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					                                                                                       U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                           N° 31– April 2006

         U.E.F. NEWSLETTER                                 6. THE PERIOD OF REFLECTION
                 N° 31                                      Plan D call for proposal
                                                            Public hearing of European Civil Society
                                                              at the EP’s Committee on Constitutional
   Member of the UEF Federal Committee                     7. PRESS REVIEW
                                                            Comment by Richard LAMING on the
2. FUTURE ACTIVITIES                                          Erasmus student exchange programme
   6th International Garda Seminar
                                                           8. NEWS OF THE FEDERALIST
   Open Doors Day at the European
    Institutions on 6 May
                                                            Intergroup meeting on 5 April 2006
   First Interparliamentary Forum
   UEF/JEF Annual Seminar “Our
                                                           10. PRESS RELEASE
    Generation in Europe”
                                                            “New budget, old problems”
   European Citizens’ Forum in Cologne
   Marienberg Talks on European Unity in                  11. PRESS REVIEW/PUBLICATIONS
    cooperation with UEF and JEF
                                                            What would a federal Europe look like?
   Second European Citizens’ Convention in
                                                            Publication in the honour of Fernand
   XXI European Congress of the UEF
   JEF-International Summer University in                 12. CALDENDAR OF ACTIVITIES
   Launch of a petition “For an Erasmus of
                                                           1.        FOREWORD BY FLORIAN RODEIT
                                                                      “CHE CASINO! REALLY?”
 Launch of Galaxy Europe
 JEF pan-European Public Action before                    Italians went to the ballots for two days, and
   the Belarus elections                                   the winner – if only by a very thin margin – is
 Europa-Haus Study trip to Portugal                       Romano Prodi. In a rather extraordinary
 JEF Europe Federal Committee                             breach of democratic traditions the outgoing
 European Movement International’s                        Prime Minister Berlusconi refuses to accept
   exhibition “MyEurope@home”                              the result.
 Presentation of the book to honour
   Fernand HERMAN “Europa Patria Mea”                      In France long protests (at times better
                                                           described as violent riots), mainly organized
4. NEWS FROM THE UEF BUREAU                                by student groups and unions but with a broad
 UEF Bureau Meeting in Turin                              support within the French society, ended in
                                                           embarrassing fashion for the current
5. NEWS FROM THE UEF                                       government, especially President Chirac.
 Welcome to our new Intern                                What’s the lesson to be learned from these
 Be a volunteer at the European Secretariat               two separate events? Some might say none at
   of the UEF!                                             all, because to them they would have only
                                                           proven two points: Italian politics are chaotic
                                                           and the 5th French Republic is unreformable.
                                 214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                 Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 1 of 16
                                                                                                 U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                     N° 31– April 2006

Regardless of whether these two points are                      Of course, all political experts say that
really factual or just folklore, I think there is a             nothing fundamental can happen before the
very valuable lesson to be learned for us.                      French elections, but Angela Merkel seems to
                                                                have a talent for succeeding exactly then,
In the EU of 2006 a blatant violation of                        when everybody expects failure from her. So,
democratic rules doesn’t necessarily cause                      watch out for the Chancellor’s speech in the
any major uproar among citizens. But a social                   Bundestag on May 11th, which is billed as a
reform - which is certainly far away from                       first outlook on her agenda for the German
interfering with human rights - has the power                   presidency. Will she give a hint that saving
to mobilize citizens in a very impressive                       the constitution is still her goal?
manner. This is a fact that European
federalists should acknowledge, whether we                      If she does, we should definitely do two
like its implications or not.                                   things: Use the UEF-Congress in Vienna to
                                                                come up with good practical ideas on how to
My hopes for a broad public debate on the                       save the constitution until the end of 2007 –
future of the European Constitution are at                      and – expect failure from the German
least fading at the moment. This summer and                     presidency.
on a larger scale, active citizenship will                      Enjoy this newsletter and get in tune for
amount to supporting one’s favourite team                       Vienna!
during the World Cup. We will not see a big
public debate on the future of Europe this                      PS: The new EU budget might have some
summer. It’s too abstract (especially without a                 negative consequences for one of the most
referendum at the end), it’s not facilitated by                 successful EU programs. Please read Richard
public figures and therefore no one should be                   Laming’s comment on the future of Erasmus
surprised when this summer everybody has an                     in this newsletter!
opinion on a red card for David Beckham but
only very few worry about the democratic                                                               Florian RODEIT
deficit in the EU.                                                             Chair PC 1 of the UEF Federal Committee

But as you can read in this newsletter it is not                               2. FUTURE ACTIVITIES
within a federalist’s nature to be demoralized
by such perspectives. Otherwise people all                             6th International Garda Seminar
across Europe wouldn’t set up so many                                  "UNITED STATES OF EUROPE
exciting Plan D activities or contribute to the                         IN A MULTI-SPEED UNION"
newest JEF-Europe project Galaxy Europe.                                 29 April –1st May 2006, Garda

On a final note I almost feel that the rather                   Organised by regional sections of Lombardy
slim hopes for a revival of the European                        of the Movimento Federalista Europeo (MFE)
Constitution in 2007 are not necessarily bad                    and Gioventù Federalista Europe (JEF-Italy),
news. If you pay good attention to some                         the Action Committee for a European Federal
media sources you become aware that at least                    State and the Mario and Valeria Albertini
in Germany the new government is actually                       Foundation this three-day seminar will focus
making use of the period of reflection. Maybe                   on the current European crisis and possible
not as publicly as we would like; but no one                    ways out of it.
could have expected that 25 governments start
a serious public debate all across Europe.                      The "GARDA SEMINAR 2006" will be held
                                                                in Desenzano del Garda, at the Garda Lake,
                                                                east of Milano (Italy), from Saturday April 29
                                                                to Monday May 1.
                                      214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                      Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                                  Page 2 of 16
                                                                                         U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                             N° 31– April 2006

