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                       The Resume Worksheet
Read the information that follows regarding “the resume” and complete the worksheet on
page 3. When finished, submit the worksheet to your teacher for approval before beginning
your actual “resume”.

In most cases, the resume is the first opportunity that your prospective employer will have to find
out something about you. Its preparation, therefore, is an important exercise. First Impressions
are very important!

Reasons for a Resume:

    Is helpful when you answer a “want ad”, either in writing or in person
    Acts as a calling card when you “pound the pavement” and seek out employers that you
     would like to work for
    You will make use of a resume when you visit an employment agency or personnel
    A good resume serves as the most effective mailing piece in a direct-mail job-search
    It is easier for people who know you to recommend you to potential employers
    When you sit down to compile data for your resume, you are “forced” to take a look at
     your skills, accomplishments, education and reasons why you suit a particular job. This is
     known as “self-assessment”

Resume “Tips”:

    Use simple words and keep your sentences short
    Avoid wordy descriptions and vague statements
    Use verbs denoting action to describe your achievements (e.g. directed, designed,
    Avoid excessive use of the word “I”
    Be objective. Don’t exaggerate the importance of the responsibilities you have had in the
    Your resume should be like a business document: typed; neat; properly constructed
     sentences/phrases; and no spelling or grammatical errors
    Avoid flashy gimmicks such as bright colour paper, exotic formats, scented paper,
    Try to limit yourself to ONE PAGE. If you require two pages, place your name at the top
     of page two
A “skills-based” resume is a good format to use when designing your resume. Most word
processors have templates that you can use. For example, Corel Word Perfect includes a resume
template. Click “File” / “New from Project” / “Standard Resume”.

                          Address (include your city and postal code)
                            Telephone number (include area code)
                  E-mail (many employers are now recruiting on the internet)
•        List your best skills at the beginning of the resume.
•        Know the exact skills needed for the position - if you have them, list them first.
•        Use the workplace essential skills, Ontario Skills Passport
•        Most employers will review your resume and decide in eight seconds whether they will
         continue to read the resume. Make these eight seconds count! Your best should be first
         on the resume.
•        The rest of the resume will prove your skills

Work Experience
•    List your work experience beginning with your most recent job.
•    Include volunteer work if it relates to the job you are applying for.
•    Include the name of business and the address.
•    Using action verbs, list the tasks you completed.
•    Offer as much information, using point / bullet form.
•    Avoid the word “I” in a resume
•    The length of employment is relevant only if you feel it is necessary.
•    A contact person is valuable only if the person is still at the company and will reflect
     your skills in a positive manner.

•     List the current school you are attending (Cardinal Carter). Address: 120 Ellison Avenue,
      Leamington, ON.
•     Include classes you have completed that will “enhance” the skills needed for the position.

Related Experience
•      This section offers you the chance to list accomplishments, certifications, community
       work (not listed in the work experience section), and personal interests that reflect your
       ability to do the work for which you are applying.
•      Keep it brief and in point/bullet form.

Hobbies / Interests
•     This section is optional - don’t be redundant. You can use the “related experience”
      section to list related hobbies / interests.

•     Type “available on request”.
Please complete the following worksheet to assist in developing your Resume. When finished,
submit to your teacher:

# and Street:

City, Province:

Postal Code

Telephone Number:

(most recent first; school,
grade, and areas of

Special Skills
(include dates)

Work Experience
(most recent first; business
summary of tasks)

Volunteer Experience
(most recent first;
business/charity name;
summary of duties)

Interests and Hobbies
(most recent first; include
Extra-curricular activities
At school)

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