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									SOMEBODY'S LINKS NEWSLETTER: Genealogical Treasures Found
Vol. 3, No. 40, 30 November 2001. (c) 1999-2001 Julia M. Case

Editor-at-Fault: Julia M. Case

SOMEBODY'S LINKS contains notices of genealogical treasures
found, such as photographs, diaries, letters, and family Bibles.
Additional "Somebody's Links" notices appear in MISSING LINKS.

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  o I found the following photographs in a Memphis, Tennessee
antique store:
  -- "Jovia (or Iovia) ARMSTRONG 1889(?) Jovia married Milton
ARMSTRONG. My grandmother's sister for whom I was named, Jovia
Armstrong PEETE who married William Dermott CASEY, M.D. of
Columbus, Miss." Photo made in St. Paul.
  -- "Elsie BELLMAN, Utica, N.Y."
  -- "Ed. BINGBACHER(?) Age 20 yrs. wedding picture. Born
Dec. 26, 1897"
  -- "Emily Cleveland HENRY (FITCH), Mrs. James Roosevelt FITCH,
daughter of Oliver Cleveland HENRY & Missella(?) Ann HOPKINS"
Photo made in Memphis, Tennessee.
  -- "Priscilla GARRATT" Photo made in Picton, Ontario, Canada.
  -- "Dr. Kennedy JONES" Photo made in Memphis, Tennessee.
  -- "Grandma MICKEL" & "Grandpa MICKEL" Photos made in
Oneonta, New York.
  -- "Nick NAIL, Jr."
  -- "George OSTRANDER from Harold" Photo made in Cherry Valley,
New York.
  -- "Roosevelt PEETE 4 yrs old" Photo made in Jacksonville,
  -- "Dr. Joseph Whitley PEETE D.D.S. my father, Jovia(?) A.
  -- "Viette(?) STORMS St. Johnsville, Mont. Co., N.Y. A.S.N.C.
'92 [1892?]" Photo made in Albany, New York.
  -- "Addison WINN, Charley WINN's brother, Clayton WINN's
  -- "Addison WINN's second wife"
  -- "Charley WINN" Photo made in Oneida, New York
I would be happy to see these photos returned to their families.
                               Helen Rowland

  o I have a small snapshot dated 19 February 1942 of four
young men, one of whom was my brother, Rodney Clark BROWN. The
notation says "my roommates and the kid next door." I believe
it must have been taken at Aero ITI, when my brother was in
school in southern California. If anyone knows who the roommates
were, I would like very much to know. I will send a copy of the
photo if you are a family member of any of the young men.
                        Virginia Benderly

  o In a desperate search for CALCO (from Sicily) relatives, I
have received two death certificates that do not belong to our
family. Free to a good home are the following:
  -- Mary COCO, born 11 December 1873? in Italy, was the wife of
Carmello COCO and the daughter of Constantino MOLLICA and Sera
PIDELO, who were both born in Italy. Mary COCO was age 57 when
she died of cancer on 9 January 1920 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  -- Rosa A. COST, born in Indiana, the daughter of Fredrick
KEIFER and Rosie OSWALD, who were both born in Germany, was the
wife of Leo A. COST. Rosa COST was age 67 when she died on
25 March 1862 in Cleveland, Ohio.
     If either of these is your relative, contact me for a copy
or I can mail the ones I received from the Ohio Historical
                          Carol Landolfo

  o I have the original marriage certificate for Wm. A. J?
CHAPPELEAR and Eliza WADE from the Morgan County area of Ohio.
The certificate also includes the tax stamp marked 1860.
Provide the lineage and it's yours.
                             Linda Arrington

  o I have pictures and information about Dulcie CLARK, born
April 1895 in McDonald County, Missouri, who married Wesley
GEORGE. They had three children: Viola GEORGE, Marge GEORGE,
and Tommy GEORGE. Dulcie was a widow and died in Tacoma (Pierce
County) Washington when her children were about 10, 7, and 4.
I am guessing at their ages. They were adopted out after their
mother died. I have a picture of the mother with the three
children and a picture of the three children alone. Dulcie was
a niece of my grandmother. I have pictures of their grandparents
and great-grandparents on their maternal grandmother's side and
I will be glad to give these pictures to the children or
descendants of the children. If they are interested, I can also
give them the ancestry of their mother.
                                 Joyce Atkin

