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					                             BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                              % General Manager Telecom District
                                     Kashmir- Srinagar


                              Cost of Tender document . (Free of Cost)

                DATE OF ISSUE OF TENDER : 14/02/2011 from 1100 Hrs to 1600 Hrs
                   Last date of receipt of Tender Document: 26/02/2011 1500 Hrs

                     TENDER OPENING DATE & TIME 26/02/2011 at 1630 Hrs

NO G- 227/Tender/printing/                                   Dated: /02/2011

Issued by AGM(Genl) % Sr GM, BSNL, Srinagar

                                                  Sig. of tenderer with seal


November 5, 2012
                         BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                               (A Govt of India Enterprise)
                         O/O General Manager BSNL Srinagar- Kashmir

                                                       Tender No: G-227/Tender/Printing/
                                                       Date: /02/2011

                                         Limited Tender Notice
Wax /Tape Sealed Tenders are invited from established printers for supply of Computer Cash Receipt forms for
Srinagar SSA

S/No     Name of Item        Tentative         Est. cost of     Earnest money         Security Deposited
                             Quantity          Tender (in Rs)
1        Computer Cash       2000000           Rs 200000/-      Rs 5000/-             Rs 15000/-
         Receipt                               (Rupees Two      (Five thousand        (Fifteen Thousand
                                               Lacs only)       only)                 Only)

        The tender document with detailed specifications, requirements and terms and condition can be obtained
from AGM(Genl) % Sr GM, BSNL, CTO Complex Srinagar free of cost on all working day between 1100 hrs
to 1500 hrs from 14/02/2011
        The tender may be dropped in the tender box kept in the chamber of AGM (Genl) % Sr GM BSNL
Srinagar up to 1500 hrs on last date. The tender document will not be accepted by post. The tender will be
opened in the presence of the Tenderers or their representatives who may wish to be present at the time of
opening the tender at their own cost.
The earnest money to be submitted with the tender in the shape of DD of Nationalized Bank payable to A.O
(Cash) BSNL % Sr GM, BSNL Srinagar
        Tender document is also available on our website (free of cost).
        Last date and time of receipt of tender 1500 hrs on 26/02/2011
        Date and time of opening of tender = 1630 hrs on 26/02/2011

                                                                       AGM(Genl) % Sr GM BSNL
Sig, of tenderer with seal


November 5, 2012


   1.    The tenderers are required to use their own paper for printing as per specifications given in the
         tender document on 110 GSM Paper.
   2.    Any attempt made to negotiate direct or indirectly with Authority to whom tender has been
         submitted or make any attempt to secure any interest for any prospective tenderer or to exert
         influence by any means for acceptance of a particular tender will render the tender liable for
         exclusion for consideration.
   3.    No conditional tender will be entertained. The submission of the tender shall be taken to mean the
         acceptance of all terms and conditions set out in the tender document.
   4.    No tender will be acknowledged separately.
   5.    Next working day will be treated as due date, in case of holiday on the prescribed date.
   6.    Ambiguity in rates, delivery terms etc will make the tender invalid.
   7.    The tender shall remain open for acceptance for a period of ninety days from the date of opening of
   8.    The sample of the receipts can be seen with A.O (Cash) % Sr GM BSNL Srinagar on any working
         day between 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs.
   9.    Correction in rates if any in the tender should be made in ink by a fresh entry after scoring off the
         original entry. Any such entry should be attested by the tenderer.
   10.   Every page of the tender should be signed with seal by the tenderer.
   11.   The tender indicating more than one rate will not be entertained /considered.
   12.   The tenderer should have Sales Tax Registration certificate. The attested copy thereof must be
         submitted along with tender form.
   13.   The tenderer should have experience of supplying printing material to state /central Govt /PSU etc.
         The experience certificate of supplying material of value not less than Rupees Fifty Thousand
         during the last Two years to be submitted with the tender.
   14.   The rates such as printing charges, composing charges, binding charges, cost of paper, numbering
         charges, etc. must be quoted inclusive of all such work. No material will be supplied by this office.
   15.   The rates should be quoted F.O.R to consignee inclusive of all charges & Taxes. No extra payment
         an account of transportation /octrai will be paid.
   16.   The rates will remain in force for one year from the date of acceptance of the tender and will be
         extended up to a period of one year at the discretion of the competent Authority.
   17.   The printed computer receipts should be delivered in securely tied bundles by the printer to
         consignee under his own arrangement at his own cost and under a proper challan on the working
         day during office hours.
   18.   The rejected material if any is to be replaced free of charge and at full cost of the printer /supplier.
   19.   The tender offer when accepted will constitute a binding contract upon the tenderer to supply the
         material as per sample, on demand within the period prescribed by this office.