                                                             of the European Council, in order to hear
The international weekend is open to                         parliamentarians, both national and European,
approximately        25-30     international                 the aim being to make comprehensive
participants. The working language of the                    recommendations to the European Council
seminar will be mostly English, but French                   about how the Union should proceed to find a
will be used by some speakers and can be                     way out of the crisis.
used in the debates.
                                                             The First Interparliamentary Forum on the
For more information, please click here:                     future of the Union will thus take place on the                  8-9 May in the European Parliament.
368                                                          Members of national parliaments of the EU,
or contact Paolo Vacca at                    including candidate countries and members of
                                                             the European Parliament will debate the
OPEN DOORS DAY IN THE EUROPEAN                               general outlook of the EU.
           6 May 2006                                        A website on the Joint Parliamentary meeting
                                                             on the future of Europe has been set up. It
This year’s Open Doors Day of the European                   provides documents on the general EU
Institutions is going to take place on Saturday              context as well as documents by countries on
6 May in Brussels. EU buildings are going to                 their national parliaments.
be open to the public and there will be stands
of European NGOs, the 25 members,                            To access the website, please click on the
numerous handcraft and tourism offices in                    following link:
Leopold Park and the area.                         
UEF is going to be present with a stand in the
Leopold Park behind the European
Parliament. The stand will be organised                               UEF/JEF Annual Seminar
together with the JEF.                                            “OUR GENERATION IN EUROPE –
                                                                     TODAY AND TOMORROW”
For any information, please contact the UEF                              Berlin, 12-14 May
Secretariat at or call
+32 2 508 30 30.                                             On 12-14 May, a youth conference will take
                                                             place in Berlin, organised by JEF Germany in
                                                             cooperation with the local section JEF-Berlin,
FIRST INTERPARLIAMENTARY FORUM                               Brandenburg and Europa-Union Deutschland,
       at the European Parliament                            the German branch of the UEF.
            8-9 May, Brussels
                                                             The Berlin Youth conference brings about
The Duff-Voggenhuber resolution adopted on                   100 youngsters from all over Europe together
the 19 January 2006, argued that public                      to discuss their dreams, their wishes and their
debates should be organised through a large                  demands for Europe. Its aim is to focus on the
number of “Citizens Forum” in the extension                  role of our generation in the future of Europe.
of the Reflection Period beyond the year
2005.                                                        The conference concentrates        on various
                                                             policy fields that concern young   people, like
The resolution proposed that the First                       employment, unemployment,           and EU
Interparliamentary Forum would take place in                 enlargement. This conference       provides a
spring 2006, in advance of the June meeting
                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 3 of 16
                                                                                         U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                             N° 31– April 2006

platform for the exchange of ideas and for                      Europa-Haus Marienberg in cooperation
networking.                                                        with UEF and JEF organises the
                                                                 Marienberg Talks on European Unity:
For further info, please click here:                                   “QUO VADIS EUROPA?” or contact                       9-11 June, Bad Marienberg, Germany
Silke Gebel at:
                                                             Europa-Haus Marienberg in cooperation with
      European Citizens’ Forum                               UEF and JEF organises the Marienberg Talks
“SHAPING MORE EUROPE TOGETHER:                               on European Unity “Quo vadis Europa?”.
         AND DISCUSSION”                                     All friends and partners to the institution are
      20 May, Cologne, Germany                               invited to take part to this two-day long
                                                             seminar. This year the seminar will be on the
Europa-Union Deutschland (EUD), together                     following main issues: Europe of citizens, the
with its local section in Cologne, the                       Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
International Centre of European Training                    and the enlargement of the European Union.
(CIFE) and the UEF supranational is
organising the first “European Citizens’                     For more information, please click here:
Forum” on 20 May in Cologne. Entitled              
“Shaping more Europe together: For more                      or contact
Democracy, Dialogue and Discussion”, the                     Registrations are open until 10 May.
forum aims at involving the citizens’ of the
Cologne area in the discussion about
European processes.                                          UEF & JEF-Austria, UEF supranational:
                                                                SECOND EUROPEAN CITIZENS’
Dr. Jürgen RÜTTGERS, President of the                                   CONVENTION
German Region of Nordrhein-Westphalia, has                          29-30 June 2006, Vienna
been invited to give the opening speech.
Elmar BROK, President of the EUD, Mr.
Frischenschlager (Secretary-General of the
UEF) as well as a representative of the
European Commission’s Directorate-General
for Communication will discuss the need of a
transparent and democratic Europe in the
frame of a panel discussion.                                 After the success of the First European
                                                             Citizens’ Convention, which was held in
The Citizens’ Forum will take place between                  Genoa on 3-4 December 2005, the UEF has
11.00 and 13.30 in Cologne-Deutz. To see the                 decided to continue with the organisation of
programme, please click on the following                     what is going to become a series of
link:                                                        conventions.

