Mini Ethnography Project Info Worksheet example by OtHNzqw


									                                ANTH V02- Cultural Anthropology
                         Mini-Ethnography Project: Information Worksheet
                         Fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible.

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Research Topic Idea:

Comparing the practice of yoga in California (or the U.S.) with its practice in India.

Identify the 5 Ps:

Who are the People (The community: a congregation, family, team, co-workers, friends, fellow
students, on-line group, club or organization, etc.):

Yoga students and instructors

What is the Place (The location: campus, church, workplace, gym, clubs, internet, etc.):

A particular yoga studio or studios in Ventura

What is the Phenomenon (What is going on that is interesting to you-ritual, celebration, event,
language use, art, music, etc.):

The study and practice of yoga in California

What is the Problem (What will you be asking about? List 2 or 3 interview questions)

1. Why do you study yoga?
2. How does it benefit your life?
3. Is there a spiritual aspect, or is it primarily a physical exercise?
4. If there is a spiritual aspect, can you explain what it is?
5. What do you feel that you have learned from practicing yoga?

ImPortance (Why is this topic important to you? To all of us?):

Yoga has become a popular form of spiritual and physical exercise in the U.S. in the past several
years, with many studios springing up in the local area. The practice and motivations for it may
be quite different from those in its original context of India, where it has traditionally been
undertaken only by those on a particularly rigorous spiritual path. My project will shed some
light on these differences.

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