D-IEAU     Junkers       00.04.37

D-IEAV     Messerschmitt Bf108     1549   D-IEAV WL-IEAV

D-IEAY     Messerschmitt Bf109 E F-00     700   D-IEAY

D-IEBG     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IEBG
D-IEBI     Arado Ar76        D-IEBI
D-IEBK     Praga E-241       D-IEBK      NFSK-Motorflugschule Dresden-
D-IEBP     Gotha Go145        D-IEBP
D-IEBU      Heinkel HE42            D-IEBU
D-IECB      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      649   D-IECB
D-IECD      Siebel Fh104 A-0        D-IECD
D-IECH      Siebel Fh104            D-IECH
D-IECK      Messerschmitt Bf109 T         D-IECK
D-IECY      Messerschmitt Bf109 E 1781 D-IECY
D-IEDA      Gotha Go145       D-IEDA                       [or D-IEPA]
D-IEDE      Gotha Go145 A           D-IEDE
D-IEDO      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IEDO
D-IEDW      Heinkel He50C           WL-IEDW
D-IEDZ      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IEDZ
D-IEFC      Heinkel He112 E         D-IEFC
D-IEFH      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      690   D-IEFH
D-IEFR      Junkers Ju87 A          D-IEFR
D-IEGA      Arado Ar66        D-IEGA
D-IEGA      Heinkel HE42            D-IEGA
D-IEGB      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IEGB     DVL
D-IEGO      Arado Ar66 2082 D-IEGO        Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Dortmund
D-IEGO      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IEGO
D-IEGY      Gotha Go145A-1    1145 D-IEGY       3./JG54
D-IEHA      Henschel Hs125 V-1            D-IEHA
D-IEHE      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IEHE
D-IEHI      Gotha Go145       WL-IEHI
D-IEHK      Arado Ar196 V-1 2589 D-IEHK         E-stelle Rechlin
      on floats
D-IEHO      Heinkel HE51      1438 D-IEHO
D-IEHP      Arado Ar66        D-IEHP
D-IEHR      Siebel Fh104            D-IEHR
D-IEHU      Gotha Go145       WL-IEHU
D-IEHX      Gotha Go145       D-IEHX
D-IEHY      Gotha Go145       D-IEHY
D-IEJA      Gotha Go145       D-IEJA
D-IEJA      Heinkel HE50            D-IEJA
D-IEJF      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IEJF
D-IEJO      Arado Ar66        D-IEJO
D-IEJV      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      735   D-IEJV
D-IEKF      Heinkel HE42            D-IEKF      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IEKL      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IEKL
D-IEKS      Messerschmitt Bf109 B-0 V-5 879     D-IEKS
      [See also IIGO -c/n also 320]
D-IEKU      Arado Ar66        WL-IEKU
D-IEKX      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IEKX
D-IEKY      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IEKY
D-IELD      Arado Ar66 C            D-IELD
D-IELE      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IELE
D-IELH      Henschel Hs123A-1       WL-IELH
D-IELK      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IELK
D-IELP      Gotha Go145       WL-IELP
D-IELS      Fieseler Fi156 B-0      620   D-IELS
D-IELU      Arado Ar66        D-IELU
D-IELV      Fiat CR.20        WL-IELV
D-IELX      Junkers Ju87 B-0        D-IELX
D-IELZ      Junkers Ju87 V-9        D-IELZ
D-IEMP     Arado Ar66       D-IEMP
D-IEMW     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IEMW
D-IEMX     Arado Ar197 A-02 3666 D-IEMX TJ+HG       E-stelle Travemunde
D-IENA     Gotha Go145      D-IENA
D-IEND     Arado Ar66       D-IEND
D-IENE     Fieseler Fi156         D-IENE
D-IENE     Focke-Wulf Fw47        D-IENE
D-IEPA     Arado Ar66       D-IEPA
D-IEPQ     Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IEPQ
D-IEQB     Heinkel HE45           D-IEQB      LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-IEQI      Arado Ar66        WL-IEQI
D-IEQJ      Heinkel He60 W          D-IEQJ
D-IEQO      Heinkel He46            D-IEQO
D-IEQR      Gotha Go145       WL-IEQR
D-IEQU      Heinkel He60 D    301   D-IEQU TH+HP      E-stelle Travemunde
                  (Invalid c/n unless Arado)
D-IERE      Bücker Bü131            WL-IERE
D-IERI      Gotha Go145       D-IERI
D-IERL      Heinkel HE51            D-IERL
D-IERY      Arado Ar66        WL-IERY
D-IESH      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IESH
D-IESO      Heinkel HE46            D-IESO
D-IESU      Gotha Go145 A           D-IESU      NSFK
D-IETD      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IETD
D-IETF      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IETF      Likomba Kamerun
D-IETI      Heinkel HE46            D-IETI
D-IETO      Arado Ar66        D-IETO
D-IETQ      Gotha Go145 1437 D-IETQ
D-IETR      Heinkel HE42 D          D-IETR
D-IETU      Arado Ar65        D-IETU
D-IEUB      Junkers Ju87 A    3     D-IEUB
D-IEUC      Arado Ar66        D-IEUC
D-IEUO      Messerschmitt Bf109           WL-IEUO
D-IEUV      Gotha Go145       D-IEUV
D-IEVE      Heinkel He42W           WL-IEVE
D-IEVN      Fieseler Fi156          D-IEVN
D-IEVO      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      715   D-IEVO
D-IEVY      Heinkel He51            D-IEVY
D-IEXA      Arado Ar66 C      1228 D-IEXA IE+XA
D-IEXC      Junkers Ju87 A1 870013        D-IEXC TK+HC      DVL used at
D-IEXE      Arado Ar76 A      1385 D-IEXE
D-IEXM      Heinkel He280 V-4       D-IEXM
D-IEXR      Gotha Go145       WL-IEXR
D-IEXU      Heinkel He42            D-IEXU
D-IEXX      DFS Dfs230 B-1          D-IEXX                        Used for
mistel tests
D-IEYB      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IEYB
D-IEYO      Heinkel HE51            D-IEYO
D-IEZW      Heinkel HE46 C          D-IEZW                        To Hungary
D-IFAF      Heinkel HE46            D-IFAF
D-IFAM      Heinkel HE51            D-IFAM
D-IFAN     Arado Go145       D-IFAN                       ?
D-IFAO     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IFAO
D-IFAR     Heinkel HE45      634   D-IFAR      Aufklarerschule
D-IFAV     Heinkel HE46            D-IFAV
D-IFBA     Blohm und Voss Ha137 A-0      187   D-IFBA     E-stelle Rechlin
D-IFBB     Gotha Go145       WL-IFBB
D-IFBK     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      692   D-IFBK
D-IFBO     Heinkel He60            D-IFBO
D-IFBS     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IFBS
D-IFBU     Heinkel He60            D-IFBU
D-IFCE     Siebel Fh104            D-IFCE
D-IFDA     Gotha Go145       D-IFDA
D-IFEA     Heinkel HE50            D-IFEA      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IFEN     Arado Ar66 C            D-IFEN      DVS
D-IFES     Heinkel He60            D-IFES
D-IFET     Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IFET      DLV >NSFK
D-IFEU     Heinkel HE51            D-IFEU
D-IFEZ     Klemm KL35        D-IFEZ
D-IFFI     Arado Ar66 C            D-IFFI
D-IFGD     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IFGD
D-IFGE     Heinkel HE42            D-IFGE      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IFHD     Arado Ar96 V-2    2068   D-IFHD
D-IFHL     Junkers Ju87A-1          D-IFHL
D-IFHN     Focke Wulf Fw56          D-IFHN      II./St.G.162

D-IFHO     Arado Ar66        D-IFHO
D-IFIL     Heinkel HE45            D-IFIL                        [also
reported as HD38]
D-IFIN     Rumpler C.I       D-IFIN
D-IFIP     Heinkel HE45 D          D-IFIP       Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG

D-IFIR     Klemm KL31        D-IFIR
D-IFIS     Arado Ar66        D-IFIS
D-IFIW     Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IFIW
D-IFJC     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1              D-IFJC     DVL

D-IFJK     Gotha Go145 A          D-IFJK        NSFK
D-IFJV     Gotha Go145      WL-IFJV
D-IFKQ     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-21     1770    D-IFKQ KB+II CE+BN?

D-IFKY     Gotha Go145       WL-IFKY
D-IFLC     Gotha Go145       WL-IFLC
D-IFLI     Heinkel HE46            D-IFLI
D-IFLK     Praga E-210       D-IFLK
D-IFLU     Heinkel He42            WL-IFLU
D-IFLX     Praga E-241       D-IFLX      NFSK
D-IFMA     Gotha Go145       D-IFMA WL-IFMA     2./KG 257> Sch/FAR 52

D-IFMB     Arado Ar66       D-IFMB
D-IFMC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IFMC
D-IFMF       Heinkel HE42 B-08      D-IFMF
D-IFMO       Messerschmitt Bf109 V-11     1012   D-IFMO

D-IFMP      Junkers Ju87 A    4     D-IFMP
D-IFMR      Fieseler Fi156 A-0      616   D-IFMR      Aero Club von
Deutschland             [c/n V4 but B-0 per BV39]
D-IFMS      Fieseler Fi156 B-0      628   D-IFMS
D-IFMT      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IFMT
D-IFMU      Arado Ar66        D-IFMU
D-IFNC      Gotha Go145       WL-IFNC
D-IFNF      Fieseler Fi156 A-0      610   D-IFNF
D-IFNI      Heinkel He60            D-IFNI
D-IFNK      Heinkel HE46            D-IFNK
D-IFNR      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      737   D-IFNR
D-IFNY      Arado Ar66        WL-IFNY
D-IFOB      Arado Ar66        D-IFOB
D-IFOE      Arado Ar65        D-IFOE
D-IFOE      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha137 V-4 (B)       110   D-IFOE NE+AG
      Blohm und Voss                [c/n 183?]
D-IFOF      Arado Ar66        D-IFOF
D-IFOG      Heinkel HE42 B-09       D-IFOG
D-IFON      Heinkel HE46 F          D-IFON
D-IFOO      Heinkel HE51            D-IFOO
D-IFOP      Heinkel HE45            D-IFOP
D-IFOS      Arado Ar66 C            D-IFOS
D-IFOX      Arado Ar66        WL-IFOX
D-IFOZ      Heinkel He45            D-IFOZ
D-IFPC      Fieseler Fi156 A-0      606   D-IFPC
D-IFQO      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IFQO
D-IFRJ      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IFRJ
D-IFRM      Fieseler Fi156 V-4            D-IFRM
D-IFRS      Arado Ar66        WL-IFRS
D-IFRV      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IFRV
D-IFRX      Fieseler Fi156E-1       D-IFRX WL-IFRX
D-IFRY      Fieseler Fi156          D-IFRY
D-IFSA      Heinkel HE46            D-IFSA      fliegergruppe Cottbus
D-IFSE      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IFSE
D-IFSJ      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IFSJ
D-IFSR      Gotha Go145       D-IFSR      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen
D-IFSU      Klemm KL36 B V-3 1019 D-IFSU
D-IFSY      Arado Ar66 C            D-IFSY
D-IFTI      Heinkel HE51 A-2        D-IFTI
D-IFTM      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IFTM
D-IFTU      Gotha Go145       D-IFTU
D-IFU.      Heinkel HE51            D-IFU.
D-IFUA      Heinkel HE42            D-IFUA      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IFUB       Junkers Ju87 A          D-IFUB      DVL             Used for
Stuka test   programme at Rechlin
D-IFUI       Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IFUI
D-IFUM       Heinkel HD45            D-IFUM
D-IFUN       Heinkel HD45            D-IFUN
D-IFUQ       Arado Ar66        D-IFUQ
D-IFUU       Arado Ar65        D-IFUU
D-IFUY      Heinkel HE50            D-IFUY
D-IFVB      Arado Ar66        WL-IFVB
D-IFVI      Heinkel He42            D-IFVI
D-IFVT      Arado Ar68        WL-IFVT
D-IFVW      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IFVW
D-IFVY      Heinkel He60            D-IFVY      Flugsicherungsschiff
Krischan II
D-IFWA      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IFWA      Junkers
D-IFWH      Siebel Fh104            D-IFWH
D-IFWQ      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IFWQ
D-IFWT      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IFWT
D-IFXE      Arado Ar68        D-IFXE
D-IFXY      Arado Ar66        D-IFXY
D-IFYD      Gotha Go145       WL-IFYD
D-IFYH      Albatros L75            D-IFYH
D-IFYK      Fieseler Fi156E-1       WL-IFYK
D-IFYL      Arado Ar66        D-IFYL
D-IFYN      Heinkel HE46      874   D-IFYN      Kampffliegerschule Tutow
D-IFYO      Arado Ar66        D-IFYO      1./KG 257
D-IFYR      Heinkel HE46 D          D-IFYR
D-IFYT      Albatros L75            D-IFYT
D-IFYW      Arado Ar66        D-IFYW
D-IFYX      Arado Ar66        D-IFYX
D-IFYY      Heinkel HE42            D-IFYY      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IFYZ      Arado Ar65        D-IFYZ
D-IFZA      Arado Ar68 1604 D-IFZA
D-IFZY      Arado Ar66        D-IFZY
D-IGAF      Arado Ar65        D-IGAF      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-IGAI      Arado Ar65        D-IGAI
D-IGAK      Messerschmitt Bf108 A         D-IGAK
D-IGAM      Arado Ar66 C      132   D-2789 D-IGAM     DVS
D-IGAP      Arado Ar66        D-IGAP
D-IGAR      Arado Ar66        D-IGAR
D-IGAS      Arado Ar66        D-IGAS
D-IGAU      Heinkel HE51            D-IGAU
D-IGAX      Arado Ar66        D-IGAX
D-IGAZ      Vought V-85G      1072 ?      D-IGAZ      E-stelle Tarnewitz
>DVL Berlin-Adlerhof
D-IGBU      Focke-Wulf A47 D        D-IGBU
D-IGBY      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IGBY
D-IGCC      Gotha Go145 A           D-IGCC
D-IGCO      Heinkel HE46 C          D-IGCO                        To Hungary
D-IGDK      Arado Ar66        D-IGDK
D-IGDK      Junkers Ju87 V-15 321   D-IGDK
D-IGDP      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IGDP
D-IGED      Heinkel He114 V-8       D-IGED
D-IGEG      Arado Ar66        D-IGEG
D-IGEH      Heinkel He60 D    486   D-3128 D-IGEH     FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IGEK      Arado Ar66        D-IGEK
D-IGEN      Klemm KL31 a VII        D-IGEN      I.Lerch /Vahrenwalder Heide
>Missions -Verkehrs Arbeitsgemeinschaft
D-IGEP      Heinkel He60            D-IGEP
D-IGER      Arado Ar66        D-IGER
D-IGER     Junkers A48 >K47 3351 S-80 S-AABW SE-ABW D-IGER        Junkers
>DVS 00.03.34         Crashed 8.35
D-IGEU     Focke-Wulf Fw56 V-5 A-02         D-IGEU

D-IGFC       Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1           D-IGFC

D-IGFD      Caudron C.635 Simoun    8277 D-IGFD SE-AKY
      To Sweden 30.1.42
D-IGFE      Arado Ar66        D-IGFE
D-IGFH      Gotha Go145 A           D-IGFH      Gothaer Waggonfabrik
D-IGFK      Junkers Ju87 B-1 423    D-IGFK      E-stelle Travemunde
D-IGGI      Arado Ar66 C            D-IGGI
D-IGHA      Arado Ar66        D-IGHA
D-IGHE      Arado Ar66        D-IGHE
D-IGHF      Gotha Go145       WL-IGHF
D-IGHH      Gotha Go145       WL-IGHH
D-IGHN      Heinkel He46      367 ? WL-IGHN
D-IGHO      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IGHO
D-IGHQ      Gotha Go145       D-IGHQ
D-IGIL      Arado Ar65 B      77    D-IGIL      RDL E-stelle Staaken
D-IGIM      Arado Ar66 C            D-IGIM      DVL
D-IGIQ      Arado Ar66        D-IGIQ
D-IGIR      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IGIR      E-stelle Rechlin
D-IGIT      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IGIT      DVL
D-IGIU      Gotha Go145       D-IGIU
D-IGIX      Arado Ar66        D-IGIX
D-IGJN      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-IGJN
D-IGJU      Arado Ar66        D-IGJU
D-IGKF      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IGKF
D-IGKS      Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3             D-IGKS
D-IGKT      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IGKT
D-IGLI      Fieseler Fi156 V-2      602   D-IGLI            00.00.36

D-IGLM       Messerschmitt Bf109    1772 D-IGLM
D-IGLU       Heinkel HE50 G         D-IGLU
D-IGMD       Messerschmitt Bf109 B-1           D-IGMD
D-IGME       Arado Ar96 V-3   2069   D-IGME    E-stelle Rechlin

D-IGMH       Henschel Hs123          D-IGMH    II./St.G.162

D-IGMS      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IGMS
D-IGND      Fieseler Fi156 B-0      623   D-IGND
D-IGNE      Arado Ar66 D            D-IGNE
D-IGNO      Arado Ar66        D-IGNO
D-IGNY      Messerschmitt Bf108 B 825     D-IGNY      Aero Club von
Deutschland            [WL-IGNY reported as Ar68]
D-IGOA      Heinkel He46            D-IGOA
D-IGOF      Arado Ar66 C            D-IGOF      FFS B Halberstadt

D-IGOH       Arado Ar66       WL-IGOH
D-IGOK       Arado Ar66       D-IGOK
D-IGOL     Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IGOL     DLV >NSFK
D-IGON     Heinkel HE45            D-IGON
D-IGOQ     Heinkel He60 D   485    D-3124 D-IGOQ    'Condor'

D-IGOR     Arado Ar64 E      74    D-IGOR      RDL Erprob.-stelle. Staaken

D-IGOT     Arado Ar66        D-IGOT
D-IGOX     Albatros L75 b    10135 D-IGOX
D-IGOY     Heinkel HE42            D-IGOY      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IGPI     Blohm und Voss Ha137 B-0      191   D-IGPI

D-IGPT      Heinkel He112           D-IGPT
D-IGPU      Gotha Go145       D-IGPU
D-IGQA      Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-IGQA
D-IGQE      Fieseler Fi156 V-3      603   D-IGQE GM+AI      E-stelle Rechlin
D-IGQO      Focke-Wulf Fw159 V-4          D-IGQO
D-IGQQ      Gotha Go145       D-IGQQ      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen
D-IGQS      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IGQS
D-IGQU      Gotha Go145       D-IGQU
D-IGRE      Fieseler Fi156          D-IGRE
D-IGRM      Arado Ar76 A            D-IGRM
D-IGSA      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IGSA      II./St.G.162
D-IGSF      Fieseler Fi156 A-0      609   D-IGSF TI+HR      E-stelle
D-IGSI      Heinkel He112 V-9 1944 D-IGSI
D-IGSO      Arado Ar66        D-IGSO
D-IGSU      Heinkel HE45            D-IGSU
D-IGTA      Arado Ar66C       D-IGTA
D-IGTB      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IGTB
D-IGUD      Messerschmitt Bf109 F-1       5643 D-IGUD
D-IGUE      Arado Ar65        D-IGUE
D-IGUK      Heinkel HE46            D-IGUK
D-IGUL      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IGUL      Gauleitung Rheinpfalz der
D-IGUM      Arado Ar66        D-IGUM
D-IGUN      DH.84A Dragon > DH.89A Dragon Rapide      6437 HB-AME HB-APE D-
D-IGUP      Arado Ar66C       WL-IGUP
D-IGUR      Heinkel HE45 D          D-IGUR      Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG
D-IGUS      Heinkel He60            D-IGUS
D-IGUT      Heinkel HE45 B    395   D-2406 D-IGUT     RDL Erprob.-
Stelle./Staaken >DVS
D-IGUV      Heinkel HE42 C    428   D-2370 D-IGUV     DVS
D-IGUX      Arado Ar66        D-IGUX      1.or 2./KG 257
D-IGUY      Arado Ar66        D-IGUY
D-IGVJ      Arado Ar66        D-IGVJ
D-IGVU      Arado Ar66        D-IGVU
D-IGVX      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IGVX      DVL
D-IGWF      Gotha Go145 D           D-IGWF
D-IGWS      Morane-Saulnier MS.230 e2           D-IGWS
D-IGXR      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IGXR
D-IGXY      Gotha Go145       D-IGXY
D-IGYF      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IGYF      II./St.G.162
D-IGYH      Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IGYH      Deutsche Reich
D-IGYI      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IGYI WL-IGYI
D-IGYK      Heinkel HE46            D-IGYK
D-IGYL      Heinkel He60            D-IGYL
D-IGYO      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IGYO
D-IGYQ      Arado Ar66 C            D-IGYQ      FFS B Halberstadt
D-IGYS      Arado Ar66        D-IGYS
D-IGYU      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IGYU
D-IGYV      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IGYV
D-IGYX      Arado Ar66        D-IGYX
D-IGYY      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IGYY      II./St.G.162
D-IGZB      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IGZB
D-IGZN      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      719   D-IGZN I-ULIA
      To Italy 1.39 as gift for Marescaiallo dell' Aria Balboa
D-IGZU      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IGZU
D-IHAA      Heinkel HE46            D-IHAA
D-IHAM      Heinkel He45            D-IHAM      Aufklarerfliegerschule
D-IHAN      Arado Ar66        D-IHAN
D-IHAO      Heinkel HE51 A-02       D-IHAO
D-IHAP      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IHAP
D-IHAR      Arado Ar66 C            D-IHAR
D-IHAS      Heinkel HE45            D-IHAS
D-IHAV      Klemm KL36 A      659   D-IHAV
D-IHAV      Arado Ar66 V-1    78    D-2335 D-IHAV     RDL Erprob.-
D-IHAX      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IHAX      Hans Schemm/Bayreuth
>Reichsemtsleitung des NS-Lehrerhundes
D-IHBF      Fieseler Fi156A-1       WL-IHBF
D-IHBN      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IHBN      II./St.G.162

D-IHBO       Henschel Hs123 v7 985   D-IHBO                      [or V-5
c/n 796?]
D-IHBX       Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IHBX
D-IHCI       Gotha Go145      D-IHCI
D-IHCO       Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IHCO
D-IHCR       Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      2015 D-IHCR TK+HH      E-stelle
D-IHCX       Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IHCX
D-IHDD       Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IHDD
D-IHDG       Heinkel He114 V-9       D-IHDG
D-IHDI       Henschel Hs123 V-6      797   D-IHDI
D-IHDS       Heinkel He114           D-IHDS
D-IHDU       Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1007 D-IHDU
D-IHEI       Arado Ar65        D-IHEI      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IHEK       Klemm KL36 A     657   D-IHEK      DVS
D-IHES       Arado Ar66 C           D-IHES      DVS
D-IHEV       Arado Ar65       D-IHEV      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen

D-IHEZ       Heinkel He46           D-IHEZ
D-IHFA       Arado Ar66       D-IHFA
D-IHFH       Junkers Ju87 V-10 T    4928 D-IHFH TK+HD      Junkers >DVL -
Travemunde   00.03.38         Used for aircraft carrier tests
D-IHFO     Gotha Go145 A          D-IHFO      DVL
D-IHFR     Fieseler Fi156C-1      WL-IHFR
D-IHFT     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IHFT
D-IHFY     Henschel Hs123         D-IHFY      II./St.G.162

D-IHGB     Gotha Go145       WL-IHGB
D-IHGE     Heinkel He112 V-2 1291 D-IHGE      E-stelle Travemunde
           [also shown as AHGE]
D-IHGN     Focke Wulf Fw56 2374 D-IHGN
D-IHGO     Arado Ar76 1729 D-IHGO                        [also shown as
D-IHGU     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IHGU
D-IHGW     Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IHGW
D-IHGX     Praga E-241      D-IHGX      NSFK-Schule Gelsenkirchen Baer

D-IHHB     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-6      880   D-IHHB

D-IHHI     Heinkel He51           D-IHHI
D-IHHQ     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     696   D-IHHQ
D-IHHU     Arado Ar66       WL-IHHU
D-IHIF     Heinkel HE51 C         D-IHIF
D-IHIM     Arado Ar66 C           D-IHIM      FFS B Halberstadt

D-IHIP      Arado Ar66       D-IHIP
D-IHIS      Arado Ar66       D-IHIS
D-IHIT      Heinkel HE45     300   D-IHIT     E-stelle Rechlin
      (Invalid c/n unless Arado)
D-IHIV      Arado Ar66 E     307   D-IHIV     Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-IHIX     Heinkel HE46 D         D-IHIX      Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
D-IHIZ     Klemm KL31 a XIV       D-IHIZ      DVL
D-IHJE     Henschel Hs123         WL-IHJE
D-IHJH     Junkers Ju87V10        D-IHJH
D-IHKD     Arado Ar66 C           D-IHKD
D-IHKI     Henschel Hs123         D-IHKI      II./St.G.162

D-IHKL     Heinkel HE51           D-IHKL
D-IHKT     Fieseler Fi156 A-0     607   D-IHKT
D-IHKV     Fieseler Fi156 B-0     621   D-IHKV WL-IHKV

D-IHLA     Heinkel HE42           D-IHLA
D-IHLB     Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IHLB
D-IHLD     Latecoere 298          D-IHLD      E-stelle Travemunde

D-IHLE     Heinkel HE46            D-IHLE
D-IHLI     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1            D-IHLI     Rhenania Ossag
Mineralolwerke /Fuhlsbuttel
D-IHLO     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IHLO
D-IHMA     Henschel Hs122          D-IHMA
D-IHMB     Arado Ar66 C            D-IHMB                         [WL-IHMB
reported as Go145]
D-IHMZ     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IHMZ
D-IHNA     Arado Ar66        D-IHNA
D-IHNC      Gotha Go145 A           D-IHNC
D-IHNV      Gotha Go145       WL-IHNV
D-IHNY      Messerschmitt Bf109 A 810     D-IHNY
D-IHOF      Heinkel HE45 E          D-IHOF      Jagdfliegerschule
Schleissheim >DVS
D-IHOH      Heinkel He60 V-4        D-IHOH
D-IHOO      Arado Ar65        D-IHOO      DVL Adlershof
D-IHOQ      Heinkel He60            D-IHOQ
D-IHOT      Huffer H9         D-IHOT                       Fokker D VII
D-IHOZ      Arado Ar66        D-IHOZ
D-IHPE      Gotha Go145       D-IHPE
D-IHPF      Arado Ar66        D-IHPF
D-IHPI      Gotha Go145       D-IHPI
D-IHQI      Arado Ar196 V-2 2590 D-IHQI
D-IHQZ      Gotha Go145 A           D-IHQZ      NSFK
D-IHRC      Fieseler Fi156 B-0      627   D-IHRC
D-IHRD      Gotha Go145 A           D-IHRD
D-IHRE      Heinkel HE45            D-IHRE
D-IHRF      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IHRF
D-IHRU      Arado Ar66        D-IHRU
D-IHRW      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IHRW
D-IHSA      Arado Ar66        D-IHSA      Grosse Kampffliegerschule 1
D-IHSO      Arado Ar66        D-IHSO
D-IHSW      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      4240 D-IHSW WL-IHSW
D-IHTR      Messerschmitt Bf108B-1 2090 D-IHTR
D-IHUF      Heinkel HE46            D-IHUF
D-IHUH      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IHUH      DLV >NSFK
      [also Junkers Ju87 c/n 4928]
D-IHUK      Gotha Go145       WL-IHUK
D-IHUS      Arado Ar66        D-IHUS      Aufklarerfliegerschule Hildesheim
                  Mid air collision with D-EHAV
D-IHUU      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IHUU
D-IHUW      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IHUW
D-IHUX      Heinkel HD38            D-IHUX
D-IHUZ      Arado Ar65        D-IHUZ      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen

D-IHVE     Arado Ar66 C            D-IHVE     Deutsche Reich

D-IHWF     Breda 28         D-IHWF
D-IHWP     Heinkel HE46 C         D-IHWP                        To Hungary
D-IHXO     Heinkel HE50           D-IHXO
D-IHXP     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     721   D-IHXP
D-IHYA     Heinkel He60 E   309   D-IHYA 20+C22 D1+JK?