For more information, please contact the                     The Second European Citizens’ Convention
European Secretariat at                                      will take place on 29-30 June in Vienna and, Tel: +32 2 508 30 30                 will be organised jointly by UEF Austria,
                                                             JEF-Austria and UEF supranational.
or the Europa Union in Berlin at

                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 4 of 16
                                                                                        U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                            N° 31– April 2006

The Convention will precede the XXI. UEF                     For all questions concerning your travel
European Congress, which will be held on 30                  arrangements, accommodation or your stay
June -2 July, also in the Austrian capital.                  in Vienna, please also contact Anne FAVRE
                                                             in Vienna.
The Vienna Convention will gather several
hundred of people from all over Europe.                      For questions regarding reimbursement of
Members of the European Parliament and of                    travel costs, please contact the European
national Parliaments, representatives of Civil               Secretariat of the UEF in Brussels:
Society and the general public will convene to               214 D Chaussée de Wavre
discuss the current situation of Europe and the              1050 Brussels, BELGIUM
challenges of the future.                                    Tel: +32 2 508 30 30
The Second European Citizens’ Convention is
a response of the UEF to various policy
papers published by the European institutions                         XXI. EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF
in the months following the launch of the                                        THE UEF
Period of Reflection in the late summer of last                            30 June- 2 July, Vienna
year. Following the European Commission’s
Plan D on Dialogue, Debate and Democracy                     The Congress is the sovereign body and
and its White Paper on a European                            general assembly of the UEF. It meets every
Communication Policy, the Convention takes                   two years and consists of delegates of the
on particular importance.                                    UEF constituent organisations. It determines
                                                             the policy of UEF, elects the UEF President,
It will give federalists an opportunity to                   modifies provisions of the Statutes and elects
discuss critical points of Europe’s future in                half of the Federal Committee members.
various policy fields and to make their voice
heard in Europe. A fruitful discussion is to be              Some 200 participants, delegates, guests and
expected between friends of the federalist                   observers from about 20 European countries
movement but also with people coming from                    will discuss crucial European policies issues.
other political groups and convictions.
                                                             Information and announcements regarding the
For more information, the programme,                         XXI. European Congress of the UEF are
registration   form    and     for    further                available on UEF’s website at
developments and announcements regarding           
the Second Citizens’ Convention, please visit                183
the UEF website at:                  Here you will find practical information such
125                                                          as hotel and travel recommendations as well
                                                             as the programme and the registration forms.
To register, please fill out the registration
form that is on our website and send it to:                  Unfortunately, the UEF kindly asks you to
JEF/UEF in Vienna                                            take care of your hotel booking yourself.
Lassingleithnerplatz 2/3                                     However, a list of recommended hotels is
A-1020 Vienna                                                available and our friends in Vienna will be
Tel: +43 5 9950                                              able to assist you.
Email: or

                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                            Page 5 of 16
                                                                                          U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                              N° 31– April 2006

The official invitations to members and                       Frontiers, Economics and Youth. Apart from
delegates will be sent out next week. But                     lectures, the participants will have the chance
anyone is welcome to attend!                                  to actively debate the issues in workshops,
                                                              panel discussions and simulation games.
For questions concerning the programme,                       For further information, see
voting rights etc, please contact the European
Secretariat of the UEF in Brussels:
214 D Chaussée de Wavre                                         The European Movement France and the
1050 Brussels, BELGIUM                                         Young Europeans-France launch a petition
Tel: +32 2 508 30 30                                                 for a European Civil service:
Email:                                  “FOR AN ERASMUS OF SOLIDARITY!”

For all questions concerning your travel                      The European Movement France, in
arrangements, accommodation or your stay                      collaboration with the Young Europeans-
in Vienna, please contact the Vienna office:                  France, launches a petition for the creation of
Anne FAVRE                                                    a European Civil Service and asks national
Lassingleithnerplatz 2/3                                      and European to adopt a European Civil
A-1020 Vienna                                                 service that complements the already existing
Tel: +43 5 9950                                               university and professional exchanges.
Email: or
                                                              This service, in a team of young volunteers of
                                                              different origins and competences, would
   JEF-International Summer University                        offer to every young European the
        “BRAVE NEW EUROPE:                                    opportunity to live a unique European
         BREAKING A HABIT”                                    experience for six to twelve months involving
      2-15 July, Ljubljana, Slovenia                          a service within the territory of the European
The International Summer University is
organised by the Young European Federalists                   The project may be a cultural action or the
Slovenia in cooperation with the faculty of                   protection of a heritage, the protection of the
Social Sciences and Association for Political                 environment, a civil protection, or a social
Science Students POLITUSS.                                    action.
The Summer University organises a two-week                    This service will offer the exceptional
long advanced summer course on European                       opportunity, of giving a more visible and
Affairs. In the past years some major issues                  more concrete interpretation of the European
marked the political landscape of Europe.                     citizenship, of meeting other young
With constitutional deadlock and the next                     Europeans, of engaging in a formative
financial perspective up in the air, habits need              project, showing solidarity, and of living a
to be broken and new ideas flown into the                     valorising and acknowledged experience.
minds and hearts of European leaders.
                                                              All other members of the international
Brave New Europe offers an interactive                        European Movement are invited to launch
course on a wide range of topics concerning                   such a petition in their country.
mainly the EU. The summer school is
composed of several modules: History,                         Sign online
Institutions, Security Issues and External
Affairs, Current Political Issues, Law, EU
                                    214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                    Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 6 of 16
                                                                                            U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                N° 31– April 2006

