Parts of Speech Test Info by D6HVK03A


									                                 Parts of Speech Test Info

Part I: Definitions (9 points)
        Write correct definitions for the nine parts of speech

Part II: Short Answer (7 points)
        Short answer questions about the parts of speech

Part III: Noun or Pronoun (5 points)
         Identify the underlined word as noun or pronoun

Part IV: Adjectives and Adverbs (20 points)
       Each of 10 sentences contains both an adjective and an adverb. Identify
       both the adjective and adverb in each sentence.

Part V: Identifying Verbs (20 points)
        Underline the complete verb or verb phrase in each sentence. Then on the line to
        the left, label each verb as TAV (transitive action verb), IAV (intransitive action
        verb) or LV (linking verb).

Part VI: Identifying the Same Word Used as Different Parts of Speech (10 points)
       Each sentence contains an underlined word that is used twice in the sentence. In
       the blanks provided, indicate the part of speech for each use of this word. Use
       abbreviations as follows: n (noun), pn (pronoun), adj (adjective), av (action verb),
       lv (linking verb), adv (adverb), prep (preposition), conj (conjunction).

       EX: Today, we will discuss which day is today. (adv, noun)

VII: Identification of the Parts of Speech (35 points)

       Write the part of speech of underlined words. Use the following abbreviations:

       n. for noun           adv. for adverb          pn. for pronoun
       prep. for preposition adj. for adjective       conj. for conjunction
       av. for action verb   lv. for linking verb

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