D-IHYE     Heinkel HE42 B-03       D-IHYE                       on floats
D-IHYH     Arado Ar66        D-IHYH
D-IHYI     Arado Ar66        D-IHYI
D-IHYL     Arado Ar66        D-IHYL
D-IHYM     Heinkel He60 E    496   D-3170 D-IHYM    Seeubungsstaffel
D-IHYP     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IHYP                       [WL-IHYP
reported as Go145]
D-IHYQ     Heinkel He60            D-IHYQ
D-IHYS     Arado Ar66 C            D-IHYS
D-IHYT     Arado Ar66        D-IHYT
D-IHYX     Heinkel HE9       D-IHYX
D-IHZD     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IHZD
D-IHZY     Arado Ar66        WL-IHZY
D-II-1     ? ?         WL-II-1
D-IIAL     Gotha Go145       WL-IIAL
D-IIAO     Gotha Go145 A     1464 D-IIAO TI+HU       E-stelle Travemunde
                 [also as IIAQ]
D-IIAQ     Gotha Go145       D-IIAQ
D-IIAU     Focke-Wulf Fw56 V-4           D-IIAU                       [WL-
IIAU reported as Go145]
D-IIAY     Heinkel HE42            D-IIAY      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IIBA     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-11 (B-08)     808   D-IIBA       E-stelle
D-IIBE     Gotha Go145       D-IIBE
D-IIBY     Heinkel HE42 E          D-IIBY
D-IICM     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IICM
D-IICT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IICT
D-IIDB     Fieseler Fi156C-1 760   WL-IIDB
D-IIDD     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IIDD
D-IIDO     Arado Ar66        D-IIDO
D-IIDY     Heinkel HE46            D-IIDY
D-IIEE     Gotha Go145       WL-IIEE
D-IIFE     Heinkel HE51            D-IIFE
D-IIFI     Heinkel He60            D-IIFI
D-IIGA     Heinkel HE46            D-IIGA      LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-IIGE      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IIGE
D-IIGL      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IIGL
D-IIGO      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-5 (B-02)      879   D-IIGO
            Nowarra says this is D-IEKS
D-IIGR      Messerschmitt Bf109     759   D-IIGR GK+AE
      Used for Mistel-tests [c/n 719?]
D-IIGY      Arado Ar66 C            D-IIGY      DVL
D-IIHD      Junkers Ju87 A          D-IIHD
D-IIII      AVA AF1           D-IIII
D-IIIS      Gotha Go145       WL-IIIS
D-IIJA      Arado Ar76        D-IIJA
D-IIJB      Arado Ar66 C            D-IIJB
D-IIJD      Gotha Go145       D-IIJD
D-IIJY      Arado Ar66        WL-IIJY
D-IIKA      Focke-Wulf Fw56 V-2 A 2008 D-IIKA         Focke-Wulf
Flugzeugbau AG
D-IIKO      Arado Ar66 C            D-IIKO
D-IILC      Gotha Go145       WL-IILC
D-IILU      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-2       759   D-IILU      E-stelle
Travemunde              [IUDE?]
D-IIMD      Fieseler Fi156 B-0      624   D-IIMD
D-IIMS      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IIMS
D-IIMU      Arado Ar66 C            D-IIMU
D-IIMV      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IIMV
D-IINE      Heinkel HE42            D-IINE
D-IINF      Arado Ar66        WL-IINF
D-IIOB      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IIOB
D-IIOD      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IIOD
D-IIOQ      Heinkel HE42            D-IIOQ     FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IIOS      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IIOS
D-IIOY      Heinkel HE46 f         D-IIOY
D-IIPA      Arado Ar65       D-IIPA
D-IIPB      Arado Ar66       D-IIPB
D-IIPI      Arado Ar66       D-IIPI      Fliegerausbildungsstelle
D-IIPU      Arado Ar66       D-IIPU
D-IIPY      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      873   D-IIPY

D-IIRO      Arado Ar65        D-IIROV
D-IISA      Heinkel HE45            D-IISA
D-IISE      Arado Ar197 V-1         D-IISE                     [see ITSE]
D-IISI      Henschel Hs122    645   D-IISI TI+HI    E-stelle Travemunde

D-IIUT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IIUT
D-IIUU     Arado Ar76A       WL-IIUU
D-IIVC     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IIVC
D-IIVI     Gotha Go145       D-IIVI
D-IIVO     Heinkel He42            D-IIVO
D-IIVU     Arado Ar66 C            D-IIVU      DVL
D-IIWS     Gotha Go145       D-IIWS
D-IIXA     Arado Ar76A       WL-IIXA
D-IIXN     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IIXN      II./St.G.162
D-IIZB     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IIZB
D-IIZE     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-2           D-IIZE      Emile
D-IIZO     Heinkel He112 V-5 1951 D-IIZO
D-IJAA     Arado Ar65        D-IJAA      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-IJAC     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IJAC      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IJAE     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IJAE      DVL
D-IJAF     Albatross L-75          D-IJAF
D-IJAH     Heinkel HD22      258   D-1168 D-IJAH     DVS
D-IJAI     Heinkel HE51            D-IJAI
D-IJAL     Arado Ar65        D-IJAL      Jagdflieger Schule Werneuchen
D-IJAN     Heinkel He60            D-IJAN
D-IJAP     Albatros L75            D-IJAP
D-IJAP     Arado Ar66        D-IJAP
D-IJAQ     Heinkel HE46            D-IJAQ
D-IJAS     Gotha Go145       D-IJAS
D-IJAT     Arado Ar66        D-IJAT      Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Darmstadt
D-IJAW     Morane Saulnier MS.230        D-IJAW
D-IJAX     Arado Ar66        D-IJAX
D-IJAX     Heinkel HE46 F-0        D-IJAX      Hansa Luftbild
D-IJAY     Heinkel HE51 A-04 1079 D-IJAY
D-IJBF     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IJBF
D-IJBV     Heinkel HE42            D-IJBV      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IJCU     Gotha Go145       D-IJCU
D-IJDA     Heinkel HE50 G    765   D-IJDA TH+HL      E-stelle Travemunde
D-IJDC     Siebel Fh104            D-IJDC
D-IJDF     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      700   D-IJDF
D-IJDI     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IJDI
D-IJDT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IJDT
D-IJDY     Arado Ar66        D-IJDY
D-IJEF     Focke-Wulf A40    99    D-1908 D-IJEF    RDL Erprob.-stelle.
Staaken Reichsamt fur Flugsicherung Focke-Wulf AG
D-IJEH     Arado Ar66 C            D-IJEH
D-IJEK     Heinkel He45D     596   D-IJEK
D-IJEL     Arado Ar66 C            D-IJEL      DVS
D-IJEL     Gotha Go145       D-IJEL      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IJEN     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IJEN
D-IJEO     Heinkel He46            D-IJEO
D-IJEP     Heinkel HE45            D-IJEP
D-IJEQ     Heinkel HE46            D-IJEQ
D-IJER     Arado Ar66 C      130   D-2787 D-IJER    DVS
D-IJES     BFW M.30          D-IJES      Also reported as M.35
D-IJES     Messerschmitt Bf108 A         D-IJES
D-IJEY     Heinkel HE46 E          D-IJEY      DVL
D-IJFN     Fieseler Fi156 A-0      612   D-IJFN
D-IJFS     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      743   D-IJFS
D-IJFY     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1005 D-IJFY
D-IJGB     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IJGB
D-IJGR     Gotha Go145       D-IJGR
D-IJHA     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-7 (B-04 = C) 881   D-IJHA

D-IJHB      Messerschmitt Bf109           D-IJHB
D-IJHI      Heinkel HE42            D-IJHI
D-IJHR      Fieseler Fi156C-1 4245 WL-IJHR
D-IJHW      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1       37014 D-IJHW AW167 G-AFZO HB-ESM
      German Air Attache                  RAF [c/n 370114 or 3701?]
D-IJIA      Heinkel HE46            D-IJIA
D-IJID      Gotha Go145       D-IJID WL-IJID
D-IJIF      Fieseler Fi97           D-IJIF
D-IJII      Heinkel HE42            D-IJII      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IJIL     Gotha Go145      D-IJIL
D-IJIL     Junkers A20      D-IJIL      DVL   00.05.34
D-IJIP     Fieseler Fi97          D-IJIP
D-IJIP     Klemm KL36 656   D-IJIP      DVS
D-IJIT     Arado Ar66       WL-IJIT
D-IJIX     Arado Ar66       D-IJIX
D-IJIY     Gotha Go145      WL-IJIY
D-IJJA     Heinkel HE46           D-IJJA
D-IJJE     Blohm und Voss Ha137 B-0     194   D-IJJE
D-IJJH     Arado Ar66       D-IJJH
D-IJKI     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IJKI
D-IJLB     Fieseler Fi156 B-0     626   D-IJLB DK+TV
D-IJLP     Focke Wulf Fw56        D-IJLP      1./KG 257
D-IJLU     Arado Ar76A      WL-IJLU
D-IJMA     Arado Ar76 1379 D-IJMA
D-IJMP     Arado Ar96       WL-IJMP
D-IJMW     Junkers Ju87           D-IJMW      II./St.G.162
D-IJNA     Arado Ar66       D-IJNA
D-IJNB     Arado Ar66        D-IJNB
D-IJND     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IJND
D-IJNE     Heinkel HE42 B-05       D-IJNE
D-IJNO     Arado Ar66        WL-IJNO
D-IJNU     Gotha Go145       D-IJNU      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IJOE     Arado Ar65        D-IJOE      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-IJOI     Heinkel HE46            D-IJOI
D-IJOM     Henschel Hs123 A-1            D-IJOM     Hansa Luftbild

D-IJON     Arado Ar66 C             D-IJON     DVL
D-IJOP     Heinkel He46             D-IJOP
D-IJOQ     Heinkel HE42             D-IJOQ     FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IJOR     Gotha Go145         D-IJOR
D-IJOS     Arado Ar66          D-IJOS
D-IJOT     Heinkel He60              D-IJOT
D-IJOY     Arado Ar66          D-IJOY
D-IJOZ     Albatros L78              D-IJOZ    FL.Ub.St Herzogenaurach

D-IJPI     Arado Ar66          WL-IJPI
D-IJRA     Arado Ar66          WL-IJRA
D-IJRE     Heinkel He42              D-IJRE
D-IJRI     Arado Ar76 1738     D-IJRI                     [also quoted as
D-IJSA     Arado Ar66       D-IJSA
D-IJSE     Messerschmitt Bf109 B 1032     D-IJSE                        [or
D-IJSN     Fieseler Fi156 A-0       608   D-IJSN     E-stelle Rechlin

D-IJSO     Henschel Hs123           D-IJSO
D-IJTC     Fieseler Fi156C-1        WL-IJTC
D-IJTE     Focke-Wulf A47 D         D-IJTE     Deutsche Reich

D-IJTJ     Morane Saulnier MS.230        D-IJTJ
D-IJTS     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IJTS
D-IJTU     Arado Ar66        D-IJTU
D-IJTV     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IJTV
D-IJTY     Heinkel He60            D-IJTY
D-IJUA     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IJUA      DVL
D-IJUE     Arado Ar66        D-IJUE
D-IJUH     Klemm KL32        D-IJUH
D-IJUO     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IJUO
D-IJUS     Heinkel HE45 E          D-IJUS      Jagdfliegerschule
Schleissheim >DVS
D-IJVE     Gotha Go145 A           D-IJVE      DVL
D-IJVL     Junkers Ju87 A          D-IJVL
D-IJVN     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IJVN
D-IJVY     Arado Ar66 C            D-IJVY      FFS B Halberstadt
D-IJXA     Heinkel HE46 f          D-IJXA
D-IJXE     Arado Ar66        D-IJXE
D-IJXR     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      725   D-IJXR
D-IJYA     Arado Ar76        D-IJYA
D-IJYD     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IJYD
D-IJYK      Heinkel HE42            D-IJYK      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IJYO      Heinkel He60            D-IJYO
D-IJYP      Focke-Wulf AL102 B            D-IJYP
D-IJYR      Klemm L25 e VII         D-IJYR      DLV
D-IJYR      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IJYR      DLV >NSFK
D-IJYS      Arado Ar66 C            D-IJYS
D-IJYV      Gotha Go145       D-IJYV
D-IJYX      Albatros L75            D-IJYX
D-IJYZ      Heinkel HE45            D-IJYZ
D-IJZS      Fieseler Fi156C-5 4248 WL-IJZS
D-IKAA      Heinkel HE46            D-IKAA
D-IKAC      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-17a B-1 later T     301   D-IKAC TK+HM
      E-stelle Travemunde
D-IKAI      Arado Ar66        D-IKAI
D-IKAL      Arado Ar66 C            D-IKAL
D-IKAO      Heinkel HE46            D-IKAO
D-IKAQ      Heinkel HE9c      328   D-1688 D-IKAQ     Fliegerwaffeschule
D-IKAS      Arado Ar66        WL-IKAS
D-IKAU      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IKAU
D-IKAV      Heinkel He60      380   D-2157 D-IKAV
D-IKAX      Arado Ar66C 484   D-IKAX      Verkehrsfliegerschule Brandis

D-IKBD      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      702   D-IKBD
D-IKBG      Messerschmitt Bf109     301   D-IKBG                     [or
D-IKDG] [WL-IKBG reported as Fi156]
D-IKBO      Heinkel HE51            D-IKBO
D-IKCF      Siebel Fh104 A-0        D-IKCF
D-IKDE      Arado Ar76        D-IKDE
D-IKDI      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IKDI
D-IKDK      Messerschmitt Bf108     2275 D-IKDK TI+EA
D-IKDQ      Siebel Fh104            D-IKDQ
D-IKDV      Albatros L75            D-IKDV
D-IKDY      Heinkel HE45 D          D-IKDY      DVL
D-IKEE      Heinkel HE46            D-IKEE
D-IKEF      Junkers A48 fi >K47     3371 D-2185 SE-ACT D-2185 D-IKEF
      Junkers >AB Flygindustri >RDL -experimental unit Travemunde
D-IKEG      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IKEG
D-IKEI      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IKEI
D-IKEK      Arado Ar66 C            D-IKEK
D-IKEL      Heinkel He45C           D-IKEL
D-IKEP      Junkers A35       D-IKEP
D-IKEQ      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IKEQ
D-IKER      Arado Ar66        D-IKER
D-IKES      Arado Ar66        D-IKES
D-IKET      Klemm KL31 a VII R            D-IKET     NSFK            [as
L31 a VIV in BV]
D-IKEU      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IKEU
D-IKEX      Arado Ar66 C            D-IKEX      NSFK
D-IKEY      Focke Wulf Fw56A-1            WL-IKEY
D-IKEZ      Heinkel HE45 C          D-IKEZ
D-IKFA      Arado Ar66        D-IKFA
D-IKFF      Gotha Go145       WL-IKFF
D-IKFN     Gotha Go145      WL-IKFN
D-IKHA     Henschel Hs123 A-0     788    D-IKHA     E-stelle Rechlin

D-IKHM     Albatros L75            D-IKHM
D-IKHU     Heinkel He46            D-IKHU
D-IKHW     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IKHW
D-IKHY     Heinkel He42W           WL-IKHY
D-IKIE     Heinkel He50            D-IKIE
D-IKIF     Heinkel He46            D-IKIF
D-IKII     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IKII
D-IKIK     Heinkel He112 V-7 1953 D-IKIK
D-IKIK     Heinkel HD30      405   D-2267 D-IKIK
D-IKIL     Arado Ar66        D-IKIL
D-IKIN     Arado Ar68 a V-1 99     D-IKIN
D-IKIR     Albatros L75            D-IKIR
D-IKIT     Heinkel He63 A    401   D-2219 D-IKIT     DVS
D-IKIX     Heinkel HE45 B    393   D-2245 D-IKIX     DVS
D-IKJJ     KLemm KL35        D-IKJJ
D-IKJV     Gotha Go145       WL-IKJV
D-IKKD     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IKKD
D-IKKE     Arado Ar66        D-IKKE
D-IKKF     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IKKF
D-IKKO     Arado Ar66 C            D-IKKO
D-IKLU     Arado Ar66 C            D-IKLU      DVL
D-IKLY     Henschel Hs123          D-IKLY      II./St.G.162

D-IKMC      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IKMC
D-IKME      Arado Ar66        D-IKME
D-IKMI      Arado Ar66        D-IKMI
D-IKNI      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IKNI
D-IKNI      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IKNI      Gerd Achelis
D-IKNM      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IKNM
D-IKO.      Heinkel HE46            D-IKO.
D-IKOA      Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IKOA                       [WL-IKOA
reported as Ar66]
D-IKOE      Arado Ar66        D-IKOE
D-IKOK      Albatros L75 f          D-IKOK
D-IKON      Arado Ar66        D-IKON
D-IKOT      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IKOT
D-IKOU      Henschel Hs123 V-3      267   D-IKOU
D-IKOV      Arado Ar66        D-IKOV
D-IKOX      Arado Ar66 C            D-IKOX
D-IKOY      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IKOY      DVL
D-IKOZ      Arado Ar66        D-IKOZ
D-IKQA      Arado Ar66 C            D-IKQA
D-IKQD      Fieseler Fi156 A-0      613   D-IKQD           00.00.39
D-IKQE      Arado Ar66        D-IKQE
D-IKQR      Fieseler Fi156 D-0            D-IKQR
D-IKRK      Messerschmitt Bf108B-1 2275 D-IKRK
D-IKRU      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IKRU
D-IKSN      Siebel Fh104            D-IKSN
D-IKSU      Arado Ar66 C            D-IKSU
D-IKSW      Henschel Hs123    968   D-IKSW
D-IKTB     Gotha Go145       WL-IKTB
D-IKTE     Heinkel HE50            D-IKTE     FFS B Halberstadt
D-IKUF     Heinkel HE46      873   D-IKUF     Kampffliegerschule Tutow

D-IKUJ      Fieseler Fi156         WL-IKUJ
D-IKUM      Albatros L75           D-IKUM
D-IKUN      Heinkel He45B          D-IKUN
D-IKUP      Heinkel HE45           D-IKUP
D-IKUS      Gotha Go145      D-IKUS
D-IKUX      Heinkel He60           D-IKUX
D-IKUZ      Heinkel He60           D-IKUZ
D-IKVI      Arado Ar66       D-IKVI
D-IKVN      Fieseler Fi156 B-0     625   D-IKVN      Fieseler
D-IKWE      Caudron C.635 Simoun   7821 D-IKWE SE-ALH
      To Sweden 20.1.43
D-IKXA      Focke-Wulf Fw56 1371 D-IKXA
D-IKXK      Praga E-241      D-IKXK
D-IKXO      Arado Ar66       D-IKXO or D-IKYO
D-IKYC      Heinkel HE46 C         D-IKYC                        To Hungary
D-IKYH      Arado Ar66 C           D-IKYH
D-IKYL      Albatros L75           D-IKYL
D-IKYM      Klemm KL36 XII   720   D-IKYM      DVS
D-IKYX      Heinkel HE45           D-IKYX
D-IKYZ      Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IKYZ
D-ILAA      Focke Wulf Fw56        WL-ILAA
D-ILAB      Gotha Go145      D-ILAB
D-ILAE      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1          D-ILAE
D-ILAF      Heinkel He46           D-ILAF      [also reported as Arado
D-ILAG      Gotha Go145      WL-ILAG
D-ILAM      Heinkel HE45           D-ILAM
D-ILAN      Arado Ar66       D-ILAN
D-ILAO      Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-ILAO
D-ILAP      Heinkel He51           D-ILAP
D-ILAQ      Gotha Go145      WL-ILAQ
D-ILAR      Focke-Wulf Fw56 V-3 A-0            D-ILAR      E-stelle Rechlin
D-ILAT      Heinkel HE45           D-ILAT
D-ILAW      Focke Wulf Fw56        D-ILAW
D-ILAY      Heinkel HE50 G         D-ILAY
D-ILBA      Focke-Wulf A47 D       D-ILBA      Deutsche Reich
D-ILBO      Heinkel He60           D-ILBO
D-ILDR      Arado Ar66       D-ILDR
D-ILDY      Gotha Go145      D-ILDY
D-ILEF      Heinkel HE45           D-ILEF
D-ILEH      Heinkel HE42           D-ILEH      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-ILEK     Junkers A20 865   D-ILEK
D-ILEQ     Arado Ar66        WL-ILEQ
D-ILES     Albatros L75            D-ILES
D-ILEU     Heinkel HD41 > HE45 a 364     D-2064 D-ILEU    DVL RDL Erprob.-
Stelle./Staaken >DVS test center In Russia Lipetsk '64'              [WL-
ILEU reported as Go145]
D-ILEV     Arado Ar66        D-ILEV                       [Or He72]
D-ILEX      Junkers Ju87 A          D-ILEX      DVL               Used for
Stuka test programme at Rechlin
D-ILEY      Heinkel HE45 D          D-ILEY      DVL
D-ILFD      Arado Ar66        D-ILFD
D-ILFI      Heinkel HE50            D-ILFI      Jagdfliegerschule
D-ILFK      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-ILFK
D-ILFR      Siebel Fh104            D-ILFR RJ+AP
D-ILGC      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      663   D-ILGC
D-ILGM      Junkers Ju87 V-11 T     4929 D-ILGM       Junkers - used for
aircraft carrier tests 00.05.39
D-ILGR      Fieseler Fi156C-1 747   WL-ILGR
D-ILGY      Heinkel HE51 V-7 A-01 1485 D-ILGY
D-ILHA      Heinkel HE42            D-ILHA
D-ILHE      Heinkel HE46 e          D-ILHE
D-ILHO      Arado Ar76        D-ILHO
D-ILIA      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ILIA
D-ILIK      Klemm KL32        D-ILIK                        [WL-ILIK
reported as Ar66]
D-ILIO      Heinkel HE50            D-ILIO      Jagdfliegerschule-
D-ILIP      Klemm L25 e VII         D-ILIP      DLV
D-ILIP      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-ILIP      DLV >NSFK
D-ILIQ      Heinkel HE9c > 9d 331   D-1691 D-ILIQ     floatplane. DVS
D-ILIS      Heinkel He45            D-ILIS
D-ILIT      Messerschmitt Bf108 A         D-ILIT      DVS
D-ILJY      Gotha Go145       D-ILJY      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ILKA      Arado Ar66        D-ILKA
D-ILKG      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ILKG
D-ILKO      Arado Ar66        D-ILKO
D-ILKY      Gotha Go145       D-ILKY      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ILLB      Messerschmitt Bf109 B 302     D-ILLB
D-ILLC      Gotha Go145       D-ILLC
D-ILLD      Gotha Go145 A           D-ILLD
D-ILLO      Arado Ar66        D-ILLO
D-ILLY      Gotha Go145       WL-ILLY
D-ILMA      Heinkel HE49            D-ILMA
D-ILMD      Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-ILMD
D-ILMU      Arado Ar66C       WL-ILMU
D-ILNI      Heinkel HE50            D-ILNI
D-ILNR      Heinkel HE42            D-ILNR      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-ILOB      Gotha Go145       WL-ILOB
D-ILOE      Heinkel He46            D-ILOE
D-ILOF      Arado Ar65        D-ILOF      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen

D-ILOH     Arado Ar80 V-1          D-ILOH
D-ILOI     Arado Ar65        D-ILOI      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-ILOK     Arado Ar66        D-ILOK
D-ILOP     Arado Ar68        D-ILOP
D-ILOS     Heinkel he45            D-ILOS
D-ILOT     Heinkel He60            D-ILOT
D-ILPC     Gotha Go146       D-ILPC
D-ILPH     Gotha Go145      D-ILPH      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen

D-ILPU      Gotha Go145      D-ILPU      Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Bremen-
D-ILPY      Gotha Go145      D-ILPY
D-ILQO      Arado Ar66C      WL-ILQO
D-ILRE      Arado Ar196 V-3 2591 D-ILRE TJ+HF
      [also wnr2959 Central float]
D-ILRO      Heinkel He60 C         D-ILRO
D-ILSA      Focke Wulf Fw56        D-ILSA
D-ILTO      Gotha Go145      D-ILTO
D-ILTY      Focke Wulf Fw56        WL-ILTY
D-ILUA      Henschel Hs123 V-2     265   D-ILUA
      [also shown as V-3]
D-ILUD      Gotha Go145 A          D-ILUD
D-ILUI      Heinkel HE46           D-ILUI
D-ILUN      Arado Ar65       D-ILUN
D-ILUO      Heinkel HE46 D         D-ILUO
D-ILUP      Arado Ar76       D-ILUP
D-ILUQ      Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-ILUQ
D-ILUS      Junkers A48 K47 3372 D-ILUS
D-ILUT      Heinkel HE46           D-ILUT
D-ILUU      Arado Ar65       D-ILUU
D-ILUX      Heinkel He60           D-ILUX
D-ILVY      Henschel Hs123   2331 D-ILVY
D-ILXA      Arado Ar66       D-ILXA
D-ILXE      Gotha Go145      D-ILXE
D-ILXL      Henschel Hs123   2259 D-ILXL
D-ILYL      Arado Ar65       D-ILYL      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-ILYM     Heinkel HE45 B   397   D-2407 D-ILYM     RDL Erprob.-
Stelle./Staaken >DVS
D-ILYO     Heinkel HE46           D-ILYO
D-ILYP     Heinkel HE45           D-ILYP
D-ILYU     Heinkel HE51           D-ILYU
D-ILYZ     Arado Ar65       D-ILYZ      Jagdflieger Schule Werneuchen

D-ILZD     Heinkel HE46      1719 D-ILZD
D-ILZO     Arado Ar66        D-ILZO
D-ILZY     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1004 D-ILZY
D-IMA.     Heinkel HE51            D-IMA.                       [A-0?]
D-IMAA     Heinkel HE50 A          D-IMAA
D-IMAE     Heinkel HE46            D-IMAE
D-IMAI     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IMAI
D-IMAI     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IMAI      DVL
D-IMAK     Albatros L102 B         D-IMAK
D-IMAM     Gotha Go145       D-IMAM
D-IMAN     Fieseler Fi156 A-0      615   D-IMAN
D-IMAP     Arado Ar65        D-IMAP      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-IMAV     Klemm L25 e VII         D-IMAV      DLV
D-IMAV     Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-IMAV      DLV >NSFK
D-IMAY     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IMAY
D-IMBA     Arado Ar66        WL-IMBA
D-IMBB     Fieseler Fi156 A-0      614   D-IMBB
D-IMCH       Siebel Fh104 V-2        D-IMCH
D-IMDE       Arado Ar66        D-IMDE
D-IMDO       Arado Ar66 C            D-IMDO      DLV >NSFK
D-IMDY       Focke Wulf Fw44E        D-IMDY
D-IMEB       Focke Wulf Fw56B 2373 D-IMEB        II./St.G.162
D-IMEE       Heinkel HE42            D-IMEE
D-IMEH       Gotha Go145 210   D-IMEH TI+HV      E-stelle Travemunde
D-IMEM       Arado Ar80 V-4          D-IMEM
D-IMEP       Arado Ar65        D-IMEP      Jagdflieger Schule Werneuchen
D-IMEQ       Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IMEQ      Friedrich Krupp/Essen

D-IMEQ       Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IMEQ

D-IMEX       Arado Ar66 C            D-IMEX
D-IMFI       Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IMFI
D-IMFR       Fieseler Fi156 B-0      616   D-IMFR
D-IMFV       Junkers Ju87 A          D-IMFV      DVL             Used for
Stuka test   programme at Rechlin
D-IMGA       Arado Ar66        D-IMGA
D-IMGD       Focke-Wulf Fw62 V-4     2065 D-OMCR D-IMGD     E-stelle
D-IMGH       Arado Ar66        D-IMGH
D-IMGO       Gotha Go145       D-IMGO
D-IMHA       Arado Ar76        D-IMHA
D-IMHY       Arado Ar66        WL-IMHY
D-IMIF       Arado Ar66C       WL-IMIF
D-IMIM       Klemm KL31        D-IMIM
D-IMIN       Arado Ar66        D-IMIN
D-IMIP       Heinkel HE51 A-07       D-IMIP
D-IMIR       Heinkel HE45            D-IMIR
D-IMIS       Arado Ar66        D-IMIS
D-IMIT       Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IMIT
D-IMIU       Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IMIU
D-IMIV       Albatros AL101          D-IMIV      Schule nr 139 Fliegerschule
D-IMIX       Arado Ar66 C      133   D-2790 D-IMIX    DVS
D-IMJN       Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IMJN
D-IMJW       Junkers Ju87 A1         D-IMJW
D-IMJX       Arado Ar66        WL-IMJX
D-IMKO       Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IMKO
D-IMKT       Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IMKT
D-IMKY       Arado Ar66C       WL-IMKY
D-IMLA       Arado Ar66 C            D-IMLA
D-IMLU       Gotha Go145       D-IMLU
D-IMMA       Heinkel HE50 B          D-IMMA
D-IMNC       Gotha Go145       D-IMNC
D-IMNG       Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IMNG
D-IMNI       Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IMNI
D-IMNL       Fieseler Fi156 D-0      740   D-IMNL
D-IMNR       Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IMNR
D-IMNS       Fieseler Fi156 C-1      706   D-IMNS
D-IMOE       Heinkel HE50 B          D-IMOE
D-IMOH       Siebel Fh104            D-IMOH
D-IMOI       Heinkel HE51            D-IMOI
D-IMOO     Henschel Hs123          D-IMOO
D-IMOQ     Arado Ar66        D-IMOQ
D-IMOR     Arado Ar66 C            D-IMOR      NSFK                [also said
to be Heinkel HD66 c/n 222 cv ex HD25]
D-IMOS     Junkers A35       D-IMOS      DVL   00.09.34
D-IMOT     Arado Ar66 C            D-IMOT      FFS B Halberstadt

D-IMOV     Arado Ar66        D-IMOV
D-IMPA     Arado Ar66C       WL-IMPA
D-IMPI     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IMPI
D-IMPP     Arado Ar68 C            D-IMPP
D-IMPR     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      4267 D-IMPR
D-IMPW     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IMPW
D-IMPY     Heinkel He42W           WL-IMPY
D-IMQE     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-8 (B-05 = C) 882    D-IMQE
D-IMRE     Heinkel HE46            D-IMRE
D-IMRF     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IMRF
D-IMRR     Gotha Go145A            WL-IMRR
D-IMRY     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 994     D-IMRY
D-IMSI     Gotha Go145       D-IMSI
D-IMSY     Messerschmitt Bf109     1013 D-IMSY
D-IMTB     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IMTB
D-IMTO     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IMTO
D-IMTQ     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IMTQ
D-IMTT     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IMTT      Willi
D-IMTY     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1000 D-IMTY
D-IMUA     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IMUA      II./St.G.162
D-IMUE     Arado Ar76        D-IMUE      FFS B Halberstadt
D-IMUF     Heinkel He60            D-IMUF
D-IMUH     Heinkel He45            D-IMUH
D-IMUK     Junkers A35 886   D-356 D-IMUK      DVL >DLH
D-IMUN     Arado Ar66        D-IMUN
D-IMUP     Albatros L75            D-IMUP
D-IMUS     Heinkel He45            D-IMUS
D-IMUT     Messerschmitt Bf108 A         D-IMUT      BFW
D-IMUV     Arado Ar66        D-IMUV
D-IMUX     Arado Ar66        WL-IMUX
D-IMVA     Gotha Go145       D-IMVA
D-IMVG     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IMVG
D-IMVQ     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IMVQ
D-IMXA     Messerschmitt Bf108 B         D-IMXA      Elly Rosemeyer-
Beinhorn /Berlin
D-IMXO     Arado Ar66        D-IMXO
D-IMXY     Arado Ar66        D-IMXY
D-IMYC     Heinkel He112 E         D-IMYC
D-IMYE     Arado Ar66        D-IMYE
D-IMYF     Arado Ar64        D-IMYF
D-IMYH     Heinkel HE42            D-IMYH
D-IMYK     Arado Ar68        D-IMYK
D-IMYO     Heinkel HE51            D-IMYO
D-IMYR     Heinkel HE42 B-01       D-IMYR
D-IMYS     Arado Ar66 C            D-IMYS
D-IMYX     Heinkel He60            D-IMYX
D-IMZU     Arado Ar66        D-IMZU      FFS B Bremen
D-IN.K     Klemm KL35 B W          D-IN.K
D-INAF     Heinkel HE45            D-INAF
D-INAI     Heinkel HE50            D-INAI
D-INAO     Heinkel HE50 G          D-INAO
D-INAP     Arado Ar66        D-INAP
D-INAQ     Arado Ar65        D-INAQ      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen
D-INAS     Heinkel HE42 E          D-INAS      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-INAV     Albatros L75 d    10182 D-1998 D-INAV     DVL RDL Erprob.-
stelle. Staaken
D-INAX     Albatros L75 f          D-INAX      FFS B Halberstadt
D-INAY     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-INAY
D-INBC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      629   D-INBC TI+HS      E-stelle
D-INBF     Junkers Ju87            D-INBF
D-INBH     Henschel Hs126          D-INBH
D-INBP     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INBP
D-INBT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INBT
D-INBU     Arado Ar68        D-INBU
D-INCE     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-INCE
D-INCN     Arado Ar196 B-0 2519 D-INCN
D-INCR     Focke-Wulf Cierva C.30        D-INCR      DVL
D-INDA     Gotha Go145       D-INDA
D-INDC     Fieseler Fi156          D-INDC
D-INDG     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INDG
D-INDL     Arado Ar195       D-INDL
D-INDO     Arado Ar96 b            D-INDO
D-INDQ     Arado Ar96 V-5    2071 D-INDQ
D-INDS     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-INDS
D-INEI     Arado Ar76 A            D-INEI
D-INEK     Arado Ar66        WL-INEK
D-INEN     Arado Ar66        D-INEN
D-INEP     Heinkel HE51            D-INEP
D-INES     Arado Ar66        D-INES
D-INEV     Heinkel HE42            D-INEV      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-INEX     Arado Ar66 C            D-INEX
D-INEX     DLFW D VIIIa            D-INEX      Luftsportverein Ruhrgan

D-INEY     Arado Ar66        D-INEY
D-INEZ     Dornier Do12      235   D-INEZ      MIVA >DFS used for towing
trials at Bodensee towing the Seeadler 00.06.32
D-INFA     Arado Ar76        D-INFA
D-INFC     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INFC
D-INFE     Gotha Go145       WL-INFE
D-INFI     Heinkel He60            D-INFI
D-INFR     Junkers Ju87 V-21       D-INFR                       [WL-INFR
reported as Fi156]
D-INFY     Heinkel He60            D-INFY
D-INGA     Focke-Wulf Fw159 V-2    933   D-INGA      E-stelle Travemunde

D-INHR     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      1617   D-INHR TK+HJ     E-stelle
D-INHT     Gotha Go145 A          D-INHT
D-INIE     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-INIE     DVL
D-INIH     Heinkel HE45            D-INIH
D-ININ     Gotha Go145       D-ININ
D-INIO     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-INIO GM+AQ
D-INIX     Arado Ar66        D-INIX
D-INIY     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-INIY
D-INJA     Heinkel HE51 B-2        D-INJA
D-INJO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1            D-INJO     Deutsche
D-INJQ     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INJQ
D-INJR     Messerschmitt Me209 V-1       1185 D-INJR

D-INKA     Arado Ar66 C            D-INKA
D-INKD     Breda 28          D-INKD
D-INKH     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-INKH
D-INKT     Fieseler Fi156C-1 665   WL-INKT
D-INKU     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-INKU
D-INKY     Albatros L84      279   D-INKY ?                     Focke-Wulf
D-INKY     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      850   D-INKY     NSFK

D-INMI     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-INMI
D-INMR     Breda 28          D-INMR
D-INMU     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1 s           D-INMU     Brandenburgische
D-INMY     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-INMY
D-INNE     Gotha Go145       D-INNE      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-INNU     Arado Ar66        D-INNU
D-INOB     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INOB
D-INOE     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-INOE      DVL
D-INOF     Albatros L84            D-INOF
D-INOF     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-INOF
D-INOP     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INOP
D-INOQ     Klemm L25 e VII         D-INOQ      DLV
D-INOQ     Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-INOQ      DLV >NSFK
D-INOT     Arado Ar66 C            D-INOT      FFS B Halberstadt