  o I sent away for the following marriage certificates, which
turned out not to be for my ancestors. I will be happy to send
them ($3 each) to researchers who can use them.
  -- Joseph B. CONRAD married 15 July 1889 to Augusta L. WITT in
Chicago (Cook County) Illinois
  -- Joseph CONRAD married 14 January 1888 to Jozie MIERZIK in
Chicago (Cook County) Illinois
  -- Joseph CONRAD married 20 April 1887 to Sophia KOHL (or
KAHL) in Cook County, Illinois
  -- Clara CONRAD, daughter of Peter CONRAD, married 30 December
1891 to Benjamin R. CROXEN in Will County, Illinois
                                 Eleonore Crespo

  o In an antique store in Salinas, California, I purchased a
photo postcard of a young Italian woman. It does not appear to
have been mailed, but the name Miss Louise CRAIROTTO is written
in the address area. The message reads: "In segno diun
?frerituro affectto cugina." It is signed, Ines. Noted at the
bottom is "Castagnelo 18-9-30." Free to a family member.
                                 Patricia Sillix

  o Seen in an antique/gift shop in Albany, Georgia, a very
decorative framed (about 16 x 20 inches), highly overpriced at
$178, marriage certificate for S. H. CRATTY of Parkers Landing,
Pennsylvania and Georgina McGREGOR of Kittanning, Pennsylvania,
26 December 1887, by J. W. McIntyre, M. C. Church, Kittanning.
If interested e-mail me and I'll send the address of the shop.
                                 Gretchen Gay

  o Found at an antique store in Galena, Illinois, two photos
we would like to reunite with descendants of those pictured:
  -- "Mr. and Mrs. John CROFT, son of Charles and Sarah CROFT."
This portrait was produced at Leavitt [Studio], Fulton, Hulda
and Heron Lake, Minnesota.
  -- "Margaret Jansen VORBERG, born 1806, died June 16th 1923"
                               Marcia Farina