           3. PAST ACTIVITIES

The New project from the Young European
           Federalists (JEF)
                                                             Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert –   ALDE Alexander
The Young European Federalists (JEF) have                                                   Alvaro – ALDE
launched a project Called Galaxy Europe
which aims at increasing the visibility of the               The next candidates are Jamila Madeira
Members of the European parliament (MEPs)                    (PSE), Andreas Schwab (EPP-ED), Edith
and inform the young Europeans between 15                    Mastenbroek (PSE), Anja Weisgerber and
and 28 years about the work of the European                  Raul Romeva (Green).
Parliament in an informal and amusing
format.                                                      For more information visit www.galaxy-
                                                    or contact Anne-Christine Roisin
The goals of the project is to inform young                  at Tel: +32 (0)2
people about the role of the EP and other                    512 00 53; Fax: +32 626 95 01
European institutions and involve them in the
European project; to promote the work of the
European Parliament and enhance the                           GIVE A VOICE TO THE CITIZENS OF
visibility of young MEPs; and give the young                              BELARUS!
MEPs the room to share their opinions on the                 JEF pan-European Public action before the
general and daily political issues of the                             Belarusian elections
European Union with a larger young                                        15-16 March
                                                                                       In 23 cities all over
During the last four weeks, Young Members                                              Europe,       Young
of the European parliament (MEPs) have                                                 European Federalists
presented themselves and answered questions                                            took the streets
on European and international issues. More                                             during the night of
than 20.000 young Europeans have visited the                                           the 15 to the 16
Galaxy Europe website (www.galaxy-                                                     March in a well, commented on the MEP’s                                                    coordinated action to
answers and voted for their favourite one each                                         show their support
week.                                                                                  to the Belarus civil
                                                                                       society and the
The current MEP elected during the four first                opposition movement. Statues in small and
weeks for the final round are:                               big cities throughout the continent were
                                                             successfully gagged and signs stating “Give
                                                             voice to the citizens of Belarus” were hanged
                                                             around them.

                                                             Across Europe the media made extensive
                                                             coverage of the JEF action. With its massive
Holger Krahmer – ALDE     Matthias Groote – PSE              backup from Edinburgh to Skopje, JEFers,
                                                             Belarusian resistance movements, other
                                                             NGOs and youth across Europe, it was able to
                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                                Page 7 of 16
                                                                                        U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                            N° 31– April 2006

give a strong message in support of                          18-30 March, and the second from 4-16
democracy in Belarus.                                        March 2007.
                                                             For more information, please click on the
This support of youth from all over Europe                   following link:
was shown to the people inside Belarus
trough coverage in Belarusian internet-based
opposition-friendly media and through a                        JEF EUROPE FEDERAL COMMITTEE
Russian translated interview with JEF Vice                            24-26 March, Helsinki
President Åsa Gunvén, which was
broadcasted on low frequency radio inside of                 From 24- 26 of March, JEF Europe’s Federal
Belarus on the day of the elections.                         Committee took place in Helsinki. During the
                                                             whole weekend about 60 JEF representatives
JEF’s message to the European political                      from all over Europe discussed JEF policy,
leaders was clear: “We will not tolerate what                elected the new Secretary General Vassilis
is going on in Belarus and we urge you to put                STAMOGIANNIS and launched the new JEF
pressure on the Belarusian and Russian                       Europe project called Galaxy Europe.
authorities to change the situation!”.
                                                             Vassilis has a diploma in Russian economy
For more information, please click on the                    and culture and he is currently doing a master
following link:                                              in European Studies in Louvain, in Belgium.
http://www.jef-                                              He gained thorough work experience at the                           Info Point Europe and Youth Centre in
                                                             Komotini, Greece. Since February 2004 he
                                                             has held the position of JEF Greece President.
  organised by Europa-Union Nordrhein-                       For more information, please click on the
                Westfalen                                    following link:
               19-31 March                                   http://www.jef-
The regional section of the Europa-Union in
Nordrhein-Westphalia regularly organises
study trips to different European cities.                           European Movement International
                                                                         organises an exhibition
The study trip to Portugal which took place in                          “MYEUROPE@HOME”
March was a success. The Europa-Union                                  20 April- 31 May, Brussels
group has been welcomed at the Lisbon’s
guildhall by the Vice-Mayor. The group was                   The European Movement International
then also welcomed at the Parliament, in the                 organises an exhibition of the art work
Goethe House and in the German Embassy.                      collected       during       the       project
The President of UEF Portugal, Professor                     “MyEurope@home”. The opening night of
David PINA gave a speech welcoming the                       the exhibition took place on the 19th of April
Europa-Union group. Pictures of the trip are                 with about 100 invited guests.
available on the web site www.europa- .                                                  Pat COX, President of the EMI and former
                                                             President of the European Parliament, spoke
Given the huge success of these study trips, it              to the invitees about the European Visions
has been decided that there would be two in                  competition and congratulated the two
2007. The first one will take place from the                 winners.