D-INOV     Heinkel He45            D-INOV
D-INOX     Heinkel HE50 F          D-INOX
D-INOY     Arado Ar66        D-INOY
D-INOZ     Gotha Go145       D-INOZ
D-INPC     Fieseler Fi156 A-1            D-INPC
D-INPE     Heinkel HE42            D-INPE
D-INQA     Heinkel He60 C          D-INQA
D-INRA     Henschel Hs123 V-5      769   D-INRA                      [or
c/n 796]
D-INRF     Junkers Ju87 V-19 870536      D-INRF                      Also
reported as V21
D-INRT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-INRT
D-INSA     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-INSA
D-INSO     Heinkel He42W           WL-INSO
D-INSW     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-INSW
D-INTE     Arado Ar76        D-INTE
D-INTJ     Siebel Fh104 K          D-INTJ
D-INU Focke-Wulf Fw56          D-INU
D-INUH      Arado Ar66 C             D-INUH
D-INUI      Arado Ar66         D-INUI
D-INUO      Heinkel HE42             D-INUO       FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-INUP     Arado Ar65          D-INUP
D-INUP     Caproni Ca.113            D-INUP       Fl.Ub.stelle Essen

D-INUS     Gotha   Go145       D-INUS
D-INUT     Gotha   Go145       D-INUT                        [also Junkers
K47 c/n 3362]
D-INUU     Arado   Ar66       D-INUU
D-INUV     Arado   Ar66       D-INUV
D-INUX     Arado   Ar66       D-INUX
D-INVA     Blohm   und Voss Ha137 B-0       195   D-INVA

D-INVD     Fieseler Fi156C-1           WL-INVD
D-INVI     Henschel Hs123              D-INVI     Henschel Flugzeug Werke AG

D-INVY     Arado Ar66          WL-INVY
D-INWS     Gotha Go145         D-INWS
D-INYC     Heinkel He112 E           D-INYC
D-INYH     Heinkel HD38c       79    D-2289 D-INYH     Arado built. RDL E-
D-INYJ     Focke-Wulf Fw56     822     D-INYJ                      Used to
tests rockets
D-INYK     Albatros L48        278     D-INYK     E-stelle Travemunde

D-INYO     Focke-Wulf Fw56             D-INYO                      Also
Heinkel He51
D-INYP     Focke-Wulf A47 C            D-INYP     Deutsche Reich

D-INYQ     Heinkel HE9       D-INYQ
D-INYR     Heinkel He60            D-INYR
D-INYW     Fieseler Fi156C-1 4258 WL-INYW
D-INYX     Arado Ar66 C      225   D-INYX
D-INZA     Arado Ar76A       WL-INZA
D-INZV     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-INZV
D-INZY     Arado Ar66        D-INZY
D-IOAH     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      644   D-IOAH
D-IOAQ     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IOAQ
D-IOAR     Morane Saulnier MS.230        D-IOAR
D-IOBA     Gotha Go145       D-IOBA
D-IODA     Heinkel HE50            D-IODA
D-IODC     Gotha Go145       D-IODC      FFS B Oldenburg
D-IOEV     Albatros L102           D-IOEV
D-IOFC     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IOFC
D-IOFD     Arado Ar66C       WL-IOFD
D-IOFL     Gotha Go145       WL-IOFL
D-IOFO     Arado Ar66C       WL-IOFO
D-IOGA     Arado Ar66        D-IOGA
D-IOGD     Heinkel He114 V-3|V-4 2255 D-IOGD        E-stelle Rechlin
           on floats
D-IOGG     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IOGG
D-IOGI     Arado Ar66       D-IOGI
D-IOHA     Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IOHA
D-IOHR     Messerschmitt Bf108          WL-IOHR
D-IOHU     Klemm KL36       D-IOHU
D-IOID     Fieseler Fi156 B-0     617   D-IOID      Musterflugzeug c1

D-IOIG     Heinkel HE46           D-IOIG
D-IOIN     Gotha Go145      D-IOIN
D-IOIO     Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IOIO
D-IOIQ     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      2122 D-IOIQ DI+CB       stab Jafu
D-IOIW     Gotha Go145       WL-IOIW
D-IOJI     Henschel Hs123    2317 D-IOJI
D-IOKS     Messerschmitt Bf109 E         D-IOKS
D-IOLB     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IOLB
D-IOLY     Focke-Wulf A47 D        D-IOLY      Deutsche Reich

D-IOMA     Heinkel HE51            D-IOMA
D-IOMC     Gotha Go145       D-IOMC
D-IOME     Arado Ar66 C            D-IOME
D-IOMN     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IOMN
D-IOMY     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1009 D-IOMY
D-IONI     Heinkel HE51 C          D-IONI
D-IONO     Blohm und Voss Ha137          D-IONO
D-IONO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B         D-IONO      BFW
D-IONO     Messerschmitt Bf109 G-0             D-IONO
D-IONR     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IONR
D-IONU     Blohm und Voss Ha137 A-0      188   D-IONU     DVL
D-IONY     Gotha Go145       D-IONY
D-IOOI     Blohm und Voss Bv141          D-IOOI
D-IOOO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IOOO
D-IOPA     Klemm KL36 B V-5 1014 D-IOPA
D-IOPT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IOPT
D-IOQA     Henschel Hs123          D-IOQA
D-IOQI     Gotha Go145       D-IOQI
D-IOQV     Heinkel He60            D-IOQV
D-IOQY     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-3       760   D-IOQY 6-2(EC)
D-IORA     Heinkel HE42            D-IORA      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IORC     Heinkel He112 V-9 2069 D-IORC
D-IOSA     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IOSA
D-IOSO     Arado Ar66        D-IOSO
D-IOSQ     Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-IOSQ
D-IOTB     Fieseler Fi156          D-IOTB
D-IOTE     Heinkel HE46            D-IOTE
D-IOTG     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IOTG
D-IOTR     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IOTR
D-IOTY     Arado Ar66        D-IOTY
D-IOUU     Gotha Go145       D-IOUU
D-IOVF     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IOVF
D-IOVN     Arado Ar66 C            D-IOVN
D-IOVU     Heinkel HE51            D-IOVU
D-IOVY     Heinkel HE42            D-IOVY      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IOXR     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IOXR
D-IOZB     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IOZB
D-IOZN     Gotha Go145       D-IOZN
D-IPAB     Gotha Go145       D-IPAB
D-IPAC     Gotha Go145       WL-IPAC
D-IPAG     Junkers Ju87            D-IPAG
D-IPAI     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1           D-IPAI
D-IPAN     Focke-Wulf Fw58 B       D-IPAN
D-IPAP     Gotha Go145       WL-IPAP
D-IPAS     Arado Ar66        D-IPAS
D-IPAT     Arado Ar66 C            D-IPAT
D-IPAY     Gotha Go145       WL-IPAY
D-IPBG     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      646   D-IPBG
D-IPBN     Arado Ar80 V-2          D-IPBN
D-IPBT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPBT
D-IPCA     Arado Ar197 A-01 3665 D-IPCA TJ+HH        E-stelle Travemunde

D-IPCE      Arado Ar197 V-3 2072 D-IPCE                         [or V-2]
[WL-IPCE reported as Bf108 c/n 30439]
D-IPCN      Henschel Hs123         WL-IPCN
D-IPDB      Arado Ar196 V-5 100090       D-IPDB
      central float [or D-IPOD]
D-IPDE      Fieseler Fi156 C-1     712   D-IPDE
D-IPDY      Gotha Go145      D-IPDY
D-IPEE      Heinkel HE46 D         D-IPEE      DVL
D-IPEF      Arado Ar64 E     73    D-2280 D-IPEF     RDL Erprob.-stelle.
Staaken >DVS Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-IPEN      Heinkel He60           D-IPEN 6O+F95     B.F.Gr.196 Konigsberg

D-IPEO     Heinkel HE51             D-IPEO
D-IPER     Focke Wulf Fw56          D-IPER
D-IPEU     Heinkel HE51             D-IPEU
D-IPEW     Heinkel He114 B-1 2546   D-IPEW TH+HZ     E-stelle Travemunde

D-IPEY     Gotha Go145       D-IPEY
D-IPFC     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IPFC
D-IPFF     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPFF
D-IPFH     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPFH
D-IPFY     Henschel Hs123          D-IPFY      II./St.G.162

D-IPGK     Messerschmitt Bf109B         WL-IPGK
D-IPGR     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     633   D-IPGR
D-IPGS     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-16 (E-04 = E-1)        D-IPGS
D-IPGV     Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3      1946 D-IPGV GH+NU

D-IPGY     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IPGY
D-IPHD     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPHD
D-IPHE     Gotha Go145       D-IPHE
D-IPHF     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPHF
D-IPHO     Gotha Go145       D-IPHO
D-IPHR     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-15 (E-03 = E-1) T 1773   D-IPHR CE+BF

D-IPHU     Henschel Hs123          D-IPHU
D-IPID     Avia B-534        D-IPID
D-IPIF     Heinkel He46            D-IPIF
D-IPIM     Heinkel HE45 B   398    D-2368 D-IPIM     RDL Erprob.-
stelle./Staaken >DVS
D-IPIN     Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IPIN      Deutsche Reich

D-IPIP     Arado Ar66        D-IPIP
D-IPIP     Heinkel HE45            D-IPIP
D-IPJA     Gotha Go145       D-IPJA      DLV Plauen
D-IPJS     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPJS
D-IPKD     Fieseler Fi156C-2 4315 WL-IPKD
D-IPKR     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      674   D-IPKR
D-IPKY     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-13 (B-010 = E-01) 1050    D-IPKY

D-IPLA     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 995     D-IPLA
D-IPLD     Avia B-354       D-IPLD       E-stelle Travemunde

D-IPLO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1       851   D-IPLO

D-IPLU     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-9 (B-06)     883   D-IPLU
           Nowarra says this is V-8 c/n 882 [Or D-IMQE / c/n 1056]
D-IPMC     Avro 626         D-IPMC      NSFK Gruppe 17
D-IPMF     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1            D-IPMF      Deutsche Reich

D-IPMR     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPMR
D-IPMW     Arado Ar66        D-IPMW
D-IPMY     Heinkel He112 V-4 R     1974 D-IPMY                         Used
for rocket test
D-IPNC     Henschel Hs123 A        D-IPNC
D-IPNO     Gotha Go145       D-IPNO                        [WL-IPNO
reported as Henschel Hs123 c/n 2355]
D-IPNU     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IPNU
D-IPOD     Arado Ar196 V-4         D-IPOD                        [see D-
IPDB] Nowarra says V-5
D-IPOF     Arado Ar65        D-IPOF
D-IPOH     Gotha Go145       D-IPOH
D-IPOH     Heinkel He60            D-IPOH
D-IPOI     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IPOI
D-IPOL     Heinkel HE45            D-IPOL
D-IPOO     Arado Ar68        D-IPOO
D-IPOP     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1     2008 D-IPOP TK+HP       E-stelle
D-IPOP     Heinkel He60            D-IPOP
D-IPOS     Junkers A48 fi    3363 D-2532 D-IPOS      Luftwaffe >DVS
           Used at Lipesk mod to single tail aircraft. Crashed 7.35
D-IPOV     Heinkel HE45            D-IPOV
D-IPOZ     Arado Ar66        D-IPOZ
D-IPPA     Gotha Go145       D-IPPA
D-IPPC     Fieseler Fi156C-1 4314 WL-IPPC
D-IPPE     Heinkel He60            D-IPPE
D-IPPY     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IPPY
D-IPQD     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPQD
D-IPQS     Messerschmitt Bf109           D-IPQS
D-IPQU     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IPQU
D-IPRA     Focke-Wulf A47 D        D-IPRA      Deutsche Reich
D-IPRH     Heinkel He46            D-IPRH
D-IPSA      Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1            D-IPSA
D-IPSA      Messerschmitt Bf109 A 10001 D-IPSA
D-IPSE      Heinkel HE50           D-IPSE      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IPTI      Heinkel HE51           D-IPTI
D-IPUK      Arado Ar66 C           D-IPUK
D-IPUL      Heinkel He60           D-IPUL
D-IPUN      Albatros L75 f         D-IPUN
D-IPUS      Fieseler Fi97 as       D-IPUS      DVS
D-IPUU      Arado Ar65       D-IPUU      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IPUW      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IPUW
D-IPUY      Arado Ar66 C           D-IPUY      Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Hamburg-
D-IPVU      Heinkel HE42           D-IPVU
D-IPXI      Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IPXI
D-IPXU      Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IPXU
D-IPYA      Heinkel HE51           D-IPYA
D-IPYF      Heinkel HE9b     325   D-1625 D-IPYF     DVS
D-IPYL      Heinkel HD42 a   333   D-1793 D-IPYL     DVS
D-IPYQ      Heinkel HE45 D   481   D-IPYQ
D-IPYU      Arado Ar66       D-IPYU      Fliegerwaffenschule Tutow

D-IPYV      Heinkel HE9d      101   D-2003 D-IPYV    DVS
      Focke-Wulf built
D-IPZH      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IPZH
D-IPZI      Heinkel He60 V-8 1573 D-IPZI TH+HQ                         on
D-IQAF      Arado Ar76A       WL-IQAF
D-IQAI      Arado Ar65        D-IQAI
D-IQAJ      Henschel Hs126          D-IQAJ                      pull
aircraft for the Fa225 v1
D-IQAO      Arado Ar76        D-IQAO
D-IQAS      Arado Ar66        D-IQAS WL-IQAS
D-IQAV      Heinkel HE46 E    843   D-IQAV     E-stelle Rechlin >DVL

D-IQAY     Arado Ar65        D-IQAY     Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IQAZ     Heinkel HE45 B   400   D-2262 D-IQAZ    DVS >RDL Erprob.-
D-IQBE     Arado Ar66       D-IQBE
D-IQBH     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IQBH
D-IQBR     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1      1913 D-IQBR      E-stelle
D-IQBU     Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IQBU
D-IQCP     Messerschmitt Bf109 E-1/E-7 3285 D-IQCP

D-IQCY     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IQCY
D-IQDF     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IQDF
D-IQDO     Gotha Go145       D-IQDO
D-IQEE     Heinkel HE51 A-01 1046 D-IQEE                       [or A-02]
D-IQEF     Klemm KL32        D-IQEF
D-IQEO     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IQEO                      [or D-
D-IQEP     Junkers Ju87 V-1 4921   D-IQEP                      [Or D-
D-IQES     Heinkel HE45            D-IQES
D-IQEV     Arado Ar66        D-IQEV
D-IQEX     Arado Ar66 C            D-IQEX
D-IQHI     Gotha Go145       D-IQHI
D-IQIA     Heinkel HE46            D-IQIA
D-IQIF     Arado Ar65 411    D-IQIF      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IQIL     Heinkel HD22      252   D-1096 D-IQIL     DVS
D-IQIM     Arado Ar66        D-IQIM
D-IQIN     Arado Ar66        D-IQIN
D-IQIQ     Arado Ar66        D-IQIQ
D-IQIU     Heinkel HE46            D-IQIU
D-IQIW     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IQIW
D-IQIX     Heinkel HE45 D          D-IQIX
D-IQJC     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IQJC
D-IQJG     Breda 28          D-IQJG
D-IQJK     Fieseler Fi156C-2       WL-IQJK
D-IQKE     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IQKE      II./St.G.162
D-IQKK     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IQKK     Argus
D-IQKO     Arado Ar66        WL-IQKO
D-IQKW     Gotha Go145       WL-IQKW
D-IQKX     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      635   D-IQKX
D-IQLI     Arado Ar66 C            D-IQLI      Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH
D-IQLU     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IQLU
D-IQMA     Heinkel He112 V-10      2253 D-IQMA
D-IQMC     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1 s           D-IQMC     Westfalische
Landeszeitung 'Rote Erde'
D-IQMU     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1002 D-IQMU
D-IQND     Fieseler Fi156C-2       WL-IQND
D-IQNY     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IQNY
D-IQOF     Heinkel He60            D-IQOF
D-IQOQ     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IQOQ
D-IQOS     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IQOS
D-IQOU     Heinkel HE51            D-IQOU
D-IQOV     Heinkel He60            D-IQOV
D-IQPG     Siebel Fh104 V-1        D-IQPG      E-stelle Rechlin
D-IQPI     Arado Ar66        D-IQPI
D-IQPY     Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IQPY      II./St.G.162
D-IQQA     Gotha Go145 A     1304 D-IQQA       Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Essen
D-IQQF     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IQQF
D-IQQV     Heinkel He60            D-IQQV
D-IQRO     Arado Ar66        WL-IQRO
D-IQRR     Fieseler Fi156C-2       WL-IQRR
D-IQRS     Heinkel He100 V-7       D-IQRS
D-IQRS     Heinkel He114 V-5 2256 D-IQRS       E-stelle See Travemunde
D-IQSV     Avia B-534 440    D-IQSV TK+HU      E-stelle Travemunde
           [other source says D-IWNF was TK+HU]
D-IQTU     Heinkel HE46 E          D-IQTU      DVL
D-IQUI     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IQUI
D-IQUK   Arado Ar66        D-IQUK
D-IQUL   Junkers A35       D-IQUL
D-IQUO   Arado Ar76        D-IQUO
D-IQUP   Heinkel HE46            D-IQUP
D-IQUT   Heinkel He60            D-IQUT
D-IQUZ   Arado Ar66        D-IQUZ
D-IQVD   Fieseler Fi156C-2       WL-IQVD
D-IQVI   Gotha Go147 V-1         D-IQVI
D-IQVN   Fieseler Fi156 C-1      714   D-IQVN
D-IQVR   Heinkel HE50            D-IQVR
D-IQXA   Heinkel He60            D-IQXA
D-IQXE   Heinkel HE42            D-IQXE      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-IQYF   Arado Ar65       D-IQYF      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IQYI   Focke Wulf Fw56         D-IQYI     II./St.G.162
D-IQYK   Arado Ar66        D-IQYK
D-IQYQ   Heinkel He60            D-IQYQ
D-IQYV   Heinkel HD38 c    389   D-2769 D-IQYV
D-IQYX   Arado Ar66        D-IQYX
D-IQZA   Heinkel He51B-1         WL-IQZA
D-IQZE   Heinkel He112 V-6 B-0 1952 D-IQZE
D-IQZI   Arado Ar66        D-IQZI
D-IQZQ   Fieseler Fi156C-2       WL-IQZQ
D-IRAA   Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IRAA
D-IRAC   Arado Ar66        D-IRAC
D-IRAK   Arado Ar66 C            D-IRAK
D-IRAL   Arado Ar66 412    D-IRAL
D-IRAM   Fieseler F2       D-IRAM
D-IRAM   Heinkel HE50 A          D-IRAM
D-IRAN   Heinkel HE46 D          D-IRAN     Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
D-IRAQ   Heinkel He45M04         D-IRAQ
D-IRAS   Arado Ar76 V-2    364   D-IRAS TI+HX           00.00.35
D-IRBD   Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRBD
D-IRBI   Arado Ar66 C            D-IRBI
D-IRBO   Heinkel HE46            D-IRBO
D-IRBT   Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRBT
D-IRBW   Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3             D-IRBW
D-IRCB   Fieseler Fi156 C-1      676   D-IRCB
D-IRCN   Heinkel He100 V-4 1903 D-IRCN
D-IRCQ   Gotha Go150       D-IRCQ
D-IRCS   Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IRCS
D-IRDB   Messerschmitt Bf109 D         D-IRDB
D-IRDO   Arado Ar66        D-IRDO
D-IRDR   Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IRDR
D-IREA   Henschel Hs123          D-IREA
D-IREB   Messerschmitt Bf109 B 353     D-IREB
D-IREE   Gotha Go145       D-IREE
D-IREF   Arado Ar66 C            D-IREF      FFS B Halberstadt

D-IREH   Heinkel HD49 a   371   D-2363 D-IREH     RDL E-stelle Rechlin
D-IREI     Heinkel HE51 A-09       D-IREI                           A-06 per
D-IREK     Heinkel He45            D-IREK
D-IREL     Heinkel HE51            D-IREL
D-IREM     Gotha Go145       D-IREM
D-IRER     Klemm L20 b I           D-IRER                           [WL-IRER
reported as Ar66]
D-IRES     Arado Ar66 C            D-IRES
D-IRES     Junkers A48dy     3365 D-2012 D-IRES
D-IRET     Heinkel He45            D-IRET
D-IREU     Arado Ar64        D-IREU
D-IREX     Heinkel HE45 C          D-IREX    DVL
D-IREZ     Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IREZ    Deutsche Reich

D-IRFB     Arado Ar199 V-1   3671   D-IRFB NH+AM       E-stelle Travemunde

D-IRGE     Focke Wulf Fw56        D-IRGE
D-IRGI     Arado Ar66       D-IRGI
D-IRHG     Arado Ar197 A-03 3667 D-IRHG TJ+HI          E-stelle Travemunde

D-IRHN     Heinkel HE46 E           D-IRHN
D-IRHX     Fieseler Fi156           D-IRHX
D-IRIK     Curtiss Hawk II   H-80   D-IRIK                          [possibly
confusion with D-IRIS]
D-IRIM     Arado Ar65        D-IRIM        ubungsstelle Boblingen

D-IRIN     Chance-Vought V-85G      1071   D-IRIN TK+HT     E-stelle
D-IRIR     Arado Ar66 C             D-IRIR      Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-IRIS     Curtiss 35B F11C-2 Hawk      H-81 D-3165 D-IRIS
           [also c/n H-80]
D-IRIT     Heinkel He60 D   494   D-3162 D-IRIT    'Cormoran'

D-IRIY     Gotha Go145 A           D-IRIY      DVL
D-IRIZ     Arado Ar66 C            D-IRIZ      NSFK
D-IRJA     Blohm und Voss Bv141          D-IRJA
D-IRJD     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      734   D-IRJD
D-IRJE     Blohm und Voss Bv141          D-IRJE
D-IRJO     Arado Ar66        D-IRJO
D-IRJQ     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRJQ
D-IRKA     Messerschmitt Bf109     1010 D-IRKA
D-IRKG     Heinkel HE51            D-IRKG
D-IRKI     Heinkel HE42 E    1403 D-IRKI TH+HI         E-stelle Travemunde

D-IRKL     Arado Ar66C       D-IRKL      RLM
D-IRKO     Heinkel HE51            D-IRKO                           [WL-IRKO
reported as He72]
D-IRKY     Heinkel He72            WL-IRKY
D-IRLH     Junkers Ju87 A    870091      D-IRLH             00.09.37

D-IRLI     Arado Ar80 V-1           D-IRLI
D-IRLY     Arado Ar66 D             D-IRLY      NSFK
D-IRMH     Arado Ar196 B-0   2521   D-IRMH
D-IRMM     Gotha Go241 V-1         D-IRMM
D-IRMR     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRMR
D-IRMY     Gotha Go145       WL-IRMY
D-IRND     Messerschmitt Me209 V-4       1188   D-IRND

D-IRNH     Heinkel He112 E         D-IRNH
D-IRNU     Messerschmitt Bf108 B         D-IRNU      Otto
D-IRNY     Arado Ar66 C            D-IRNY                         [or IBNY]
D-IROI     Arado Ar66        WL-IROI
D-IROK     Arado Ar80        D-IROK
D-IROL     Heinkel He51 A-09       D-IROL                         per
D-IROL     Heinkel He60 C V3       D-IROL
D-IRON     Arado Ar66 C            D-IRON      DVS
D-IROS     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1 s           D-IROS

D-IROV     Arado Ar65 F           D-IROV      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IROX     Albatros L75           D-IROX
D-IROY     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IROY (D-IRUY ?)
D-IROZ     Arado Ar66 496   D-IROZ
D-IRPH     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     716   D-IRPH
D-IRPJ     Fieseler Fi156 A-01          D-IRPJ
D-IRPY     Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IRPY                          [WL-
IRPY reported as Ar66]
D-IRQO     Blohm und Voss Ha137 B-0     196   D-IRQO

D-IRQS     Gotha Go145      WL-IRQS
D-IRRA     Arado Ar76 A           D-IRRA
D-IRRQ     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-22 (E-010 = F-0     1800   D-IRRQ CE+BO

D-IRRU     Arado Ar66        D-IRRU
D-IRSO     Heinkel He100 V-5 3001 D-IRSO
D-IRTC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      668  D-IRTC
D-IRTE     Arado Ar76 1398 D-IRTE                           [also quoted as
c/n 1235 - see ITRE]
D-IRTI     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-19 (E-07 = E-3             D-IRTI

D-IRTT     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-14 A3 a     1797 D-IRTT
D-IRUT     Klemm KL31 a XIV 653   D-IRUT ZS-AFJ VH-UZM  Missions-
Verkeher -Arbeitsgesmeinschaft
D-IRUU     Arado Ar96 V-1    2067 D-IRUU     E-stelle Rechlin

D-IRUV     Arado Ar66C 438   D-IRUV
D-IRUX     Heinkel He60            D-IRUX
D-IRUZ     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IRUZ
D-IRVO     Arado Ar68 1610 D-IRVO
D-IRWB     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRWB
D-IRWD     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRWD
D-IRWV     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRWV
D-IRXO     Heinkel He112 V-8 B-0 1954 D-IRXO
D-IRXS      Heinkel He112 V-11     2254 D-IRXS
      [also v12 -other says v11 is the D-IYWE wnr1956]
D-IRYF      Arado Ar66 C           D-IRYF     FFS B Halberstadt

D-IRYL        Arado Ar66       WL-IRYL
D-IRYP        Arado Ar65       D-IRYP      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen

D-IRYQ     Focke-Wulf AL75         D-IRYQ      Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Bremen-
D-IRYR     Heinkel HE45            D-IRYR
D-IRYS     Arado Ar66        D-IRYS
D-IRYU     Heinkel He60            D-IRYU
D-IRYV     Albatros L75      10150 D-IRYV
D-IRYZ     Gotha Go145       WL-IRYZ
D-IRZC     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IRZC
D-IRZR     Gotha Go145       WL-IRZR
D-ISAF     Arado Ar66        D-ISAF                        ?
D-ISAH     Arado Ar76        D-ISAH      DVL
D-ISAI     Arado Ar76A       WL-ISAI
D-ISAP     Arado Ar65 B            D-ISAP
D-ISAQ     Arado Ar76 V-4    698   D-ISAQ
D-ISAT     Arado Ar76        D-ISAT
D-ISAZ     Arado Ar76        D-ISAZ
D-ISBC     Arado Ar199 V-2 3672 D-ISBC BH+BM?        E-stelle Travemunde
                 on floats [also NH+AM and/or RC+HR]
D-ISBD     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISBD
D-ISBF     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISBF
D-ISBO     Arado Ar76 1394 D-ISBO
D-ISCX     Avro 626          D-ISCX
D-ISDC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ISDC
D-ISDH     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-18 D    1731 D-ISDH

D-ISDP        Fieseler Fi156 C-1      691   D-ISDP
D-ISDT        Focke Wulf Fw56         D-ISDT
D-ISEA        Gotha Go145       D-ISEA      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ISED        Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISED
D-ISEE        Focke Wulf Fw56         D-ISEE
D-ISEK        Arado Ar66 C            D-ISEK
D-ISEM        Arado Ar66        D-ISEM
D-ISEN        Arado Ar76 V-1 a 363    D-ISEN            00.00.34
      [IBET   also quoted as c/n 363. One is c/n 365]
D-ISEO        Heinkel HE46 F          D-ISEO      DVL
D-ISEQ        Arado Ar66 C            D-ISEQ
D-ISES        Heinkel HE45            D-ISES      Aufkl.Gruppe 24 Kassel

D-ISEV        Arado Ar76 v?    699    D-ISEV
D-ISFA        Focke-Wulf A47 D        D-ISFA     Deutsche Reich

D-ISFC        Fieseler Fi156 C-1      639   D-ISFC
D-ISFD        Arado Ar196 A-01 2522   D-ISFD TJ+HB     E-stelle Travemunde

D-ISFH        Messerschmitt Bf108           D-ISFH
D-ISFO        Arado Ar66 C            D-ISFO
D-ISGD        Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISGD
D-ISGF        Fieseler Fi156 C-1     736   D-ISGF
D-ISGI        Heinkel He60           D-ISGI
D-ISGY        Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-ISGY
D-ISHA        Focke Wulf Fw56        D-ISHA      II./St.G.162

D-ISHN        Messerschmitt Bf109 V-23     1801   D-ISHN CE+BP
              [or wnr 5603 CE+BG]
D-ISIG        Arado Ar66 C           D-ISIG       FFS B Halberstadt

D-ISIH     Heinkel HE50 B    406   D-2326 D-ISIH TH+HJ    E-stelle
Travemunde             [also reported as c/n 408 ex D-2471]
D-ISIL     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISIL
D-ISIN     Arado Ar65        D-ISIN      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
                 [or Ar64?]
D-ISIQ     Arado Ar76 701    D-ISIQ
D-ISIS     Curtiss 35B F11C-2            D-ISIS     E-stelle Tarnewitz
                 [ex D-3166? error for IRIS ex 3165?]
D-ISIU     Gotha Go145       WL-ISIU
D-ISIV     Heinkel He45            D-ISIV
D-ISIX     Arado Ar68 H V-7 1307 D-ISIX DB+BY       FFS A/B 125

D-ISJA        Focke Wulf Fw56        WL-ISJA
D-ISJD        Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-ISJD
D-ISJE        Messerschmitt Bf109    1032 D-ISJE                        [or
D-ISJH        Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISJH
D-ISJY        Heinkel He112 V6 A-01 1955 D-ISJY
      [also   shown as c/n 1952]
D-ISKF        Gotha Go145       D-ISKF
D-ISKO        Gotha Go145A            WL-ISKO
D-ISKS        Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISKS
D-ISLA        Arado Ar66 C            D-ISLA
D-ISLD        Arado Ar196 A-01 100012       D-ISLD TJ+HC     E-stelle
D-ISLS        Arado Ar66       D-ISLS
D-ISLU        Messerschmitt Bf109 V-14     1029   D-ISLU

D-ISME     Gotha Go145       D-ISME
D-ISMY     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-ISMY
D-ISNA     Gotha Go145       D-ISNA
D-ISNE     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ISNE
D-ISNO     Gotha Go145       D-ISNO
D-ISOE     Heinkel HE51      1037 D-ISOE
D-ISOF     Arado Ar66        D-ISOF
D-ISOH     Arado Ar65        D-ISOH
D-ISOM     Arado Ar66 C            D-ISOM
D-ISOS     Arado Ar66 C            D-ISOS      FFS B Halberstadt
Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim >DVS
D-ISOT     Focke-Wulf Fw56 V-1           D-ISOT      E-stelle Rechlin
           Painted as 'D-JSOT'
D-ISOT     Junkers W33 he          D-ISOT
D-ISPA     Heinkel He45            D-ISPA
D-ISPL     Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-ISPL
D-ISPO     Heinkel HE51            D-ISPO
D-ISPR     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISPR
D-ISPW     Gotha Go145       WL-ISPW
D-ISPY     Arado Ar66 C            D-ISPY      DVL
D-ISRI     Arado Ar66        D-ISRI
D-ISRU     Arado Ar76 1381 D-ISRU
D-ISSW     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ISSW
D-ISSY     Gotha Go145       D-ISSY      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ISTQ     Focke-Wulf Fw186 V-1    1971 D-ISTQ
D-ISTT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ISTT
D-ISUL     Arado Ar65        D-ISUL
D-ISUN     Arado Ar76        D-ISUN
D-ISUR     Arado Ar66        D-ISUR
D-ISUU     Heinkel HE51            D-ISUU
D-ISUY     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ISUY      Jagdfliegerschule
D-ISVE     Arado Ar66        D-ISVE
D-ISVR     Heinkel He100 V-1 1901 D-ISVR       Heinkel     00.01.38
D-ISVY-I   Arado Ar66        WL-ISVY-I
D-ISWX     Fieseler Fi156 C-2            D-ISWX
D-ISXA     Heinkel He42            D-ISXA
D-ISXO     Gotha Go145       D-ISXO
D-ISYF     Arado Ar66        D-ISYF
D-ISYH     Heinkel He60            D-ISYH
D-ISYK     Heinkel HE45            D-ISYK
D-ISYL     Heinkel HE45            D-ISYL
D-ISYN     Junkers A20 be    822   D-592 D-ISYN      DLH 'Kassiopeia' >DVS
>Flugsicherung >RLM >Flugsicherung             Scrapped 4.36 [WL-ISYN
reported as Go145]
D-ISYP     Focke-Wulf AL101 D            D-ISYP

D-ISYS     Arado Ar66 C               D-ISYS    Deutsche Reich

D-ISYV     Gotha Go145 A              D-ISYV    DVL

D-ISZA     Henschel Hs123             D-ISZA

D-ISZF     Fieseler Fi156C-1          WL-ISZF

D-ITAA     Gotha Go145      D-ITAA
D-ITAC     Morane-Saulnier MS.230          D-ITAC

D-ITAF     Arado Ar66 C               D-ITAF    Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-ITAG     Morane-Saulnier MS.230          D-ITAG