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  o I purchased the following photographs at a second hand
store in Grants Pass, Oregon, about 10 years ago. It was my
intention to donate them to an historical society. However, I
am open to sending them to a documented family member for the
price I paid for them, $30. They are all from the same family.
  -- 1. Homer HULSON (man about 25 years old), Bannon Studio.
  -- 2. Willard CREAMER (man in early 20s), Emerson Studio.
  -- 3. J. R. CRAMER (man with beard), April 1871. W. F. WILLET,
artist, carte de visite.
  -- 4. Man about 25, resembles #2, but not the same man. April
1871. Dee Wees & ________ Campbell photo.
  -- 5. Family group: man, woman, boy, and young girl. Oct. 23,
1886. Same man as #3. The boy resembles Willard CREAMER, #2.
  -- 6. Woman in large hat, wearing glasses, resembles #1.
Bannon Studio
  -- 7. Young woman, Harris Studios.
  -- 8. Little girl about 5-7 years old. Spencer studio.
  -- 9. Boy about 3. Dee Wees Studio.
  -- 10. Baby, about 4-5 months. Eyes resemble man in #3 & #5.
Delbert C. Hays Studio.
  -- 11. Baby about 7-9 months. Dee Wees Studio.
  -- 12. Woman about 60-65, with glasses. Straley's Studio.
  -- 13. Woman about 30.
  -- 14. Girl about 4-5 years. Janice WILSON.
  -- 15. "Brother Omer?" Boy or girl about 2 years old.
Moyer (photographer)
  -- 16. Herman SMITH about 15 years old.
  -- 17. Woman or young girl with little boy.
R. D. Moyer extra finish
  -- 18. Very good-looking man and girl. Wedding photo?
  -- 19. Young girl.
  -- 20. Little boy or girl, about 2-3 years old.
  -- 21. Boy and small boy or girl. This boy strongly resembles
the one in #17. The little child looks much like the one in #15.
  -- 22. Girl about 6-7 years old. Jones Fine Art Studios,
Jeffersonville and Sedalia.
  -- 23. Woman and baby. Martin Studio. Letter to Katie on back
signed "Mac-Billy D- Laws"
  -- 24. Woman in early 20s. Baker Art Gallery.
  -- 25. Man about 20 years old, by Williams 527 1/2 N. High St.
  -- 26. Man, about 60, with beard. W. M. Gotch, opp. courthouse
  -- 27. Man, about 35, with mustache. Biddle, photographer.
  -- 28. Woman, about 25, 1880s. Biddle Artistic Photographing
  -- 29. Small child and baby. Gotch.
  -- 30. Man and woman, 1880s. He has a beard. S. Clark Studio.
  -- 31. Boy about 17-18 years old. Spellman Arcade Studio.
  -- 32. Woman about 25. Watson.
  -- 33. Man and woman about 65; 1880s. Watson.
  -- 34. Man and woman about 30 years old, 1880s. Mock
(photographer). This woman looks like #24.
  -- 35. Man about 18-20, strongly resembles #34. Mock.
  -- 36. Woman about 20, Civil War era photo. G. W. Coggins.
  -- 37. Baby about three months old. F. G. Wilhelm.
  -- 38. Man with beard and woman with earrings, about 1890.
Kerr, opp. P.O.
  -- 39. Woman about 70-75. Clarence P. Kerr, opp. new P.O.
  -- 40. "Uncle Wallace CREAMER, not our uncle." Man about 60.
Fieroe (photographer).
  -- 41. Woman about 60. Fieroe.
  -- 42. Man with beard, about 65 years old. Earl Shaw,
Wilmington, O.
  -- 43. Man with beard, about 60 years old. Van de Grift,
  -- 44. Man about 25 years old. Hays, Kenton, O.
  -- 45. Man about 30 years old. Same man as #44. Besaw,
Bellefontaine, O.
  -- 46. Madge Williams KOHLE, about 20 years old, about 1895?
F. H. Dawson, Wooster, O.
  -- 47. Mae BARNES and son. 1910-1920. Miller's, Sabina, O.
  -- 48. Man with beard. J. N. Abell, Photographer.
  -- 49. Man and woman about 25 years old, early 1880s.
R. J. Rankin.
R.C. Hunter, Photographer
  -- 50. Boy about 16 years old.
  -- 51. Girl about 10-12 years old.
  -- 52. Young man about 20 years old.
  -- 53. Man about 50 with American Indian features.
  -- 54. Man about 45, with moustache.
  -- 55. Couple, about 1885. Wedding photo?
  -- 56. "From Lydia for Aunt Katie." Girl about 14, possibly
same as #51. T.A. Patton (photographer).
  -- 57. "For Aunt Kate." Woman about 20 years old. Cunningham
  -- 58. Man about 17-18 years old. E. C. Darrow (photographer)
  -- 59. Man about 50 years old. Civil War era photo.
Partridge's Gallery, Wheeling, Virginia
  -- 60. Mrs. Anna HEDGES, Jeffersonville, Ohio. W. G. Russell,
1889, Nevada, Missouri. (Other writing on front is unreadable.
Possibly the photo is directed to Mrs. _______ HEDGES. It is of
a woman about 40-45 years old.)
  -- 61. Woman about 17-20 years old, about 1880-1920. Russell,
Nevada, Missouri
  -- 62. Young man about 17-20, with lodge watch fob. Russell,
Nevada, Missouri
  -- 63. Man about 25-30. J. P. Fields, Harrisonville, Missouri
  -- 64. Pretty woman about 25. Thomson, Kansas City, Missouri
  -- 65. Girl about 12-15, 1870s. E. M. Recher, Hagerstown,
  -- 66. Girl about 16-20. R. W. T. Phreaner, Hagerstown
  -- 67. Dr. WILSON. Harry A. Webb, Philadelphia
  -- 68. Jennie R. CONNER, 11 years. Andrew Price, Healdsburg,
  -- 69. Woman of 1870s
  -- 70. School class picture
  -- 71. Two women, 1890s. City Park Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
"Cal Calvert, 10 minute postcard man."
  -- 72. Clayton DICKSON taken at RR Creek, Chelan, Washington.
Boy swimming.
  -- 73. "Uncle Gid, Grandma and Grandpa in Crescent City.
Western trio" (snapshot)
  -- 74. Old picture, 1947, front of shop. "Carl WARREN was
holding up a 5.00 bill and I was holding out my hand." Crescent
City, California. Snapshot of Del's Washer Shop and Laundry.
  -- 75.   Blanche M. MORRIS HOLT, Centralia, Washington. Summer
of 1922,   15 years (snapshot)
  -- 76.   Blanche, 17 years old, 1923. Taken in Madras, Oregon.
Myrtle's   front porch.
                                Martha Murphy

