Chapter 23 Tai Chi Chuan

					T’ai Chi Ch’uan

   Chapter 23
“Tension is who you think you should be.
  Relaxation is who you are.”

                         -T’ai Chi Saying
        Philosophy of T’ai Chi

• The concept of T’ai Chi is based on the
  philosophy of Taoism, where opposites
  are brought together in harmony and
            T’ai Chi Ch’uan

• To harmonize with the universe, to
  move in unison with this energy, to
  move as freely as running water is to be
  at peace or one with the universe.
• This is the essence of T’ai Chi Ch’uan:
  a harmony and balance with the vital life
  force of the natural world itself.
             T’ai Chi Ch’uan

• The Chinese believe that poor health is
  a result of blockages and congestion in
  the flow of internal energy, which in turn
  lowers one’s physical resistance and
  makes one vulnerable to various
              T’ai Chi Ch’uan

• T’ai Chi is deeply rooted in philosophy,
  primarily Taoism, but to a lesser extent,
• The premise of this exercise is to move with,
  rather than against, the flow of universal
  energy. The positions reinforce the concept of
  consciously moving with rather than against
  received stressors in everyday life.
             T’ai Chi Ch’uan
          Relaxation Technique

•   Breath effortlessly
•   Free the body of all tension
•   Stand perpendicular to the floor
•   Keep your center of gravity low
•   Maintain even speed
•   Integrate the mind and body as one
    Four Principles of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

•   Fasting the heart
•   Returning to nature
•   Wu-wei
•   Winning by losing
     Physiological Effects of T’ai Chi

•   Increased physical stamina
•   Increased muscular endurance
•   Increased posture
•   Decreased bone demineralization
  Psychological Effects of T’ai Chi

• Increased mental acuity
• Increased concentration skills
• Increased emotional control (balanced
     T’ai Chi and Chronic Pain

By clearing the flow of energy, chi or Qi
harmony diminishes the cause of pain.
 Best Application of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

• A moving meditation to start or end the
  day’s activities
• When done outside, it helps to
  reconnect to nature
• A great metaphor for living one’s life in
• Great for preventing and minimizing

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