                                                                         Sig, of tenderer with seal


November 5, 2012
   20.   Eiligiable bidder will deposit earnest money deposit as mentioned in the NIT in the form of demand
         draft from any nationalized schedule Bank payable to A.O (Cash) BSNL % Sr GM, BSNL srinagar.
         Earnest money deposit of the unsuccessful bidders will be refunded after finalization of the tender
         rates and the EMD of the successful bidder may be converted into security deposit on his written
              The tenderer whose tender is accepted shall be required by way of security to deposit for the
              due fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the contract such sum as will amount to 10% of
              the estimated cost. Full amount of security deposit as due is to be deposited in the form of DD
              from a Nationalized /schedule Bank in favour of A.O (cash) BSNL % Sr GM Srinagar.
   21.   No interest will be allowed on earnest money or security deposit.
   22.   The rates in the tender should be quoted both in words and figures.
   23.   The quantity mentioned at S.L No 38 of this annexure indicates our yearly approx. requirement. The
         quantity may increase or decrease by 25% depending upon the requirement of this office. Order will
         be placed according to our quarterly /six monthly requirements. There may be changes in the
         content of the matter to be printed on the computer cash receipts as per Directives of the Corporate
         Office and this need to be effected at times.
   24.   In case the supply is received from any departmental source during the process of this contract.
         Order placed with the printer/supplier can be canceled or curtailed at the direction of the competent
   25.   The order placed with the printer /supplier can be cancelled, reduced or increased without assigning
         any reason at any time.
   26.   Security deposit of the tenderer who fails to supply the material within the stipulated period and
         according to the required specification, is liable to be forfeited at the discretion of the competent
         Authority besides taking further necessary against the tenderer as per departmental Rules .
   27.   Approximate value of the item to be got procured during a year is Rs.2 (Two) lacs.
   28.   The proof of the forms etc will have to be got approved from AO (Cash % Sr GM BSNL Srinagar.
         In case the printer/ tenderer fails to get the proof approved before taking up final printing, this office
         will not be responsible for any loss to the printer for faulty printing. Printing must be neat and tidy.
   29.   The supplier shall draw the bills invoice on the department in full /part of supplies as may be agreed
         to. But the payment of the bills will be made on the completion of the work to the entire satisfaction.
         Penalty for defective work and for delay as deemed fit will be imposed on the printer to cover the
         loss sustained by the BSNL. Payment of bills for part supply will be at the discretion of the
         competent authority only.

                                                                         Sig. of tenderer with seal


November 5, 2012
   30.     The order for work to be executed will be given by AGM(Genl) % Sr GM BSNL Srinagar from
           time to time, according to the requirement of the department. Reasonable time will be allowed for
           printing and delivery of printed work. In each case the work should be completed within the
         stipulated period. In case of failure to supply the material in time, a penalty will be
          imposed as:-
           Detailed below:-
           a) For delay up to 3 days                              1% of total amount of bill
           b) For delay up to 10 days                     5% of total amount of bill.
           c) For delay up to 20 days                     7% of total amount of bill
           d) For delay up to 30 days                     10% of total amount of bill