                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                            Page 8 of 16
                                                                                            U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                N° 31– April 2006

Henrik H. KRÖNER, General Secretary of                       Opening speeches were made by Wilfried
the EMI, Charles Ferdinand NOTHOMB,                          MARTENS, President of the PPE, Marianne
Vice President of the EMI, and Leon                          THYSSEN, Vice-President of the PPE group
BAKRACESKI also gave speeches.                               at the EP, Nicolas ESTGEN, President of the
                                                             Foundation      Pégase  and      Friedhelm
The project targeted young Europeans aged                    FRISCHENSCHLAGER, Secretary General
17 to 25, coming from all over Europe. The                   of the UEF.
aim was to gather the different visions and
opinions young people have on European                       Jean-Louis BOURLANGES, MPE gave a
identity and the enlargement. The idea was to                presentation of the publication “Europa Patria
express their doubts, fears and hopes linked to              Mea” collecting Fernand HERMAN’s
both themes.                                                 writings, and described his contribution to the
                                                             European construction.
In the European Visions Art Competition,
competitors were invited “using any type of                  A round table followed. The public figures
graphic expression” to represent “what the                   present were: Jean-Luc DEHAENE, MPE,
European     enlargement    and    European                  Gérard DEPREZ, MPE, Jens-Peter BONDE,
citizenship” meant to them. Their entries                    MPE, Enrique BARON CRESPO, MPE, Jo
could be photos, comics or paintings. All the                LEINEN, MPE, Mario MONTI, former
works had to be submitted via the website                    European Commissioner and Karel VAN
myeurope@home.                                               MIERT,       also    former      European
The exhibition is taking place in Halles St
Géry, 1000 Brussels in the heart of Brussels
and runs from now on until the 31st of May
2006. You can also view the works on the

For more information, please go to
http://www.european- or on                                       From left to right: Franklin Dehousse, Mario Monti,
                                                             jeanlLuc Dehaene, Jens-Peter Bonde
Or contact

    in the honour of Fernand HERMAN
     and presentation of the publication
              25 April, Brussels

The laudation honouring Fernand HERMAN                       From left to right: Wilfried Martens, Nicolas Estgen,
and the presentation of a publication                        Friedhelm Frischenschlager, Marianne Thyssen.
presenting his works and articles took place
the 25 April at the European Parliament. It                  Fernand HERMAN was a very precious
was co-organised by the Foundation Pegase,                   friend of the federalist movement. About 100
Foundation Schuman, UEF-Groupe Europe,                       articles of the nearly 600 he contributed to the
the European Investment Bank and                             newspaper “Le Courrier de la Bourse” in
Foundation Paul-Henri Spaak.
                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                                 Page 9 of 16
                                                                                          U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                              N° 31– April 2006

spring 2005 are published in this book, which                 Movement, JEF and several more (see section
now is available at the Foundation Pegase.                    6 of this Newsletter).

These articles are mainly dealing with                        Since for security regulations it was difficult
European Policy and key stages of the                         to make a public action on demonstration
European construction, crucial events of the                  inside but also outside the EP at the occasion
word’s news, social and economic issues,                      of the First Parliamentary Form in the EP on
agriculture and environment, and more                         8-9 May (see section 2 of this Newsletter), the
general issues.                                               Bureau decided that Mercedes BRESSO will
                                                              make an appointment with Josep BORRELL
                                                              and handover a federalist manifesto, together
                                                              with Jo LEINEN (MEP and former President
                                                              of         the        UEF),         Friedhelm
                                                              FRISCHENSCHLAGER (Secretary-General
                                                              of the UEF) and Jan SEIFERT (Assistant to a
                                                              German MEP and President of JEF).

                                                              It was decided to join the Europa-Union
                                                              Deutschland in the organisation of the first
For more information on the book, please call
                                                              European Citizens’ Forum which will be held
these numbers + 32(0)2 284 23 65 / 284 34 36
                                                              in Cologne on 20 May (see section 2 of this
                                                              Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER proposed
                                                              to invite all Secretary-Generals of the UEF’s
         UEF BUREAU MEETING                                   constituent organisation, so that the working-
              1 April, Turin
                                                              level of the UEF sections get to know each
                                                              other better and to report on their activities.
The last meeting of the UEF Bureau took
                                                              The Bureau supported this idea. The meeting
place on Saturday 1 April in Turin.
                                                              will also take place in cologne on 20 May,
                                                              directly after the European Citizens’ Forum.
The meeting focussed on the program of the
Second European Citizens’ Convention and
the XXI UEF European Congress (see section                     5. NEWS FROM THE UEF SECRETARIAT
2 of this Newsletter). Furthermore, political as
well as organisational aspects of a possible                  THE UEF SECRETERIAT HOSTS A NEW
Third European Citizens’ Convention in                             INTERN FOR ONE MONTH
France at the end of the year were discussed.
                                                              Since the beginning of April, another Intern
Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER presented                          has joined the UEF team in the European
the activities of the past months and outlined                Secretariat in Brussels for a month-long
his recommendation for the future. The                        internship to help prepare the Second
Bureau members agreed that the UEF should                     European Citizens' Convention and the XXI.
remain actively involved in Plan D activities                 UEF Congress in Vienna.
and reply to the Commission’s call for
proposals together with other pan- and pro-                   Anne FAVRE, born in Lyon, studied German
European organisations, such as the European                  and English at the University Lyon III. She is
                                                              fluent in French, English and German. After
                                                              her stay in Brussels, she is going to continue
                                    214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                    Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 10 of 16
                                                                                          U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                              N° 31– April 2006