  o I hope to reunite the following items with relatives:
  -- 1. Three photos of two probable sisters -- taken as babies
and toddlers -- pictures taken by three different Chicago
photographers, two girls together (Gertie and Mattie DIAMOND)
and one of each child. The one of Gertie is signed "Compliments
of Gertrude M. DIAMOND, 3 years old, December 1886." The one of
Mattie alone has nothing written on it but they were together
in the same photo album and is obviously the same little girl.
  -- 2. Four photos of members of the SELLS family: "Cousin"
Will, in early 30s; a youngish woman (possibly his wife, all
Four were together in the same album); and two children: Milton
SELLS, age 5 years, and Clarence SELLS age 3 years. All four
photos were taken by Brand of Chicago, probably in late 1800s.
(The DIAMOND and SELLS photos were found in a photograph album
originating in the Kingston, Ontario, Canada area. From a little
research I believe the SELLS family originated there.)
  -- 3. Insolvency document, handwritten in English and dated
383 Notre Dame St., Montreal [Canada] 3 Oct 1877, in regard to
insolvents, H. U. and R. D. RORISON. Assignee was John TAYLOR.
  -- 4. Photo of a young woman, age about 18-25, taken by R.
Bell of Whitby (assuming Ontario but possibly somewhere else).
There is no date but the hat style looks like the 1890s. Written
faintly in pencil on the back is "Cousin Nellie EASTERBROOK"
  -- 5. CDV Photo of church, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent,
England. On the back is jotted "burial place of Uncle Thomas
  -- 6. Photo of Grant Crasy (or Crary) CROSE, age 4 years,
dated April 25th 1891-1895. Photographer is Siegel (or Liegel)
Cooper. Town not known.
  -- 7. Two CDV photos taken in Rochester, New York of Elmer E.
ALMY and Louise Sara ALMY ANGEVINE STEWART. Purchased together;
perhaps they are brother and sister? Names written in ballpoint
but date to 19th century. Also CDV of Sophie VAN SCHUYER, name
written in same hand, no photographer or place.
  -- 8. Handwritten marriage record (possibly original?) of
Richard ROBSON and Ann FEASHER (writing hard to read, might be
FEASTER or even something else), married 22 August 1832 by the
Rector of St. John's Church, Brooklyn. Clergyman looks like M.
  -- 9. Photo of gravestone of William Edward MOULAND, died
19 July 1950, age 74 years. Names on the bottom of the stone
are ERITH and HIND. 1881 English census indicates he might have
been an individual born in Kent circa 1876. In the same box in
which I found this was a WWII era group photo of young people.
I am almost sure this was taken in the British Isles. On the
back is written: Violet, Mrs. McLAUGHLIN's maid (added –-
Gladice's mother's maid); Mr. CASSIDY; Nora from next door
to ---; Mrs. CASSIDY; Miss MILLAR; Mrs. McKEE; Mr. CAUGHEY;
  -- 10. Photo taken in Toronto of a young man, aged 20-25,
wearing a white lab coat (or similar) and a cap with a pin with
cross. On the back it says Easton's Corner (eastern Ontario),
then what looks like WATTS and in a different hand, "To Aunt
Mary with best wishes from Alex STUART" (It may be something
else but am guessing it is Stuart.) Probably early 20th century,
even WWI.
  -- 11. Three photos from the same family: NUGENT, REID, and
McPHEARSON. Information added in ballpoint. One is dated 1888.
Taken in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
  -- 12. Photo of Dora McGILLIVRAY, age 19 months, taken
March 13, 1906, in Bath, New York. I believe I also have another
unmarked picture of the same child, or perhaps a sibling. There
is a very close resemblance.
                          Diana H. Bailey

  o I have copies of Social Security applications (SS-5s) for
two people who turned out not to be part of my family.
  -- Rosalie ARMSTRONG HARMON, born 28 December 1906 in Orange
County, Texas, father William Madison ARMSTRONG, mother
Nancy Jane PEVETO
  -- Bessie COX HARMON, born 19 November 1889 in Cedar Hill,
Texas, father James R. COX, mother Lucy A. MATHIS
    I would like to get these to the correct families for what
I paid for them (Rosalie $27; Bessie $16).

  o I have three photos of Francis M. HEGEL, taken by
photographers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that were given to my
aunt (no relation). I would like to give them to a related
family member.
                              Susan Anderson

  o I have a box of photos that I was given by my grandpa, John
Charles HILLMAN (1899-1984). Grandpa's parents were William
Lewis HILLMAN and Isabelle C. WARD. There are about 100 photos,
most taken between 1850 and 1910. They are from the HILLMAN,
GEER, and WARD families, who lived mainly in Kandiyohi County
and Ramsey County, Minnesota, but later ended up in parts of
Washington, Oregon, and California.

