MEANWOOD VALLEY PARTNERSHIP minutes 8 November 2011 by dix06N


									                             MEANWOOD VALLEY PARTNERSHIP

                        Minutes of meeting held on 8th November 2011

        Cynthia Ruston (Chair)
        Richard Lancaster (Secretary)
        Vicky Bradshaw (Treasurer)
        Emma Rogoz (Vice Chair)
        Guy Smithson (LCC Parks and Countryside
        25 residents

1.0 Welcome and introductions
Cynthia welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

2.0 Apologies
Councillor Mark Harris, Annie Macpherson, Ken Ruston, Annie Skelton, Jill
Farris, Brenda Lancaster, Phil Staniforth (LCC Parks and Countryside).

3.0 Minutes of the last meeting held on 11th October 2011
Minutes agreed as a correct record.

4.0 Parks and Countryside
NOTE – it was agreed to move this item to the start of the meeting so that Guy
could leave early.

4.1 Path opposite Hustlers Row.
Guy noted that this could be looked at as part of the refurbishment works.

4.2 Meanwood Park Play Area Gate
Guy reported that this had been repaired.

4.3 Park Refurbishments
Guy reported that works had started on the tennis courts, car park
refurbishment was nearly complete and that the Oates memorial was

5.0 Richard Marsh – LCC Parks and Countryside – NW Country
Park/Gateways Project
Cynthia noted that Richard Marsh was unable to attend due to personal issues.
Richard Lancaster gave a brief overview of the project, which including linking
together greenspaces with a 40 mile circular route. Richard Marsh was
applying for funding for interpretational materials including leaflets and
information panels and had requested a letter of support from MVP. It was
agreed that Richard Lancaster would provide Richard Marsh with a letter of        Richard L

6.0 Matters Arising
6.1 Village Green Status – Meanwood Cricket Club Ground
Cynthia noted that she had not received any response from those who took the
information, but she had one copy of the application information for anyone        Cynthia

6.2 British Legion Poppy Day Volunteers at Waitrose
Cynthia reported that so far £900 had been collected and she thanked all

6.3 Bus Route 51/55
Cynthia noted that there was no further update ( Note - meeting held on 11th
October Cllr Harris had reported that he had requested that the services are       Cllr Harris
looked at again by WYPA, with the view of a possible revision to the timetable).

It was noted that the 51 service was now every 8 minutes and it was suggested
that several of these buses could be re-routed to the end of Meanwood Road.

Cynthia provided a report from Howard Claxton on Lovell Park Bridge which
read – ‘I understand that a successful bid has been made for funds to repair
the bridge and the detailed design was in progress. Depending upon the
design it may be possible to return the road to two-way working, but I am aware
of very local support to retain it as one-way.’

6.4 Meanwood Institute Wall
Guy reported that this had been repaired. Peter Smithson from the Institute
thanked Guy for this work.

6.5 Consort Homes signs
There was no further update as to whether the old Consort Homes signs could        Cllr Harris
be removed. Cllr Harris would ask Highways officers.

6.6 Bulbs
Cynthia reported that she had received the bulbs and several sites were
suggested – cricket ground, Ridge Plantation, verge at junction of Stonegate
Road and Parkside Road, grass verge adjacent to mini-roundabout on Tongue
Lane and gardens along Memorial Drive. Volunteers were needed to help plant        Cynthia
them on 20th November.

6.7 Geography Student Research
Cynthia introduced Sarah Ryan a student from Leeds University who was
undertaking research on why people get involved in community activities and
had asked to interview members of the group. Several members of the group
provided contact details for Sarah.

7.0 Highways Issues
7.1 Dunny Hill Bollards
Andy noted that he and Howard Claxton were trying to arrange a meeting of         Andy Philp
interested residents.

7.2 Parking Bays opposite Waitrose
Cynthia noted that there was no further update.

7.3 Memorial Drive and Green Road yellow lines
Cynthia noted that Howard Claxton had sent a note stating that – ‘This has
been investigated and corrections had been authorised.’

6.0 Meanwood Park Issues
6.1 Weir Project
Cynthia reported that she was to speak to Richard Marsh as there were links to    Cynthia /
his work noted in item 5.0 above.                                                 Richard

6.2 Meanwood Park Depot
Cynthia noted that a planning application had been put in by the owner for a      All to note
flat and cafe.

7.0 Updates

7.1 Meanwood Hospital Enforcement
No further information was available, but Richard noted that he had met an        Cllr Harris
officer from LCC Public Rights of Way surveying paths around the site.

7.2 Yellow Lines Green Road outside school                                        Cllr Harris
No further update.

7.3 Captain Oates
Geoff noted that the memorial was underway. Developing wording for the blue
plaque and information panel. LCCs press unit were looking into a public figure   Geoff
to unveil the plaque at official opening in March.

9.0 A.O.B.
9.1 Parking outside shops Stonegate Road
Residents noted that cars were parking in this area behind the bus stop, which    Cllr Harris
meant there were difficulties passing on foot without going into the road.

9.2 Lights on Ring Road
It was reported that new street lights weren’t working on the Ring Road around    Richard
the junction of Weetwood Lane/Long Causeway.
Richard would pass this by Howard Claxton.

9.3 Land adjacent to ACE Taxis/Betting Shop
It was reported that this area of land was an eyesore and needed tidying up.      Cllr Harris
Cynthia would ask Cllr Harris to investigate.

9.4 Path from Meanwood Park Car Park and Hollin Lane
Richard noted that a resident had sent a note via the group website concerned
at the condition of this path.                                                    Richard /
Guy noted that he would investigate, but some work to the path was proposed       Guy
as part of the refurbishment programme.                                           Smithson

9.5 Lamposts on road to Huslters Road
It was reported that the lamposts had been installed along the road to Hustlers   Cllr
Row through the park, but they still need painting black.                         Hamilton

9.6 Trees behind Hustlers Row
Residents expressed concern as to the safety of trees in the woodland             Cllr
immediately behind Hustlers Row, especially since several trees elsewhere in      Hamilton
the park had fallen or lost branches in recent winds.

10.0 Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 10th January 2012 7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Lower Parochial

                     Meanwood Valley Partnership
                   Meeting to be held on 10th January 2011

1. Welcome and introductions
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 8th November 2011

4. Richard Marsh – LCC Parks and Countryside – NW Country
   Park/Gateways Project

5.   Matters Arising
    Village Green Status - Cynthia
    Bus Routes 51 and 55 – Councillor Harris
    Consort Home signs – Councillor Harris
    Parking outside shops Stonegate Road – Councillor Harris
    Land Adjacent to ACE taxis/betting shop Councillor Harris
    Lamposts on Road to Hustlers Row – Councillor Hamilton
    Trees at the back of Hustlers Row – Councillor Hamilton

6.   Highways Issues
    Dunny Hill Bollards – Councillor Harris / Howard Claxton
    Parking Bays opposite Waitrose – Councillor Harris
    Lights Ring Road - Richard

7. Meanwood Park Issues
    Weir Project- Cynthia/Richard
    Meanwood Depot

8. Updates
    Meanwood Hospital Enforcement – Councillors
    Yellow Lines outside Meanwood School – Councillor Harris
    Capt Oates event 16/17 March 2012 - Geoff

9.   Parks and Countryside
    Park Refurbishment – Guy Smithson
    Path opposite Hustlers Row – Richard/Guy Smithson
    Meanwood Grove Wall – Guy Smithson
    Path from Car Park to Hollin Lane – Guy Smithson/Richard

10. AOB

11. Date of next meeting


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