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									Tour Ecuador and Galapagos Island
Ecuador, at the middle of the world, is the place where energies are
 stronger than at any other place on the earth; with support of six
thousand years of knowledge of herbal medicine and wellness, we
invite you to a total relaxation journey the Andean way. You will be
  taken to sacred places and perform ceremonies prevalent from
 thousands of years; enjoy one of the best SPA in the world. Going
back in time, being in contact with earth, with the Southern Cross,
 with the INKA path, the Amazon Shaman, you will go back home
         rejuvenated, willing to come back every Equinox..

              The package offered here is for 8 Nights and 9 days, which can be
               customized as per your requirements, the activities you want to
                       undertake and/or availability of time with you.
Day 1

    Arrival is in Quito at International Airport Mariscal Sucre. Meet and
    Greet service. Transfer to Hotel. Accommodations are at a famous
     luxury hotel located within easy access to the Airport and the Old
     Town. The Hotel has tastefully decorated rooms with a number of
      restaurants offering a variety of cuisines including International,
   Japanese, Swiss and much more. The hotel has a world class Spa for
    relaxation and rejuvenation, having indoor and outdoor swimming
       pool, sauna, steam bath and a fitness center. A true world class
Day 2

      The day starts with a relax session in SPA / Swimming pool to get used to the 9.300 feet of
     Altitude of Quito. We have a wonderful INKA ECO lunch. Inka is the most famous civilization
      that populated the territories of Ecuador, certainly not being the only one, but it is the one
     that Europeans met. A historic research of what was the food in those days shows that they
     mainly used Corn, Potatoes of various kinds, high energy cereals like lupines and quinoa. The
     products used in the INKA lunch are mainly from the Upper highlands and are very healthy,
    cultivated in organic farms. An in-house chef will create food with these products and the best
                        of Tropical fruits available in Ecuador, especially for you.

      In the afternoon visit the Colonial Hispanic Quito including Archaeology gallery. Get to know
    Quito's old colonial center, founded by the Spanish conquerors atop the ruins of an Inca city on
       December 6th, 1534. In 1978, this was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. You would
    first be visiting the historic part of the city including the famous Plaza San Francisco. Its Church
      is the oldest catholic religious building in America, whose construction took almost 170 years
          to finish, tour will include a relaxed visit to Casa del Alabado which is the most selected
        collection of pre-Columbian art in Ecuador, Visits will include famous sports like La Ronda
                          street, La Campania golden Church, Independence square

                           After this visit, you will return to our in-house Chef where you will
                                                   have Sushi Dinner   .
Day 3

        After the breakfast, you shall be going for the morning yoga session at the Equatorial
        line, with a trained yoga professional. Equatorial line is an imaginary line which marks
        the center of the world. The latitude here is 00°00’00”. This is the place where you can
        be in two hemispheres at the same time. A 30 meter tall tower and a museum mark the
        equatorial line. With a Yoga session at this place, you can feel the inflow of a very
        powerful energy. Imagine the forces here that you can balance one egg on the top of a
        nail!!! If you do not feel inclined to do Yoga, you can just relax, admire the natural
        beauty, feel the energy and immerse yourself in the feeling of standing in two different
        hemispheres at the same time.

    After this, you will be going in for a short visit to Otavalo Indian Market. The Otavalo
    Indians are the most prosperous craftsmen and merchants in Ecuador. You will find great
    variety of hand crafted wooden goods, Indian jewellery, Ponchos, etc. here.

    Relax in the afternoon in the upper Andes and visit the Indian Community. Stay overnight
    at a luxury Colonial Times Manor house and enjoy the homemade food. We will make you
    feel like Pizarro and the Conquistadors.
Day 4

Shamanic Experience / lunch
Shamanic Experience is a Total relaxation therapy where shaman makes clients experience
total relaxation and also balances the energy of the body. A set of plants is used for the
therapy. Ceremonial will be performed by spiritual chief of the Indian community. This will give
clients a spectacular approach to pre-Columbian Indian Culture. This will also balance the
energy in your body

After lunch drive back to Quito. Have a Farewell dinner with a local family (Wellness
Cuisine) and return to 5 star hotel. You can relax at the pool
Day 5

   Transfer out to Galapagos. Arrival at Galapagos and transfer to a luxury
   hotel. The hotel is an exclusive hideaway where you can cherish nature
   and treasure privacy. The handcrafted furniture of the hotel creates the
   environment of your being close to nature even while enjoying the
   luxury. The hotel’s menu offers a large variety of cuisine, from classic to
   fusion while focusing on the local seafood.
Day 6

                                             Visit Galapagos Sample
                                                    itinerary 1

        One of a pair of small uplifted islands a short distance from the east coast of Sta. Cruz,
        South Plaza has a unique Sesuvium and Opuntia landscape which provides some of the
        most interesting wildlife observation available in Galapagos. Land iguanas are always
        easily seen from the trail, frequently in the shade of a cactus. Swallow-tailed gulls,
        which nest on the rugged southern cliffs, are usually seen, along with various other sea
        birds. The protected rocky seashore is prime habitat for a large colony of noisy sea
Day 7
                                     Visit Galapagos Sample
                                            itinerary 2

    Historically, this site is the location of a wooden barrel, which was placed there in
    the l8th•century by the crew of a whaling ship. It has been utilized since then by
    whalers, yachtsmen, and tourists alike as a post office. If you find a letter or card
    addressed to someone living near your eventual destination, take it with you and
    continue an ancient tradition. It is also possible to visit a typical Galapagos lava cave
    not too far from the lovely bathing beach.

   Devil's crown is a marine site located a short distance off of Floreana Island. It consists
   of the picket fence-like remains of a small volcanic cone, which has been eroded away
   by the sea in various places, creating in its interior an ideal habitat for several types of
   corals, fish and other marine life. It is possibly the most interesting and diverse marine
   site within the Galapagos National Park.
Day 8

        Transfer back to Quito. Have a Farewell dinner with a local family (Wellness
        Cuisine) and return to the hotel.

Day 9

          Transfer to the airport.

• Accommodation
• INKA Lunch
•Shamanic experience
• Local Transfers
• Entry ticket for the museum
• Meals - 8 breakfasts, 6 lunch + (1 lunch will be on the
plane), 7 diners
•All taxes
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