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                                  Programme of the 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                                     12.-13. May 2006 TARTU, J. Liivi str 2, ESTONIA
   Friday, 12th of May

   Registration and welcome coffee 9.30 - 10.30

   Plenary session 1, 10.30 - 12.30, room 111, Head of Session: Madis Lepik

    10.30 – 11.00 Opening of the Conference
                  Greetings from prof Mati Kilp (Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Tartu)
    11.00 – 11.30 Algirdas Ažubalis
                  The contribution of lecturers of Lithuanian higher schools to didactics of school mathematics (in the years 1945-1990)
    11.30 – 12.00 Erkki Pehkonen
                  New understanding on teacher change
    12.00 – 12.30 Barbro Grevholm, Veslemøy Johnsen, Claire Berg
                  Student teachers’ participation in a research project in mathematics education

   Coffee break 12.30 - 13.00

   Plenary session 2, 13.00 -15.00, room 111, Head of Session: Agnis Andžāns

    13.00 – 13.40 Valentina Dagienė
                  Mathematics and informatics education in schools: evolution and perspectives
    13.40 – 14.20 Ilze France, Evija Slokenberga
                  Development and introduction of the new content of mathematics in secondary schools of Latvia
    14.20 – 15.00 Jüri Afanasjev, Tiit Lepmann
                  The development of Estonian national school mathematics curriculum in 1990 – 2005

Lunch time 15.00 – 16.30

 Parallel sessions 16.30 - 18.10

  Time              Room 207 (university mathematics)        Room 224 (school mathematics)                Room 405 (university mathematics)
                    Head of Session: Elts Abel               Head of Session: Jüri Afanasjev              Head of Session: Hannes Jukk
  16.30-16.50       Juozas Mačys                             Markku S. Hannula, Erkki Pehkonen,           Benita Judrupa, Ojārs Judrups
                    Новое доказательство леммы Эйлера        Hanna Maijala, Riitta Soro                   Когнитивные модули в математике вуза
                                                             Students’ understanding on infinity
  16.50-17.10       Andrejs Cibulis                          Tapio Keranto                                Aija Kukuka
                    Elementary methods for solving of        On the understanding of the core ideas of    Cooperative learning of mathematics at non-
                    problems of extrema: from basic          self-similar fractals among high school      mathematics specialities
                    notions and simple exercises to master   students and teacher candidates in
                    course                                   mathematics
  17.10-17.30       Svetlana Asmuss, Natalja Budkina         Kirsti Kislenko                              Dzintra Damberga
                    On the notion of convexity in            Students’ attitudes towards mathematics:     The System of Individual Home Assignments in
                    mathematics courses                      a study that includes two countries –        the Course on Mathematical Analysis for the
                                                             Estonia and Norway                           Students of the Bachelor Study Programme in
  17.30-17.50       Aleksander Monakov                       Anu Palu, Eve Kikas                          Anna Vintere, Sarmīte Čerņajeva, Ilze Jēgere
                    Treatment of conception of limit         Primary school teachers' beliefs about the   The management of educational processes of
                                                             purposes and methods of teaching             mathematics
  17.50-18.10                                                Aira Kumerdanka, Jānis Mencis                Ростислав Копытов, Владимир Лабеев
                                                             Why don´t the Latvians have the              Согласованность при разработке учебных
                                                             Estonian salaries and the Lithuanian         программ
                                                             school accreditations systems?

Conference dinner on 19.30

Saturday, 13th of May

Plenary session 3, 10.00 - 12.00, Room 111, Head of Session, Ričardas Kudžma

  10.00 – 10.30         Agnis Andžāns
                        The LIIS database in mathematics
  10.30 – 10.55         Eugenijus Stankus
                        On the problems of mathematics teaching for philosopher. O проблемах преподавания математики философам
  10.55 – 11.20         Jānis Mencis, Visvaldis Neimanis
                        Understanding Mathematics in the Professional Study Programme „Teacher of Mathematics for Secondary School”
  11.20 – 11.45         Rein Prank, Marina Issakova, Dmitri Lepp, Vahur Vaiksaar, Eno Tõnisson
                        Problem solving environment T-algebra
  11.45 - 12.00         Barbro Grevholm
                        The Nordic Graduate school in mathematics Education – a resource for the Nordic and the Baltic countries

 Coffee break 12.00-12.30

 Parallel sessions 12.30 – 14.30

  Hour            Room 207 (school mathematics)              Room 224 (school mathematics)            Room 405 (computers and mathematics)
                  Head of Session: Hannes Jukk               Head of Session: Elts Abel               Head of Session: Jüri Afanasjev
  12.30-12.50     Madis Lepik                                Romualdas Kašuba                         Joana Lipeikiene, Antanas Lipeika
                  Making practice problematic through        About so-called democratical problems    Open source computer algebra systems in teaching
                  collaborative reflective activities        proposed at international mathematical   mathematics
                                                             olympiads (IMO)
  12.50-13.10     Gunta Lāce                                 Dace Bonka                               Ilva Magazeina
                  How to motivate students to learn          The interpretation method in contest     Audiovisual teaching materials in mathematics
                  mathematics                                problems dealing with the analysis and
                                                             development of algorithms
  13.10-13.30     Iveta Ločmele, Elfrīda Krastiņa            Ellen Redi                               Raitis Rasmanis
                  The acquirement of metacognitive skills    Some projects on applied discrete        Scientific graphing and the use of computers in the
                  in self-regulated studies at a secondary   mathematics in school                    study process