D-ITAI     Heinkel HE46               D-ITAI

D-ITAL     Heinkel He74 v1     1173   D-ITAL

D-ITAR     Arado Ar68 d V-4           D-ITAR

D-ITAS     Henschel Hs123 A-1              D-ITAS
D-ITAT     Arado Ar65        D-ITAT     Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-ITAU     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-01         D-ITAU

D-ITAV     Arado Ar66 C           D-ITAV      FFS B Halberstadt

D-ITAX     Arado Ar64        D-ITAX     Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-ITAY     Heinkel HE46            D-ITAY
D-ITBI     Gotha Go145       D-ITBI
D-ITBS     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ITBS
D-ITDF     Heinkel He46            D-ITDF
D-ITDH     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-24      1929 D-ITDH CE+BH VK+AC
                 rebuilt F-04 with wnr5604
D-ITDO     Arado Ar76        D-ITDO
D-ITDY     Gotha Go145       D-ITDY
D-ITEB     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      693   D-ITEB
D-ITEE     Gotha Go145 A           D-ITEE
D-ITEK     Blohm und Voss Ha137 v-1      107   D-ITEK

D-ITEN     Arado Ar76        D-ITEN
D-ITEO     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ITEO
D-ITEP     Arado Ar68 e V-5 1306 D-ITEP
D-ITER     Albatros AL101          WL-ITER
D-ITEU     Heinkel HE46            D-ITEU
D-ITEV     Heinkel HE46            D-ITEV
D-ITFL     Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ITFL
D-ITFO     Heinkel He60            D-ITFO      Fliegerwaffenschule (see)
Bug a. Rugen
D-ITFT     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ITFT
D-ITFW     Heinkel He72            WL-ITFW
D-ITGE     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 883     D-ITGE
D-ITGS     Focke-Wulf Fw44         D-ITGS
D-ITHO     Klemm KL36 B V-4 1031 D-ITHO
D-ITHS     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      738   D-ITHS
D-ITHU     Arado Ar66        D-ITHU
D-ITIF     Arado Ar66        D-ITIF
D-ITIN     Heinkel HE45            D-ITIN
D-ITIQ     Arado Ar65 645    D-ITIQ                       Aerobatics at
too low altitude hit a high voltage cable 26.3.36
D-ITIU     Heinkel HE51 A-03       D-ITIU
D-ITIV     Heinkel HE51            D-ITIV
D-ITIV     Vought V-85G      1070 D-ITIV
D-ITIX     Chance-Vought V-85G     1074 D-ITIX TK+HS      E-stelle
Travemunde >E-stelle Tarnewitz
D-ITJI     Arado Ar66 C            D-ITJI      DLV >NSFK
D-ITJP     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ITJP
D-ITKI     Arado Ar76 A            D-ITKI
D-ITKN     Henschel Hs126 B-1            D-ITKN
D-ITKU     Arado Ar66 E            D-ITKU
D-ITKY     Heinkel HE45            D-ITKY
D-ITLC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      680   D-ITLC
D-ITLE     Blohm und Voss Ha137 B-0      197   D-ITLE
D-ITLF      Arado Ar199 V-3    3673   D-ITLF TJ+HL                      on
D-ITLO      Focke-Wulf A47 D          D-ITLO     Deutsche Reich

D-ITLR      Heinkel He100 D-01     3007 D-ITLR
D-ITLY      Arado Ar66       D-ITLY
D-ITMI      Gotha Go145      D-ITMI
D-ITMO      Gotha Go145      WL-ITMO
D-ITMT      Henschel Hs122         D-ITMT
D-ITMY      Blohm und Voss Ha137 B-0     199  D-ITMY

D-ITNA      Heinkel HE42 B-02      D-ITNA
D-ITNK      Heinkel HE50           D-ITNK
D-ITNU      Blohm und Voss Ha137 A-0     185     D-ITNU

D-ITNY      Heinkel HE50 V-18 2/967 D-ITNY TH+HK      E-stelle Travemunde

D-ITOF      Arado Ar65       D-ITOF
D-ITOL      Arado Ar66       D-ITOL
D-ITON      Arado Ar66       D-ITON
D-ITOR      Junkers A48 da   3355 D-ITOR         Junkers    00.10.34
      [or K-47]
D-ITOY      Heinkel HE51           D-ITOY
D-ITPD      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-15a    1774    D-ITPD

D-ITPE      Arado Ar66       D-ITPE
D-ITPN      Gotha Go145      WL-ITPN
D-ITPO      Focke-Wulf A47 D       D-ITPO        Deutsche Reich

D-ITQE      Heinkel HE50 G          D-ITQE
D-ITQG      Breda 28          D-ITQG
D-ITQP      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ITQP
D-ITQR      Junkers A48       D-ITQR      Junkers Flugzeigwerk AG

D-ITRE      Arado Ar76 1235 D-ITRE
D-ITRF      Junkers Ju87            D-ITRF
D-ITRH      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-ITRH
D-ITRL      Heinkel He100 V-10      3005 D-ITRL
D-ITRO      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ITRO
D-ITRW      Gotha Go145       D-ITRW
D-ITSE      Arado Ar197 V-1 2071 D-ITSE                           [photo -
see IISE]
D-ITSR      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-ITSR
D-ITSV      Arado Ar66        D-ITSV                        [or ITSW]
D-ITTP      Henschel Hs123          WL-ITTP
D-ITTU      Heinkel HE42            D-ITTU
D-ITUI      Heinkel HE42 E          D-ITUI       FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-ITUO      Heinkel HE51             D-ITUO
D-ITUP      Arado Ar65         D-ITUP      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-ITUQ      Arado Ar66         D-ITUQ
D-ITUT      Heinkel HD24             D-ITUT
D-ITUV      Arado Ar66         D-ITUV
D-ITUZ      Arado Ar66        D-ITUZ
D-ITVI      Heinkel He42            D-ITVI WL-ITVI
D-ITXP      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-18 (E-06 = E-1)     5608 D-ITXP
D-ITYA      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ITYA      Jagdfliegerschule
D-ITYE      Arado Ar66 C            D-ITYE
D-ITYL      Klemm KL31 a XIV        D-ITYL      Alfred Gehle/Berlin
D-ITYO      Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ITYO
D-ITYP      Arado Ar66 C            D-ITYP      DVS
D-ITYQ      Arado Ar65        D-ITYQ      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-ITYU      Arado Ar76        D-ITYU
D-ITYX      Arado Ar65        D-ITYX      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-ITZA      Heinkel HE45 V-10 1975 D-ITZA
D-IUBA      Gotha Go145 A           D-IUBA      DLV >NSFK
D-IUBK      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IUBK
D-IUBY      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IUBY
D-IUCY      Messerschmitt Bf163 V-1       163001      D-IUCY
      Messerschmitt                 (Weserflug Bf163)
D-IUDE      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-2       759   D-IUDE
      [D-IILU? c/n also 809]
D-IUDS      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IUDS
D-IUDY      Arado Ar66        WL-IUDY
D-IUEP      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IUEP
D-IUFV      Arado Ar66 C            D-IUFV
D-IUGI      Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IUGI
D-IUGR      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      695   D-IUGR
D-IUGY      Henschel Hs122          D-IUGY
D-IUHA      Arado Ar66 C      783   D-IUHA
D-IUHE      Arado Ar76 A      1384 D-IUHE
D-IUHU      Klemm KL36 B V-7 1015 D-IUHU        DVL               [or V-6]
D-IUIG      Avia B-534        D-IUIG      E-stelle Travemunde -decklanding
D-IUIO      Avia B-534 440    D-IUIO      E-stelle Tarnewitz- carrier Graf
D-IUKD      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IUKD
D-IUKI      Heinkel HE50            D-IUKI
D-IUKP      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IUKP
D-IULE      Heinkel He42W           WL-IULE
D-IUNA      Heinkel He46            D-IUNA
D-IUNE      Focke-Wulf A47 D        D-IUNE      Deutsche Reich
      [as Fw 44D in BV 38]
D-IUNO      Arado Ar66        D-IUNO
D-IUOS      Heinkel He100 V-2 1902 D-IUOS
D-IUPI      Focke-Wulf Fw159 v            D-IUPI
D-IUPO      Henschel Hs123 V-7            D-IUPO
D-IUPY      Focke-Wulf Fw159 V-1          D-IUPY                        [V3
per Nowarra]
D-IUQU      Arado Ar76        D-IUQU
D-IURY      Heinkel He42            D-IURY
D-IUSE      Arado Ar76        D-IUSE
D-IUSI      Heinkel HE46            D-IUSI
D-IUSQ      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-IUSQ
D-IUSU      Arado Ar66 C            D-IUSU      DLV >NSFK
D-IUTO      Henschel Hs122 A        D-IUTO
D-IUVE      Arado Ar66 C           D-IUVE      FFS B Halberstadt
D-IUXA      Arado Ar66 C           D-IUXA      DLV >NSFK
D-IUXU      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha137 V-5 (B)      192  D-IUXU
      Blohm und Voss
D-IUZO      Arado Ar66 C           D-IUZO      DLV >NSFK
D-IVAE      Focke Wulf Fw56        D-IVAE      Jagdflieger Schule
D-IVAF      Albatros L75 f         D-IVAF
D-IVAH      Arado Ar66 C           D-IVAH
D-IVAN      Arado Ar66 C           D-IVAN      DVS
D-IVAT      Heinkel He45           D-IVAT
D-IVAU      Arado Ar65       D-IVAU      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim
D-IVAX      Arado Ar66 C           D-IVAX      FFS B Halberstadt
D-IVAZ      Heinkel HE45           D-IVAZ
D-IVBA      Heinkel He42           D-IVBA
D-IVCD      Gotha Go145      D-IVCD
D-IVCW      Fieseler Fi156 C-1           D-IVCW
D-IVDO      Gotha Go145      WL-IVDO
D-IVEA      Heinkel HE46 E   1146 D-IVEA
D-IVEE      Heinkel HE46           D-IVEE
D-IVEI      Heinkel HE42           D-IVEI
D-IVEL      Arado Ar66       D-IVEL
D-IVEM      Heinkel He45           D-IVEM
D-IVEN      Gotha Go145 C          D-IVEN
D-IVEN      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-IVEN
D-IVEO      Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IVEO      Jagdfliegerschule
D-IVEQ      Arado Ar65       D-IVEQ      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IVEY       Arado Ar66       D-IVEY
D-IVFC       Messerschmitt Bf108          WL-IVFC
D-IVFO       Heinkel HE51           D-IVFO
D-IVFP       Messerschmitt Me209 V-3      1187 D-IVFP

D-IVFU       Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IVFU     Jagdfliegerschule
Werneuchen              [as Fw44 D in BV38]
D-IVGE       Arado Ar66       D-IVGE
D-IVGY       Heinkel He72           D-IVGY
D-IVHD       Avro 626   983   G-AAVJ D-IVHD
D-IVHE       Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1           D-IVHE

D-IVHR       Fieseler Fi156 C-1    742   D-IVHR WL-IVHR

D-IVHY     Arado Ar66       D-IVHY
D-IVIF     Fieseler Fi97 hm       D-IVIF      DVS                  [WL-IVIF
reported as Ar66]
D-IVII     Heinkel HE42 W         D-IVII
D-IVIL     Focke-Wulf A47         D-IVIL
D-IVIN     Arado Ar65 C-1         D-IVIN
D-IVIP     Arado Ar66       D-IVIP
D-IVIR     Heinkel He60           D-IVIR
D-IVIS     Heinkel He46           D-IVIS
D-IVIW     Morane-Saulnier MS.230       D-IVIW
D-IVIX     Heinkel He60 A         D-IVIX
D-IVIY     Heinkel HE50 or He60           D-IVIY
D-IVJC     Messerschmitt Bf108            WL-IVJC
D-IVJO     Heinkel He60             D-IVJO
D-IVJX     Fieseler Fi156 C-1       697   D-IVJX
D-IVKA     Heinkel He60 C           D-IVKA      Bug am Ruegen

D-IVKC     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-25 F-2 1930   D-IVKC VK+AC
           later wnr5605
D-IVKE     Arado Ar66       WL-IVKE
D-IVKI     Henschel Hs123         D-IVKI       II./St.G.162

D-IVKK     Breda 28          D-IVKK
D-IVKO     Henschel Hs123          D-IVKO
D-IVKU     Gotha Go145 A           D-IVKU      C.Lorenz AG/Tempelhof

D-IVLE     Arado Ar197 V-2   2073   D-IVLE TJ+HJ                       [or
D-IVLO     Arado   Ar66      D-IVLO
D-IVMU     Gotha   Go145     D-IVMU
D-IVNE     Arado   Ar66      D-IVNE
D-IVOH     Arado   Ar65      D-IVOH
D-IVOK     Arado   Ar65      D-IVOK      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IVOL     Caproni Ca.113          D-IVOL      Theo Gassmann/Mulheim
>Flieg.-Ub.-stelle Essen                 captured
D-IVON     Heinkel He74 B V2 441   D-IVON
D-IVOO     Heinkel HE46            D-IVOO
D-IVOT     Heinkel HE45      2/271 D-IVOT      Aufklaerungsschule
D-IVOU     Arado Ar65        D-IVOU
D-IVOY     Arado Ar66        WL-IVOY
D-IVPO     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IVPO
D-IVPS     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-1             D-IVPS
D-IVPU     Arado Ar66        D-IVPU      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IVPW     Arado Ar66        D-IVPW
D-IVQU     Messerschmitt Bf108 B 837     D-IVQU
D-IVRU     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-12 (B-09)     1016 D-IVRU
D-IVSE     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 996     D-IVSE
D-IVSG     Messerschmitt Bf109 V-19      1720 D-IVSG
D-IVTA     Arado Ar76        D-IVTA
D-IVTO     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1003 D-IVTO
D-IVUS     Arado Ar68 b V-2        D-IVUS
D-IVUX     Gotha Go145       D-IVUX
D-IVVD     Fieseler Fi156 C-1      724   D-IVVD
D-IVVN     Siebel Si201 v1         D-IVVN
D-IVVO     Messerschmitt Bf108 B-0             D-IVVO     Deutsche
D-IVVY     Focke Wulf Fw56 50639 WL-IVVY
D-IVXY     Arado Ar66        D-IVXY
D-IVYD     Fieseler Fi156          D-IVYD
D-IVYF     Arado Ar66        D-IVYF
D-IVYH     Arado Ar66 C            D-IVYH
D-IVYL     Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IVYL      Deutsche Reich
D-IVYM      Focke-Wulf A47 C       D-IVYM      Deutsche Reich

D-IVYN      Heinkel He60            D-IVYN 6O+C95     B.F.Gr.196 Cruiser
D-IVYO      Arado Ar66        WL-IVYO
D-IVYP      Heinkel He60            D-IVYP
D-IVYQ      Arado Ar66 C            D-IVYQ      DVS
D-IVYZ      Arado Ar65 111    D-2912 D-IVYZ     III/JG
      Crashed during aerobatics at too low altitude left wing failed
23.03.36 Pilot killed
D-IVZI      Arado Ar66        D-IVZI
D-IVZO      Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IVZO
D-IW.B      Junkers Ju87            D-IW.B
D-IWAH      Messerschmitt Me209 V-2       1186 D-IWAH
D-IWAN      Messerschmitt Bf108B-1 1916 D-IWAN
D-IWAU      Messerschmitt Bf109F-4 V35    9227 D-IWAU       Daimler-Benz>
Mtt Regensburg> DVL
D-IWBG      Junkers Ju87 A1         D-IWBG
D-IWBP      Fieseler Fi156 C-1      4297 D-IWBP
D-IWBY      Heinkel He46            WL-IWBY
D-IWCY      Arado Ar79        D-IWCY
D-IWCY      Arado Ar96 2069 D-IWCY WL-IWCY
D-IWFC      Fieseler Fi156 C-3            D-IWFC
D-IWFH      Gotha Go145       WL-IWFH
D-IWFR      Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IWFR
D-IWFT      Fieseler Fi156C-2       WL-IWFT
D-IWHI      Siebel Si201            D-IWHI
D-IWHL      Siebel Si201 V-1        D-IWHL
D-IWKE      Caudron C.635 Simoun    7821 D-IWKE SE-ALG F-BCET
            [but SE-ALG was c/n 7788]
D-IWKM      Avia B-135 B-135.101 D-IWKM                           To
Bulgaria as '1' .43
D-IWKU      Caudron C.635 Simoun    7748 D-IWKU
D-IWKU      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-17 (E-05 = E-1)           D-IWKU
D-IWMI      Fieseler Fi156          WL-IWMI
D-IWNF      Avia B-534        D-IWNF      E-stelle Travemunde

D-IWNT     Messerschmitt Bf108          WL-IWNT
D-IWOP     Heinkel He100 V-9 3004 D-IWOP
D-IWSB     Fieseler Fi156 C-3     4469 D-IWSB                       c/n
also 1100
D-IWSR     Percival P.10 Vega Gull      K.93 G-AFIM 5F+0K DP+01 D-IWSR
X1086 SE-ALZ     Aufkl.Gruppe (H)14
D-IWST     Caudron C.635 Simoun   8785 D-IWST BK+KA SE-AIT

D-IWSW      Fieseler Fi156 C-3     4468   D-IWSW                       c/n
also 1099
D-IWUK      Messerschmitt Bf109          D-IWUK
D-IWXI      Gotha Go145      D-IWXI
D-IWYE      Heinkel He112 E        D-IWYE
D-IWYP      Fieseler Fi156 C-1     726   D-IWYP
D-IXAH      Heinkel HD38 c   387   D-2340 D-IXAH
D-IXAL     Arado Ar66 C           D-IXAL      FFS B Halberstadt

D-IXAQ     Arado Ar65        D-IXAQ
D-IXAV     Heinkel HE9d      382   D-2095 D-IXAV    Luftdienst

D-IXAX      Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha137 V-1 (A)     108   D-IXAX
      Blohm und Voss
D-IXAZ      Heinkel HD41 a>b 342   D-1795 D-IXAZ    RDL Erprob.-
stelle/Staaken >Siemens Apparate & Machinen
D-IXBA      Henschel Hs122         D-IXBA
D-IXBC      Fieseler Fi156C-1      WL-IXBC
D-IXEA      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A      D-IXEA     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-IXEF     Arado Ar65        D-IXEF     Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IXEM     Heinkel He280 V-7       D-IXEM NU+EB
D-IXEP     Albatros L75            D-IXEP
D-IXER     Arado Ar66 C            D-IXER      NSFK
D-IXES     Heinkel He60 C          D-IXES                         [WL-IXES
reported as Ar66]
D-IXEU     Heinkel He112 A-04      1958 D-IXEU
D-IXEV     Heinkel HE9       D-IXEV      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-IXEX     Heinkel He45            D-IXEX
D-IXEY     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IXEY
D-IXEZ     Arado Ar65        D-IXEZ
D-IXFK     Messerschmitt Bf108     8167 WL-IXFK
D-IXHE     Arado Ar66        D-IXHE
D-IXHU     Heinkel He112 A-02      1956 D-IXHU
D-IXHY     Arado Ar66        D-IXHY      FFS B Magdeburg-Ost
D-IXIF     Junkers A20 1053 D-IXIF
D-IXIK     Vought V-85       D-IXIK
D-IXIL     Arado Ar66C       WL-IXIL
D-IXIM     Gotha Go145       D-IXIM
D-IXIN     Arado Ar65        D-IXIN
D-IXIS     Heinkel He45            D-IXIS
D-IXIU     Blohm und Voss Ha137          D-IXIU
D-IXIX     Gotha Go145       WL-IXIX
D-IXJA     Blohm und Voss Ha137    186   D-IXJA
D-IXKA     Arado Ar66 C            D-IXKA      NSFK
D-IXKB     Fieseler Fi156 C-2      4378 D-IXKB
D-IXKJ     Gotha Go145       WL-IXKJ
D-IXLO     Focke Wulf Fw56         WL-IXLO
D-IXLU     Focke-Wulf A47 D        D-IXLU      Deutsche Reich

D-IXMA     Heinkel He60 A         D-IXMA
D-IXMC     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     634   D-IXMC
D-IXNA     Heinkel He60           D-IXNA
D-IXNE     Gotha Go145      D-IXNE
D-IXON     Arado Ar66 C           D-IXON      Deutsche Reich

D-IXOR     Heinkel HE45            D-IXOR
D-IXOS     Arado Ar66 D            D-IXOS     DVL
D-IXOT     Gotha Go145       D-IXOT
D-IXOX     Heinkel HE9d     103   D-1966 D-IXOX    FFS (See) Warnemunde
                 Focke-Wulf built
D-IXPA     Blohm und Voss Ha137 B-0     198  D-IXPA

D-IXPO     Arado Ar76 1734 D-IXPO                        [also quoted as
D-IXQE     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IXQE
D-IXQI     Gotha Go145      D-IXQI      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IXQR     Fieseler Fi156         D-IXQR
D-IXQY     Heinkel HE46           D-IXQY
D-IXRU     Arado Ar66       D-IXRU      DLV >NSFK
D-IXSE     Arado Ar76A      WL-IXSE
D-IXSH     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     728   D-IXSH
D-IXUA     Henschel Hs123         D-IXUA
D-IXUI     Heinkel HE46 D         D-IXUI
D-IXUL     Arado Ar66       D-IXUL
D-IXUO     Gotha Go145      WL-IXUO
D-IXUQ     Arado Ar68 1305 D-IXUQ
D-IXUR     Junkers W34      D-IXUR                       [WL-IXUR
reported as He45]
D-IXUS     Arado Ar65 F           D-IXUS
D-IXUS     Arado Ar76       D-IXUS                       (photo)
D-IXUT     Arado Ar65       D-IXUT      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IXUV     Arado Ar65       D-IXUV
D-IXUX     Arado Ar66       D-IXUX
D-IXUZ     Arado Ar65       D-IXUZ     Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IXVA     Arado Ar66 E           D-IXVA
D-IXVI     Gotha Go145      D-IXVI      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-IXWB     Henschel Hs126   3917 D-IXWB                       Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWC     Henschel Hs126   3918 D-IXWC                       Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWD     Henschel Hs126   3919 D-IXWD                       Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWD     Percival P.10 Vega Gull      K.65 G-AEZJ PH-ATH D-IXWD KE+CW
D-IXWE     Fieseler Fi156 C-2     4374 D-IXWE
D-IXWF     Fieseler Fi156 C-2     4375 D-IXWF
D-IXWG     Fieseler Fi156 C-2     4376 D-IXWG
D-IXWH     Fieseler Fi156 C-2     4379 D-IXWH
D-IXWI     Henschel Hs126   3920 D-IXWI                       Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWK     Henschel Hs126   3921 D-IXWK                       Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWL     Henschel Hs126   3922 D-IXWL                       Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWO     Caudron C.635 Simoun   7740 D-IXWO SE-ALF LN-TVP SE-ALF

D-IXWO     Fieseler Fi156         D-IXWO
D-IXWP     Arado Ar96 960070      D-IXWP                      Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IXWQ     Arado Ar96 960071       D-IXWQ                        Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IXWR     Arado Ar96 960072       D-IXWR                        Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IXWS     Heinkel He112 E         D-IXWS
D-IXWS     Messerschmitt Bf109 E         D-IXWS
D-IXWU     Arado Ar96 960073       D-IXWU                        Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IXWW     Heinkel He112 E         D-IXWW                        Ferry
registration to Romania
D-IXWX     Arado Ar96 960074       D-IXWX                        Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IXWX     Henschel Hs126    3923 D-IXWX                         Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IXWZ     Arado Ar96 960075       D-IXWZ                        Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IXWZ     Arado Ar96 V-9 B 2075 D-IXWZ                          [LKS-4 V-5
per Wings]
D-IXXA     Arado Ar66C       D-IXXA
D-IXXO     Arado Ar76 1396 D-IXXO                           [also quoted as
IXKO] [WL-IXXO reported as Fw56]
D-IXXT     Arado Ar66        D-IXXT
D-IXYN     Arado Ar66        D-IXYN
D-IXYO     Focke-Wulf Fw56 V-6 A-03            D-IXYO

D-IXYQ      Arado Ar66       D-IXYQ
D-IXYT      Arado Ar66       WL-IXYT
D-IXYZ      Heinkel HE9d     102   D-1976 D-IXYZ     DVL
      Focke-Wulf built
D-IXZA      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-10 (B-07)   884    D-IXZA

D-IXZI     Arado Ar66       D-IXZI
D-IXZY     Arado Ar66       D-IXZY
D-IYAI     Gotha Go145      WL-IYAI
D-IYBE     Arado Ar66 C           D-IYBE      DLV   >NSFK
D-IYBO     Heinkel He46           D-IYBO
D-IYDA     Arado Ar66 C           D-IYDA      DLV   >NSFK
D-IYDO     Arado Ar66 C           D-IYDO
D-IYEU     Arado Ar66       WL-IYEU
D-IYFA     Arado Ar66       D-IYFA
D-IYFH     Gotha Go145      WL-IYFH
D-IYFP     Fieseler Fi156 C-1     798   D-IYFP
D-IYFS     Arado Ar196 A-0        D-IYFS
D-IYFU     Arado Ar66       WL-IYFU
D-IYGA     Arado Ar66 C           D-IYGA      DLV   >NSFK
D-IYGE     Messerschmitt Bf108          D-IYGE
D-IYGI     Focke-Wulf Fw56 A-1          D-IYGI
D-IYGU     Arado Ar66       WL-IYGU
D-IYGY     Arado Ar66 C           D-IYGY      DLV   >NSFK
D-IYHO     Arado Ar66       D-IYHO
D-IYHU     Arado Ar66 C           D-IYHU      DLV   >NSFK
D-IYIY     Heinkel He46           WL-IYIY
D-IYJA     Arado Ar76A      WL-IYJA
D-IYJI     Arado Ar66       D-IYJI
D-IYJO      Arado Ar66        D-IYJO
D-IYKR      Gotha Go150       D-IYKR
D-IYLA      Klemm KL36 B V-1 1016 D-IYLA      DVL
D-IYLR      Heinkel He60            D-IYLR
D-IYLU      Henschel Hs123          D-IYLU    II./St.G.162
D-IYLY      Arado Ar76        D-IYLY
D-IYMI      Arado Ar66        D-IYMI
D-IYMO      Arado Ar66 C            D-IYMO    DLV >NSFK
D-IYMS      Messerschmitt Bf109 V-17 C-1 1776 D-IYMS TK+KH   E-stelle
D-IYMV      Fieseler Fi156          WL-IYMV
D-IYMY      Henschel Hs122          D-IYMY
D-IYNI      Focke-Wulf Fw56 A       D-IYNI    DVL
D-IYPA      Arado Ar66        D-IYPA
D-IYPI      Arado Ar66        D-IYPI
D-IYQE      Arado Ar66        D-IYQE
D-IYQU      Henschel Hs123    2319 D-IYQU
D-IYRE      Arado Ar66        D-IYRE
D-IYRI      Arado Ar68        WL-IYRI
D-IYRU      Heinkel He60            D-IYRU
D-IYRY      Arado Ar76        D-IYRY
D-IYTC      Fieseler Fi156          D-IYTC
D-IYTH      Gotha Go145       WL-IYTH
D-IYTY      Messerschmitt Bf109 A 1008 D-IYTY
D-IYUA      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a           D-IYUA
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUB      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a           D-IYUB
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUC      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a           D-IYUC
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUD      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a           D-IYUD
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUE      Arado Ar96 960082       D-IYUE                   Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUF      Arado Ar96 960083       D-IYUF                   Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUG      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a           D-IYUG
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUH      Arado Ar96 960084       D-IYUH                   Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUI      Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3           D-IYUI

D-IYUJ      Arado Ar96 960085      D-IYUJ                    Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUK      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a          D-IYUK
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUL      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a          D-IYUL
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUM      Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3          D-IYUM

D-IYUN     Arado Ar96 960092      D-IYUN                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUO     Arado Ar96 960093      D-IYUO                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUO      Arado Ar68       D-IYUO
D-IYUP      Arado Ar96 960094      D-IYUP                       Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYUR      Caudron C.635 Simoun   8229 D-IYUR SE-ALI
      To Sweden 28.9.42
D-IYUS      Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3           D-IYUS

D-IYUT      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUT
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUU      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUU
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUV      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUV
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUW      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUW
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUX      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUX
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUY      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUY
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYUZ      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYUZ
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYVI      Heinkel He50           WL-IYVI
D-IYVM      Fieseler Fi156 C-1     730   D-IYVM
D-IYVU      Focke Wulf Fw56        WL-IYVU
D-IYWB      Arado Ar96 960096      D-IYWB                       Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWC      Arado Ar96 960095      D-IYWC                       Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWD      Arado Ar96 96101 D-IYWD                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWE      Heinkel He112 E        D-IYWE                       [Also v11
with wnr1956]
D-IYWF      Henschel Hs126   3924 D-IYWF                        Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IYWI      Heinkel He112 E        D-IYWI
D-IYWJ      Arado Ar96 96102 D-IYWJ                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWK      Henschel Hs126   3925 D-IYWK                        Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IYWL      Arado Ar96 96103 D-IYWL                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWM      Arado Ar96 96104 D-IYWM                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWM      Henschel Hs126         D-IYWM
D-IYWO      Arado Ar96 96105 D-IYWO                     Ferry
registration to Bulgaria
D-IYWP      Henschel Hs126   3926 D-IYWP                        Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IYWP      Caudron C.635 Simoun   8825 D-IYWP SE-AKZ
      To Sweden 5.2.42
D-IYWQ      Henschel Hs126   3927 D-IYWQ                        Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IYWR      Henschel Hs126   3928 D-IYWR                        Ferry
registration to Estonia
D-IYWT      Heinkel He112 B-0      D-IYWT                             Ferry
registration to Romania
D-IYWV      Henschel Hs126         D-IYWV
D-IYWZ      Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a            D-IYWZ
      Ferry registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYXO      Blohm und Voss Ha137   184   D-IYXO
D-IYYA      Messerschmitt Bf108    2230 D-IYYA TM+AA

D-IYYB        Messerschmitt Bf108B-1 2200   D-IYYB KK+DH

D-IYYJ        Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a              D-IYYJ
      Ferry   registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYYN        Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a              D-IYYN
      Ferry   registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYYP        Messerschmitt Bf109E-3a       2335   D-IYYP
      Ferry   registration to Yugoslavia
D-IYZA        Gotha Go145      D-IYZA
D-IYZI        Arado Ar66       WL-IYZI
D-IYZQ        Fieseler Fi156 V-5     632    D-IYZQ      E-stelle Rechlin

D-IYZQ     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IYZQ
D-IZAA     Arado Ar66        D-IZAA
D-IZAF     Arado Ar66 C            D-IZAF      NSFK
D-IZAJ     Morane-Saulnier MS.230        D-IZAJ
D-IZAK     Focke-Wulf A47 C        D-IZAK
D-IZAM     Arado Ar65        D-IZAM      DVS Jagdfliegerschule
D-IZAN     Messerschmitt Bf108 A         D-IZAN
D-IZAT     Arado Ar66 C            D-IZAT      Arado-Flugzeugwerke GmbH
D-IZAX     Focke-Wulf Fw47         D-IZAX
D-IZBA     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-IZBA
D-IZDE     Heinkel He46            D-IZDE
D-IZDY     Arado Ar68 E            D-IZDY
D-IZEE     Arado Ar66 C            D-IZEE
D-IZEH     Heinkel HE45            D-IZEH
D-IZEO     Heinkel HE45 V-11 1976 D-IZEO
D-IZER     Heinkel HE51 A-08       D-IZER
D-IZET     Arado Ar66 C            D-IZET
D-IZEV     Heinkel HE45            D-IZEV
D-IZGI     Heinkel He60            D-IZGI
D-IZGU     Messerschmitt Bf108           WL-IZGU
D-IZHE     Arado Ar76        D-IZHE
D-IZHO     Henschel Hs123          D-IZHO      II./St.G.162

D-IZIA        Arado Ar66       D-IZIA
D-IZIE        Arado Ar96 V-4   2070 D-IZIE         E-stelle Rechlin

D-IZIN        Arado Ar66       D-IZIN
D-IZIP        Heinkel HE45           D-IZIP
D-IZIQ        Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha137 V-3 (A)     109   D-IZIQ
      Blohm   und Voss >E-stelle Rechlin              [v2?]
D-IZIR        Heinkel HE46           D-IZIR
D-IZIT        Heinkel He60           D-IZIT     E.Stelle (See) Travemünde
D-IZIU     Henschel Hs122          D-IZIU
D-IZIX     Arado Ar66 D            D-IZIX     Arado-Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-IZLO     Focke Wulf Fw44         D-IZLO
D-IZMA     Gotha Go145       D-IZMA
D-IZME     Arado Ar66 C            D-IZME     LKS Berlin-Gatow