The WARD photos are of John D. WARD (1822-1903) and his wife,
Isabel (DOWNS) WARD (1828-1901), and their children and their
children's spouses and children: Catherine C. (WARD) PRICE;
Finley L. WARD; Lilly M. (WARD) GEER; Isabelle C. (WARD)
HILLMAN; John B. WARD; Alfred D. WARD; Effie O. (WARD) GEER;
and Mary Jane (WARD) GEER.

There are numerous photos of GEER cousins and siblings of my
great-great-grandma, Mary Elosha (GEER) HILLMAN, all of whom
lived in Minnesota in the mid-to-late 1800s and early 1900s.
  -- Group photo of the five children of Marion Dewey GEER and
Mary Jane (WARD) GEER: 1. Frederick Alba GEER, 2. Marion Ruth
GEER, 3. Mabel GEER, 4. Henry J. GEER, and 5. Douglas Roy GEER
  -- 6. Frederick Alba GEER and second wife Dottie
  -- Group photo of: 7. Horatio Phillips GEER, 8. Marion Dewey
GEER, and 9. Welcome Alba GEER
  -- 10. Mary Losha (GEER) HILLMAN (there are 15-20 different
ones of her and/or her children; I am a descendant of hers)
  -- 11. Alice GEER (Levi GEER's wife) and four children
  -- 12. Sadie J. GEER
  -- 13. Dorothy (GEER) CARTER (daughter of Charles Warren GEER)
and Will CARTER
  -- 14. Effie (GEER) STAUFFER
  -- 15. Charles Warren GEER house in Burbank, Minnesota
  -- 16. Arthur GEER (Levi GEER's son)
  -- 17. Jack KINART and Rose (GEER) KINART
  -- 18. Edward STANTON (Eliza GEER's husband)
  -- 19. Julia Jessie (GEER) and the Rev. Walter FINCH (wedding)
  -- 20. William S. GEER
  -- 21. Cora Luella GEER
  -- 22. William E. COFFAA (Lucy GEER's son)
  -- 23. Melvin U. GEER
  -- 24. Rev. Walter FINCH (Julia Jesse GEER's husband)
  -- 25. Sadie GEER
  -- 26. Wilmer W. KNIGHT
  -- 27. 1900 -- Effington, South Dakota baseball team (several
GEERs and COFFAAs are in this photo)
  -- 28. William Leslie GEER and family (there are 7-8 of him,
his wife and children: Lilly May (WARD) GEER; Gerald William
GEER; Ione Belle GEER; and Paul E. GEER)

The HILLMAN photos are of Henry A. HILLMAN (1803-1891) and Mary
(GEER) HILLMAN (1832-1914) and their children and their
children's spouses and children: Charles H. HILLMAN, William L.
HILLMAN, Marion Gay HILLMAN (male), and Ruth (HILLMAN) LOWE.
  -- I know that Charles HILLMAN married Lillian WEYER, and had
six Children: George Henry HILLMAN (1900-1976), Lionus HILLMAN,
Ruth HILLMAN, Margaret HILLMAN, Lillian HILLMAN, and Charles B.
  -- Marion Gay HILLMAN married twice: Margaret E. FRANKLIN and
Maud C. HAWKINS. His children by his first marriage were Henry
Louis HILLMAN (1895-1953) and Margaret (HILLMAN) PLYMPTON
(born 1897).
  -- Ruth HILLMAN married Robert LOWE and lived in Moosejaw,
Saskatchewan, Canada.
  -- My great-grandpa, William HILLMAN, was the blacksheep of
the family, I think. In 1904 he moved his family to California
and all contact with his mother and siblings ended. My grandpa
never knew any of his HILLMAN relatives. All I know about them
is what I've learned from the photos and from my own research.
I would like to find some of my family, who would like copies
of the pictures. Please put HILLMAN PHOTOS in the subject line.
                 Karmen Vice Nava