her internship with the Austrian Federalists in              If you are interested in becoming a volunteer
Vienna.                                                      at U.E.F., send us your CV and a letter of
                                                             motivation (both in English).
      SECRETARIAT OF UEF!                                    Please do not forget to mention when you
       For 6 – 12 months starting                            could begin, for how long you would like to
        October/November 2006                                be a volunteer and who your sending
                                                             organisation is.
The UEF European Secretariat is currently
looking for a volunteer participating in the                 Please send your application before 5 May to:
European Voluntary Service (EVS) project.                    Ms. Hanneli EBDING
                                                             Chaussée de Wavre 214 D,
The volunteer will work in close cooperation                 B-1050 Brussels , Tel: +32 (0) 2 508 30 30,
with the Secretary-General and the Director of               Fax: +32 (0) 2 626 95 01
U.E.F. in Brussels. Her/His work at the                      Email:,
Secretariat will mostly be project-based, such
as the organisation of special events and
activities, but she/he will also be involved in                     6. THE PERIOD OF REFLECTION
the drafting of the UEF Newsletter, and take
care of the UEF website, updating                                   PLAN D CALL FOR POPOSALS!
information and writing articles. Furthermore,
she/he will support the daily administrative                 As announced in the previous edition of the
tasks of the Secretariat.                                    UEF Newsletter, the European Commissions
                                                             Directorate-General for Communication, led
 Through her/his work at the U.E.F., the                     by Vice-President Margot WALLSTRÖM,
volunteer will be able to gain valuable insight              finally launched a call for proposals.
into the functioning of a NGO with member
organisations all over Europe and be in close                The grant was available to organisations and
contact with the European Parliament.                        bodies that provide information on the EU to
                                                             European Citizens. Several hurdles made the
Our ideal candidate would be someone with a                  application rather difficult: organisations were
good level of English (written and spoken),                  asked to apply for either a) a minimum of
good communication skills. She/he should be                  €250 000 for projects involving the candidate
able to work in an organised and flexible                    organisation and a minimum of four other
manner, be a good team player and interested                 partner organisations (each established in an
in issues related to European integration.                   different EU Member State), or b) a minimum
She/he will be between 19 and 25 years old                   of €600 000 for projects involving the
and a national of one of the EU’s member                     candidate organisation and a minimum of
states or of the candidate countries.                        seven partner organisations. In both cases
                                                             30% of the overall budget had to be co-
Participation in the EVS project requires                    financed by the applicants.
candidates to find a ‘sending organisation’ in
their country recommending the volunteer to                  For Non-profit organisations such as the UEF
the host organisation.                                       it is rather difficult to raise such an amount in
                                                             the three weeks given for the submission of
The volunteer will receive a monthly                         projects. Therefore, the UEF decided to
allowance covering basic expenses, such as                   become partner of the European Movement
lodging and food.                                            International which co-ordinated the project.
                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                              Page 11 of 16
                                                                                          U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                              N° 31– April 2006

Together with other organisations such as                     organisations (such as the UEF, JEF and
JEF, Euractiv, and several foundations,                       others) could be invited to present their views.
almost all member states could be involved.
Several UEF sections, such as Austria,                        During the three hour long meeting, the
Germany,      Czech    Republic,    Greece,                   representative of the above mentioned
Luxembourg, Portugal and the UK have                          organisations as well as Members of the
submitted projects.                                           Committee, such as Andrew DUFF, Richard
                                                              CORBETT and many more, presented their
Should the application be successful,    Plan D               views on which steps lay ahead and how one
projects will run in many cities and     regions              should deal with the current paralysis of the
throughout Europe, between this and      at least             constitutional process.
until next summer. Let’s keep our        fingers
crossed!                                                      Whereas       some     pledged     for     the
                                                              implementation of renewed referenda on the
   PUBLIC HEARING OF EUROPEAN                                 current constitution, others stated the
   CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS                                constitution could not be put before a
            Organised by the                                  referendum again as it has been voted against
         European Parliament’s                                already. Several participants stated the
    Committee for Constitutional Affairs                      constitution should be put before a
         Brussels, 24 April 2006                              referendum at the occasion of the next
                                                              elections to the European Parliament in 2009.
In its resolution of 19 January 2006 on the
period of reflection, the European Parliament                 A lively debate began between the
proposed to use this period for a broad public                representatives of the Euro-sceptic TEAM
debate about the future of European                           and ATTAC on one side and various
integration.                                                  members of the plenary on the other. The
                                                              former both stated that their organisation were
As a contribution to this dialogue the                        not euro-sceptic because of a general anti-
European Parliament’s Committee on                            European and nationalist attitude but because
Constitutional Affairs invited representatives                the current Union was lacking democracy and
European platforms and several organisations                  transparency. However, most participants of
of the civil society to express their views on                the Forum vividely argued for more Europe
the priority questions raised in the mentioned                and that it was exactly for reasons of
resolution.                                                   democracy and transparency that one should
                                                              talk more about Europe, and not less.
The European Movement, Democracy
International, the Permanent Forum of                         As Henrik KRÖNER said, the current Period
European Civil Society, Attac as well as the                  of Reflection may be considered a Period of
European      Alliance      for    Euro-critical              silence as far as the official debate of the
Movements (TEAM) were the platforms                           government-levels is concerned, but the inner
invited to present their views on the questions               circle is discussion with passion.
concerning the goal of European integration
and the role Europe should have in the world.                 The views on the road ahead may differ, but
                                                              all in all the pro-European arguments remain
Jo LEINEN, chairman of the Committee on                       strong and we all have to join forces for them
Constitutional Affairs, apologised that due to                to dominate the debate.
the limited time frame not all networks and

                                    214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                    Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 12 of 16
                                                                                         U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                             N° 31– April 2006