D-IZMU     Gotha Go145       D-IZMU
D-IZMY     Heinkel He112 V-4 1957 D-IZMY                       c/n also
shown as 1293
D-IZOF     Arado Ar66 C            D-IZOF
D-IZOH     Arado Ar76        D-IZOH
D-IZON     Albatros L84      278   D-IZON ?                    Focke-Wulf
D-IZOQ     Heinkel He60            D-IZOQ
D-IZOR     Arado Ar66 C      135   D-2792 D-IZOR    DVS
D-IZOT     Arado Ar66 D            D-IZOT     Arado-Flugzeugwerke GmbH

D-IZOV     Arado Ar66 C           D-IZOV
D-IZPY     Arado Ar66       WL-IZPY
D-IZQA     Focke-Wulf Fw56        D-IZQA
D-IZQE     Messerschmitt Bf109 A 997    D-IZQE
D-IZQI     Arado Ar66       D-IZQI
D-IZSO     Arado Ar66C      D-IZSO      FFS B Furth
D-IZTA     Messerschmitt Bf108 B        D-IZTA
D-IZUA     Heinkel He42           D-IZUA
D-IZUF     Arado Ar76       D-IZUF
D-IZUH     Fieseler Fi97 hm       D-IZUH      DVS
D-IZUI     Gotha Go145      D-IZUI
D-IZUP     Arado Ar65       D-IZUP      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IZUQ     Arado Ar76        D-IZUQ
D-IZUU     Arado Ar66        D-IZUU
D-IZUY     Arado Ar66        WL-IZUY
D-IZUZ     Arado Ar65        D-IZUZ
D-IZVA     Arado Ar76 1732 D-IZVA
D-IZVO     Messerschmitt Bf108           D-IZVO
D-IZXQ     Fieseler Fi156C-1       WL-IZXQ
D-IZXY     Henschel Hs123 V-4      670   D-IZXY                       D-
IZKY in Nowarra
D-IZYC     Arado Ar96B       WL-IZYC
D-IZYE     Arado Ar66        D-IZYE
D-IZYK     Albatros L75 DSB        D-IZYK                       [WL-IZYK
reported as Ar96]
D-IZYR     Arado Ar65        D-IZYR      Jagdfliegerschule Schleissheim

D-IZYS     Heinkel HE42 C    419   D-2346 D-IZYS                     Canc
D-IZYT     Gotha Go145 A           D-IZYT     DVL
D-IZZY     Heinkel HE42 W          D-IZZY
D-JFDA     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-JFDA
D-JSOT     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-JSOT
D-JUST                D-JUST
D-KIWI     Akaflieg Muchen Mu12         D-KIWI
D-NBUT      Junkers           D-NBUT
D-OAAB      Junkers W34       D-OAAB
D-OAAD      BFW M.20 b2 544   D-2285 D-UVOK D-OAAD    DLH 'Sauerland' >RLM
lsd by Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe              Destroyed .42
D-OAAE      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C       D-OAAE
D-OAAL      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OAAL WL-OAAL
D-OAAV      Henschel Hs126          D-OAAV
D-OAAZ      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OAAZ
D-OABD      AGO Ao192         D-OABD
D-OABF      Junkers W34       D-OABF
D-OABO      AGO Ao192         D-OABO
D-OABQ      AGO Ao192         D-OABQ
D-OACT      Junkers W34       D-OACT
D-OACX      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OACX      2./KG 257
D-OAED      Junkers W34 w           D-OAED
D-OAFD      Focke-Wulf Fw58 KJ-1    2698 D-OAFD       DLH
D-OAFW      AGO Ao192 v3            D-OAFW            00.00.38
      Prototype for the B-version
D-OAGJ      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2209 D-OAGJ
D-OAGN      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OAGN
D-OAGO      AGO Ao192 v1 A          D-OAGO            00.00.35
D-OAGT      Henschel Hs126          D-OAGT
D-OAJX      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OAJX
D-OALN      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2199 D-OALN       DFS
D-OALN      Heinkel He70 > He270          D-OALN
D-OAMD      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OAMD
D-OAMS      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OAMS
D-OAMY      Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2159 D-OAMY Turkish AF 1705

D-OAPD     Junkers W34 hau         D-OAPD
D-OAPJ     Junkers W34       D-OAPJ
D-OAPN     Junkers W34       D-OAPN
D-OAPO     Henschel Hs126          D-OAPO
D-OAPU     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-1           D-OAPU
D-OAQE     BFW M.20 > a      392   D-1480 D-UFON D-OAQE D-UVON? DLH
           [other source wnr belongs to D-UVON]
D-OAQH     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OAQH
D-OAQU     Junkers W34       D-OAQU
D-OARI     Junkers W34       D-OARI
D-OARU     Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2163 D-OARU Turkish AF 1706

D-OARV     Henschel Hs126          D-OARV
D-OASA     Heinkel He170 V-1 2171 D-OASA
D-OASE     Junkers W34 hi    61    D-OASE
D-OASP     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OASP
D-OATR     Junkers W34       D-OATR
D-OAUB     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2180 D-OAUB
D-OAUZ     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OAUZ
D-OAVE     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OAVE
D-OAVK     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OAVK
D-OAWH     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C       D-OAWH
D-OAWO     Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2     ...25 D-OAWO
D-OAXO     Junkers W34 hau         D-OAXO      NSFK   00.05.39
D-OAYA     Focke-Wulf Fw58 D-1     2128 D-OAYA        Carl Zeiss/Jena
D-OAYE      Junkers W34 hau         WL-OAYE
D-OAZA      Junkers W34 hau         WL-OAZA
D-OAZJ      Junkers W34       WL-OAZJ
D-OAZN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2158 D-OAZN Turkish AF 1704
D-OBAB      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OBAB
D-OBAC      Junkers W34 w           D-OBAC
D-OBAG      Junkers W34 hau         D-OBAG
D-OBAH      Junkers F13 > co 781    D-831 D-OBAH      'Gebirgsstelze'
Junkers >DVS >DVL >RDL >Deutsche Luftfahrt GmbH >(PLL Aerolot ntu)
D-OBAJ      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OBAJ
D-OBAK      Junkers W34 d2i 2574 D-3047 D-OBAK        RDL Erprob.-
D-OBAL      Junkers W33 b     2505 D-1197 D-OBAL      Junkers 'Europa'
>Junkers LV Persien >DVS 'BolBol' 00.10.27            Transatlantic
crossing 14.10.27 failed due to crashlanding at Bremen. Canc 5.39
D-OBAM      Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-1          D-OBAM      Luftwaffe
      [also Junkers W33 c/n 71]
D-OBAM      Junkers W33 he    71    D-OBAM WL-OBAM
D-OBAN      Junkers W33 c     2541 D-1642 D-OBAN      Junkers-used as
pesticide aircraft
D-OBAP      Junkers W34 hi    2844 D-OBAP SE+EK
D-OBAQ      Junkers W34 hau         D-OBAQ      FFS B Halberstadt

D-OBAR      BFW M.18 b 477   D-OBAR
D-OBAV      Junkers F13 779  D-212 D-OBAV      Felsentaube' DVL
>(Lettische LV AG ntu)             Crashed 6.36
D-OBAW      Junkers W34 hau        D-OBAW
D-OBAX      Junkers F13 de   796   D-1001 D-OBAX     'Fliegenente' DVL
>DVS              Destroyed 4.37
D-OBAY      Junkers W34 hi         WL-OBAY
D-OBAZ      Junkers F13 bi > de > f1e    738   D-376 Island-3 D-OBAZ
      Kronenreiher' SudwestDeutsche LV AG >DLH - used on board steamship
'Lutzow ' >Flugfelag Oslands lsd DLH 'Kronenreiher' >DLH
      Crashed Borkum 7.36
D-OBBB      Arado Ar195 V-1        D-OBBB
D-OBBD      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OBBD
D-OBBG      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2           D-OBBG
D-OBCA      Junkers W34      D-OBCA
D-OBCH      Junkers W34      D-OBCH
D-OBCK      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OBCK
D-OBCQ      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OBCQ
D-OBDB      Arado Ar195 V-1 2439 D-OBDB TI+HY
D-OBDE      Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1    2901 D-OBDE
D-OBDF      Junkers W34      D-OBDF      Kampffliegerschule 3 Lechfeld

D-OBDN     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OBDN
D-OBDT     Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2          D-OBDT
D-OBEK     Junkers W34      D-OBEK WL-OBEK
D-OBEL     Heinkel He5      WL-OBEL
D-OBEP     Albatros L72 b   10074 D-888 D-OBEP       Hamburger
Luftfahrtsgelleschaft mbH
D-OBEQ     Junkers W34 hi   1001 D-OBEQ       DVL    00.01.38
D-OBER     Junkers W34      D-OBER
D-OBES      Focke-Wulf A32    95    D-1910 D-OBES     NordBayerische
Verkehrsflug GmbH >Deutsche Verkehrsflug >DLH
D-OBET      Junkers W33       WL-OBET
D-OBEZ      Junkers W34       D-OBEZ
D-OBFJ      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OBFJ
D-OBFQ      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2           D-OBFQ
D-OBGC      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OBGC
D-OBIB      Junkers W34       D-OBIB
D-OBIL      Junkers W33 he    61    D-OBIL
D-OBIR      Focke-Wulf Cierva C.19a       35    D-1960 D-OBIR    DVL -demo
tour Denmark Sweden Netherland Belgium and UK. Part of the Deutsche
Luftfahrtsammlung in Berlin               Destroyed by bombing .44
D-OBIS      Junkers W34 hi          D-OBIS      DVL   00.06.37
D-OBIV      Junkers F13 > h1e 2015 D-1378 D-OBIV      'Weissfalke' Severa
>DLH >Abteilung Kustenflug Luftdienst GmbH >DVS
D-OBIX      Junkers W33       D-OBIX
D-OBIZ      Albatros L72 b    10075 D-890 D-OBIZ      Hamburger
Luftfahrtsgelleschaft mbH
D-OBJH      Focke-Wulf Fw58 KJ-1    2700 D-OBJH       DLH
D-OBJR      Junkers W34 hi          D-OBJR      Hibernia
Bergwerksgesellschaft /Herne 00.03.38
D-OBJZ      Fieseler Fi167v3 2503 D-OBJZ TP+AV
D-OBKD      Junkers W34       D-OBKD
D-OBLG      Junkers W34 hau         D-OBLG      DVS
D-OBLY      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OBLY
D-OBNB      Junkers W34       D-OBNB
D-OBNH      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OBNH
D-OBOA      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OBOA
D-OBOF      Junkers W34 hi          D-OBOF      Hansa Luftbild   00.01.38

D-OBOH     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OBOH
D-OBOH     Junkers W33       D-OBOH
D-OBOL     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OBOL
D-OBOL     Junkers W34 hi    196   D-OBOL
D-OBOM     Junkers F13       D-OBOM
D-OBON     Junkers F13 > f1e 703   D-425 D-OBON     'Milan' Lurag/Essen
>Europa-Union >DLH >DVS      00.00.23
D-OBOO     Junkers W34       D-OBOO
D-OBOP     Junkers W34       D-OBOP
D-OBOR     Junkers F13 de    728   D-370 D-OBOR     'Kanarienvogel' DVL
>DVS >DVL >DVS               Destroyed 6.34
D-OBOT     Junkers W33       D-OBOT
D-OBOV     Junkers W34       D-OBOV
D-OBQL     Junkers W34       WL-OBQL
D-OBQX     Junkers W34       D-OBQX
D-OBRA     Junkers W34 Ju46hi      2745 D-2491 D-UHYL D-OBRA   DLH
'Sirius' mailplane cv to seaplane used on board NDL steam ship 'Bremen'
>Hansa Flugdienst 00.00.39         [c/n also 2720]
D-OBRL     Junkers W34       D-OBRL
D-OBRO     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OBRO
D-OBRT     Focke Wulf Fw58C        WL-OBRT
D-OBSE     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OBSE
D-OBSZ     Junkers W34       D-OBSZ      1.or 2./KG 257
D-OBTQ     Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2157   D-OBTQ Turkish AF 1703

D-OBUE     Junkers W34        D-OBUE
D-OBUF     Junkers W34        D-OBUF
D-OBUN     Junkers W34        D-OBUN
D-OBUQ     Junkers W34        D-OBUQ
D-OBUR     Junkers W34        D-OBUR
D-OBUT     Junkers Ju87             D-OBUT
D-OBUT     Junkers W34        D-OBUT
D-OBUZ     Junkers W34        WL-OBUZ
D-OBVE     Focke-Wulf Fw58          D-OBVE
D-OBVH     Junkers W34 hau          D-OBVH      FFS B Halberstadt

D-OBVN     Focke Wulf Fw58          D-OBVN
D-OBVP     Focke Wulf Fw58C         WL-OBVP
D-OBWH     Heinkel He70             WL-OBWH
D-OBXG     Junkers W34 hau          WL-OBXG
D-OBXP     Focke Wulf Fw58          D-OBXP
D-OBYA     Junkers W34 hi           D-OBYA      Blindflugschule Brandis

D-OBYF     Junkers   W34 hi          D-OBYF
D-OBYK     Junkers   W34 hi          D-OBYK      Deutsche Reich /RLM
Reichswetterdienst       00.03.36          Canc 2.38
D-OBYN     Junkers   W33       D-OBYN
D-OBYQ     Junkers   W34 hi    2792 D-UBER D-OBYQ      Junkers    00.11.34

D-OBYY      Junkers W34       D-OBYY
D-OBZK      Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2160 D-OBZK Turkish AF
      Crashed en-route Turkey replaced with c/n 2163
D-OBZP      Junkers W34       D-OBZP      1./KG 257
D-OCAO      Junkers W34       WL-OCAO
D-OCAR      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OCAR
D-OCAU      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OCAU      FFS C Neuruppin

D-OCAY     Junkers W34      D-OCAY
D-OCAZ     Junkers W33      D-OCAZ
D-OCBB     Junkers W34 hau        D-OCBB
D-OCDH     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCDH
D-OCDR     Junkers W34      D-OCDR
D-OCDY     Junkers W34 3223 D-OCDY
D-OCEB     Focke-Achgelis Fa223 V-1     22300001    D-OCEB
D-OCFD     Junkers W34      WL-OCFD
D-OCFQ     Junkers W34 hi         D-OCFQ      Junkers     00.08.37

D-OCFS     Henschel Hs126         D-OCFS
D-OCFV     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCFV
D-OCGP     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCGP
D-OCHO     Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-4 A-0     1890001      D-OCHO

D-OCIP     Junkers W33 b     2523   D-1534 D-OCIP    DLH - used at Lipetsk
for military trials >Luftwaffe                 [also used by DLH and
Syndicato Condor?]
D-OCIR      BFW M20 b2 549   D-2359 D-UHEN D-OCIR    DLH 'Hunsruck' >RLM
lsd by Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe             Destroyed .41
D-OCIY      Heinkel He70           D-OCIY
D-OCJF      Junkers W34 hau        D-OCJF
D-OCJJ      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OCJJ      2./KG 257
D-OCJR      Junkers W33      D-OCJR
D-OCK.      Junkers W34      D-OCK.
D-OCKP      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OCKP WL-OCKP
D-OCLI      Junkers W34      WL-OCLI
D-OCLN      Arado Ar195 V-3 2440 D-OCLN TI+HZ
      [also v1]
D-OCLU      Junkers W34      WL-OCLU
D-OCML      Fieseler Fi167 V-1     2501 D-OCML TI+HT       E-stelle
D-OCPD      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OCPD
D-OCQK      Junkers W34      D-OCQK      2./KG 257
D-OCQN      Junkers W34      D-OCQN
D-OCRQ      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2    2761 D-OCRQ
D-OCSB      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OCSB
D-OCSI      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCSI
D-OCSK      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCSK
D-OCSU      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OCSU      Wetterflugstelle Koln

D-OCTB      AGO Ao192 V2           D-OCTB
D-OCVH      Junkers W34 hau        D-OCVH
D-OCVR      Junkers W34 hau        D-OCVR
D-OCVY      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCVY
D-OCWN      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCWN
D-OCWW      Focke Wulf Fw58K-10    2156 D-OCWW                        Sold
to Turkey
D-OCXF      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2          D-OCXF
D-OCXS      Junkers W34 hau        D-OCXS
D-OCYA      Junkers W34      D-OCYA
D-OCYZ      Junkers W33 he         D-OCYZ
D-OCZR      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OCZR      Blindflugschule Brandis

D-OCZT      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OCZT
D-ODAC      Junkers W34 hau        D-ODAC     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ODAF     AGO Ao192 B       D-ODAF
D-ODAK     Junkers W34       D-ODAK
D-ODAM     Junkers W33       D-ODAM
D-ODAN     Junkers W33       D-ODAN
D-ODAO     Junkers W34       WL-ODAO
D-ODAT     Junkers W34       D-ODAT
D-ODAX     Junkers W34 hi          D-ODAX                       overhauled
Avia Kunovice 15.11.39 (quotes c/n 543 = F13)
D-ODAZ     Junkers W34       D-ODAZ
D-ODBC     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-ODBC      Wetteraufstiegestelle
D-ODBL     Hopfner HR 14/34 33     OE-DBL D-ODBL
D-ODBQ?    Junkers W34       WL-ODBQ?
D-ODBS     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ODBS
D-ODBT     Henschel Hs126 A-0            D-ODBT
D-ODBV      Junkers W34      WL-ODBV
D-ODCA      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2     2142 D-ODCA
D-ODCG      Junkers W34 hi         D-ODCG     ATG Allgemeine
Transportanlagen/Muckass     00.03.38
D-ODCK      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2     2990 D-ODCK
D-ODDA      Junkers W34 hi         D-ODDA                       overhauled
Avia Kunovice 21.3.40 (quotes c/n 467 = K16)
D-ODDH      Hopfner HS 8/29        A-49 OE-DRH D-ODDH
      (D-ODRH would be more likely)
D-ODDK      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODDK
D-ODEL      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODEL     FFS B Halberstadt

D-ODEM      Junkers F13 b     581   CH-66 D-203 A-27 D-203 D-ODEM
      'Bussard' Ad Astra >Aero Express Ungarn >Junkers LVAG >DLH >OLAG
leased from DLH >DVL                Wing used for repair of CH-59
D-ODEN      Junkers F13 fe    2022 D-1425 D-ODEN      DVL >Ala Littoria
>DLH 'Kohlmeise' >DVS               also quoted as D-1374 - see c/n 2021
D-ODEP      Junkers W34       D-ODEP
D-ODEQ      Junkers F13       D-ODEQ
D-ODES      BFW M.18 b 420    D-1567 D-ODES     'Wiesbaden-Mainz' DVL
>NordBayerischer Verkehrsflug GmbH >DEVAG >DVS >DLV >NSFK
D-ODET      Junkers W33       D-ODET
D-ODEU      Junkers W34       D-ODEU
D-ODEY      Junkers W34       D-ODEY
D-ODFD      Junkers W34 w           D-ODFD
D-ODFJ      Focke Wulf Fw58E-1            D-ODFJ
D-ODFN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2 V-9       2879 D-ODFN
D-ODFQ      Junkers W34       WL-ODFQ
D-ODGH      Junkers W34 hau         D-ODGH      NSFK 00.07.39
D-ODGQ      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2            D-ODGQ
D-ODGW      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ODGW
D-ODGX      Arado Ar95        D-ODGX                        on floats
D-ODGY      Arado Ar95 v3 A-1 948   D-ODGY                        float
D-ODHP      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-ODHP
D-ODIB      Junkers W34       D-ODIB
D-ODIF      Junkers W34       D-ODIF
D-ODIH      Junkers W34       D-ODIH      Flugber./Luftpark Gutenfeld

D-ODII      Junkers W34      D-ODII
D-ODIK      Junkers W34      D-ODIK
D-ODIL      Junkers W34      D-ODIL
D-ODIM      Junkers W34 hi   2839 D-ODIM
D-ODIP      Junkers W34      WL-ODIP
D-ODIR      Junkers W34      D-ODIR
D-ODIT      Junkers W34      D-ODIT
D-ODIX      Heinkel HE5f     119   D-2236 D-ODIX    DVS
      Focke-Wulf built. Broken up 7.35
D-ODIY      Heinkel He70           D-ODIY
D-ODIZ      Henschel Hs122 A-0           D-ODIZ
D-ODJA      Focke Wulf Fw58E-2           D-ODJA DK+PY

D-ODJC     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ODJC
D-ODJG     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODJG        Grosse Kampffliegerschule 1
D-ODJI     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODJI
D-ODKR     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODKR
D-ODLA     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODLA
D-ODLG     Arado Ar198 V-1 2651 D-ODLG                00.03.38
D-ODLM     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ODLM
D-ODMN     Focke-Wulf Fw58B-2
D-ODMQ     Junkers W34 hau        WL-ODMQ
D-ODNY     Junkers W34      D-ODNY
D-ODOE     Junkers W34      D-ODOE
D-ODOF     Junkers W34      D-ODOF
D-ODOH     Junkers W34 hi         D-ODOH        DVS   00.01.39
D-ODON     Junkers W33 he   2771 D-ODON         DVS   00.06.34
D-ODOO     Junkers W34 hi         D-ODOO
D-ODOV     Junkers W34      D-ODOV      2./KG   257
D-ODOX     Junkers W34 hi   229   D-ODOX        IV.(Stuka)/LG Greifswald

D-ODOY     Junkers W34       D-ODOY
D-ODPF     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ODPF
D-ODQM     Junkers W34       D-ODQM
D-ODRK     Junkers W34 hau         D-ODRK
D-ODSG     Arado Ar195 V-3   2441 D-ODSG TJ+HA
D-ODSH     Arado Ar195       D-ODSH                     [also V3?]
D-ODUE     Junkers W34 hau   774   D-ODUE    II./St.G.162> St.G.168

D-ODUH     Heinkel He70            D-ODUH
D-ODUK     Junkers W34       D-ODUK
D-ODUL     Focke-Wulf A32    96    D-1942 D-ODUL     NordBayerische
Verkehrsflug >Deutsche Verkehrsflug >DLH
D-ODUL     Junkers W34 hau         D-ODUL      FFS B Halberstadt
D-ODUO     Junkers W34       D-ODUO      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ODUR     Junkers W34       D-ODUR
D-ODUV     Junkers W34 hi          D-ODUV      Deutsche Reich /RLM
Reichsamt fur Wetterdienst   00.10.36
D-ODUY     Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-5     1970 D-ODUY
D-ODVK     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2179 D-ODVK       DVL
D-ODVL     Heinkel He70            D-ODVL
D-ODWO     Junkers W34       D-ODWO
D-ODWS     Junkers W34 966   D-ODWS RG+NV
D-ODYI     Junkers W34       D-ODYI      FFS B Halberstadt LKS Berlin-
D-ODYO     Junkers W34       D-ODYO
D-ODYP     Junkers W34       D-ODYP
D-ODYR     Junkers W33       D-ODYR      Blindflugschule 2
D-ODYU     Junkers W34       WL-ODYU
D-ODZA     Heinkel He70            D-ODZA
D-ODZX     Focke Wulf Fw58C        WL-ODZX
D-OEAH     Junkers W34       WL-OEAH
D-OEAI     Junkers W34       D-OEAI
D-OEBM     Breda 32          D-OEBM
D-OEBO     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OEBO
D-OECY     Henschel Hs126 V-3            D-OECY
D-OEDE     Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1     2901 D-OEDE
D-OEDQ     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2     2731   D-OEDQ     Fliegerschule Passau

D-OEDW     Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OEDW
D-OEEA     Hopfner HV 12/34 28    A-150 OE-DEA D-OEEA
D-OEFL     Junkers W34      D-OEFL
D-OEFR     Siebel Si204 S         D-OEFR
D-OEGX     Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OEGX
D-OEHD     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2     2234 D-OEHD
D-OEHF     Heinkel He270 V1 1973 D-OEHF             00.0.38
D-OEIR     Junkers W34      D-OEIR
D-OELV     Henschel Hs126 A-0           D-OELV
D-OELY     Henschel Hs126         D-OELY
D-OENB     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2          D-OENB      DVL
D-OEPN     Junkers W34      D-OEPN
D-OEQR     Junkers W34      WL-OEQR
D-OESK     Junkers W34 hau        D-OESK
D-OETR     Junkers W34 hau        D-OETR
D-OETV     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OETV
D-OEUR     Junkers W34      D-OEUR
D-OFAF     Junkers W34      D-OFAF
D-OFAG     Focke-Achgelis Fa223 V-3     22300003    D-OFAG
           Destroyed in bomb raid
D-OFAH     Junkers W34      WL-OFAH
D-OFAI     Junkers W34      D-OFAI
D-OFAL     Heinkel He70 F-3 1688 D-OFAL       Heinkel Rostock

D-OFAN     Junkers W34 hau 1016 D-OFAN
D-OFAR     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OFAR      1./KG 257
D-OFAU     Junkers W34       D-OFAU
D-OFAV     Fokker-Grulich F.II > b       1591 D-783 D-OFAV      'Wupper'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH                [D-OSAV?]
D-OFAY     Junkers W34       D-OFAY
D-OFCI     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2644 D-OFCI
D-OFCQ     Heinkel He70      1283 D-OFCQ
D-OFEE     Junkers W34       D-OFEE
D-OFEI     Junkers W34 hi          D-OFEI
D-OFEN     Junkers F13 bi > d1e    685   D-564 D-OFEN     'Goldammer'
Sachsische LV AG >Osterreichische Eisenbahn >DLH >RLM                 Canc
D-OFEP     Junkers W34       D-OFEP      II./KG 257> III./KG 253

D-OFEQ     Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-7           D-OFEQ     Focke-Wulf

D-OFEU     Junkers W34      D-OFEU
D-OFEY     Junkers W34      D-OFEY
D-OFEZ     Junkers W33 d    2561 D-1839 ISLAND-I D-OFEZ EU-V(1) D-OFEZ
           DLH>Flugfelag Oslands>Eurasia > Hansa Flugdienst 'Plattensee'

D-OFFS     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2           D-OFFS
D-OFGS     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OFGS
D-OFHK     Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1    2899 D-OFHK
D-OFHN     Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OFHN
D-OFIE     Junkers W34 hau        D-OFIE
D-OFIH     Junkers W34 hi   326   D-OFIH      FFS Magdeburg
D-OFIM      Junkers W34 hau         D-OFIM      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OFIR      Junkers W34 1019 D-OFIR
D-OFIS      Heinkel He118           D-OFIS
D-OFIT      BFW M.18          D-OFIT
D-OFIV      Junkers W34       D-OFIV
D-OFIX      Junkers W34       D-OFIX
D-OFLB      Junkers W34       D-OFLB
D-OFMS      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OFMS
D-OFNA      Junkers W34       D-OFNA
D-OFNR      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OFNR
D-OFOG      Junkers W34       D-OFOG WL-OFOG
D-OFOI      Junkers W34       D-OFOI
D-OFOM      Junkers W34 w           D-OFOM
D-OFON      Junkers W34       D-OFON
D-OFOO      Junkers W34 hi          D-OFOO
D-OFOQ      Heinkel He70            D-OFOQ
D-OFOR      Focke-Wulf A20    34    D-1159 D-OFOR     Schwaben-Bayr.Flugges
>NordBayerischer Verkehrsflug GmbH >DEVAG >Fliegerschule Dittmar >DLV
>NSFK 00.02.28
D-OFOR      Junkers W34       D-OFOR
D-OFOT      BFW M20 b2 547    D-2349 D-UMOK D-OFOT    DLH 'Rhon' >RLM lsd
by Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe                  Destroyed .42
D-OFOU      Junkers W34       D-OFOU
D-OFSD      Junkers W34       WL-OFSD
D-OFSO      Junkers W34       WL-OFSO
D-OFTB      Focke Wulf Fw58C-2            D-OFTB      DVL
D-OFTP      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OFTP      DVL
D-OFUA      Junkers W34 hi          D-OFUA
D-OFUM      Junkers W34       D-OFUM
D-OFUO      Junkers W34       D-OFUO
D-OFUR      Junkers W34 hi    2862 D-OFUR                         overhauled
Avia Kunovice 21.3.40
D-OFUS      Junkers W34 hi          WL-OFUS
D-OFUT      Junkers W34       D-OFUT
D-OFUV      Junkers W34       D-OFUV
D-OFWF      Focke-Wulf Fw62 V-1     2062 D-OFWF D-ICDS      E-stelle
Travemunde              on floats
D-OFWP      Fieseler Fi167 V-2      2502 D-OFWP TA+AA       E-stelle
D-OFXS      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OFXS
D-OFYA      Junkers W34 hau         D-OFYA
D-OFYD      Junkers W34       WL-OFYD
D-OFYH      Junkers W34 hau         D-OFYH      FFS B Halberstadt

D-OFYI     Heinkel He70 F-3        D-OFYI
D-OFYI     Junkers W34       D-OFYI
D-OFYS     Junkers W34 hi          D-OFYS                      overhauled
Avia Kunovice 2.5.40 (quotes c/n 227)
D-OFYU     Junkers W34 hau         D-OFYU
D-OFYZ     BFW M.20 > a      421   D-1676 D-UDAL D-OFYZ  DLH >RLM
chartered by Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe                 Destroyed .43
D-OGAB     Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-6    1890016    D-OGAB NA+WB

D-OGAD     Junkers W34       D-OGAD
D-OGAE     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OGAE
D-OGAG     Caudron C.445 Goeland         D-OGAG
D-OGAK     Junkers W34       D-OGAK
D-OGAL     Junkers W34       D-OGAL
D-OGAN     Caudron C.445 Goeland         D-OGAN                        [WL-
OGAN reported as Junkers W34]
D-OGAU     Caudron C.445 Goeland         D-OGAU
D-OGAW     Focke-Achgelis Fa223 V-2      22300002    D-OGAW
           Destroyed in bomb raid
D-OGAZ     Junkers W33       D-OGAZ
D-OGBW     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OGBW      Kampffliegerschule 3
D-OGCF     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OGCF
D-OGCR     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OGCR
D-OGCU     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OGCU
D-OGEF     Junkers W34       D-OGEF
D-OGEI     Junkers W34 hi          D-OGEI      Fl. Ub. Stelle

D-OGEM      Junkers W34 hi          D-OGEM
D-OGER      Junkers W33 he          D-OGER      DVL   00.10.34
D-OGES      Junkers W34 178   D-OGES      FFS Magdeburg
D-OGET      Junkers W33 he    020   D-OGET      DVS   00.07.34
      Henschel built
D-OGEX      Junkers F13 bi    748   D-557 D-OGEX      'Leiervogel'
Schlesische LV AG >DLH >DVS               Canc 6.37
D-OGFT      Junkers W34 hi    1025 D-OGFT TI+HM       DVL used at
D-OGHF      Focke Wulf Fw58 B-2     2246 D-OGHF
D-OGHF      Aero A-304        D-OGHF
D-OGIA      Junkers W34       WL-OGIA
D-OGIF      Junkers W34 ATG2608     D-OGIF HC-SAA PP-CBO    DLH   00.00.34
            To Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Tunai'
D-OGIH      Junkers W33       D-OGIH
D-OGIK      Junkers W34       D-OGIK
D-OGIM      Junkers W34 hi    1023 D-OGIM
D-OGIN      Junkers W34       D-OGIN
D-OGIS      Junkers W34       D-OGIS
D-OGIT      Junkers F13 bi    687   D-565 A-53 D-565 A-65 D-OGIT Kleiber'
D-OGIV      Junkers W34       D-OGIV
D-OGLD      Focke-Wulf Fw58 220969        D-OGLD
D-OGLH      Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1           D-OGLH
D-OGLN      Arado Ar195 V-2         D-OGLN
D-OGLU      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OGLU
D-OGOE      Junkers W34       D-OGOE
D-OGON      Junkers W33       D-OGON
D-OGOO      Junkers W34       D-OGOO
D-OGOR      BFW M.18 b        D-OGOR      DLV
D-OGOS      Junkers W33 he    13    D-OGOS      Fl.Sch.Neuruppin
D-OGOT      Fokker-Grulich F.II > b       1594 D-786 D-OGOT       'Werra'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OGSO      Junkers W34       D-OGSO
D-OGUH      Junkers W34       WL-OGUH
D-OGUK      Junkers W34 hau         WL-OGUK
D-OGUL      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2           D-OGUL
D-OGUR      Junkers W33 b > b1     2520 D-1424 D-OGUR      Severa >DVL
>Luftdienst GmbH >DVS >Luftdienst GmbH
D-OGUT      Junkers W34      D-OGUT      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OGUX      Junkers W34      D-OGUX
D-OGUY      Junkers W34 hi   359   D-OGUY      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OGUZ      Junkers F13 bi > f1e   720   D-357 D-OGUZ      'Goldhahnchen'
Europa-Union >DLH Osterreichische Eisenbahn >DVL >DLV >NSFK
D-OGYI      Junkers W34      WL-OGYI
D-OGYT      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OGYT
D-OGYV      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OGYV
D-OHAA      Junkers W34 hau        D-OHAA      DVL   00.05.38
D-OHAH      Junkers F13 697  D-420 D-OHAH      DLH 'Seeadler' >RLM -
Weather Observatory
D-OHAI      Junkers W34 hi         D-OHAI      Photogrammetrie Munchen
D-OHAL      Junkers W34 hi   582   D-OHAL      II./St.G.162

