Shake Party Invite by D6HVK03A


									Here is an example of the invitations being used to invite people to the shake party
and make them rock below.

The host and their friends all spread the word and do their best to fill the room.
Its really simple so please follow the advice!
Post invites and messages on facebook to build interest and excitement, then text and
call everyone. Before and after the party everyone shares and tags friends into pictures
promoting the events, pictures of attendees, comments on how much fun it was,
before and after pics, photos of great looking shakes fruit etc etc with a clear message
to call us if you want to join the fun and have or get a result.
Once you and your team are committed to this concept just make sure everyone in
your team has at least two dates booked in their diary constantly.

Follow the exact same £50 reward promotion detailed on our training site to create
focus and excitement in your small team and just decide to be the best you can be.
Parties are averaging a massive 500 points per party!! The only two variables are how
many parties have you and your teams got booked and how many attendees arrive.
Leadership is then key!
Train and mentor your local team via a regular weekly meeting teaching them how to
get to Active World Team and anything is possible. Good luck everyone.

Here's what they use Facebook..

Fed up of yo-yo dieting and tried everything?

Want to feel the best you have ever felt and have more energy?

Want to eat healthy and improve your diet?

Need something to increase your sports or gym performance?

We are having a New You party and your invited!!

Please don't bring your purse as this evening is for information only and for tasting our nutrition products

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