Community College Faculty Forum: Energy Generation & Energy Efficiency

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					        Community College Faculty Forum: Energy Generation & Energy Efficiency
               Hosted by the Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortium
                                  Long Beach City College
                                      March 5, 2010

          College                   Name                         College                     Name
       Joanna Foong            AutoTouch Faucets         LA/OC Regional Consortium       Lyla Eddington
                                                           LA Trade Tech College           David Scott
     Cerritos College              Terry Price                                              Robinson
Department of Energy Clean                                    LA Valley College
          Cities                JoAnn Armenta                                            Ralph Krongold
    DJH Construction              Don Harris                       NOCCCD                Dave McCormac
    DJH Construction            Shahin Haynes                      NOCCCD                Norma Alvarado
     East LA College           Humberto Gallegos            Orange Coast College        Gloria Ortiz-Ayala
     East LA College            Kamy Khashayn               Pasadena City College        Sam Abedzadeh
    El Camino College           Hiram Hironaka                  Pierce College          Richard Skidmore
    El Camino College             Karen Hess                   Reliable Energy              Ron Garcia
    El Camino College            Lynn Fielding                      RSCCD                Elisabeth Pechs
     El Camino College             Rodriguez                 Rio Hondo College            David Lindy
     El Camino College            Steve Cocca                Saddleback College           Barbara Cox
     El Camino College           Vic Cafarchia               Saddleback College         Eugene Evancoe
Glendale Community College       David Martin                Saddleback College          John Richards
Glendale Community College        Scott Rubke                Saddleback College             Ken Lee
Interior Removal Specialist,
            Inc.                  Richard Ludt                 Saddleback College         Martin Welc
  Long Beach City College       Christine Stewart               Santa Ana College        Susan Sherod
  Long Beach City College          Greg Shulz                Santa Monica College        Stuart Cooley
  Long Beach City College          Lynn Shaw                 Santa Monica College         Vicki Drake
  Long Beach City College       Mike Mercadante                  South Bay WIB            Robert Meija
  Long Beach City College         Patrick Heeb            Southern California Edison     Felix Oduyemi
  Long Beach City College                                  Southern California Gas
                                 Tim Shoemaker                      Company               Dennis Lord
    LA Mission College            Thomas Nagel            U.S. Green Building Council    Lance Williams
   LA/OC Environmental
     Training Center             Linda Bouman                  West LA College           Kenneth Taira
   LA/OC Environmental                                                                  Cynthia Verdugo-
     Training Center           Vanessa Quiroz-Rios                  SEETA                   Peralta

       I. Welcome & Introductions: Dr. Lynn Shaw introduced Dr. Lyla Eddington who briefly
            spoke about the role of the LA/OC Regional Consortium. Dr. Shaw then introduced the
            moderator of the event, Stuart Cooley.

       II. Sharing of Best Practices and Curriculum: Each attending college had the opportunity
       to share which courses are currently being offered or being developed on their campus.
       Seventeen of the twenty-eight community colleges in the LA and Orange counties were

       III. Program Approval Process – Lyla briefly spoke about the program approval process.
       Any program 12 units or over have to be approved by the state before the units can be
placed on transcripts. They must go through LOWDL for approval prior to being sent to the
State. Information on the program approval process is currently being revised but the
current process can be located on the website.