         In case of inordinate delay, competent authority will be at liberty to:-
          i)       Cancel the order without any compensation to the printer/tenderer.
          ii)      Recall the incomplete work and entrust the same to any other printer at the risk and cost,
                   responsibility of the originals defaulting printer Security deposit as mentioned above will
                   be forfeited.
   31.   In case work done is defective and considered unsatisfactory in any respect, the whole or part of the
         supply will be rejected and also penalty will be imposed at the direction of the competent authority.
   32.   The Competent Authority is not bound to accept the lowest tender rates of any tenderer, or to assign
         any reason for rejecting any or all the tenders. His decision in the matter shall be final.
   33.   The competent Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tender without assigning
         any reason.
   34.   In case of dispute either about the quantity of printing, binding etc. question with regard to
         interpretation of meaning of any terms and conditions of this contract /tenderer, imposing penalty
         for delay, the decision of the competent authority will be final and binding on the tenderers.
   35.   In case of any dispute rising out of the contract /tender and its terms and conditions, the CGMT
         J&K Circle , Jammu /or any officer appointed by him shall act as Arbitrator and his decision shall
         be binding on the tenderer.
   36.   All disputes in this regard are subject to jurisdiction of SrinagarCourt only.
   37.   Arbitrator:-
         a) In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under this agreement or in connection
              there with (Except as to the matter, the decision of which is specifically provided under this
              agreement) the same shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator of the CGMT J&K Circle Jammu.
              The agreement to appoint an Arbitrator will be in accordance with the Arbitration and
              conciliation Act-1996.
         b) There will be no objection to any such appointment on the ground that the Arbitrator is a Govt
              servant or that he has to deal with the matter to which the agreement relates or that in the course
              of his duties as Govt servant be has expressed his views on all or any of the matter in dispute.
              The award of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties to this agreement.

                                                                                  Sig.of tenderer with seal


November 5, 2012
   38.  The requirement of computer cash receipts is 20,00,000 (Twenty Lac) approximately.
   39.  The tender document along with other documents should be in sealed envelop marked “Technical
        Bid” and Price schedule (Annexure –B) in 2nd sealed envelop marked “Price Bid”. Both these sealed
        envelops should be sealed in 3rd envelop prominently marked as
   GM BSNL Srinagar

   40.     The tenderer should give a certificate on Rs50/=stamp paper that none of his/her near relative is
           working in the unit as defined below where he is going to apply for tender /work. In case of
           proprietorship firm certificate will be given by the proprietor, for partnership firm certificate will
           given by all the partners and in case of limited company by all the Directors of the company. Any
           breach of these conditions by the company or firm or any other person, the tender will be cancelled
           and earnest money/security deposit will be forfeited ay any stage whenever it is so noticed. The
           department will not pay any damages to the company or firm or the concerned person. The company
           or firm or the person will also be debarred for further participation in the concerned unit.

   Definition or near relative for purpose:-
           a) Member of a Hindu undivided family.
           b) They are husband and wife.
           c) The one kin related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son(s) and son’s wife (daughter
               in Law) Daughter and daughter’s husband (son in law) brother(s) and brother’s wife, sister(s)
               and sister’s husband (brother in law).

           The format of the certificate to be given is as under:-

           1____________________________S/O__________________________resident of

           ____________________________________________hereby certify that none of my relative(s) as
           defined in the tender document is /are employed in the office of Sr GM BSNL Srinagar as details
           given in the tender document. In case at any stage it is found that information given by me is
           false/incorrect. Competent Authority shall have the absolute right to take any action as deemed fit
           without any prior intimation to me.

                                                                     Signature of the Tenderer with seal


November 5, 2012
Eligibility Criteria

1. Regd.of firm.
2. Experience Certificate of Fifty Thousand of printing during last two years.
3. No relative Certificate.
4. Pan Card.
5. Sale Tax Registration with TIN No
6. Solvency certificate of Two Lac
7. NSIC Certificate (If applicable)

Note: - If the rates are same of more than one bidder then the weightage shall be given to experience

                                                                        Sig. of bidder with seal


November 5, 2012

Tenderers are required to submit their rates on this form only. The rates should be inclusive of Sales Tax and
other taxes etc if any.

S.NO Details of item                                                                     Rate
                                                                        Rate in words     Rate in fig.
1      Printing of Computer cash receipts on 110 GSM Per
       Paper.                                        receipt
           (Sample to be provided by BSNL)

    1. Earnest money deposit particulars
    (i)     Amount                                _________________________________
    (ii)    Demand Draft No & Date                _________________________________
    (iii)   Name of the Bank                      _________________________________
    (iv)    Name                                  _________________________________
    (v)     Address                               _________________________________
    (vi)    Phone NO                              _________________________________
    Certified that
    I/we have gone through the terms and conditions of tender on the subject and shall abide by them and
    undertake to use the paper as per specifications given above.

                                                                       Signature of the Tenderer/Authorized
                                                                       person of the firm with seal.


November 5, 2012
November 5, 2012

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