             7. PRESS REVIEW                                 There is a decent criticism of the EU that it is
                                                             not doing enough to spread the benefits of
  Comment by Richard LAMING, Director of                     European integration throughout the whole of
              Federal Union:                                 society. I share it. But the way to deal with it
    “IN DEFENCE OF THE ERASMUS                               is to reform the EU, not reject it.
                                                             The Erasmus student exchange programme is
                  Published by the EUOBSERVER                a perfect example of this. Not only does it
                     Richard LAMING, 27 March
                                                             benefit the hundreds of thousands of students,
In the wake of last December’s rather                        living and studying in another country for a
unsatisfactory deal on the EU budget, it is not              year, but also it benefits the universities and
surprising that the Erasmus student                          towns that host them. The vice-chancellor of
programme is being eyed up for cuts. This                    one English university said to me that the
temptation should be resisted.                               atmosphere on campus had changed and
                                                             improved immeasurably as a result of the
Latest figures announced on the 16 March                     influx of students from abroad. Education is
reveal that the scheme is now more popular                   supposed to broaden the mind: even those
than ever. Student participation rose by 6 per               who don’t choose to go abroad find Europe
cent last year and that of teachers by 13 per                coming to their own and lecture theatre
cent. This is a practical example of European                instead.
cooperation that is an astounding success.                   Back at my old university, the rules have
                                                             finally changed and it is part of the Erasmus
I have a soft spot for the Erasmus scheme, as                scheme, too. The number of students from
it was the subject of one of the first pro-                  elsewhere in Europe has soared to the benefit
European campaigns I was involved in. The                    of all.
university I was studying at had declined to
take part, and so the student union protested.               Helping the next generation discover the
                                                             character and diversity of their continent and
There already were bilateral links with                      fulfil their own potential within it is exactly
universities in other European countries, we                 the kind of long-term investment in its own
were told, so that this new scheme was not                   future that the EU should be making. Let’s
necessary. But the whole point of Erasmus                    hope that Erasmus scheme can survive to the
was to expand opportunities. It would open                   cuts.
the way for student exchanges that had not
existed before, and importantly it would                            8. NEWS FROM THE FEDERALIST
increase the number of students that could                                    INTERGROUP
take part. The old system was fine for the
privileged few for whom it had been                                 REPORT ON THE INTERGROUP
designed: the new system would benefit many                           MEETING ON 5 APRIL 2006
                                                             The Federalist Intergoup within the EP met in
And isn’t that the point of the EU as a whole?               Strasbourg on 5 April. It gathered 11 PEPs:
The advantages it offers should be open to                   Jean-Marie BEAUPUY (AKDE, F), Maria
everyone, rather than the traditional elite. I               ESTEVES        (PPE-DE,      P),     Emanuel
have lost count of the number of Eurosceptics                FERNANDES (PSE, P), Jules MAATEN
rejecting the description “anti-European”                    (ALDE, NL), Gérard ONESTA (Verts/ALE,
because they personally spend every summer                   F), Alojz PETERLE (PPE-DE, SLO), Vittorio
in a delightful villa in Tuscany.                            PRODI (ALDE, I), Toomas SAVI (ALDE,
                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                   Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                             Page 13 of 16
                                                                                               U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                   N° 31– April 2006

EE),       Johannes      VOGGENHUBER                         the constitutional treaty which could give a
(Verts/ALE, A), as well as the EP Observes                   new chance to French and Dutch approvals;
Alexander ABADJIEV (PSE, BG) and Georgi
BLIZNASHKI (PSE, BG). The President                          As already explained to the press, it was
Guido MONTANI and Vice-President of                          suggested to send a clear message not only to
MFE Domenico MORO were present as                            the Council but also to the public opinion.
observers.                                                   The Forum should give citizens new hope in
                                                             the European project;
The agenda dealt with the preparation of the
(inter-)Parliamentary Forum to take place in                 The Forum should present ambitious
Brussels on 8-9 May 2006. Unfortunately, the                 conclusions and dynamics to the European
two main groups in the EP, the EPP-DE and                    Council to meet in June 2006. The request for
PSE, have not formally appointed their                       a parliamentarisation of the process of the
delegates yet, which partly explains the rather              future European political integration should
low attendances of MEPs at this meeting.                     be part of the message;

      Agenda and organisation of the                         The top priority expectations of the Forum
          Parliamentary Forum                                should be a strong request for further Forums.
                                                             The Austrian Presidency should include this
The forum will start on 8 May with meetings                  point in its conclusions at the June summit
of the political groups. In the afternoon, the               and the upcoming Finnish presidency should
plenary session will be opened by welcome                    plan a second Forum in autumn 2006.
speeches of the Presidents of the EP and the
Parliament of Austria (EU presidency in                      At last, the Intergoup envisaged the
office). Delegates of Parliament will be                     possibility if a public and media oriented
placed according to alphabetic order. Then,                  action around the opening of the Forum on
they will split into 4 working groups: Europe                the 8 May.
in the world – Globalisation: the economic
and social model – Freedom, Security,                                                              Bruno BOISSIERE,
Security and Justice – Finances of the EU.                         Secretary of the Federalist Intergoup within the EP

    Comments and expectations of the                         To read the complete version of the report in
             Intergroup                                      French, please click on the following link:
The EP secretariat will draft Fact Sheets? The               373
federalist Intergroup would prefer these EP
contributions to become European Papers;                                        9. PRESS RELEASES