IV. Industry Panel:
     Dr. Lance Williams, Executive Director, U.S. Green Building Council –The U.S. Green
       Building Council has a partnership with the Los Angeles Community College District
       to do some training in sustainability with all nine campuses. The goal is to provide a
       framework for educating people by integrating sustainability practices into
       academic education. The role of the U.S. Green Building Council is to interact with
       curricula and industry. If you are a faculty member within the Los Angeles
       Community College District and want to start a relationship with the U.S. Green
       Building Council you may contact them. They are even willing to come speak at
       campuses outside of the Los Angeles Community College District. Contact
       information: or (213) 689-9707.
     Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta, Strategic Energy, Environmental & Transportation
       Alternatives (SEETA) – Provided a presentation on advanced transportation
       technology. Cynthia is an Air Pollution Control/Energy-Efficiency Specialist. Contact
       information: or (714) 777-7729.
     JoAnn Armenta, Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities – The DOE is looking at
       long-term sustainability in curriculum. The goal is to instill behavior change on
       current demands. Consumer consumption begins in the learning institutions. They
       want to engage students in the beginning and take a holistic approach. They would
       like a shift in paradigm in the usage of resources and create sustainable
       communities. Contact information: or (562) 587-1074.
     Dennis Lord, Public Affairs, Southern California Gas Company – Changing behavior is
       key. On March 11, 2010 at the CPUC, they are approving the advanced metering
       infrastructure. This will eliminate 960 jobs of which 160 are full-time employees
       and the rest are part-time employees. The turnover rate for the part-time employees
       is 80%. With the new infrastructure new jobs will be created to maintain the new
       system. Southern California Gas Company will retrain employees to handle the new
       jobs. The new infrastructure will allow a person to dial into the interface from their
       home computer to see usage. Intelligence in appliances will help change behavior as
       well. Contact information or (310) 732-4242.
     Felix Oduyemi, Southern California Edison, Smart Grid – So. Cal Edison is looking
       into the future for changes. Currently 21,000 megawatts are generated everyday
       with usage in the range of 10,000-11,000 megawatts daily. They are looking at a 2-
       way electrical transmission so that the energy that is generated by homeowners and
       not used can be transmitted back to the energy company and the homeowner will
       receive a check for the extra energy. They need students who can work on the
       electrical smart grid this includes knowledge of technology as well as electrical
       components. They are integrating digital technology. If you would like information
       on the National Broadband Plan visit the FCC website. Contact information:
     Richard Ludt, Waste Management Administrator/LEED A.P., Interior Removal
       Specialists, Inc. – They specialize in construction and demolition debris. A939
       required the state of California to recycle a minimum of 50% their solid waste. Cities
       can face up to $10,000 a day if not at 50% recycle. A loophole exists - to meet this
       requirement cities calculate in the amount of green waste used at landfills. To close
       the loophole they want to up the amount from 50% to 75% minimum. Currently
       construction and demolition recycling is at 70% for cities and states. The items that
       are recycled are drywall, carpet, ceiling tile, etc. If you need more information you
       may contact Richard directly. If you need materials such as chairs, desks, cabinets,
       etc, you may contact Richard as well. Contact information: or
       (323) 357-6900 ext. 242.

V. Tour of Electrical Department – Attendees were encouraged to take a tour of the
     electrical department as well as see some of the displays available.

VI. Workforce Investment Board Presentation-
     Robert Meija, South Bay WIB/California Green Workforce Coalition provided a
      presentation on the green workforce development.
     Dr. Lance Williams, U.S. Green Building Council also provided a presentation and
      stressed the idea of hiring first and training later.

VII. Other
     Joanna Foong, Regional Vice President, AutoTouch Faucets provide some
       information on the auto touch faucet. The faucet helps with water conservation. It
       not only helps conserve water it also helps save gas and energy.
     Ron Garcia, Reliable Energy stated the new energy efficiency technologies and
       energy efficiency methods have helped his business double in size with over 122
       employees and growing. This year they will make 35,000 homes energy efficient.

VIII. Next Steps (if any!):
Lyla Eddington asked the group for feedback related to today’s meeting. The following
suggestions were made for the next meeting.
    Focus on Solar Thermal
    Conduct a “Train the Trainer” session. Suggested Brian Herd from East Los Angeles
       Skill Center and/or Tom Chatagnier from Diablo Valley College.
    Business Panel that clearly addresses the Employers and related jobs skills in the
       area of Solar Thermal.
    More time allowed to talk with other faculty.
    Session on grant opportunities related to Clean Technology and Sustainability.
       Maybe hold session after lunch and invite grant writer to join faculty at this
       discussion session.

IX. Next Meeting:
Next meeting at Southern California Gas Company (if available) on May 7, 2010 from 9:00
AM – 2:00 PM.

X. Adjournment

Minutes Recorded by Jessica Gallardo, LA/OC Regional Consortium

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