D-OHAM      Junkers W34 hi   1026 D-OHAM                        [same wnr
as OZDS]
D-OHAO      Heinkel He70           WL-OHAO
D-OHAR      Junkers W34 hi         D-OHAR      Henschel >Hibernia
Bergwerksgesellschaft /Herne 00.08.36
D-OHAS      Junkers F13 2001 D-1126 D-OHAS     'Zweigspecht' Junkers LV
Persien >Anglo Persian Oil Co >Junkers >DVS
D-OHAT      Junkers F13 he   2056 D-1959 D-OHAT      Riesenfischer' DVS
>RDL >Flugsicherung >DVS                 Canc 8.38
D-OHAU      Junkers W34 hi   799   D-OHAU
D-OHAZ      Junkers F13      D-OHAZ
D-OHBR      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OHBR
D-OHBS      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OHBS
D-OHBT      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OHBT
D-OHCB      Junkers W34      D-OHCB
D-OHDJ      Junkers W34      D-OHDJ      Luftdienst
D-OHDY      Junkers W34 hi         WL-OHDY
D-OHEA      Junkers W34      D-OHEA
D-OHEE      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OHEE
D-OHEF      Junkers W33 he         D-OHEF
D-OHEH      Junkers W34 hau 3069 D-OHEH
D-OHEI      Junkers W34      D-OHEI
D-OHEM      Junkers W34      D-OHEM
D-OHEO      Arado Ar95 V-2   946   D-OHEO      E-stelle Rechlin
      on floats
D-OHEP      Junkers W34      D-OHEP
D-OHER      Junkers W34      D-OHER
D-OHES      Junkers W34      D-OHES      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OHEW      Heinkel He170 A-01     2172 D-OHEW
D-OHEY      Heinkel He70 F-2       D-OHEY
D-OHFN      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OHFN      1./KG 257
D-OHGF      Focke-Wulf Fw62 V-3    2064 D-OHGF       E-stelle Travemunde
D-OHGO      Arado Ar95 V-2         D-OHGO
D-OHGV      Arado Ar95A-0 V-5       D-OHGV                        on floats
[also reported as V-3]
D-OHHD      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OHHD
D-OHHP      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OHHP
D-OHHR      Focke Wulf Fw58V-23           D-OHHR      BFS
D-OHHX      Junkers W33       D-OHHX
D-OHIC      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OHIC      Grosse Kampffliegerschule 1
D-OHIF      Junkers W33       D-OHIF
D-OHIL      Junkers F13 > ce 723    D-366 URSS-307 URSS-D307 D-366 D-OHIL
      DLH 'Eismowe' >Deruluft >DLH >RLM >DLH
D-OHIN      Junkers W33 he    2770 D-OHIN       DVS   00.06.34
D-OHIP      Junkers W33 he    2748 D-2756 D-OHIP      DVS
D-OHIQ      Junkers W33 he    158   D-OHIQ TO+ND
D-OHIR      Junkers F13 bi    621   I-LUMT D-OHIR     DVS /Cottbus >NSFK
D-OHIU      Heinkel He70            D-OHIU
D-OHKE      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2770 D-OHKE
D-OHKN      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OHKN
D-OHLM      Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-14    3101 D-OHLM
D-OHNX      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OHNX
D-OHOA      Junkers W34       D-OHOA
D-OHOH      Junkers W34 hi    2815 D-OHOH
D-OHOL      Junkers W33       D-OHOL
D-OHOM      Junkers W34       D-OHOM
D-OHON      Junkers W33 he          D-OHON
D-OHOO      Junkers W34 ?           D-OHOO
D-OHOP      Junkers W33       D-OHOP
D-OHOR      Junkers W33 b1          D-OHOR      Luftdienst
D-OHOS      Junkers W33       D-OHOS
D-OHOU      Junkers W34       D-OHOU
D-OHOZ      Junkers W34 hi          WL-OHOZ
D-OHPD      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OHPD
D-OHUH      Junkers W34       WL-OHUH
D-OHUK      Junkers W34       D-OHUK
D-OHUN      Junkers F13 > d1e > f1e       707   D-429 D-OHUN      DLH
'Haselhuhn' >DVS
D-OHUO      Junkers W34       D-OHUO
D-OHUQ      Junkers W33 he    37    D-OHUQ
D-OHUT      BFW M.18 b        D-OHUT
D-OHUV      Junkers F13 ko    2062 D-2063 D-OHUV      DVL   00.06.31
      Used for landing navigation system tests
D-OHVC      Focke Wulf Fw189A-0 V10       189 0006    D-OHVC BQ+AW

D-OHYK      Junkers F13 791  D-869 D-OHYK     'Lori' DVS >DLH
D-OHYM      Junkers F13      D-OHYM
D-OHYO      Junkers W34 hi         D-OHYO
D-OHYQ      Junkers F13 583  D-193 CH-91 D-193 D-OHYQ    Drossel' Ad
Astra >Badisch-Pfalzische DLH
D-OHYR      Junkers F13 791  D-869 D-OHYR     'Lori' DVS >DLH
      per Ries-see OHYK
D-OIAB      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OIAB
D-OIAG      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OIAG
D-OIAK      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OIAK      I./JG26
D-OICJ      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OICJ
D-OIDQ      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OIDQ
D-OIEP      Heinkel He70           D-OIEP
D-OIGS      Junkers W34 hau        D-OIGS
D-OIHD      Focke-Wulf Fw189       D-OIHD
D-OIKM      Junkers W34      WL-OIKM
D-OIKN      Junkers W34      WL-OIKN
D-OIOH      Junkers W34      D-OIOH      I./KG 257
D-OIQD      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OIQD
D-OITY      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OITY
D-OIZD      Junkers W34 w          D-OIZD
D-OJAA      Junkers W34      D-OJAA
D-OJAE      Junkers W34      WL-OJAE
D-OJAF      Junkers W34 hi w       D-OJAF
D-OJAH      Heinkel He70           D-OJAH
D-OJAL      Junkers F13 704  D-426 A-38 D-426 D-OJAL       'Sprosser'
Lurag/Essen >DLH >OLAG >DVL 00.00.23
D-OJAR      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OJAR
D-OJAS      Heinkel HE57     343   D-2067 D-OJAS     Heinkel/Warnemunde
D-OJAV      Junkers W34      D-OJAV
D-OJAX      Focke Wulf A33         D-OJAX
D-OJBH      Focke-Wulf Fw58 2700 D-OJBH                          [as
D-OJBO      Junkers W34      D-OJBO
D-OJBZ      Fieseler Fi167 V-3     2503 D-OJBZ TP+AV
      [or OBJZ?]
D-OJCT      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OJCT
D-OJDF      Junkers W34 hau        D-OJDF
D-OJEH      Junkers W33 > b > c    2519 D-1423 SE-ACH D-OJEH     Severa
>DLH >Luftdienst GmbH >DVL >Abteilung Kustenflug >Soc. de Flygmateriel
Stockholm >RDL/Travemunde
D-OJEI      Junkers W34      D-OJEI
D-OJEK      Junkers Ju52/3m        D-OJEK
D-OJEL      Junkers W34      D-OJEL
D-OJEO      Junkers W34 hi         D-OJEO      Blindflugschule Brandis

D-OJEP      Junkers W34 hau        D-OJEP
D-OJEU      Junkers W34      WL-OJEU
D-OJIA      Focke Wulf Fw58C-2     58451 D-OJIA
D-OJIE      Junkers W34      D-OJIE
D-OJII      Junkers W34 hi         D-OJII
D-OJIL      Junkers W34 hi   486   D-OJIL HC-SEDTA     SEDTA 00.00.38
      Crashed Quito 4.3.38 Fritz Hammer killed
D-OJIP      Fokker-Grulich F.II > b      1593 D-785    D-OJIP        'Lech'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OJIU      Junkers W34 h          D-OJIU      DLH     00.12.36
D-OJNP      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OJNP
D-OJOA      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OJOA
D-OJOE      Junkers W34 hau        D-OJOE      FFS B   Halberstadt

D-OJOH     Junkers F13 w           D-OJOH
D-OJOH      Junkers W34 fi    2733 D-2394 D-OJOH      DLH 'Castor' >Hansa
D-OJOK      Junkers W34       D-OJOK
D-OJOL      Junkers W33 d           D-OJOL
D-OJOP      Junkers F13 531   D-183 D-1 D-OJOP TV+00 Herta' Junkers
>Bayerischer Luft Lloyd >confiscated by Allies .20 >Junkers 'Anneliese'
>Bayerischer Luft Lloyd 'Nacht' >DLH >Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe
>Luftfahrtsammlung                  Wfu after storm damage 11.40 Exhibited
at Deutsche Luftfahrtsammlung/Berlin Destroyed during bomb raid 1.43
D-OJOR      Junkers W34 hi          WL-OJOR
D-OJUA      Junkers W34       WL-OJUA
D-OJUE      Junkers W34       D-OJUE
D-OJUH      Junkers W33 he    124   D-OJUH      LKS Breslau
D-OJUI      Junkers W34       D-OJUI
D-OJUK      Junkers W34 hau         WL-OJUK
D-OJUM      Junkers W34       D-OJUM
D-OJUP      Junkers W34       D-OJUP      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OJUQ      Junkers F13 > d1e 2002 D-1139 D-OJUQ      'Schwarzelster' DVL
>Luftschiffhafen Gotha
D-OJUR      Junkers W34       WL-OJUR
D-OJUS      Junkers W33       D-OJUS
D-OJUX      Junkers W33       D-OJUX
D-OJWP      Junkers W34       D-OJWP
D-OJXQ      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C       D-OJXQ
D-OJYE      Junkers W34       D-OJYE      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OJYM      Junkers W34       D-OJYM
D-OJYP      Junkers W33       D-OJYP
D-OJYT      ? FE70            WL-OJYT
D-OJYX      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OJYX
D-OJYY      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OJYY
D-OJZD      Junkers W34 w           D-OJZD
D-OKAA      Junkers W34       D-OKAA
D-OKAH      Junkers W33       D-OKAH
D-OKAM      Junkers W33       D-OKAM      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OKAO      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OKAO
D-OKAX      Junkers F13 > de 744    D-570 D-OKAX      'Rotschwaenzchen' RVM
>DLH? >DVL >DVS 00.00.25            Crashed 6.34
D-OKAX      Junkers F13 bi > d1e > f1e    743   D-433 D-OKAX A-29
      'Baumlaufer' Sachsische LV AG >DLH lsd Osterreichische Luftverkehrs
AG >DVS                 [A-29 said to be c/n 780]
D-OKAX      Baumer CI         D-434 D-OKAX
D-OKAZ      Junkers W33       D-OKAZ
D-OKCM      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2     2965 D-OKCM
D-OKDM      Junkers W34       WL-OKDM
D-OKDN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 3103 D-OKDN 2655 PP-CBN

D-OKDU     Focke-Wulf Fw62 V-2      2063   D-OKDU    E-stelle Travemunde

D-OKEF     Junkers F13 ke    2077   D-1961 D-OKEF    DVS> RDL>
Flugsicherung> DVS
D-OKEH     Junkers W33 he    027    D-OKEH      E-stelle Rechlin

D-OKEK     Junkers W34       D-OKEK
D-OKES      Junkers F13 bi > de > d1e > f1e   752   D-558 D-OKES
      Mauersegler' Schlesische LV AG >DLH >Deruluft            Destroyed
by accident
D-OKET      Junkers W33      WL-OKET
D-OKEZ      Junkers F13      D-OKEZ WL-OKEZ                    [probabaly
c/n 711]
D-OKFP      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OKFP     Blindflugschule Brandis

D-OKFS      Junkers W34       D-OKFS
D-OKGA      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OKGA
D-OKIL      Junkers W33 he    2782 D-OKIL      Deutsche Reich /RLM
D-OKIN      Junkers W33 he    116   D-OKIN     FFS B Halberstadt

D-OKIT      Junkers W33      D-OKIT
D-OKIV      Junkers W34      D-OKIV
D-OKIZ      Junkers W34      D-OKIZ
D-OKLB      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OKLB
D-OKOA      Junkers W34      D-OKOA
D-OKOF      Heinkel HE5      D-OKOF
D-OKOI      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OKOI
D-OKOM      Junkers W34      D-OKOM
D-OKON      Junkers W33      D-OKON
D-OKOO      Junkers W34 hi   358   D-OKOO     Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OKOP      Junkers F13 > ci 726   D-369 D-OKOP     DLH 'Blaukehlchen'
D-OKOR      Junkers W33      D-OKOR
D-OKOS      Junkers W34 hau        D-OKOS
D-OKOU      Junkers W34      D-OKOU
D-OKOY      Junkers W34hau         D-OKOY
D-OKPL      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OKPL
D-OKPQ      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2     2769 D-OKPQ VE+RG
      [c/n 2669?]
D-OKUE      Junkers W34 2877 D-OKUE
D-OKUF      Junkers F13 bi > d1e >f1e    545  Dz-42 Dz-36 A-68 D-332 A-96
D-OKUF      Elster' Danziger Luftpost >Lloyd Ostflug GmbH >OLAG >DLH >lsd
OLAG 'Elster' >Hansa Luftbild >Luftwaffe
D-OKUK      Junkers W33      D-OKUK
D-OKUN      Junkers W34 hau        D-OKUN
D-OKUS      Junkers F13 be   2051 D-1699 D-OKUS     'Sekretaer' DVL

D-OKUT      Heinkel HE5e      290   D-1336 D-OKUT    DVS >FFS Warnemunde
                  Destroyed 5.35
D-OKUU      Junkers W34       D-OKUU
D-OKUV      Junkers W34 >Ju46fi     2715 D-2244 D-OKUV     Junkers >DLH
      00.03.32          (see D-UKOV)
D-OKUX      Junkers W34 hi          D-OKUX     DVS/Halberstadt

D-OKYA     Junkers W34      D-OKYA
D-OKYH     Junkers W33      WL-OKYH
D-OKYK     Fokker-Grulich F.II > b      1589   D-767 D-OKYK        'Ruhr'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OKYM     Heinkel He70           D-OKYM
D-OKYN     BFW M.18          D-OKYN
D-OKYT     Junkers W34       WL-OKYT
D-OKYU     Junkers Ju34            D-OKYU
D-OKYV     Junkers W33 he    41    D-OKYV CC+HZ
D-OKYX     Junkers W34       D-OKYX
D-OKYZ     Junkers W34       WL-OKYZ
D-OLAF     Heinkel He118 A-08      1968 D-OLAF
D-OLAG     Junkers W34       D-OLAG
D-OLAH     Junkers W34       D-OLAH
D-OLAN     Junkers W34       D-OLAN
D-OLAP     Junkers F13 2026 A-48 OE-LAH D-OLAP       'Sonnenvogel' OLAG
>DLH >Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe 00.00.39
D-OLAS     Junkers F13 bi > f1e    706   D-582 D-OLAS      Dommel'
Sachsische LV AG >DLH >DVS
D-OLAW     Junkers W34       D-OLAW
D-OLBS     Junkers W34 4057 WL-OLBS
D-OLBV     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OLBV
D-OLCH     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OLCH TK+HQ      E-stelle
D-OLEA     Junkers W34 hi          D-OLEA      Blindflugschule Brandis

D-OLEE      Junkers W34      D-OLEE
D-OLEF      Junkers F13 > d1e > f1e      695   D-419 T-DKOV D-419 D-OLEF
      Weihe' Dansk Lufttransport >DLH >DVS                Canc 6.38
D-OLEI      Junkers W34      D-OLEI
D-OLEN      Junkers W34 see        D-OLEN
D-OLEP      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OLEP
D-OLER      AGO Ao192        D-OLER      Staff transport at Rechlin

D-OLEV     Junkers W34 hi   1030 D-OLEV                         overhauled
Avia Kunovice 19.12.39
D-OLEX     Heinkel He70           WL-OLEX
D-OLEX     Junkers W34      WL-OLEX
D-OLEY     Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OLEY
D-OLEZ     Junkers W33 he         D-OLEZ
D-OLFD     Junkers W34      WL-OLFD
D-OLGA     Blohm und Voss Bv141 V-3     359   D-OLGA BL+AA

D-OLHR     Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OLHR
D-OLII     Junkers W34      D-OLII
D-OLIK     Fokker-Grulich F.III > c     1566 D-716 D-OLIK     'Schwarza'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OLIM     BFW M.18 b       D-OLIM      DLV
D-OLIN     Junkers W34 hi         D-OLIN
D-OLIO     Junkers W34      D-OLIO
D-OLIP     Heinkel He118 A-02     1962 D-OLIP
D-OLIT     Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OLIT
D-OLLE     Blohm und Voss Bv141 v-4     360  D-OLLE BL+AU GL+AG?

D-OLMP      Junkers W34 Ju46hi     2744 D-2419 D-UGUS? D-OLMP? PP-CBK
      DLH 'Mars' modified to seaplane used on board NDL steam ship
'Europa'    00.00.34         To Brasil .39
D-OLOA      Junkers W34 hiW 2884 D-OLOA TI+HO       DVL used at
D-OLOF     Junkers F13 JL6 > de > f1e   569   Dz-30 RR-ECA RR-ECG RR-ECK
D-1183 D-OLOF    Albatros' (Junkers-Larsen/USA ntu) >Danziger Luftpost
>Junkers LV Russland 'Albatros' >Junkers LV Persien >Graefliche
Schaffgott werke >DLH >DVS              [F13 D-ODEN also said to be
D-OLOF     Junkers F13 2015? B-BUNB D-OLOF    Severa     00.00.34

D-OLOH      Junkers W33      D-OLOH      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OLOQ      Junkers W34      WL-OLOQ
D-OLOT      Junkers W34 hau        D-OLOT
D-OLOU      Junkers W34      D-OLOU
D-OLOV      Junkers W34      D-OLOV
D-OLOX      Junkers W33      D-OLOX
D-OLOZ      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-1          D-OLOZ     DVL
D-OLUD      Arado Ar95       D-OLUD
D-OLUE      Junkers W34      D-OLUE
D-OLUH      Junkers W34      D-OLUH
D-OLUI      Junkers W34      D-OLUI
D-OLUL      Junkers W34      D-OLUL
D-OLUO      Arado Ar95 V-1   947   D-OLUO                       on floats
[also v1]
D-OLUQ      Heinkel HE5f     116   D-2221 D-OLUQ    DVS
      Focke-Wulf built
D-OLUV      Junkers W34      WL-OLUV
D-OLUX      Junkers W34      WL-OLUX
D-OLUZ      Heinkel He70           D-OLUZ
D-OLWE      Junkers W34      D-OLWE
D-OLYF      Junkers W34      D-OLYF      Aufkl.Gruppe 112 Stargard

D-OLYI     Junkers W34       D-OLYI     Blindflugschule Brandis

D-OLYK     Fokker-Grulich F.IIIc 1570 D-OLYK        DLH              [D-
OVAZ c/n 1570?]
D-OLYL     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OLYL
D-OLYM     Junkers W33       D-OLYM
D-OLYQ     Junkers W34 hau         D-OLYQ     DVS
D-OLYZ     Junkers W34 hau         D-OLYZ WL-OLYZ   Fliegerubungsstelle
Neuburg a/Donau
D-OMAD     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C       D-OMAD OM+AD     II./JG 77

D-OMAE      Junkers W34 hau        D-OMAE      DVL  00.07.38
D-OMAH      Junkers W33      D-OMAH
D-OMAI      Heinkel He70 F-2       D-OMAI      DVL
D-OMAR      Junkers W34      D-OMAR
D-OMAS      Junkers F13 627  D-210 PP-ALC P-PALC SP-AAC D-210 D-OMAS
      Rotkehlchen' Polnischer Aero-Lloyd 'Cezar' >PLL Aerolot >Junkers
D-OMAS      Junkers F13 ke   2008 D-1182 I-BBAA I-BBAS D-OMAS RLM
'Rohrammer' >Ala Littoria >S.A. Mediterranea >DLH              Crashed at
Salchau 7.12.34 3 killed
D-OMAV      Junkers W34 hi   225   D-OMAV
D-OMAX      Junkers W34 w          D-OMAX
D-OMAZ      Junkers W34      D-OMAZ      2./KG 257
D-OMCR      Focke-Wulf Fw62 V-4     2065 D-OMCR D-IMGD      E-stelle
D-OMDO      Junkers W34       D-OMDO
D-OMEF      Junkers W33       D-OMEF
D-OMEN      Junkers W33 d     2558 D-1732 D-OMEN      DVS
D-OMEP      Junkers W34       WL-OMEP
D-OMER      Heinkel He70 F-3        D-OMER
D-OMET      Junkers W34 2734 D-2395 D-OMET      DLH 'Pollux' >Hansa
D-OMEZ      Junkers W34 hi          D-OMEZ
D-OMFU      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OMFU
D-OMGQ      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B       D-OMGQ
D-OMHP      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OMHP
D-OMIL      Junkers W33       D-OMIL
D-OMIN      Junkers W34       D-OMIN      1./KG 257
D-OMIO      Junkers W34 hau         D-OMIO      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OMIP      Heinkel HE5f      117   D-2231 D-OMIP     Fliegerwaffenschule
Warnemunde              Focke-Wulf built. Preserved Krakow
D-OMIQ      Heinkel He118 A-05      1965 D-OMIQ                         [s/b
D-OMIR      Junkers W34 hi          D-OMIR      NS Lehrerverband Bayreuth
D-OMIT      Junkers W34       D-OMIT
D-OMIX      Junkers W33 he          D-OMIX      DVS               Damaged on
take off Oldenburg .37
D-OMIZ      Junkers F13 bi    547   Dz-31 Dz-37 RR-ECB D-454 D-OMIZ
      Adler' Danziger Luftpost >Lloyd Ostflug >Junkers LV Russland
>Junkers - pesticide aircraft >DLH >DVS >DVL
D-OMJQ      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OMJQ
D-OMLI      Junkers W34       WL-OMLI
D-OMOE      Junkers W34 hau         D-OMOE
D-OMOI      Junkers W34       D-OMOI
D-OMOL      Heinkel He118 V-4 1296 D-OMOL
D-OMOP      Junkers W34 2846 D-OMOP NT+NK
D-OMOY      Junkers W34       WL-OMOY
D-OMPR      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OMPR
D-OMRZ      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2215 D-OMRZ       Fliegerwaffenschule
D-OMTQ      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2978 D-OMTQ
      Fliegerwaffenschule/See Parchow
D-OMUA      Junkers W34       D-OMUA      Wetterflugstelle Hamburg

D-OMUE       Junkers W34       D-OMUE
D-OMUH       Junkers F13 d1e 764     D-463 D-OMUH    Tauchente' Sachsische
LV AG >DLH   >Flugfelag Oslands lsd for fishing operations >Hansa
Flugdienst   >Luftwaffe
D-OMUK       Junkers W34 hau         D-OMUK
D-OMUO       Junkers W34       D-OMUO
D-OMUR       Junkers W34       D-OMUR
D-OMUV       Junkers W34       D-OMUV
D-OMUZ       Albatros L72 c    10108 D-1140 D-OMUZ
D-OMWS       Junkers W34       WL-OMWS
D-OMXM       Junkers W34       D-OMXM                      [also QMXM?]
D-OMYE       Junkers W34 hi          D-OMYE
D-OMYH      Junkers W34         D-OMYH     FFS B Halberstadt
D-OMYI      Junkers W34         D-OMYI     Severa     00.04.35
      Crashed Scheebur
D-OMYK      Junkers W34         D-OMYK
D-OMYU      Junkers W33         D-OMYU
D-OMYX      Junkers W34   he          D-OMYX
D-OMYY      Junkers W34   hi    369   D-OMYY    Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OMYZ      Junkers W34   hi          D-OMYZ
D-ONAA      Junkers W34         WL-ONAA
D-ONAF      Junkers W34         D-ONAF
D-ONAI      Junkers W34   hau         D-ONAI    FFS B Halberstadt

D-ONAK     Junkers W34          D-ONAK
D-ONAN     Junkers W34 hi       508   D-ONAN    Kurierstaffel 110 00.07.36

D-ONAP     Junkers W33 d     2565 D-1956 D-ONAP    DVS
D-ONAS     Junkers W34 fao 2701 D-1977 D-ONAS      Siemens + Halske
Berlin- test aircraft for Boykow Autopilot               (see also D-
D-ONAT     Junkers W34       D-ONAT
D-ONAU     Junkers W34 2891 D-ONAU TJ+NQ
D-ONAY     Junkers W34       D-ONAY     LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ONAZ     Junkers W34 f1ue 2714 D-2239 D-ONAZ     Luftdienst >DVS
>Hansa Luftbild
D-ONBG     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-1          D-ONBG
D-ONBR     Focke-Wulf Fw58 V15     2697 D-ONBR     Hansa Luftbild >DLH

D-ONBT     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ONBT
D-ONCS     Junkers W34       D-ONCS      2./KG 257
D-ONCW     Heinkel He70            D-ONCW
D-ONDE     Junkers W34       D-ONDE
D-ONEA     Junkers W34       D-ONEA
D-ONEH     Junkers W33       D-ONEH
D-ONEI     Junkers W34 hi    355   D-ONEI      Verkehrsfliegerschule
Brandis    00.00.35
D-ONER     Junkers W34       D-ONER
D-ONES     Junkers W33       D-ONES
D-ONEV     Junkers W34 hi          D-ONEV
D-ONFI     Heinkel He70            D-ONFI
D-ONGD     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ONGD
D-ONHQ     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ONHQ
D-ONIA     Junkers W34 hi          D-ONIA
D-ONIK     Junkers W34       D-ONIK
D-ONIL     Junkers F13 763   D-464 D-ONIL ISLAND     'Laubsanger' LURAG
>DLH >Flugfelag Oslands lsd DLH >Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe
D-ONIM     Junkers W34       WL-ONIM
D-ONIP     Junkers W34 hi          D-ONIP                       overhauled
Avia Kunovice 21.3.40 (quotes c/n 184 or 187)
D-ONIQ     Junkers F13 > d1e 790   D-838 D-ONIQ      'Plattmonch' DVS >lsd
DLH >DVL >Hajo Folkerts 'Der Deutschen Jugend'
D-ONIR     Junkers W33 d     2547 D-1698 D-ONIR      DVL              Canc
D-ONIV     Junkers W33       D-ONIV
D-ONIZ     Junkers W33he          D-ONIZ
D-ONOA     Junkers W34      D-ONOA
D-ONOE     Junkers W34      D-ONOE                        [WL-ONOE
reported as Bu131]
D-ONOF     Fokker-Grulich F.IIa > b     1585 D-756 D-ONOF       'Dievenow'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH               [c/n 1589 per Ries-see D-767]
D-ONOI     Junkers W34      D-ONOI
D-ONOK     Junkers W34      D-ONOK
D-ONOL     Junkers F13 > de 724   D-333 D-ONOL?     'Mandelkrohe' Junkers
>DLH >DVS >NSFK 00.11.34          [D-ONUL?]
D-ONOR     Junkers F13 he   2071 D-ONOR       Ala Littoria >DLH
'Honfling' >RLM 00.05.34
D-ONOY     Junkers W34 hau        D-ONOY
D-ONOZ     Junkers W33      D-ONOZ
D-ONUD     Henschel Hs129 V-1     1293001     D-ONUD TF+AM

D-ONUH     Junkers W33       D-ONUH
D-ONUI     Junkers W34 hi          D-ONUI
D-ONUJ     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-ONUJ      NSFK
D-ONUL     Junkers F13 > de 724    D-333 D-ONUL      DLH 'Mandelkrahe'
>DVS >NSFK             [D-ONOL per Ries]
D-ONUP     Junkers W33 he    143   D-ONUP
D-ONUS     Junkers F13 > f1e 2016 D-1382 D-ONUS      DLH 'Raubwuerger'
>Severa >DLH >Abteilung Kustenflug Luftdienst GmbH   >DVL >DVS

D-ONUT     Focke-Wulf A33    97   D-1931 D-ONUT      LV GmbH/Wilhelmshaven

D-ONUZ     Junkers F13 > d1e 636   D-225 RR-ECH D-225 D-ONUZ   Piepmatz'
Junkers LV Russland >lsd to ODVF >Deruluft >DLH >DVS >DLH >DVS >DVL
           Canc 4.38
D-ONVE     Junkers W34       D-ONVE
D-ONYI     Junkers W34       D-ONYI
D-ONYJ     Focke-Wulf Fw56         D-ONYJ
D-ONYL     Junkers W33 he    054   D-ONYL     DVL   00.09.34
D-ONYM     Junkers F13       D-ONYM
D-ONYQ     Junkers W34 hi          D-ONYQ
D-ONYS     Junkers W34 fi    2590 D-1845 D-ONYS     RDL Erprob.-stelle
Staaken    00.00.34
D-ONYX     Junkers F13 ge    2031 D-1563 D-ONYX     'Heidelerche' DVL

D-ONZH      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-ONZH
D-OOAY      Junkers W34       D-OOAY
D-OOML      Fieseler Fi167 V-1      2501 D-OOML TI+HT
      [probably OCML]
D-OOPF      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OOPF
D-OORK      Focke-Wulf Fw58 KJ-1    2699 D-OORK     DLH
D-OORV      Heinkel He70            D-OORV
D-OOSE      Junkers W34       WL-OOSE
D-OOWN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2156 D-OOWN Turkish AF 1702

D-OOXE     Heinkel He70           WL-OOXE
D-OOZS     Henschel Hs126 A-0           D-OOZS
D-OPAA     Junkers W34      D-OPAA
D-OPAH      Junkers F13 757  E-16 D-247 RR-41 D-247 D-OPAH     Stein-
Schmetzer' Aeronaut >Junkers >DLH >Deruluft >DLH
D-OPAH      Junkers F13 JL6 571    Dz-36 RR-ECS D-271 D-OPAH
      Steinschmaetzer' Junkers-Larsen ntu >Danziger Luftpost >Junkers LV
Russland >Deruluft >DLH
D-OPAM      Junkers W34      D-OPAM
D-OPAN      Junkers W34      D-OPAN
D-OPAO      Junkers W34      WL-OPAO
D-OPAQ      Junkers F13      D-OPAQ
D-OPAR      Junkers W34 or W33           D-OPAR
D-OPAY      Junkers W34      D-OPAY
D-OPAZ      Junkers W33 he   2749 D-2757 D-OPAZ DA+ZX

D-OPBD      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OPBD
D-OPBO      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OPBO
D-OPCD      Junkers W34 hau         D-OPCD
D-OPCO      Letov S-50        D-OPCO
D-OPCR      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OPCR
D-OPDN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 K 2155 D-OPDN Turkish AF 1701
      [c/n also 2774]
D-OPDR      Focke Wulf Fw58V-14     2675 D-OPDR
D-OPDX      Arado Ar196 A-0         D-OPDX
D-OPEE      Junkers W34 hi          WL-OPEE
D-OPEH      Junkers W34       D-OPEH
D-OPEI      Junkers W34       D-OPEI
D-OPEL      Stinson SR-7R           D-OPEL
D-OPEN      Stinson SR-7R           D-OPEN      Eduard Winter AG/Berlin

