New Collection Features Disney Princesses

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					New Collection Features Disney Princesses
For over 70 years, Disney princesses have been adored by many. They have brought inspiration and happiness to those young and old, allowing them to live in a fantasy for just one moment and take part of that fantasy back with them into their own lives. Dinsey princesses have helped many believe that "Even the most beautiful unexpected dreams can come true," (Genevieve Godbout, Disney artist). In celebration of these princesses, Disney Couture teamed up with five manufacturers (ABG, Lucas, Isabella Fiore, Simsotext and Mighty Fine), to present the Art of the Disney Princess collection, which was unveiled on Thursday, October 1st at the Zune gallery in Los Angeles.

"We had over 200 submissions," said Soo Koo, creative vice president for Disney consumer products. "And all of the artwork was done by internal artists." All 200 submissions are included in the Art of the Disney Princess book, but only 12 pieces were chosen to be featured on t-shirts, handbags and scarves as part of the Art of the Disney Princess collection. "I wanted to capture a moment in time, the moment before doom," said Dan Beltran who used pencil and digital media to depict Snow White holding and yet-to-be-bitten apple. Andrew Taylor, took a different approach with his Snow White interpretation. "I thought, 'What would Snow White look like today, on a high fashion runway?'" said Taylor. In addition to Snow White - Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan and Disney's first African American princess, Tiana, are all featured in the collection. Mighty Fine items from the Art of the Princess Collection by Disney Couture are currently available at Kitson. The rest of the collection will be in department stores by February/March, for Spring 2010. Items range from $30 to $60.

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Description: Disney Couture has released a new fashion collectino which features the infamous Disney princesses.