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									               Room 13 News        October – November 2012

 Greetings! It is hard to believe the first month of school has gone by.
It was nice to meet so many families at September’s Open House.

Important Dates

October 10th Field Trip to Lorne Henderson Conservation Area
October 12th Movie Night @ Errol Road
October 18th Pink Day/World Hunger Day
October 19th P.A. Day – no classes
October 31st Halloween – Students may wear a costume
November 16th Progress Reports go home


  Math: Number Sense and Numeration is the current strand being
studied. Students should continue practicing multiplication time
tables at home. Knowledge of basic number facts is vital to applying
concepts in upcoming math strands.

  Social Studies: We will soon be studying responsibilities and aspects
of Government in Canada at the municipal, provincial and federal

 Science: We will be finishing our Habitats unit soon.

 Language: Writing has progressed into the recount form. Reading
will continue to follow the Nelson Literacy units that correspond with
the science and social studies curriculum.

 Arts: The first term arts focus has been visual arts focusing on
elements of design. Our music focus is on families of musical
instruments and how they produce sound.
A Word about Tests

  Most students in Grade 4 and 5 are learning how to prepare for tests
for the first time. Possible anxiety about tests can be reduced by
reminding students that tests are only one method of evaluation.
Parents can help by checking for upcoming test dates copied in the
planner. A student should start to review a few days prior to the test.
  Rereading notes in advance is worthwhile. Using oral questions and
answers after the material has been studied can also help. Quick short
answer quizzes are also useful as most tests require that information
be copied down. This allows the student to gain test familiarity by
communicating in a form similar to the actual tests.


 Students in Grade 4/5 can expect up to thirty minutes of homework
an evening. This may be to finish daily work, work on a project or
reinforce that day’s lessons. When there is not an assigned activity,
time spent reading is always a valuable alternative.
  Homework completion is tracked on a regular basis.The use of the
school planner can be an effective way to check and discuss
homework with a student. At the end of most days, I record what is to
be completed and the students should copy this in their planner.
Parents can then check or ask their students what they have to finish,
or if done, what the lessons were about.
 Planners are also a handy location for notes, newsletters, hot lunch

  As Halloween falls on a Wednesday, students are invited to bring a
costume to school to be worn for the third block of the day. Usually
the younger grades have a costume parade through classrooms and
we have been invited to join in! A small party will be held in class and
a “treat” can be provided if students wish to bring something small to
share. There are 29 students in the class.

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