 13.30-13.50     Tiit Lepmann                             Ingrīda Veilande                         Inese Bērziņa
                 Achievement and the attitude towards     Комбинаторные задачи о таблицах          Geometry and computer science interplay for high
                 mathematics based on TIMSS 2003                                                   school seniors
 13.50-14.10     Katrin Kokk                              Tõnu Tõnso                               Daiga Žaime
                 Pupils´ success and their social and     SUDOKU - 21-st century Rubik´s cube?     3-d perception development and use of dynamic
                 motivational backgrounds as based on                                              geometrie software GEONExT" by solving of
                 TIMSS 2003                                                                        stereometric exercises in school
 14.10-14.30     Jaan Mikk                                Vaira Kārkliņa                           Inta Znotiņa
                 Students’ homework and TIMSS 2003        Весенняя математика                      The applications of information technology for
                 mathematics results                                                               pupils individual work learning mathematics in
                                                                                                   secondary school

Lunch time 14.30 – 16.00

Parallel sessions 16.00 – 18.00

 Hour            Room 207 (university mathematics)        Room 224 (school mathematics)            Room 405 (university mathematics)
                 Head of Session: Hannes Jukk             Head of Session: Lea Lepmann             Head of Session: Jüri Afanasjev
 16.00-16.20     Kārlis Dobelis                           Lea Lepmann                              Grigori Zapevalov
                 On the study programme Mathematics at    The first mathematics textbooks in the   Оптимизация процесса обучения математике в
                 the Liepāja Academy                      Estonian language                        профессиональной инфотехнологической
 16.20-16.40     Inese Bula                               Edvīns Ģingulis                          Ričardas Kudžma
                 On course of chaotic dynamics            Some aspects of the quality of           Semiotic square in mathematical texts
                                                          mathematics textbooks
 16.40-17.00     Janis Cepitis                            Jānis Mencis                             Rasma Garleja, Ilmārs Kangro
                 Development of courses connected with    Is the question proper– What is new in   Развитие основных компонентов
                 differential equations realizing         teaching mathematics?                    компетентности математического мышления в
                 improvement of mathematicians training                                            процессе изучения математики
                 in the University of Latvia

 17.00-17.20     Paul Tammela                                   Tiiu Kaljas                               Kaarin Riives-Kaagjärv
                 О преподавании математического                 State examinations of mathematics at      On the psychological peculiarities of thinking in
                 моделирования и симулирования                  Estonian schools                          teaching mathematics
                 будущим учителям математики

 17.20-17.40     Rudolfs Ozolins                                Elts Abel, Mati Abel                      Jaak Sikk, Eve Aruvee
                 Perspectives in the mathematical               Development of mathematical               New entrants mathematics tests at ELS
                 modelling of forest stands                     terminology in Estonian

 17.45-18.00                                                          Closing of the conference, Room 111

City centre excursion, 18.05 – 19.30 (starts from J. Liivi 2)

                                                                     Helpful information

Organizing Committee (e-mail addresses                     Possible lunch places: Neljas Aste, Lossi 17; Kohvik Helleri, Lossi 15;
Tiit Lepmann, Chairman, GSM +372 5143836                                          Püssirohukelder, Lossi 28; Töö Juures, Tiigi 14; Werner Café-Lounge,
Elts Abel, Programme, GSM +372 56664849                                           Ülikooli 11; Ülikooli Kohvik, Ülikooli 20; Café Truffe, Raekoja plats 16;
Lea Lepmann, Proceedings, Conference Dinner, GSM +372 53882431                    Wilde Irish Pub, Vallikraavi 4; Suudlevad Tudengid, Raekoja plats 10 a.o.
Katrin Kokk, Registration, Accommodation, GSM +372 55675158
Hannes Jukk, Proceedings, Presentation Equipment, GSM +372                        Conference dinner place: Restaurant Hansa Tall, Aleksandri 46 (on the
59053753                                                                          end of Aleksandri Street)
Jüri Afanasjev, Conference homepage, Contacts with Participants,
Presentation Equipment, GSM +372 5119803                                          Bus Station Information phone 12550
                                                                                  General information phones 1181, 1182, 1184, 1185
Conference place: J. Liivi 2, reception desk phone +372 7375 455
                                                                                  Taxi 1200, 1300, +372 7366 366, +372 7422 222. +372 7366 566; +372
Accommodation:                                                                    7300 200
Hostel Pepleri 14, phone +372 742 7608
Hostel Raatuse 22, GSM +372 56 620 215                                            General Emergency phone 112
                                                                                  Police 110

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