  o A mechanic at Smicklas Chevrolet in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
was going over a car that was traded in. He found a zip-lock bag
with an old Bible inside. Written on the bag is: "Grandmother
HITE's Bible 1915." On the inside cover of the Bible it says:
"To Annie Mary SNODDY by her mother Anna SNODDY, Coalgate,
Oklahoma, April 19, 1915." The mechanic took this Bible home and
is trying to find the owner. If these names sound familiar to
you, e-mail me. I can put you in touch with the person who has
the Bible.
                             Lillie Kappus

  o I have two Social Security records from New York that I will
send to anyone interested. I got them while searching for my
family. These two do not belong to me.
  -- Raymond Peter KELLY, born 22 June 1903 in College Point,
New York, father: John KELLY, mother: Mary SEITZ
  -- Ruth Margaret KELLY, born 25 June 1902 in New York City,
father: John Joseph KELLY, mother: Margaret DEIGN(V)OIR
                              Alice Finnegan

  o In a frame I purchased in a thrift store in Albany, Oregon,
I found a Blazon of Arms for the surname MEAGHER from Macaulay
Mann Heraldry, 110 High St., Croydon, Surrey, England, dated
16 December 1983 and signed by Susan BROOK. If anyone with the
surname Meagher would like it I'll send it for cost of postage.
                              Jane Ruck

  o Among my mother's old pictures are several I don't know. I
will send copies to any family members who would like to have
them. The pictures are all of people in Wetzel County, West
Virginia, circa late 1800s or early 1900s. There are names on
them as follows: Bessie WHITE with H. C. MOORE's child; Ellen
family; Nan MORRIS and Sam LIVINGSTON; a YOHO baby; two YOHO
women with a young girl.
                       Glenda Spencer

  o At an auction in Lincoln, Illinois, I bought a small,
framed, oval picture dated 1907 of Emma and Don MOTE. They had
a daughter, Alice MOTE, who never married. I would like to see
this photo go to a family member. I paid $5 for it.
                           Peter Zeitler

  o I have a photograph postcard of a boy named Carl, probably
less than two years old, with long hair and wearing a dress.
The postcard was mailed on October 16, 1911 from Aunt Jessie in
Edgerton, Wisconsin to Miss Pearl NELSON, 787 Island? Avenue,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It reads: "Edgerton, WI October 15, - 11
Dear Pearl, This is a little postcard of Carl. He has his hair
cut now so looks more boyish. We are all fine. We were sorry not
to have seen you in the West. We had a fine time. Hastily, Aunt
Jessie." I will send a scan or a copy of the photo to anyone
with a direct relationship to any of the three people mentioned.
                               Janice Lamars

  o I have five yearbooks from Central High School in Superior,
Wisconsin. The 1928, 1929, and 1930 yearbooks belonged to Carl
John NESTBERG. They are in pretty good condition -- some pages
are torn but are very readable. The 1928 is not hardback and the
cover is worn but all the pages are there. The 1925 and 1927
yearbooks belonged to Josephine NESTBERG, Carl's older sister.
The 1927 book is in pretty good condition. The binding is worn
on the 1925 book but the whole book is still there. I would
like to get all five books back to a family member for what I
paid for them plus postage.

  o I recently received copies of pictures of my grandmother,
Dollie Mae PRUITT. Several were group shots of young women. I
am willing to send a copy if you are related. As far as I know,
all of the pictures were taken in the 1920s in the Gurdon,
Monette, and Jonesboro area of Arkansas. The young women are:
Elmarie LITTLE, Grace INGRAM, Gladys GIDCOMB (married my Uncle
Hosea), Mary WEARE, Fliss PERKINS (?), Hettis and Madaline
related through her sister-in-law, Ruby HAZELWOOD), and
Blauchie LEE.
                                        C. Zeffer

  o I found this with another item in a frame I purchased at a
thrift store in Albany, Oregon. It appears to be a Certificate
that Iris W. ROSSON was at Cabo da Roca, Sinstra, Portugal, the
westernmost point in continental Europe. It is signed by Pedro
GARCIA, Comissao Municipal de Turismo de Sintra, dated
26 October? 1978, and has a wax stamp with ribbon on it. If you
are related to Iris and would like this, you can have it for
the cost of postage.
                              Jane Ruck

  o I saw an old school book in a bookstore in Lebanon,
Tennessee. It had a poem or a note written by the owner, whose
name was E. D. ROTH. It was dated 1878, and the address given
was Allentown, Pennsylvania. The book was in fair shape and I
think the price was marked $25. Perhaps if a relative wanted
the book, the owner would negotiate the price. If you are
interested, please e-mail me and I will give you the name and
phone number of the store or negotiate for you if possible.
Please put "SCHOOLBOOK" or "E D ROTH" in the subject line.