D-OPEP     Junkers W34 hi ?        D-OPEP WL-OPEP
D-OPEQ     Junkers W34       D-OPEQ      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OPER     Junkers W34 hi          D-OPER                       overhauled
Avia Kunovice 15.10.39 (quotes c/n 298)
D-OPET     Junkers W34       D-OPET
D-OPEU     Junkers W34       D-OPEU
D-OPEX     Junkers W34 hi          D-OPEX      DVS/Neuberg
D-OPEZ     Junkers W34       D-OPEZ
D-OPFB     Junkers W34 hi          D-OPFB WL-OPFB    'Karl Kunzler'
D-OPGH     Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OPGH
D-OPGS     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2724 D-OPGS
D-OPHA     Junkers W34       D-OPHA
D-OPHG     Focke Wulf Fw58C-2            D-OPHG      DVS
D-OPII     Junkers W34       D-OPII
D-OPIK     Junkers JuW34 gi        D-OPIK
D-OPIN     Junkers W34 ?           D-OPIN
D-OPIO     Junkers W33       D-OPIO
D-OPIP     Junkers W34       D-OPIP      FFS C Neuruppin
D-OPIQ     Junkers W33       WL-OPIQ
D-OPIS     Junkers W34 231   D-OPIS
D-OPIT     Junkers F13 2078 CH-283 D-2860 D-OPIT     Geneva Express
D-OPIU     Junkers W34       D-OPIU
D-OPND     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OPND
D-OPOE     Junkers W34       D-OPOE
D-OPOF      Junkers W33 he    112   D-OPOF      DVS
D-OPOK      Junkers W34 hi          D-OPOK      NSFK 00.08.37
D-OPOL      Junkers W34       D-OPOL
D-OPON      Junkers W33       D-OPON
D-OPOP      Junkers W34       D-OPOP
D-OPOV      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C or F-7            D-OPOV
D-OPOV      Junkers W33 he          D-OPOV
D-OPOX      Junkers F13 634   D-218 'Mamore' R-ACTA R-ACTV D-OPOX?
      'Kauz' Junkers >Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Mamore' >DVS?
D-OPOX      Junkers F13 > d1e 734   D-373 D-OPOX KH+ED      'Stosser'
Junkers >DLH >Hansa Luftbild >Luftwaffe 00.00.34
D-OPPJ      Heinkel He70            D-OPPJ
D-OPPY      Junkers W34       D-OPPY
D-OPQH      Hopfner/WNF Wn15        OE-POH D-OPQH
D-OPUA      Junkers W34       D-OPUA
D-OPUH      Junkers W34       D-OPUH
D-OPUK      Junkers W34 he          D-OPUK
D-OPUR      Heinkel He70            D-OPUR
D-OPUR      Junkers W34       D-OPUR
D-OPUT      Junkers Ju34            D-OPUT
D-OPUU      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OPUU
D-OPUV      Junkers W34       D-OPUV
D-OPUY      Junkers W34 hi          D-OPUY
D-OPVE      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OPVE
D-OPVN      Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-1 a 1997 D-OPVN        Luftwaffe >E-stelle
Rechlin                 later rebuilt to b
D-OPVS      Heinkel He70            D-OPVS
D-OPWP      Fieseler Fi167 V-2      2502 D-OPWP TA+AA
      [or D-OFWD D-OFWP]
D-OPYA      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-1     1640 D-OPYA       DVL
D-OPYE      Junkers W34       D-OPYE
D-OPYI      Junkers W34 hi    356   D-OPYI      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OPYK      Junkers W34       D-OPYK
D-OPYT      Junkers W34 hi          D-OPYT                        overhauled
Avia Kunovice 19.12.39 (quotes c/n 89)
D-OPYU      Junkers W34       D-OPYU
D-OPZE      Focke-Wulf Fw190 V-1    01    D-OPZE FO+LY RM+ZA
      Uberfuhrungskennzeichen >Rechlin
D-OQAA      Junkers W34 hau         D-OQAA
D-OQAF      Heinkel He70            D-OQAF
D-OQAL      Junkers W34 w           D-OQAL
D-OQAM      Junkers W34 hi          D-OQAM
D-OQAN      Junkers W34       WL-OQAN
D-OQAR      Junkers W34       D-OQAR      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OQAT      Junkers W34       D-OQAT      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OQAU      Junkers W34 hi    365   D-OQAU      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OQAV      Heinkel He70            D-OQAV
D-OQCU      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2217 D-OQCU
D-OQEA      Junkers W34       D-OQEA
D-OQEI      Junkers W34 hau 3108 D-OQEI CB+AY         ATG Leipzig/Mockau
D-OQEK      Junkers W34       D-OQEK
D-OQEO      Junkers W34      D-OQEO
D-OQES      Junkers W34      D-OQES
D-OQEX      Junkers F13 762  D-465 I-POLA I-BAVB I-ABBI D-OQEX
      Grunspecht' Junkers LVAG - seaside service at Italy >Transadriatica
>Soc. Aerea Mediterranea >DLH
D-OQEY      Junkers W34 hi w 1549 D-OQEY       E-stelle Travemunde
D-OQEZ      Junkers W34      D-OQEZ
D-OQGS      Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1          D-OQGS
D-OQHD      Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1          D-OQHD
D-OQIC      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OQIC
D-OQII      Junkers W34      D-OQII      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OQIK      Junkers W34 hau        D-OQIK      DVS
D-OQIN      Junkers W34      D-OQIN
D-OQIR      BFW M.18 d       D-OQIR      NSFK
D-OQIR      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-3 (BW)           D-OQIR
      float version
D-OQIU      Junkers W34      D-OQIU
D-OQIX      Junkers W34      D-OQIX
D-OQJK      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OQJK
D-OQMX      Junkers W34      D-OQMX
D-OQOA      Junkers W34      D-OQOA
D-OQON      Junkers W34      WL-OQON
D-OQOO      Junkers W34      D-OQOO                        [OQOQ?]
D-OQOQ      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OQOQ
D-OQOS      Junkers W34      D-OQOS      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OQOT      Junkers W34      D-OQOT
D-OQOU      Junkers W34      D-OQOU      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OQOW      Junkers W34      D-OQOW
D-OQOZ      Junkers W34      D-OQOZ      Kampffliegerschule 3 Lechfeld

D-OQSP     Henschel Hs126         D-OQSP
D-OQUB     Junkers W34 w          D-OQUB
D-OQUL     Junkers W34 hi         D-OQUL
D-OQUO     Junkers W34 hau 2634 D-OQUO
D-OQUR     Junkers W34      D-OQUR
D-OQUS     Heinkel He70 F-2 1615 D-OQUS
D-OQUY     Junkers W34 hi         WL-OQUY
D-OQXB     Junkers W34 w          D-OQXB
D-OQYB     Heinkel He118 A-03           D-OQYB                      [wnr
D-OQYE     Junkers W34 hi         D-OQYE     BMW/Muenchen      00.08.36

D-OQYF     Heinkel He118 V-4 1963 D-OQYF GQ+AJ
D-OQYG     Junkers W34 hau         WL-OQYG
D-OQYN     Junkers W34       D-OQYN
D-OQYP     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OQYP
D-OQYT     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OQYT
D-ORAD     BFW M.20 b        D-ORAD
D-ORAE     Junkers W34       D-ORAE      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-ORAF     Junkers W34       WL-ORAF
D-ORAM     Junkers W34       D-ORAM
D-ORAN     Fokker-Grulich F.II > b       1584 D-752 D-ORAN     'Nagold'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-ORAO      Junkers W34 hi    366   D-ORAO      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-ORAP      Junkers W33       D-ORAP
D-ORAT      Heinkel He70            D-ORAT
D-ORBA      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ORBA
D-ORBE      Weserflug We271 V1            D-ORBE      Erprobungsstelle See
Travemunde 00.06.39
D-ORBO      Junkers W34       D-ORBO
D-ORCA      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ORCA
D-ORCW      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ORCW                        [possibly
D-ORDH      Focke Wulf Fw58B-2      2643 D-ORDH
D-ORDR      Junkers W34       WL-ORDR
D-OREH      Junkers W34       D-OREH
D-OREI      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-1           D-OREI      DVL
D-ORER      Junkers W34       D-ORER
D-ORET      Junkers W34       D-ORET
D-OREV      Junkers W34 hi          D-OREV      DVL   00.04.39
D-OREZ      Junkers W33       WL-OREZ
D-ORFD      Junkers W34 w           D-ORFD
D-ORFQ      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ORFQ
D-ORFX      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-ORFX
D-ORGW      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ORGW
D-ORHB      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-ORHB
D-ORHD      Junkers W34 hi          D-ORHD
D-ORHM      Focke-Wulf Fw187 v3     1999 D-ORHM FP+AW
D-ORHP      Focke-Wulf Fw187 V-3    1966 D-ORHP FP+AW       Luftwaffe
D-ORIF      Junkers W34       D-ORIF
D-ORII      Junkers W34       D-ORII
D-ORIK      Junkers W34 w           D-ORIK
D-ORIM      Junkers W34 hi    211   D-ORIM      Carl Zeiss/Jena 00.03.38
D-ORIN      Junkers W34 hi          D-ORIN      Aero Club von Deutschland
D-ORIP      Fokker-Grulich F.III > F.IIIc       1556 D-503 D-ORIP
      'Leine' Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-ORIQ      Junkers W34       D-ORIQ
D-ORIX      Junkers W34       D-ORIX
D-ORIY      Junkers W34       D-ORIY
D-ORIZ      BFW M18 d 482     D-ORIZ      RLM - used by the Deutschen
Luftsportverbandes      00.00.33
D-ORJE      Blohm und Voss Bv141 V-2      172   D-ORJE PC+BA
            [ v1?]
D-ORJE      Blohm und Voss Bv141 V-5 A-02       361   D-ORJE BL+AB

D-ORLW     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-ORLW
D-ORMH     Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-3    1999 D-ORMH GJ+RT

D-OROG     Junkers W33      D-OROG
D-OROK     Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-1          D-OROK       DVL
D-ORON     Junkers W34 w          D-ORON
D-OROO     Junkers W34 hau        D-OROO
D-OROQ     Junkers W34      D-OROQ
D-OROT     BFW M.18 a > b    29   D-1133 D-OROT    'Franken'
NordBayerischer Verkehrsflug/Furth >Deutsche Verkehrsflug/Nurnberg

D-OROX        Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OROX
D-OROZ        Junkers W34      D-OROZ
D-ORQS        Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-ORQS
D-ORSS        Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-3 (BW)          D-ORSS
      float   version
D-ORUK        Heinkel He70F-2        D-ORUK WL-ORUK   FIWS (SEE) Parow

D-ORUM      Junkers W34       D-ORUM WL-ORUM
D-ORUN      Junkers W34       D-ORUN
D-ORUS      Junkers W34 hau 622     D-ORUS
D-ORUT      Junkers W33 he    070   D-ORUT      DVS
D-ORUV      BFW M.18 b 367 = 34     D-1347 D-ORUV     'Bayern'
NordBayerischer Verkehrsflug >DEVAG
D-ORUX      Junkers W34 2866 D-ORUX       RLM               Navigation
trainer with DF loop
D-ORVS      Junkers F13       D-ORVS
D-ORYF      Heinkel He70 F          D-ORYF      Sch-Flea14
D-ORYK      Junkers W34       D-ORYK
D-ORYO      Heinkel He70            D-ORYO
D-ORYR      Junkers W34       D-ORYR
D-ORYZ      Junkers W34       D-ORYZ
D-OSAA      Junkers W34 hi    368   D-OSAA      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OSAE      Heinkel He70 F-2 1609 D-OSAE
D-OSAF      Junkers F13 761   D-466 D-OSAF      DLH 'Prachtfasan' >DVS
      00.00.34          Canc 3.38
D-OSAH      Heinkel He70            D-OSAH
D-OSAK      Junkers W34 (see)       D-OSAK      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-OSAM      Junkers W33       WL-OSAM
D-OSAT      Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OSAT
D-OSAV      Junkers W33       D-OSAV
D-OSBM      Focke Wulf Fw58B        WL-OSBM
D-OSCB      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OSCB
D-OSCO      Junkers W34       D-OSCO      Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen
D-OSCP      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OSCP
D-OSDC      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2           D-OSDC
D-OSDF      Junkers W33       D-OSDF
D-OSEA      Junkers W34 hi    2879 D-OSEA
D-OSEH      Junkers W34       D-OSEH
D-OSEI      Junkers W34       D-OSEI
D-OSEO      Junkers W34 hi    370   D-OSEO      TS/IV.Fliegerkorps
D-OSEP      Junkers W34 (see)       D-OSEP      FFS (See) Warnemunde
D-OSEQ      Junkers W34       D-OSEQ      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OSES      Heinkel He118 A-06      1966 D-OSES                        [s/b
D-OSGJ      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OSGJ
D-OSGU      Siebel Si204 V-2 A            D-OSGU
D-OSID      Junkers W34       WL-OSID
D-OSIE      Junkers W34 w           D-OSIE
D-OSIF      Junkers W34 hiW 1558 D-OSIF TI+HP         DVL used at
D-OSIM      Junkers W34       D-OSIM
D-OSIS      Heinkel He118 A-04      1964 D-OSIS                        [s/b
D-OSIT      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OSIT
D-OSJH      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OSJH
D-OSNP      Focke-Wulf Fw187        D-OSNP
D-OSNW      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OSNW      Wetteraufstiegestelle
D-OSNY      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OSNY
D-OSOE      Junkers W34       D-OSOE
D-OSOF      Junkers W34       D-OSOF
D-OSOL      Heinkel He70 F-3        D-OSOL
D-OSOL      Junkers W34 hi          D-OSOL      DVS   00.06.37
D-OSOT      Junkers W33 he          D-OSOT      Deutsche Reich /RLM
D-OSOU      Junkers W34       D-OSOU
D-OSOX      Junkers W34       D-OSOX      1./KG 257> II./257
D-OSOY      Junkers W34 hi    375   D-OSOY
D-OSQN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 F-5     2920 D-OSQN
D-OSSS      AGO Ao192         D-OSSS      Staff transport by Waffen-SS
D-OSTA      DH.83 Fox Moth    4061 A-129 OE-STA D-OSTA      NSFK
D-OSTB      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2           D-OSTB
D-OSUF      Junkers W34       D-OSUF
D-OSUI      Junkers W34       D-OSUI
D-OSUO      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-1           D-OSUO      Carl Zeiss/Jena
D-OSUP      Fokker-Grulich F.II > b       1583 D-742 D-OSUP      'Swinne'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OSUQ      Junkers W34       D-OSUQ
D-OSUR      Junkers W33       D-OSUR
D-OSUZ      Junkers W34 (see)       D-OSUZ      FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-OSVG     Junkers   W34   hi          D-OSVG    DVL   00.12.38
D-OSYA     Junkers   W34         D-OSYA
D-OSYM     Junkers   W34   hi          D-OSYM    DVL   00.04.37
D-OSYN     Junkers   W34         D-OSYN
D-OSYS     Junkers   W34   hi          D-OSYS    DVL   00.12.37
D-OSYU     Junkers   W34   (see)       D-OSYU    FFS (See) Warnemunde

D-OTAH     Junkers W34          WL-OTAH
D-OTAL     Junkers F13 f1e      675   D-703 I-AFFA D-OTAL    Transadriatica
>SAM >DLH 00.02.35              [Also c/n 678 and 823]
D-OTAP     Junkers W34          D-OTAP
D-OTAQ     Junkers W33 f        2580 D-2009 D-OTAQ     'Bosporus' Hansa
Flugdienst >DLH 00.00.34
D-OTAV     Junkers W34          D-OTAV      II./St.G.162
D-OTAZ     Junkers W34 hau            WL-OTAZ
D-OTBF     Focke-Wulf Fw58            D-OTBF
D-OTBS     Focke Wulf Fw58            WL-OTBS
D-OTEK     Junkers W34          D-OTEK
D-OTEM     Junkers W34          D-OTEM
D-OTEN     Junkers W34 hi       2811 D-OTEN                       overhauled
Avia Kunovice 18.1.40
D-OTES     Junkers W34          D-OTES
D-OTEV     Junkers W34          D-OTEV
D-OTEZ      Junkers W33      D-OTEZ
D-OTFG      Junkers W34      D-OTFG
D-OTGN      Focke-Wulf Fw187 A-0   1969 D-OTGN                         Also
reported as c/n 1976 V-5
D-OTGS      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OTGS
D-OTHW      Focke-Wulf Fw58 K A-5 3188 D-OTHW
D-OTII      Junkers W34      WL-OTII
D-OTIK      Fokker-Grulich F.III   1564 D-594 D-OTIK       'Fulda'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >Suddeutscher Aero Lloyd AG
D-OTIL      Junkers W34 hi         WL-OTIL
D-OTIP      Junkers W34      D-OTIP
D-OTIR      Junkers W34      WL-OTIR
D-OTIS      Junkers W33      D-OTIS
D-OTIT      Junkers W34      D-OTIT      LKS Berlin-Gatow
D-OTIV      Heinkel He70           WL-OTIV
D-OTJA      Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-2          D-OTJA
D-OTJN      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OTJN
D-OTJY      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2          D-OTJY      Focke-Wulf
Flugzeugbau AG
D-OTMR      Focke Wulf Fw58        D-OTMR
D-OTNV      Junkers W34 hau        WL-OTNV
D-OTOL      Junkers F13      D-OTOL
D-OTOM      Junkers W34      D-OTOM
D-OTON      Junkers W33      D-OTON
D-OTOR      Junkers F13 bi   616   D-192 D-OTOR      'Meise' Used in
Amundsen expedition in 1921 >DLH >DVL also used by DVS
D-OTOR      Junkers W33      D-OTOR
D-OTOV      Junkers W34      D-OTOV
D-OTRE      Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-13   3100 D-OTRE
D-OTRO      Focke-Wulf Fw58        D-OTRO
D-OTTA      Junkers W34 hi   2896 D-OTTA                         overhauled
Avia Kunovice 2.5.40
D-OTTO      Blohm und Voss Bv141 V-1     171   D-OTTO

D-OTTO     Junkers W33       D-OTTO
D-OTUA     Junkers W34       D-OTUA
D-OTUH     Junkers W34       WL-OTUH
D-OTUL     junkers W34       D-OTUL
D-OTUM     Junkers W34 hau         D-OTUM      NSFK 00.01.38
D-OTUU     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OTUU
D-OTUX     Junkers W34       D-OTUX      Flugber./Luftpark Gutenfeld

D-OTVN     Junkers W34 hau        D-OTVN
D-OTYA     Junkers W34 hi         D-OTYA
D-OTYE     Junkers W34      WL-OTYE
D-OTYL     Junkers W33      D-OTYL      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OTYO     Junkers W34 hau 1585 D-OTYO                          overhauled
Avia Kunovice 3.5.40
D-OTYR     Junkers W34      WL-OTYR
D-OTYS     Heinkel He70 F-3       D-OTYS
D-OTYU     Junkers W34      D-OTYU
D-OUBO     Focke Wulf Fw58F-10    3326 D-OUBO VB+TN
D-OUJG     Focke-Wulf   Fw58         D-OUJG
D-OUKT     Focke-Wulf   Fw58         D-OUKT
D-OUNI     Focke-Wulf   Fw58         D-OUNI
D-OUPG     Focke-Wulf   Fw58 Kl-2    3102 D-OUPG 2654 PP-CBM

D-OUSY     Focke-Wulf Fw58           D-OUSY
D-OVAE     Junkers W34 hau    1685   D-OVAE     II./KG254 Giessen

D-OVAK     Heinkel He70F-2         WL-OVAK
D-OVAL     Fokker-Grulich F.II     1569 D-587 D-OVAL       'Neckar'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OVAP     Junkers W34 hi    233   D-OVAP NS+AT
D-OVAS     Junkers F13 > f1e 682   D-338 D-OVAS      'Nebelkrahe'
OberSchlesische LV AG >DLH - op on skis >DVL >DVS                Canc 6.37
D-OVAS     Junkers W33       D-OVAS
D-OVAU     Junkers W34       WL-OVAU
D-OVAW     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OVAW
D-OVAX     Junkers F13 bi > be     768   D-556 D-OVAX      Badisch-Pfalz
DLH 'Prariehuhn' >DLV              Wfu 6.38
D-OVAY     Junkers W34 hi    367   D-OVAY      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OVAZ     Fokker-Grulich F.II > b       1570 D-717 D-OVAZ       Weichsel'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH                [also OLYK]
D-OVBE     Junkers W34       D-OVBE
D-OVDE     Focke-Wulf Fw58 V-12    2706 D-OVDE
D-OVDM     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OVDM      1./KG 257
D-OVEE     Junkers W34       D-OVEE
D-OVEF     Junkers W34       WL-OVEF
D-OVEL     Junkers W34       D-OVEL
D-OVEP     Junkers W33       D-OVEP
D-OVFD     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OVFD
D-OVGP     Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OVGP
D-OVHD     Focke-Wulf Fw189 V-2    1998 D-OVHD
D-OVHF     Focke-Wulf Fw58 E-1           D-OVHF
D-OVHG     Heinkel He70            D-OVHG
D-OVIA     Junkers W34 hau         D-OVIA      NSFK 00.03.39
D-OVIE     Heinkel He118 V-2 1294 D-UHAH D-OVIE WL-OVIE Heinkel

D-OVIN     Junkers W34       D-OVIN      FFS (A/B) 4 Prag-Gbell 00.01.36
           Arado built
D-OVIT     Junkers W34       WL-OVIT
D-OVIV     Junkers W34 hi    313   D-OVIV      DVL   00.06.37
D-OVIZ     Junkers W34       D-OVIZ
D-OVJD     Focke-Wulf Fw58 K       D-OVJD
D-OVMB     Arado Ar196 V-4 2592 D-OVMB         E-stelle Travemunde
           on floats
D-OVOF     Junkers W34 hi    314   D-OVOF      DVL   00.06.37
D-OVOH     Junkers W33       D-OVOH
D-OVOL     Junkers W33 f     2582 D-2016 D-OVOL      DLH 'Sakaria'
           Crashed .42 broken up
D-OVON     Junkers W33       D-OVON
D-OVOQ     Junkers W34 hau         WL-OVOQ
D-OVOR     Junkers W34 hi          D-OVOR      Deutsche Reich /RLM
Reichsamt fur Wetterdienst   00.06.36
D-OVOT     Junkers W34       WL-OVOT
D-OVOV     Junkers W34 w           D-OVOV
D-OVQD     Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OVQD
D-OVRB     Focke-Wulf Fw187 A-0    1968 D-OVRB
D-OVUA     Junkers W34       WL-OVUA
D-OVUM     Junkers F13 ge    2032 D-1579 D-OVUM     Badisch-Pfalz DLH
'Kamingimpel' >DVS >NSFK                 Canc 11.38
D-OVUO     Junkers W34       D-OVUO
D-OVUQ     Junkers W34       D-OVUQ      2./KG 257
D-OVUV     Junkers W33       D-OVUV
D-OVUZ     Junkers W34       D-OVUZ
D-OVXF     Focke-Wulf Fw58 Kl-2    3104 D-OVXF
D-OVYA     Junkers W34       D-OVYA
D-OVYF     Fokker-Grulich F.II > b       1582 D-741 D-OVYF     'Pregel'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-OVYK     Junkers F13       D-OVYK
D-OVYL     Junkers W33 e3e > c3eL 2542 D-1925 SE-ABX D-OVYL    AB
AeroTransport 'Sverige' >Bertram >DLH >Koln-Batavia-Flug >Junkers >DVS
'Atlantis'             Failed transatlantic crossing via Ireland and
Greenland 09.29 Australia flight 1932
D-OVYO     Junkers W34       D-OVYO
D-OVYT     Heinkel He70            D-OVYT
D-OVYU     Junkers W33 or W34            D-OVYU
D-OWAD     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OWAD
D-OWCK     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OWCK
D-OWCS     Junkers W34       D-OWCS
D-OWIM     Heinkel He70            D-OWIM
D-OWKA     Siebel Si204 D-1        D-OWKA D-SNAY A3+LB

D-OWNG      Focke-Wulf        D-OWNG
D-OWOS      Focke Wulf Fw58         D-OWOS
D-OWRE      Junkers W34 w           D-OWRE
D-OWSU      Junkers W34 w           D-OWSU WL-OWSU
D-OXAA      Junkers W34       D-OXAA
D-OXAC      Focke-Wulf Fw58         D-OXAC
D-OXAF      Junkers W34 84    D-OXAF                       overhauled Avia
Kunovice 1.12.39
D-OXAP      Junkers W34       D-OXAP
D-OXAT      Junkers W34       D-OXAT
D-OXAX      Heinkel HE5e      300   D-1386 D-OXAX    DVS
      Broken uo 5.36
D-OXDW      Focke Wulf Fw58        WL-OXDW
D-OXEE      Junkers W34 hi         D-OXEE      DVS/Regensburg

D-OXEF     Heinkel He118 O-7 1967 D-OXEF
D-OXEH     Junkers W33       D-OXEH      FFS B Halberstadt
D-OXEK     Junkers W34       WL-OXEK
D-OXEL     Junkers F13 f1e         Dz-4 J-BBEO D-OXEL      Danziger
Luftpost >Japan >Hansa Luftbild                Canc 11.38
D-OXEN     Junkers W34 hi    2864 D-OXEN                         overhauled
Avia Kunovice 1.12.39
D-OXEO     Junkers W34       WL-OXEO
D-OXEP     Junkers W34       D-OXEP
D-OXET     Junkers F13 fi > f1e    702   D-424 D-OXET     'Emmerling'
Lurag/Essen >Europa-Union >DLH >Deruluft >DLH >RLM              Canc 11.38
D-OXIE     Junkers W34       WL-OXIE
D-OXIF     Junkers W34       D-OXIF
D-OXIN     Messerschmitt M18       D-OXIN
D-OXJU     Junkers W34       WL-OXJU
D-OXLR     Focke-Wulf Fw58 v18     2207 D-OXLR                        [V-
D-OXOA     Junkers W34       D-OXOA
D-OXOL     Junkers W34 hi          D-OXOL
D-OXOM     Junkers W34       D-OXOM
D-OXOQ     Junkers W34       D-OXOQ
D-OXOY     Junkers W34 hi    2880 D-OXOY                        overhauled
Avia Kunovice 2.5.40
D-OXPH     Focke Wulf Fw58         WL-OXPH
D-OXTA     Focke Wulf Fw58V-21           D-OXTA     E.Stelle Rechlin

D-OXUI       Junkers W34 hi    357   D-OXUI      Verkehrsfliegerschule
D-OXUO       Focke Wulf Fw58B-1      1643 D-OXUO
D-OXUU       Junkers W34 fi          D-OXUU
D-OXWA       Focke Wulf Fw58KB-2     3127 D-OXWA                         To
D-OXWB       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3115   D-OXWB                       To
D-OXWC       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3116   D-OXWC                       To
D-OXWD       Dornier Do22 L    26    D-OXWD DR-197                       To
Finnish AF
D-OXWD       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3117   D-OXWD                       To
D-OXWE       Focke Wulf Fw58KB-2     3128   D-OXWE                       To
D-OXWF       Dornier Do22 Kl   27    D-OXWF DR-195                       To
Finnish AF
D-OXWF       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3118   D-OXWF                       To
D-OXWG       Dornier Do22 Kl   25    D-OXWG DR-196                       To
Finnish AF
D-OXWG       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3119   D-OXWG                       To
D-OXWH       Dornier Do22 Kl   28    D-OXWH DR-198                       To
Finnish AF
D-OXWH       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3120   D-OXWH                       To
D-OXWI       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3121   D-OXWI                       To
D-OXWI       Focke Wulf Fw58BK-3     3148   D-OXWI                       To
D-OXWJ       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3122   D-OXWJ                       To
D-OXWK       Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2     3123   D-OXWK                       To
D-OXWL     Focke Wulf Fw58KA-2    3125   D-OXWL                         To
D-OXWL     Focke Wulf Fw58BK-3    3149   D-OXWL                         To
D-OXWM     Bloch SO-161           D-OXWM      2./Versuchverband Obdl

D-OXWN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 BK-3    3150 D-OXWN                         To
D-OXWR      Focke-Wulf Fw58 B-2     2754 D-OXWR                         To
Russia 5.40
D-OXWS      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2     3547 D-OXWS                         To
Russia 5.40
D-OXWT      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-2     3548 D-OXWT                         To
Russia 5.40
D-OXWX      Focke Wulf Fw58BK-3     3151 D-OXWX                         To
D-OXYK      Focke-Wulf A28    60    D-1664 D-OXYK    'Habicht'
Norddeutsche LV/Bremen >LV/Wilhelmshaven
D-OXYL      Junkers W34       D-OXYL
D-OXYZ      Waco U I c 3818 D-3347 D-OXYZ
D-OYAC      Heinkel He70            D-OYAC
D-OYAG      Junkers W34 hi    1024 D-OYAG TI+HL      DVL used at
D-OYAS      Junkers W34       D-OYAS
D-OYHD      Focke-Wulf Fw189        D-OYHD
D-OYKU      Junkers W34       D-OYKU
D-OYLM      Focke-Wulf Fw58 F-4     2919 D-OYLM
D-OZAF      Junkers W34       D-OZAF
D-OZAH      Junkers W34       D-OZAH
D-OZAK      Junkers W34       D-OZAK
D-OZAL      Junkers W34       D-OZAL
D-OZAQ      Junkers W34 hau         D-OZAQ      NSFK 00.07.39
D-OZAR      Junkers W34       D-OZAR
D-OZBF      Junkers W34       WL-OZBF
D-OZDS      Junkers W34 hi    1026 D-OZDS TI+HN      DVL used at
Travemuende             Destroyed during air raid at Zwischenahn 5.44
D-OZEF      Junkers Ju34            D-OZEF
D-OZEK      Heinkel He118 O-1 1961 D-OZEK
D-OZEM      Junkers W34 316   D-OZEM      Blindflugschule Celle

D-OZEN     Junkers W34      D-OZEN
D-OZEP     Junkers F13 > S > f1e 718    D-355 D-OZEP      DLH
'Seeschwalbe' >RLM
D-OZIH     Junkers W34 w          D-OZIH
D-OZIK     Focke Wulf Fw58B-2     2916 D-OZIK      DVL                  [c/n
D-OZIR     Junkers W34      WL-OZIR
D-OZIS     Junkers W34      D-OZIS
D-OZIW     Heinkel He70 F-3       D-OZIW
D-OZIX     Junkers W34 hau        D-OZIX
D-OZLK     Focke-Wulf Fw58 F-4          D-OZLK
D-OZOL     Junkers W34      D-OZOL
D-OZON     Junkers W34      WL-OZON
D-OZOR     Junkers W34         D-OZOR        Hansa Luftbild GmbH

D-OZPB     Focke Wulf Fw58              D-OZPB     AFS Braunschweig> 2./KG 257

D-OZQN      Junkers W34 hau         WL-OZQN
D-OZUM      Focke-Wulf Fw58 C-1     2173 D-OZUM
D-OZUN      Focke-Wulf Fw58 F-3     2154 D-OZUN       Friedrich
D-OZYF      Junkers F13 > f1e 780   A-29 D-282 D-OZYF 'Baumpieper' OLAG
>Junkers >DVL                 Canc 6.37
D-OZYK      Junkers W34       WL-OZYK
D-OZYM      Junkers F13 587   CH-92 D-2040 D-OZYM     Specht' Ad Astra
>Hamburger LVG >Fliegerhorst Nordmark >DLV                  Canc 12.37
D-OZYR      Junkers F13 fi    681   D-561 D-OZYR      'Fischreiher'
OberSchlesische LV AG >DLH >DVS                 Canc 6.37
D-OZYS      Junkers W34       D-OZYS
D-OZYX      Junkers W33       D-OZYX      DVS/Oldenburg
D-QMXM      Junkers W34 hau         D-QMXM
D-RAOO      Heinkel He59            D-RAOO
D-RIAU      Messerschmitt Bf109 B 395     D-RIAU
D-RIUU      Arado Ar96        D-RIUU
D-RTUJ      S Flamingo Su 12 a            D-RTUJ
      Presumably Udet U-12
D-RVAB      Fieseler Fi156 C-1            D-RVAB
D-RVAB      Avia B-71 54      D-RVAB      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAC      Avia B-71 26      D-RVAC      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAD      Avia B-71 3       D-RVAD      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAE      Avia B-71 13      D-RVAE      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAF      Avia B-71 12      D-RVAF      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAG      Avia B-71 5       D-RVAG      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAH      Avia B-71 15      D-RVAH      Ferry regn to Bulgaria
      Sovjet built Tupolev SB-2
D-RVAQ      Avia B.71         D-RVAQ
D-RVAR      Avia B-71         D-RVAR
D-RVAT      Avia B.71         D-RVAT
D-RVBB      Bloch MB-200            D-RVBB
D-RVDP      Letov S.328       D-RVDP
D-SNAY      Siebel Si204 D-1        D-OWKA D-SNAY A3+LB