The Intergroup criticised the fact that too                       “NEW BUDGET, OLD PROBLEMS”
much time will be dedicated to the speeches
of some Presidents (Mr. Schüssel and Mr.                                                                  JEF-Europe
Barroso);                                                                                     Brussels, 05 April 2006

Some members of the Intergroup regretted                     Last night the negotiators of the European
that the EP only got one rapporteur from a                   Parliament, Council and Commission finally
working group. The working groups should,                    came to a conclusion over the Financial
as much as possible, propose amendments to                   Perspectives for 2007-2013. With an increase
                                                             of around 4 billion Euro of December’s

                                   214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
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                                                                                             U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                 N° 31– April 2006

Council agreement, the Union is now facing                    form of EU-taxes. The central issue in that
the future.                                                   respect is to take up the Council on its own
                                                              declaration of December 2005 and come to a
“The final compromise on the Financial                        serious revision of revenue and expenditure in
Perspectives is a mockery of the EU’s self-                   2009, so as to allow the next Parliament and
declared ambitions” comments Jan Seifert,                     Commission to vote on a reformed budgetary
president of JEF-Europe in a first reaction. “A               framework once in office.
serious underpinning of the renewed Lisbon
Strategy with a focus on investing in people                  For more information, please go to
would require a completely different budget                                          Or contact
than that presented. Still the Union spends
more money on its farmers than on                                  11. PRESS REVIEW/PUBLICATIONS
developing human potentials. But the
prevalence of national egoisms prevents the                     “WHAT WOULD A FEDERAL EUROPE
Union as a whole to move forward. The                                   LOOK LIKE?”
nitpickers in the national ministries of finance
keep their eyes on the tight GNI-% or national                A young author is trying to give an answer to
flagship-projects financed with EU money.”                    the question: “What Would a Federal Europe
                                                              Look Like?” to the young audience.
“The 4 billion top-up of the awful Council
proposal is a last-minute fix to prevent the                  Florina-Laura NECULAI explains what
worst. The EU can possibly live with this                     federalism is all about with a very practical
budget, but it will not prosper. The global                   approach: the fictional interviews, conducted
challenges of the Union as much as the                        by a young team of a reporter and a
growing disconnection of the politicians and                  cameraman working for the European
citizens in Europe are still not adequately                   Television for Youth, reveal that European
addressed with the prevalence of the old                      federalism has deep roots in history and
budget structure.” comments Jan Seifert.                      describe its evolution in time.

“Only thanks to the Parliament’s insistence an                The book gives precise examples of European
actual decrease of funding for the youth and                  policies such as education, employment,
culture programmes has been prevented. We                     health and consumer protection, and tries to
also welcome the increase of Erasmus places,                  explain what would change if Europe were a
but remind governments of JEF’s claim that                    federal state; and it also shows the strengths a
every European should be given the                            federal European Union would have on the
opportunity to spend 6-12 months of his                       international scene.
education, be it in university or training, in
another European country.”                                    The book is available in 13 languages! To
                                                              view the book in PDF-Format please click
“The negotiations over the last three                         here:
presidencies have shown that the real problem
with the Financial Perspectives is a more                                   Fernand Herman Book
fundamental one. As long as the EU’s                                      “EUROPA PATRIA MEA ”
resources originate by about 75% in national
budgets, it is only natural that national                     A group of associations has written a
finance ministers follow the juste-retour                     publication to honour Fernand HERMAN, a
logic. Therefore, JEF demands the                             valuable friend of the federalist movement
introduction of real own resources, e.g. in the               who passed away on 4 April 2005.

                                    214 D Chaussée de Wavre, B-1050 Brussels
                                    Tel. +32 2 508 30 30, Fax. +32 2 626 95 01                                 Page 15 of 16
                                                                                          U.E.F. NEWSLETTER
                                                                                              N° 31– April 2006

About 100 articles of the 600 he contributed                        The UEF Newsletter is a free monthly
to the newspaper "Le Courrier de la Bourse et                         service prepared by the European
de la Banque" in spring 2005 are published in                        Secretariat of the Union of European
this book, which is now available at the                             Federalists (UEF) with the financial
Fondation Pegase.                                                 support but not representing the opinions
                                                                        of the European Commission.
The book allows to discover an unknown side                       Editor: Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER
of Fernand HERMAN’s talent, to remind                                 Newsletter Team: Hanneli EBDING,
important events and to better understand the                                 Kristina LECLOUX
European construction.                                              Contributions: Hanneli EBDING, Anne
For more information in French and to order                           FAVRE, Richard LAMING, Kristina
this book, please click here:                                       LECLOUX, Florian RODEIT and Anne-                                 Christine ROISIN,


   29 April– 1 May: 6th International Garda
   6 May: Open Doors Day in the European
   8-9 May: Interparliamentary Forum on
    the future of the Union
   12-14 May: UEF-JEF annual seminar in
   20 May: European Citizens’ Forum
    “Shaping more Europe together, for more
    Democracy, Dialogue, and Discussion”;
    Cologne, Germany.
   9-11 June: Europa-Haus Marienberg,
    Germany: “Quo vadis Europa?;
   29-30 June: The Second European
    Citizens’ Convention; Vienna, Austria.
   30 June- 2 July: XXI UEF Congress;
    Vienna, Austria.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case
you might have any questions, comments
or critiques concerning the UEF
Newsletter! We would be happy to hear
them in order to improve it!

Please also think about sending us news
from your organisations, of which you
think that they could be of interest to other
federalists in Europe!

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