  o Found: a ledger in a home sold about 1978 in Carrollton
(Greene County) Illinois. The ledger belonged to William SCHAFER
and his wife, Vivian STRAWN. A friend asked me to find a family
member to whom to send it. Although well-worn, it has a list of
SCHAFER and STRAWN family members, including birth dates and
some marriage and death dates.
  -- SCHAFER family: Henry B. 1842-1925, Katherine (his wife, I
think) 1848-1934, and children: Annie, Albert, Herman, Tillie,
Henry, and William.
  -- STRAWN family: Clifton 1874-1923, Effie (his wife?)
1874-1958, and children: Lloyd, Vivian, Roy, Earl, and Parker.
     It is believed that William and Vivian (STRAWN) SCHAFER
had no children, so I hope to send the ledger to an interested
niece or nephew. Please put "Ledger" in subject of your response.
                             Denise Whitworth

  o I recently purchased a postcard in an antique shop in
Blawnox, Pennsylvania. It is an Easter card sent to Mrs.
Margaret SHORT from Sidney SHORT. It was sent in 1912 and
mentions the towns of Blairsville and Altoona. If you are a
descendant of the SHORT family and can tell me where these towns
are, I'll be glad to send the card back to its family.
                                Zell Froud

  o I have transcribed three original family Bible pages (in
most exquisite cursive script) of the descendants of the
SOTHORON (1746?--Maryland), GARDINER (1776--Maryland), BURKE
(1809—-Mississippi), and NOBLE (1841--Texas) families, leading
to the marriage of WHITE (1896--Kansas) and McCREIGHT (1895—-
District of Columbia). I will gladly send to anyone as a Word
e-mail attachment.
                          Richard D. McCreight

  o I have a picture of Alfred and Irene THOMAS, a very good
picture of a handsome couple. Location: possibly Illinois. Time
frame: early 1920s. Alfred is clean shaven and has a full lower
lip, left part-hair; wearing suit and vest, tie, and white shirt
with wide collar. Irene is very pretty; hair naturally curly or
marcelled. Hair for both is probably brown. Will send original to
family, or send photo copy to anyone who wants to view it.
                                Jeane C. Scott

  o I have what appears to be a wedding picture of George
Nelson TRUXAL and his wife Myrna. The picture was taken in
1922. He was a cousin of my mother's and lived in Youngwood
(Westmoreland County) Pennsylvania. I would gladly send it to
anyone in the family who requests it. Send information
regarding relationship to
                    Bill and Peg Flynn

  o I have received the entire Civil War pension history of
Oren (also spelled Orin and Orrin) WHEELER. His date of birth
is not listed and there is conflicting evidence in the file.
He was born sometime between 1824 and 1836. He enlisted on
2 October 1861 at Starrucco (Wayne County) Pennsylvania in the
56th PA Vol. Inf., Company A. He was a musician in that company
until March 1862 when he was discharged at Camp Curtin for
disabilities. His wife was Margaret. He had at least one child
(no name listed), who married George R. WHEELER. Oren WHEELER
died somewhere close to Stevens Point (Susquehanna County)
Pennsylvania on about 23 September 1907. I sent for this file
in the hope it was my great-grandfather's, but it is not. I will
mail it to any descendant for my cost ($25 for the file plus
postage of $5).
                                  B. A. O'Toole

  o In an old Bible from southern Ohio I found a newspaper
clipping with the headline: "In Memoriam." It is a lengthy and
lovely obituary written about "Mary Floe, daughter of John and
Mina WILLIAMS, born Dec. 31st, 1904; died Feb 7th 1914; aged 9
years, 1 month and 7 days." Her schoolteacher wrote the article,
which ends with information about the service: "Short services
at the home Tuesday morning by Rev. OSBORN, and Rev. W. J.
FULTON preached the funeral sermon at Centerville M. E. church.
Interment at Centerville." I don't know exactly where this is
in Ohio, nor does this name match anyone in my family.

                         *    *    *

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