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									Wave City Centre SCO Noida 152-acre wonder increasing bang I the center of Noida and linked to the
sector 32 Metro station. In sheer scale, it exceeds no matter which ever witness by the country. plus ,
as the most mix use commercial and residential development ever built within a cit, its scope is
unparalleled. But the most critical factor in the building of Wave City Centre SCO is our underlying
principle of an entire project shaped and managed by the dreams, hopes, and aspiration of future
citizens.SCO In Wave City Centre is a residential and commercial hub covering 152 well- connected
acres in the heart of Noida, Sector 32 and 25A. It is NCR’s foremost growth and first ever to rise in the
center of a city.

Our main thought? People. Their dreams and aspiration inspire our radical approach to all matters;
architecture and resources easy walking to work safer quieter mass convey systems jame free
boulevard cutting edge checkup care just a stone throw away clean air and green spaces.
Wave City Centre is developing 40 million sqft of space in several blocks designated for residential
counting fully furnished luxuriously appointed multi use studio apartments and mixed use commercial
purposes consisting of activity, Hotels Offices, Convention Centre, Mall and Multiplexes and High Street
Condominiums Come experience a new way of living at Wave City Centre where life, commerce and
investment intermingle and prosper, and anywhere every feature is firmly entrenched in thought for
every one Wave City Center.
   An Iconic Tower of approx 100 Floors is coming
    which would be one of the biggest in North India.
   It will be one of the main and only Commercial
    hub of approx 152 acre land within the city
    center noida.
   extravagant Space for Conventional Centre of
    approx 2 lac sq.ft. in India.
   This Project has been awarded as one of the
    biggest private commercial deals in the country.
   Luxurious Hotels with all categories (3, 4 & 5
   Shop Come Office (SCO) ----- presently offered.
         Best    SCO

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