D-TABW     Junkers Ju52/3m           D-TABW
D-TABX     Junkers Ju52/3m     6661? D-TABX        DLH Sanitats.Flugber 3

D-TABY      Junkers   Ju52/3mge 6662?   D-TABY
D-TABZ      Junkers   Ju52/3m           D-TABZ
D-TMBT      Junkers   Ju52/3m           D-TMBT
D-UBAF      Heinkel   He70 V-3 457      D-3114 D-UBAF    DLH
D-UBAJ      Junkers   W34 hi    2766    D-UBAJ     DVS >DLH >Luftdienst
      00.06.34           [D-UBAS?]
D-UBAL     Heinkel He70            D-UBAL
D-UBAM     Heinkel He114           D-UBAM
D-UBAR     Focke Wulf A17          D-UBAR
D-UBAS     Junkers W34 hi    2766 D-3342 D-UBAS      DLH >Luftdienst >DVS
>Eurasia >SEDTA              Crashed .38 [D-UBAJ?]
D-UBAS     Heinkel He70            D-UBAS
D-UBAV     Henschel Hs122 v1       D-UBAV                       [V2 per
Nowarra/V4 per others]
D-UBAX     Junkers Ju49            D-UBAX
D-UBAZ     Junkers Ju49      3701 D-2688 D-UBAZ      Junkers -high
altitude aircraft >DVL 00.00.31          Crashed 10.37
D-UBEK     Heinkel He70 D          D-UBEK
D-UBEQ     Heinkel He70 e    712   D-UBEQ      E-stelle Rechlin

D-UBER     Junkers W34 hi    2792    D-UBER D-OBYQ    Junkers    00.11.34

D-UBES      Junkers Ju52/1mce 4004 D-2317 SE-ADM K54 D-UBES      DVS >A.B.
Flygindustri >Luftdienst GmbH - used as target aircraft
      modified as torpedo aircraft K54
D-UBEZ      Heinkel He70           D-UBEZ
D-UBIF      Dornier L3 Delphin III 152   D-UBIF
D-UBIK      Heinkel He70           D-UBIK
D-UBIN      Heinkel He70 d    709  D-UBIN      DLH
D-UBIP      Junkers Ju87 A0/V-4    4924 D-UBIP      Junkers      00.06.36

D-UBIQ      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4244   D-UBIQ RC+KO     DLH 'Silberfuchs'
>Luftwaffe 00.04.36
D-UBIR      Dornier B Merkur 122     D-1077 URSS-304 URSS-D304 D-1077 D-UBIR
      DLH 'Wiesel' >Deruluft
D-UBIT      Focke-Wulf A38           D-UBIT
D-UBOF      Heinkel He70 G-1 1692    D-UBOF G-ADZF                        Sold
UK 12.35
D-UBON      Junkers Ju160 B-0 4217   D-UBON           00.01.36
      Military version
D-UBOX      Heinkel He70 G-1 911     D-UBOX
D-UBUK      Junkers Ju52/3m          D-UBUK
D-UBUS      Junkers Ju46 hi 2773     D-3411 D-UBUS    DLH 'Jupiter' to
'Europa' on board NDL steam liner    'Europa' >Hansa Flugdienst

D-UBUZ      Heinkel He70G-2         D-UBUZ
D-UBYL      Heinkel He70 G-1        D-UBYL
D-UBYN      Henschel Hs122 V2 5     D-UBYN                       V1 per
D-UBYR      Junkers Ju87 V1         D-UBYR     Junkers     00.00.35
      Crashed 24.1.36
D-UBYV      Junkers Ju160     4241 D-UBYV            00.04.36
      Military version
D-UDAL      BFW M.20 a 421    D-1676 D-UDAL D-OFYZ   DLH 'Schwaben' >RLM
>lsd Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe 00.00.29            Destroyed .43
D-UDAO      Arado Ar81 v            D-UDAO
D-UDAS      Heinkel He70 D    710   D-UDAS     DLH
D-UDEK      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4218 D-UDEK      Junkers     00.01.36
D-UDER     Junkers W34 hi      2808    D-UDER                         overhauled
Avia Kunovice 18.1.40
D-UDET     DFS Habicht         D-UDET
D-UDEV     Henschel Hs122            D-UDEV
D-UDEX     Arado Ar81 V-3            D-UDEX
D-UDEZ     Junkers W34         D-UDEZ
D-UDIM     Heinkel He70G       1132 D-UDIM        LDK 1/7
D-UDIN     Junkers W34 hi w          D-UDIN
D-UDIR     Junkers W34 hi w          D-UDIR       'Rheinhold Poss'

D-UDIZ      Henschel Hs122 A-0 V3        D-UDIZ
D-UDOP      Junkers G24 ba > F24ko > F24k2ay 848   D-1017 D-UDOP    AB
Flygindustri >Bayerische LV AG > >DLH 'Hera' then 'Bayern'
D-UDOR      Heinkel He70 D-0       D-UDOR
D-UDOV      Heinkel He70           D-UDOV
D-UDUR      Junkers Ju160    4240 D-UDUR           00.04.36
      Military version
D-UDYF      Dornier B Merkur 87    D-1102 D-UDYF   DLH 'Edelmarder' >RLM

D-UDYM      Heinkel   He70 F-2 1277    D-UDYM
D-UFAL      Junkers   Ju160 D-0 4219   D-UFAL     DLH 'Jaguar' >Luftwaffe
D-UFAL      Heinkel   He70 G-2         D-UFAL
D-UFAS      Junkers   W34 hi   2772    D-UFAS     Luftamt Kiel        00.05.34

D-UFAZ      Heinkel He70 G-1           D-UFAZ
D-UFEX      Heinkel He70 F2            D-UFEX     DVL
D-UFIF      Heinkel He70               D-UFIF
D-UFIK      Focke Wulf A38             D-UFIK
D-UFIL      Heinkel He70 E             D-UFIL
D-UFIR      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4208     D-UFIR     DLH 'Luchs' >Luftwaffe
D-UFOH      Junkers Ju160 B-0 4239     D-UFOH TH+HF     DVL used at
Travemuende 00.04.36
D-UFON      BFW M.20 > a      392      D-1480 D-UFON D-OAQE   DLH

D-UFOY      Heinkel He70            D-UFOY
D-UFUO      Heinkel He72            WL-UFUO
D-UFUX      Junkers Ju160 V2 4203 D-UFUX                       Military
prototype for B-0 and C-0
D-UGAP      Dornier B Merkur Bal > B-Jal 161  D-1087 D-UGAP    DLH
'Steinmarder' >DVS      00.03.28
D-UGAT      Heinkel He114 V-2 1971 D-UGAT     E-stelle Rechlin
      [also shown as v1]
D-UGAZ      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4214 D-UGAZ     DLH 'Iltis' >Luftwaffe
D-UGEQ      Heinkel He70            D-UGEQ
D-UGES      Junkers W34 hi    2764 D-3119 D-UGES    DLH 'Vega II' >Hansa
D-UGEX      Heinkel He70 G-2        D-UGEX
D-UGIK      Heinkel He70            D-UGIK
D-UGIR      Junkers W34       D-UGIR
D-UGIZ      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4220 D-UGIZ      DLH 'Hermelin' >Luftwaffe
D-UGOR      Heinkel He70 D    711   D-UGOR     DLH
D-UGUS      Junkers W34 Ju46hi      2744 D-2419 D-UGUS D-OLMP? PP-CBK
      Mars' DLH- seaplane used on board NDL steam ship 'Europa' >Neue
Zulassung DLH 'Jupiter' >Syndicato Condor 'Tingua'
D-UGUV      Junkers Ju160     4238 D-UGUV      E-Stelle (See) Travemunde
D-UHAF      Heinkel He70 G-2        D-UHAF
D-UHAG      Heinkel He70            D-UHAG
D-UHAH      Heinkel He118 V-2 1294 D-UHAH D-OVIE WL-OVIE
D-UHAM      BFW M24 b 516     D-UHAM      RLM  00.00.34
D-UHAR      Junkers W34 w           D-UHAR
D-UHAS      Dornier B Merkur 157    D-1083 D-UHAS    DLH 'Polarfuchs' >RLM

D-UHEN      BFW M20 b2 549    D-2359 D-UHEN D-OCIR   DLH 'Hunsruck' >RLM
>lsd Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe 00.11.32            Destroyed .41
D-UHEX      Heinkel He70 F-2        D-UHEX
D-UHIH      Heinkel He70      1189 D-UHIH GN+AX
D-UHIL      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4221 D-UHIL      DLH 'Kreuzfuchs' >Luftwaffe
D-UHOM      Junkers Ju160 B-0 4237 D-UHOM      DVL   00.09.36
D-UHUH      Junkers Ju87 V-2 4922 D-UHUH       Junkers     00.02.36

D-UHUQ      Dornier B Komet III     63    D-528 D-UHUQ      Luchs' Deutscher
Aero Lloyd >DLH               Crashed 30.06.25 re-registered with c/n 86
6.1.26 to DLH
D-UHUR      Heinkel He118 V-3 1295 D-UHUR
D-UHUX      Heinkel He70      403   D-3 D-2537 D-UHUX DLH
      Crashed 3.11.34
D-UHYF      Junkers Ju52/1m >3m     4007 D-UHYF       Junkers >Luftwaffe
D-UHYL      Junkers W34 Ju46hi      2745 D-2491 D-UHYL [D-OBRA?]       DLH
'Sirius' mailplane cv to seaplane used on board NDL steam ship 'Bremen'
>Hansa Flugdienst 00.00.39
D-UHYQ      Heinkel He70 G-2        D-UHYQ
D-UHYS      Heinkel He70 V-4 484    D-UHYS
D-UICY      Messerschmitt Bf163 v1        D-UICY
      Built by Weserflug this was a STOL aircraft not the komet (see
D-UJAF      Junkers Ju160     4242 D-UJAF WL-UJAF           00.04.36
      Military version
D-UJAN      Heinkel He70            D-UJAN
D-UJAR      BFW M.20 b2 548   D-2352 D-UJAR     DLH 'Eifel' >lsd by Hansa
Flugdienst >Luftwaffe               Crashed .43
D-UJEF      Heinkel He70 F-2        D-UJEF
D-UJER      Henschel Hs126 v2       D-UJER
D-UJET      Heinkel He70            D-UJET
D-UJEZ      Heinkel He70            D-UJEZ
D-UJIM      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4222 D-UJIM       DLH 'Blaufuchs' >Luftwaffe
D-UJIN      Heinkel He70      1687 D-UJIN
D-UJOF      Focke-Wulf A17          D-UJOF
D-UJON      Junkers Ju160     4236   D-UJON          00.04.36
      Military version
D-UJOX      Arado Ar81 V-1           D-UJOX
D-UJUS      Heinkel He70 G-1         D-UJUS
D-UJUZ      Heinkel He70      909    D-UJUZ
D-UJYM      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4245   D-UJYM    DLH 'Nerz' >Luftwaffe
D-UKAF      Heinkel He70 F           D-UKAF    Hansa Luftbild

D-UKAM       Junkers W34 2763 D-3118 D-UKAM EU-III    DLH 'Orion / Vega'
>Eurasia                 Crashed at Canton 5.35
D-UKAN       Junkers Ju160 A-0 4213 D-UKAN CE+KE      DLH 'Marder'
>Luftwaffe   00.05.35
D-UKAS       Junkers W34 hi    2775 D-UKAS      Junkers     00.06.34

D-UKEK      Heinkel He70 G-1 918     D-UKEK
D-UKER      Henschel Hs126           D-UKER
D-UKER      Junkers Ju160    4235    D-UKER          00.03.36
      Military version
D-UKES      Junkers Ju160    4235    D-UKES    RLM
D-UKIH      Heinkel He70             D-UKIH
D-UKIL      Heinkel He70             D-UKIL    II./St.G.162

D-UKIP      BFW M.20 b2 546   D-2341 D-UKIP PP-VAK    DLH 'Harz' >VARIG
D-UKOL      Heinkel He70 F2         D-UKOL      DVL
D-UKON      Dornier B Merkur 97     (D-971) RR-29 D-1082 D-UKON Deruluft
'Leopard' >DLH >RLM
D-UKOV      Junkers Ju46 fi 2715 D-2244 D-UKOV        DLH 'Europa' - used
on board NDL steam liner 'Europa ' during Summer 1932 >Neue Zulassung
Einsatz im SeeLuftverkehr                 Ju46 prototype
D-UKUM      BFW M.20 b2 542   D-2025 D-UKUM     DLH 'Westerwald' >chartered
by Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe                  Destroyed .42
D-UKYM      Heinkel He118 V-1 1293 D-UKYM
D-UKYQ      Junkers Ju87 V-3 4923 D-UKYQ        Junkers     00.03.36
      Used for Luftwaffe dive bomber competition presentation
D-ULAF      Dornier B Merkur 173    RR-34 D-1605 D-ULAF     DLH 'Kreuzfuchs'
>RLM 00.04.29           see also ULAV
D-ULAN      Junkers W34 hi          D-ULAN      DVL   00.10.34
D-ULAV      Dornier B Merkur 173    RR-34 D-1605 D-ULAV     'Kreuzfuchs'
DLH/RLM                 see also ULAF
D-ULAZ      Junkers Ju160     4234 D-ULAZ             00.03.36
      Military version
D-ULET      Junkers G23 > G24 ba > F24ko 834    D-1018 CH-133 D-1018 A-44
D-1018 D-ULET     Odin' Bayerische LV AG 'Helvetia' >Ad Astra >DLH
'Sachsen' >OLAG lsd from DLH >DLH               Crashed .35
D-ULEV      Gotha Go149 V-2         D-ULEV
D-ULIK      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4210 D-ULIK       DLH 'Gepard' > Luftwaffe
D-ULIP      Focke-Wulf A29    58    D-1867 D-ULIP     DLH 'Westfalen' >DVS

D-ULIS      Junkers G23 > G24ko> F24kay 850   S-AAAT D-896 D-ULIS
      Essen' AB Flygindustri/Limhamn >LURAG op for Europa Union >DLH
'Dusseldorf'      00.00.36         Crashed Glindow 8.39
D-ULUR      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4246 D-ULUR      DLH 'Schakal'     00.04.36
            Crashed Chlomsk Czechia 7.36
D-UMAF      Heinkel He70 F-1       D-UMAF
D-UMAL      Heinkel He70 F-2       D-UMAL
D-UMEF      Junkers Ju160     4233 D-UMEF            00.03.36
      Military version
D-UMER      Heinkel He70           D-UMER
D-UMEX      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4206 D-UMEX      DLH 'Panther' >Luftwaffe
D-UMIM      Heinkel He70 G-1 917   D-UMIM
D-UMIN      Heinkel He70           D-UMIN
D-UMIS      Junkers W34 hi    2793 D-UMIS      Junkers     00.09.34

D-UMOK      BFW M20 b2 547    D-2349 D-UMOK D-OFOT    DLH 'Rhon' >RLM >lsd
Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe 00.09.32            Destroyed .42
D-UMUR      Junkers G23 > G24 > G24ba     839   D-1016 CH-134 D-1016 D-UMUR
      Dessau built. Ad Astra 'Brandenburg' >Bayerische LV AG 'Thor' >DLH
'Osterreich'                  Scrapped 4.39
D-UMUT      Junkers Ju160 V3 4204 D-UMUT                          Prototype
D-UNAH      BFW M.20 b2 540   D-2005 D-UNAH     DLH 'Odenwald'
      Crashed Kiel 27.04.36
D-UNAL      Junkers Ju160 B-0 4232 D-UNAL       DVL   00.03.36
      Military version
D-UNAS      Junkers W34 hi w 2701 D-1977 D-UNAS                         (see
also D-ONAS)
D-UNEH      Heinkel He70 G-1 912    D-UNEH
D-UNEN      Heinkel He70 G-1        D-UNEN
D-UNEQ      Dornier B Merkur Bal 2 178    D-1458 D-UNEQ     Hermelin'
Deruluft >DLH >RLM
D-UNIF      Heinkel He70            D-UNIF
D-UNIK      Focke-Wulf A17 a > c    50    D-1444 D-UNIK     DLH 'Munster'
                  Wfu .36
D-UNIL      Heinkel He70            D-UNIL
D-UNOR      Junkers Ju160 V1 4202 D-UNOR        DLH 'Luchs' 00.06.34
      Cv from Ju60 on production line as Ju160 prototype. Canc 2.39
D-UNUQ      Heinkel He70            D-UNUQ
D-UNUS      Junkers W34       D-UNUS
D-UNYS      Heinkel He70 v4         D-UNYS
D-UPAL      Junkers Ju60 b1a/V2     4201 D-2400 D-UPAL      'Pfeil' Junkers
- test programme >DLH - used on cargo routes 00.11.32             Destroyed
D-UPAR      Arado Ar81 V-2          D-UPAR
D-UPAZ      Junkers Ju160     4231 D-UPAZ             00.03.36
      Military version
D-UPEN      Dornier B Merkur Bal    175   RR-36 D-1629 D-UPEN     DLH/RLM

D-UPET     Heinkel He70 G-2       D-UPET
D-UPID     Avia B-354       D-UPID
D-UPIK     Heinkel He70           D-UPIK
D-UPIN     Focke-Wulf A38 > b     109   D-2082 D-UPIN      DLH 'Hessen'
D-UPIT      Junkers G23 > G24 > F24ko > F24k2ay       842   S-AAAL (H-NADC)
D-877 D-UPIT      Ares' AB Flygindustri >LURAG op for Europa Union >DLH
'Amsterdam'             Broken up 9.39
D-UPOL      Junkers W34 hi    2746 D-2478 D-UPOL EU-V       DLH 'Merkur'
>Eurasia                Crashed Sian 27.11.35
D-UPOZ      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4207 D-UPOZ       DLH 'Wolf' 00.04.35
      Crashed due engine failure Waetzum 3.37
D-UPTF      Heinkel He70            D-UPTF
D-UPUQ      Heinkel He70F           D-UPUQ
D-UPUR      Heinkel He70            D-UPUR
D-UPUS      Heinkel He70            D-UPUS
D-UPUV      Heinkel He70 F2         D-UPUV      DVL
D-UPYF      Heinkel He70 G-1 910    D-UPYF
D-UPYM      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4211 D-UPYM       DLH 'Puma' 00.05.35
      Crashed due engine failure Hannover 13.6.36
D-UQAN      Junkers G23 > G24 > F24ko > kau > k2o     845   CH-135 D-1069 D-
UQAN 'Baldur' AB Flygindustri >Ad Astra >DLH                Crashed
D-UQAS      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4247 D-UQAS       DLH >Luftwaffe    00.05.36
            Named 'Schakal' per one source but see ULUR
D-UQAX      Junkers W34 2809 D-UQAX
D-UQEK      Junkers Ju160 C-0 4230 D-UQEK       DVL   00.05.36
      Jurgen Wagner
D-UQES      Henschel Hs122          D-UQES
D-UQET      Dornier B Komet III > Merkur 98     D-972 D-UQET      DLH
'Konigstiger' >RLM
D-UQEV      Henschel Hs122 v5 A           D-UQEV
D-UQIP      Heinkel He70 G-1 913    D-UQIP
D-UQIS      Dornier B Komet III     74    D-580 D-UQIS      'Bremen'
Deutscher Aero Lloyd >DLH >DVS
D-UQOL      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4216 D-UQOL       DLH 'Tiger' 00.06.35
      Crashed Cologne 9.39
D-UQON      Dornier B Bal           D-UQON
D-UQOR      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4209 D-UQOR       DLH 'Lowe' >Luftwaffe
D-URAF      Heinkel He70 F-2        D-URAF
D-URAS      Heinkel He70            D-URAS
D-UREK      BFW M.20 b2 543   D-2026 D-UREK     DLH 'Schwarzwald' >lsd
Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe               Destroyed .42
D-UREQ      Heinkel He70            D-UREQ
D-URIF      Junkers Ju160     4229 D-URIF WL-URIF     E-Stelle (See)
Travemunde        00.03.36
D-URII      Junkers W34 w           D-URII
D-URIL      Heinkel He70            D-URIL
D-URIM      Junkers Ju60 a    4200 D-5 D-URIM Junkers >DLH
      Used for experimental services
D-URIS      Junkers G23 > G24 > F24ko > F24k2au > F24k2ay 849     S-AAAP D-
1020 D-URIS Hephaestos' AB Flygindustri >LURAG 'Essen' >DLH op for Europa
Union >DLH 'Bayern/Essen'                 Broken up 4.39
D-URON      Junkers W34 See         D-URON      Wetteraufstieggsstellen
Kiel> Luftdienst-Einheit See
D-URUQ      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4243 D-URUQ       DLH 'Weissfuchs' >Luftwaffe
D-URUS      Heinkel He70            D-URUS
D-URUZ      Junkers Ju160 B-0 4223 D-URUZ       DLH >Weser Flugzeubau
D-USAH      Junkers G23 > G24 > F24ko     840   S-AAAS D-876 D-USAH
      'Diana' AB Flygindustri >Sachsische LVG 'Dresden' >DLH >RLM
            Crashed 12.35
D-USAR      Junkers Ju160     4228 D-USAR       E-Stelle (See) Travemunde
      00.03.36          Military version
D-USAZ      Heinkel He70 G-1 914    D-USAZ
D-USES      Heinkel He70            D-USES
D-USIM      Dornier B Bal Merkur    88    D-1103 D-USIM
      [or USYM]
D-USIV      Junkers W34       D-USIV
D-USON      Junkers Ju52/1mce 4003 D-USON       Luftwaffe Seefliegerstaffel
      00.00.31          Target aircraft
D-USOR      Heinkel He70 G-1        D-USOR
D-USUS      Junkers Ju52/1mbi 4002 D-2133 D-USUS      Junkers
      Test aircraft for Jumo 4 [also shown as to CF-ARM but this was c/n
D-USYM      Dornier B Merkur 88     D-1103 D-USYM     DLH 'Silberfuchs'
>RLM              [D-USIM?]
D-UTAN      Focke-Wulf A38 > b      111   D-2114 D-UTAN     DLH 'Thuringen'
D-UTEX      Junkers W34 hi    2791 D-UTEX PP-CAW PP-RYU     DLH 'Tacutu'
>Syndicato Condor             To Brasil 10.34
D-UTIM      Heinkel He70            D-UTIM
D-UTOS      Focke-Wulf A17 a > c    49    D-1430 D-UTOS     DLH 'Hannover'
                  Wfu .36
D-UTUZ      Junkers Ju160     4227 D-UTUZ       E-Stelle (See) Travemunde
      00.03.36          Military version
D-UVIP      Heinkel He70 F-2        D-UVIP
D-UVIR      Heinkel He70 F-2        D-UVIR
D-UVIZ      Dornier B Merkur 158    D-1084 D-UVIZ     DLH 'Eisbar' >RLM

D-UVOK      BFW M20 b2 544    D-2285 D-UVOK D-OAAD    DLH 'Sauerland' >RLM
>lsd Hansa Flugdienst >Luftwaffe 00.00.36             Destroyed .42
D-UVON      Junkers G23 > G24 > ba 833    S-AAAD M-CABB (EC-ABB) D-2175 D-
UVON Madrid' AB Flygindustri >ABA Sweden >UAE Union Aerea Espanola
'Gataland' >AB Flygindustri >DLH                Wfu 12.31
D-UVOR      Heinkel He70 G-1 915    D-UVOR
D-UVOX      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4212 D-UVOX       DLH 'Rotfuchs' >Luftwaffe
D-UVUF      Dornier B Merkur 89     RR-27 D-427 D-UVUF      'Zobel' Deruluft
D-UVUX      Junkers Ju160 A-0 4215 EU-XVI D-UVUX      Eurasia >DLH 'Wiesel'
>Luftwaffe 00.03.36           Crashed Shanghai 12.35 but returned to
D-UVYF      Junkers Ju160     4226 D-UVYF             00.03.36
      Military version
D-UVYR      Heinkel He70 F          D-UVYR      Hansa Luftbild

D-UXER      Heinkel He70 F2         D-UXER     DVL
D-UXIL      Junkers W34       WL-UXIL
D-UXOT      Junkers Ju160     4225 D-UXOT            00.03.36
      Military version
D-UXUL      Heinkel He70 G-2        D-UXUL
D-UXUV      Heinkel He70      916   D-UXUV      DLH               Crashed
D-UXUX      Heinkel He70            D-UXUX
D-UXVM      Junkers Ju88 A-1 885023       D-UXVM
D-UXYN      BFW M.20 b2 545   D-2290 D-UXYN     DLH 'Flaming'
      Crashed Halberstadt 14.06.37
D-UZAM      Junkers W34       D-UZAM
D-UZEV      Junkers Ju160 B-0 4224 D-UZEV       E-Stelle (See) Travemunde
D-UZIP      Junkers Ju52/1m be            D-UZIP
D-UZON      Heinkel He70 F-2 907    D-UZON                        Crashed on
takeoff Desden 03.06.36
D-UZUH      Heinkel He70 G-1        D-UZUH
D-UZUL      Junkers Ju160 D-0 4248 D-UZUL M-130             00.06.36
      Sold Manchuria
D-UZYL      Heinkel He70 Blitz            D-UZYL
D-UZYP      Junkers Ju52/1mbe 4001 D-1974 D-UZYP      Luftfrako >Air
Express GmbH >Luftdienst                  Ju52 prototype
D-UZYZ      Dornier B Komet III     78    D-711 D-UZYZ      'Lowe' Deutscher
Aero Lloyd >DLH
D-VDZA      Junkers Ju52/3m 5637 D-VDZA WL-VZDA                         [c/n
D-VZDA      Junkers Ju52/3m 5637 D-VZDA         Luftwaffe
      ambulance. Lost over Crete 10.42
D-YBAH      Raab Katzenstein RK 9a        D-YBAH
D-YBAQ      Grunau Schneider Motor-Baby         D-YBAQ

D-YBAR     WNF Brunswick LF 1 v2        D-YBAR VX190 G-ALUA EI-AYU
                 AKA Winter (TH Braunschweig) Zaunkonig
D-YBAS     Motorsegler Maikafer         D-YBAS
D-YBAZ     Grunau Schneider Motor-Baby II          D-YBAZ

D-YBEL     Schneider S.M.5        D-YBEL                         Took the
first prize at the light plane competition at Rangsdorf 10.37
D-YBIF     Schneider Grunau Motorbaby II           D-YBIF        NSFK

D-YBIK     Erla Me5a        D-YBIK      DLV >NSFK
D-YBIM     FAG Hamburg Kobold           D-YBIM
D-YBIN     Klemm L25 a I          D-YBIN      Dr.Carl
D-YBIR     Klemm L25        D-YBIR
D-YBIT     Erla Me5    14   D-YBIT D-ENAL HB-SEX    Julius
D-YBOK     FAG HAmburg Kobold           D-YBOK
D-YBOR     Grunau Motor Baby II         D-YBOR      NSFK
D-YBOX     Erla 5           D-YBOX      Julius Hawlik/Chemnitz

D-YBYH     Grunau Motor Baby II         D-YBYH       NSFK
D-YDAF     Grunau Schneider Motor-Baby II            D-YDAF

D-YDAL     Moller Stomo 3 v2 3     D-YDAL                        Per
Nowarra it is 3 V3 Temperolus
D-YDAR     Erla 5      2     D-YDAR      Erla Maschinenwerk

D-YDEM     Erla 6A           D-YDEM                      Only one built.
Took part in the Light plane contest at Rangsdorf 13 - 17.10.37
D-YDIF     Klemm L20 b I           D-YDIF     Franz Lorenz/Gauting

D-YDIL      Grunau Motor Baby II          D-YDIL     NSFK
D-YDIN      Klemm L25 b       D-YDIN      DLV >NSFK
D-YDOL      Moller Stomo 3 v1 2     D-YDOL
D-YDRU      Klemm L20 b I     29    D-1256 A-134 OE-DGK OE-DRU D-YDRU
D-YDUS      Erla Me5a         D-YDUS      Herbert A.E.Bohme/Fuhlsbuttel

D-YFAG     Akaflieg Chemnitz C10        D-YFAG
D-YFAN     Klemm L25 b VII        D-YFAN
D-YFAR     Erla Me5         D-YFAR
D-YFEX     GMG II           D-YFEX      DLV >NSFK
D-YFFG     Akaflieg Graz roland         D-YFFG
D-YGAS     Erla 5           D-YGAS      Artur Pex/Tempelhof

D-YGOR     Klemm L25 b > Ib 336    D-2138 D-YGOR    H.Rieckhoff/Weimer

D-YGUR     Erla Me5a        D-YGUR
D-YGUT     Grunau Schneider Motor-Baby II           D-YGUT

D-YGYF     Gruse Bo15/1            D-YGYF
D-YHAF     Erla Me5          D-YHAF
D-YHAV     Erla 5            D-YHAV      Erla Maschinenwerk

D-YHEX     Deike ADM11       D-YHEX           00.00.36          Took part
in the Olympia-Grossflugtag 1936 in Berlin
D-YHIK     Erla 5            D-YHIK     Erla Maschinenwerk

D-YHOP     Klemm L25 b 290   D-2083 D-YHOP    A.Vogel/Firth
>H.Ruhmann/Berlin >G.Rickertsen/Berlin
D-YHUK     Grunau Motor Baby II         D-YHUK      NSFK
D-YJEP     Erla 5            D-YJEP     Erla Maschinenwerk

D-YKAR     Klemm L20 b I           D-YKAR      Friedrich Karge/Barwalde

D-YKAS     Erla Me5         D-YKAS      Otto Hofmann/Diez
D-YKEQ     Grunau Schneider Motor-Baby II          D-YKEQ

D-YKES     Erla 5            D-YKES      Erich Merkel/Finsterwalde

D-YKIL     Grunau Motor Baby II          D-YKIL     Friedrich
D-YKIP     DKW Erla Me5 a    3     D-YKIP
D-YKOS     Grunau Motor Baby II          D-YKOS     Dr.Theodor
D-YLAS     FAG Stettin La11        D-YLAS                      Took part
in the light plane evaluation at Rangsdorf 10.37 Also floatplane La11W
D-YLEX     Erla 5            D-YLEX      Erla Maschinenwerk
D-YLOR     Raab Katzenstein RK 9a       D-YLOR     Fliegeruntergr.7 Reg
D-YMAZ     DKW Erla Me5 a   1     D-2585 D-YMAZ
D-YMOP     Erla 5d          D-YMOP
D-YNER     Moller 3V 11 Sturmer         D-YNER
D-YNOX     Grunau Motor Baby II         D-YNOX     NSFK
D-YNUL     Grunau Motor Baby II         D-YNUL     NSFK
D-YNUT     Erla 5           D-YNUT      Erla Maschinenwerk

D-YNYM     Grunau Motor Baby II          D-YNYM     NSFK
D-YPAN     Erla 5     17    D-YPAN       DVL
D-YPAV     Grunau Motor Baby II          D-YPAV     NSFK
D-YPOT     Grunau Motor Baby II          D-YPOT     NSFK
D-YRAN     Erla 5           D-YRAN       Walter Thorns/Finsterwalde

D-YRAZ     Grunau Schneider Motor-Baby II           D-YRAZ

D-YRON     Schmeidler SN-1        D-2257 D-YRON     T.H. Breslau
           SN-2 per Nowarra
D-YSAR     Grunau Motor Baby II         D-YSAR      NSFK
D-YSAT     Klemm L25 a I          D-YSAT
D-YSAU     GS4 Milan        D-YSAU
D-YSIL     Raab Katzenstein RK 9a       D-YSIL      DLV >NSFK

D-YSIS      Klemm L25 a I          D-YSIS     Heinrich Georg
D-YSUR      Erla Me5a 7      OO-DKW D-YSUR OO-ASW   Erla Maschinenwerk
      07.05.36         Sold Belgium 10.37
D-YTON      Klemm L25 d I          D-YTON     Max Langanke/Lotzen

D-YTOS     Erla 5           D-YTOS       Helmut Heubel/Finsterwalde

WL–EFFE    Heinkel He72           WL–EFFE
#DLH = Deutsche Luft Hansa
#DLV = Deutscher Luftsportverband (became NSFK from 4.37)

#DVL = Deutsche Versuchsanstalt fur Luftfahrt e.V

#DVS = Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule GmbH

#NSFK=Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps

#RDL = Reichsverband der Deutschen Luftfahrt Ind.

#RLM = Reichsluftfahrtministerium
#WNF = Wiener-Neustadter-Flugzeugwerke

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