Parking Lot Safety Reminders2012 by ux10jsb


									                                 Surprise Elementary School
                               Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Student safety is paramount to the success of all Dysart students and schools. Ensuring that students
are safe in all school environments is a priority for all Dysart staff. To assist parents and students with
student safety in school parking lots, please read the following guidelines:

       Always proceed with caution in all school parking lots and drop off lanes. School speed limit is
        15 miles per hour in the school parking lot and on Greenway Road.
       Follow the direction of school personnel while dropping off or picking up students.
       Students should only enter and exit vehicles on the curbside. Please do not have students walk
        around vehicles to enter a car or while exiting
       Remember when dropping off and picking up your student that you must pull up as far as
        possible to the car in front of you or up to the fire hydrant by the kindergarten playground
        before having your child exit or enter your vehicle.
       Parents and students are to cross the drop off lane only in designated areas. At no time should
        students or parents weave in between cars while crossing the drop off lane.
       Students should be accompanied by parents while in the parking lot.
       If your child is a walker please remind them that all walkers should be exiting out the bus gate
        with the bussers toward Greenway or out the back gate by the baseball field.

Surprise Elementary preschool parents are encouraged to park in the East parking lot. This is closer to
the preschool entrance and exit. The entrance for this parking lot is on Greenway Road. This will help
avoid the arrival and dismissal times for the K-8 students. Please remember that the preschool students
must be signed in and out every day.

New to the Dysart Unified School District and Surprise Elementary School is the z-pass for all bus riders.
The z-pass cards have already been passed out to your student. These passes are designed with student
safety in mind. Students will swipe their card when entering and exiting the school bus and this
information is immediately available to our transportation department to utilize in the case of an
emergency or a lost student.
Beginning August 13th all students who ride the bus must have a card. If the card has been lost, a one-
time free replacement card will be issued to the student. Students who do not have their cards will not
be allowed to ride the bus home and an alternative way will need to be provided by the parent. If there
are any issues they will be reported to the front office and will be resolved in a timely manner. For
additional information, please feel free to contact the Surprise Elementary School front office at

Thank you for helping us keep your child safe.

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